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Hayley Ryan Nutrition, Fitness and Life Coach


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Full R2 800.00 R2 800.00 Page Half R1 400.00 R1 400.00 Page 1/4 Page R700.00 R700.00 1/8 Page R350.00 R350.00



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Less 5% for Immediate Payment

Cost per Publication

R8 400.00

R7 980.00

R4 200.00 R2 100.00 R1 050.00

Cost of entire 6 Issue Contract

Less 10% for Immediate Payment

Cost per Publication

R2 660.00

R16 800.00 R15 120.00

R2 520.00

R3 990.00

R1 330.00

R8 400.00

R7 560.00

R1 260.00

R1 995.00 R997.50

R665.00 R332.50

R4 200.00 R2 100.00

R3 780.00 R1 890.00

R630.00 R315.00

The magazine will usually consist of 32 pages including the covers. There will be 6 publications per year, i.e. one every second month. If you sign a 3 Issue Contract, your ad will have a presence in the magazine for 6 months. The same applies to the 6 Issue Contract, giving your ad a 12-month presence. Prices are quoted per advert layout and include two proofs. Any further alterations will be charged at R250.00 per hour. Please note that the page size is A5 portrait. Artwork supplied requires 5mm bleed. Our submission deadlines are as follows: Publication

July/Aug ‘10

Sept/Oct ‘10

Nov/Dec ‘10

Jan/Feb 2011

Mar/April ‘11

May/June ‘11


7 June 2010

6 August 2010

7 Oct 2010

1 Dec 2010

4 Feb 2011

7 April 2011


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Sep/Oct Nov/Dec Jan/Feb Mar/Apr May/Jun Jul/Aug Full Page Half Page 1/4 Page 1/8 Page KBN Member


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Beyond 2010  

This issue was all about Vision and featured interviews for our feature article "Beyond 2010" which showed that despite their differences, e...

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