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The Autumn challenge was created to enjoy autumn’s festivities alongside good friends. below there are 20 activities to pick and choose from. we hope you have fun and make memories!



ask 2 or more friends to join you in this challenge... Toast s’mores over the stove to begin!


Choose 5 pictures that remind you of each person. (email them with descriptions! or print them out & paste them in a sweet note!)

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Share what you’re thankful for with eachother. choose an activity that 1 group member enjoys and do it with them!

fuzzy socks & baggy sweater movie night (best if enjoyed with caramel apple in hand ;)

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bless someone who your baked cookies are group appreciates. (freshly always a welcomed surprise.)



We’ve wanted to do this together for a long time. Let’s do it! Find a scrumptious recipe reminding you of each person participating... agree to make it some time soon.


Use something that you are skilled at to bless a member in your group.


Latte time! Enjoy coffee or tea together at your favorite cafe.

Create a 6 song playlist for each member of your group.

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Bundle up and take a walk together. (don’t forget your camera to capture the moment!)

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Go candle hunting together to find the perfect autumn scent for your home.

Dear__ I’m thankful for the way you..........(write an encouraging note to a friend!)

choose an activity that 1 group member enjoys and do it with them! -different from day 4.

autumn baking day (make something delicious with familiar fall spices).

17 18 19

Carve, decorate, or paint pumpkins. Collect pumpkin goodies and sit down to a lovely tea party!

brighten her/his day with something HOT (you choose!)


Grab some cozy jammies because its sleepover time! <share your favorite memories from this month with each other> (created by

Atumn Challenge  

Enjoy the Season. Enjoy Friendship.

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