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‘THE WORLD IS A MORE CONNECTED PLACE THAN EVER BEFORE…’ ‘We rely on people from all over the world for the clothes we wear, the

food we eat and the technology we use.’ ‘Our lives are affected by everyone else; everything that I do affects people on the other side of the world, and everything anyone else does affects us.’ This makes each and every one of us global citizens. No matter how significant our role is, we are part of the process. Almost everything we buy is from different places around the world, the clothes we wear, technology we use, and the food we eat. We would be more connected place than ever before by just helping everyone else and working together, alongside each other. We are all the same; at heart we are no more Indian than British, no more Chinese than French, and no more black than white, so we should all help each other, by being global citizens. Globalization is when everyone joins together to make one big society. This would mean us working together to help everyone living on the world, and helping ourselves.

Anna Wood

How it feels to be a global person? It is like I got a piece of everybody. NPCS is our small global community where we experience new stuff every day for example food around the world. We at NPCS have chicken wraps which most people know are originated from a different country plus most of the teachers heritage are from different countries around the world

and sometimes it is nice to share the knowledge. I also have different view on this story, like how other countries are suffering from poverty, I am delighted I get to live in England where I’m fortunate plus we are receiving technology, clothes food etc. that’s how I feel to be a global citizen and I hope that’s how most people feel



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Times have changed. From the day you are born you are a global citizen, whether you like it or not. If you are living the good life in a rich country you are a global citizen. If you are living in a shack, slaving away every day for the good of the western countries, and life constantly knocks you down, you are a global citizen. You may try, but you cannot ignore this fact. We do not realise how lucky we are in the western world. As you read this, there is a small boy in China, slaving away for hours on end to produce clothes just so that his family can afford food. These clothes will be bought by a rich western boy, who thinks his life is unfair because his parents won’t buy him a $350 iPhone to replace his $250 Samsung. He is ignorant, just like the rest of the western world, to the hardship people go through to produce the things we take for granted. As fellow global citizens we need to appreciate the sacrifice that is made to produce the goods we aspire to own. People should be more aware of what they are buying and where it comes from. Schemes like fair-trade are all

well and good but they should be universal - on all the clothes we buy as well as our food and electronic gadgets to help make the developing world a better place. And readers, instead of saying “Yeah, this guy makes sense”, then going out to buy your son a £90 tracksuit, donate to charity, buy ethically produced good and, most importantly, appreciate what you have.

So, dear reader, next time you buy something think of the citizen on the other end of the chain. That is what being a global citizen means.

Global Citizen- All around the world

As Global Citizens around the world celebrate 75 years of working together people are starting to think what is being a “global citizen”? And what does it actually mean? Well there are many different ways in which you can be a global citizen:

It is having a place in the world. Importing and exporting goods from other countries, giving money to LEDC’S and helping make their lives better. It s buying goods made in China. Buying Fair-trade d DANICKA THOMAS 8C

Thinking about wasting our resources that others don’t have. It’s helping stop poverty and child labour. Why should children have to work to not even feed themselves?? We can put a stop to this.

When we stay connected with people around the world and keep friends from other countries, this makes us a global citizen. Learning new languages can help us be a part of society. It could be working in the army and trying

Wars are developing in our world. These wars are killing hundreds of people, taking their lives just because the we can not be content and peaceful together. These wars are developing due to finance issues, business and lack of space. Many countries believe that land is rightfully theirs, however other countries believe it is in their possesion. This is currently happening in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Wars invade countries, making them unbelievably hard and dangerous to live in. Many houses are destoryed and happy memories are crushed. Children have their childhood destroyed, and their lives would lead a different scenario everyday. These wars have damaged many lifestyles for hundreds of different families. Here are some statements from some of

“Mrs Madison, how do find the wars in Afganhistan has affected you family lifestyle.” “Well, myself, my husband and thought about voyaging from the country, however we are unsure that we would be able to cope in a more westernized and modern country. Although we think that we would benefit as a family by moving abroad, we have decided to postpone the possibility of moving abroad until the children have moved out. Our children are currently 18, 19, 21 and 26 so they are literally adults. We have found it has affected our lifestyle as whenever we do a simple job and a visit to a shop we feel as though we have to be careful and on high awareness all the time. It is a difficult country to live in.” Many other issues which are across the world, are situations where there are competing rights There are

Other parts of the world. Human rights abuses might be challenged, however it is difficult to persuade other countries into believing our Laws. There are instances such as working children whose rights are being denied and who are losing their childhoods due to this. At times like this, with the recession and difficult scenarios, we need to remember the inspirational figures who have fought through difficult times, bringing a successful outcome along with them. These are inspirational figures such as Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. They all fought for equal rights and the chance for coloured people to lead a successful life full of opportunities. We need to help each other and to treat each other how we would like to be treated. Everyone deserves respect, and should be spoken

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