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CCOC‧ One-Day Trip in Neihu Chia-ling Chen Better Community Better Life 45 minutes Students will increase their familiarity with Neihu Community. three markers three portfolios with colored papers inside PPT with pictures of Neihu a computer a projector

I. Warm-up A. To greet the class B. To divide the students into three groups

3 mins

II. Activity A. Give each group one marker and one portfolio with colored paper inside. B. Ask each group to write down the tourist attractions or distinguishing features about Neihu as more as possible in one minute. C. The group offering the most items in one minute will be the winner. D. Review all the tourist attractions and distinguishing features the students write down.

20 mins

III. Whole-class discussion A. Show the students the pictures of Neihu and ask them to guess what they are. B. Ask the students to share their ideas about which place in Neihu they like to visit most, the reason why they like to, and how they get there.

10 mins

IV. A.

10 mins

B. C.

V. A. B.

Group discussion Hand out the worksheet with the hypothetic situation in which their foreign friends will pay a visit in Neihu next week. Ask the students to design a one-day trip for their friends. Tell the students that they have to finish the plan next three weeks, and each group has to report on the achieved percentage of progress every week

Assignment 2 mins A poster or PPT can be used to demonstrate their itinerary. In the last class, each group has to orally present their trip in front of the class. Students should use the weekend to practice their itinerary on the spot, to check if the plan works or not, including the time, the vehicle, and so on.

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