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Our Earth

Earth, God created it creatively, And God created a perfect world, Wonderful and mysterious as the dark side of the moon, On it, There are living things, There are all sorts of resources to fulfill human needs, We need clothes, We need protections, To keep ourselves warm, We need food to give us energy, We need many things.

Earth, Many uses, But why? Should the earth suffer? With our actions, Things that were done by us, selfish and irresponsible humans, We threw rubbish everywhere, We pollute our waters and our environments, And we did not realize the implications,

Why we haven’t got the clues?

Why have we not thought this through? Where have all the good global citizens gone? Where’s the street-wise Hercules? To save our earth, Didn’t we know that without a healthy earth, we are not going to survive? So let’s us clean our environment, With all the strength of a raging fire, And with all the force of a great typhoon, For our benefits now, To fulfill our wildest dreams and fantasy, And for our children in the future.


I am a global citizen

Thanks God for giving me such a golden opportunity

To stand as a global citizen

Live peace and harmony in this glorious world of yours

Where there is the nature

And the miracles behind them

I am a global citizen

Thanks god for giving me this unforgettable chance

To be in this flourish government

Just peace no war

No disunity

I am so happy

So proud

And I give my huge thanks to you

For me

As one of the global citizen.

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