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CHEN SHIH HSIN:FEMALE OLYMPIC FLY:GOLD CHINESE TAIPEI Name : Chen Shih Hsin Age: 26 Height : 1.66 m / 5'5" Grade : 3rd Dan Weight: Olympic Fly Titles: 2001 World Taekwondo Cup GOLD 2002 World Taekwondo Cup GOLD 2004 Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament GOLD 2004 Athens Olympic Games GOLD Chen is a formidable opponent who possesas a great contender in the -49 Olympic Fly catagory forthe Olympic Gold. Although she doesnt hold many titles, her play of late has been astounding. She has never won a world title but with 2 World Cup wins in 2001 and 2002 she was regarded as a heavy favourite for Olympic medals. Her match against Brigida Yague in the recent Dutch Open was astounding. Her play throughout the Olympic Gameswas astounding with a gold medal win against Cuba's Labrada Diaz. All Chen needs now is the the World title in Madrid next year to be considered as an all time great.

In the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing. Republic of China An excellent performance history has a gold medal, three silver and one bronze medal, which after reaching the finish line first in the 5000meter wheelchair racing history with a shout as loudly The right hand holds forth with a spin finish. First, the army and won a gold medal athletes to succeed. Before leaving the venue. He has raised the profile you cheering. Before the applause was overwhelming. History reveals that after leaving the venue. "Think that can compete championship from Kurt after a slip to lose the championship to four years ago in the Paralympics in Gamesin Athens and who can fight today becausethere are wife and children waiting. is not the time to feel tired and discouraged the practice. For their remaining four matches and is the marathon, 1,500 m, 800 m and 4x400 m which this list is a record holder. It is our hope that list. (work of Vichayut)

CHU MU YEN:MALE OLYMPIC FLY:GOLD CHINESE TAIPEI Name : Chu Mu Yen Age: 22 Height : 1.73 m / 5'8" Grade :3rd Dan Weight : Olympic Fly Titles: 1998 Junior World Championships SILVER 1999 East Asian GamesBRONZE 2000 Taekwondo World Cup SILVER 2001 Taekwondo World Cup GOLD 2001 Taekwondo World Championships SILVER 2002 World Taekwondo University Championships SILVER 2002 Asian GamesSILVER 2003 Universiade GOLD 2003 World Taekwondo Championships GOLD 2003 World Taekwondo Olympic Qualification Tournament GOLD 2004 Athens Olympic Games GOLD Chu Mu Yen is one of the most talented Taekwondo players around. At such a young age and with countless major championship medals under his belt he is seen as one of the top five players in Fin weight in the World and now of course one of the top five Fly weight players in the World. Amazingly he won his first World Championships Gold medal in the Fly weight catagory destroying all opposition. Many were eager to see how he performed in the 2004 Athens Olympic Gamesas he secured his place by winning Gold in the World Qualifiers. He seemed to be plagued by bad luck prior to 2002, in the sensethat every time he got to a final in Fin weight he lost to a stronger player and as his record shows he has only won one Fin weight Gold in 2001. With the 2003 Universiade, 2003 World Taekwondo Championships and the 2004 Olympic GamesGold medals around his neck he has proved to be one of the most successful flyweights of our time, with plenty more to come in the future!

supachai Pitchfork property. The Asian Para Games in China, two of the 10 gold medal wheelchair 100m - T54, Men's 200m - T54 and a silver medal from the 4x400m T53/54. Born July 15, 2520. With all three brothers were born. Education Primary School Teachers Prachanukroh S. T. A. Bua Chaiyaphum moat. Junior high school science, A. Bua Bua Chaiyaphum. High school education center Gallery. Bachelor of Education Royal Prince. Chachoengsao province. (In computer).

Honorary Master of Arts degree. Science of Sports. Read comments. Career The present work. Pattaya Redemptorist Vocational School. Position teaching electronics department. The past. Type of wheelchair speed. Dubai 2551 gold medal in the 200, 400 m and 200 m silver medal. Paralympic Games 2008 in China, the silver medal 4x100, 4x400 meters and a bronze medal at 100 meters. The 2550 ASEAN Para Games. 4 gold medals in the 100, 200, 400, 4x100, 4x100 meters. Taiwan the bronze medal for 100 meters and 200, and 400 meters. The 2549 phase of spin gold medal game at the 9th Malaysia 100, 200 4x100 meters and silver 400, 4x400. Canada, the 400-meter gold medal and silver medal. Year 2548 The 3rd ASEAN Para Games gold medal in the Philippines, 200, 4x400, 4x100 meters and 100,400 meters of silver.

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CHEN SHIH HSIN athelete  
CHEN SHIH HSIN athelete