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Angel Magasano LBB Founder and CEO

The women of Little Black Book are known to many for the philanthropy that continues to stand as one of the strongest pillars of the organization. Since 2017, the organization has donated more than $50,000 to 22 local charities, and we’re just getting started. Little Black Book differentiates itself from other similar organizations by investing significant amounts of money into individuals and our community. Individual members are invested in personally each year through the awarding of a business grant to the LBB Woman of the Year. Additionally, a monetary scholarship is awarded annually to a student enrolled in a higher education program. The year 2021 will see the installation of a Director to coordinate and organization Little Black Book’s GIVE initiatives. I’m pleased to introduce Valarie Fleahman as the Director of GIVE. Valarie has been a member of LBB since 2017 and stepped up to contribute immediately. In 2018 Valarie volunteered to organize the BrrrBASH silent auction which is responsible for raising the funds that allows LBB to give back to the community. She has served as President of the Greater St Charles Chapter throughout 2019 and 2020, bringing its membership to 72 members, the size of a small Chamber of Commerce. Valarie was a finalist in the Woman of the Year campaign in 2019-20 and is beloved by all who know her. She represents Little Black Book with integrity and compassion. Under the leadership of Valarie, the organization will take stronger steps to invest in its membership by offering opportunities for start up business grants, growth grants, increased student scholarships and sponsorship donations to local charities. Little Black Book has been, and will continue to be, an “all in the family” organization. Meaning, business grants, scholarships, and sponsorships are reinvested back into member businesses, non-profit affiliations and family. I’m very excited about the 2021 events that will feature these awards to our membership.

But wait, there’s more!

Not only does LBB make GIVE a high priority at the organizational level, it is also a prevailing pillar at the chapter level. Each of LBB’s chapters have autonomy to organize GIVE initiatives that benefit their local community. LBB members make a positive impact by organizing fundraisers, drives and through volunteerism.


*Kimberly Rupert

Content Management TimeHelperz Kimberly@TimeHelperz.com

Highlights from 2020

LBB donated $10,000 to We Love St Charles • LBB donated $7,500 to St Charles County Walk to End Alzheimer’s • LBB: Troy donated over 2,000 personal care items to the Buddy Bags program spearheaded by Troy R3 school district • LBB: Wentzville assisted the Wentzville School District in their efforts to collect food and backpacks for children in need throughout the summer • LBB: West County hosted a blood drive that collected enough blood to potentially save 84 lives; raised $300 for Friends of Kids with Cancer and made a sizable donation of diapers and baby care items to the Valley Park Foster Closet • LBB: St Charles donated personal care items to Bridgeway, and donated $225 to Faith Through Fire through individual member fundraisers • LBB: Mid St Louis County collected and donated 324 books to Ready Readers • LBB: Cottleville honored the Cottleville Fire Protection District by providing meals to the overworked firefighters in that district. • LBB: 9to5 raised $1,500 for the Walk to End Alzheimer's St Charles County • LBB: Edwardsville donated school supplies to both the Bunker Hill and East Alton/Wood River school districts

Jeanne Strickland

Samantha Shawhan

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Little Black Book | Become Magazine | November 2020


Maria Tabacchi, RE/MAX Gateway and Hammers & Nails Contracting, LLC Kristin Whiteside, Ample Storage Ndeye Ceesay, Visiting Care Giving Services




We're looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you! Please join us at our upcoming events. We have events in St Charles and St Louis Counties.

NEW MEMBERS COTTLEVILLE Tabatha Baker, Farmers Insurance & Younique Abby Meyer, Aloum Skincare

MID ST LOUIS COUNTY Sarah Shay, Sarah Shay Agency State Farm Cari Sheahan, Hubbard Radio St. Louis

EDWARDSVILLE, IL Stacey Caraker, Riverbend Cleaning GREATER ST CHARLES Dawn Shuler, Scout & Cellar

WENTZVILLE Amanda Heberer, Manda Renee Photography Stacey Lutgen, Ameristar Casino Resort and Spa Lesleh Sprecker, Lesleh Sprecker State Farm Joanne Young, SERVPRO of Western O'Fallon/Wentzville


11/02 Member Only Meeting: Wentzville, 9:00 am 11/03 Ladies Who Lunch with Erin Darling St Louis, 11:30 am, Location: Edgewild, Chesterfield 11/04 Coffee & Connections: Mid St Louis County, 9:00 am, In-Person & Zoom 11/04 Attracting Your Ideal Client with Kim & Taylor, 11:30 am, The Babylon Bar & Grill - Troy 11/10 Coffee & Connections: West County, 9:00 am, Zoom 11/10 Coffee & Connections: Edwardsville, IL Chapter, 9:00 am, In-Person & Zoom 11/11 Coffee & Connections: Troy, 8:30 am, Roasted Bean Coffee Shop 11/11 Coffee & Connections: Cottleville, 11:00 am, The Public School House & Zoom 11/11 Moms on the Move, Imagination Pottery, 10:30 am, Imagination Pottery – Wentzville 11/12 Mid & West County Happy Hour, 5:30 pm

Book C lub

11/13 Coffee & Connections: 9 to 5 Corporate Chapter, 8:00 am, Zoom 11/13 Coffee & Connections: Greater St Charles, 9:00 am, LimeLight Events & Zoom 11/16 Coffee & Connections: Wentzville, 9:00 am, Not Jaded & Zoom 11/16 Members Only: Self-Development Book Club (Wentzville), 6:30 pm, Rizzos 11/17 Members Only: Leisure Book Club, 6:30 pm Mellow Mushroom 11/18 Members Only Meeting: Mid St Louis County, 10:00 am 11/18 Ladies Who Lunch with Marlene Robinson – Cottleville, 11:30 am, The Rack House 11/19 Members Only Meeting: 9 to 5 Chapter, 6:00 pm 11/23 Members Only Self-Development Book Club/Ted Talk (online), 6:30 pm, Zoom 11/24 Members Only Meeting: West County Chapter, 11:00 am 11/26 Happy Thanksgiving *Dates & Times are subject to change. For more information, please visit, WomenofLBB.com/events

In 2020 we have four Book Club options. We have an in-person and an online options for our self development book club and our literature book cluab. You can attend any/all locations even if you haven't read the book yet! A complete list of the 2020 books can be found at WomenoflLBB.com/book-club.



Anna Fox lives alone, a recluse in her New York City home, unable to venture outside. She spends her day drinking wine (maybe too much), watching old movies, recalling happier times... and spying on her neighbors.

Then the Russells move into the house across the way: a father, a mother and their teenage son. The perfect family. But when Anna, gazing out her window one night, sees something she shouldn’t, her world begins to crumble and its shocking secrets are laid bare. What is real? What is imagined? Who is in danger? Who is in control? In this diabolically gripping thriller, no one—and nothing—is what it seems.


TEETERING by Tina Asher

Discussion 2 Have you climbed the ladder of success only to find that it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Are you teetering between the life you’ve built versus the life you actually want? Here's what others have said ... "This book is a must-read guide for anyone who is facing the challenges of balancing their personal and professional life." — Mary Fineis, Life, Leadership and Sports Performance Coach

"Tina is a skilled writer who brilliantly shares her life's lessons so anyone reading her book will come away awakened and inspired with the skills to make life changes." Join the Leisure Book Club on November 17th at Mellow — Janet Henze, | July 2020 LBB: Women in Business | Become Magazine Mushroom to discuss. Certified Health Coach



Living in “uncertain times” has caused us to yearn for structure and stability in our daily lives. Fashion is no different. We love the structured silhouettes, dramatic lines, and strong jumpsuits that comes to the forefront of fashion.

STANDOUT PRINTS Who doesn’t love a fun print? Prints are a great way to make a statement when you walk into any party. They are personal and can tell everyone a lot about you from the very beginning. You can be the life of the party in a big, bold print, show off your girly side in a feminine floral, or show the classic holiday spirit with a red and green plaid pattern.

Jenn Glosemeyer Boulevard Bride BoulevardBridal@gmail.com BoulevardBride.com

Little Black Book | Become Magazine | November 2020

HERE ARE OUR TOP 5 HOLIDAY-WEAR TRENDS FOR 2020 The holidays are always fun and exciting! It's time to get dressed up for work parties, holiday galas, charity balls, New Year’s Eve parties, and nice dinners. So, what are you going to wear?

ROARING 20s 20s


It’s no secret that 2020 hasn’t been the party we all expected it to be. We see 2020 going out with a bang.

The holidays are a time to let loose, let go of your worries, and have fun with co-workers, friends, and family.

We’re talking Great Gatsby inspired sequin and geometric print pieces that will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

The fun and carefree vibes that holiday dresses with pleats, ruffles, tassels, tiers, and balloon sleeves are giving us.

ALWAYS A CLASSIC If you want to look your best but don’t want to make quite a statement, we always suggest going with a classic and simple silhouette in silk, charmeuse, or lace. There’s a reason these are classics; you’ll be able to pull this dress out of your closet again and again.

Little Black Book | Become Magazine | November 2020



y a d i l TRAVEL Ho

WITHOUT STRESS uled to arrive and know their current hours of operation. Most car rental companies have taken steps to sanitize their vehicles but play it safe and wipe down the touch surfaces with your sanitary wipes. If not renting, consider Uber or Lyft rather than a cab or better yet, a private transfer that is waiting for you to arrive.

As if holiday travel was not stressful enough, now we must deal with Covid-19 during travel. So, how do you deal with your travel plans and still enjoy yourself? The simple answer is to plan and prepare yourself both mentally and physically. There are things you can control and there are things you cannot. Concentrate on what you can control. The CDC has been drilling into our heads the simple things we can do to protect ourselves. The biggest change in travel is the mask. Every airline and most airports require masks to be worn at all times. Accept it and consider it an accessory to your outfit. Don’t stress yourself out from the start, always arrive early for your flight. As travel picks up, security will tighten, and lines will grow. Remember for international flights, you must be checked in completely one hour prior to departure or TSA will lock you out, and you will not travel that day. Airplanes are cleaner now than they ever have been but add that extra layer of protection. Pack sanitary wipes and always wipe down your armrests, seat belt buckle, and tray table. I began doing this way before the virus. Keep those wipes handy and accessible. Stay away from the pocket on the back of the seat. When you exit the plane, make your first stop in the bathroom to wash your hands. Now, due to COVID, TSA has graciously allowed all travelers to bring a 12 oz bottle of hand sanitizer with them on the aircraft. Also, don’t plan on all airlines selling or giving snacks, so take a few non-liquid snacks with you in your carry-on. Renting a vehicle upon arriving at your destination? Verify your reservation 24 hours before you are sched-

Many major hotel chains have undergone a rigorous program to ensure you are the first person to enter your room after it has been thoroughly sanitized. Some have no keys to get into your room, just an app you download on your phone to unlock the door. When sanitized, the door has a physical seal and you should be the first to break that seal. Housekeeping will not clean your room unless you request it. Any items you request will be left outside your door. Although this is my last tip, it is the most important. Book your travel with a travel agency. Book with an agent that you know will be there for you before your trip, during your trip, as well as after your trip. We can help alleviate some of this stress. In our world today, you need to have an experienced agent in your corner since 2020 has shown that in a matter of weeks, our world can be turned upside down! So, the key to a successful stress-free travel experience is planning with your travel agent and planning with Covid-19 in mind. The more prepared you are, the less stress you are going to experience. Oh, and Momma always says don’t forget to pack a clean pair of underwear in your carry-on. Safe travels! ¤ Jan Stanczak

Travel Leaders/Jan's Travel and Cruise Escape@JansTravel.com TravelLeaders-JansTravel.com

Little Black Book | Become Magazine | November 2020


P-----eCanPIE! If you are looking for something delicious to take to your Thanksgiving festivities, look no further than this easy and delicious Pecan Pie from Nicole Duquette of Sweet Inspirations Bakery.

I have been baking with my daughter since she was a toddler, letting her do the stirring to the cracking of the eggs... then picking the shells out.

I ngredients

1 cup sugar 1/4 cup brown sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1/3 cup softened butter 1 cup light corn syrup 1 tsp vanilla 3 eggs 1 1/2 cup pecans Pie crust (unbaked)

Every now and then I’ll have her help me do little things at the bakery. I love to see her light up when she’s being mommy’s little assistant. I have been making this pecan pie recipe every year since I can remember. It is one of my favorites. it’s easy to make and tastes amazing right out of the oven!

D irections

Cream butter, sugars, salt, and corn syrup in a large mixing bowl. Beat in eggs 1 at a time until fully incorporated Stir in vanilla Stir in Pecans and fill pie shell Bake at 350º for 50 minutes

Nicole Duquette

Sweet Inspirations Nicole@SweetInspirations.net SweetInspirations.net Little Black Book | Become Magazine | November 2020

W i n t e r SC KA IRNE

It's that time of year again; dry skin season, that is. When the weather gets colder, our skin gets angrier. Some of us even develop cracks and fissures that itch, hurt, and are just plain uncomfortable. Well, I say enough is enough. This year, we can control the condition of our skin by simply changing up a few things in our daily routine. Have you ever thought of checking the humidity levels in your house? Your environment's humidity plays a huge role in the condition of your skin. A good level of humidity is around 60%. At this percentage, the humidity can help replenish the moisture in the top layer of your skin. If your skin quickly dries out and cracks in the winter, it may be a wise decision to invest in a humidifier. Don’t forget, sunscreen isn't just for summer. Did you know that 80% of aging is caused by the sun? Even in the winter, when the sun is hiding. Ensure you're wearing SPF 30 or above, every day to prevent premature aging, and protect your skin from environmental factors. Just because it's cold out does not mean that we get to skimp on the SPF. The sun never takes a break, so why should we take a break on our skincare regimen just because the seasons have changed?

I know we all love to take a nice, long, and hot shower in the chilly seasons. Unfortunately, the temperature of the water can contribute to drying out your skin. A shorter, lukewarm shower is suggested for the optimal skin condition. The steam is relaxing and may seem like it puts moisture into the skin, but it dries us out in the long run. Do your best to save

the spa's relaxation and take more basic showers if you can. Your skin will thank you in the long run. Now that you've had a shower, we can spruce things up. Time to give your skin a little TLC with your nightly regimen. Choose serums and moisturizers with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, and glycolic acid. Ingredients like these attract moisture to the skin and hold it in place. Heavy night cream or facemask is ideal for keeping your skin plump and hydrated in the winter months. The skin repairs itself while you sleep, so make sure your nightly routine counts by using high quality and professional-grade products. You only get one face, so you should definitely consider investing in it.

Now, we are better prepared for the dreaded dry skin season, See that doesn't seem too hard, does it? ¤

Ellie Stapleton

Céleste Beauty Bar CelesteBeautyBar@gmail.com CelesteBeautyBar.com Little Black Book | Become Magazine | November 2020



Achieving balance is different for everyone. Whatever fuels your soul and gives you energy will stimulate the need for balance and consistency. Identify the areas of life you would like to improve, whether it’s overall health, spiritual growth, community contribution or improved relationships. Then grade yourself on a scale of 1-10; 1 meaning “a lot of work needs to be done”, 10 meaning that you have full control over this area of life. Make note the areas that are 5 or less.

As we reflect on the successes and challenges of 2020, Q4 is the perfect time to get real about those experiences, simplify priorities and create annual goals for 2021.


Improving clarity can sometimes be difficult. EOS Implementers (Entrepreneurial Operating System) often teach the use of The Clarity Break. This series of pre-scheduled breaks are a gift of providing yourself an opportunity to let go and just think. The frequency cadence is determined by you, whether weekly, every other, or (at least) once per month, and is scheduled away from your home or work office and away from technology. If possible, take the time outside, bring a pen and paper and simply jot down anything that enters your mind space regarding your business, your family and anything else that is important to you. Include 1 or 2 balance categories where you rate yourself a 5 or less. Then decide what course of action will provide you with the greatest level of energy and commitment. After collecting a series of thoughts, ideas and wishes, begin strategically selecting 3-7 concrete, most important business and personal priorities that should be accomplished by December 31, 2021. This is not a laundry list of “to dos”, but rather a high-level outcome of the selected priorities. Lastly, decide what success looks like for each of these as you close out 2020 and what success will be by December 31, 2021. Determining your future accomplishments and visualizing them is key.


You must focus on your ROCKS. These are the most important items you need to accomplish every 90 days that get you closer to achieving your annual goals.

• Review your 3-7 ROCKS and pri-

oritize what must be accomplished in order to achieve your annual goals.

• Prioritize each of these goals into quarters: Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4

• Schedule blocked time to work

on ROCKS every couple of weeks and repeat.

• On opposite weeks, ensure that

you have kept the cadence of your Clarity Breaks.

• Schedule a quarterly and six-

month review to evaluate your progress. Celebrate the “wins” and identify what worked and what didn’t for lessons learned and areas of improvement. As you proceed throughout the four quarters, “lather, rinse, repeat”. You’ll finish 2021 having completed both your personal and business ROCKS and written a new prescription of having balance, clarity and focus. You’ll then be poised to ride this momentum into a successful new year! To your continued success! Cheers! ¤ Shea Peffly

Menagerie Coaching Shea@MenagerieCoach.com MenagerieCoach.com Little Black Book | Become Magazine | November 2020

S ociety

Ladies Who Lunch - St. Louis County October 6, 2020 • Sybergs - Dorsett • Photos courtesy of Joan Williams Photography Home Girl, Kelly Manno, joined the Woman of LBB on October 6th at Sybergs - Dorsett. She discussed how she came to be a TikTok Powerhouse. Thank you to Cool Touch Graphics for being our meeting sponsor. A






A. Home Girl, Kelly Manno B. Kelly Manno with representatives from Lunch Sponsor; Cool Touch Graphics: Emma Conrad, Veronica Schwab, Valarie Fleahman C. Jenna Whitmore, Alysia Kerkove, Dawn Baker, Tina Asher, Rita Younger, Mary Enderle D. Shashanna Huber, Shelly Pordea, Katie Malloy, Karen Shine, Samantha Shawhan, Kristen Henry E. Kimberly Rupert, Katie Malloy F. Katie Malloy won the "Don't Stop Believin'" membership drive basket.

Ladies Who Lunch - St. Charles County October 21, 2020 • The Rack House Kitchen Wine Whiskey • Photos courtesy of Anna Alt On October 21st, the Women of LBB heard from Darlyshia Menzie. She encouraged, equipped, and empowered those in attendance. Those who attended left a better person than when they walked in. Our Sponsor was Tami Kramer, REALTOR: Keller Williams Realty West, Platten Realty Group.

Anna Alt and Darlyshia Menzie Little Black Book | Become Magazine | October 2020

S ociety

BrrrBASH 2020 Fire & Ice Chapter Bartender Challenge

October 25, 2020 • Shamrocks Pub and Grill • Photos courtesy of Joan Williams Photography Along with Elite Heating and Cooling as our presenting sponsor, the Woman of LBB kicked off our Toys for Tots drive at the BrrrBASH 2020 Fire & Ice Chapter Bartender Challenge on October 25, 2020. The event was held at Shamrocks Pub and Grill. Over $9,000 was raised during the event. This year the funds will benefit LBB's 2021 GIVE initiative. We will be giving back to the ladies in our organization by awarding increased Scholarships, Business Grants, and donations to Local Charities and Events. A






A. Wendy Hausman and Valarie Fleahman B. Lisa Webb, Samantha Shawhan and Ricci Grabski C. Rhonda Travers, Shelley Barr, Erin Darling, and Veronica “Nikki” Short D. Sherry Ruyle and Naomi Miller E. Kelli Risse, Samara Mitchell, Shannon Norman, Mary Enderle, Debbie Thompson, Kristy Flood, and Mindy Pruett F. Miranda Malone and Mindy Pruett G. Maria Partridge and Stephanie Orf H. Katie Malloy, Karen Shine Little Black Book | Become Magazine | November 2020

Entertaining in your home makes winter one of the most wonderful times of the year! Friends and family of all ages enjoy making their own specialty drinks that are sure to warm everyone.

Hotoa CocR BA

A splash of plain or flavored vodka, bourbon or a favorite liquer will make the mugs of adult of cheer even warmer!


Jeanne Strickland

BOOM! Impact Graphics Call or Text 314.605.7193 JeanneStrickland@yahoo.com

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LBB 2020 November Become Magazine  

Holiday Travel Without Stress - Jan Stanczak, How to Face 2021? Use Clarity Breaks To Create Your Rocks!, Pecan Pie Recipe, Fashion! Ready o...

LBB 2020 November Become Magazine  

Holiday Travel Without Stress - Jan Stanczak, How to Face 2021? Use Clarity Breaks To Create Your Rocks!, Pecan Pie Recipe, Fashion! Ready o...