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OLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC VALUES Gradually the mind, then the heart and soul; Everything into it, usurping that goal. A dollop of grit and the sportsmanship; The dexterity and all the sweat you can drip.

Sacrificing all the moreish delicacies and going through arduous exercise and practice regime, to be an invincible player in the Olympics requires more than just our repertoire. The mental peripheries need to be extended towards extreme values of sportsmanship and determination. Ensconcing ourselves over all the competitors demands physical as well as mental fitness. Henceforth, Olympics as well as Paralympics present some rudimentary values, which encompass that proving ourselves is not just about our caliber and skill. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That means our mind, sequined with those huge dreams and ambitions requires to be crammed with grit and determination, doffing away that lackadaisical attitude. The Olympic values include veneration, giving a fair play, recognizing one’s own limits, showing concern towards health and environment; reaching towards excellence, putting forth the best of oneself and focusing on our objectives and friendship, comprehending everyone inspite of the various chasms and rivalry. The Paralympics commenced with injured veterans from England maimed whilst fighting in World War II participating in various sports events. The athletes from Netherlands provided support, drawing international attention until the first official Olympic style games for the disabled athletes were organized way back in Rome in 1960. It was in 1976 in Toronto, that other disability groups were added as the idea of modern Paralympic games broke the copse and emerged out with the first Paralympic Winter Games held in Sweden the same year. Based on the history of Paralympics and the tradition of fair play and honourable sports tradition, the Paralympic values are even more crucial than in any other games. Hit by physical disability followed by mental breakdown, it is evident that it augments the propensity of serotonin in the brain to go negative, giving rise to sepulchral feelings. Determination and the drive and motivation to overcome all barriers along with courage and self-confidence to face difficulties are the key

values towards striving for excellence. Other values involve showing respect and equality towards others in the spirit of fair play and showcasing an optimistic approach. Naresh Sharma, an ace rifle shooter, an Indian Paralympic athlete is an epitome of great determination and the strong desire to overcome all obstacles. He is the first Indian athlete to qualify for London Paralympics. London Olympics 2012 tends to display all the Olympic and Paralympic values with umpteen participants showcasing their caliber. Hence putting forth a famous quote- ‘Dreams are not those that you see in sleep but they are those that don’t let you sleep.’      

Aneri Vora - Olympic and Paralympic values  

Based on the history of Paralympics and the tradition of fair play and honourable sports tradition, the Paralympic values are even more cruc...