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Exotic dishes We can’t live without food. The delicious food is one of the most attractive things for human. Different race have different eating habits, and develop unique cuisine. Now, I’m going to introduce some exotic cuisine. There are several kinds of curry in Thailand. "Ka-Li Curry" is one of the curry, which is liked by most native people. The dish is made by curried chicken and beef and people like it a lot. The curry sauce with pancake is the best way to eat it. The famous German delicacy is Germany sausage. There are more than 1500 different kinds of sausages. And the most popular one is "Black Forest Ham" that can slice as thin as papery and the flavor is very incomparable. Who has eat Korean cuisine, definitely can’t forget the delicious food- Seafood Pancake, which Korean call "herumu paziyon". It puts lots of vegetables, fresh shrimp and squid . Trust me, it’s really tasty. The last thing is stinky tofu from Taiwan. Stinky tofu has its ardent fans. Although it smells stinky, my family and I are crazy about it. It really makes a good impression on the people when they taste it. Some have compared it to the taste of blue cheese. It is said the more it smells, the better it tastes. Stinky tofu can be found everywhere in Taiwan. The best places to find them are in night markets. You can easily find the stinky tofu stand by following your nose. The most common type is fried stinky tofu with pickled vegetables. It’s really cheap, too. All of above are my favorite. I think you should try them in your life and make sure you will not miss any famous cuisine.

Exotic dishes We can not live without food. Different race, have different eating habits, and development

unique cuisine. Now, let me introduce some exotic cuisine.

There are several kinds of curry in Thailand, what to be liked by most of native people is a kind of calling "card benefit curry", this made "curried chicken" and "curried beef", make the person praise. The sauce of curry that with a thin pancake to eat, is the best of curry dishes.

The famous German delicacy is Germany sausage, They manufacture of the sausage have 1500 kinds of above, the most popular is "black forest ham" that assigns name by place name, can slice as thin as papery and the flavor is very incomparable. The German bread has much of bite strength, only the tooth good person can taste the bread’s flavor.

Who has eat Korean cuisine, definitely can’t forget the delicious food "seafood pancake". Seafood pancake Korean calls "herumu paziyon", it put lots of vegetable, fresh shelled shrimp and squid , make people drooling.

All of are my favorite. I think you should eat one time in your life.

73013 葉若茵 Yoyo Yeh Lao Yin

Culture There are many different cultures in the world. Now, we are the Global Citizens, so we must know these. For example, in English, a cricket in the house means a good luck and breaking a mirror brings seven years' bad luck. In Korea, when you speak to the elderly, you should be polite. In Taiwan, you can't attend the funeral in four months after being a newly married or being pregnant . Everybody has the same culture like: clothes, foods, drinks, programs, movies, music and houses…… Moreover, we must be hard to know our cultures, because if you do not know it, that would be a little bit inferior. We are the Global Citizens, but we must care about our world. Let’s make our world become more wonderful.

73204 周孟蓁 Jhou Mong Cheng

The clothing in Han Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, the clothing were arrived in peak period in Asia, include Janpan. Korean has been affected. Chinese are keep , but Englander are carefree , we can know from the picture. The clothing in England had different style to China, the men were not afraid to wear skirts because their thought are not the same to us.We know there are many different things in the world, no matter ancient culture or now,I think this is a usual case , but we need to chahge it better and better and promote to progress . Clothing, fine food, culture and many things, they are various. We need to accept and esteem, enjoying each country and promote own country, this is what we should be do things . We need to full of our eyeshot and accept different things.

The Han Dynasty clothing were relaxed and light. This was the clothing for common peoplo, they can put it on to anywhere and do anything.

The Tang Dynasty clothing were fancy. This was clothing for rich people,it showed expensive and noble. Young ladies liked to put it on to show herself.

The clothing in England were special because the men were wearing skirts , it was very special for men because most of men didn’t wear skirt in the world . But they didn care ,this was their ferture.

81712 黃一安 Huang Yia Ann

The Global language:

I think that everyone agrees English is the world language now. Because English is spoken almost everywhere on Earth! And these “blue countries” use English as their official language. Some of these gray countries else still use English as well, but not that often. So, as a global citizen, maybe we should learn more about English because it will let us communicate with each other much easier.

For example: You are a Russian person, and I’m a Taiwanese. You don’t know anything about Chinese, and I don’t know anything about Russian, either. If we really need to trade with each other or having activities together, we can just use English! I don’t think that most of the Russian schools will teach students Chinese. And the same idea as Taiwanese schools, they don’t teach their students Russian, either.

Learning English have already become the easiest way to communicate on earth. As a global citizen, when we want to know what happened. We should use English as a skillful tool to help us to be the perfect global citizens as we want to.

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I Want to Be a Global Citizen Tainan Municipal Fusing Junior High School in Taiwan Tzu-Yen Wang (王子晏)

In my mind, to be a global citizen isn’t so important to me until I learn how people devastate the earth. I love my hometown. I think such a beautiful place should be protected and we shouldn’t do the earth any harm. If I am a global citizen, the most important duty must be to help the earth to survive. Tainan, my hometown, is rich in historical sites and cultural heritage. With its long history, Tainan is filled with many important cultural and historic relics which are the reminders of the city's past. Bird-watching in Tainan is also a joyful must. Every year, black-faced Spoonbills, an endangered species, visit Tainan to stay for the winter. About two thirds of the world population winters in Taiwan's Tsengwen River estuary. I can’t imagine if the air in my hometown isn’t fresh anymore, the trees die, the animals cry or the rivers have no more lives, and how can we still survive? I can’t bear if pollution is our neighbor, destruction becomes our belief, and paleness is the only color of the breathless

earth, and how can we still live with them? If everyone can do something helpful, the earth will give us one more chance to have it again. Believe me. I want to be a global citizen. I will invite everyone to join the saving the earth projects. I need everyone around me to help make less noise. I can also advise everyone and myself to stop ruining animals. I wish everyone and my family members to ride bikes more and drive cars less. I have to remind everyone to economize on water. To waste less energy and to make less pollution are my duties. Eat less meat and keep the earth cleaner and healthier. I want to be a volunteer to recycle everything that can be used. To save the earth is not only my dream but also everyone’s wish. If I can, allow me to be a global citizen. I want to keep my hometown old and wish the earth young forever, if possible.

I Am A Global Citizen Let’s save our earth! There is only one earth in the space. People in every part of the world are global citizens. We have to appreciate our ancestors who left us fresh air, clean rivers, and green forests. However, the earth is getting sick now. Therefore, we have to protect our living places from being polluted to leave our offspring a good environment. There are some ways for us to do to save the earth. First, we should save fossil oil. We all know that fossil oil is the major energy for transportation and clothes. Fossil oil is one of the most important thing for our lives. To save fossil oil, we can ride bikes to commute within short distance and take public transportations. Second, we have to reduce air pollution. People can’t live without oxygen, so air is even more important in human’s lives. Some of the factories don’t control the emission of smoke. The more exhaust the factories produce, the worse the earth will become. Those factories should strictly solve this problem. Third, we have to decrease the greenhouse effect. The earth is getting warmer and warmer because of the release of CO 2. The ice in Arctic is melting, and polar bears will have no place to live. According to some experts, the sea level will increase. In the future, we will have less land and there will be a lot of countries under the sea level. So the most important thing is to grow more trees and cut down the using of air-conditioners. To sum up, protecting the earth can’t be emphasized too much. As global citizens, we all have duty to protect the earth. Why not get started from now on?

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