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OCTOBER 2021 • Volume 2 • Issue 10


You make an important choice when you choose an attorney. This practice is built on achieving the very best outcome possible for every client. When legal assistance is needed, it is usually addressing the most pressing and stressful issue in a person's life. And although the attorney you choose may be working on many other cases, you should expect your case to be as important to them as it is to you. At Shannon Norman Law, client representation in the form of advice and litigation representation is offered on a variety of legal issues. The Shannon Norman Law Firm understands that every case can effect the life of the client for years to come. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you. If you have questions about Shannon Norman Law, or would like to discuss representation, initial consultations are free. Practicing in St. Charles County, St. Louis County, Lincoln County, and various municipal courts throughout Missouri.


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The Strategy Behind Managing Your Life Well, here we are. It’s already the fourth quarter of 2021. Say it with me, “Where did the time go?” Let's take a moment to make sure your priorities are in check, so we can all experience a big finish to the year.

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Find Purpose

Your purpose is synonymous with your why. Why are you doing the things you do? Does it fill your cup? Is it profitable? When you know your why and your reason behind, you can become unstoppable. Never again fail to follow through your plans and goals. You can achieve what you want when you have a strong and powerful purpose for it. Remember, when there is a will, there is a way.

Self Care

My self care is based around travel. I travel a lot. It fuels me. When I travel, I love to experience the destination and immerse myself in local art, culture, and cuisine. But, what I love most about traveling is the opportunity to completely disconnect with my everyday routine and reconnect with the people who mean the most to me. Completely entrusting my responsibilities to other people helps me maintain good mental health and a positive attitude. Self care means different things to different people. To some it may be a healthy diet, exercise and regular checkups. For others it may be the afternoon away from the office to shop or get a massage. For others still it may be waking up early to journal with a cup of flavored coffee. Whatever it is to you, embrace it! You owe it to yourself. You deserve to take the time to take care of your needs, big or small.

Nothing is more important than your family connections. These are the people that will have your back when times are tough. They will join in your happiness, sorrow, pain, success. Do not overlook or take for granted those who are in your family unit. Make time specifically for building relationships with them.

Setting Boundaries

I’m proud to say that I am getting much better at the art of setting boundaries. If you would take a snapshot of my life three years ago, you would see a frantic woman trying to hustle from commitment to commitment in order to build a business. Ladies, this didn’t do me, or my business any good. Overcommitting and under delivering is the best way to lose the respect of your peers. Get your priorities straight, set goals, cut out activities that do not fill your cup or help you achieve your mission. “No” is a sentence. Use it. Now is the time to take a good look at what the next 90 days of your life will look like. Are you on pace to “get ‘er done?” Are you dreading the upcoming holiday season and all the stress that comes with it? Or are you ready to implement necessary strategies to take control of your own life and succeed? I think you know the answer. Go you! ¤

Spend Time Building Relationships

We all work very hard to build strong relationships for the purpose of empowering, inspiring, and supporting one another. The women of LBB are fierce about the relationships built between us. I challenge you to ensure that those same strong relationships are being built within your family unit. Little Black Book | Become Magazine | October 2021

Angel Magasano LBB Founder and CEO


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Rose Ann Cuddy Alliance Credit Union

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Happy Ladies


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10/1 Ribbon Cutting, Sugar Grove Growers 10/4 Wentzville: Members Only Meeting, 9:00 am 10/5 Ladies Who Lunch: Speed Networking Event, 11:30 am Sybergs (pre-register) 10/6 Mid County: Coffee & Connections, 9:00 am, AR workshop 10/7 Encore Chapter: Coffee & Connections, 12:00 pm, Mimi's Cafe 10/7 Wentzville: Group and Lifestyle photoshoot, 4:30 pm 10/8 9 to 5 Chapter: Coffee & Connections, 8:00 am, Zoom 10/8 Greater St. Charles: Coffee & Connections, 9:00 am, LimeLight Events 10/9 Alzheimer's Walk - Lincoln County, 8:30 am, Troy Middle School 10/12 Madison County: Coffee & Connections, 9:00 am, eXp Realty 10/12 West County: Coffee & Connections, 9:00 am, LimeLight Events 10/12 Encore Chapter: LAFFF, 11:30 am, Cheesecake Factory & Beyond Van Gogh exhibit 10/13 Troy: Coffee & Connections, 8:30 am Troy Chamber of Commerce 10/13 Cottleville: Coffee & Connections, 9:00 am, Public School House


10/13 Moms on the Move At Wineology, 5:00 pm, Wineology (pre-register) 10/15 Member Orientation - Sponsored by Cottage Care St Charles, 9:00 am, Zoom 10/18 Wentzville: Coffee & Connections, 9:00 am, 909 Public House (NEW LOCATION) 10/1 Self Development Book Club facilitated by Angie (Members Only), 6:30 pm 10/19 - Ladies Who Lunch with Lori North, 11:30 am, The Christy of O'Fallon 10/19 Leisure Book Club facilitated by Joan (Members Only), 6:30 pm 10/20 Mid St Louis County: Members Only Meeting, 10:00 am 10/22 Members Only Meeting: Greater St Charles, 2:00 pm 10/23 Alzheimer's Walk - St Louis, 9:00 am, Enterprise Center 10/24 Fire & Ice Bartender Challenge, Shamrocks Pub n Grill 10/26 West County: Members Only Meeting, 11:00 am 10/26 Members Only Meeting: Madison County, 4:00 pm 10/27 Troy: Members Only Meeting, 8:30 am 10/27 Cottleville: Members Only Meeting, 11:00 am 10/27 Leisure Online Book Club facilitated by Sam (Members Only), 6:30 PM 10/ 28 9 to 5 Chapter: Members Only Meeting, 6:00 pm 10/30 Monster Mash 5k Dash, 9:00 am Westhoff Park

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OCTOBER 5, 2021 • 11:30

Sybergs - 2430 Old Dorsett Rd, Maryland Heights, MO 63043

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Lori North has over 20+ years of marketing experience and over 15+ years helping small business owners with marketing services. She understands what business owners need to do in order to build their brand. Lori has grown up in the small business world and she comes from a family of entrepreneurs that have helped instill the understanding of what business owners have to sacrifice in order to own their own business. This work ethic has inspired her passion to help business owners succeed.

OCTOBER 19, 2021 • 11:30

The Christy of O'Fallon - 9000 Veterans Memorial Pkwy, O'Fallon, MO 63366 Lori North

Founder & President

Lori North Marketing 8

Little Black Book | Become Magazine | October 2021

Last of the Moon Girls LEISURE • The by Barbara Davis

A novel of secrets, memory, family, and forgiveness by the bestselling author of When Never Comes. Lizzy Moon never wanted Moon Girl Farm. Eight years ago, she left the land that nine generations of gifted healers had tended, determined to distance herself from the whispers about her family’s strange legacy. But when her beloved grandmother Althea dies, Lizzy must return and face the tragedy still hanging over the farm’s withered lavender fields: the unsolved murders of two young girls, and the cruel accusations that followed Althea to her grave. Lizzy wants nothing more than to sell the farm and return to her life in New York, until she discovers a journal Althea left for her— a Book of Remembrances meant to help Lizzy embrace her own special gifts. When she reconnects with Andrew Greyson, one of the few in town who believed in Althea’s innocence, she resolves to clear her grandmother’s name. But to do so, she’ll have to decide if she can accept her legacy and whether to follow in the footsteps of all the Moon women who came before her.


by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

Having clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. A boundary is a personal property line that marks those things for which we are responsible. In other words, boundaries define who we are and who we are not. Boundaries impact all areas of our lives.



LEISURE • The Wrong Family by Tarryn Fisher

SELF DEVELOPMENT • The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

Little Black Book | Become Magazine | October 2021


BUSINESS GRANT WINNER For the first time in Little Black Book history, LBB was able to host a business grant campaign dedicated to investing in the growth and development of one of its member businesses. The Rise & Shine campaign began in July and concluded in September with one lucky member taking home a business grant package worth over $5,000. The process was simple, grant applicants were required to be a LBB member for a minimum of 12 months, in good standing, have a business that is recognized by the federal government, and be available to attend all of the scheduled coaching and business pitch sessions. Eighteen women of LBB made the application, with 15 moving to the initial business pitch. The field was then narrowed to six finalists who would make one final pitch in front of a judges panel.


THE AWARD PACKAGE WAS IMPRESSIVE, AND INCLUDED $2,000 cash grant gifted by Little Black Book: Women in Business $1,000 additional cash grant generously donated by Kyle Dent, Owner of Shamrock’s Pub & Grill; and Mike Baue, Owner of Osteostrong, St Peters & O’Fallon Mini branded photo session generously donated by Jenna Whitmore, J. Whitmore Photography 90 days of SEO management generously donated by Kali Moore, Digital Missouri Marketing Complimentary customized social media consultation session generously donated by Lori North, Lori North Marketing The cover, and feature article in the October issue of LBB BECOME Magazine Opportunity to participate in LBB’s Mastermind pilot program slated for 2022. AND THE DESERVING WINNER IS, NIKKI BARNARD, OWNER OF DEEP COVE CREATIONS!

Special thanks

to the judges who spent their time and talent coaching all of our contestants: Rachel South, Lori North, Stacee Fernandez, Diane Bazzell, and Veronica Schwab. Further thanks to April Porter for providing group and individual coaching sessions with our participants.

Little Black Book | Become Magazine | October 2021


Barnard NIKKI

Last July I sat across from our banker, staring in disbelief as my husband told him he projected our sales to be $50,000 in the second year of my new business. Quick math told me that my most expensive item was $150 and I’d need to sell one a day for a year to make that number. Deep Cove Creations is a dream I’ve had for years. Not this exact business, but the dream of my own business, my own way. The organic growth we’ve seen in the last 15 months is honestly my favorite thing! But this grant, the $3,000 and all the other perks that came with it, that’s what will take us to the next level! This grant will allow us to increase our productivity 500% by purchasing our own laser. And we will blow past that projection in our second year. While our goal is to be the go-to vendor for corporate gifts, the company that helps make an event planner’s vision a reality, and your favorite place to pick up a special gift, I am most excited for what that means for our community. ¤ Little Black Book | Become Magazine | October 2021

p o h S

Advertise Your Business in the November-December Issue of Become Magazine's Gift Guide

t s r i F

In the November-December issue of Become Magazine we are going to feature our first ever Holiday Gift Guide! If you would like to feature your products, here are some things you should know. • There are a limited number of spots available, the deadline to opt in is October 18th. • Each item will feature a *photo, description and your contact information. • There is a nominal fee of $75 to have your item featured. • If you would like to participate and/or if you have any questions, please contact * Text or call JeanneStrickland 314.605.7193 with photo questions.



Due to Covid-19, we have been placed under a national disaster declaration. There is a piece of tax code, Section 139, available to businesses for tax relief when a national disaster declaration is made. In February 2021, the president extended the declaration of the Covid-19 national disaster for one year. Hopefully, the pandemic will be over sooner rather than later, and this limited opportunity to take advantage of this tax code will come to a close.

plus any state income tax. If this was for personally paid expenses that usually wouldn’t be deductible, there’s another $4,800 or so of income tax savings totaling $6,750 between the employer and staff.

This section allows employers to make deductible qualified disaster payments to employees. These payments are also tax-free, meaning that the payments are not included in the employee’s income.

What qualifies as a “qualified disaster payment”? It’s a reimbursement of home rehabilitation, personal, living, family, health, or funeral expenses incurred due to the pandemic, which is not otherwise reimbursed by insurance. When looking at Covid-19 expenses, you can include: for example, increased home office costs for working remote, personal health, wellness, and home-schooling expenses.

Here is an example of the deduction in action: we’ve had a business reimburse its owners $15,000 and its employees $5,000 for a total of $20,000 toward these increased personal costs. This will be a $20,000 tax deduction to the business, no employer payroll taxes paid (approximately $375), no employee portion of payroll taxes paid (another $375), and no income tax or reporting requirement. If they are in the 24% tax bracket, that would be a $1,200 tax savings

This is a discretionary, nonaccountable plan. Under a discretionary plan, the business can make payments in reasonable amounts at their sole discretion. They can be made to just the owners, select employees, or all employees. A non-accountable plan does not require receipts or support for the expenses reimbursed. The business does want to be sure to add the proper documentation of the company’s policy to their files stating who is covered by the plan. There are

not many court cases to provide guidance on exactly what the IRS deems as a qualified expense, so it’s important to work with a tax professional to guide you through the nuances of the code. ¤

Stacy Cavin

Cavin CPAs and Advisors Little Black Book | Become Magazine | October 2021




In today’s world, women can never be too careful about their safety and security. Being proactive is the key to staying in control of your safety. To improve your safety, start by strategizing your safety with the 3P’s: PROACTIVE, PREPARED, AND PROTECTED.



It has happened to all of us before where we zone out and lose track of our surroundings, but that can make us a target. Much of the prevention is simply the awareness of the treat and thinking about what you would do if something happened. Fear shouldn’t rule your life, but you should always be aware of your security and surroundings the same way you keep an eye on the road while driving. Pay attention to who and what is around you. Trust your instincts. If you think something isn’t right, it probably isn’t.


Our phones are an enormous distraction, actually raising the risk of danger when we’re caught in public unawares. Gas stations and parking lots are two places where women can be especially vulnerable. Take your earphones out when pumping gas, walking to and from your vehicle. Keeping your hands free and eyes active reduces the chances of you being seen as a target.


Your valuables can potentially make you a victim when left out in plain view. Keep computers, purses, wallets, and other valuables on the floor of the car and out of sight. We tend to get into our cars after shopping, eating, working, etc., and just stay in the vehicle checking our cell phones. If the predator is watching you, this is the perfect opportunity for them to get in on the passenger side, put a weapon to your head and tell you where to go. Instead, as soon as you get into the car, lock the doors and leave.


Change your routine from time to time. It is well-known that criminals and vandals like to scope out a target before attacking. So one way to deter their efforts is to change your routine regularly. This isn’t just where you park at work, but also the route that you take to and from home, where you grab your morning coffee, and where you dine for lunch. We can never be too prepared for all that we encounter in life. Selfawareness of surroundings is the first step to personal safety. ¤

Pamela Zayas

A Cut Above Knife Company Little Black Book | Become Magazine | October 2021

Cget real self-care aNcEL the

Hustle Culture

with Acupuncture!

Hustle culture has been prevalent for years now - glamorizing the concept that all you have to do is work harder, and you will be granted your goals. How is that working out for you? How is your mental health, are you burnt out? Are you so stressed that you can’t sleep at night? Do you feel anxiety or even panic attacks, and you’ve put on weight? We can push, push, PUSH and STILL not be where we want to be! Destroy the idea that you have to constantly work and grind out every last bit of oomph you have to be “successful.” Embrace the concept that rest, recovery, and reflection are essential parts of a successful and ultimately happy life. When the “hustle” results in a constant state of high stress, aka high cortisol levels, your body feels like it is always on alert, making it difficult to calm down and relax. If we can’t move in and out of a relaxed, parasympathetic state, we lose the opportunity to zoom out and let our minds wander, and our mental health suffers. When are the times you feel most creative? When do you have your best ideas? Most likely, it’s not at midnight, on your 4th cup of coffee, and you have an 8 am meeting. I often find I get my best ideas when I’m driving alone in silence (bliss!) or meditating - BAM! Ideas pop into my head! Why is that?? I’m relaxed. My mind is calm and open to process all the emails, phone calls, meetings, literature I have put it through. So, here’s the thing - what are YOU doing to promote dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin - all the neurotransmitter chemicals that work to make you happy? Did you know that acupuncture is medically proven to help the body move from a state of total distress to a place of calm and lowered heart rate within a matter of minutes? 16

Acupuncture’s Effect on the Central Nervous System • In the brain, acupuncture has been shown to decrease activity in the areas of the brain associated with stress and illness while improving the area of the brain that regulates hormones and the physiological stress response = better processing of emotions, memory, sexual arousal, and learning. • Additionally, acupuncture modulates parasympathetic activity, the nervous system branch associated with rest, relaxation, digestion, and tissue healing. How much better do you think you would function at work, with your family and friends, if you were rested, clear-headed, and had all those happy chemicals pumping through your veins?!

A 2016 Study of Over 400 Randomized Patients Concluded • ‘The effects from acupuncture for treating anxiety have been shown to be significant as compared to conventional treatments.’ • ‘Acupuncture had a large effect on reducing anxiety and depression compared to conventional treatment involving pharmacological approaches and psychotherapy, with over twice the reduction in symptoms.’ • ‘Reported an anxiety decrease for their treatment group relative to the control groups.” Three of these studies used pharmaceuticals as controls.’ Acupuncture is often looked at as a last resort, but it is also a secret weapon to include in your wellness routine. Many patients begin acupuncture treatments for other issues and once they are resolved, continue into a twice a month wellness membership to keep their stress in check! Just like you go to the gym and see your dentist, acupuncture is an excellent tool for wellness and prevention. ¤

Little Black Book | Become Magazine | October 2021

Image courtesy of J. Whitmore Photography

Heather Wheeler

Wheeler Acupuncture and Functional Wellness Head2329@faolcom Wheeler Little Black Book | Become Magazine | October 2021


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Apple Cider Sangria Super easy and so delicious! This recipe will take you from Fall gatherings right into the Winter months when served warm

Ingredi ent s


1 bottle pinot grigio Combine all ingredients together. 1/2 cup brandy Refrigerate 2 – 3 hours 2 1/2 cups apple cider before serving. 1 cup club soda 3 Honeycrisp apples (chopped) 3 pears (chopped) 2 cinnamon sticks

Find this delicious recipe and more from Image:

Jeanne Strickland BOOM! Impact Graphics Call or Text 314.605.7193