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CPMS (Connect Project Management System)

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Connect Infosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Introduction Manage all your projects, tasks, team, clients, etc. at one place in an organized way with CPMS (Connect Project Management System) on cloud.

Do you face problems to manage all your projects? CPMS have the best solution of all your problems related to projects, team, tasks and files management at one place with time tracking system.

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Features of CPMS  Project Management  Task Management  Project Collaboration  Team Management  File Management  Time Tracking  Meet Deadlines  Many More..

Project Management CPMS provides you the procedure and activity of planning, organizing and controlling resources to reach specific goals of projects from starting to the end.

Task Management Coordinate and complete tasks with your teams using CPMS – Assign tasks to team Add due dates Add labels and notes Follow tasks Track progress

Project Collaboration CPMS’s Project Collaboration enables team members to collaborate and connect very easily in their work to review and finish project work.

All teams can work together more effectively and safely to make more powerful selections and provide excellent success.

Team Management CPMS helps to manage all your team or group to achieve any particular project or task. Team management refers to system and processes for planning and coordinating a group of individuals working towards a common purpose.

File Management CPMS application keeps all your files and documents safe and secure in one place. You can easily locate your file which has been maintained project wise for potential use.

Time Tracking CPMS is a time tracking and management software prevents wasted time, prevents projects from dropping and helps you meet work deadlines. It presents a clear view of how you spend time on projects and you can keep costs under control to increase performance.

Meet Deadlines CPMS software facilitates you to meet the project’s work deadlines and also lets you organize other information with the calendar.

Project Management Cycle Follow the Project Management Cycle to manage and complete all your projects on time.

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Connect Projects Management System  
Connect Projects Management System  

CPMS is a web based program designed for preparing, organizing, and tracking several projects, clients, cash and resources. It is appropriat...