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Girls Gone Wine




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Gives BB

Little Black Book is known throughout the region as one of the most philanthropic organizations. GIVE is a strong Pillar of LBB and one for which the organization is well respected. Part of LBB’s culture is raising money to give it away to local charities.

BrrrBASH is LBB’s largest charitable event of the year. The event was established in 2013 to benefit Toys for Tots Foundation in the greater St. Louis region. Since that time, Little Black Book has donated over 29,500 toys to the Foundation, making LBB responsible for 20% of all the toys distributed in the Greater St Louis area. The St. Louis region is the 3rd largest Toys for Tots collection in the United States, and Little Black Book’s BrrrBASH is the 3rd largest collection in the St. Louis region. That’s amazing! For the past two years, Little Black Book has used the BrrrBASH to actively raise money for local charities. In 2019, LBB raised $10,000 for We Love St. Charles to help fund their youth summer program. The organization is on the hunt for a local non-profit to support in 2020. The charity of choice will be the spotlight of the annual BrrrBASH event scheduled for December 12th at The Foundry Art Centre.

Angel Magasano LBB Founder and CEO

Little Black Book also hosts other fundraising events throughout the year, including Girls Gone Wine and the Monster Mash 5K Dash. Both fundraisers are used to raise money for the annual charity of choice donation. In addition to the sizable organizational fundraising events, each of LBB's chapters hosts their own independent GIVE initiatives. Some of the efforts raise money, some collect and donate needed items, while others raise awareness. Others still are initiatives of service and volunteerism. The members of Little Black Book have supported over 25 different non-profit efforts over the past three years. What you may not know, is that Little Black Book also provides a business grant to one of its members, and a scholarship to a deserving female college-bound student, annually. Our Woman of the Year celebration honors a member selected by her peers to receive the grant. LBB’s reigning Woman of the Year is Justine Robinson. Little Black Book is what we like to call an “all in the family” organization. The charities, scholarship recipients, and women of the year are all chosen from within our organization. After all, we have the most talented women to choose from right here.


*Kimberly Rupert

Content Management TimeHelperz Kimberly@TimeHelperz.com

Jeanne Strickland

Graphics and Layout Director BOOM! Impact Graphics 314.605.7193

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Special Thanks to Joan Williams Photography for cover images.

*If you are a member of LBB and are interested in being a contributing writer or advertising in LBB Become Magazine, Please contact Kimberly Rupert at the email address above. Any reproduction of LBB Become Magazine or its contents requires publisher's written consent. LBB Become Magazine aims to ensure that information is accurate and correct at all times but cannot accept responsibility for mistakes. LBB Become Magazine reserves the right to refuse submitted content and/or advertisements and assumes no responsibility for submitted materials. Unsolicited material must include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Welcome New Members We're looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you!

9 TO 5 CHAPTER Carissa Figgins, Community Strong Suzanne Sawyer, Suzanne Sawyer Photography Wentzville School District Linda Mitchell, Show Me Donuts, LLC/ DQS Inc. COTTLEVILLE CHAPTER Angela Curtis, CC Radon, LLC EDWARDSVILLE, IL CHAPTER Becky Baron, Everra Crystal Roper, Onsite T-shirts and More

MID ST LOUIS COUNTY CHAPTER Angie Heintz, Keller Williams Realty St. Louis Kimberly Lebbing, Kimberly Lebbing, LLC Heather Aehle, Edward Jones WENTZVILLE CHAPTER Sarah Bell, Main St. Real Estate Christine Daleo, Spa Nova Michelle Atkinson, Business Basics WENTZVILLE CHAPTER Sarah Bell, Main St. Real Estate WEST COUNTY CHAPTER Danijela Kandera, Pets and People Portrait Studio

GREATER ST CHARLES CHAPTER Beth Wilmes, Faith Through Fire


Please join us at our upcoming events. We have events in St Charles and St Louis Counties. 7/01 Coffee & Connections: Mid St Louis County, Zoom call, 9:00 am 7/06 Member Only Meeting: Wentzville, 9:00 am 7/08 Coffee & Connections: Troy, Zoom Call, 8:30 am 7/08 Coffee & Connections: Cottleville, Zoom Call, 9:00 am 7/09 Members Only: Book Club (Cottleville), 6:30 pm 7/10 Coffee & Connections: 9 to 5 Corporate Chapter, Zoom Call, 8:00 am 7/10 Coffee & Connections: Greater St Charles, Zoom Call, 9:00 am 7/13 Headshot Happy Hour, Revolve Wentzville, 4:30 pm 7/14 Coffee & Connections: Edwardsville, IL Chapter, Zoom Call 9:00 am 7/14 Members Only Meeting: West County Chapter, 11:00 am 7/15 Members Only Meeting: Mid St Louis County, 10:00 am 7/15 Give Blood Today sponsored by LBB's West County Chapter 1:00 pm 7/16 Ladies Who Lunch, The Rack House Kitchen Wine Whiskey, 11:30 am 7/18 Members Only: For The Run Of It, 8:00 am 7/20 Coffee & Connections: Wentzville, Zoom Call, 9:00 am 7/20 20 Members Only Book Club: Wentzville, 6:30 pm 7/22 Members Only Meeting: Troy Chapter, 8:30 am

7/22 Members Only Meeting: Cottleville Chapter, 11:00 am 7/23 Members Only: 9 to 5 Chapter, 6:00 pm 7/24 Members Only Meeting: Greater St Charles Chapter, 2:00 pm 7/25 Members Only: For The Run Of It, 8:00 am 7/27 Members Only Book Club: Mid County, 6:30 pm 7/28 Coffee & Connections: West County, Zoom Call, 9:00 am

SAVE THE DATE 9/12 Set. Bump. Give. Sand Volleyball Tournament 10/25 Fire & Ice 10/31 Monster Mash 5k Dash 12/12 BrrrBASH *Dates & Times are subject to change. For more information about our events, please visit our website, WomenofLBB.com/events

Application Deadlines July 15, 2020 SCHOLARSHIP

Each year the LBB GIVE Foundation awards a $500.00 scholarship to a worthy recipient who has shown to display leadership qualities. She must be enrolled in or attending a four-year collegiate program and sponsored by a member of LBB.


The women of LBB's 2020 BrrrBASH Executive Committee is pleased to provide you with the grant application and funding guidelines for our next BrrrBASH celebration to be held on Saturday, December 12, 2020, at the Foundry Art Center.

vulnerable• GETTING

Aligned with some of my goals for self-love this year, I did a boudoir shoot with my very talented Auntin-Law Joan Williams Photography. I have trusted our family photos to Joan since my pregnancy with Piper. Pictures are such a great way to preserve memories. I am not as good as I should be at hanging family photos in our home. The year Henley was born, I was so excited to make a family photo collage in our foyer. It is our space to keep updated photos and memories for everyone who might come and go from our home. That is why I couldn’t wait to jump on the opportunity to capture some personal, super sexy images of myself to showcase the work I have done since my diagnosis. I love these images and how they make me feel: beautiful, empowered, and sexy! It is so easy to get caught up in the story we tell ourselves, “I need to lose 10 pounds” “I am not pretty enough” or “I could never take pictures like that”... But the day I took these with Joan, we did a ‘party’ (which is way more fun), and the women there ALL could have come up with excuses. One was 8 weeks

postpartum, another is in her 50’s, and a fellow survivor friend has had multiple reconstruction surgeries from her cancer diagnosis. Put your excuses aside, find your inner beauty, and do something fabulous for YOU. What do you do with these works of art, you might ask? I imagine some women don’t know what to do with the finished product. My recommendation is: WHATEVER YOU WANT! We have a pretty private master bathroom, so I chose to have a large print hung there. I adore when my girls walk into the bathroom, notice the picture and say, “mama pretty.” Only guests, we are really close with use our master bath, so I am not worried about any guest seeing these kinds of pictures (I mean... I am sharing them here, so I am certainly not that shy). I also have a small print on an easel stand next to my jewelry, and a larger print hung in our master closet. I love these little reminders in our private relationship spaces. Others who came to the party chose to have a box of prints done to keep in their side table, or to give their significant other. That is an excellent idea.

Some people hang motivational pictures or quotes on their bathroom mirror or on the refrigerator. These are just a personal motivator that YOU are already beautiful, and to keep up the good work. What’s stopping you from doing something you have always wanted to do? It doesn’t have to be specifically boudoir photos. What excuses are you making in your life that are holding you back from taking a leap? Maybe you want to change jobs or start your own business? Or maybe you wanted to take a trip to Australia? Do you feel you have something to say and dream of writing a blog or even a novel? DO IT! ¤

Sarah Hall

Sarah J. Hall Coaching sjhall573@gmail.com sarahjhallcoaching.com


Beautifully CAPTURE LIFE


There is a saying that the best camera is the one you have. Most of us always have our phone and its a built-in camera! Here are some great tips to help you take better pictures of yourself and your friends while capturing daily life!


Turn off the flash when you are in a darker setting. When you use the flash on your phone, people often have glowing eyes, and their skin tone looks strange, not flattering. Instead, find a light source and get close so that it lights up your face.


If you are taking a selfie with a friend and you are in a dark space or don't have good lighting, have one friend hold the camera up high to take the shot, and the other friend holds the phone with the flashlight on so that you can have great lighting! You can do the same thing for other friends taking a picture too!


With my camera, I love to shoot toward the sun so that my subject has some backlighting. However, this doesn't work well with cell phones, so make sure the light is falling on the face of your subject (if the sun is bright, you may need to find shade so that subject isn't squinting)!


The way we position our bodies in a photo can make us look as slim as we are or make us look bigger. To make yourself look your very best, you want to give your body space. Keep your arms off your body because even the thinnest of arms look bigger when against your side.


That dreaded double chin? Everyone has one when we don't give our chin the space it needs! This is part of the reason everyone tries to take selfies as high as possible. But to keep from having to stretch your arms or when taking a group picture, you can do "the turtle." Stretch your neck out and then tilt down slightly, so the skin under your chin also has the space it needs. You can also put your tongue to the roof of your mouth to further tighten your chin's skin. (Practice in the mirror to see what these two tips can do!)


Body parts closer to the camera appear larger than body parts that are further away. If you want your booty to look smaller, put your weight on your back foot and lean forward, so your booty is further from the camera. Again, this is why people take selfies from a higher angle because it makes your body look smaller.

If you are taking pictures of day to day objects to capture the details of your day, here are three ideas for composition.


First is the rule of thirds, where you imagine three lines dividing the image vertically and dividing horizontally. Place important parts of your image at the intersection of those lines to make a bigger impact.


Another great tool is using leading lines to lead you to the subject of the picture.


You can also fill the frame with the object in the center if it is nice and symmetrical (really great for square Instagram images). ¤

*Special Note: Reading these tips does not make you a professional photographer, nor does it replace the need for professional photographs. I hope to help you look and feel better in the pictures you are regularly taking! Kim Lorenz

Creative Visions Photography Kim@CreativeVisionsPhotos.com CreativeVisionsPhotos.com

Health DOES CHIROPRACTIC HELP WITH FERTILITY? A few years ago, a couple walked into my office, seeking to change their health and lifestyle. They both already had children from previous relationships, but desperately wanted a baby together. They had been trying to conceive naturally for five years already. They tried changing their diets, adding more vegetables and fruits. They also added light exercise and reduced their stress for over a year. Changing your eating habits, light exercising, and reducing stress are fantastic ways to boost your health and wellbeing! These changes definitely made a difference, but they still struggled with infertility. After a spinal evaluation of the couple, the wife, Janine, was shown to have a scoliotic curvature in her low back. A scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine that puts pressure on the nerves, causing impaired function of the nervous system. The nervous system is the most important system of the body. It consists of the brain, spinal cord, and

all the nerves that feed into and control other functions of the body. The nerves in the low back feed into and control the reproductive organs. On one visit, after I had been adjusting Janine for several months, I asked the date of her last menstrual period. She told me she was late. She and her husband decided to take a pregnancy test in the office, at my suggestion. They walked out of the bathroom with tears running down their faces. The test was positive! When I asked if there was anything they had done differently, they said, “We started chiropractic care!”

stress, and poor lifestyle habits.” Chiropractors are nervous system specialists, and reducing interference in the nervous system is their primary goal. Janine received chiropractic care throughout her pregnancy and vaginally delivered a healthy baby boy. Chiropractic care does not “cure” infertility. Chiropractic care simply removes nerve interference, allowing the body to function and heal better. ¤

According to the American Pregnancy Association, “In many cases, fertility issues may be associated with improper nervous system function, poor nutrition, high Dr. Kristin Porlier

DynamicLife Chiropractic DocKristin@DynamicLifeChiro.com DynamicLifeChiro.com

Women in Business...

How to Get √√ To-Do’s √Done!

Do you write down all of your to-do’s and find that you never complete the list? Are you one of those people who “makes a list” so you can cross it off? I’ve gone through the same issues myself, and I still struggle with them. But I want to share some of the secrets that have helped me get that to-do list done: • Do an initial “brain dump” and keep this as your master to-do list, which you’ll add to every day. • Write down every to-do in your mind • You can have a business list and a personal list or combine them – whatever works best for you to get the information out of your head • Use a beautiful notebook or a task program on your computer to record everything • Prioritize your to-do items • High, medium, low; 1, 2, 3; A, B, C • Assign priorities to different colored highlighters and create a rainbow • Use other prioritizing tools, such as Stephen Covey’s quadrants

"todoist" or "Asana" to schedule due dates. • Have an accountability partner • Choose someone you look up to and respect, because you won’t want to let them down • Some business owners create an accountability team that works like a board of directors Choose one thing (yes, just one) to try from the list above. Implement it consistently for at least one month to begin creating a habit. Feel free to tweak it as much as you need to so it fits your lifestyle. Once that habit is formed, you can move on to other things on the list to build additional habits in the same way. Don’t rush yourself, and don’t beat yourself up if something doesn’t work – figure out what works, what doesn’t, and that will indicate the changes that need to be made for your to-do list success. ¤

• Schedule your to-do items • Schedule them on your paper calendar OR • Schedule them on your electronic calendar OR • Use a task management system, such as,

Jennifer Stewart

Gateway Productivity Jennifer@GatewayProductivity.com GatewayProductivity.com

r u o Y


FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHEN LOOKING FOR A BUSINESS CHECKING ACCOUNT Being a local business ourselves, we’re passionate about helping companies in our community and seeing your business succeed. Such success is determined in large part by financial performance. A business checking account is at the core of any businesses’ finances; however, choosing the right account could mean the difference between managing your bank account for a living or focusing on growing your company. There are solutions for businesses of any size, but there are features that should be considered when finding the perfect fit account. While the considerations listed are important in helping to choose the right checking account, it should be noted that choosing the right bank partner is key. Smaller, community banks are committed to serving the needs of residents

and businesses in the community. They have a unique understanding of the area, and use that insight to your advantage. Smaller banks have the technology in place to compete with larger banks, but have the leverage of being able to offer more personalized service to help grow your business. Bank of Franklin County is an independent and locally-owned community bank with $275 million in assets. There are five locations in the St. Louis area serving Franklin, St. Charles, St. Louis, and Warren Counties. In addition to its full-service banking locations, Bank of Franklin County also owns and operates Missouri Valley Wealth Management, LLC along with Franklin Mortgage Company, LLC as wholly-owned subsidiaries of the bank. ¤ For more information about Bank of Franklin County, visit BankFC.com. Member FDIC

HELPFUL GUIDELINES • MINIMUM BALANCE & FEES • Does the account require you to keep a minimum balance to avoid costly fees and penalties? If your balance tends to fluctuate widely month-to-month, it would be beneficial to look for a bank that offers no or low minimum balance requirements. With the ease of no to low balance requirements, the account is ready to support your growing business. • LIMITATIONS • Does your bank limit the number of transactions you can make in a month? Most financial institutions offer both small business and commercial checking accounts, with the main difference being the transaction activity. It’s smart to review a few consecutive bank statements to see how many transactions, both withdrawals and deposits, you complete on a monthly basis. • TECHNOLOGY • Banks are constantly challenging themselves to be more efficient and accessible. Modern banking tools that allow you to monitor your financials anytime, anywhere is something

to consider in this digital age. The time savings from eliminating frequent trips to the bank is appreciated by all small business owners. This is also a good place to inquire about fees associated with online and mobile banking. • RELATIONSHIP • While technology is an important piece of the banking puzzle, nothing replaces the personal relationship with a trusted banker. View your banking arrangements as a long- term relationship. Consider not only what you need now, but will likely need in the next 2-5 years with regards to lines of credit or loan products.

Alicia Rogge

Bank of Franklin County Alicia@BankFC.com BankofFranklinCounty.com

Home Don't be trapped in your home because mosquitoes are relentlessly attacking you. If you want to enjoy the outdoor areas of your home, you could wear long sleeves in the summer. Be forewarned, that mosquitoes can penetrate long clothing. Perhaps you will avoid them by placing yourself in a giant hamster ball. This approach, though fun, could be slightly inefficient. Here are our top tips for removing mosquitoes and preventing them from returning.



• You want to make your home as unattractive as possible. Mosquitoes love moist areas for breeding. If you don't live by the water, you may want to consider draining any standing water. Look for pooling around gutters, or poor drainage in your yard, and make your yard as dry as possible.

• Certain scents repel mosquitoes. Try planting citronella or peppermint plants around the property.

• When outdoors, use fans. Using fans have two benefits. It will cool down the area for you and your guests, but it will also blow air too hard for mosquitoes to fly through, hence making a mosquito-free bubble for your barbecue. ¤

Kristen Buckingham

Buckingham Pest Control Kristen@BuckinghamPestControl.com BuckinghamPestControl.com

Save the Date SET. BUMP.


10/31 WomenofLBB.com/Events





A friend and I created this one light and refreshing drink on an unseasonably warm spring day... We did the calorie count and it ends up being less than 80 calories by using the sugar-free option. A nice perk to a delicious drink.

INGREDIENTS 2 ounces vodka 2 ounces sugar-free ginger ale 2 ounces orange flavored seltzer water Twist of fresh lime juice Garnish: lime wedge

DIRECTIONS Fill a copper mug or collins glass with crushed (preferred) or cubed ice. Pour the vodka, ginger beer and orange seltzer over the ice. Top off with a generous twist of lime. Stir gently. Garnish with a lime slice. Serve and enjoy!


Jeanne XO

Jeanne Strickland

BOOM! Impact Graphics Call or Text 314.605.7193 JeanneStrickland@yahoo.com

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LBB Become Magazine July 2020  

Tips and Advice from some of the ladies of Little Black Book: Women in Business. Photography, Fertility, Business, Banking, Home, Getting...

LBB Become Magazine July 2020  

Tips and Advice from some of the ladies of Little Black Book: Women in Business. Photography, Fertility, Business, Banking, Home, Getting...


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