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I am a global citizen A world is a place where all living things take useful. Therefore we should protect our world for the new generations can live happily. There are many ways to preserve our world such as planting trees, reduce reuse and recycle. However, the most important thing is the harmonious between people. The harmonious in a family refer to the harmonious in social, nation, and to the world. If we plant trees, share vision with others, understand to the different of people and have the sufficiency life, I think their will be peace in our world. The world will become green and livable.


By Elda Anukrou Ram Wittaya Rachamungklapisek School Surin Thailand.

As we can see there are many problems such as global warming, food crisis, flood, etc in our world, the place where every life live. The cause of these problem comes from one factor; human. Of course, the human can do everything to support their need.

I am living in this world and I receive to these problems. I decided to protect the world with

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