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CCOC‧ Some Numbers about Neihu Chia-ling Chen Better Community Better Life 45 minutes Students will increase their familiarity with Neihu Community. three markers three portfolios with colored papers inside PPT with ten questions about Neihu Community a computer a projector chocolate bars

I. Warm-up A. To greet the class B. To divide the students into three groups

3 mins

II. Activity A. To give each group one marker and one portfolio with colored papers inside and explain how to use them B. To explain the rules of the competition C. To show them ten questions in order, which are presented with PPT and ask them to answer each question in 5 seconds D. To count the total scores each group got and decide which group is the winner E. To give each member of the winning group a chocolate bar as a prize

20 mins

III. Whole-class discussion A. To ask students to think about what these “numbers” mean to them B. To encourage students to express their ideas C. To explain the general situation of Neihu Community

8 mins

IV. Group discussion A. To ask each group to decide which change within Neihu they’re interested in. B. To provide some ways with students to analyze the mathematical changes

7 mins

V. Worksheet 7 mins A. To explain the worksheet and ask them to finish it. B. To encourage the students to predict what is going one next week. 1. Students get more familiar with Neihu by answering the riddles, which is effective, impressive and interesting. But teachers don’t forget to pay attention to giving immediate feedback, such as explaining the reasons after showing them the right answer. Otherwise, students will care much more about the winning or losing, instead of the knowledge with which we intend to inspire them. 2. Teachers can design more challenging tempts answers. The game will be more exciting.

3_ Some Numbers about Neihu(1)