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Little Black Book is a membership-driven professional organization for like-minded women committed to improving themselves and their community through purposeful networking, ongoing self-development, and charity work. Our mission is to connect, empower, inspire, support, and educate women as we help one another acquire the confidence, knowledge, skills, and resources necessary for professional and personal growth.

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Kristen Herina - Simply Bella Aesthetics, Skin Deep LLC

Amy Zavell - Epiphany Dermatology

Jerrilyn Smelser - Taluah's Scents, Decor & More

Ellen Quade - Soul Sisters Designs & Boutique

Casey Pierce - Casey Pierce Portrait Co. & City Lifestyle Magazines

Megan Price - Soul Sisters Designs & Boutique

Melissa Hunte - Melissa Hunte, Embrace the Journey Travel

Sandra Ferkel - Images by Sandra, LLC

Creve Coeur/Olivette

Becca Blake - Traditional Acupuncture

Ellen Brazelton - Buzzed Bull Creamery

Lori Ehlert - Sign Me St. Louis

Katrina Giffin - Bristol Hospice

Bianca Gist - Monitored Life

Laura Higgins - Midwest Mechanical Services & Solutions

Cindy Richardson - Cindy Richardson Coaching


Karen-Yvonne Arnold

Judith Kuhl

Debra Sanders


Kayla Tuley - The Relish Jar

Emily Trevathan - Twisted Juniper Yoga. LLC

Julie Plattner - Great Rivers Bank

Jefferson County

Nicole Tucker - Enterprise Bank & Trust

Carrie Schmitt - Love Like Jackson

Amy Wallis - Land Electric, LLC

Ashley Jennings - Elysian Design Company

Riverbend/Madison County

Tara Hurst - Personal Health & Wellness Coach / Owner RiverBend Records

Gaila Trusty - New Season Wellness, LLC

Sara Berkbigler - COUNTRY Financial

Kati Hoffman - Alzheimer's Association

Angela Warren - Bank of Madison County

Bethany Bouquet - Fit Flow Yoga LLC

Katy Martin - Martin Coaching and Consulting / 99 Creatives

St Charles County

Ebony Chambers - Just Balloons

Julia Bietsch - Julia Bietsch Therapy

Lori West - Overstock Outlet

Laurie Waligurski - LGW Executive Consultants, LLC

LeNiece Elliott - Trio Banquet Center & Rentals

Bassy Landa - Chabad Jewish Center of St. Charles County

Shelby Eiffert Knowles - SK Strength Training LLC

Emily Wilson - The City of Maryland Heights

Gerrita Blakely - Heavenly Hands Consulting

Kelley Mount - Dragonfly Wellness, LLC

Bethany Schell - Edward Jones Investments

Aleasha Elliott - AdoreU Aesthetics

Barbara Wilson - Finance Executive

Julie Fisher - Frankie's Plantstand


Monica Parisi - Permian Plastics LLC

Michelle McLaughlin - Mason Mortgage Advisors

Brooke Fletcher - Redefining Beautiful Weddings & Events LLC

Katie Mudd - Muddy Creek Clothing Boutique

Rachel Giacopelli - HoneyBadger Grill

Susan Fry - STL Buy & Sell


Tiffany Seth - That's Nice Art!

Lisa Hollingsworth - Country State of Mind Designs

Hollie Kossman - Clean-N-Green Maids LLC


Ann Ruesy - Orangetheory FitnessLake St. Louis

Jessica Carroll - Coldwell Banker

Realty - Gundaker

Taylor Hedgecorth - Sweet Bliss

DeAnn Ehlers - DeAnn's Wedding & Event Planning

Jen Gales - Willrose Charcuterie

Heather Bunch - Live Fearlessly Free

Jamie Wurth - Simply Wurth It, Medical Weight Loss, LLC

Amanda Joyce - BRS Painting

West County

Kit Maxwell - Zenhorse

Lisa Jean Dickmann - Tidy Upgrade

Kelly Godar - Empowerment

Coaching 4 U

12/1/22 - 3/1/23
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C l u b

Personal Development Leisure

TheEmotionallyHealthyWoman: EightThingsYouHavetoQuitto ChangeYourLifebyGeriScazzero

Part of the bestselling Emotionally Healthy Spirituality book collection, The Emotionally Healthy Woman provides women a way out of surface-level spirituality to genuine freedom in Christ.

TheBodyKeepstheScore:Brain, Mind,andBodyintheHealingof TraumabySeanPratt(Narrator), BesselA vanderKolk(Author)

“Essential reading for anyone interested in understanding and treating traumatic stress and the scope of its impact on society.”

EFFECTIVECOMMUNICATIONIN RELATIONSHIPS-BuildTrust:How toCreateaLovingandHealthy RelationshipThroughthePowerof Coherence,Listening,and EmpathybyJuliaArias

If you are fed up with constant miscommunications that threaten your relationship on a regular basis, Effective Communication in Relationships is here to help you reclaim your life.

MadHoney:ANovelbyJodiPicoult andJenniferFinneyBoylan

A soul-stirring novel about what we choose to keep from our past, and what we choose to leave behind.

TheLoveofMyLife:ANovelby RosieWalsh

From the New York Times bestselling author of Ghosted comes a love story wrapped in a mystery: an up-all-night page-turner with a dark secret at its core

TheDictionaryofLostWords:A NovelbyPipWilliams

In 1901, the word ‘Bondmaid’ was discovered missing from the Oxford English Dictionary. This is the story of the girl who stole it.

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Are You Properly Insured?

Scroll through social media, and you’ll notice at least one of your acquaintances dealing with a situation where they are either uninsured or underinsured. GoFundMe accounts are everywhere.

But let’s face it, insurance is confusing. How do you know what insurance coverage you actually need, or when someone is just trying to make money off of you?

Protect Your Health

Health Insurance is an easy decision when your employer is helping you pay for it, but many who don’t have access through their employer choose to go without. I hear the same answer a lot, “We’re pretty healthy,” but the cold, hard truth is every single one of us is “pretty healthy” until the day we get sick. And the day we get sick, we can’t get health insurance anymore.

At least, not until open enrollment for Marketplace plans, effective January 1st. And those “healthy people” plans with lower premiums are probably out of the question for quite some time.

If you end up with a $100,000 hospital bill uninsured, you’re going to be making payments on that $100,000 for a while. But let’s say you have a $3500 deductible health insurance plan with an $8000 maximum out-of-pocket. With that plan, your maximum risk (for covered services, using in-network doctors and facilities) is your maximum out-of-pocket of $8000. You can pay off $8000 a lot faster than $100,000.

In addition, your health plan may include 100% coverage for certain preventative screenings. Preventative screenings are the best way to lower your healthcare costs. Getting recommended screenings can help you avoid critical conditions and expensive treatments by catching problems early and resolving them before they get worse.

Protect Your Income

If your family’s daily life would suffer should you suddenly be unable to work, you either need a great savings plan or disability insurance. Especially if you are the bread-winner or sole-provider.

It’s easier to get a disability policy through your employer, but individual options do exist.

Protect Your Future

We get it; no one wants to think about the death of a family member. But does your family count on your income? How many years would they need your income replaced before they would be financially stable? Once you start having health issues, you may not qualify for a new life insurance policy. A worksite plan is great as long as you can take it with you.

Protect Your Travel

Think your US-based health insurance covers you in Cancun? Think again

A small percentage of US-based health plans will cover you for certain medical expenses incurred abroad, and a few others will reimburse you, but you’re going to have to swipe your credit card first, or you won’t get treated. What if you need serious care and need a medical transport back to the US? Who pays for that? Travel Insurance. Don’t take a chance with your health while traveling out of the country.

Protect Yourself

Review your coverage annually with your broker and fill the gaps as necessary. As a reminder, brokers have access to numerous insurance carriers and can help you find the right plan and carrier for your family!
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Asking for what you want is a powerful, empowering act that can send strong ripples through your life. While it may seem simple enough, four things need to be in place first:

1. You know what you want.

2. You fully believe you deserve it.

3. You are prepared to accept the answer "No."

4. You have the communication skills needed for an effective request.

What Do You Want?

Wants emerge from needs you are experiencing, for example, the need to be heard, the need for respect, expedience, beauty, and intimacy. Knowing the need helps you be clear about what you are requesting. It's helpful to distinguish between needs that move us toward well-being and those that never really bring happiness, such as the desire for approval or to be right.

Believe You Deserve It

If you think you can't have what you want, take time to examine your limiting beliefs. Make a list of all the things you want, then write all the reasons you can't have them. Are these reasons really true? Have you made decisions about "reality" or made assumptions about others that keep you from even asking for what you want? When you ask people for what you want, you offer them the opportunity to contribute, something we all wish to do.

Prepare for No

Asking for what you truly want honors your experience and brings you into deeper alignment with the essence of who you are. You connect with your own humanness and know where you stand. Having asked, it may no longer be so important that you get exactly what you want; the asking, itself, is empowering.

Effective Communication

Tony Robbins says, "The answer is always 'no' if you don't ask." True! But asking is more effective when you follow these guidelines for effective communication:

1. State your need clearly, followed by your request.

2. Ask for what you want in the present (not "I wanted you to help me with the kids yesterday.”)

3. Ask for what you do want, not what you don't want. ("I want you to spend time with me," not "I don't want you to be at work so much.”)

4. Ask in the form of a request rather than a demand.

5. Detach from the outcome.

Remember that empowerment comes in the asking. When you ask for what you want, you have planted not only the seeds of better communication, but of more clearly knowing who you are, which is present in what you want.

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Little Black Book | Become Magazine | April May June 2023 13


An immigrant’s life in the Midwest requires thick skin, a smile, and selfawareness. As I write this, I am aware we have all immigrated from somewhere unless you are

an indigenous American. Whether from Texas, Colorado, or Troy, MO, welcome to the Midwest Being an immigrant means you must unlearn your lifestyle, culture, and behavior to fit in the new zip code.

Plus, the challenges to acquire and to learn the culture of your new relocation will often lead to misunderstandings and delayed progress.

Am I black or an immigrant? I ask myself this question every day. Every decision I make revolves around these aspects within the term “BIPOC.” I will wake up as a mother, wife, sister, auntie, friend, and/or acquaintance to many. And I am an entrepreneur and owner of an importing business. But when I walk out of my house, life is different.

I keep a calendar. And my first meeting may be in my business warehouse with a vendor who sells to me. I will, in most cases, get there a few minutes ahead of the appointment. I never want a vendor to wait for me. Then, the vendor walks in and introduces him/herself to me, and asks to to speak with the owner or manager, not realizing that I am that person. I respond, “I am here to meet with you to discuss our opportunity.” And the tone changes when they realize that they are talking to the business owner. A BIPOC entrepreneur.

My next meeting is going out to a landlord’s place of business. Such as a time, I needed to rent storage units to create room for more space due to sales growth. I took my employee with me. As soon as we walk in, my employee’s hand is shaken firmly, and he is directed to the seating place in the office. The landlord’s eyes will not face mine until my employee says, “I am just here to accompany her. She’s the owner”. Then I am somewhat sheepishly asked, “What’s your name, mum? I like your accent”.

The third meeting of the day will be a networking group. The other attendees will hug each other, chat, and say hi to me while looking at their friends. I will be asked, “what’s your name, mum? Do you have a business?”. I introduce myself as the president and owner and pass out my business card. Then they might say, “Ooh! I have seen this product at such and such a store. Do you work here?” They still don’t really see me.

Lastly, I visit a financial institution to look for funding. As a person who is “walking while Black” and the office is listening to my greetings am an immigrant with an accent; they may say “Please sit down as we wait for the rest of your team to arrive.” Sir/ madam. I am the team!

In the evening, I am ready for Happy Hour and a refreshing beverage. I deserve it. I have struggled with identity all day. I place my order. I request room-temperature water and a warm drink. I receive water with ice removed that is still chilled and a cold drink.! What do I say?

Happy Hour is a happy hour. I guess I should just be happy -welcome to the Midwest! And tell me again, what high school did you go to? Well, it will take a while for this new place to really see me and understand what I contribute to the community-but I feel it coming.

I ask myself this question every day. Every decision I make revolves around these aspects within the term “BIPOC.”
VOLUME II Little Black Book | Become Magazine | April May June 2023
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is it time to consider Memory Care?

Making the decision to move a loved one to a memory care community can be an emotional process and will represent a major lifestyle change. It’s not easy to think about transitioning a parent, friend, grandparent, etc. away from living independently, especially if they are still in their own home.

However, Alzheimer’s and dementia-related diseases progress over time, sometimes much quicker than anticipated. Most family members are not equipped to care for someone with dementia-related illnesses. Eventually, a loved one with dementia may need round-theclock care and supervision for their own health and safety. Memory care is often the best, safest, and least stressful option for both the individual with dementia or Alzheimer’s and their caregiver.

Here are three definitive signs that it is time to start researching memory care options.

Overall Decline in Health

A decline in cognitive capabilities often leads to a decline in overall health and wellness. You may notice your loved one has poor hygiene and is unable to manage household responsibilities and deadlines like delinquent bills or missed appointments. A significant drop or increase in weight, frequent slips, trips, or falls, disturbed sleep patterns, and improper medication management can also be signs that your loved one can no longer care for themselves at home.

Declining Social Life

Is your loved one interacting less with friend and family members? Are they isolated at home, unable to keep up with conversations, and forgetting important events like birthdays or anniversaries?

Individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia-related diseases often become uncomfortable driving a vehicle or hesitant to go to formerly frequented locations outside of the home, like stores, loved ones’ homes, church, etc.

Stress on Others

While it is an honor and privilege to care for a loved one, it can become overwhelming for caregivers and can lead to added stress and a decline in physical health and well-being. Many caregivers also notice a struggle to keep up with their own household duties, declined participation in social activities, and a strain on other personal relationships. Memory care communities take the weight of full-time caregiving off the shoulders of family and friends.

While an Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia diagnosis is the first sign that it is time to begin researching memory care providers, the best time to have this discussion is before your loved one’s symptoms worsen. It is much easier to do research and make these important decisions when you are wellprepared than when you are stressed or in a crisis. It is important to find a memory care program that ensures everyday interactions are filled with purpose and life is experienced at a pace unique to each individual. The right community will strive to preserve genuine contentment that remains even after memories fade.

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the biggest mistake most of us make is trying to change everything at once. Most people aren’t successful with their program because they can’t keep up with the expectations and quit everything. Start with changing just one or two things you do! The consistency of small changes over time leads to significant results. You will only see real change that lasts when you decide to make a #lifestyle change.


Set goals- keep them small and realistic- have them in sight.

Take breaks frequently. Listen to music!

Stay positive. You don’t need the negativity, and neither does anyone around you.

Take time to breathe. Really breathe! (4 sec inhale, 7-sec hold, 8 sec exhale)

Buddy up with someone and motivate each other!

Start a #challenge among friends or join an online challenge!


Deskercise! (Stretch & strengthen at your desk) Use a step counter set a daily goal, and hit it! Get up every 10 minutesset reminders unless your watch tells you already!

Shorten your lunch break and sneak in a #workout (at least 3x per week)

Sit on a yoga ball at workkeep your posture in check!


Track your water intake.

Log #nutrition in a journal and let a friend review it each week- accountability!

Cut the sugar and artificial sweeteners. Fat doesn’t make you fat; sugar does!

Eliminate soda- try carbonated water or use citrus essential oils in water.

Eat out only once per week. Keep #healthy snacks handy.

Diets don’t work for everyone—find what works for you!

Avoid packaged and processed foods. #Fitness is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. You can’t outrun your fork.


Little Black Book | Become Magazine | April May June 2023 17

Lunch Keynote Speaker: Monica Adams-Quentin (Personal Transformation Consultant, Force Performance)

Afternoon Entertainment: Laka Soul (Musician)

Afternoon Keynote/Podcast: Kelley Lamm-Montgomery (Publisher; City Lifestyle Magazine Podcast Host; In Your City) with Heather Swan (Yarn Queen)

Co-Hosts: Angel Magasano (Founder & CEO, Little Black Book: Women in Business) and Yolonda Langford (Co-Host, Own Your Now Show)

Morning Keynote Speaker: Amy Shaw (President and CEO; Nine PBS)

Morning Entertainment: Abigail Stahlschmidt (Musical Artist)

At the 2nd annual BECOME: Women's Day of Inspiration, women were empowered by local women at the top of their game in the industries of entrepreneurship, business, media, and fashion They shared their stories as we listened as they recalled their challenges, missteps, and successes As well as how important it has been to have the support of other women through it all

Little Black Book | Become Magazine | April May June 2023
19 Little Black Book | Become Magazine | April May June 2023 Save the Date Friday, March 8, 2024 Visit later in the year for more details on next year's event.

ust because something is common doesn’t make it normal! This rings true for many things in life, including our menstrual cycles. So, what is normal?!

If you do a simple google search about menstruation, you will find a wide range of symptoms and descriptions. The problem is many of these common symptoms are not a true representation of a normal, healthy menstrual cycle. Let’s define what a normal period is.

A healthy menstrual cycle includes the following:

3-6 days of bleeding every 28 days first, two days should be heavier, and the flow should decrease as the days go on Little to no cramping or back pain

No PMS symptoms, including:

Tender breasts


Large fluctuations in mood

High levels of fatigue

Many women struggle with irregular periods. Irregular periods can be defined as anything outside of what is listed above. If you have a period every 20 days or don’t have a period for three months, you have an irregular period. If you bleed through



Understanding your Cycle and How to Help Regulate it

tampons or pads or spot for multiple days before a constant flow, you also have an irregular period. If you have debilitating migraines or severe cramping, you, too, have irregular periods. Although many women suffer from similar symptoms, it does not make it normal.

How can you help your body regulate your period?

Cut out the stress! All the stress: emotional, chemical, and physical. Stress increases our cortisol levels (stress hormone) which dysregulates our estrogen production and creates irregularities.

Try meditating, praying, and breathing exercises. Cut out inflammatory foods like sugar, dairy, and gluten (to name a few)

Get your body moving with light workouts, walks, or biking.

Get adjusted by a neurologically based chiropractor. Your nervous system controls EVERYTHING, including hormone regulation. If you have a misalignment in your spine, it can create interference within the nervous system. Change the script!

Your body is a beautiful and powerful thing. Menstruation is part of an amazing cycle that allows us to create life. Talk positively about your body!

1 2. 3
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hether it’s the middle of summer or an unseasonably warm fall or spring day, there is something inspiring about spending time outside in the sunshine. Both relaxing and uplifting, the sun’s powerful doses of vitamin D have a way of changing our perspective. Unfortunately, the sun’s UV rays also have a way of altering the health of our skin. It is generally agreed among professionals in the medical community that the sun is a significant factor in the development of various forms of skin cancer in both men and women. Beyond the risks of skin cancer, excessive exposure to the sun can cause pigmentation issues and fine lines and wrinkles, all considered signs of early aging.

No matter what type of skin you’re in, being aware of the risks associated with sun damage and the development of skin cancer is becoming increasingly important. Dermatologists and medical professionals recommend that everyone perform a self-examination skin check at least once a month, looking for any noticeable changes or concerns over their entire body. Pay special attention to moles, birthmarks, and sun spots, noting any changes you see. Beyond this selfexam, scheduling an annual skin check with a medical professional who can evaluate your skin is essential.


Individuals should get into the habit of applying sunscreen every day, even if they spend the majority of their time inside. If you plan to be out in the sun, applying sunscreen every two hours to all exposed skin is essential to protecting your skin. Wearing a hat and protective clothing that provides UVA/UVB protection is also important.

The same steps medical professionals recommend to prevent skin cancer and skin damage from sun exposure come with the added benefit of contributing to the overall health of your skin long-term. Regular aesthetic medical skin care treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and IPL (Intense Pulse Light) can reverse sun damage, depending on the severity, and keep your skin healthy. Men and women are generally equally dedicated to keeping their skin feeling and looking healthy in an effort to keep their skin looking as youthful as possible for as long as possible. Making a preventative skin cancer regime part of a daily routine is an important way to keep skin health top of mind.

W Little Black Book | Become Magazine | April May June 2023 21

Don'tLetThe MarketDetermine YourFuture!

If you are waiting for interest rates and home prices to come down, you may be waiting for a long time and miss out on opportunities to move to your desired location or property. It's important to understand that interest rates and home prices fluctuate, and predicting their movements is difficult. Therefore, you should focus on your needs and desires and make the necessary decisions. If you want to move, hiring a great realtor who can guide you toward making the best decision and help you get the best result is wise. They can also help you make more money on the sale of your home by helping you stage it properly and create beautiful marketing that attracts the maximum number of buyers. Ultimately, life is too short to try to time the market, and if you're considering moving, you should feel confident that your agent only cares about helping you achieve your goals.

Here is some supporting data: The historical average for interest rates has been much higher, ranging between 5.97% and 7.81% from 1972 to 2012. The average annual home value appreciation from 2012 to 2019 was 6.37%, higher than the long-term historical average of 4%. From 2020 to 2022, home value appreciation has been even higher in recent years, with an average of 12.49%. However, it's important to note that historical averages are just that - averages - and that the real estate market can be unpredictable. It's always best to

consult a trusted real estate professional who can help you make informed decisions based on your circumstances and goals.

Are you thinking of moving?

Here are four simple steps to help make your next move easier:

1 2 3 4

Clarify why you want to move and what will be a big win. Clarifying why you want to move will help you make a clear plan and reduce stress It will also keep you motivated

Hire a realtor early to offer you guidance and support throughout the process

Start sorting your belongings into keep, donate, and trash piles to help you declutter and simplify your move Consider organizations like the Salvation Army or Vietnam veterans of America for porch pick-up

Pre-pack items that won't be needed during staging and focus on any suggested maintenance and updates to make your home sparkle inside and out.

Following these steps and working with a trusted realtor can make your next move smoother and less stressful. Remember, life is too short to wait for the perfect market conditions —

if you want to move, go for it!

Little Black Book | Become Magazine | April May June 2023 23

At Creative Visions Photography, I enjoy helping families coordinate clothing to show off their personalities. Here are 10 tips to help you decide what to wear for your family portraits!

Coordinate - don't get too matchy! An excellent way to get started may be to choose one outfit and choose coordinating colors from the original outfit. Pick 2-3 coordinating colors and weave them into each outfit.

Ladies, flatter your figure and ensure you (and everyone else) are comfortable! Work with your body and bring attention to what you love! Light colors draw attention, and dark colors minimize attention. Fitted, not tight clothes are best to flatter your shape. For children, try not to get clothes that are too big because even if they look good when positioned just right, your child will move, and it's impossible always to be fixing extra fabric on little ones.

Aim for classic but stay current with your clothing choices. Wear timeless pieces and update them with current accessories. You don't have to buy all new clothes; you can shop in your closet!

Add texture to increase visual interest – add a scarf, denim jacket over a lace top, fur vest, etc.

Accessorize thoughtfully. Pick a few gorgeous accessories you love rather than piling them all on. If accessories have sentimental value, that's even better! Take off watches or hair ties before the session unless it is a sentimental piece!

Groom the guys too! Make sure their shirt and pants are clean and unwrinkled. Shoes should be shined, and socks should match the pants.

Consider dressing kids individually, even if they are twins. Celebrate each personality in your family.

Wear your best shoes - or go barefoot! If barefoot, make sure your feet are well-groomed. If you want to wear your best shoes, consider that heels improve posture, creating a more flattering silhouette and can make you feel more confident. Consider getting a pair of loafers, ballet flats, or singlecolored shoes for children rather than their favorite character shoes.

Makeup - don't be afraid of color, but also be careful not to go too overboard! It would help if you defined eyes, cheeks, and lips more with rich colors such as berries, reds, corals, plums, and pinks for lips and cheeks. For eyes, be careful not to go too dark and smoky with your eyes, but do use deep jewel tones as well as grey or black. Use powder to avoid shine!

Keep Hair Natural. Mom might consider a professional blowout, but keep it similar to your natural style. For kids, choose a style that will last through the session. Men should be clean-shaven or trimmed if they have facial hair. Consider hair accessories like jewelry or other accessories; avoid overwhelming the image with too many bold accessories.

Little Black Book | Become Magazine | April May June 2023
Photo Credit: Kim Lorenz, Creative Visions Photography

veryone has been there, sadly. You get that phone call and find out a friend has lost someone close to them. Now you are in shock and immediately need to show your love for them, but many do not know what is appropriate or how to do this. As someone working in the death care industry, I often get asked this. I’ve been there, too.

Is it ok to swing by and give them some time to handle things, or do I attend the funeral/visitation or send a card? What is going to help them most?

I’ve created a list that has benefited the families I have served and assisted me during these times.

Reach out, text, or call. Let them know they are being thought of and that you are there.

I recommend calling ahead before popping over. I can usually be found cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes, and playing with kids when a loss happens to my friends. If it’s autumn, rake their leaves; if it’s winter, shovel the snow; if it’s summer, take their kids to the park or their dog for a walk. The little things help lift a bit of the burden of the daily tasks.

Bring over food – or a Grubhub gift card. Food is probably the last thing they want to think about, and they need it. I can not cook, so I show my love by ordering a pizza for the family or sending a gift card. I will offer to pick up groceries as well. If you have an excellent comfort food item that you are known for making, bring that to the family. Just call ahead to ensure they will be home and have room. Many people get food right after death, so consider doing this a week or two later.

Offer to help out around the house. Sometimes the families I work with have trouble getting out of bed on the more challenging days. They have told me how valuable having someone come over and clean has been with no questions or expectations so they can rest. Of course,

Some of the most meaningful things for the families I serve have been little care packages left on their front porch. These care packages could contain candles, a soft blanket, bubble bath, sweets or favorite snacks, a gift card to a massage therapist or sound therapy, uplifting books, and creative items to help them unlock that grief differently. For example, kind gestures that mean the world. Many leave it on the front porch and text their friend that something awaits you. Again, no pressure on that family to get dressed, put on a happy face, or entertain. This is about them relaxing and trudging through the grief journey with support.

Send flowers or plants that will remind them of someone who has died or their favorite. This is a classic way to show some support and love.

If you can attend the funeral/visitation, attend. A funeral is about honoring the deceased and supporting their family. Many people who attend a funeral will not know the deceased, but they know the spouse, children, grandchildren, etc. Funerals are for the living, and it is where the support the family will need in the coming months starts.

These may seem like little gestures, but they will mean the world to someone who is grieving.

Remember, they do not have to happen right after the death but can be sprinkled over a few weeks or months to let them know you are still thinking of them and are there to support and care for them.

Keep loving on them!

Don’tjuststopafterthe firstdayoffindingout. Theyaregoingtoneed someloveandsupport weeksandmonths later.Griefcomesin waves,sobethere throughthosewaves.
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Did you know, as women, we are more at risk for vision and ocular health problems than men?

For example, a recent study found women are 56% more likely than men to have Refractive Error (the need for glasses), 61% more likely to have Cataracts or Glaucoma, and 65% more likely to have Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

As women, we are naturally excellent at caring for our friends, family, and loved ones. When was the last time you cared for yourself, especially your eye health? Well, that changes today!

Here are a few ways you can ensure your eyes stay healthy and that your vision stays clear:

Little Black Book | Become Magazine | April May June 2023 26


Yes, even if you don't have blurry vision, schedule that appointment! During the ocular health portion of an eye exam, eye care physicians can detect systemic health problems you may or may not know you have, such as Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Thyroid Disease, Crohn's Disease, Melanoma and many more. Eye exams can save lives!

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Vitamins and minerals from food we eat, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Omega 3's help prevent the development of night blindness, cataracts, macular degeneration and can even help with dry eye.


We are surrounded by UV light rays daily. Excessive exposure to UV rays can damage not only the front surface of our eyes by causing sunburn to the cornea but can also cause early onset Cataracts and Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

Improper lash care can lead to bacterial infections in the eye or eyelid and may lead to Blepharitis or Demodex mites along the natural lash margins. Women are already more susceptible to developing Dry Eye Disease due to systemic health conditions like auto-immune disorders, thyroid disease, and pregnancy. In addition, we are also exposed to more chemicals/toxic ingredients in beauty products that we may use in or around our eyes. I advise patients to check the labels and avoid ingredients such as Benzalkonium chloride, Formaldehyde, Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, and Synthetic Fragrances. Also, if you enjoy the gorgeous length lash extensions can provide, make sure you get them applied by a trained lash artist and ask them how to clean the lash line properly.


Contact lenses are made out of plastic materials. Each contact lens brand allows a certain percentage of oxygen to get to the eye daily. If a person falls asleep while still wearing their contact lenses, the weight of the eyelid on the contact lens cuts off the oxygen transmission to our corneas. It can lead to various eye infections, which, if bad enough, can lead to blindness or the need for a corneal transplant.



We all live in a world with a high demand for us to look at some screen, whether a computer, cell phone, or tablet. This excessive near-point demand is a contributing factor to several things that can cause eye disease or blurred vision and even can be a cause of headaches or neck/shoulder pain. A general rule of thumb is that every 20 minutes we are on technology, we take 20 seconds to look at something 20 feet away. This will reset the focusing muscles in our eyes, remind them not to lock up on us, and keep our eyes from getting tired or blurry.

Smoking tobacco puts you at four times the risk of having vision loss due to age-related macular degeneration and two times more likely to develop cataracts. It is also linked to vision loss due to glaucoma.


Several eye conditions are hereditary. Genetic eye diseases/disorders include myopia (near-sightedness), astigmatism, glaucoma, macular degeneration, corneal dystrophies such as keratoconus or Fuch's dystrophy, strabismus (eye turn), and color blindness. Ensure you have an accurate family history; this will help your eye doctor.

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What is this latest trend in IV Vitamins that everyone is talking about?

It's not a trend at all! IV nutrition began in the 1960s with the work of the late Dr. John Myers, who was intrigued with cellular function and how nutritional elements can improve the metabolism of body systems. His formulation, which includes a combination of magnesium, B vitamins, and Vitamin C, now known as Myer's Cocktail, was developed to help people with chronic medical conditions like asthma, fatigue, and migraines. This has now become a popular alternative therapy to help regulate optimal cellular function and prevent cell damage and deterioration. This original concoction has now been expanded upon by many practitioners who can offer specific formulations to serve your goals using essential vitamins, micronutrients, amino acids, and antioxidants to aid in restoring health, improving performance, and aiding in longevity.

Here are the top three benefits you can receive from IV Vitamin Therapy:

Instant Rehydration

Your body consists of about 60% water. Beverages like sodas, coffee, energy drinks, and other caffeinated drinks act as diuretics, depleting your body of the water necessary for your cells to perform essential functions. Even more intriguing is your brain is nearly 80% water. The more dehydrating beverages you drink, the less you can focus. Losing fluid for any reason, or simply not consuming enough water, can cause an electrolyte imbalance, stress on your body systems, and impaired thinking, leading to increased work on your heart. Replacing fluids intravenously can restore your natural cellular balance and normal body functions.

Guaranteed Vitamin Absorption

More than 90% of Americans have a nutrient deficiency, the most common being Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and magnesium. Today's broccoli does not have the same nutrient density it did 20 years ago! Taking certain oral supplements in the proper doses and forms is

necessary since we need critical nutritional elements due to diets heavy in ultra-processed foods and depleted soils from factory farming. How our bodies digest, absorb, and metabolize oral supplements is an intricate process that relies on proper gut and liver function and the right enzymes. People who suffer from inflammatory bowel conditions or have had modifying gastrointestinal surgeries are missing essential absorption components. The aging process alone keeps up from absorbing the nutrients we need.

Even folks that do not have issues end up with only about 30% of the active component in

their bloodstream instead of 100% when given intravenously. This delivery floods every cell in the body with ingredients they need to function optimally.


There is evidence that IV therapy can flush toxins out of the body. Stress, chronic health conditions, environmental toxins, and poor food choices are all things that drive high oxidative stress levels. High levels of free radicals can predispose us to cancer-causing cells, decreased immunity, premature aging, and autoimmune conditions.

Antioxidants like Vitamin C and glutathione play a key role in the liver's detoxification and protects your body by reducing cellular damage. These compounds cannot absorb appropriately when taken orally. When given in higher IV doses, IV vitamin C is one of the best antiviral agents and can enhance the immune system, help the body heal faster, lessen pain after injuries, and create resiliency to viruses and infections.

IV Vitamin Therapy is the solution for reclaiming your health. When delivered by a medical professional specializing in this service alone, the process is safe, effective, and convenient. With the right combination of ingredients, you can also achieve improved energy levels, better sleep quality, enhanced mood, decreased inflammation, resilience to stress, improved athletic performance, smoother, glowing skin, and more! Because this treatment may not be appropriate for people with certain medical conditions, your provider must thoroughly understand your medical history and therapy goals.

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