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The Capacity Factor

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June/July 2011

The Seeds of

Capacity Building

One of the most important tools in business today is NETWORKING. If nobody knows about your business you are invisible. Join a Networking group that is serious about Business and about keeping Christ as our centre and foundation.

OUR MISSION • To grow, equip and encourage Christian business owners • To extend God’s Kingdom by using our unique marketplace gifting to bring finances into our local churches • To give exposure to each member’s product or service so that we can support and refer business to one another • To create a culture of excellence and integrity in Business

Highway Area When: 9 June & 14 July 2011 When:


Durban North 23 June & 19 July 2011

Cost: R50 members, R80 non-members

Pietermaritzburg When: 14 June & 26 July 2011 Durban South (Toti) When: 21 June & 26 July 2011 Time: 8.30 am -10am

Each meeting features a 30-minute talk on a topic that will help you build your business – plus lots of great networking time over coffee and muffins.

Contact Tracey Olivier for more information. Tel: 084 548 4720 or Email:



Power and Purpose - The seeds of capacity building


Are you passionate about Kingdombuilding, active in your local community, and excited about the opportunities that technology offers the Church? That makes you a leader... and South Africa needs you! Vision forgood Tour dates: Pietermaritzburg: Wednesday 1st June Johannesburg: Monday 6th June Ekurhuleni: Tuesday 7th June Tshwane: Wednesday 8th June Bloemfontein: Tuesday 14th June Kimberley: Wednesday 15th June George: Tuesday 21st June Nelspruit: Tuesday 21st June Polokwane: Wednesday 22nd June

We would like to CONNECT people in business. If you have a meeting or ministry for the Marketplace Christian we would like you to be able to let people know about it. Remember that we bring out a new issue every two months so you will have to plan ahead and give us your dates 3 months ahead. See page 30 for deadline dates.

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The Capacity Factor Money changes everything Increasing valuable values




ikipedia says this about Capacity Building: “Wide usage of the term has resulted in controversy over its true meaning. Capacity building often refers to strengthening the skills, competencies and abilities of people and communities in developing societies so they can overcome the causes of their exclusion and suffering.” The first time I ever heard of Personal Capacity was from a very good friend of mine, Lars Lofstand, who has a company called Capacity Company. I was on his seminar “Shift Happens” and he started by saying that training was a waste of time. That got my attention! I was a Trainer at the time, and I watched him use a glass and a jug to demonstrate that the glass could only be filled to its capacity; if we wanted to put more in the glass, we would have to use a bigger glass. He said some of us are shot glasses, some are tall glasses and some are jugs. This concept troubled me at the time and my question to him first and then to God was how I could become a bigger glass. My biggest fear was “What if I am a shot-glass size?” But as I read the Word, I realised that even though many of us see ourselves as shot glasses, that is not how God sees us. When we make that decision to allow Him to be Lord of our lives, He gives us a new nature; we become a new creation in Christ, and He creates in us the capacity to do mighty exploits in His Name. But our minds take time to believe this and so we allow our past and present circumstances

to keep us thinking with shot-glass mentality. Fear, which is the opposite of Faith, then keeps us from experiencing the abundantly full life that He bled, died and rose again to obtain for us. As a Life Coach I have the privilege of walking a journey with people to help them to discover their greater capacity. It is always amazing to see when that person’s face lights up with an insight and a realisation of what their purpose is, and the excitement that comes with that. But as they start to build that bridge from where they are to where they want to be, their fears and perceived inadequacies start to taunt them, and I often hear them say, “I don’t know if I have what it takes to do this”. I think most of us, including myself, live well under what our capacity is – not because we don’t think God can do it, but because we don’t believe we can. Well, you are right: alone you probably can’t, but with God, all things are possible and He has given you everything for life and godliness. My own experience of Capacity Building has been that as I have got on with what I believe God has called me to do, my capacity has developed along the way, through the circumstances I have had to face – some good and some very difficult. As I look back and see what I am now capable of doing compared to even a year ago, I am astounded. As we step out and get on with our Call, God shows us how to grow into our capacity. I have a feeling that I am a long way off of reaching my capacity and I look forward to allowing God

ca•pac•i•ty (n. pl. ca•pac•i•ties) 1. The ability to receive, hold, or absorb. 2. The maximum amount that can be contained 3.Ability to perform or produce; capability. 4. The power to learn or retain knowledge; mental ability. 5. Innate potential for growth, development, or accomplishment; faculty.

to complete the work that he has begun in me. I pray that you would start your journey today. I have so enjoyed reading the articles that have come through on the subject of capacity-building. Allan Rockhill points out that understanding our inheritance of Power and Purpose are the seeds of Capacity building, and Brian Agnew challenges us to put aside our excuses, accept God’s Call and Commission, and see our capacity grow. Kim White’s story is a lovely example of this, and one which we look forward to following in the months ahead. Dean James shares some practical pointers on growing the people in your company, while Jimmy Duguid explains the ‘value of values’ for growing a healthy organisation. Sherwin Arnold reminds us of the importance of financial integrity in the workplace, a call which is echoed in the Unashamedly Ethical campaign which you can read about in our exciting The Rest is HIStory slot. Enjoy and be blessed!



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nderstanding the message of the Kingdom and the PURPOSE and POWER it produces in us, will definitely cause us to reach our full capacity in Him. Without PURPOSE we have no sense of priority, and anything goes without any particular order. Every human being also desires a sense of POWER, even if it’s just to work out his own circumstances. Being a Kingin-Business not only requires you to walk in the authority of your calling, but to understand the message of the “Kingdom”. When you do this, it will help your PURPOSE and underline the POWER that God has given for you to walk in, in order for you to fulfil your call. It seems to me that there is a serious lack of power and holiness in the church as a whole. When Jesus came preaching the Kingdom, He demonstrated the POWER of the Kingdom over the devil and the systems of this world. Business Kings need to walk with an authority in the marketplace. They need to walk knowing that what they are involved in will work out the way it’s supposed to. Yes, the enemy will try to block things and frustrate deals and payments, but walking in the capacity of Who you represent will help immensely. I understand that God has made us HIS ambassadors in the earth. Psalm 115:16 tells me that the Earth belongs to me. I have the ability 8 |

to deal in it with success; indeed, I’m supposed to do that. But how must I to conduct myself? The answer is simply that Jesus came to preach the Kingdom of God and made me a representative of that Kingdom. I walk in the capacity that HE gave me. To clarify more fully, we need to go to Genesis 1:26-28.

Being a King-in-Business not only requires you to walk in the authority of your calling, but to understand the message of the “Kingdom”. When you do this, it will help focus your PURPOSE and underline the POWER that God has given for you to walk in, in order for you to fulfil your call.

The first plan that God had for the earth to be governed and ruled, ‘as it was in heaven’, involved the creation of man. God gave us the capacity to rule the earth as He wanted us to. He said, “Let’s make man in our image.” This word “image” is translated to mean “representative figure”. We can’t see the kingdom come in power until we stand in this manner. Not in pride or arrogance, but in the capacity HE has asked us to. You can’t speak with power in the market place or overcome obstacles, if you don’t see yourself as one with the power and permission from heaven to do so! Part of verse 26 talks about having “dominion”. Myles Munroe explains that the word “dominion” is from the Hebrew word “mamlakah”, which means (1) Kingdom (2) Sovereign Rule, and (3) Royal Power. This means that if I align myself to the constitution of Heaven and seek His righteousness, I have the capacity to work in the market place with kingdom authority

and royal power to create the success that I need. I need to step up to this mark and not be easily put off with the frustrations that emanate from the economic arena. I must walk with a sense of victory, not doubting “is this possible”? God’s Kingdom rule must come as a testimony where I operate from (Matthew 24:14).

Allan Rockhill Founder of Kings.Net International

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” Genesis 1:26-28




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Photo taken by Tracey Olivier in Northern Ireland

CAPACITY that leaves us without excuse. was recently invited to hear Jesse This is a parable of some servants who Duplantis speak in a nearby town. were commissioned by their master as As I listened to him describing his busy BUSINESS MEN. When they grew their schedule, I was amazed: multiple live CAPACITY and proved themselves faithful, speaking engagements around the world, their master made them GOVERNORS. writing books and magazine articles, doing I call this THE 10 C’s of KINGDOM radio and television programmes on every COMMERCE. continent, evangelistic and humanitarian outreaches around the globe. “What an incredibly gifted and talented A quick synopsis: man,” I thought to myself. At this point He CALLS his servants – vs 13: the Holy Spirit whispered in my ear: “He is He called ten servants no more gifted and talented than you are, He COMMISSIONS his servants – vs 13: he has just developed a greater CAPACITY ‘Do business till I come’ than you.” This sudden interjection really COMMERCE is their Call and Commission caught my attention. – vs 13 & 15: ‘Do business till I come’, As I began to mull over this startling ‘Gain by trading’ (well to me at least) revelation, I began to He COMMENDED them for making think, “This puts paid to the excuses we money – vs 17: ‘Well done’ make for ourselves in relation to where He praises their CHARACTER – vs 17: we are in God”. In Life and in Business, good and faithful servant we automatically assume that those we He praises their CONSISTENCY – vs 17: perceive to be ahead of us in these areas faithful over very little are there because of some Increased CAPACITY – vs greater gifting or ability. 17: he gave authority/ Jesus did say that God I understand that Jesus governorship over five did say that God expects and ten cities respectively expects a return from a return from us, “each to the two servants who us, “each according according to his own had done what he asked to his own ability” ability” (Matthew 25:15, COMPOUND/CUMULATIVE (Matthew 25:15, NKJV), NKJV), but I think we effect – vs 23 & 25 (to the often use this as an but I think we often use servant who did nothing excuse for our lack of the money entrusted this as an excuse for our with growth. to him): ‘at least put it in lack of growth. Luke 19:12-27 gives us the bank for interest’ (vs an incredible picture of 23), ‘take it and give it to


him who has ten’ (vs 25) CONDEMNATION – vs 22: for the lazy/wicked servant CONSEQUENCES – vs 24: Use it or Lose it. This story gives us insight into the Positive Principles that create capacity in our lives and also into the Negative Consequences of not taking action (which may leave us worse off than we were). Ten servants were CALLED. This word means “to incite by a word” (in this case a Rhema Word – “To urge to action”). The CALL undergirds us and supports us in difficult times and keeps us in harness in successful times. The ten servants were COMMISSIONED. This word means “authorised to perform certain duties”, “To take on certain powers”. In this case, the commission was an anointing to do business. Because of the CALL & COMMISSION, the servants step into the cut and thrust of the COMMERCE & BUSINESS WORLD with an impartation from God to gain by trading. I find the COMMENDATION on their results and their CHARACTER very interesting, especially if you look at it from a traditional church point of view on money. One servant makes a profit of ten times (1,000%); another has a five-fold increase (500%). The Church generally would frown on such large profits, but Jesus is actually pleased with both the result and how they achieved it! We also discover a Major Principle in growing our capacity: CONSISTENCY. In the story, the Master commends the servants for being FAITHFUL “over very little”. Sometimes we find it hard to be faithful in the little things; but what we don’t realise is that this is God’s training and proving ground for the bigger stuff. In other words, it leads to us becoming Master over Much. Didn’t Jesus say that if you are faithful in and over another man’s work, he will give you your own?

12 |

We then see another incredible transition: these SERVANTS-TURNED-BUSINESSMEN are now released into the role of GOVERNORSHIP – one over TEN cities and one over FIVE cities. To me this seems totally disproportionate to their level of qualification. But God sees the COMPOUND/CUMULATIVE growth in their lives. CUMULATIVE means “increasing in effect and size by successive additions both financially and in knowledge” – and of course that is the very skill set needed by a Governor.

The sad part of this story is that although all ten servants were CALLED and COMMISSIONED, one of them was fearful and the master actually called him WICKED. On the face of it, this seems an extreme thing to say...after all, it’s not as if he stole the money or spent it on himself. But when we understand that the word “wicked” comes from the word “to twist” (as in the making of a wicker basket or chair), it becomes clear that Jesus is saying this man had twisted thinking, which led to twisted speaking. Just like the other nine servants, he was CALLED and COMMISSIONED and given all the tools to grow his CAPACITY from servanthood to governorship. Unfortunately because of his wrong thinking and speaking, he was CONDEMNED by the Master and suffered the CONSEQUENCES of having what he had taken away and given to the most productive servant.

So don’t limit yourself, don’t make excuses. Accept God’s CALL and COMMISSION and grow your CAPACITY – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially.

Brian Agnew Brian is Senior Leader of Kingdom Life City Church in Northern Ireland, MD of several companies, and Director of Kingdom Corporate.



here is a song in there somewhere... oh, yes, it was “Love changes everything”. Remember it? Love, Love changes everything: Hands and faces, Earth and sky, Love, Love changes everything: How you live and How you die.

When in love, a clear-thinking mind becomes irrational, and the heart starts to race. Have you ever noticed that money does the same? Put ‘money’ in the place of ‘love’ and the words can be equally true! People’s attitudes,

People’s attitudes, convictions, behaviour and speech can change in an instant when the chance of either gaining or losing money (usually large sums of it) suddenly arises. 14 |

convictions, behaviour and speech can change in an instant when the chance of either gaining or losing money (usually large sums of it) suddenly arises. Sadly, many Christians have fallen prey to the pursuit or sudden excess of money, and in these moments our sanity and clear-thinking minds become influenced by the “spirit of Mammon” that Jesus referred to in Matthew 6:24. “No one,” he said, “can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God [Spirit] and Money.” We live in, and are exposed to, a world of double-dealing and corruption (the spirit of Mammon or greed), but this is not the way of a child of God. There is another influence for us...the Spirit of God! There is something called integrity – what the Bible refers to as being “upright and blameless” – which is imperative in financial matters. The truth is that integrity carries a high price. Walking in integrity (or truth) can be painful, and costly. Some convince themselves that a little compromise here and there will not hurt anyone. Unfortunately, it does; and more than this, there is an Audience of One Who sees it all. Galatians 6:4-5, 7-9 puts it this way (even though the context is a little different):


Each one should test his own actions. Then he can take pride in himself, without comparing himself to somebody else, for each one should carry his own load. Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

We live in, and are exposed to, a world of double-dealing and corruption (the spirit of Mammon or greed), but this is not the way of a child of God. There is another influence for us...the Spirit of God! Acting outside of truth, or without integrity, does not go unnoticed, even though it is possible to compromise with words and actions and seemingly get away with it before man. I am all for Christians doing business with one another; it is good for the body of Christ. But when your conduct is soured, particularly by poor workmanship and non-payment for services rendered, then your integrity is compromised, and you end up using all sorts of excuses to justify yourself. No, a thousand times no! Integrity hurts, but God honours it regardless of the cost, because He is able to restore all things. Often poor workmanship is the result of compromising on time and materials for the sake of profit. Nonpayment should be countered by, “I have a cashflow problem, but I will make good my debt, little by little if necessary, because I owe you the money, and I am prepared to go without until I have made good with you.” I don’t think this happens too often, but well done to those who have chosen this route, for the Lord will reward

you – I know it, because He says so! It would be my guess that many friendships within a church are destroyed because of a lack of this kind of financial integrity. Yes, money does change everything! In conclusion, may I stick my neck out and suggest that even church leaders are victims of this same spirit of Mammon, even if more subtly. Consider a verse in John 10 that has been taken out of context way too often and misses the point Jesus is wanting to make: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” This is usually taken to refer to the ‘devil’, and while these characteristics may be true of his strategies, the context of this verse is a reference to a man. Read from verse 1 and see for yourself who is being referred to as a “thief”. Sad but true, there are men that call themselves shepherds but rob, steal from, and destroy the sheep (the saints of the local church) through false teachings and financial fleecing to create a comfortable life for themselves, without really caring for the well-being of the flock – just keep on giving, saints! Let everyone test their own actions (as in Galations 6:4 above) with honesty. Choose the high road of truth and integrity for the sake of His church and His name, and you will be rewarded in this life and the life to come!

Sherwin Arnold Associate Pastor at HCC | 15



o be without purpose or a dream to fulfill is a frightening state of affairs. At his second, 80 000-strong Mighty Men conference, Angus Buchan boldly declared that “If a man’s dreams are not big enough to place a fear in him, they simply are not big enough”. INTERESTING. You might ask what this has to do with the development of our people in our businesses, and even ourselves in the workplace. Would you believe me if I said, “Everything”? Despite the huge role played by technology, people are still the most valuable resource a company has. So WHY NOT INVEST IN THEM? Imagine a company that recruits people and then invests in them; a company with a learning culture in which passions and dreams are openly discussed; a company which takes pride in the people it produces. A company can actualise (bring to reality) its people’s dreams and abilities by creating a structure that utilises and recognises those strengths, passions and dreams. In so doing, that company will fulfill its own purpose

16 |

and potential – evident in better productivity, reduced running costs, a healthy culture, and a motivated workforce that cares more about the job than the money.

Despite the huge role played by technology, people are still the most valuable resource a company has. So WHY NOT INVEST IN THEM? Many companies use the cliché, “People are our greatest assets”. Their mission statements advertise their great Human Resource credentials, but in reality they fail to implement and enforce their HR intent.


Here are a few pointers for building your business by building your people:

1Employment Intentions

Hire a candidate whose visions and dreams are in line with the company’s strategic intent. Don’t lament, ‘but where are these people?’ They are out there. Hire right and for the right intention, growing them. Look for someone who wants to self-actualise, who has dreams and will add value not just in the first and second year of employment.

Development 2The Programme

It is human nature to want to be more than what you are, to become someone or something else, and to be able to say, “I’ve did it!” This is where the development programme at any company needs to be job- and growth specific. Not all employees in a company can be the CEO or Donald Trump, but everyone can grow and develop. Ensure your employees know that there is a plan that their dreams can be a reality with your firm. Don’t just talk!

find out more about their staff than what they gleaned from them during their job interview, it’s amazing how the levels in the hierarchy begin to connect. I often enjoy the programme Back to the Floor – not just because management get a feel for the floor again, but because of what it does for the employees and their interaction with their superiors and their job. Going back to the ‘floor’ regularly is essential in reminding you why you hired the candidate in the first place, seeing where they currently are, and giving them a sense of belonging and value. I want to encourage you in whatever venture you are involved in, whatever your position. Dream big for your business and ensure this vision overflows onto colleagues and staff alike. As you do this, you and your people will grow and you will be able to stretch your goals still further. Conquer those dreams and sow into others so they can conquer theirs. Be Bold and Courageous!

Opportunities 3Create to Find out More

Those at the bottom of the company often experience the business hierarchy as a kind of double-storey long drop, with management way out of their reach. If management take time to

Many companies use the cliché, “People are our greatest assets”. Their mission statements advertise their great Human Resource credentials, but in reality they fail to implement and enforce their HR intent.

Dean James Assistant Procurement Manager - Hyundai | 17


I know some of you are already saying there is no difference; God is in both. And that is true. But surely if we are colabourers with Christ, then sometimes WE labour and sometimes God does.


want to take you on a journey of discovery over the next few months. I don’t know the answers we will find, but I believe that as we journey together you may be able to find some answers to your particular situation in business, in life, in any area you are trying to take God’s Kingdom into. I want to do this by sharing with you a project I’m working on with a group of visionary Christians here in New Zealand. This group, the Inspired Film Fund, is a team of people who want to produce a feature-length movie that will be distributed to the general public through movie theatres in New Zealand and across the world. The movie is about family, about relationships between a father and his sons, about the expectations we have for ourselves and for our children, and about 18 |

love and forgiveness. Through this movie the writers hope to reveal aspects of the Father’s heart and bring hope to many people. You may say you are not involved in making movies. Nor was I! But as we journey together, hopefully you will find that you too have a dream. That somewhere in your business or project you want to make a difference and yet have to do it through essentially worldly models. Each month I’ll address a couple of issues we are facing and then let you provide feedback or comments on what you think. The following month I will include some of the feedback in a section of the next article.

Introducing the Inspired Film Fund So onto the Inspired Film Fund. It’s a charitable fund that will invest in making movies or other creative media to promote God’s Kingdom. The initial project is a feature film titled Inheritance. It is set in central Otago in New Zealand – the same country as Lord of the Rings; real farming country. Tomorrow I’m off to the first full strategic planning meeting. The team has been operating mostly on a volunteer basis, doing work and launching the concept in their spare time. But now it is time to get serious! They have set themselves a target to shoot the film


in early 2012. The creative is well underway and the film already has an excellent script. But all the creativity in the world is worth nothing unless we can raise the funding, produce a good film and then market it well. The team already has many great ideas. God is opening doors to possible funders/ investors both in New Zealand and around the world. With my strategic planning background, I am quite comfortable that we can pull together a good business plan. But one key issue worries me: I know the plans and timetable of the participants, but what is God’s timing and strategy? It is so easy for us as business people to take the dream God has given us (in our case, to make a movie) and then push ahead with our own skills and expertise and try to make it happen. In doing so, it is so easy to push on or pull out for practical reasons, when perhaps God has other plans. So tomorrow, one of the key discussions will be, “What is God saying about this project?” Someone wise once said, “Where God

guides, He provides!” So we want to be right in that place where we are following God’s bigger plan and desires for this project, responding to the prompts He provides and the doors He will open WHILST using the skills He gave us to do the job well. It should be fun!

Kim White Horizon Church, New Zealand “I’m a WorldChanger”

His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires. 2 Peter 1:3-4 | 19



ou want to increase the effectiveness of an organisation? You might want to start looking at why people are giving to it. If those in an organisation don’t “get” the heart of it, they will quickly size up the systems put in place, and find “creative” ways to get around those systems. I have been through a few organisations in my life. Inevitably you will find the values of that company pasted on a cheap twocolour page, somewhere on the cafeteria wall. That’s the management’s way of telling its employees what they would like to see in their company. But the truth is somewhere between the weekend away that management spent “brainstorming” their values, and that

I have been through a few organisations in my life. Inevitably you will find the values of that company pasted on a cheap two-colour page, somewhere on the cafeteria wall. 24 |

tatty poster up on the wall. The people in that organisation know what the REAL values are of the company. And they definitely don’t match up to the poster on the cafeteria wall! One value that usually makes it into the top three in an organisation has something to do with Family. Yet you get the sense that most of the staff on the floor are crying out for an adoption clinic! If organisations were really serious about being a ‘family’, they’d be very different places to work in...and the rest of their values would follow naturally. Let’s take a look at what value ‘family’ can add to an organisation.

Families relate to each other based on who they are – not what they do

When an organisation recruits someone, one category they look at is whether or not that individual will fit into the company ‘family’. Obviously they look to see if the person is competent, motivated and the like. But if we relate to that person solely according to what they do for us, and not who they are, they will gradually withdraw until they take themselves out of the family.


Families leave space to make mistakes

Mistakes cost time, money and frustration. If the ‘family’ value really reigns in an organisation, then those that make mistakes will do whatever it takes to see the issue resolved – and appreciate being given the space to make things right. Mistakes ARE an issue in a family, especially if they are continually made. And if they are continually made, then more drastic measures need to be taken, for the benefit of the family as a whole. Our actions (especially negative ones) inevitably cause people to put us into a ‘box’. It’s okay to recognise negative patterns in a person, but if you ‘box’ them, you might land up changing the way you relate to them, or stop trusting them with bigger tasks. Those on the receiving end will soon pick up that you have ‘boxed’ them, and begin to withdraw. Families, however, would rather address negative behaviours, forgiving a person and encouraging him/her to get out of that ‘box’.

Families have different value sets within the family

People have different values. Make space for people’s individuality, but not at the expense of the family’s values as a whole.

If organisations were really serious about being a ‘family’, they’d be very different places to work in... and the rest of their values would follow naturally. their current employer less than a year. But you have to ask: “If people are happy in their position, why would they want to move?” The bottom line is that they aren’t happy.

Families appreciate one another

I used to hear from a certain superior only when things went wrong. That told me a lot about how he related to me. When we appreciate the little things done well, it encourages ownership in the organisation. Giving encouragement may not come easily to you, but go for it. “That is not a bad idea!” is not a compliment, but it’s a start. Ultimately you want to get to saying, “That is a great idea!”, but start anyway you can – you will see the benefits!

Families live to see each other succeed

Once I worked in an environment where fighting to get to the top depended on how ‘good’ you looked, not on how hard you worked. If there was a fault, it was dealt with harshly, and as a result blame-shifting, and looking for faults in others, were the name of the game. If you could make someone else look bad, it made you look better than them, and you got ahead (albeit with some casualties). Notice that the root of this was how harshly mistakes were dealt with by management. Current trends will tell you that the average person would have had 10-14 jobs by the time they are 38. One in four workers have been with

Jimmy Duguid Jimmy is a pastor at Highway Christian Community, Pinetown, and is passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom being established – at home, in the Church, and in business. | 25

The Graham Power Story

Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts. Zechariah 4:6


hen our subeditor, Elaine, did a corporate profile for the Power Group several years ago, she was humbled and inspired by the Group’s total commitment to putting God first in their business – a rare thing for a large company in the highly competitive construction industry. The Group’s motto was “Unashamedly Ethical”, and owner Graham Power had recently started the Unashamedly Ethical campaign – a challenge to business owners to make a public commitment to ‘good values, ethics and clean living’. Since then, the campaign has given birth to Unashamedly Ethical ‘communities’ worldwide, as has Graham’s other God-inspired vision – the Global Day of Prayer. Graham’s testimony, reprinted here, is an encouragement to every reader to put their faith in the Lord and stand up and be counted for Him.

In February 1999, alone in his study, Graham knelt on the ground, invited Christ into his life and committed his life to serving God 24 hours a day, seven days a week. WHO IS GRAHAM POWER? Graham Power is the founder and Board Chairman of the Power Group. Formed in 1983, 26 |

the company started with one staff member and one vehicle, and has become one of Southern Africa’s leaders in the areas of civil engineering, development and construction. In 2001 Graham was the visionary leader for a gathering in Cape Town that saw 45 000 Christians fill Newlands Stadium to pray for the needs of this nation. Today this movement has become a global move, with every country in the world praying for the needs of our world each year. Visit Graham is also the founder of the Unashamedly Ethical campaign – a movement that challenges individuals and groups in all spheres of society to values, ethics and clean living. Please visit Graham is married to Lauren. They have three children and two grandchildren, all of whom live in Somerset West. Graham bought Bergplaats farm in 1990 as an investment and because of his love for the bush and hunting. The entire Power family gathers at the farm annually for a family reunion. The farm has since become an integral part of the Power Heritage & History [and now offers beautiful lodge facilities for those wishing to escape from the rat race and enjoy God’s creation – see – Ed.]. THE COMPANY The Power Group employs nearly 2000 men and women, with branches in Cape Town, Knysna, Port Elizabeth and Gauteng. One of the most visible demonstrations of its commitment to the upliftment and bettering of the lives of their people has been the co-ownership offer extended in 2007 to 420 of their long-serving employees.

Tangible evidence of its purpose is the Group’s mission: “To improve the quality of life in Africa through infrastructure development”. Flying in the face of the scourge of corruption and crime, the Unashamedly Ethical Campaign is an independent initiative founded by Graham to promote ethical, professional and values-based trading in both business and in one’s private capacity.

It was important to Graham that God would not remain contained within the four walls of this Christian company. The Power Group needed to be a tangible expression of His love to a hurting world, and so the company was motivated to become actively involved in addressing some of the most pressing issues facing the nation. As a corporate entity, the Power Group has aligned itself irrevocably with the philosophy and sentiment behind the Unashamedly Ethical campaign. Inspired by his faith, and motivated by a personal and company vision that extends beyond his Life, Graham Power has clearly stated that the company’s “100-year dream” is a commitment to uphold the purpose, vision and values, guiding and motivating the company to do everything in an “Unashamedly Ethical” way. GRAHAM’S TESTIMONY Graham and his four siblings grew up in the suburbs of Cape Town, and while his parents were religious people and Graham was exposed to the Christian faith, he did not come to make a 24/7 commitment to Christ until much later in his life. Having grown up in a relatively poor environment

Graham was determined not to live a life that was restricted by finances. There was no money for him to study towards a degree after leaving school, and so after completing his compulsory military training he joined a civil engineering company to start his working life. At the age of 21 he was appointed as Site Manager and a hunger for competitiveness set in. Realising his potential for success, Graham and Lauren established their own company in 1983. His early success was met with a number of unexpected awards. However, as is common with successful young people, a measure of self determination and pride started to grow in the heart of this ‘self-made man’. For nearly 20 years he was caught in the ‘bigger and better’ cycle. But the accumulation of possessions and more wealth only lead to loneliness and emptiness. In February 1999, alone in his study, he knelt on the ground, invited Christ into his life and committed his life to serving God 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ed Silvoso’s book Anointed for Business radically altered his concept of marketplace ministry as Graham began to realise that God had anointed him to use his work as ministry – working for the renewal and transformation of both individual lives and his whole industry through seeking after, and obeying, the will of God in all that he did. And so, God became an integral part of the workplace. It was important to Graham that God would not remain contained within the four walls of this Christian company. The Power Group needed to be a tangible expression of His love to a hurting world, and so the company was motivated to become actively involved in addressing some of the most pressing issues facing the nation. Today we are thankful that the Power Group of companies is one of the largest and most respected leaders in civil engineering, construction and development in Southern Africa. We give God all the glory for this! THE STORY OF TRANSFORMATION AFRICA, THE GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER & UNASHAMEDLY ETHICAL In July 2000, God woke me and gave me the first of a two-part instruction: | 27

1. Go and hire Newlands Rugby Stadium in Cape Town. Invite the Christians from all denominations for a day of Repentance and Prayer. 2. Then challenge the other Provinces in South Africa to do the same. 3. Then, challenge all of Africa to join in this day of prayer, starting from the South up through Africa.

Graham with Angus Buchan

The second part of the vision came in February 2002, when under the anointing of the Holy Spirit I saw a vision of a huge cross over Africa and the whole of Africa in repentance and prayer, with the promise that Africa would become the “hope to the world”. Year by year, God has faithfully watched over this prophetic revelation, gathering His people from across the globe to humble themselves before Him. The vision has rolled out to encompass first Cape Town (2001), then the rest of South Africa (2002), sub-Saharan Africa (2003), and finally all 56 nations of Africa (2004). On 15 May 2005, Africa invited the world to join her for a Global Day of Prayer. More than 156 nations took part, with the repentance and prayers of more than two hundred million believers starting as the sun rose in Fiji in the East until it set 18 hours later over Hawaii. In 2008 almost the whole globe participated in the Global Day of Prayer on Pentecost Sunday, as 214 of the world’s 220 nations gathered in groups of various sizes, in diverse settings, to humble themselves, seek God’s face and pray. It is estimated that close to 350 million believers were involved in Global Day of Prayer events across the globe in 2008. Late in 2006 God awoke me once again with a clear instruction to challenge people to commit to 28 |

good values, ethics and clean living. God showed me that the first wave He had started was the wave of prayer, the next wave would be the wave of ethics, and finally God would send a mighty wave of renewal and transformation across the world that would never end! The Unashamedly Ethical campaign has been rolling out ever since that vision, and currently members from all spheres of society, and all age groups (including heads of nations, business leaders, sports personalities, and Church leaders), are making the commitment to being ‘Unashamedly Ethical’. And so we long for the day when God’s transformation sweeps across the whole earth in a mighty wave of transformation and renewal! God deserves all the Glory and the Honour for this miraculous work! Truly, the story of the Global Day of Prayer and Unashamedly Ethical are not the stories of one man’s determination, nor are they stories about mighty global organisations. Rather, they are a testimony to God’s Power and Grace!

By Graham Power Excerpted from

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