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Build Our Earth Better As you can see, our world has being changed. Start from our habit, until our technology that already changed. But the changes are not always good for our life, even for our earth. We need to decide which kind of changes that good for us and also can change our earth to be better. As a global citizen, we also have to think smart when we want to take an action. You should to give a good contribution for our earth. Like for example, as a global citizen, try to reduce the Global Warming together. As a global citizen, we have to reduce the Global Warming together. We know that Global Warming can’t be healed by us, and also we can’t avoid the coming of Global Warming, but we can reduce the coming of Global Warming. Sometimes, people said, that if we want to reduce the coming of Global Warming, we need to plant 1000 trees at around of our environment. I think, by plant 1000 trees, it will influence the soil fertility, because the soil always eroded to plant the trees. It can cause a bad impact for the soil. So, what should we do to reduce the global warming? We need to reduce the uses of private cars, and motorcycle. I think, this is the best way to reduce the Global Warming. Because we can do it, easy to

do and it’s near from us. You can use public transportation if you’re not bringing your own car. Or maybe you use your bike to go to School, Office, or Shopping Centre. At the end of my opinion, I would like to invite you to be a Smart Global Citizen that loves our earth. Don’t be tired to give your good contribution to build our earth. Love our earth, same as like you love yourself.

Private cars can cause Global Warming

GLOBAL CITIZEN... Earth is our home. That makes us is the global citizen. If we want to be a good friend, we have to know what friendship is, right? Therefore, I think if we want to be a good global citizen, we need to know what “global citizenship� is.

GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP is a concept. It is an understanding of how to be and what is a good global citizen. First, global means universal. And citizen, means someone that has a nationality. Therefore, global citizenship means, someone that has a universal nationality. It means you, and also, me, is the global citizen. And our nationality is not just our country. Being a global citizen means, being the citizen of every country in this world.

That means we have to behave ourselves to be more ethical disposition. Because it will be embarrassing if another side of this world, seeing us behave like the way a global citizen should not be. Global citizen should be free. It means we are not tied to any country in this world, because we are a global citizen, not a country citizen.

Moreover, it means we have to dedicate ourselves to our nationality, which is this world. We need fix a few things we cannot fix right now. As a continuing generation we can make some different. Like for example, we can disappear, or at least minimizing global warming, make this world cleaner, greener, and better for us to live in.


n addition, we must be a revolution that can change and make something new, and of course better, for our world. We can make some invention to our world, our nationality. We are going to be an international person that has so many acts in this world.

We also need to be caring of this entire world. Its problem, its environment, its supplies, its preservation and many more. Because this is our nationality, we need to fix it.

We need to pay extra attention for what is going on in our world. We need to known the other citizen, so we can compact when we do things to help our world together. We need to work together as a team. To create a better world for all creatures.

From a site a get this meaningful statement... “In a metaphorical tree a Global Citizen is deeply rooted in his native culture yet the branches are spreading out in the world expressing an openness and a desire to coexist with other trees and begins in an ecological balance. Tree offers a lot to the world in fruits, shades, seeds, and life sustainability by converting Carbon di Oxide into Oxygen�(

For Us and the World

It is a both moral and ethical way which can guide us to understanding individual or groups both locally and globally, understanding the responsibilities and rights of each community. That is the concept of global citizenship. In global citizenship, feelings of it, are all endorsed and motivated by feelings and interests for other beings, both local and global. Feeling for the entire world, for other people, is an essential part in our lives that we mustn’t forget. Living and working with others is a part of life where the entire world shares a role. We all must know and remember that everything we do, no matter how small or how good it is, affects the entire world, maybe immediate or delayed, but affects the world nonetheless. Every action, every step we take will have a ripple effect throughout the world, passing on from person to person, from community to community. That is one of the main reasons why as global citizens, we all must strive in achieving the best not only for our own nations, but also for the world. Young students carry the most potential in becoming global citizens and achieving goals that most nations cannot achieve individually. By working together, cooperating, corresponding each others in fulfilling a brighter future, is the point of global citizenship. We all can affect the world, especially now where the world seems much smaller thanks to the World Wide Web and globalisation. Now everything we put or post on the internet could be seen by the whole world, and its effect will be passed on throught the everlasting chain of information. That is why, as the next generation, as the next chain of information, children of all ages from the entire world have to help hand in hand, so what affects the world is something positive, something influencing creativity and optimizing growth. Not only children, but also every being in this decent world must help, or seeing the world worsen as it is. No rights should be ignored, no responsibilities put aside, all for the sake of the world. That is the true purpose of being a Global Citizen.

Muhammad Dieno P 49 Junior High School, Jakarta

Global Warming

In several months ago we heard about global warming .All people already known about global warming . global warming is happen because of human activity that is polluted our environment like riding car that is produce air pollution ,decrease our forest by cut it or burn it and other . in other word global warming mean an accident Global warming make our earth more hot than before and if we not concerned about this incident we can’t survive in this planet. In a fact every years temperature of earth is increase by 1 degree celcius. If today temperature is 35 degree celcius , what about next ten years? It will be 45 degree,what about the next 70 years? It will be 105 degree celcius . human can’t survive in that temperature and our earth will burned. If we concern about this and we do something to make earth better. Global warming will not happen . to stop global warming we must do something like reduce,reuse and recycle. And to make our earth green we can plant a plant or do reboitation. We must do this to from now. For the better life. For the healthy world, and for our precious earth

Save your earth Save your life


Nowadays, everybody knows all about internet. We can be a global citizen by using internet because internet connected us from one country to the whole world. There are many advantages we can get by using internet, among the other things are: 1. We can meet other people although in different country. We can go around the world in a few minutes by using internet 2. There are various news and information from all the country. Just type what we want to know in browser and click next . we will see some sites and we may choose anything you want 3. It is a good media for education and cultural exchange. We can download books, and teachers can teach us by web camera from another place. We can share our culture and food recipe to another country. 4. It is a good trade area. We can sell and buy things. If we are traders, it will be more economic because we can promote our products free, without any payment. And if we are consumers, we only reserve it and wait in a few days. 5. Entertainment. We can watch video, download songs and pictures, chatting, and play games

In the other hand, internet also has impact for our life. One of physiologist in Indonesia said internet is too wide for kids and teenagers. One of her patient is a busy parent. They have a son, 14 years old now and he begun to play games online. Because of games online in internet, their son get retardation and his brain become smaller two years after that. So, internet is dangerous if we use it continuously without break time, and another impact. So, as a global citizen , we have to took the advantages of internet and we are not abuse the purpose of internet.

As Global Citizens We Unite

Hearing my parents talk about all the different places they had lived in prepared me for thinking globally. This perspective took away any fears of being able to function in a foreign country. (Anna Sui, Designer)

In these tough times, it’s easy to forget that during the past century, the world has gotten better. World War I & II? The call of truce has been dialed for the sake of every human being. 1907 financial panic? Capitalism has changed more than a million people’s economic life. But nowadays, problems just keep revealing and emerge from every aspect. Amid all the difficulties and hardship that we are about to undergo, I see one silver lining. It tends to lure people from every nation and races into one particular unity, consisting of us, global citizens.

Global warming and deforestation are just the beginning of a chaotic era. How about the future of civilization? It’s not as conspicuous as what the paranormals think.

Globalization is an inevitable example of the result of the enhancement of technology. That is why, in this matter, being a global citizen means that we have to think universally, and exchange our thoughts with other inhabitants in the world coming from any kinds of nations.

The main point of being a global citizen is once again, to create a limit in national individuality, gain cooperation between each and every world citizens, valuing diversity, and understanding that our ethnicity, creed, and color are of secondary importance to the fact that we are all human beings.


me, personally, this is only a matter of self realization. If

someone ask me;

Ok, you, what would you do to solve this mess?”

I’d answer consciously, “I’ll gather all the people in the world and start managing a civilized community of diversity with a natural environment as best as I can.”, with fragments of hoped viability.

In this vast globalization era, people are starting to cooperate with expatriates and international workers on merely any project. And that is the fun of it. We tend to mingle with anyone and endeavor to avoid further unprecedented problems in the social community. The role of racism in most countries is less widely appreciated nowadays.

After centuries of transformation, the world has finally come to the time of modernization, where each and everyone of us is a part of the global community. Since we all know that the world is in a rapid process of globalization, we must too, globalize ourselves, for the good of all mankind.

Nabila Sekartanti Class SBI 8-1


Be the best Global Citizen

Long time ago, all people in the world, use letter to do communication, they were dream, in the future, we can communicated with all people in the world easier. Now, internet is the answer, it make world become to small as we are connected one another, of course we become Global citizen. Do you know what is global citizen? In my opinion, Global Citizen is people that doesn't choose friend, doesn't care about someone status, they doesn't care even their friends is poor or rich, black or white, smart or lazy, but, they care about the others in the worlds, they care about the others condition, is there someone need help and that can be heard, they will help them as they can, they also care about condition of nature in he world, they think, world iis to small, because they can communicated we all people in the world by internet. In addition, do you know WWF? WWF is World Wildlife Fund. Actually, WWF is a group that made of a global citizen. Why? Because they works or plans a new program, that is for help growth nature that has been gone. For example, reforest berren place. That is not easy, but, because of their responsbility for a good nature, they works hard to make it better. Yeah, that is the positive from global citizen. We remind you, there are a risk for everything. Global means world. And by the very high technology, everything can be found. In internet, there are a lot of information, some of them is good, but dome others is bad. Did you were think, why there are hidden site in internet, because there are a bad information, we no need to know what is it, but you can imagine, this is not good. For example, e-mail enable all people communicate each other, that is, email enable our culture and other information be exchange, not so long time ago,

punker or yakuza or something like that are found only in certain place in Japan, because of information from everywhere, punker and yakuza recently are found in some countries in Asia. So, even we are global citizen, we must select good information from many places, if we don't want to be harm other people.

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