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Connect Savannah 07.12.06



Connect Savannah 07.12.06

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The Other Savanna: Tales of an African Wildlife Photographer and Children’s Book Author What: Patsy Smith Roberts will talk about her many adventures in the African bush and will sign copies of her latest children’s book, Willis the Warthog. When: July 13 at 5:30 p.m. Where: Magnolia Manor on the coast in Richmond Hill. Cost: Free, but reservations are required. Call: Julie Gartside at 756-4300. Frantic Rabbit Poetry Open Mike What: An open-mic series that uses poetry as its vehicle to educate, entertain and inform. The featured artists will be the Art Amok team from Atlanta. When: July 13 at 7:30 p.m. Where: The Sentient Bean, 13 E. Park Ave. Cost: Donation. Call: 2324447. AASU Masquers Open Meshuggah-Nuns What: The singing, dancing nuns from the hit comedy musical Nunsense return. When: July 13-15 and 20-22 at 7:30 p.m. and July 16 and 23 at 3 p.m. Where: Armstrong Atlantic State University’s Jenkins Theater. Cost: $12 at the door. Advance tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for seniors, military and students. Call: 927-5381 weekdays from 2-6 p.m.

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wed, july 12

Connect Savannah 07.12.06



by Stacey Kronquest

Chatham County’s struggle to balance pest control with environmental concerns There was a gentleman in the Home Depot parking lot one recent Saturday wearing a mosquito-net jacket. “It really works,” he said with a nod, a wink and two thumbs up. His wife added, “You can get it at Safari Unlimited!” Safari Unlimited better stock up. According to Dr. Henry Lewandowski, director of Chatham County Mosquito Control (CCMC), Savannah is home to “the largest man-made mosquito breeding grounds in North America.” The breeding grounds he’s talking about are the Savannah River dredge spoils located across the river from downtown. The next time you’re going over the Talmadge Bridge, look off to your right, past the Westin Harbor Golf Course. You can’t miss the 7,000-acre sandbox known as the spoil containment area. Sediment brought up from the bottom of the river rises 52-feet into the air in places, reshaping the lowlands’ topography and providing an ideal hatching site

Above, Dr. Henry Lewandowski of Chatham County Mosquito Control next to the targeting map; at right, dead mosquitoes slated for testing

for the salt marsh mosquito, a notoriously aggressive species known for assaulting its victims at all hours of the day. Luckily, Dr. Lewandowski says that salt marsh mosquitoes are not common carriers of the West Nile virus. But while they are not the “primary vector” for West Nile, they do make the CDC list for species testing positive for the virus. Dr. Lewandowski estimates that some 100 million mosquitoes emanate from the dredge spoils in a season and from “there inundate the entire county.” While salt marsh mosquitoes migrate long and far, the mosquito most likely to transmit West Nile virus likes to stay close to home. The Culex pipiens species breeds in hot, damp, urban areas -- places like downtown Savannah. Dr. Lewandowski says that his department calls downtown the “Hot Zone.” The exact borders, he says, are the Savannah River to DeRenne Avenue, stretching from Wilmington River to I-516. The Hot Zone is home to nine out of ten

Mosquito Control by the numbers

Total staff: 30 Staff entomologists: 6 Years in current facility: 3 Number of trucks: 5 Number of truck routes: 54 Airplanes: 2 Helicopters: 2 Pilots: 1 -- Scott Yackel is Mosquito Control’s licensed pilot for fixed-wing and rotary wing aircraft. He also serves as helicopter pilot when Savannah Metro Police use one of Mosquito Control’s helicopters. Helicopters shared with Savannah Metro Police: 1 -- Well, actually both of Mosquito Control’s helicopters are on call for police use. The special tracking devices and “Night Sun” spotlight that police use are fitted to either chopper depending on which is ready to fly a mission. Though a helicopter is always available for police use, both choppers are owned and maintained by Chatham County Mosquito Control on behalf of the taxpayers. Annual pesticide cost: $837,000 and rising



War is being waged as Savannahians eat, sleep, work and play. For the most part, we are oblivious to the dangers of living in a war zone, both from the enemy and from the collateral damage inflicted by the weapons used to fight the enemy. When the Hot Zone “went hot” in 2003 with the first reported cases of West Nile in the County, Mosquito Control was spraying a low volume concentration of Malathion, an organophosphate insecticide that jams up the nervous system in insects and in humans. But somehow the Malathion didn’t seem to be working on Savannah’s mosquitoes. The CDC tested mosquito eggs sent from Savannah and confirmed what the county had suspected. No matter how much they shrouded the city with insecticide, they weren’t getting results. The mosquitoes had developed a resistance to the chemical. Resistance is commonly known to be the result of chemical overuse. The timing was inopportune; the Hot Zone was in the middle of a West Nile outbreak. By the end of 2003, there were eight confirmed cases of the Virus in the Hot Zone, and one just outside of the Hot Zone’s borders. One person died. The Malathion wasn’t entirely ineffective. It worked well on many other kinds of insects, including a small species of wasp that preys on an even smaller insect called “kermes scale.” Without the wasps, the kermes scale population exploded and their food source, Savannah’s live oak trees, took the hit. In the spring of 2004, oaks throughout downtown started to turn brown, their limbs withered. The mosquito wars had inadvertently created an entirely different kind

ed approach to the application of pesticides. He continually steers the conversation back to his “biggest problem.” The dredge spoils. “They never really dry out,” says Dr. Lewandowski, flipping his hands over palms side up on his desk. The top of the dredge spoils dry in the hot sun, then crack, creating thousands of little hatcheries. The thing about mosquito eggs is that they can lay dormant for months, and then with a bit of water in a deep crevice, you have mosquito magic. The County keeps two amphibious tractors out at the spoil site, trying to drain water from river bottom sediment by creating ditches and slinging mud around. They douse the area with larvacide mixed with sand in an effort to penetrate the fissures where the mosquitoes breed. But this technique is imprecise, and resistance to the Methoprene used as a larvacide is always a concern.

Mosquito Control’s aerial arsenal comprises a twinengine and a single engine airplane as well as a pair of helicopters

When the spray comes down

of infestation. Bill Haws, the administrator for Savannah’s Park and Tree department, remembers hearing a lecture at a seminar about a similar problem in South Carolina, which was determined to be caused by mosquito control insecticides killing off the beneficial wasps. Haws, though careful not to point fingers at Chatham County Mosquito Control, admits that the “pesticides they use are harmful to beneficial insects.” When that happens the “balance of nature gets out of whack,” he says. In an effort to pop nature back into balance, the City performed its first beneficial insect release, letting go 60,000 predatory wasps in squares and parks all over the Hot Zone.

It can sometimes be unavoidable to prevent pesticide exposure given its wide scale application, but the Public Interest Research Group recommends you try to do the following: • If you get sprayed, shower immediately. If you believe that you are experiencing symptoms as a result of pesticide exposure, call your doctor or poison control center. • Keep windows shut and air conditioners off during and after spraying for as long as possible. • Bring pet dishes, toys, laundry and other portable objects inside. • Cover outdoor furniture, barbecue grills, sandboxes and play equipment and rinse off surfaces that cannot be covered before use.

It seems to have worked, Haws says. In 2005 the oaks returned to a healthy green. By then Mosquito Control had switched over to a compound called Naled, which is corrosive enough at high volume to take the paint off cars; it is also classified as a reproductive toxin for humans. When discussing chemicals used in mosquito control, Dr. Lewandowski focuses on the “ultra-low volume” of the pesticide -one ounce per acre. “We’ve undergone a real paradigm shift here,” he says. Environmental concerns, cost increases for chemicals, and improving spraying techniques and technology have all combined for a more selective, target-

While the threat of West Nile is a relatively new danger, the Savannah mosquito wars have been raging for quite some time. Chatham County established its mosquito control division in 1957 to counteract the nuisance of salt marsh mosquitoes. In 1960, the Army Corps of Engineers built the spoil containment site, setting the stage for a real battle. A headline in the New York Times from the summer of 1984 reads “Savannah, Ga., Braces for Mosquito Invasion.” The article states, “Billions of mosquitoes headed downwind toward Savannah today, as they do each year from their South Carolina breeding grounds.” Migratory by nature, the salt marsh mosquitoes fan out across the region, snacking on our legs and laying eggs in high marsh. The eggs can lie dormant for years, ready to hatch when a full moon pulls the tide high, creating flood pools where the eggs then hatch off and become larvae. The primary mosquito vector for West Nile is also perpetuated by floodwaters. After a typical summer deluge, its eggs will wash down into the city’s catch basins with grass clipping and other debris. “They absolutely prefer polluted waters,” says Dr. Lewandowski. And once they hatch, they stay pretty close to their breeding ground, primarily urban storm drains, retention ponds, and even sewage treatment lagoons. The days after heavy rains are busy times for the County’s mosquito control team. Larvacide is dropped into the Hot Zone’s storm drains and over the dredge spoils. The County’s six entomology experts are busy surveying area waters for signs of larcontinued on page 

Connect Savannah 07.12.06

cases of West Nile virus in the County. Since birds are so susceptible to the virus, the county keeps “sentinel chickens” as a sort of advanced warning system. These chickens routinely test positive for the virus. Four years after West Nile was discovered for the first time in the U.S., the first human cases showed up in Savannah. Chatham County rolled out an adulticide campaign, meaning they targeted adult mosquitoes by spraying massive amounts of pesticides over the Hot Zone. Hot zone? Sentinel chickens? If this is starting to sound like a full-scale military campaign, it’s not far from the truth. 100 million mosquitoes breeding and striking downtown Savannah from across the border, meeting a small but determined resistance armed with trucks, airplanes, helicopters and chemicals.

Connect Savannah 07.12.06



continued from page 7

vae populations to treat with Methoprene, a growth regulator, which Dr. Lewandowski credits as being “extremely effective.” But he admits there is “no way we can prevent all adult mosquitoes from hatching off.” That’s when you’ll hear the rotors of low-altitude choppers and the drone of the fogging trucks. Chatham County spends $837,000 on mosquito control chemicals annually. They respond frequently to calls from the riverfront community “screaming for help,” says Dr. Lewandowski. Much like the Air Force might, Mosquito Control works off of known “target lists” of high-profile breeding areas. Mosquito Control Chief Entomologist Susan Bruce says newly cleared areas in the county slated for development can be particularly problematic, with the human activity in effect increasing the opportunity for mosquitoes to breed in stagnant water. “Sometimes they clear the trees and leave big ruts in the ground from the heavy equipment, and that can cause a major, major problem for us. And a lot of that new development is right next to hardwood swamps,” she says. Hutchinson Island Golf Club and Fort Jackson are close to the dredge spoils, and were the first to call Mosquito Control this year after tropical storm Alberto dumped enough rain to kick off a breeding bonanza. While Mosquito Control most often sprays the poisons in the evenings around

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Above, one of the tractors used to disrupt mosquito breeding grounds in the dredge spoil areas; at right, have you ever wondered what the back of a mosquito spray truck looks like? Wonder no more! sunset when many of the 38 species of mosquitoes in the County like to dine, they’re also experimenting with different times of day to enhance the dispersal and drift pattern of the pesticides. Dr. Lewandowski attributes the timing of the pesticide application as a primary reason that there were no reported cases of West Nile Virus in the County last year. Though he also adds that the virus is cyclical in nature and could be on a down cycle. A likely scenario, given that West Nile cases were down across the Eastern Seaboard in 2005. Outside of the Hot Zone, in Savannah’s suburban neighborhoods and on the islands, Mosquito Control uses truck-mounted foggers to spray a synthetic pyrethroid. Dr. Lewandowski explains that because the trucks have a closer proximity to people, he prefers not to use Naled like he does aerially in the Hot Zone. “Naled does tend to sting the eyes briefly,” he says. The synthetic pyrethroid used is Resmethrin, which is registered with the EPA as a reproductive and developmental toxin. The label for the brand name it is sold under, Scourge, states that it is “highly toxic to fish.” Dr. Richard Lee of the Skidaway Institute for Oceanography says, “Anytime we mess around with the balance of nature we usually pay a price.” Dr. Lee says his “concern would be toxicity to shrimp and crabs. Any compound that kills insects, almost always kills shrimp and crabs.” Then there are the honeybees. Ted Dennard of Savannah Bee Company says, “Anytime they spray, it is a massive loss. By morning there is a pile of dead bees on the ground and dead ones stuck in the hive.”

Kick it over!

There are 38 species of mosquitoes in Chatham County, many of which prefer to live close to people. All those containers we keep scattered about--birdbaths, planters, toys, gutters, trash bins, etc.--make wonderful hatcheries. Take the Asian Tiger mosquito, for example. It has a taste for human blood and lays eggs in dark recesses where rainwater can collect. To avoid becoming an unsuspecting breeder of the Tiger, kick over any container that might contain stagnant water. If you have any desire to sit outside this summer, get out your ladder and clear your gutters. It’s a nasty job, but when August rolls around, you’ll be glad you did. “Isn’t there something else they can use?” wonders Dennard. CCMC is already using mosquito fish as a biological control, but the fish are only effective in permanent bodies of water like lakes, some culverts and even ditches. Beginning this year, the county will try a microbacterial larvacide known as Bti. It’s the same stuff in the over-the-counter “Mosquito Dunks” that you can buy at Home Depot. Bti is the least toxic larvacidal control

and has been used effectively for years in mosquito control programs all over the country. Basically it is a bacterium that is toxic only to the mosquito larvae that eat it. Dr. Lewandowski says the County will try the bacterial larvacide this year for the first time in the Hot Zone’s catch basins, but he is unwilling to commit to its long-term use and says that it is too expensive to use on the dredge spoils. This year CCMC received much needed reinforcements in their battle against mosquitoes from the state Department of Transportation. They’re kicking in $400,000 for mosquito control in the spoil area, which is over the state border in South Carolina and is privately owned by the Georgia DOT. Dr. Lewandowski says the county spends at least $600,000 on mosquito control at the spoils alone. When the Savannah River Deepening Project moves forward, new mountains of sediment will appear, making expansive new hatching grounds for the mosquitoes. When that happens, Dr. Lewandowski and his band of fighters will be there with every tractor, truck, airplane, chopper and sprayer they can get their hands on. And you just might better invest in that mosquito-net jacket. They’re acceptable attire at most local events, at least through Labor Day. w Stacey Kronquest is a local freelance journalist. To comment, e-mail us at


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Patriots Anonymous

Editor’s Note: Far be it from me to argue with a man brave enough to wade through Ann Coulter’s drivel sifting for a stray nugget of rational thought. I’d only make the general point that due to its ever-mutable, open-source nature, Wikipedia is hardly an authoritative source.

A voice for McBerry

Editor, Georgia voters have a rare opportunity to vote for a true statesman as opposed to a consummate politician in the upcoming Republican Primary this month. Ray McBerry is a Republican candidate for Governor of Georgia and will be on the ballot in opposition to incumbent Governor Sonny Perdue. Mr. McBerry is a highly educated and very articulate candidate who has a thorough understanding of “Government of the People and by the People” as established by Americas founding fathers. He is the only true conservative candidate in the Governors race who represents the Principles and Values America was founded upon which are Constitutional Limited Federal Government, States Rights, and Christian Values and Principles. Republicans in Georgia are predominately Christian, Conservative, and Patriotic. However the so called Leadership of the Georgia Republican Party may not reflect the core values and beliefs of Grass Root Republicans across the state. The Metro Atlanta Chamber has publically bragged that they have enough influence on the Perdue Administration to prevent the people of Georgia from voting on key issues that the Chamber opposes. The voters of Georgia should be aware of the unfair treatment that the Georgia Republican Party has given candidate Ray McBerry. The Executive Committee accepted his $3000 fee the day he qualified for the Governors race at the Georgia State Capitol but then refused to list him as a candidate on the official GOP website. Then he was blacklisted from appearing at Republican events across the state. Incumbent Governor Perdue has refused to debate McBerry. Thus Perdue has not had to defend his record which includes failure to bring automotive manufacturing plants to Georgia and other economic issues important to Georgians. Georgia voters are encouraged to visit the McBerry for Governor website at This site has became the most frequently visited site in current Georgia politics. Key issues are Immigration, Eminent Domain, Ten Commandments, Second Amendment, Abortion, and Fair Flag vote. Georgia may witness one of the greatest upsets in Georgia Political History this month when McBerry defeats incumbent Governor Perdue. Thousands of McBerry supporters are active in Georgia every day working to accomplish this goal. James W. King

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Connect Savannah 07.12.06

Editor, I enjoyed your column “Patriot Games” so much I had to write a response. Like you, I am a recovering patriot gamer. Though I never stooped to name calling, I just don’t feel it necessary to wear my politics on my sleeve any more. I just got tired of it; the arguing and going back and forth, and then getting mad because the opposition doesn’t see your point of view as relevant. But, sometimes people in recovery slip up, and, in this case at least, write a letter. I think you generalize right wing pundits in the same manner they generalize “liberals.” As someone who watches Bill O’Reilly from time to time, I really wonder if you’ve heard/seen his radio or TV show. While not as flippant with the “unAmerican” criticisms as Sean Hannity (and again, you’ve failed to mention that Hannity has a liberal counter-point in Allen Colmes, or doesn’t his opinion count for anything just because he’s on Fox?), O’Reilly hardly attacks people “night after night......” You make it sound as if his entire show were a replication of the McCarthy hearings. While I’m no fan of Ann Coulter, the media has made her a scapegoat over one sentence taken out of context because of her on-air argument on MSNBC (I think that was the station). Regardless, in her book, she did not say that the widows wanted their husbands to die. What she did say was that she “has not seen people enjoying their husbands’ death so much...”, referring to the Jersey Girls’ (as they are called media wide) celebrity status within the media and their “absolute moral authority” (a Coulter-ism, if you will) as experts on the Bush Administration’s lacking in Homeland Security simply because their husbands died on 9/11. While Coulter’s statement may ruffle feathers, she has been completely misquoted on this point. Don’t believe me: look it up on Wikipedia. Regardless, you’re right to say it’s all media hype that drives this mess. The aforementioned people and others in TV and radio have to stir the pot or lest we forget what they do. I don’t think the average citizen is quite as critical of those they don’t agree with because our opinions aren’t paying the bills. J. Stevens


the Midtowns local pub



compiled from staff reports

at the twilight’s last tagging First Friday at Starland featured a multimedia urban extravaganza at DeSotoRow, as local graffiti artistes -- accompanied by the stray breakdancer or two -- plied their gritty talents, rotating from surface to surface in one crazy collective effort. We hear another’s coming up in September. From right to bottom: A Graffitist Who Preferred to Remain Anonymous works at dusk; ‘Malce’ displays his mad breakdancing skillz; Steven Speir paints the “finger man”; and Jose and Adolfo Hernandez do the dynamic duo thing.

Connect Savannah 07.12.06



rd note!

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primary voting: Photo ID or no PHoto id?

photos by Jessica Ozment

This Tuesday, July 18, Georgians of both political parties vote in primary elections to determine which candidates will stand in the general election this November. (The deadline to register in time for this election has past, so if you’re not registered in Chatham County already, it’s too late to participate.) Georgia is one of the few states in the country with “open” primaries, meaning voters are not registered by party and may vote in either party’s primary as they wish. However, you may only vote in one party’s primary, not both. When you arrive at your polling place, you will complete a voter’s certificate which asks for your name and residence address. You will then present the certificate and proper identification to the poll officials who will verify that you are a registered voter in that precinct by checking the voters list for that precinct. Until this past weekend, a new Georgia law required voters to present a photo ID upon visiting the polls to vote. However, this past Friday a judge ruled that the new law is unconstitutional, saying it “unduly burdens the fundamental right to vote rather than regulates it.” This past Monday, Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker, on behalf of Gov. Sonny Perdue, had made an emergency appeal of that ruling. Bottom line: As we go to press with this issue we don’t know whether or not the new Voter ID law will be in effect for the July 18 primary. But if it is: Voters who cast their votes in person must show one of six forms of photo identification. The six acceptable forms of photo identification are: 1. A Georgia driver’s license or Department of Driver Services identification card; 2. a valid U.S. military identification card containing your photograph; 3. a valid photo identification card issued by any branch, department, agency, or entity of Georgia, any other state, or the U.S. authorized by law to issue personal identification; 4. a valid state or federal employee identification card containing your photograph issued by a branch, department, agency, or entity of the U.S., this state, or any county, municipality, board, authority or other entity of this state; 5. a valid U.S. passport; or 6. a valid tribal identification card containing your photograph. Good luck with all that, and happy voting! w




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Tired of celling myself short I’d like to say I don’t speak while driving. But that would be a big fat lie. I love talking while driving That’s the most fun time to call someone else. For years I complained about people dialing me up when they were stuck in traffic or driving along the Mississippi Delta. “Just wanted to say hi,” etc. Yeah - and pass the time while you were stuck in the car. What about me? I was busy, doing meaningful work. Now I do the same thing. Because what a good time to catch up with someone! Who cares if they’re busy. For the longest time I railed against the cell phone (which usually means I’m about two years away from joining the masses). Like everyone else before me, I offered all the usual excuses. I don’t like talking on the phone. There’s nothing that can’t wait until I get home. My life is not that busy, not that complicated. Who needs one more thing to keep track of? Apparently, I do. Now, like everyone else I mocked and criticized, I’m having intimate conversations while walking my dog in the park, calling my insurance company from behind the wheel of my Taurus station wagon (got to do it while I’m thinking of it), dialing a friend to say, “Hi, I’m on my way” - just the thing I used to hate hearing when someone was three minutes away from my house. Now that I am so weak and undisciplined the only way I’m going to find a way to relax is to plan a trip to a place like the Boundary Waters in Canada where the phone is out of range. A friend went paddling there last week and couldn’t believe how many times he reached for a phone he wasn’t even carrying. These days the first thing I do when I wake up, finish a shower, leave the gym or exit a movie theater is to check my phone. Just in case, you know. Might be something really GREAT, really important. Kind of like my E-mail folder I check about every 15 seconds. But to be honest, I’ve started sneaking looks in the movie theater and taking the phone into the gym. I pretend it’s for the clock, which is a crock since I haven’t worn a watch in years. It’s a little embarrassing eating all this crow in front of a friend I once convinced to give up her phone. “Too stressful,” I said to her. “Give yourself a Christmas present. Lose the cell phone.” What on earth was I thinking? w E-mail Jane at

Greg Williams


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Connect Savannah 07.12.06

A month ago, with one foot in the last century and proud of it, I was a Luddite, a nonbeliever, a doubting Thomas, road kill on the information highway. I was primitive woman, hear me roar. That’s the positive spin. Underneath all those refusals to bow to pressure, to Madison Avenue persuasion, to common habits, I was a bonehead, a dunce and a dimwit. Stubborn and intransigent, I blundered along, proud of my decision, proud of my resolve. Along the way, some people politely suggested a 12-step program for rigidity; I refused. Others said they’d pray for me. Still others, bored with my cant, gave up altogether, leaving me to simmer in my own juices. “It’s your life,” they would say, meaning, “Your loss.” But fear not. I have seen the error of my ways, made some adjustments and am on the road to recovery. I have, in short, embraced the world of cellular phones. Free of my land line, the twisted cords, the desk, the chair, the heavy weight of the receiver, the tethered position at my home, I have become mobile, open to possibilities, able to travel the world. Now me and my Nokia are one. One unit. One entity. One being. Do not try to come between me and my mobile. You will not win. My hand is cramping like everyone else’s from carrying the thing. My neck aches from the stretch. My pockets bulge with a charging device, which I carry everywhere. But I have my standards. I will never strap the phone to my waist like some nerdy engineer who would never go out of the house without his or her pencil protector in a breast pocket. Since I rarely carry a pocketbook that means lumps in my pockets, not good for one’s shape. N’importe. Doesn’t matter. Not if it means I know where my phone is. I do not speak loudly. When I get a call in Kroger’s, as I did the other night, I find a corner in the produce section and try to keep my voice down. (It’s hard though. I wanted to tell the person everything I was seeing. I was that excited.) I do not give my number to just anyone. (I can see how that is changing though as people tend to pass along numbers). I do have a terribly annoying ring tone, nothing like the “Hava nagila” tune - a Jewish folk song meaning “Let us rejoice” - my cousin Andy chose.

On the corner of Bull & Congress

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of the Weird

Cultural Diversity

The Gilgit tribe beat Chitral, 9-6, this year in the annual, bloody, take-no-prisoners, referee-less polo match on a remote, 2-mile-high field on a mountain in Pakistan, an event that, despite its viciousness, some observers credit with forestalling actual war between the tribes. According to a May dispatch in ESPN The Magazine, clubbing of opponents is rampant; horses are treated more reverently than players; and when a star player was thrown and landed on his head, motionless and thought perhaps even to be dead, fans screamed for him to be cleared from the field quickly so the match could continue. (He only had a broken neck and concussion.) Unique Responses to Danger: (1) In May, just after bird flu was discovered in Ivory Coast, hundreds of young people flocked to Abidjan’s night clubs to taunt the disease with a new dance imitating a chicken in the throes of death, according to a Reuters dispatch (“leaning backward, shaking (the) wrists, arms and legs ... with a loud clucking sound”). (2) As volcanologists warned of the possible eruption of Indonesia’s Mount Merapi in May, nearby farmers continued to listen instead to the mountain’s spirits and to continue their rituals and offerings to ward off an eruption, according to an NBC News report. In one region, to preserve the mountain’s tranquility, men “gather naked in groups late at night and run in circles around their villages.”

Questionable Judgments

In May, a U.S. Court of Appeals panel ruled that Scott Panetti remains eligible for execution in Texas despite his delusional and schizoaffective disorders and the opinion of one law professor that Pa-

by Chuck Shepherd

netti is the “gold-plated craziest” deathrow inmate he’d ever seen. Charged with murder after having been drug-addicted since childhood and in mental institutions 14 times, Panetti was nonetheless permitted by his trial judge to act as his own lawyer (and employed a “strategy” of claiming to be under the control of a “Sarge Ironhorse”), and not surprisingly, he lost the case. Cleveland judge Eileen Gallagher abruptly dismissed child-rape charges against Norman Craig, 22, in June when the prosecutor was 45 minutes late for a hearing, and she further scolded the lawyer, warning him, “Don’t treat me like a punk.” After examining 28 cases in which pro athletes received “community service” sentences for crimes, USA Today found in May that in 24 of them, the “punishment” consisted merely of ceremonial celebrity duties, even though the underlying crimes were serious (included assault, statutory rape, weapons violations and vehicular homicide). One pro basketball player, convicted of having sex with a 14-year-old girl when he was 19, served his 100 hours of community service by being a guest counselor at a youth basketball camp (and included 27 hours’ travel time in the 100).

Cake, Ice Cream and Kwame Holman

Troy and Jennifer Schally disclosed in June that their son Henry had chosen, among several possibilities as the theme for his third birthday party, PBS’s “NewsHour With Jim Lehrer,” and the Schallys supplied a birthday cake with a photo of the show’s correspondents and a periodic playing of its theme music. According to a Washington Post report, Lehrer sent along an autographed photo, signed in the name Henry calls him, “Jimmy Jimmy BoBo.”

People Different From Us

On many weekends in parks in the Washington-Baltimore area, 100 or more people gather in medieval costumes and wield soft weapons to wage battle in the 20-year-old Darkon Wargaming Club, according to a May report in Baltimore City Paper. Players point out that their hobby is simply of a piece with historical-battle video games and feature films. Said a club manager (who is the wife of the player “Shalor” of the “Bloody Axe Mercenary Company”), on seeing the games for the first time: “I didn’t want to get out of the car. I thought it was the dorkiest thing I’d ever seen. And 12 years later, of course, I’m running the thing.” (A documentary film on the club, “Darkon,” has just been released.)

Least Competent Criminals

Oops! (1) Richard and Stephanie North were arrested in April and charged as the ones who had earlier taken a bigscreen TV from an appliance store in Middletown, N.Y. Police had stopped their car on suspicion because a rear door was propped open to accommodate the huge TV set sticking out of the back seat. (2) Richard Costello, 29, was arrested in Clearwater, Fla., in May and charged with stealing motorcycle parts after police recovered photos of the parts, which they suspect were snapped by Costello. At the bottom of each photo, the photographer’s bare toes are visible and display the tattoos “white” and “trash,” matching Costello’s own tattooed toes. William Collins, 37, was arrested in Baldwin Place, N.Y., in June and charged with DUI though his car wasn’t moving. According to police, Collins was passed out in the driver’s seat of the locked car, in “park,” with his body positioned so that the gas pedal was depressed, causing the engine to race overheat. Collins was so unresponsive that only when police broke a window did he awaken and notice them.

The March of Science

(1) Researchers from the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center announced in May that they had grown a fully functional, artificial penis from a rabbit (using his own genes), which they hoped would lead to future development of a human penis, for men with birth defects, body trauma or cancer. (2) Ambreed New Zealand introduced in June a go-cart-like machine for ranchers to gather sperm from bulls. A driver maneuvers the vehicle, designed to resemble a cow, so the bull can mount it. The driver waits until the bull is done and then drives away with the sperm.

Religion in Crisis

(1) Pastor John Sabbath of the Christ Christian Center, angry at the denial of funding by the Ontario (Calif.) City Council, announced at a June meeting that he was placing a curse on City Manager Greg Devereaux and his family. (2) And in June, the Motion Picture Association of America, for the first time ever, announced that it was rating a film PG (Parental Guidance) not for any sex, violence or bad language, but just because it is too openly religious (the film “Facing the Giants,” starring Georgia preacher Alex Kendrick). Religious Entrepreneurship: (1) Many British churches have recently installed the new Hymnal Plus, a karaoke machine to help congregations recite verses and sing hymns (including risky tunes, such as a disco version of “Amazing Grace”). (2) A violent video game based on the evangelical “Left Behind” novels, “Left Behind: Eternal Forces,” was introduced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles in May, and features the Tribulation Force bloodily battling the army of the Antichrist. Reviews have been severely mixed (either a positive step to spiritualize the video games culture, or grotesque violence seemingly sanctioned under the cover of the Bible). w


J o i n t h e i n - C r o w d — A p p Ly n o w f o r f A L L ! Classes begin August 16. <hee^`^h_:kmlZg]L\b^g\^l <hee^`^h_>]n\Zmbhg <hee^`^h_A^ZemaIkh_^llbhgl L\ahheh_<hfinmbg` L\ahheh_@kZ]nZm^Lmn]b^l L e a rn today. L e a d tomorrow.

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• An officer was dispatched to a Ridgeland Road address in reference to a domestic dispute. On the scene, the officer was told by a woman that her husband had threatened to overdose on prescription medications. The officer met with the husband, who said he and his wife had a verbal altercation, but that he had never threatened to take prescription medicine. The woman was completely irate and became disorderly while the officer was on the scene. She told the officer that she and her husband had fought because she was upset. She said she was sick, yet her husband refused to cook for her or take her to the hospital for treatment. The husband left the residence, and the wife was offered treatment by EMS for her illness, which she refused. • A young man tried to open the door to his mother’s West 38th Street residence, which he had just left, only to find the door was pushed closed and had been locked. When he used his key to open the door, he found two men in the house. He asked what they were doing there and was told his younger brother had let them in, which he knew was false, because his brother was at their grandmother’s house. At that point, the suspects ran out the back door. The young man looked around and observed that the attic stairs were pulled down and items had been moved around. Some of the items were stacked as if they were ready to be taken by the suspects.




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She assured her husband she was going to work, at which point he told her if she came back to the house, he’d kill her, and that if he ever saw her with another man, he’d kill her. • A Middleton Road resident told police she’d purchased an exercise machine on eBay for $1,750. The funds were taken out of her account via PayPal. Two weeks later, the same amount was taken out of her account again, resulting in an overdraft. When she contacted PayPal, the woman was told the seller would have to send authorization for the funds to be credited back into her account. She said she’d attempted to contact the seller almost daily, but he still hadn’t refunded the overdraft amount. The woman was advised on civil matter procedures and given a case report number. • An officer was called to a Vidalia Road residence in reference to a tenant -- landlord altercation. The tenant was renting a mobile home that sits in the back yard of the landlords, a married couple. She said that while she and her daughter’s father were moving from the mobile home, the landlords came over and began to harass and threaten them about two unpaid electric bills and an air conditioning unit. The landlords were asked to leave, but they refused to do so. The tenant then called police. The landlords said they were not trying to harass their tenant, they were concerned about the unpaid bills. w

• A woman was talking on the telephone when her husband began accusing her of talking to another man. The next morning, the woman was dressing her grandson when her husband came into the room and accused her of going to meet a man. All cases from recent Savannah/Chatham Police Department incident reports. Give anonymous crime tips to Crimestoppers at 234-2020.

d N d a INE E s I R ! OutsIdE dINING

dELIVERY aVaILabLE 39 Barnard St.

m o n - f r i 7 a m - 3 p m • S at - S u n 8 a m - 3 p m

Connect Savannah 07.12.06

An officer was dispatched to a Skidaway Road location in reference to an assault on a female. Upon arrival, the officer was approached by a cab driver who saw the incident. He told the officer a woman was walking towards his cab when a man started pushing her towards his vehicle, trying to make her get in. The cab driver said that was when he decided to call police, because he thought the suspect was forcing the woman towards his vehicle against her will. The woman finally told the suspect to let her go, and when he did, she got into the cab. The driver said the suspect then got into the cab’s front seat to try to persuade the woman not to leave. The woman refused to leave with the suspect, so he finally got out of the cab and left in his own vehicle.

from recent Savannah/Chatham Police incident reports

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by Steve Newman

Super Mosquitoes

Pacific Algae Bloom

A study by Greece’s Aristotelio University says that air pollution, overpopulation and the widespread use of insect repellent around Athens have lead to the development of a “super breed” of mosquito with some disturbing characteristics. The Ta Nea daily reported that the evolved insect can see in color, and is faster, larger and better able to locate humans than other mosquitoes in the Mediterranean. The Athensarea mosquitoes can smell blood as far away as 100 feet — almost a third farther than usual varieties. The super mosquitoes also flap their wings up to 500 times a second — compared to 350 beats in normal mosquitoes.

erupted with a towering column of ash that soared high over the border area of Jalisco and Colima states.


A wide area of northern China, including Beijing, was rocked by a magnitude 5.1 temblor centered in Hebei province. The shaking damaged some buildings and roads in the region, and also caused furniture and walls to move inside some of Beijing’s high-rise buildings. • Earth movements were also felt in Indonesia’s North Maluku Province, New Zealand’s South Island, Australia’s New South Wales state, southern Iran, southeastern Turkey, southern parts of Vancouver Island and southeastern Idaho.


Montserrat’s Soufriere Hills Volcano collapsed with a cloud of super-heated debris that cascaded down the eastern side of the Caribbean island. • Western Mexico’s Colima Volcano

Devil Cancer

An Australian scientist warned that the infectious cancer affecting Tasmanian devils is dramatically altering the balance among species on the island from which the animal gets its name. The facial tumor disease emerged 10 years ago, and there is no treatment or cure. Researcher David Pemberton says the population of the animal has dropped about 40 percent since the first case was discovered. He warns that in the worst affected area around Mount William National Park, the carnivore food chain has changed, with feral cats and native quolls taking over. He has also observed more wallabie carcasses lying around, which would have normally been eaten by the devils. This is providing a food source from which other animals may now begin to thrive.


Jeff Kirk

Tropical Cyclones

A relatively weak tropical storm lashed a broad swath of India for four days, leaving at least 12 people dead and swamping much of the financial hub of Mumbai. Cyclone 03B initially came ashore along the Bay of Bengal coast near Cuttack. Its remnants then tracked westward across the width of central India, unleashing numerous flash floods. • Category-4 Typhoon Ewiniar was predicted to weaken as it approached Japan’s Okinawa Island late in the week.

Euro Storms

Severe storms that lashed Europe from Germany to southern Italy killed at least six people and injured more than 100 others. Dozens of people in BadenWuerttemberg suffered head injuries when they were hit by tennis ball-sized hailstones.

Rain Gauge

The largest mass of algae ever to be seen off Canada’s west coast appeared in late June near Vancouver Island, and marine scientists fear it may be the result of global warming. Jim Gower, a physicist with the Institute of Ocean Sciences in Sydney, British Columbia, said the bloom of algae is not like the poisonous red tide common in other areas. He observed that it is composed of non-toxic coccolithophore algae, which is actually nutritious to marine life and leaves a white, chalk-like deposit. But it could be harmful to sea creatures, including the region’s famed salmon, if it occurs in large quantities, according to institute researcher Angelica Pena.

Jumbo Diners

Officials in southwest China’s Yunnan Province announced that “dinner halls” have been created for wild elephants in an effort to stop the animals from devouring crops and attacking villagers who live near nature reserves. The official Xinhua news agency reports that about 173 acres of bananas and sugarcane have been planted on spare land away from the villages. It is hoped that the 300 wild elephants in the area will eat those crops and leave the villagers’ fields alone. So far, the experiment has had mixed results, but local villagers say they are happy something is being done to stop the elephants’ rampages. Last year, raids by wild elephants killed 3 villagers in the area and destroyed crops belonging to 12,000 households in 578 communities, according to Xinhua. w

Daytime Tides for Wed through Sun:



June Rain through 9th: .07"

Wed 09:37AM H 03:59PM L

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Normal: 1.7"

Thu 04:46AM L

10:30AM H

04:51PM L

For the month: -1.63"

Fri 05:33AM L

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05:43PM L

Total 2006 rain: 16.11"

Sat 06:21AM L

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Normal: 24.63"

Sun 07:11AM L

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For the Year: -8.52"

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& Film


by Jim Reed

Country-rock’s fallen angel comes back to life Award-winning Gram Parsons documentary screens at the Bean Those two aspects of his personality would come into play during the short time he spent holed up with his kindred spirit (in talent and self-destructive behavior) Keith Richards, and the rest of The Rolling Stones during the making of their classic 1971 album Exile On Main Street. Within a few years after that, Gram would be dead of an accidental overdose

Gram Parson of morphine and tequila in a motel near the Joshua Tree National Monument in California, but not before writing and recording some of the most haunting and eloquent ballads to emerge from the West Coast rock scene at that time. Over the next few years, slick, radiofriendly bands such as The Eagles, Poco, America and Seals & Crofts would buff the type of twangy, soulful acoustic-based music that Parsons pioneered to an unnatural shine and laugh all the way to the bank, while his idol Bob Dylan kept things closer to home, enlisting Parsons’ backup vocalist and discovery Emmylou Harris to sing in a similar style with him on his own Desire LP, one of the biggest-selling records of Dylan’s entire career. Sadly, while Gram’s musical accom-

plishments are largely unknown (he, Dylan, and The Band virtually invented the Americana genre as it is known today), the sordid details surrounding his untimely death are not. In a bizarre coda, Parsons’ road manager Phil Kaufman —convinced he was honoring the final wishes of his friend— actually stole Parsons’ body from the airport while it was awaiting transport to New Orleans for burial, and set it ablaze in the Joshua Tree desert in a botched attempt at a ritual cremation. The legend of this unseemly, oft-repeated tale was actually made into an abysmal, low-budget comedy film a few years back starring Johnny Knoxville as Kaufman. Until now, that was the sole filmic effort made to tell any part of Gram’s touching story. However, Rhino Home Video has just released a special, extended director’s cut DVD of Gandulf Hennig’s awardwinning documentary Fallen Angel: Gram Parsons. This intense and wellresearched feature took almost 7 years to complete. Filled with rare and never-before seen footage and exclusive, candid interviews with Parsons’ associates, fans and friends, it was made with the full cooperation of his family (most of which had never spoken on camera before about Gram), and is the only authorized film of his life story. In limited release on the art-house and festival circuit, the film is doing tremendous business and playing to capacity crowds in a handful of major markets (such as San Francisco, where it has been playing non-stop for over a month), and it seems at last, all sides of this difficult and tragic tale are finally being made public. The Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah (an organization I am part of) has continued on page 16

Connect Savannah 07.12.06

“Live fast, die young, and leave a good-looking corpse.” That hoary old adage of the rock & roll lifestyle certainly applies to the late Gram Parsons. However, in his case, that’s far from the end of the story. Known to many as The Father of Country-Rock, to others as The Guy That Emmylou Harris Is Always On About, and to others still as The Guy That Supposedly Wrote The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses,” in death —as in life— Gram represents an awful lot of things to an awful lot of people. In fact, despite his relative anonymity among the majority of mainstream rock fans, the extremely loyal following his legend and recorded work enjoy places him alongside such greats as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding in the pantheon of American popular music could-have-beens. Born Cecil Ingram Connor, the native of Waycross, Ga., was the grandson of a Florida citrus field magnate, and heir to a massive fortune. However, a dysfunctional home life, combined with a devotion to rock & roll (spurred by attending an early Elvis Presley concert at the age of 12) drove him out West, where he would emerge in the mid-’60s as one of the main catalysts behind the merging of twangy Bakersfield-style country & western and the psychedelic folk-rock of Dylan and The Byrds (a band he would later join and —famously— take control of for a brief, fruitful period). Forming, helming, and then either abandoning (or being fired from) a succession of groups that were always more influential than profitable (such as The International Submarine Band, The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers and The Fallen Angels), Parsons earned a deserved reputation as both a charismatic frontman and an incorrigible substance abuser.

Connect Savannah 07.12.06


Fiddler’s Crab House

y pp r a H ou H pm

Great Food • Great Music Great Everyday


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131 W. River St 644-7172


& Film

continued from page 15

been granted special permission to screen Fallen Angel for one night only, Wednesday, July 19 at The Sentient Bean. In anticipation of this event, German director Gandulf Hennig spoke to me from his newly adopted hometown of Nashville, Tn., where he is hard at work doing preproduction for the first officially-sanctioned documentary film on the life of the late singer/songwriter Roy Orbison. Interestingly enough, he shared with me that it was somehow fitting that this film would be shown so near to Waycross, where some of Parsons’ family still resides (and where they celebrate his life with an annual music festival in his name), as Hennig had just learned that Gram Parsons’ niece has been awarded a scholarship to the Savannah College of Art and Design and will begin her first year there in the fall. Connect Savannah: Why did you choose to make a film about Gram Parsons? Gandulf Hennig: I knew his music first. “Hot Burrito #1” from the first Flying Burrito Brothers album, The Gilded Palace Of Sin, was the first song of Gram’s I heard. It touched me at the time like nothing else I had ever known by a white artist. Also, the story of his life and his death, and the whole saga of his family. As Chris Hillman says in the movie, “All this money and alcoholism it’s just a tragedy, like a Tennessee Williams play.” I couldn’t agree more. Connect Savannah: What were the most difficult subjects for you to address? Gandulf Hennig: There was almost nothing easy about it to begin with. The first time after someone burst into tears during an interview I went home and felt like a complete jerk — chasing my personal dream, and stirring up people’s hurt feelings along the way. I’m glad that apparently I got it right — everybody in the family has told me that they liked the film. Even Phil Kaufman likes it. Maybe that’s due to the fact that I didn’t take sides in the film. Connect Savannah: How long did it take to track down and secure the rights to all of the archival footage in the film? Gandulf Hennig: Years, and it’s like pulling teeth. I’m not complaining though. If it was easy everybody would be doing it because it’s one of the most rewarding things I know once you find something great. We were extremely lucky that Michael Vosse, back in the day the “executive hippie” at A&M records and in charge of the Burritos, had the vision in 1968 to ask his boss for an 8mm camera he could take on the road to film the guys while they were raising hell on the train tour and shooting the Gilded Palace cover. I mean, today every high school band has some buddies following them with a small DV camera, but back in the 60s, that was something else.

Connect Savannah: Did you live in the towns he lived in while making the film? Gandulf Hennig: I went to the towns where he lived, for research and filming. I’m really dedicated to what I do, but I wouldn’t want to go that far and make the sacrifice to live in Waycross, Ga,. All the dear people of Waycross may forgive me! We did a lot of filming in Nashville, and I decided to move here afterwards. It’s a great place to be for a traveling German, with no dog crap on the sidewalks. If you’ve ever been to Berlin where I’m from, you will understand. Connect Savannah: The stealing of Gram’s coffin is seen by many as little more than a punk rock-style prank, but your film casts it in a very different light. Gandulf Hennig: I tried to juxtapose what Phil did — and what he stands by to this day — with the feelings his actions left on the family. Gram’s younger sister, and Gram’s widow, shared their feelings with me of what it meant to them to lose a beloved one under such horrible circumstances, and how hard it is to move on with your lives when some people can’t get enough of the macabre details. To them, the whole burning thing is not funny at all. Connect Savannah: How did you get your subjects to open up as they did? Gandulf Hennig: I’m still surprised at what people confided in me, and at times I was a bit overwhelmed. I have no education in therapy other than having undergone a lot of psychoanalysis myself, so you really can’t say that I was in any way prepared for this. Maybe that was part of it though. Maybe that made some of the contributors feel they could trust me. Connect Savannah: What are the lessons to be learned from Gram’s life? Gandulf Hennig: Well, I don’t know. I’d say it shows pretty drastically that all the money in the world won’t make you a happy person when you don’t get enough love and protection growing up. It leaves a vacuum in your soul, a big black hole that sucks in everything in reach, be it other people’s feelings, or drugs, or alcohol, anything that might help to fill that hole. w The Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah presents Fallen Angel: Gram Parsons, Wednesday, July 19 at 8 pm at The Sentient Bean Coffeehouse on the Southern end of Forsyth Park. Seating begins at 7:30 pm, and the show is open to ALL-AGES. Advance $5 tickets on sale now. If the first show sells out, a second, 10 pm screening may be added.




by Jim Reed

‘To play in a small room Guitar genius John Jorgenson brings ‘gypsy jazz’ to Bloomingdale

Guess Who I Saw?

people remember that group so fondly.” This 3-time winner of the Academy of Country Music’s Guitarist of The Year Award got his start in show business at an early age, through a family friend. The classically-trained child prodigy jammed with the late, great Benny Goodman — for whom his father conducted. Although he later branched out into mandolin, clarinet and saxophone, the guitar remained Jorgenson’s focus, and before long, he wound up as a

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Pinkie Master’s 318 Drayton 238-0447

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The John Jorgenson Quintet plays an ALLAGES show at Randy Wood’s Concert Hall in Bloomingdale at 7 pm Sunday, July 23. Advance $30 tickets are available at Randy Wood Guitars or can be charged by phone at 748-1930. Limited seating is also available for Jorgenson’s afternoon guitar workshop aimed at those who wish to learn more about the art of gypsy jazz.

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Lovers of exquisite guitar music will no doubt be thrilled to learn that the legendary John Jorgenson will bring his celebrated quintet to the intimate confines of Randy Wood’s Concert Hall next Sunday night. Held in the highest of esteem by musicians —as well as listeners— for his mastery of the acoustic (and electric) guitar, Jorgenson was a founding member of the chart-topping mid-’80s west Coast country sensations The Desert Rose Band, which also featured Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers member Chris Hillman and Jay Dee Maness. He later served time in Elton John’s band, and has played on scores of sessions and live dates with everyone from Bob Dylan to John Prine to Bonnie Raitt to Michael Nesmith. But it’s his stint in the almost mythical trio The Hellecasters (three Fender Telecasters and no vocals) that seems to have sealed his fate as one of the most talked about string benders in the USA. That group nabbed both Album of The Year and Country Album of The Year in Guitar Magazine’s 1993 Reader’s Poll. Despite the fact that The Hellecasters have not played a gig in almost 6 years, Jorgenson says that when he’s recognized by fellow musicians, that’s usually the project of his they want to chat about. “There’s certainly a few different camps,” he offers. “When it comes to guitarists, though, it’s always The Hellecasters. They seem to really connect with that group. Those records are still in print and continue to sell decently. I’m always surprised by how many

is great’

session musician for such greats as Roy Orbison and Dan Fogelberg. He is still in demand as an arranger and picker for hire, but these days he devotes most of his time to recording and touring with his quintet, spreading the gospel of Django Reinhardt. That iconic guitarist helped create the style of music known as Gypsy Jazz, which is currently undergoing something of a resurgence worldwide through buzzworthy groups like the Paris Combo. Jorgenson too is on the vanguard of the “gypsy jazz” revival, although his group of 2 guitars, bass, 5-string viola and percussion is a little more inclusive or “far out” than most stringent interpreters of the style. “My version of gypsy jazz has pretty wide parameters,” he chuckles. “It includes flamenco-inspired things, Eastern European folk music, a little classical, and even a little New Orleans-style funk.” When I observe that the inclusion of those seemingly incongruous genres actually fits in with the historically nomadic nature of true gypsies, Jorgenson lets out a huge laugh. “Exactly, exactly...” As if to demonstrate that he’s up for working with just about anyone who’s serious about music (regardless of style), he recently helmed a bluegrass tribute album to heavy metal superstars Van Halen that finds “Diamond” David Lee Roth contributing vocals to a couple of tracks. Jorgenson’s recent TV appearance as acoustic bandleader behind Roth on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show has circulated widely on the internet, and they’ll reprise their performance of “Jump” on an upcoming episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Still, Jorgenson says that despite working with an ever-growing list of world-famous musicians, at the present, his passion lies with gypsy jazz, and he’s looking forward to what promises to be a sell-out show in Bloomingdale. “Obviously, I’ve known Randy as a luthier,” he explains, “but I’ve only recently learned about his venue. It sounds really nice. We just played in Canada at the Montreal Jazz Fest and the Quebec City Fest, so to play in a small room is great. For us, the closer the audience and the more intense the listening the better. We’re not intimidated by that. It keeps us on the edge of our own seats.” w

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SB Savannah BlueS Voted Best Blues Bar!!

Never A Cover! Wed. July 12

Bottles & Cans $1 PBR Thurs. July 13

Chaos, Inc. $3 Wells, $1 Dom. Draft *Specials for the Ladies* Fri. July 14

Bottles & Cans

$2 Cuervo, $5 Jager Bombs Sat. July 15

Rhythm Riot Mon. July 17

The Hitmen Tues. July 18

Open Mic w/ The Hitmen Come Express Yourself!

Happy Hour Daily 5PM–9PM

Mon-Fri 5pm-3am Sat 3pm-3am 206 W St. Julian St.




by Jim Reed

Acoustic Ladyland

This side-project of local garage-Delta blooze band Bottles & Cans has been known to feature local Old-Time string musician Joe Nelson. Thurs., 10 pm, Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub + Sat., 6 pm, Wild Wing Café (formerly Malone’s).

Jeff Beasley Band

Local combo (both originals and covers), led by guitarist and singer Beasley that’s rooted in early rock & roll, blues and R & B. Thurs., 7 pm, The Warehouse + Fri. Sat., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.

Left: Jeff Beasley, Above: Homesick Elephant

Bill Hodgson

Chaos Inc.

Young, energetic, local psychedelic rockers whose meandering, trippy jams can become tiresome, but in moments of synergy are quite captivating. Thurs., 10 pm, Savannah Blues.

Cobra Noir

These catchy Canadian pick-scrape and floor-tom screamers are in the middle of a 30-day tour that’s taking them all across the USA and back into the Great White North. Openers A Warm Gun (Baltimore) lay down fast, angry thrash with dual throat-shredders. Mon., 10 pm, The Jinx.


Local acoustic trio playing original “college rock” they liken to the Dave Matthews Band, among others. Fri., 10 pm, Dolphin Reef Lounge (Tybee).

Ensemble Con Spirito

This free show features Savannah’s women’s sacred music ensemble singing religious works from throughout the ages in an a capella style. Fri., 7:30 pm, Messiah Lutheran Church (Skidaway Rd.).

High Velocity

Longtime players offering a huge and varied setlist of classic and Southern rock, modern country and roadhouse covers. Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, Tommy’s (Pooler).

Solo acoustic pop and rock covers (from The Beatles to Bacharach), played on guitar and sung by an area bar band veteran. Fri., 7 pm, Tubby’s (Thunderbolt).

The Spec Hosti Band

This area bluegrass band (both trad and jam) is led by mandolinist Hosti, and features many members of The Jimmy Wolling Band — except Jimmy, that is! Sun., 7 pm, North Beach Grill (Tybee).

Eric Jones’ New Era

Newly-minted jazz combo, featuring the hellaciously talented pianist Jones, drummer Josh Safer, and the married duo of bassist Maggie and guitarist Jackson Evans (from Silver Lining). Thurs., 7 pm, North Beach Grill (Tybee).

The Magic Rocks

New local power trio playing rarelyheard rock, new wave and Americana cover tunes — featuring members of The 8-Tracks. Sat., 7 pm, The Warehouse.


Regional hard rockers (both covers and originals) with a growing following. Fri. Sat., 9 pm, Steamers (Georgetown).

The Permanent Tourists

Killer R & B, funk and rock covers. Fri., 7 pm, North Beach Grill (Tybee).

G.E. Perry w/James Gay

Guitarist offering roadhouse blues with

rock and jazz influences, abetted by mouth harpist James Gay. Fri., 8:30 pm, Augie’s Pub (Richmond Hill).

Silver Lining

Jazz trio (bass, guitar and drums) playing standards and originals. Wed., 7 pm, North Beach Grill (Tybee) + Fri., 9:30 pm, Tantra Lounge (formerly The Monkey Bar).

Suburban Lockdown

Street punks from the F-L-A. Wed., 7 pm, Sweet Melissa’s (103 W. Congress St.). - ALL-AGES.

Lauris Vidal

Kitchen sink beat-blues with off-kilter percussion and an affected sense of swampy melodrama (straight from the Frank’s Wild Years school) from an ultraindie Fl., solo artist. Opener Homesick Elephant is the L.A.-based duo of Kevin Kelly and Sara Fitzsimmons (formerly of Cheese On Bread). They find inspiration for their hyperkinetically maudlin ditties in Wes Anderson’s films and soundtracks, and those who appreciate the colliding emotions, precious British Invasion nuggets and unsettling pauses which are the hallmarks of those features will likely dig their sound. Fri., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.

Greg Williams

Prolific, guitar playing singer/songwriter drawing on blues, rock and pop genres. Fri., 10 pm, Jen’s & Friends + Sat., 10 pm, Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub. w

111 W. DeRenne Ave


“Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors”

Asbury Memorial UMC

Sunday, July 16th

“When Kings Dance Naked” Check out our web site:

Worship@11:15a.m. • Corner of Henry St. & Waters Ave. • 233-4351, parking lot in back of building.

217 Eisenhower Dr.


“Savannah’s Only Upscale Adult Gift Stores”



de Gullah Rootz

All the branches of the S.C.-based Wild Wings restaurant/venue chain are known for presenting live music, and now that a Savannah location has opened in City Market, they’re routing many of their more popular acts through town. This Charleston reggae band has been around for a few years, and offers no-frills roots riddims perfect for dancing or merely zoning out. Lead vocalist and percussionist General Top Rank’n Geecheeman has a long history behind him and his earlier bands have opened for the likes of Shabba Ranks, Steel Pulse, Burning Spear and Eek-A-Mouse. Thurs., Wild Wing Café (formerly Malone’s).


by Jim Reed

The Lone Tones

Live Music Schedule Thur. July 13 @ 10pm: Acoustic Ladyland • Authentic Scottish & American Food • Largest Single Malt Collection In the Southeast • Soccer, Rugby, & Football on Plasma T.V. • Scottish & Southern Hospitality ~ A Perfect Combination! 311 West Congress St. • (912)239-9600 Mon-Sat: 11am - Close • Sun: Noon ~ Close Where the only thing under our kilts is... our shoes!


SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN (1952) - July 15th at 3pm GREASE (1978) - July 15h at 7pm THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965) - July 16th at 3pm All musicals are at the Trustees Theater

NEXT WEEK THE PHILADELPHIA STORY with Cary Grant & James Stewart (1940) July 22nd at 7pm Lucas Theatre

Sponsored by SCAD as a community service ALL FILMS ARE $6.. CALL 912-525-5050

Thank you to our advertising partner, CONNECT SAVANNAH. or

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This stripped-down lineup of a Knoxville-based quartet features guitarist Steph Gunnoe and guitarist-banjoist-mandolinist Sean McCollough. Their blended voices drip with Appalachian twang. Those bittersweet harmonies provide a lovely counterpart to their sparse acoustic instrumentation (think Gillian Welch & David Rawlings). Individually, they’ve spent time and paid their dues in the music meccas of Austin, Tx., and Portland, Or., and their background in traditional country and indie-rock finds them adding covers by everyone from Blondie and The Magnetic Fields along with traditional mountain numThe Rogbers and origier Moss nals from their acclaimed DIY Quintet CDs. RecomWhile this clasmended for fans sically-trained of Victoria Wilvocalist is bestliams & Marc known to many for Olson. Sat., 8 Dan Deacon his past guest spots pm, The Sentient with the Picnic In Bean. The Park Symphony, he also has the cabaret market virtually Skeleton Witch sewn up in this town. He’s a sophisticated Kickass melodic death metal from talent who knows his way around the show Athens (Ohio, not Georgia) that mixes up tunes and standards idiom. For this gig, seemingly incongruous influences (like he’ll be accompanied by some of the better the demonic rasp of At The Gates and jazz cats in the area, including pianist Peter early ‘80s straight-up San Francisco speed Tavalin and standup bassist George Sheck. metal). Recommended if you appreciate Fri., 9 pm, The Mansion on Forsyth Park. Overkill, Sepultura and yes, even King Diamond. Local opener Blacktusk is a Dan Deacon ferocious power-trio that seamlessly inteFor some time now, there’s been a grates stoner-rock and heavy doom riffage thriving anti-folk and electronica scene into a modern punk framework. Expoin downtown Savannah centered around nents of the so-called “Savannah sound” SCAD. Rather insular and youth-oriented, pioneered by Kylesa member and promost shows have taken place at packed ducer Phil Cope, they’ve just released their house parties and art openings. Now, a debut CD. Also on this bill: Wetnurse, handful of acts at the forefront of this exa great NYC tech-metal juggernaut with perimental, underground movement make spot-on syncopated drumming and creepy, the jump to a 21+ rock venue. Headliner unhinged vocals, plus melodies one can acDeacon is part of Baltimore’s Future Shock tually latch onto, similar to Swarm Of The collective (which strives to make electronic Lotus. Sat., 10 pm, The Jinx. composition more fun and club-oriented than stuffy and esoteric), his recent bizarre The Frank & Joe Show media hoax on WSAV’s Coastal Sunrise Featuring guitarist Frank Vignola and has already become something of a local drummer Joe Ascione (both former child legend. With: 2-man instrumental guitar prodigies), this phenomenal fusion group duel Ecstatic Sunshine; throbbing avantis known for a hypnotic blend of gypsy noise provocateur Werewolf Unit (Justin swing, island grooves, the “high lonesome Barnes); and the low-fi electro-pop of DJ sound” of American acoustic roots music, Salty Scumptious. Come see what all the and driving, soulful Latin rhythms akin to fuss is about. Fri., 10 pm, The Jinx. such pioneering rock groups as Santana and War. Their setlist is just as eclectic, Wilmington Isl. Music Fest and shows off these masterful musicians’ All-day showcase headlined by Bowling diverse tastes and considerable chops on Green, Ky.’s acoustic brother duo Kurtis & everything from Hoagy Carmichael stanKody and regional alt.rockers Hazel Virdards to Doobie Brothers hits. Free to tue. Locals also featured includes CurbCoastal Jazz Association members/$10 side’s organic college pop/rock, Seven to the public. If you join the CJA at the Gates To Elsewhere’s vaguely psychedelic show, your ticket price will be refunded! blues-rock, The Train Wrecks’ ragged-butSun., 5 pm, Cobblestone Conch House. w right roots-rock and nascent jam band Mr. Wiley. Sat., noon, The Britannia (Wilmington Isl.) - ALL-AGES until 9 pm.

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by Linda Sickler

Seasick with laughter



by Jim Morekis

Sing like an Egyptian

AASU presents musical comedy Meshuggah-Nuns

City’s Aida an expert display of music, set & dance

The zany nuns from the hit bit ditsy,” Miller says. musical comedy Nunsense are back. The Sister Amnesia (real name Sister Mary Broadway musical Meshuggah-Nuns will be Paul) originally wanted to be a country presented by the Armsinger, so she performs a strong Atlantic State country-western song. “She University Department does a magic act and goes of Art, Music & Theatre out in the audience,” Miller beginning July 13. says. The Nunsense muThe Mother Superior, sicals were written by once a tightrope walker in Dan Goggin, a profesthe circus, sings Fat is My sional singer before he Fortune, a song inspired by became a writer and Sophie Tucker. “They all director. dress in fat suits,” Miller says. The original Nun“All the costumes are put sense was such a hit, it over the nuns’ habits.” Memled to Nunsense 2: The bers of the cast are Mickey Second Coming; NunDodge as the Mother Supesense 3: The Jamboree; rior, Keisha Williams as SisNunsense A-Men! with ter Hubert, Jamie Busbin as A recent rehearsal shot an all-male cast; NunSister Robert Anne, Meghan crackers: The Nunsense Christmas Musical; Tuccillo as Sister Mary Paul (Amnesia) and Meshuggah-Nuns: The Ecumenical NunBenjamin Wolfe as Howard Liszt. sense; and most recently Nunsensations: Joseph Walker is the musical director The Nunsense Vegas Revue. and Pamela Z. Sears is the choreographer. The AASU production is directed by “They’ve been a big, big help,” Miller says. Roger Miller. In this installment, the Little “In a way, there is more on their shoulders Sisters of Hoboken go on the Faith of all than mine because there is song after son, Denominations cruise. “There is a religious dance after dance.” musical presented on the ship every week,” You don’t have to be Catholic or JewMiller says. “This week, they’re doing Fidish to enjoy Meshuggah-Nuns, Miller says. dler on the Roof.” “The production four years ago was soldBut before the musical can be staged, out,” he says. “If you liked it four years ago, disaster strikes. “A big storm hits,” Millyou will like this one as much or more.” er says. “Everyone in the cast but HowMario Incorvaia, arts marketing direcard Liszt, the man who plays Tevye, gets tor at AASU, is a Nunsense fan. “When the seasick.” first came out, it was only supposed to be The ship’s captain has heard about the a one-weekend run, but it ended up as an nuns and their talent for musical theater, open-ended run,” he says. so he asks them to join forces with Liszt “In this one, there are a lot of Yiddish and save the day. “They do different musireferences, a lot of Jewish and Catholic cal numbers and comic bits,” Miller says. references,” Incorvaia says. “They realize “They put on a show.” the merits of the things The nuns don’t do Sound of Music hits Tybee that make each other Fiddler on the Roof, An encore performance of the wildly different. They accept but they certainly are popular local production of The Sound of each other’s differences. inspired by it. “They It will be a fun producMusic is coming to Tybee Island. talk about the differtion, no doubt about The production, directed by Renee ences between Jews it.” w DeRossett, originally was produced by and Catholics,” Miller the City of Savannah’s Cultural Arts Thesays.“They say they AASU-AMT presents atre. The show sold out in its first week don’t have much in Meshuggah-Nuns July or a three-week run. common, then they Carol Ingham of the Tybee Arts As- 13-15 and 20-23 at 7:30 realize the one thing p.m. and July 16 and sociation says the production is sponthey have in common sored by the City of Tybee Island and the 23 at 3 p.m. in the Jenis guilt.” Tybee Arts Association’s performing arts kins theater. Advance Instead of Tradibranch. The City of Savannah’s Cultural tickets are $10. Seniors, tion, the song Contri- Arts Theatre was instrumental in bring- military and non-AASU tion is performed. students may purchase ing the production to Tybee. “Howard sings If I “We got together with them,” Ingham advance tickets for $8. Were a Catholic inTickets at the door are says. “They loaned us all our costumes, stead of If I Were a $12 general admission backdrops and most of the cast.” w Rich Man,” Miller and $10 for seniors, says. Performances are July 21, 22, 23 and 24 military and non-AASU The cast includes at 8 p.m. at the Old Tybee School. Tickets students. AASU stuSister Amnesia. “She dents, faculty and staff are $12 for adults and $10 for students was hit on the head and TAA members and will be available with ID admitted for $8. with a crucifix in the at the door or online at Call weekdays from 2-6 original play and is a p.m. at 927-5381.

I’ve waited a long time for a adorned with detailed hieroglyphics echo local show that would boast production the forbidding stone steps of Egyptian palvalues equal to the onstage talent -- the aces and monuments. visuals to go with the voices, as it were. I At long last we have some real color -think I’ve finally found it in Cultural Arts the lighting is rich and vibrant, while crisp, Theatre’s production of Aida at the Lucas. colorful digitally-projected backdrops take While director D.J. Queenan can claim us to the land of pyramids, tall royal palms, absolutely zero credit for the huge surplus harsh desert days and languid nights along of young song-and-dance talent currently the Nile. Kudos to all involved. in the area, he can claim major kudos for (And how perfect that this show is set putting the pieces of the puzzle together in the ornate, neo-classical Lucas Theatre, - with a lot of help from the rest of the itself a throwback to an Art Deco era when Cultural Arts staff, of course. Egyptian styles were all the rage.) Four key principals anMy jury is still out on April chor this ambitious quasiSoroko’s costuming. On one rock opera, which fuses hand, Soroko hits just the song, dance and exotic right touch by dressing Laura locale to tell a story of Keena’s Amneris as a sort of forbidden love in anRita Hayworth of the Nile, cient Egypt. resplendent in high heels Nick Bushkar and and a series of form-fitting Jeanette Illidge are the ‘40s evening dresses that, core duo, the Egypbecause of their one-tone, tian Prince Radames one-piece nature, also manand the captured Nuage to look pretty Egyptian. bian Princess Aida, who On the other hand, I’m together find true but ultinot fond of the Star Trek outfits mately tragic love. the Egyptian warriors are Real-life siblings Illidge & Bushkar, foreground, forced to wear. I underLaura and John Keena stand Soroko’s reluctance Keena in the background are a mirroring pair: to invite unintentional the spurned Princess laughter by having her Amneris and her assistant Mereb, both of men strut around the stage in tiny skirts, whose final frustrations teach them stark a la Yul Brynner in The Ten Commandlessons of sacrifice and courage. ments. But I kept expecting these desert The diverse voices of this quartet form conquerors to set their phasers to “stun.” a compelling mix. Bushkar’s classic whiteMy only major criticism is of the show boy hard rock voice is a perfect foil for itself. As you’d expect from the Elton John/ Illidge’s blue note-infused gospel style. The Tim Rice team that gave us The Lion King, obvious difference in vocal approach only Aida is a far cry from Verdi’s namesake enhances the star-crossed aspect of their masterpiece and another sad step in the onstage romance. Disneyfication of American theatre, with The more classically-trained, Broadall the downmarket hallmarks: cardboard way-style voices of the Keenas bring the characters, no adult complexities whatsonecessary old school polish to the stage. ever, and airy tunes you forget the moment Laura is wickedly hilarious as the spoiled you step out of the theatre. (In this show, diva-with-a-heart-of-gold Amneris. The the Disney effect continues down to the multi-talented John is more than solid in massive Britney Spears head-mikes the his supporting role. principals are forced to wear.) Musical direction by Warren Heilman All great musicals have at least one inis absolutely top-notch. The volume is substantly recognizable classic -- West Side tle and controlled, and the keyboard-heavy Story’s “Maria,” Fiddler on the Roof’s “If I orchestration (hey, the music is by Elton Were a Rich Man,” etc. How ironic, then, John, after all) is full and evocative. that a constant chart presence like Elton Particularly praiseworthy in this proJohn could fail to write a single hummable, duction is the high-profile role of dance. memorable tune for Aida! There are a lot of talented hoofers in SaBut just to be clear: None of our local vannah, diluted among several troupes and talent, onstage or backstage, can be blamed schools. For this show, Queenan has made for this. From the director down to the key alliances within and without the tradirunning crew, all have much to be proud tional theatre community to bring together of with this production, which I can consome energetic young dancers of diverse fidently recommend as perhaps the best style and ethnicity -- one group devoted local cultural investment you’ll make this strictly to dance, and another that effecyear. w tively combines dance with drama. In a town notorious for chintzy, halfCultural Arts Theatre presents Aida at the finished sets, finally we have one worthy of Lucas Theatre July 14 and 15 at 8 p.m. and the name! Minimalist without being selfJuly 16 at 3 p.m. Cost: $17 adults and $12 consciously so, several large modular units seniors and students.




compiled by Jim Morekis

‘Parting the Veil’ -- New works by Ruth Hunter at the Alvida Art Gallery, 7303 Abercorn St. one block south of Eisenhower. Reception is Saturday, August 5, 7-11 p.m. ‘Rise of the Rays’ -- Drawings and paintings by Eryka Fiedler, July 2-15 at Vero 44.

Work by Mike Segal is now at Gallery Espresso

‘Bloom’ -- MFA Furniture Design Thesis Exhibition of SCAD student Carson Arnold. Through July 14 at StarCCA Gallery, 2428 Bull St. ‘Mountain Waves’ -- Acrylics by Mike Segal through July 27 at Gallery Espresso, 234 Bull St. Reception Thurs., July 13, 6-8 p.m.

‘Progeny in Writhing’ -- Photo exhibit through July 15 at Red Kite Studio, 1522 Bull St. ‘Remind Me of Home’ -- Photogravure and painting by Robin Rathmann, through July 6 at Gallery Espresso, 234 Bull St.


Bud B•I•N•G•O with ROCK 106.1

THIRSTY THURSDAY 7.13 • de Gullah Roots


Acoustic Music with Two Blue from 6-9pm Later - Live Music with Blankety Blank


‘Recent Works’ -- Exhibit by SCAD grad Tiffani Taylor at Off the Wall Gallery, in 45 Bistro at the Marshall House on Broughton Street. Through July.

Acoustic Music with Ladyland from 6-9pm Later - Live Music with TrickKnee

‘Homo Hominis’ -- Exhibition by Mikhail Truovsky, Jorge Alvarez and Kiril Jeliazkov on display at the Red Gallery, 201 E. Broughton St. through July 25.

NASCAR • New England 300 at 1:30pm Jason Bible & the Train Wrecks from 6-9pm

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Chuck Courtney acoustic from 6-9pm $4 Van Gogh Martini Madness 7.18 • Open Mic Night with Hudson of 2nd Nature

HAPPY HOUR • M-F 4-7pm

$2.75 Domestic Drafts • $3.25 Premium Drafts $2 Domestic Bottles • $2.75 Premium Bottles $2.50 Well Brands •2 for 1 Apps at the Bar

Savannah City Market • 27 Barnard St. • 912-790-WING (9464)

Connect Savannah 07.12.06

Tybee Art Auction -- The Tybee Arts Association’s 10th Annual Art Auction will be Saturday July 15 at the Tybee Lite Shrine Club across from the Tybee Light House on Meddin Drive. Tickets $10 at the door. Doors open at 4 for silent auction, hors d’oeuvres, and live music by Grupo Savannero. Live auction begins at 5:30. Preview art online at

Irene Mayo & John Duckworth -- Dual exhibition through August 6 at the Grand Bohemian Gallery in the Mansion on Forsyth Park. Opening reception Friday, July 14 from 6-9 p.m.


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‘Dead or Alive’ -- Lightboxes, paintings, and photographs by Chris Giddens and Jon Athon. Through July. Black Orchid Tattoo, 131 Drayton St. New works -- New paintings by Daniel E. Smith and Melody Postma; also on display are June Stratton, Corinne Adams, Barbara J. Brown, Stephen Kasun, James Allen, Leslie Kneisel and Adela Holmes. Whitney Gallery, 415 Whitaker St.


Presented by

ingerprint Promotions

y a d r Satu 15 th July, pen O s e t a G

m a 0 5 11:

ercer M y ohnn 140 J


l ze

Hazel Virtue Kurtis & Kody Curbside Seven Gates Mr. Wiley Train Wrecks

‘Abstract and Abstracted’ -- Chroma Gallery hosts a show featuring Loja; a collaboration of two favorites Jan Clayton Pagratis and Lori Keith Robinson; Ikeda Lowe; Ursula Brenner Elena Madden; and Heather Lindsey Stewart. 31 Barnard St. ‘Poly-Rhythmic Explorations’ -- Exhibit by Savannah-born artist David Pleasant, Tuesdays and Thursdays, July 16-30 at the Penn Center School National Historic Landmark District on St. Helena Island, South Carolina. Telfair Art Fair Call for Artists -- From November 3-5 the Telfair Art Fair will feature original work by top local, regional and national artists. Entry deadline is July 15. Call 790-8869 or e-mail

Gallery, 1352 Eisenhower Dr. Show includes woodturnings by Noel Wright; ceramics by John Jensen and Polly Cooper; paintings by Pat Myers, Angela Oliver, Bellamy Murphy, Nancy Solano, Nancy Hughes, Betty Weeks, Camille Nelson and Dorie Nichols; photography by Linda Jensen, Bruce O’Donnell, and Mark Uzmann; quilting by Julie Rittmeyer; and stained glass by Connie Wright. Gallery 440 -- Gallery 440 welcomes Charlotte Dunlap, Morgan Kuhn, Cissie Victor and Frances Walter, artists in residence. Also upstairs are works by photographer Tim Coy and paintings by Billy Herrin. 440 Bull St., open 11-5 Wed-Sat. JEA Art for July– The Art Show at the Jewish Educational Alliance will feature the art of Vietnam War veteran Roland Wolff beginning July 3 at 5111 Abercorn St. Jepson Center for the Arts– Exhibits include: “Jack Leigh: Late Photographs”; Selections from the Walter O. Evans Collection of African American Art; and “Myrtle Jones: A Tribute.” Call 790-8800. w Art Patrol is for rotating shows, exhibitions and receptions. Send art info to

Isle of Hope Artisans League -- July 1–August 31 at the Hospice Savannah Art

Advance Ticket Sales $6 at Britannia & Sunset Novelties Day of Show $10




y & Kod

Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun.

Angela Roberts Trio Silver Lining Equinox Quintet Alex Nguyen Trio

8:30 — until 8:30 — until 8:30 — until 8:00 — until

This show is for all ages until 9pm.

Affiliated with Saigon Restaurant in Downtown Savannah


Connect Savannah 07.12.06

24 ®

AJ’S DOCKSIDE RESTAURANT (Tybee)“Georgia Kyle” Shiver (7 pm) AMERICAN LEGION POST #36 (Thunderbolt)- Karaoke AUGIE’S PUB (Richmond Hill)- G.E. Perry w/James Gay (8:30 pm) B& D BURGERS (Southside)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) BAJA CANTINA (The Landings)- Live

 NOTE: Clubs, if you have live music and want to be listed for free in Soundboard or Music Menu, just mail, fax, or email your lineup to us BY NOON ON WEDNESDAY for inclusion in our next issue. Please enclose publicity



t u r d ay 1 1 a m - 3




ur Ho

2 Blocks North of Desoto Hilton across from Savannah Theatre


Opening 8 a.m.- Closing 3 a.m., 6 Days a week. KITCHEN OPEN TIL CLOSING Sunday 8 a.m. - Closing 2 a.m.


8 1-

9 49

$2 Domestic & WellsALL THE TIME! HAPPY HOUR: Monday-Friday 3-7pm


21 E. McDonough Street (corner Drayton & McDonough)




Coolest Store In Town

BAY STREET BLUES- Live Trivia BAYOU CAFÉ (upstairs) - Chief (9 pm) BLAINE’S BACK DOOR BAR- #@*! Karaoke COASTAL COFFEE (2100 E. Victory Drive)- Poetry Open Mic (7 pm) DAIQUIRI BEACH- BN Trivia w/Artie & Brad (10 pm) DEB’S PUB & GRUB- #@*! Karaoke (10:30 pm) DEWEY’S DOCKSIDE (Tybee)- Open Mic w/Dave Williams DRIFTAWAY CAFÉ (Wilmington Isl.)- Live Music TBA (6 pm) FIDDLER’S CRAB HOUSE- Lucky Old Suns (9 pm) THE JAZZ CORNER (Hilton Head)- Terry Rini Powers (6 pm), The Bobby Ryder Quartet (8 pm) JAZZ’D TAPAS BAR- Diana Rogers (7 pm) THE JINX- Hip-hop night w/DJ D-Frost, Freestyles & Breakdancing (10 pm) KEVIN BARRY’S- Carroll Brown MERCURY LOUNGE- Open Mic Jam w/The Eric Culberson Blues Band PLANTER’S TAVERN (OLDE PINK HOUSE)- Gail Thurmond SAVANNAH BLUES- Open Mic w/The Hitmen (10 pm) 1790 RESTAURANT- Ed Rogers VENUS DI MILO- Open DJ Tables - bring needles & vinyl (10 pm) WET WILLIE’S- Karaoke (9 pm) WILD WING CAFÉ (formerly Malone’s)Chuck Courtenay (6 pm), Open Mic w/Hudson of 2nd Nature

Downtown Liberty @ Bull (912)236-5192

mON-fRI 2:30-7pm • $5 Domestic Pitchers • 2-for-1 Wells • Shrimp & Oyster specials


tHURS 7/13:

Jeff Beasley Band


FRI 7/14:

The trainwrecks


sAT 7/15:

The Magic rocks


Sun 7/16:

keith foskey


• 2 for 1 Happy Hour Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Complimentary Hors D’Oeuvres



10 8

• Ladies Night Tuesday 9 ‘til 12

• Best Lunch Special in Savannah


ost Authentic Iri s ’s M h Pu

• Video Games, 26 TV Sets

• Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner



for the last seven years, 7 days a week, 9 - until


Sa ay -



BAYOU CAFÉ (upstairs)- Chief (9 pm) BLUEBERRY HILL- Karaoke THE CALEDONIAN- Live Trivia w/Artie & Brad (10 pm) DEWEY’S DOCKSIDE (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) DOUBLES (Holiday Inn Midtown)- DJ spins Beach Music DRIFTAWAY CAFÉ (Wilmington Isl.)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) FIDDLER’S CRAB HOUSE- Eric Moore (9 pm) THE GRILL BEACHSIDE (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) THE IRISH TIMES- Live Irish Music THE JAZZ CORNER (Hilton Head)- Teri Rini Powers (6 pm), The Howard Paul Quartet w/Seth Jacobs (7:30 pm) THE JINX- Cobra Noir, A Warm Gun








Where all the locals go for food, fun & spirits

• Award Winning Karaoke

Joey Manning (7 pm) AQUA STAR RESTAURANT (THE WESTIN)- Ben Tucker & Bob Alberti (11:30 am) BAHAMA BOB’S (Pooler)- Karaoke BAYOU CAFÉ (upstairs) - Chief (9 pm) BENNY’S (Tybee)- Karaoke w/DJ Levis CAFÉ LOCO (Tybee)- “Georgia Kyle” Shiver (10 pm) CAPTAIN’S LOUNGE- #@*! Karaoke CITY MARKET COURTYARD- Live Music TBA (noon) COBBLESTONE CONCH HOUSE- Coastal Jazz Association concert: The Frank & Joe Show (5 pm) DAQUIRI ISLAND (Abercorn)- Karaoke DEWEY’S DOCKSIDE (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (2 pm) DOC’S BAR (Tybee Island)- Live Music TBA DRIFTAWAY CAFÉ (Wilmington Isl.)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) FANNIE’S ON THE BEACH (Tybee)- Randy “Hatman” Smith (3 pm) FIDDLER’S CRAB HOUSE- The Eric Culberson Blues Band (10 pm) THE ISLAND GRILL (Pt. Wentworth)Buddy Corns (7 pm) THE JAZZ CORNER (Hilton Head)- Deas’ Guys (7:30 pm) JAZZ’D TAPAS BAR- John Banks (7 pm) KEVIN BARRY’S- Danny Quinn THE MANSION ON FORSYTH PARKCellist Annelise Nelson (11 am)


(10 pm) KEVIN BARRY’S- Carroll Brown MURPHY’S LAW (409 W. Congress St.)Jeff Beasley PLANTER’S TAVERN (OLDE PINK HOUSE)- Live Piano Music TBA SAVANNAH BLUES- Live Music TBA SAVANNAH NIGHTS- Karaoke SCANDALS (Tybee)- DJ Marty Corley (9:30 pm) THE SENTIENT BEAN- Old-Time Music Jam Session (7:30 pm) 1790 RESTAURANT- Ed Rogers WET WILLIE’S- Karaoke (9 pm)

Voted coldest beer 4 years running!

in the Historic Downtown Savannah St. Patrick’s Day headquarters

• Live entertainment, dance floor


MCDONOUGH’S- Karaoke MERCURY LOUNGE- Live Music TBA (10 pm) MOON RIVER BREWING CO.- Live Music TBA (7 pm) MURPHY’S LAW (409 W. Congress St.)Live Traditional Irish Music (7:30 pm) NORTH BEACH GRILL (Tybee)- The Spec Hosti Band (7 pm) ONE HOT MAMA’S (Bluffton)- Live Music TBA (4 pm) PLANTER’S TAVERN (OLDE PINK HOUSE)- Gail Thurmond SAVANNAH THEATRE- Jukebox Journey (3 pm) SEA DAWGS (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (1 pm) THE SENTIENT BEAN- A.W.O.L. (7:30 pm) 1790 RESTAURANT- Ed Rogers SLUGGERS- 5 Point Productions’ Karaoke (10 pm) SORRY CHARLIE’S- The Courtenay Brothers (5 pm) STINGRAY’S (Tybee)- Robert Willis (3 pm) TANTRA LOUNGE (formerly The Monkey Bar)- Live Music TBA (8 pm) TUBBY’S (Thunderbolt)- Live Music TBA UNCLE BUBBA’S OYSTER HOUSE- Live Music TBA (7 pm) VERO 44 (above Il Pasticcio)- “Sunday Sessions” Spoken Word and Hip-Hop Showcase (9 pm) THE WAREHOUSE- Keith Foskey (5 pm) WILD WING CAFÉ (formerly Malone’s)The Train Wrecks (6 pm)

photos and band bios as well. Address: Connect Savannah, Inc., 1800 E. Victory Drive, Suite 7, Savannah, GA 31404 Fax: (912)231-9932 Email: All Bands Scheduled Are Subject To Change

McDonough’s Savannah’s Favorite Restaurant Best Food, Drinks & Prices in Town!


g a n s wa ke p u b . c o m

7100 Abercorn • 912 352-7100 Inside the Holiday Inn Midtown


e finn

Connect Savannah 0 7 . 1 2 . 0 6



AJ’S DOCKSIDE RESTAURANT (Tybee)Joey Manning (7 pm) AUGIE’S PUB (Richmond Hill)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) BAJA CANTINA (The Landings)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) BAYOU CAFÉ (upstairs)- Live Music TBA (10:30 pm) BAY STREET BLUES- Karaoke BENNY’S (Tybee)- Karaoke w/DJ Levis BERNIE’S ON RIVER STREET- Karaoke (9 pm) THE BRITANNIA (Wilmington Isl.)Music Fest w/Kurtis & Kody, Hazel Virtue, Curbside, Seven Gates To Elsewhere, Mr. Wiley, The Train Wrecks (noon) CAFÉ LOCO (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (10 pm) THE CALEDONIAN- Live Music TBA CAPTAIN’S LOUNGE- #@*! Karaoke CHUCK’S BAR- #@*! Karaoke CITY MARKET COURTYARD- Live Music TBA (noon) CLUB ONE- Local Cast CLUB OZ- “Heat Check” Spoken Word/ Music Showcase (9 pm) COBBLESTONE CONCH HOUSE- Live Music TBA (7 pm) CONGA CLUB- Caribbean Night (DJ spins Salsa, Merengue, etc...) THE CREEKSIDE CAFÉ - formerly DRIFTAWAY (Wilmington Isl.)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) DAQUIRI ISLAND (Abercorn)- Karaoke DEB’S PUB & GRUB- #@*! Karaoke (9 pm) DEWEY’S DOCKSIDE (Tybee)- Randy “Hatman” Smith (7 pm) DOC’S BAR (Tybee)- Live Music TBA DOLPHIN REEF LOUNGE (Tybee)- The Denny Phillips Band (10 pm) DOUBLES (Holiday Inn Midtown)- “World Famous” DJ Sam Diamond DRIFTAWAY CAFÉ (Sandfly)- Chuck Courtenay (7 pm) FANNIE’S ON THE BEACH (Tybee)- The Christy Alan Band (9 pm) FIDDLER’S CRAB HOUSE- Sasperilla (9 pm) GILLEY’S (Hinesville)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) THE ISLAND GRILL (Pt. Wentworth)- Live



Bar)- Live Music TBA (9:30 pm) TOMMY’S (Pooler)- High Velocity (9 pm) TUBBY’S (River St.)- Live Music TBA (10 pm) TUBBY’S (Thunderbolt)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) UNCLE BUBBA’S OYSTER HOUSE (Wilmington Island)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) VENUS DI MILO- DJ Maybe, DJ Aerochron & Friends (10:30 pm) VFW CLUB (Hinesville)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) THE WAREHOUSE- The Magic Rocks (7 pm) WET WILLIE’S- Live DJ (8 pm) WILD WING CAFÉ (formerly Malone’s)Acoustic Ladyland (6 pm), TrickKnee (10 pm)

of ADULT 95 1,000s DVDs & VHS




18 e. rIVER ST.



Connect Savannah 0 7 . 1 2 . 0 6

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s Street


Music TBA THE JAZZ CORNER (Hilton Head)- The Marcus Parsley Quartet (7:30 pm) JAZZ’D TAPAS BAR- The Jeff Beasley Band (9 pm) THE JINX- Skeleton Witch, Blacktusk, Wetnurse (10 pm) KEVIN BARRY’S- Danny Quinn LOCOS DELI & PUB (Downtown)- The Heavy Sandwich, Capital Culture (10 pm) THE MANSION ON FORSYTH PARKPianist Peter Tavalin (5 pm), Live Music TBA (9 pm) MARY’S SEAFOOD & STEAKS- Live Music TBA MCDONOUGH’S- Karaoke MERCURY LOUNGE- Live Music TBA (10 pm) MOLLY MACPHERSON’S SCOTTISH PUB- Greg Williams (10 pm) MOON RIVER BREWING CO.- Live Music TBA (8 pm) MULBERRY INN- The Champagne Jazz Trio (8 pm) MURPHY’S LAW (409 W. Congress St.)Live Music TBA (10 pm) NORTH BEACH GRILL (Tybee)- The Train Wrecks (7 pm) PLANTER’S TAVERN (OLDE PINK HOUSE)- Gail Thurmond POGY’S BAR & GRILL (Richmond Hill)Mary Davis & Co. (8:30 pm) SAVANNAH BLUES- Rhythm Riot (10 pm) SAVANNAH DOWN UNDER- DJ Blue Ice & Tropical Thunder (10 pm) SAVANNAH SMILES- Dueling Pianos SAVANNAH THEATRE- Jukebox Journey (8 pm) SCANDALS (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (9:30 pm) THE SEA GRILL (Pt. Wentworth)- Live Music TBA (8 pm) THE SENTIENT BEAN- The Lone Tones (8 pm) 1790 RESTAURANT- Ed Rogers SORRY CHARLIE’S- Live Music TBA SPANKY’S (River St.)- Live Entertainment TBA (9 pm) STEAMERS (Georgetown)- Perception (9 pm) STINGRAY’S (Tybee)- Randy “Hatman” Smith (7 pm) STUDIO B (Glennville)- Hip-Hop Night (8 pm) ALL-AGES SWEET MELISSA’S (103 W. Congress St.)The Messengers (7 pm) TANGO (Tybee)- Live Music TBA TANTRA LOUNGE (formerly The Monkey


No Cover!!

AUGIE’S PUB (Richmond Hill)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) B & D BURGERS (Southside)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) BAJA CANTINA (The Landings)- Chuck Courtenay & Bucky Bryant (7 pm) BAYOU CAFÉ (upstairs)- Chief (9 pm) BARNES & NOBLE (Oglethorpe Mall)Open Mic (8 pm) BAY STREET BLUES- Open Mic Night w/Tim BERNIE’S ON RIVER STREET- Karaoke (9 pm) BLAINE’S BACK DOOR BAR- #@*! Karaoke CHUCK’S BAR- #@*! Karaoke (10 pm) CLUB ONE- Industrial Resurrection w/DJ Shrapnel (10 pm) CREEKSIDE CAFÉ - formerly DRIFTAWAY CAFÉ (Wilmington Isl.)- Live Music TBA (6 pm) DAIQUIRI BEACH- Karaoke (10 pm) DOC’S BAR (Tybee)- Live Music TBA FANNIE’S ON THE BEACH (Tybee)“Georgia Kyle” Shiver (7 pm) FIDDLER’S CRAB HOUSE- Lucky Old Suns (9 pm) THE GRILL BEACHSIDE (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) THE JAZZ CORNER (Hilton Head)- Terry Rini Powers (6 pm), Lavon Stevens & Louise Spencer (8 pm) JAZZ’D TAPAS BAR- Trae Gurley (7 pm) THE JINX- Dance Party w/Shiz-Nite (10 pm) KEVIN BARRY’S- Danny Quinn THE MANSION ON FORSYTH PARKPianist Peter Tavalin (5 pm), Trombonist Teddy Adams (8 pm) MCDONOUGH’S- Karaoke MERCURY LOUNGE- Greg Williams (10 pm) MOLLY MACPHERSON’S SCOTTISH PUB- Acoustic Ladyland (10 pm) MOON RIVER BREWING CO.- Live Music TBA (8:30 pm) MURPHY’S LAW (409 W. Congress St.)Stewart Marshall (10 pm)

WRIGHT SQUARE- Serenade Savannah (11:30 am)




MERCURY LOUNGE- Live Music TBA (10 pm) MESSIAH LUTHERAN CHURCH (Skidaway Rd.)- Ensemble Con Spirito (7:30 pm) MOON RIVER BREWING CO.- Live Music TBA (8 pm) MULBERRY INN- The Champagne Jazz Trio (8 pm) MURPHY’S LAW (409 W. Congress St.)Live Music TBA (10 pm) NORTH BEACH GRILL (Tybee)- The Permanent Tourists (7 pm) PLANTER’S TAVERN (OLDE PINK HOUSE)- Gail Thurmond POGY’S BAR & GRILL (Richmond Hill)Live Music TBA (8 pm) SAVANNAH BLUES- Bottles & Cans (10 pm) SAVANNAH DOWN UNDER INVASION LEVEL 3- DJ Analog Kid (10 pm) SAVANNAH SMILES- Dueling Pianos SAVANNAH THEATRE- Jukebox Journey (8 pm) SCANDALS (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (9:30 pm) THE SENTIENT BEAN- Lauris Vidal, Homesick Elephant (8 pm) 1790 RESTAURANT- Ed Rogers SORRY CHARLIE’S- Live Music TBA SPANKY’S (River St.)- Karaoke (9 pm) STEAMERS (Georgetown)- Perception (9 pm) STINGRAY’S (Tybee)- Randy “Hatman” Smith (7 pm) STUDIO B (Hwy 196 W near Glennville)For Those Who Remember, One Last Rose, The Guillotine (9 pm) ALL-AGES TANTRA LOUNGE (formerly The Monkey Bar)- Silver Lining (8:30 pm) TOMMY’S (Pooler)- High Velocity (9 pm) TUBBY’S (River St.)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) TUBBY’S (Thunderbolt)- Bill Hodgson (7 pm) UNCLE BUBBA’S OYSTER HOUSE (Wilmington Island)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) VENUS DI MILO- DJ Maybe, DJ Aerochron & Friends (9 pm) VFW CLUB (Hinesville)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) THE WAREHOUSE- The Train Wrecks (7 pm) WAYS STATION TAVERN (Richmond Hill)- Karaoke (9 pm) WET WILLIE’S- Live DJ (8 pm) WILD WING CAFÉ (formerly Malone’s)Two Blue (6 pm), Blankety Blank (10 pm)




Music TBA (7 pm) BAY STREET BLUES- Karaoke BAYOU CAFÉ (upstairs)- Live Music TBA (10:30 pm) BENNY’S (Tybee)- Karaoke w/DJ Levis BERNIE’S ON RIVER STREET- Karaoke (9 pm) CAFÉ LOCO (Tybee)- Live Music TBA CAPTAIN’S LOUNGE- #@*! Karaoke CLUB ICE- DJ Southstar: Hip-hop (10 pm - 6 am) CLUB ONE- Local Cast, DJ Jason Hancock (Main Floor) CONGA CLUB- Rhumba Night- Latin Music Party (11:30 pm) CRYSTAL BEER PARLOR- The Beer Parlor Ramblers (7:30 pm) DAQUIRI ISLAND (Abercorn)- Karaoke DEWEY’S DOCKSIDE (Tybee)- Randy “Hatman” Smith (7 pm) DOC’S BAR (Tybee)- Live Music TBA DOLPHIN REEF LOUNGE (Tybee)Curbside (10 pm) DOUBLES (Holiday Inn Midtown)- “World Famous” DJ Sam Diamond DRIFTAWAY CAFÉ (Sandfly)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) FANNIE’S ON THE BEACH (Tybee)- The Christy Alan Band (9 pm) FIDDLER’S CRAB HOUSE- Sasperilla (9 pm) FRIENDLY’S TAVERN 2- #@*! Karaoke GILLEY’S (Hinesville)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) THE GOLD CLUB- Live Music TBA (10 pm) HUC-A-POOS (Tybee)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) THE JAZZ CORNER (Hilton Head)- The Marcus Parsley Quartet (7:30 pm) JAZZ’D TAPAS BAR- The Jeff Beasley Band (9 pm) JEN’S & FRIENDS (Bull & Broughton Sts.)Greg Williams (10 pm) THE JINX- Dan Deacon, Ecstatic Sunshine, Werewolf Unit, DJ Salty Scrumptious (10 pm) JUKEBOX BAR & GRILL (Richmond Hill)Live Music TBA (9 pm) KEVIN BARRY’S- Danny Quinn * LOCOS DELI & PUB (Downtown)- The Heavy Sandwich, Capital Culture (10 pm) LUNA LOUNGE @ IL PASTICCIO- Live Music TBA (9:30 pm) THE MANSION ON FORSYTH PARKPianist Eric Jones (5 pm), The Roger Moss Quintet (9 pm) MARY’S SEAFOOD & STEAKS- Live Music TBA (8 pm) MCDONOUGH’S- Karaoke

(9 1


AJ’S DOCKSIDE RESTAURANT (Tybee)Joey Manning (7 pm) B & D BURGERS (Southside)- Trivia w/ Artie & Brad (10 pm) BAHAMA BOB’S (Pooler)- Karaoke BAYOU CAFÉ (upstairs) - Chief (9 pm) CLUB ONE- #@*! Karaoke CREEKSIDE CAFÉ - formerly DRIFTAWAY CAFÉ (Wilmington Isl.)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) DEWEY’S DOCKSIDE (Tybee)- Live Trivia (8 pm) DOUBLES (Holiday Inn Midtown)- DJ Sam Diamond (Savannah Shag Club) DRIFTAWAY CAFÉ (Sandfly)- Chuck Courtenay & Bucky Bryant (7 pm) FIDDLER’S CRAB HOUSE- “Georgia Kyle” Shiver (9 pm) GILLEY’S (Hinesville)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) GUITAR BAR (348 MLK, Jr. Blvd.)- Open Mic Night (8 pm) THE ISLAND GRILL (Pt. Wentworth)Buddy Corns (7 pm) THE JAZZ CORNER (Hilton Head)- Terry Rini Powers (6 pm), The Earl Williams Quartet (8 pm) JAZZ’D TAPAS BAR- Greg Snyder (7 pm) THE JINX- Rock & Roll Bingo w/DJ BooCock-Eye (11 pm) KEVIN BARRY’S- Danny Quinn * THE MANSION ON FORSYTH PARKPianist David Duckworth (7 pm) MCDONOUGH’S- Karaoke MERCURY LOUNGE- The Eric Culberson Blues Band (10 pm) NORTH BEACH GRILL (Tybee)- Silver Lining (7 pm) PLANTER’S TAVERN (OLDE PINK HOUSE)- Gail Thurmond POGY’S BAR & GRILL (Richmond Hill)Live Music TBA (7 pm) SAVANNAH BLUES- Bottles & Cans (10 pm) SAVANNAH DOWN UNDER- DJ Blue Ice (Hip-hop, Reggae, Top 40, R & B) SAVANNAH SMILES- Dueling Pianos SAVANNAH THEATRE- Jukebox Journey (8 pm) SCANDALS (Tybee)- Karaoke w/DJ Levis (9:30 pm) 1790 RESTAURANT- Ed Rogers SLUGGERS- 5 Point Productions’ Karaoke (10 pm) SORRY CHARLIE’S - Live Music TBA

NORTH BEACH GRILL (Tybee)- Eric Jones’ New Era (7 pm) PLANTER’S TAVERN (OLDE PINK HOUSE)- Gail Thurmond POGY’S BAR & GRILL (Richmond Hill)Live Music TBA THE RAIL PUB- “Helium Karaoke” w/Wrath Nasty SAVANNAH BLUES- Chaos Inc. (10 pm) SAVANNAH DOWN UNDER- DJ Blue Ice (Hip-hop, Reggae, Top 40, R & B) SAVANNAH DOWN UNDER INVASION LEVEL 3- DJ Nick J - ‘80s, house, breaks, D & B (10 pm) SAVANNAH SMILES- Dueling Pianos SAVANNAH THEATRE- Jukebox Journey (8 pm) SCANDALS (Tybee)- Karaoke w/DJ Levis (9:30 pm) THE SENTIENT BEAN- The Frantic Rabbit Poetry Open Mic (7:30 pm) 1790 RESTAURANT- Ed Rogers SLUGGERS- Trivia w/Charles & Mikey (10 pm) SORRY CHARLIE’S- Live Music TBA (5 pm) SPANKY’S (River St.)- Live Music TBA (8 pm) TANTRA LOUNGE (formerly The Monkey Bar)- Live Music TBA (9 pm) TOMMY’S (Pooler)- Karaoke w/Jeff & Rebecca TROPICANA NIGHTCLUB- DJ Southstar spins Top 40 (10 pm) TUBBY’S (Thunderbolt)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) UNCLE BUBBA’S OYSTER HOUSE- Live Music TBA (7 pm) VENUS DE MILO- DJ Baby V spins Old Skool (9 pm) THE WAREHOUSE- The Jeff Beasley Band (7 pm) WILD WING CAFÉ (formerly Malone’s)de Gullah Roots WIND ROSE CAFÉ (Tybee)- Lurid Miscreants (10 pm)




(5 pm) SWEET MELISSA’S (103 W. Congress St.)Suburban Lockdown (7 pm) TUBBY’S (Thunderbolt)- Live Music TBA (7 pm) WILD WING CAFÉ (formerly Malone’s)Bud Bingo




S o u n d b oa r d


Connect Savannah 07.12.06



by Cindy Schroeder

The loo review

A (tasteful) peek inside some of Savannahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s premier water closets

Left to Right: Sixpence Pub, Mansion on Forsyth, Tea Room 10 AM - After looking at the various tea gifts in the Savannah Tea Room on Broughton Street, we ask to use the restroom and are enveloped in the soft lighting from a teacup nitelite and two low-light sconces on either side of a pedestal sink that shows yellow-age stains in the bowl and on top. The frosted glass business-style door with its faux mail slot lets in more low light from the hallway outside. A rattan Kleenex box holds a nice supply

of tissues, and two old-fashioned soap bottles dispense either oolong tea or chai tea body shampoo, while an artificial orange orchid drapes over the sink, reflected in a large wooden-engraved mirror. The muted green large-tile floor offsets the olive walls, which serve as a back-drop for a Chinese print of a woman with fur cuffs framed by orange orchids and a â&#x20AC;&#x153;Jubb Collectionâ&#x20AC;? print from the Hunterian Art Gallery at the University of Glasgow. The bathroom

provides perfect lighting and atmosphere for taking tea right there. 10:30 AM - We walk into the recently departed Gottliebâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, which is not open except for the bakery tables in the entrance (and nowadays, not open at all!) After a brief chat with Mrs. Gottlieb, the mother of the owners, we descend the large double iron-railed staircase to the lower-level bathrooms. We yell up to her that it feels like being on the Titanic, and she replies house full free class


4:33 PM

good-naturedly: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hope it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t sink!â&#x20AC;? One can wait for a partner on the black leather loveseat outside the restrooms, facing an iron and glass table with oil lamp. This bathroom provides ample space with four louvered-door bathroom closets, one being oversized for easy access. Tissues and a basket of cloth towels on the counter are welcome; however, we do not know where to place the used towel: on the counter with another used towel or

Page 1

Buy. Sell. Find. New Menu, Come And Check Us Out! Featuring Fresh Fish From Around The World!

Visit the POOL BAR in July

Happy Hour 3pm-6pm: $2 Beer â&#x20AC;˘ $3 Mixers Check Out Our Live Music Line-Up: Wednesday & Friday Night Fri July 14th: Curbside (9pm-1am) Seafood Buffet Sat July 15th: Denny Philips Band (9pm-1am) Reverse Happy Hour on Fri & Sat (11pm-1am): 5:00-9:00

Adults $22.95 Children $8.95 20% discount for Locals & Seniorsshow us your local card or Savannah drivers license to receive the discount Ph. 786-8400

$2 Beers, $3 Mixers, No Cover!!!




FREE! Savannahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Free Online Classifieds Marketplace is finally here.

in the basket underneath which also holds used Kleenex. A beautiful live red and yellow orchid in a yellow and blue pot adorn the counter. If the two muted sea-green glass-framed mirrors don’t provide enough reflection, a swing-out hinged mirror is also available. Two glass hanging lamps provide ample light from a drop ceiling surrounded by water stains. The room seems bright with orange/green floor tiles and light olive walls. 11:30 AM - We duck into Cafe Ambrosia for some coffee and quiche. They provide

free refills for customers who stay to listen posters, including a Cafe Mucha poster; to the soothing classical perhaps the previous owners music, and then after forgot it was in the bathroom. two cups, have cause to The “Aristide Bruant dans son use the loo. The bright cabaret” poster announces a yellow door says “Toishowing of Samedi & Julliet lette” reminiscent of with a dapper French cad in the former Cafe Mucha a cape. “Clinsque cheron” deat this site. Besides the picts dogs, while “Boulangebrown floral-design rie extraordinaire” highlights tiles surrounding the a cat and wispy woman. mirror, this bathroom “Miscela Leone” celebrates Cafe Ambrosia has a nice collection of the coffee package. A wire rack

Where Good Food, Good Friends & Good Music Meet

holds extra rolls of toilet tissue and paper 27 towels against bright yellow walls and green floor tiles. 12:30 PM - We step across the threshold of the Boar’s Head Restaurant on River Street thinking we’ll have lunch, but first we turn left to wash up in the bathroom. Even with two stalls, the sink area is a tight fit for two people. The gawdy park-bench green walls, doors, and flooring make us feel as though we are at a summer camp, and the continued on page 29


Voted Best a es D tination Sp

H e a r t h e w o r l d f a d e a w a y. Relax, and close your eyes.


by Connect M

Yo u h a v e f o u n d y o u r o a s i s .

Live Music Fri-Sun

Wireless Internet

Open Mic Tuesday

DockSide/ Outside Dining

Great Sunset Views

ewey’s D t A e M et e M

savannah day spa

Dewey’s Dock Side

786-5727 • 1 Old Tybee Road@Lazaretto Creek

18 East Oglethorpe Avenue • Hours: Tues-Thurs 4-10pm • Fri-Sun Noon-10pm

e l t t a B e beach

fo th


Sun. July 16th at 3PM Tybee Island, Near the Pier

Gentleman’s Club

Savannah, GA


w w w. s a v a n n a h d a y s p a . c o m

Beach Volleyball Featuring Local Female ADULT ENTERTA INER


Beautiful Ladies, Food, Beer, & Sunshine!

Uncle Harry’s

Connect Savannah 07.12.06

Public Boat Docking


continued from page 27



Where else can you findâ&#x20AC;Ś engraved invitation to dine with the Queen? â&#x20AC;Śor an old trunk belonging to a Sea Captain? â&#x20AC;Śor a â&#x20AC;&#x153;one of a kindâ&#x20AC;? piece of furniture hand made by an artisan over 150 years ago? â&#x20AC;Śor hundreds of unique and decorative items for a fraction of retail?

SUNDAY, JULY 16, 2006 @ 1:00 PM Preview: Sat July 15th, 11am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3pm Sun, July 16th, 11am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 1pm

ALWAYS ACCEPTING QUALITY ANTIQUE CONSIGNMENTS BULL STREET AUCTIONS 2819 Bull Street (Behind Maggieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s) Savannah, Georgia 31405, 443-9353 Jason Thomas, Auctioneer, GA #3148

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Where the Food Is To Die Forâ&#x20AC;?

The ONLY pool room in town! â&#x20AC;˘ 15 Pool Tables â&#x20AC;˘ Darts â&#x20AC;˘ Full Bar & Full Menu


SEXY girls


â&#x20AC;˘ Happy Hour 11am - 7pm Daily $4 Pitchers & 2 for 1 Wells â&#x20AC;˘ Free pool w/ lunch (11am - 2pm) â&#x20AC;˘ Smoking establishment â&#x20AC;˘ In-house tournaments on Wednesdays

1100 Eisenhower Dr. Suite 34


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stench with no ventilation takes away our fords one a chance to view the large paintappetite. We wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t use the bathroom and ing called â&#x20AC;&#x153;Stillnessâ&#x20AC;? by Janet M. Mueller in wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t eat here, despite the pricey menu and complementary shades of green and grand classic cotton exchange location. poupon yellows. A funny A poor showing. fat black-lined bird sits on a 1 PM - We enter the buzzing nude womanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lap, reminisGryphon Tea Room and place cent of Joan Miroâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work. our names on a wait list, then The painting can also be ask to use the bathroom. SCAD viewed reflected from the knows how to do design and three large gilt-framed mirthis bathroom is no exception. rors at the sink area and the A basket holds loads of toilet far wall. The sink area suppaper, and the brassy gold tissue plies large folded thick cotroll matches the gold assist rail. tony paper serviettes, and a Ironically, the only art piece is tall vase holds a cattail fan a small â&#x20AC;&#x153;Gooseberriesâ&#x20AC;? framed and bamboo. print near the sink. The decora3:30 PM - After taking tive highlights in this roomy our picture by the red BritGottliebâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, R.I.P. bathroom are the tea sayings done ish phone booth, a landin bronze calligraphy on buttery yellow mark at the Sixpence Pub, we duck in for a walls. A few favorites: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ecstasy is a glass full pint of good English beer, but alas, we need of tea and a piece of sugar in the mouth.â&#x20AC;? a loo. The Queenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s is busy, so the waitress Alexander Pushkin; â&#x20AC;&#x153;Tea is drunk to forget says to use the menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s (Kingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s) since â&#x20AC;&#x153;we the din of the world.â&#x20AC;? - Tien Yiheng; â&#x20AC;&#x153;When do it all the time.â&#x20AC;? The seat is up but clean I makes tea I makes tea.â&#x20AC;? - James Joyce; since it probably stays up most of the time. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There is a great deal of poetry and fine A pedestal sink has wooden handles that sentiment in a chest of tea.â&#x20AC;? - Ralph Waldo match the brown paper walls, the brown tile Emerson. floors, the brown marble-topped toilet tank 2:30 PM - We head to the bathroom top, and the brown splotches on the lower on the second floor of The Mansion after walls. A framed poster â&#x20AC;&#x153;Night Time Cofeating a flavorful lunch accompanied by fee,â&#x20AC;? shows four of the British phone booths, beer and lots of water. This part of the hotel a Victorian mansion, Big Ben, and a dive used to be a funeral home, and enroute to coffee shop. If one looks up, one sees an authe bathroom we pass four-foot high iron thentic silver-tinned ceiling in a floral patfiligree crosses that were found tern and a birds, books, and underneath the building in a spheres wallpaper border. tunnel that may have been used The minute one opens the to transport yellow fever victims door to exit, he is struck by to the Savannah River. A large a whole wall of the wallpagilt mirror marks the entrance pered books. to the restroom, which is sim5 PM - We finish the ply beautiful. Ten-inch-high day at Jenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and Friends, white floorboards and white a new establishment in the crown molding border the soft Johnson Square area. To use olive walls. The marble vanity is the loo, one exits the warm Mansion on Forsyth plum walls of the bar through done in complementary shades of swirled brighter greens, rust and cream a back door into a long hall painted cherry matching the foot-high marble back-splash red in a sponge-wash style. These walls are behind the stainless sink. Water comes dicovered with framed and matted Ansel rectly out of the wall and streams into the Adams photos. The bathroom itself is gray basin. The black floor tiles are interspersed four-inch tile walls and matching one-inch with 2-inch-square marble tiles in varitile floors with a message cork board and ous shades and patterns of olive, rust and decorated hand towel; a seasonal ribbon cream. Sitting on a cushioned velvet green decorates the mirror. Not fancy but clean upholstered and black-lacquered bench afand upbeat. w


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by Matt Brunson




Once again employing the rotoscoping process that he used in 2001’s Waking Life (basically, filming in live-action and then tracing over the images), writer-director Richard Linklater this time unleashes the technique on Philip K. Dick’s 1977 novel -- a match made in hallucinatory heaven. Seven years from now, 20 percent of the population will be comprised of junkies, and the US government, with the aid of an organization whose motives might not be squeaky-clean, is trying its best to break the nation of its habit. It sends an agent known only as Fred (Keanu Reeves) into the field to track down the suppliers of a deadly drug called Substance D. Posing as a slacker named Bob Arctor, he forges relationships with several dopers (Winona Ryder, Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson and Rory Cochrane), but as his own use of Substance D continues to fry his brain, he finds it increasingly difficult to ascertain what’s real and what’s imagined. Even with its animated overlay, A Scanner Darkly is far more restrained in its storytelling methods than other notable “drug flicks” (Requiem for a Dream, Naked Lunch), though the uniqueness of its visual style (that “scramble suit” is a wow!) nevertheless insures that there’s always something eyecatching on view. w

The fan frenzy surrounding Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest has reached such a fever pitch that had producer Jerry Bruckheimer merely shot two hours of Johnny Depp filling out his tax returns and released it under the Pirates moniker, it still would have scored a $75 million opening weekend without breaking a sweat. Yet at 145 minutes, Dead Man’s Chest ends up providing too much bang for the buck. That’s just about the same running time as its predecessor, but that film wore its length better. Certainly, those expecting amazing feats of derring-do won’t be disappointed by this new film. The effects-driven action scenes are clearly the picture’s highlights, and they alone make Dead Man’s Chest worth the price of admission. But on the heels of Superman Returns, a movie of substance that nevertheless made sure not to skimp on its adventure quota, this one too often rings hollow. The central thrust finds Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp) tangling with the ghostly Davy Jones (Bill Nighy) in an effort to save his own soul from eternal damnation beneath the sea’s surface; it’s possible that his scheme will require sacrificing his friends Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley), but that’s a compromise the self-serving Jack can accept.

Depp’s still a lot of fun as the scurrilous Sparrow, but a headline-grabbing performance that seemed blazingly original the first time around no longer has the power to surprise. Bloom’s Will and Knightley’s Elizabeth are even less developed, and except for a couple of quips (him) and tirades (her), it’s hard to remember anything of substance that they do during the course of the film. Instead, it’s the makeup-sporting actors who steal this one, particularly Nighy as the ruthless Davy Jones and Stellan Skarsgard as Will’s spectral father, “Bootstrap” Turner.


As Miranda Priestley, the ice-cold and rock-hard editor of the fashion magazine Runway, Meryl Streep speaks volumes with a quick glare here or a terse quip there. It’s a terrific comic performance, as rich as the ones she delivered in Postcards from the Edge and the otherwise unwatchable SheDevil. But let’s not undervalue Anne Hathaway’s contribution to the film. Hathaway (last seen in Brokeback Mountain) has the largest role as Andy Sachs, a college grad whose cluelessness about the fashion industry proves to be a drawback in her stint as Miranda’s worked-to-the-bone assistant. Hathaway is to Streep what Tom Cruise was to Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man -- a young talent carrying the load while al-





lowing a more established star to shine in smaller doses -- and she works around her character’s predictable arc to allow Andy to come alive on screen as her own person. Other players likewise deserve kudos. Stanley Tucci, an actor with a tendency to ham it up, smoothly underplays the role of Nigel, Miranda’s most dependable employee. And British actress Emily Blunt, a relative newcomer, makes a striking impression as Emily, the perpetually stressedout assistant whose entire life revolves around keeping Miranda happy. The film’s peeks into the fashion world are amusing, and the script makes some salient points about the lengths to which a person will allow themselves to be humiliated simply to hold onto a job. Once the focus turns to Andy’s crisis of conscience, the picture loses some of its bite. But not Meryl, whose ferocious work continues to take a sizable chunk out of the couture culture.


Today, the 1978 film version of Superman (directed by Richard Donner) may look primitive to young eyes weaned on PlayStation 2 and new-and-improved Tolkien tales, but it still holds up beautifully, with dazzling special effects, plenty of heart and spunk, and career performances by Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder. Director Bryan Singer, the X-Men and

X2 helmer who jumped ship to steer this franchise, chose to take the road less traveled. His movie is neither a remake of the 1978 staple nor a direct repudiation of it; instead, he imagined Superman Returns as a continuation of the original saga. For fans of Donner’s ‘78 model, the pleasures begin immediately with a triple play. First, those cool opening credits are back. Second, they’re accompanied by the familiar chords of John Williams’ score (John Ottman receives credit for original music, but so much of Williams’ classic piece is employed that new themes were hardly needed). Finally, Singer made the decision to borrow 1978 footage of Marlon Brando as Jor-El (the Man of Steel’s father) and use it at the beginning of his new picture. Learning that scientists had discovered the remains of his home planet of Krypton, Kal-El (Superman’s birth name) went to check it out for himself, only coming back to our planet after a five-year hiatus. Once again donning his human disguise as bumbling news reporter Clark Kent, he’s able to get his old job back at the Daily Planet, but other chapters of his life have been radically affected. Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth), now a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer (for an essay titled “Why The World Doesn’t Need Superman”), has tried to suppress her love for Superman: Having moved forward, she now has a young son (Tristan Leabu) and a fiance (James Marsden). Meanwhile, Superman’s arch-nemesis Lex Luthor (Kevin

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Spacey) is back in play and has ideas on buried under the sort of adolescent humor how to assert his authority through unusual that long ago became the actor’s calling card real estate ventures while also acquiring a (how many times do we have to watch the chunk of kryptonite to put the Man of Steel family dog hump a stuffed animal?). Then out of business. Singer has some problems the movie shifts its course dramatically: with rhythm and pacing -- the 150-minute Morphing into an update of Frank Capra’s running time eventually makes its presence It’s a Wonderful Life, it chronicles how the known, and the movie has at least one endremainder of Miing too many -- while chael’s life becomes Bosworth appears too a human tragedy, young and delicate to be as he’s unable to playing a tough, awardstop the remote winning journalist. Yet from fast-forwardin the central role, Routh ing through the manages to command years, ultimately Savannah Film Society our attention: He’s not leaving him with Presents Singin’ in the nearly as memorable bitter memories Rain, Grease and The as Reeve, but he’s easily and numerous able to hop between his regrets. Sound of Music hunky Superman perThe comedy isn’t sona and his goofy Clark as pointed as deThree beloved musicals will be preKent shtick while maksired and the drasented by the Savannah Film Society ing both characterizama isn’t as maudlin July 15 and 16 at Trustees Theater. tions believable. Spacey as expected, yieldUp first will be Singin’ in the Rain appears to be having a ing decidedly with Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds ball as Lex Luthor, and mixed results. Still, and Donald O’Connor on Saturday the movie’s flashes of it should prove at 3 p.m. Grease with John Tranasty humor (including to be an acceptvolta and Olivia Newton John will a startling yet hilarious able DVD rental in be presented Saturday at 7 p.m. On gag involving a pair of about six months. pomeranians) generally If they can get Sunday at 3 p.m., The Sound of Music can be found in scenes James Earl Jones with Julie Andrews and Christopher involving his character. for the audio comPlummer will be screened. Tickets mentary, so much are $6. For information, call 525the better. 5050 or visit CLICK 1/2 or Adam Sandler earns Nacho his hefty paychecks for Libre Psychotronic Film comedies like The Wedding Singer and the exSociety Presents Fallen For a movie that ecrable Big Daddy, but many people (inAngel: Gram Parsons he satisfies his thespian cluding me) tagged aspirations with films as this summer’s Nearly three decades after the unlike Punch-Drunk Love off-the-beatentimely death of songwriter Gram and the underrated path sleeper hit, Parsons, German director Gandulf Spanglish. With Click, Nacho Libre turns Hennig teams with Parsons acolyte, he attempts to have out to be a surpristhe Long Ryders’ Sid Griffin, to creit both ways. Spendingly mild affair, ate a portrait of Parson’s tragic life. ing more time suckone of those films The documentary is filled with rare ing up to his unctuous where the crephotographs and archival footage, boss (David Hasselhoff) ative juices dried as well as interviews with Parsons’ than bonding with his up at some point friends, family and admirers, includwife (Kate Beckinsale) between conceping Keith Richards, Dwight Yoakam, and kids, Michael Newtion and execution. Chris Hillman and Emmylou Harris. man (Sandler in familiar The premise held It will be presented Wednesday, July man-child mode) is so promise: Nacho 19 at 8 p.m. at The Sentient Bean, distracted that he can’t (Jack Black), the 13 E. Park Ave. Seating will begin at even keep track of the lowly cook at a 7:30 p.m. Tucjets are $5. For inforhousehold remotes (he Mexican monasmation, call 232-4447. w points the clicker at tery that doubles his TV and the garage as a home for ordoor opens). Venturphaned boys, realing into the “Beyond” izes that becoming section of Bed, Bath & a Lucha Libre wrestler would not only earn Beyond, he stumbles upon eccentric emhim enough money to better take care of ployee Morty (Christopher Walken), who the lads under his watch, but it might also gives him a universal remote that allows instill enough self-confidence so that he him to program his life as well as his TV won’t remain tongue-tied around the lovely set: He can mute the dog’s barking, fastnew nun (Penelope Cruz look-alike Ana de forward through foreplay and even listen to audio commentary (provided by James Earl la Reguera). But because the monks frown Jones) on past events in his life. For the first upon wrestling, Nacho is forced to disguise himself by donning a mask. Writerhalf of the film, this clever concept yields continued on page 32 some genuine laughs but more often gets





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continued from page 31

director Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) and co-scripter Mike White (The School of Rock) serve up a few potent gags, but they’re spread mighty thin throughout the picture’s running time. The remainder of the film is split between the sort of scatological humor we can find anywhere else — See Jack Black break wind! See Jack Black sit on the toilet! See Jack Black smear animal excrement on someone’s face! — and lazy south-of-theborder caricatures that aren’t funny, are offensive or are offensively funny. After a while, this disappointing film just lays there, like a wrestler body-slammed one time too many.


Sandra Bullock’s star-making performance in 1994’s fast and furious Speed rushed through auditoriums like a welcome breeze on a muggy summer day. But with the exception of those imbecilic Miss Congeniality comedies, it’s hard to recall a recent picture in which Bullock has been allowed to draw upon her natural charisma. On the other hand, Reeves in ‘94 was just emerging from a period in which his repeated miscasting in prestige pictures like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Dangerous Liaisons and Much Ado About Nothing left critics and fellow actors scratching their heads as to his ability to repeatedly land such high-profile roles. Since then, he’s excelled in a handful of diverse roles: iconic in The Matrix, funny in Thumbsucker and, in his best work, disarmingly romantic as he woos Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give. The Lake House, which brings the stars together for the first time since Speed, serves as an exclamation point to the evolution of their respective careers. Bullock plays Dr. Kate Forester, whose new position at a Chicago hospital convinces her to move into the city and leave behind the lake house she’s been renting. Before departing, she whips off a welcome note for the next tenant, who turns out to be an architect named Alex Wyler (Reeves). But Kate’s comments in the letter, concerning the condition of the house, don’t jibe with what Alex sees, so he writes her back to clarify. As the missives keep flying back and forth, both parties come to the startling realization that they’re actually corresponding over the years -- she’s writing and receiving his letters in 2006, he’s doing likewise in 2004 -- and that the lake house mailbox serves as the magic portal through which they’re able to communicate. The Lake House’s central idea could conceivably work under the right set of circumstances -- chief among them the presentation of two lovers whose ardor is so all-encompassing that we feel like we’ll die if they don’t end up in each other’s arms before the closing credits. But The Lake House doesn’t even begin to inspire that level of swoony romance on our parts. The blame begins with director Alejandro Agresti, whose principal concern was apparently making sure that cinematographer Alar Kivilo captured the right lighting for each shot. Yes, it’s all as pretty as a picture, only it’s the wrong type of picture -- we expect a motion picture, but we get a still life instead.


Robert Altman’s best film since the one-two punch of Short Cuts and The Player back in the early 1990s might at first glance seem like a minor work. For all its levity, the central theme focuses on the specter of Death -- how it hovers around us, how it haunts us, and how it can inform our every move. The movie chronicles the events that take place during the last broadcast of a popular radio show. The Axeman (Tommy Lee Jones), a corporate suit with no respect for history or tradition, has dropped by to make sure the closing goes according to plan. G.K. (Garrison Keillor), the program’s guiding light, takes it all in stride (“Every show is your last show; that’s my philoso-

CARS 1/2

For all its NASCAR trappings, Cars is ultimately a paean to Route 66. The cars are the characters -- no humans exist in this world -- and the most prominent vehicle is Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson), a rookie sensation on the NASCAR circuit (the name is doubtless an homage to Steve McQueen, a real-life racing enthusiast). Lightning is cocky, conceited and convinced that he needs nobody’s help to make it to the top. Clearly, Lightning is due for a comeuppance even more than he’s due for an oil and filter change. On his way to California to prepare for a race against a grizzled veteran known as The King (Richard Petty) and a loudmouth called Chick Hicks (Michael Keaton), Lightning unexpectedly winds up

W h a t ’s P l a y i n g W h e r e CARMIKE 10




511 Stephenson Ave. • 353-8683 Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Devil Wears Prada, Waist Deep, Nacho Libre, Fast & Furious 3, The Omen, Da Vinci Code, Poseidon 1100 Eisenhower Dr. • 352-3533 Superman Returns, Click, Garfield, The Lake House, Cars


1132 Shawnee St. • 927-7700 Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Devil Wears Prada, Waist Deep, Fast & Furious 3, Nacho Libre, The Omen, An Inconvenient Truth 216 E. Broughton • 525-5050 Singin’ in the Rain, -- July 15 at 3 p.m., Grease -- July 15 at 7 p.m., The Sound of Music, July 16 at 3 p.m. $6

1150 Shawnee St. • 920-1227 SENTIENT BEAN Superman Returns, Click, Garfield, The 13 E. Park Ave. • 232-4447 Lake House, Cars, Prairie Home ComFallen Angel: Gram Parsons -panion, The Break-up, X-Men, Over the July 19 at 8 p.m., $5 Hedge Info correct as of the Monday prior to our going to press. Call venues for updates. phy”), more concerned that all the talent is in place. And what talent! First, there are the singing sisters Yolanda and Rhonda Johnson (Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin). Then there are the cowboys Dusty (Woody Harrelson) and Lefty (John C. Reilly), adept at crooning cowpoke tunes. Backstage, the characters are no less colorful. Guy Noir (Kevin Kline) handles security, though his bumbling manner recalls Inspector Clouseau more than it does Sam Spade. Yolanda’s daughter Lola (Lindsay Lohan) mopes around in the dressing room while Mom performs. And then there’s the mysterious lady (Virginia Madsen) who appears out of nowhere and hangs around for the rest of the show. When the radio performers are front and center, the movie is nothing less than a joyous celebration of both Americana and the arts. Streep (who sang to equally good effect in Postcards from the Edge) and Tomlin make a formidable duet, while Harrelson and Reilly break through any lingering melancholy with their steady stream of quips.

in the town of Radiator Springs, a once-bustling Route 66 burg whose status rapidly collapsed once the freeway insured that all cross-country traffic would be diverted away from the town. He becomes acquainted with the locals, including Sally (Bonnie Hunt), a former big-city lawyer who prefers the simple life; Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), a good ole boy tow truck whose idea of a good time is tipping sleeping tractors; and Doc Hudson (Paul Newman), a sage automobile who teaches the young hothead a few things.


There’s a fine movie trapped inside The Break-Up, and it’s a shame that it couldn’t break free. Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston play Gary and Brooke, whose initial meeting and courtship are dealt with during the opening credits. From there, an argument over a dinner party proves to be the catalyst for the pair deciding to call it quits. He’s a prick; she’s a saint. Why exactly would we have an interest in whether these two remain together? Simple answer: We don’t.


It’s a testament to the durability of the original comic created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby that the movie survives this hostile takeover. A “cure” has been found for mutancy, leading to divergent viewpoints among those afflicted with extraordinary powers. Some, like X-Woman Storm (Halle Berry) and the villainous Magneto (Ian McKellen), don’t look at mutancy as a curse. Others see nothing wrong in desiring a life of normalcy; among those is Rogue (Anna Paquin), whose mere touch can kill anyone, even a boyfriend (Shawn Ashmore’s Iceman) with whom she can never enjoy even the most chaste of physical intimacy. Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Cyclops (James Marsden)? They don’t seem too preoccupied with the issue, since they’re both still reflecting on the death of Jean Grey (Famke Jansen), who sacrificed herself at the end of X2.


No instant classic and it won’t sweep next year’s Academy Awards. Conversely, also not a turkey for the ages. Steered by his Apollo 13 direct or Ron Howard, Tom Hanks plays the central role of Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbologist whose book-signing stint in Paris is cut short when he’s summoned to the Louvre to hopefully shed light on the strange circumstances surrounding the murder of an elderly curator. What Langdon doesn’t initially know is that the detective on the case, the gruff Bezu Fache (French national treasure Jean Reno), is convinced that he’s the killer. With a police cryptologist named Sophie Neveu (Amelie’s Audrey Tautou) as his only ally, Langdon evades capture and begins a jaunt across France and, later, England in an attempt to solve an ancient mystery that, if revealed, could potentially spell the end of Christianity as we know it. Seeking guidance, Langdon and Sophie turn to British scholar Leigh Teabing (Ian McKellen, easily earning MVP honors) to fill in the missing pieces.


Yet another charmless animated feature made by profiteers whose historical reference point seems to begin and end with Shrek. In other words, don’t look for what was once quaintly referred to as “Disney magic,” that timeless, ethereal quality that used to be par for the course in toon flicks like Dumbo, 101 Dalmatians and, in more recent times, Beauty and the Beast. With rare exception, today’s cartoon characters aren’t allowed to be romantic or introspective or lovably quixotic -- usually, they’re too busy hyperventilating or passing gas or trying to find ways to screw over their fellow toons. This is more of the same, as an opportunistic raccoon cons a group of peaceful forest denizens into helping him invade suburbia and steal the humans’ junk food. w

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League of Women Voters

included in the SPLOST vote set for Sept. 19. Hearings will be held Thursday, July 13 at 6:30 p.m. and Friday, July 21 at 9:30 a.m. during the regular County Commission meeting. For information, call Pete Nichols at 652-7923.

Connect Savannah 07.12.06


the 411|Happenings

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Call for Applications Grassroots Arts Program

The City of Savannah’s Department of Cultural Affairs is seeking applicants for its 2006-2007 Grassroots Arts Program, which supports activities that provide arts, heritage and culturally based learning opportunities for the general public. Funding of up to $2,000 per program is available through a competitive review process. The deadline for project proposals is Friday, Sept. 1 at 5 p.m. Applications and guidelines can be found at or call 651-6417. A series of workshops about the program and application process will be held July 22 at 11 a.m. and July 25, Aug. 8 and Aug. 10 at 3:30 p.m. at 9 W. Henry St.

Classes, Camps & Workshops Adult Education

The Women’s Center of Wesley Community Centers, 1601 Drayton St., offers tutoring Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in basic literacy skills, GED preparation and computer training. Call 447-5711.

The Art School

Summer 2006 classes will run for a week at a time. Students attend Monday through Friday. There are two sessions a day, one for ages 6-10 and the other for ages 11-teen. The morning session is 9 a.m. to noon and the afternoon session is 1-4 p.m. The price per week is $160. Art supplies are provided. Classes include People & Pets July 17-21 and This Land is Your Land. July 24-28. For information, visit www.TheArtSchool.-Sav. com or call Lind at 921-1151.

Art with Clay

Free pottery lessons. Coiling, slab building, pinch pots or try the wheel. Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at the Glazed Over Pottery Painting Place, 1190 King George Blvd., behind Steamers. Call 9614494 or send e-mail to glazedoverppp@aol. com.

Baby sign classes

Savannah Speech & Hearing Center is offering Baby Sign classes for babies aged 6-12 months and their parents. The cost is $50, which includes materials. To register, call 355-4601.

Babysitters training class

St. Joseph’s/Candler Childhood Injury Prevention Program offers a class for boys and girls 11-15 who want to become babysitters. The cost is $35. Call 819-8583.

Christopher Scott Writing Classes

“I’ve never written anything since leaving school” -- but you always wanted to write. A two-evening course set for July 10 and 11 will get you started. All details at www. or call 398-1727.

Clay Classes in Hand-building

will be held Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Carolyne’s Studio. An open studio is available Fridays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. To register, call 925-5465.

Construction Apprentice Training Opportunity

Project SAV is recruiting persons interested in an upcoming training program. Orientation sessions will be held Wednesday, July 19 at 10 a.m. at the Housing Authority of Savannah Neighborhood Resource Center

at 1407 Wheaton St.; Thursday, July 20 at 5:30 p.m. at St. Pius X Family Recourse Center at 705 E. Anderson St.; and Tuesday, July 25 at 11 a.m. at St. Mary’s Community Center, 812 W. 36th St. Call 604-9574.

Culinary Arts Training Program

The Employment & Training Center of Union Mission, Inc. and Savannah Technical College are accepting students into this 18week program at the Starfish Cafe. To enroll, attend an assessment on July 13 or July 27 at 1 p.m. in the chapel of Union Mission’s J.C. Lewis Health center, 125 Fahm St. or call Mindy Saunders at 234-0525.

Fany’s Spanish/English Institute

Spanish is fun. Classes for adults and children are held at 15 E. Montgomery Cross Rd. Call 921-4646 or 220-6570 to register.

First Steps parent education program

This parent education and support program is based at St. Joseph’s/Candler. Call 8196910.

Georgia Center for Non-Profits Workshop

This three-hour workshop will be held July 14 to highlight how to create an effective, integrated communications plan. It will be held in Hospice Savannah’s training room, 1352 Eisenhower Dr. Advance registration is required. Call 234-9688.

Guided Imagery

Change your life with guided imagery. Read about it in Oprah magazine, January 2006. Ditch anxiety, manage deadlines, lose weight, recovery from surgery. Call the Alpha Institute, 201-0071.

Horse Camp

will be held July 17-21 at Norwood Stables. The cost is $200. Call 356-1387.

Housing Authority of Savannah Classes

Free classes will be offered at the Neighborhood Resource Center, 1407 Wheaton St. Some classes are on-going. Adult Literacy is offered every Monday and Wednesday from 4-6 p.m. Homework Help is offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4:30 p.m. The Community Computer Lab is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Job Readiness will be offered July 11, 18 and 25 from 9 a.m. to noon. On Friday, July 14 from 10-11:30 a.m., an infant and child CPR class will be offered. A Budgeting Seminar will be held Monday, July 24 from 9 a.m. to noon. Call 232-4232, Ext. 115 to register.

Life Challenge Consulting

When would now be a great time to engage yourself in life-changing strategies. Career; stress reduction; spirituality. Free initial halfhour consultation. Call Cindy Beach, M.S., at 429-7265.

Mindfulness and Ordinary Recovery

Indepth exploration of the 11th step. Meditation and contemplation instruction provided as it applies to recovery and maintenance. Classes are held on Monday from noon to 1 p.m. or 7:30-8:30 p.m. Class fee is $12. 313 E. Harris St. For information, call Cindy Beach, M.S., 429-7265.

Nonprofits Communications Planning Workshop

will be presented July 14 from 9 a.m. to noon at Hospice Savannah, 1352 Eisenhower Dr. by Marjorie Young, president of Carriage Trade PR. The cost is $40 for members of the Georgia Center for Nonprofits and $50 for nonmembers. Advance registration is required. Call 234-9688 or register online

at Training.asps.

The Publishing Scene

A one-day course for writers on the world of publishing will be held Sunday, July 16. Learn about agents, publishers, self-publishing and publishing-on-demand. For details, fees and reservations, call 3981727 or visit

Puppet Shows

are offered by St. Joseph’s/Candler AfricanAmerican Health Information & Resource Center for schools, day cares, libraries, churches, community events and fairs. Call 447-6605.

Residential Weekend FictionWriting Workshop

will be conducted by Christopher Scott Aug. 4-6 in Killington, Vermont. The cost is $495, which is all inclusive. Call 398-1727.

Safe Teen Driving Program

The Chatham County Youth Commission has partnered with State Farm to provide this program for youth between 14-18. The program consists of 6 1/2 hours of classroom training with lunch, which will be provided. Classes will be held July 22 and 29 and Aug. 19 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Coastal Georgia Center. In order to receive a certificate and be eligible for an insurance discount, a parent or guardian must attend the first hour of the class. Call 652-7886.

Savannah Children’s Theatre Camp

Campers will be cast in, rehearse and perform in summer productions. The Wiz camp will be open to 6th through 12th graders and will be held July 24-Aug. 6. Camp will be held Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and costs $375. Call 355-8003.

Savannah Entrepreneurial Center offers a variety of business classes. The center is at 801 E. Gwinnett St. Call 6523582.

Sign Language Course

will be held for six weeks on Thursday evenings from 5:30-7 p.m., beginning July 27, at Savannah Speech and Hearing Center, 1206 E. 66th St. The instructor will be Donna Reeder. Pre-registration is required. Call 355-4601.

Skills of Fiction-Writing

Christopher Scott Writing Courses teaches self-contained evening classes Tuesdays or Thursdays throughout the year on specific aspects of writing and publishing fiction. For details, schedules, fees and reservations, call 398-1727 or visit www.cscottwriting. com/savworkshop.htm.

S.T.A.R.S. Summer Camp

St. Joseph’s/Candler’s St. Mary’s Community Center, 812 W. 36th St., is offering a summer camp for students in kindergarten through 8th grades that provides arts and crafts, swimming, outdoor games and academic skill building through July 21, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to noon. Call Program Coordinator Artinique Thomas at 447-0578.

Thinking of Starting a Small Business is a workshop set for July 27 from 6-8:30 p.m. in the Conference Room of the Small Business Assistance Center, 111 E. Liberty St. The cost is $40 if you pre-register and pre-pay, or $50 the day of the workshop. Call 651-3200.

Tybee Arts Association Summer Classes

The Arts of Japan with Atsuko Smith will be presented for ages over 12 July 17-20 from 9-11 a.m. It will include origami, calligraphy and more. The cost is $40. Beautiful Beading with Margie Gravina will be held July 1720 from 1-4 p.m. for ages 5 and up. The cost is $65. Sing Your Heart Out and Record Your Own Song Part II with Jan Spillane will be held July 17-20 and 24-27 from 1-4 p.m. for ages 8 and up. The cost is $180. All classes will be held at the old Tybee School. For a registration form, call Natalie von Loewenfeldt at 441-4487 or visit www.

Tybee Island Marine Science Center

offers hands-on classes for students of all ages from pre-kindergarten through adults. Classes include microscope labs, squid dissection, guided beach walks and tours of the Science Center. Call 786-5917 or visit www.

Writing Classes in Savannah

The 2006 schedule of classes offered by Christopher Scott Writing Courses includes weekday (evening), full weekend and single-day weekend classes for writers of all standards. Learn the basic Skills of Writing Fiction (plus a two-evening preparatory course entitled I’ve never written anything since leaving School!) or take the Advanced Fiction Writing course designed for more experienced writers. Other classes include The Publishing Scene and Writing Family Memoirs. Learn to write and get published. Find details, schedules, fees, etc. at www. or call 398--1727.

Writing Family Memoirs

Christopher Scott Writing Courses will teach a one-day course on researching, organizing and writing family memoirs on Saturday, July 14. For all details, fees and reservations, call 398-1727 or visit www.

YMCA Summer Day Camp

is registering kids ages 2 to 12. This year’s camp theme is Feel the Spirit. Camp will run through Aug. 11 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Activities include swimming, arts and crafts, sports, music, field trips, movies, spiritual enrichment, dance, character development and cultural and educational programs. Registration is $40 per child and the weekly fee ranges from $50 to $80 per week based on household income. Call 233-1951.

Clubs & Organizations

AASU Sci-Fi Fantasy Club

This is an official student club of Armstrong Atlantic State University that accepts non-students as associate members. It is devoted to the exploration and enjoyment of the genres of science fiction and fantasy. Activities include book discussions, movie screenings, role playing game sessions, board and card games, guest speakers, episode marathons and armor demonstrations. Provides guest speakers to educators upon request. Call Michael at 220-8129, send e-mail to or or visit http://

the 411|Happenings every Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at The Red Zone Bar and Grill in Richmond Hill. Half of the proceeds of a 50/50 drawing go to the military for phone cards and other items.

Chihuahua Club of Savannah

A special little club for special little dogs and their owners meets one Saturday each month at 10:30 a.m. For information, visit http://

Civil Air Patrol

is the civilian, volunteer auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force and is involved in search and rescue, aerospace education and cadet programs. Meets every Tuesday at 6 p.m. for cadets (12-18 years old)â&#x20AC;&#x2C6;and 7 p.m. for adult members at the former Savannah Airport terminal building off Dean Forest Road. Visit, send e-mail to N303WR@, or call Capt. Jim Phillips at 4124410.

Clean Coast

Coastal Bicycle Touring Club of Savannah

Visit for meeting schedule and more information. Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at Tubbyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tank House restaurant in Thunderbolt at 6:30 p.m. 728-5989.

Daughters of Destiny

An ongoing seminar for women who want to make changes in their lives through spirituality and positive reinforcement meets every Monday at 7 p.m. at Daughters of Destiny House, 12 E. 41st St. Facilitated by Miriam Center. Call 663-0894.

English Style Table Soccer

Savannah Subbuteo Club. Call 667-7204 or visit

Historic Savannah Chapter of ABWA

will meet Thursday, July 13 at 6 p.m. at Putt Putt Golf and Games, 202 Mall Blvd. After golf, a dinner and installation service will be held at La Nopalera at 108 Mall Blvd. The cost is the price of golf and a meal. RSVP at 233-2838.

Historic Victorian Neighborhood Association

meets the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the American Legion, Post 135, 1108 Bull St. between Park Avenue and Duffy Street. Call 236-8546.

Military Order of the Purple Heart Ladies Auxiliary meets the first Saturday of the month at 1 p.m. at American Legion Post 184 in Thunderbolt. Call 786-4508.

No Kidding!

is the areaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first social club for single and married adults who do not have children. Meet other non-parents at events and activities. For information on No Kidding! visit or send e-mail to

Rogue Phoenix Sci-Fi Fantasy Club

Members of Starfleet International and The Klingon Assault Group meet twice a month, on the first Sunday at 4 pm. at Books-AMillion and the third Tuesday at Chenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Chinese Restaurant at 20 E. Derenne Ave. at 7:30 p.m. Call 692-0382, email kasak@ or visit

St. Almo

The name stands for Savannah True Animal Lovers Meeting Others. Informal dog walks

Savannah Area Landlord & Real Estate Investors Association

Learn to be a real estate investor or landlord. Group meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Spiva Law Group, 12020 Abercorn St. The doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting begins at 7:30 p.m.

Savannah Area Sacred Harp Singers

The public is invited to come and sing early American music and folk hymns from the shape note tradition. This non-denominational community musical activity emphasizes participation, not performance. Songs are from The Sacred Harp, an oblong songbook first published in 1844. Call 655-0994.

Savannah Art Association

meets the second Thursday of the month from 6-8 p.m. On June 8, guest artist Susie Chisholm will present Evolution of a Scultpure. Call 232-7731.

Savannah Brewersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; League

Meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at Moon River Brewing Co., 21 W. Bay St. 447-0943. Call 447-0943 or visit www. and click on Clubs, then Savannah Brewers League.

Savannah Council, Navy League of the United States

has a dinner meeting the fourth Tuesday of each month (except December) at 6 p.m. at the Hunter Club, Hunter Army Airfield. Call John Findeis at 748-7020.

Savannah Fencing Club

offers beginning classes Tuesday and Thursday evenings for six weeks. Fees are $40. Some equipment is provided. After completing the class, you may become a member of the Savannah Fencing Club for $5 per month. Experienced fencers are welcome to join. Call 429-6918 or send email to

Savannah Jaycees

for young professionals ages 21 to 39 is a Junior Chamber of Commerce that focuses on friendship, career development and community involvement. Meets the second and fourth Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. Dinner is included and there is no charge for guests. Call 961-9913 or visit www.savannahjaycees. com.

Savannah Kennel Club

meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. from September through May at the Fire Mountain restaurant on Stephenson Avenue. Those who wish to eat before the

meeting are encouraged to arrive earlier. 6562410.

Savannahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s First Pug Playday

This group meets every first Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Savannah Dog Park at 41st and Drayton streets. All humans and dogs who live in a pug household are welcome. A donation to the Savannah Dog Park would be appreciated. Contact Mike or Melinda at

Savannah Toastmasters

helps you improve speaking and leadership skills in a friendly and supportive environment on Mondays at 6:15 p.m. at Memorial Health University Medical Center, Conference Room C. 352-1935.

Tybee Performing Arts Society

meets the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the old Tybee school All interested, please attend or send e-mail to ried793@

Urban Professionals

meets first Fridays at 7:30 p.m. at Vu at the Hyatt on Bay Street. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not having fun, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not doing it right. Call 272-9830 or send e-mail to

The Young Professionals of Savannah

For information, contact Jacob Cottingham at


Adult Ballet &â&#x20AC;&#x2C6;Modern Dance Classes at Islands Dance Academy, 115 Charlotte Dr, Whitemarsh Island near Publix shopping center. Challenging, rewarding and fun. All levels and body types welcome. Beginner-Intermediate Adult Ballet is held Mondays and Thursdays from 6:30-7:30

p.m. Intermediate/Advanced Ballet is held Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Beginner Adult Modern is Mondays from 1-2 p.m. Intermediate/ Advanced Modern is Mondays from 10-11:30 a.m. A variety of youth classes ages 3 to teen are available. Call Sue Braddy at 897-2100.

Ballroom Dance Party

will be held Saturday, July 15 at the Islands Community Center, 160 Whitemarsh Island Rd. The basic lesson on the Mambo will start at 7 p.m. followed by the social dance from 8-10:30 p.m. The cost is $6 for members and $10 for non-members Beginners and singles are welcome. Refreshments are provided. Call 961-9960.

Flamenco Enthusiasts

Dance or learn flamenco in Savannah with the Flamenco Cooperative. Meetings are held on Saturdays from 1 to 2:30 or 3 p.m. at the Maxine Patterson School of Dance. Any level welcome. If you would like to dance, accompany or sing, contact Laura Chason at

The Savannah Shag Club

Savannahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s original shag club meets every Wednesday at the Holidayâ&#x20AC;&#x2C6;Inn Midtown at 6:30 p.m. Admission is free. Call 927-9439.

Shag-Beach Bop-Etc. Savannah

hosts Magnificent Mondays from 6:30-11 p.m. at Doubleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Holiday Inn/Midtown, 7100 Abercorn St. Free basic shag, swing, salsa, cha cha, line dance and others are offered the first two Mondays and free shag lessons are offered. The lesson schedule is posted at and announced each continued on page 36



Try it




The SenTienT Bean 13 e. Park ave | 232.4447

Voted Best Coffee & Coffeeshop2004 by the readers of Connect Savannah We asked our customers why...

"The Bean has done as much to raise a community in Savannah as any government agency... for sure! -Mel Mrochinki, The Senator's Gate B&B

Live Music, indie Film, Poetry For events listings visit:



50min $25/call



5+0).'5 Pay on your mobile phone, Text â&#x20AC;&#x153;QUESTâ&#x20AC;? to 77003. $9.99/20 min*

Connect Savannah 07.12.06

meets monthly on the first Monday at the Jewish Educational Alliance, 5111 Abercorn St. Check for event schedule.

are held Sundays (weather permitting). Meet at 6:25 p.m. at Canine Palace, 618 Abercorn St. Call 234-3336.

18+. No liability. Restrictions apply. *Cingular, Nextel, Boost and Sprint only.

Bike Night with Mikie


Connect Savannah 07.12.06


the 411|Happenings

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Monday. The dance lessons are held 6:307:30 p.m. Special cocktail prices are from 6:30-10 p.m. and their are hors d’ouerves. There is no cover charge. Everyone is invited and welcomed into club membership. Call 927-4784 or 398-8784 or visit

The Studio

has ongoing classes throughout the summer. Intermediate/Advanced Ballet is Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 p.m., Intermediate and Advanced Jazz is Tuesdays at 7 p.m. and Hip Hop is Thursdays at 7 p.m. A Summer Ballet Intensive with Kristin Sloan of New York City Ballet will be held July 25-Aug. 4. Fall classes begin Aug. 7 and registration is being accepted now. The Studio is located at 2805 Roger Lacey Ave. just off the intersection of Skidaway and Victory. Call 6959149.

Youth Dance Program

The West Broad Street YMCA, Inc. presents its Instructional Dance Program in jazz and ballet for kids 4 to 18. $30 per month for one class and $35 per month for both classes. Call 233-1951.


6th Annual Southern Isles Bodybuilding and Figure Championships

will be held Saturday, July 22 at Armstrong Atlantic State University’s Fine Arts Auditorium. Pre-judging is at 10 a.m. and the finals show is at 7 p.m. Special door prizes, including a stay at the Forsyth Park Inn, will be given away at the finals. For

tickets, entries or information, contact Tony or Mary Ann at 897-1263.


A balanced life

Student massage and yoga classes are offered at the Savannah School of Massage Therapy, Inc. Cost ranges from $20 to $30 for a one-hour massage and sessions are instructor supervised. Call 355-3011 for an appointment. Multi-level yoga classes are offered Monday and Friday at 5:45 p.m. Cost is $10 for drop-ins, $40 for a package card of five classes. Walk-ins are welcome. The school is located at 6413B Waters Ave.

Center for Wellbeing Hatha Yoga classes

are offered Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in Suite 203 of the Candler Heart and Lung Building, 5356 Reynolds St. Cost is $30 for four sessions or $50 for 8 sessions. 819-6463.

Free Nutritional Counseling/Body Fat Testing

by certified nutritional consultants. Muscle Quest Sports Nutrition Center, 109 Jefferson St. downtown. Call ahead to reserve a space at 232-4784.

Jade Lotus Tai Chi Group

Classes are offered Saturdays from 9:3011:30 a.m. and Wednesdays from 7-9 p.m. at the Unity Church, 2320 Sunset Blvd. Dropin rate is $10, $8 for students or 10 classes for $80, $70 for students. All experience levels are welcome. Look on the web at

Answers on page 41

The Jewish Education Alliance

Join Amy Levy at 9:45 am on Fridays for yoga. Fee is $35 per month, Water Aerobics, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 10:30 am. Fee is $42 a month for up to 16 sessions, Step Aerobics will be offered at the JEA on Thursday’s at 6:15 am. Cost is $35 per month. Call Drew Edmonds at 3558111.

Ladies Living Smart fitness club

provides nutritional education and exercise to encourage lifestyle changes at the St. Joseph’s/Candler African-American Health Information and Resource Center, 1910 Abercorn St. at 5:30 p.m. Call 447-6605. Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Pilates Classes

are offered at the St. Joseph’s/Candler Center for WellBeing, Suite 203 of the Candler Heart and Lung Building, 5356 Reynolds St. Four sessions are $30, eight sessions are $50. Pre-register by calling 819-6463.

Savannah Yoga Center

will hold an open house on Thursday, July 13 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. with free yoga classes all day. Classes offered seven days a week. Community Flow yoga is offered three times a week at a cost of $5 per session. For other classes, the drop-in rate is $13, the student drop-in rate is $11 with ID and active duty military/dependents rate is $9. The summer schedule is: Monday, Community Flow Yoga from 8:30-9:30 a.m. and All Levels Flow Yoga from 5:30-6:45 p.m.; Tuesday: Yoga Basics from 6-7:15 p.m.; Wednesday, Gentle Yoga from 5:306:45 p.m.; Thursday, Dynamic Flow Yoga

from 6-7:15 p.m.; Friday, Community Flow Yoga from 10-11 a.m.; Saturday, All Levels Flow Yoga from 10:30-11:45 a.m.; and Sunday, Community Flow Yoga from 5-6 p.m. Located at the International Center for Leadership and Coaching, 25 E. 40th St. at Drayton Street. Call Director Kelley Boyd at 441-6653, email or visit

Tai Chi Classes

are offered Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30-11:30 a.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in Suite 203, Candler Heart and Lung Building, 5356 Reynolds St. Four sessions are $30 or eight sessions are $50. Call 819-6463.

Water aerobics at the JEA

The Jewish Educational Alliance is offering aquatics classes. Call Shannon at 748-2393. classes taught by Debra Whalen R.Y.T. are offered Wednesdays from 5:30-6:45 p.m. at Muscle Quest Sports Nutrition Center, 109 Jefferson St. downtown. $10 drop-in fee. Call ahead to reserve a space at 232-4784.

The Yoga Room

Monday Level I and II 6:30-8 p.m., Mommy and Me Yoga 4-5 p.m. Tuesday Level II and III from 6-7:30 p.m. Wednesday Level I from 10-11:30 a.m. and Level I and II from 6-7:30 p.m. Thursday Vinyasa Flow from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Friday Level I from 6-7:30 p.m. Saturday Vinyasa Flow from 9-10 a.m. and Level I from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Sunday Level II and III from 5-6:30 p.m. There are openings for private sessions on weekends. Visit or call 898-0361.

the 411|Happenings Yogalates Classes

are offered by St. Joseph’s/Candler for WellBeing on Thursdays from 5:45-6:45 p.m. in Suite 203 of the Candler Heart and Lung Building, 5356 Reynolds St. The cost is $30 for four sessions or $50 for eight sessions. Call 819-6463.

Gay & Lesbian

First City Network Board Meeting

Meets the first Monday at 6 p.m. at FCN’s office, 307 E. Harris St., 3rd floor. 236-2489.

First City Network Community Center and Library The FCN Community Center & Library is open Saturdays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Visitors are welcome to check out gay/lesbian books and obtain information on “Gay Savannah” businesses and happenings. 236-CITY

First City Network’s Workforce project

Gay AA Meeting

meets Sunday and Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at 307 E. Harris St., second floor. For information, contact Ken at 398-8969.

Georgia Equality Savannah

is the local chapter of Georgia’s largest gay rights group. 104 W. 38th St. 944-0996.


is First City’s gay youth support group. Meets every Thursday at 7 p.m. at the FCN Headquarters, 307 E. Harris St., 3rd floor. Call 657-1966.

What Makes A Family

is a children’s therapy group for children of GLBT parents. Groups range in age from 10 to 18 and are held twice a month. Call 3522611.


Be Stress Free

This group meets monthly to practice a variety of meditation techniques. Meets every second Sunday from noon to 1 p.m. at 6205 Abercorn St., No. 203. Arrive 5-10 minutes before noon and go to the front door. Access peace, healing, clarity and inner wisdom. Beginners are welcome. To reserve a space, email Ellen Farrell, M.A. at

Can’t Sleep?

Can’t sleep or stay asleep? Hypnosis and guided imagery works. Call 201-0071 for more information.

Case Management Program

St. Joseph’s/Candler African-American Health Information and Resource Center, 1910 Abercorn St., will sponsor a client assessment and referral service that assists individuals in obtaining health care and medical assistance, indigent services, housing and other social services. Call 447-6605 or 232-2003.

Circle of Healing

Connect, discuss, meditate and share energy with live-minded individuals in this free, inspirational circle of healing at the Center for Holistic Healing at Memorial Health, 300 Bull St. Call 236-2131.

Community HealthCare Center

is a non-profit organization that provides free medical care for uninsured individuals who work or live in Chatham County and do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. All patients receive free examinations,

medicine through the patient assistance program and free lab work. Women receive free pap smears and mammograms. Call 692-1451 to see if you qualify for services. Located at 310 Eisenhower Dr., No. 5, Medical Center.


—from the boardroom to the bathroom. by Matt Jones

Community Cardiovascular Council, Inc.

offers free blood pressure checks Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 1900 Abercorn St. Call 232-6624.

Dual Recovery Anonymous

This 12-step program addresses all addictions and mental health recovery. Persons who are recovering from an addiction and a mental health problem can send e-mail to for information.

Eating Disorders/Self Harm Support Group

A 12-step group for people with eating disorders and self-harm disorders. For information, call Brandon Lee at 927-1324.

Every Step Counts Survivor Walk

This monthly cancer survivors’ walk is free and open to all survivors and their loved ones. Call DeDe Cargill at 398-6654.

Free blood pressure checks and blood sugar screenings

are conducted at three locations within St. Joseph’s/Candler. From 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 5:15-7 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, checks will be offered at the St. Joseph’s/Candler African-American Health Information and Resource Center, 1910 Abercorn St. Call 447-6605 to make an appointment. Checks are offered every Monday from 10 a.m. to noon at the Smart Senior office, No. 8 Medical Arts Center. No appointment is necessary. Checks will be offered Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at St. Mary’s Community Center at 812 W. 36th St. Call 447-0578.

Free hearing & speech screening

Every Thursday morning from 9 a.m.-12 noon at the Savannah Speech and Hearing Center, 1206 E. 66th Street. Call 355-4601.

Free skin cancer screening

will be held July 15 from 9:30 a.m. to noon at the Islands YMCA. To register, call 819-3368

Gastric Bypass Surgery Session

Memorial Health Bariatrics presents free informational sessions every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Medical Education Auditorium with Dr. John Angstadt and other staff members, who discuss obesity and the surgical process. Free. Call 350-DIET or visit

Georgia Cares Medicare Part D Assistance

The toll-free hotline is 1-800-669-8387.

Got a drug problem? Need help?

Call the Narcotics Anonymous Helpline at 1-800-334-3322.

HIV/AIDS and STD awareness training

My Brothaz Home, Inc., a local nonprofit HIV/AIDS organization, offers free HIV/ AIDS and STD awareness training, risk reduction counseling and prevention case management to individual males and groups of males. Upon completion of the training, a monetary incentive and educational materials will be given to each participant. Call 2318727.

La Leche League of Savannah Call Phoebe at 897-9261.

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Across 1 Has sex with 6 Angry and impatient 11 Internet access variety, for short 14 Have ___ (whoop it up) 15 Like some slot machines 16 Ambient rocker Brian 17 Balance sheet item that’s mentioned while doing your business? 19 ___ canto (operatic style) 20 It may come with multiple forks 21 Feature of some benefits packages 23 Realm ruled until 1806, for short 24 Cheese’s partner 26 Bugs 27 Mark Mothersbaugh’s former group 30 Easily entertained 33 “What ___” (Sublime song) 34 Word that’s intoned 35 First language of Hank’s neighbor on “King of the Hill” 38 Donald’s girlfriend 40 Video game with arrows and a floor pad, for short 41 Nest components 43 Unlike 666 44 The postal service 47 Achilles’s weak spot 48 Hot, platonic “date” for the evening 50 ___-Cuban 51 It may be enough 53 Item on the “Friday the 13th Part 2” poster 54 Really fast plane, for short 56 His Symphony No. 10 is unfinished 58 Horn of Africa residents 62 Suffix for Gator or Power 63 Theory discussed while doing your business? 66 Drunk’s syllable 67 Square 68 Female demon 69 Boat full of animals 70 Fred Astaire’s sister 71 Fixing one’s shoelaces

Down 1 Like those with alopecia 2 “Village Voice” award 3 How-to URLs 4 They may be in short supply in the winter 5 More crafty 6 Lacking bubbles 7 Canon autofocus film system 8 Windows precursor 9 It may be worth a little on a lot 10 Rose or Rozelle 11 Assistance provided while doing your business? 12 Move stealthily 13 Slumps lazily 18 Bedtime story? 22 Nothing, on scoreboards 24 Ordinary 25 “Pippi Longstocking” author Lindgren 27 “Life for Rent” pop singer 28 Word akin to “I say!” 29 Cancel payment, while doing your business? 31 Film followed up by “The Road Warrior” 32 Corked item 36 Ending for teen 37 Ferry destination from Copenhagen 39 “That’s good eatin’!!!” 42 Exclamation after plopping down on the sofa 45 How some may be for life 46 Household spray 49 Belief sys. 51 City on the Missouri 52 Lowest point 55 Do some metallurgy 57 Italian cone 58 Kind of terrier 59 When doubled, a Hawaiian massage technique 60 Victorious shout 61 Problem 64 Hoppin’ mad feeling 65 450

©2006 Jonesin’ Crosswords( For answers to this puzzle, call: 1-900-226-2800, 99 cents per minute. Must be 18+. Or to bill to your credit card, call: 1-800-655-6548. Reference puzzle #0262.

Connect Savannah 07.12.06

offers assistance to youth and young adults who need and want a job or a better job. Call 236-2489 or send e-mail to bwooten@

“Nice Doing Business With You”

Connect Savannah 07.12.06


the 411|Happenings

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Lose Weight

Memorial Health group meditation sessions

like Mark Merlis on Dateline. Safe, effective, reasonable cost. Researchers at the University of Connecticut found that people who used hypnosis lost 60 percent more weight than any other method. The Alpha Institute, 201-0071.

are offered free to the public every Tuesday from 5:30-6 p.m. on the third floor of the Center for Advanced Medicine.

Memorial Health heart risk assessment


is held once a month at FitnessOne. The appointment takes about 40 minutes and the cost is $50. Call Midge at 350-4042.

St. Joseph’s/Candler will be performing mammograms to screen for breast cancer in its mobile screening unit. SJ/C accepts most insurance plans. Financial assistance is available to women who qualify. Mammograms will be performed July 13 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Eulonia Multipurpose Center in McIntosh County. Call 437-4561 for appointments. Mammograms will be performed July 19 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Reynolds Square in downtown Savannah. For appointments, call 819-3368.

Memorial Health Joint Replacement Lecture

This free orthopedic lecture series is held the third Tuesday of each month from 6:15-7:30 p.m. in the Medical Education Auditorium at Memorial Health to educate the community about the risk factors of arthritis, the prevention of arthritis and medical and surgical joint replacement. To register, call 350-3603.

Memorial Health SET Focus Group

Memorial Health blood pressure check

This is a program to encourage Sickle Cell patients ages 11 to 18 and their parents/ caregivers to learn more about Sickle Cell disease. Call Donna at 350-5616 or Saundra at 350-3396.

are offered free every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30-9:30 a.m. at GenerationOne. 3507587.

Memorial Health CPR training

FitnessOne provides American Heart Association courses each month to certify individuals in infant, child and adult CPR. The cost is $30. Call 350-4030 or visit www.

the 411|Free Will Astrology ARIES (March 21-April 19): Yawning often occurs dur-

The Midwife Group of Coastal Georgia

The Midwife Group offers a free program to women at any stage of pregnancy that includes free information on pregnancy, birth and parenting, an opportunity to talk to other pregnant women and information on a certified nurse midwife-assisted birth,

every ten people have bought stuff they found out about through e-mail spam. While you’re no doubt too sophisticated to be among that number, you might want to open your mind a bit to the possibility. That’s because the astrological omens suggest you may soon receive useful information and out-of-the-blue inspiration from sources you’ve ignored in the past--even chattering gossipers and questionable teachers and TV news shows. Don’t be too sure you already know where your juiciest clues will be coming from.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Florida’s Pensacola Christian

College has a strict code of conduct that regulates the interaction of male and female students. One of the forbidden acts is “optical intercourse,” also known as “making eye babies.” This occurs when two people gaze into each other’s eyes too long and too deeply. Luckily, you don’t attend Pensacola Christian College, and will thus face no prohibitions if you choose to carry out my astrological advice: Make eye babies in abundance during the coming week. This is the best time in eons for you to build soul-to-soul intimacy with those who’ve earned your exuberant trust. P.S. If you don’t have a lover with whom you want to make eye babies, do it with a good friend, with a favorite animal, or with yourself in a mirror.

Natural Family Planning Class will be offered by the Savannah Catholic Diocese July 19 at 7 p.m. at the Candler Heart and Lung Building, conference room 2, 5356 Reynolds St. The cost is $75 per couple for materials, introductory class and several followup classes. To register, call 819-3368 or visit Planned Parenthood Hotline First Line is a statewide hotline for women who want information on health services. Open every night from 7-11p.m. 1-800-2647154.

Project SAVE

The program provides eye exams, education and care to those who have no health insurance, are unable to pay for care privately and meet certain qualifications. The clinic meets Thursdays by appointment. Call 352-2032.

The Quit Line

a toll-free resource that provides counseling, screening, support and referral services for all Georgia residents 18 or older and concerned parents of adolescents who are using tobacco. Call 1-877-270-STOP or visit www.

Stop Smoking

Researchers at the University of Iowa combined 600 studies covering 72,000 people and found that hypnosis is the most effective

way to stop smoking. Call the Alpha Institute. 201-0071.

Super 2 Access Clinic

Super 2 Access (After Cancer Cure Evaluation Strategy and Support) is a clinic for children and adolescents who completed cancer treatment at least two years ago. For information, call Pam at 658-2215 or Donna at 667-8943.

Third Annual Multi-Generational Health Fair

Men can get free prostate, blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol checks Saturday, June 24 from 1 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Georgia Infirmary, 1900 Abercorn St. Appointments must be placed for the prostate screening by calling 819-3438.

Wanted: CPR and First Aid Instructors

The Savannah Chapter of the American Red Cross is looking for instructors. Call 6515371 or send email to

Nature & Environment

Dolphin Project of Georgia

Boat owners, photographers and other volunteers are needed to help conduct scientific research which will take place one weekend during the months of January, April, July and October. Must be at least

by Rob Brezsny

ing the time we’re transitioning from a passive state to a more active one, like when we’re waking up in the morning or when we’ve decided to stop watching TV, get up off the couch, and head out for a jog. Psychology professor Robert Provine, an expert on the subject, says that concert pianists and Olympic athletes typically yawn as they gear up for their moments in the limelight. Judging from these facts, Aries, I imagine you’ll soon be indulging in more yawns than usual. You’re about to go from a phase of relative inertness to one of mind- jiggling adventure.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Surveys show that two out of

whether at a birth center or area hospital. Call 826-4155 or send e-mail to

CANCER (June 21-July 22): A literature professor told me

an amazing fact: Many of Emily Dickinson’s poems can be sung to the tune of the traditional folk song “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” (Try it with the poem that begins “The soul should always stand ajar,” which you can read at To hear the music, go here: http:// I like this unexpected resonance between high art and rustic style, between subtleness of mind and earthy feelings, between elite ideas and populist execution. Furthermore, I recommend that you yourself try similar blends in the coming week.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): “Nature loves courage,” said vi-

sionary philosopher Terence McKenna. “It shows you it loves courage because it will respond to your brave commitment by removing impossible obstacles.” While I believe this is always true, Leo, it’s especially apropos for you right now. You’ve fallen short of your potential because you have not yet summoned more than a fraction of the boldness that lies within you. But this is a turning point when you finally have what it takes to tap into your dormant reserves. I hope you rise to the occasion, and so does nature.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): “What this country needs is a

good five- cent reverie,” philanthropist Paul Mellon once said. I completely agree. There are more than enough dreams that tempt us to spend a fortune . . . fantasies that cost a hundred million dollars to make . . . expensive head trips that distract us from enjoying the simple things in life. The astrological omens suggest that you keep this theme uppermost in your mind, Virgo. Focus on a marvelous reverie that will set you free for free. Daydream about a pearl of great price that you can have for a song.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): *Mother Jones* magazine re-

ports that the widow of Black Panther founder Huey Newton is trademarking his slogan “Burn, baby, burn” for use in marketing her new barbecue sauce. Meanwhile, the insurance company AFLAC has trade-

marked the quacking of the duck in its TV commercial, MGM has trademarked the roaring of its lion, and Pillsbury has trademarked the giggling of the Pillsbury Doughboy. Do you have a signature phrase, gesture, noise, trick, service, or product, Libra? This would be an excellent time for you to shelter it with a trademark, patent, copyright or other kind of protection.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): In his book *Cosmos and

Psyche,* Richard Tarnas says the planets don’t emit invisible forces that shape our destinies as if we were puppets. Rather, they are signals of the unfolding evolutionary pattern. Just as clocks tell time but don’t create it, the heavenly bodies show us the big picture but don’t cause it. Quoting ancient Greek philosopher Plotinus, Tarnas writes “the stars are like letters that inscribe themselves at every moment in the sky. Everything in the world is full of signs. All events are coordinated. All things depend on each other. Everything breathes together.” Can you work yourself into a state in which you perceive this sublime interconnectedness, Scorpio? You desperately need to. If you can, you won’t have to be an astrologer to catch profound glimpses of the overarching purpose and meaning of your life. Everything in the world, not just the planets’ positions, will be full of signs for you to read.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): As I take my daily bike ride into the hills, I pass a place where a beer-truck driver named Elijah lives. It’s a trailer with old tires and rusty tools littering the driveway. Today there was a new addition: a 1975 Chevy El Camino, a vehicle that’s like a car up front and a pick-up truck in back. It had a bumper sticker that read “Theresa and Johnny’s Comfort Food -- Live Free or Die.” The whole scene reminded me of the message I want to convey to you, Sagittarius. First, I believe you should bring into your sphere a fresh old thing that’s an amalgam of two different categories, akin to Elijah acquiring a brand new 31-year-old vehicle that’s half-car and half-truck. Second, I think you should make sure you feel extremely secure--stocking

up on the equivalent of “comfort food”--as you initiate a major push for liberation.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): You: difficult to push

around, more hungry for intimacy than you let on, smarter than 85 percent of the people you know. Me: provider of friendly shocks, fond of playing a didgeridoo in the rain at dusk and dawn, outrageously tolerant of other people’s eccentricities. So is there any hope of a relationship between us? Well of course there is. We’re having a relationship right now, aren’t we? Maybe it’s not the exact kind of connection you’d like to have with me, but you’ve got to admit there’s value in it. Now please apply that lesson to your thinking about all your close alliances: Love them for what they are, and don’t criticize them for what they’re not.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): In one of his poems, the late, great Charles Olson praised “lovers of the difficult.” He didn’t mean that in some sadomasochistic sense; he wasn’t cheering on people who perversely enjoy suffering. Rather, he meant to express his admiration for those whose lust for life drives them to seek answers to the knottiest questions. He was recommending that we wrestle with intractable problems whose solutions unleash blessings on the world. In the coming week, Aquarius, I encourage you to be one of these lovers of the difficult.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): The dance called the waltz is

regarded as schmaltzy, but it was originally the punk music of its era. After its first appearance in England in 1816, an editorial in *The Times* called it obscene, a dance worthy only of prostitutes, because of its “voluptuous intertwining of the limbs and close compressure on the bodies.” Religious authorities in Europe thought it was vulgar and sinful. My prediction is that you’re currently entertaining a new trend that will have a history not unlike that of the waltz. It may cause a ruckus in the beginning, but will eventually become the pinnacle of normalcy. w

the 411|Happenings 18 years old. Call 232-6572 or visit www.

Explore the Salt Marsh by Land and Sea

Walk and paddle with a naturalist guide on Sunday, July 16 or Aug. 13 to learn about and experience the dynamic and fascinating salt marsh ecosystem which has supported humans on this coast throughout history. $30 fee includes canoe rental and basic canoeing instruction. Meet in the parking lot of Fort McAlister. There is a $2 parking fee. Reservations required. Call 897-5708.

Take a walk on the wild side

at the Oatland Island Education Center. The “Native Animal Nature Trail” features a variety of live animals and landscapes and winds through maritime forest, freshwater wetland and salt marsh habitats. Located 5 miles east of downtown off the Islands Expressway. M-F:9 a.m.-4 p.m. and most Saturdays from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Admission is $3 per person for everyone over 4. 898-3980 or visit Visit the center to discover the Georgia coast. The exhibits and aquariums are home to more than 100 species of fish, reptiles, amphibians, corals and other interesting sea creatures. Beach Discovery Walks are offered Fridays and Saturdays at 2 p.m. Call 786-5917 for information about current programs. Admission is $4 for adults and $3 for children 3-16. The center is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except Tuesdays when it is open 9 a.m. to noon.

Volunteers needed for Tybee Marine Center

Tybee Marine Science Center is looking for volunteers interested in supporting educational programs. Help is needed with touch tank presentations, animal care, special events, sea turtle monitoring, outreach programs, gift shop and office duties. Call 7865917 or visit

Pets & Animals St. Almo

The name stands for Savannah True Animal Lovers Meeting Others. Informal dog walks are held Sundays (weather permitting). Meet at 6:25 p.m. at Canine Palace, 618 Abercorn St. Call 234-3336.

SSavannah’s First Pug Playday

This group meets every first Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Savannah Dog Park at 41st and Drayton streets. All humans and dogs who live in a pug household are welcome. A donation to the Savannah Dog Park would be appreciated. Contact Mike or Melinda at

Site Launched for Reclaiming Lost Pets

A new website has been launched to help people reclaim lost pets. It is located at www.

Readings & Signings Circle of Sister/Brotherhood Book Club

meets the last Sunday at 4 p.m. at the center, 1910 Abercorn St. 447-6605.

Blackbeard signing

Author Margaret Hoffman will sign her books Blackbeard and Dead in the Water on Wednesday, July 12 from 7-9 p.m. at Barnes & Noble.

Tea time at Ola’s

is a new book discussion group that meets the fourth Tuesday at 1 p.m. at the Ola Wyeth Branch Library, 4 E. Bay St. Call Beatrice Wright at 652-3660. Bring your ideas and lunches. Tea will be provided. 2325488 or 652-3660.

Religious & Spiritual Chanted Office of Compline

The Service of Compline, ”Saying good night to God,” is chanted Sunday evenings at 9 p.m. by the Compline Choir of Christ Church Savannah (Episcopal), located on Johnson Square. The choir, made up of singers from churches around the city, sings in the darkened nave of Christ Church by candlelight. Compline, the last of the monastic prayer services before retiring, is a service in which one is invited to meditate and reflect on the day or week past and then enter into the little death of sleep to rise with hope and thanksgiving for the days ahead.

Christian Businessmen’s Committee

meets for a prayer breakfast every Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. at Peggy Lynn’s Country Cooking, 3718 Ogeechee Rd. Call 964-4297.

Ekklesia, The Church

Do church in a casual and relaxed setting on Saturday nights. Fellowship begins at 6 p.m., praise and worship at 6:30 p.m. in the BSU building on Abercorn between the Publix Shopping Center and the Armstrong campus. Call 596-4077.

Nicodemus by Night

An open forum is held every Wednesday at 7 p.m. at 223 E. Gwinnett St. Nicodemus was a religious leader who came to Jesus by night looking for a way out of the darkness. He received revolutionary understanding that compelled him to forsake everything to become a disciple. Jesus was considered a heretic for his radical teachings that people should give up their own possessions and care for one another instead of themselves. Would Jesus’ teaching require anything less today?

Peace Meditation Group

Learn a variety of meditation techniques and create more peace. Meets the second Sunday of the month from noon to 1 p.m. at 5206 Abercorn St., No. 203. Arrive 5-10 minutes early at the front door. Access peace, healing, clarity and inner wisdom. Beginners are welcome. To reserve a space, email Ellen Farrell, M.A. at ellenjfarrell@cincast,bet,

Quakers (Religious Society of Friends) meet Sundays, 11 a.m. at Trinity United Methodist Church, 225 W. President St., Savannah. Call Janet Pence at 247-4903.

Savannah Buddhist Sitting Group

meets Sundays from 9-10:30 a.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah, on Habersham Street at East Harris and East Macon Streets, on Troup Square. Please arrive and be seated no later than 8:55 a.m. Sitting and walking meditation and Dharma talk or reading. All practices are welcome. Newcomers should contact Cindy Beach, lay ordained Soto Zen Buddhist, at 429-7265 for sitting instruction.

Soka Gakkai of America (SGI-USA) SGI-USA is an American Buddhist movement for world peace that practices Nichiren Buddhism by chanting NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO. For information, call Gil at 659-1917 after 7 p.m.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah A liberal religious community where different people with different beliefs gather as one faith. On July 16, Cindy Beach will speak from the topic Excuse Me, But Do You Have the Time? The service will be held Sunday, at 11 a.m. in the Troup Square Sanctuary. For information, call 234-0980, or send e-mail to or visit www.jinglebellchurch org. The Uncommon Denomination.

White Bluff United Methodist VBS

Vacation Bible School at White Bluff United Methodist Church will have a Fiesta theme and will be held July 16-20. Dinner will be served each evening at 5:30 p.m. for a cost of $3 for kids and $5 for adults and VBS will begin at 6:30 p.m. In addition to classes for children and youth, there will be an adult class. The church is located at 11911 White Bluff Rd. For information, call 925-5924.

Wildwood United Methodist  Church

invites you to its morning worship at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday followed by Sunday morning worship fellowship at 10:30 a.m. and Sunday School at 10:45 a.m. Wildwood UMC is located at 4912 Garrard Ave. east of the south end of the Chatham Parkway.

Woodlawn United Methodist Church Sunday school is at 9:45, worship at 10:50 a.m. and 6 p.m. 2502 Highway 80, Garden City.

Women’s Bible Study

at the Women’s Center of Wesley Community Centers. Call 447-5711 or stop by 1601 Drayton Street.

Sports & Games Savannah Area Tennis

will hold an after-school and weekend Junior Group Tennis Program for ages kindergarten through 12th grade at various sites throughout Savannah. A cardio tennis program, Adults’ Workout With a Racquet, is a group activity that features drills aimed at giving players of all abilities a high-energy workout. Sessions are $10. For information about either program, call Phyllis Greene at 961-9862 or 507-9862 or send e-mail to

Savannah Disc Golf Club

holds an Open Doubles Tournament at 10 a.m. each Saturday at Tom Triplett Park on U.S. 80 between Dean Forest Road and Interstate 95. New players are welcome. Free coaching in driving and putting skills is available. Teams are chosen by luck of the draw. Entry is $5. For information, visit

Support Groups

African-American Women Overcoming Depression and Bi-Polar Disease

meets the third Thursday of the month at the Bull Street Library. For information, call JoAnne Wright at 236-0027.

Al Anon Family Groups

A fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics meets Monday at 12:30 p.m. and 8 p.m., Wednesday at 1:30 p.m., Thursday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 8 p.m. at 1501 Eisenhower Dr. and Tuesday at 8 p.m. at Goodwill on Sallie Mood Drive. Call 5989860 or visit http://al_anon_savannah.

Alcoholics Anonymous

If you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol, call 354-0993.

Alzheimer’s Caregiver’s Support Group

The group is for caregivers, family members and friends of persons affected by Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementiacausing illnesses and meets the first Monday and third Tuesday of each month from 10:30 a.m. to noon in Room 111 of the Skidaway Island Methodist Church, 54 Diamond Causeway. Visit or call 9202231.

Amputee Support Group

Open to all patients who have had a limb amputated and their families or caregivers. Call 355-7778 or 353-9635.

Backus Children’s Hospital Support Group for Parents

who have a seriously ill child receiving treatment on an inpatient or outpatient basis. A case manager facilitates the meetings, and a child life specialist provides an arts and crafts activity Meets once a week. Call Donna at 350-5616.

Backus Children’s Hospital Support Group for Parents of Children with Bleeding Disorders

meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at Memorial Health. Call Mary Lou Cygan at 350-7285.

Bariatric/Gastric Bypass Support Group

for past and potential obesity surgery patients and their families. For information, call Cheryl Brown at 350-3644.

Better Breathers support group

meets quarterly, March 24, June 16, September 15 and December 15, at noon, Conference Room 2, Candler Heart & Lung Bldg. 5356 Reynolds St. Contact Tina Nelson at 819-7340 or Cindy Balkstra at 819-8032.

Bipolar Support Group

John J. Dunn, Ph.D., is interested in hearing from people who want to participate in a bipolar support group. Call 692-1230 after 6 p.m.

Bulloch County Rape Crisis Hotline

The Bulloch County Sexual Assault Task Force has announced a new 24 hour/7 day a week hotline staffed by trained volunteers to aid victims of rape, incest and sexual molestation. The number is 912-531-1771.

CASA Support Group

This support group is for parents and extended caregivers whose child or children have been involved with DFCS and/or returned to your custody after being in foster care, or who have been given custody of a family member’s child who has been involved with DFCS and/or has been in foster care. The group meets the first Thursday of the month from 6-7 p.m. at Youth Futures Family Resource Center at 705 Anderson St. For information, call Madison at CASA at 447-8908 or send email to

Cancer support group

meets every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to noon in the board room located on the first floor of St. Joseph’s Hospital. 819-2475.

Caring for Us

is a support group for caregivers of ill or injured family members or loved ones. Call Kimberlee Mitchell at 350-3399. continued on page 40

Connect Savannah 07.12.06

Tybee Island Marine Science Center


Connect Savannah 07.12.06


the 411|Happenings

continued from page 39

Celiac Support Group

for anyone with celiac disease who is allergic to products containing gluten, their family or friends. For information, call 507-2592.

Citizens With Retarded Citizens

Open to families of children or adults with autism, mental retardation, and other developmental disabilities. Meets monthly at 1211 Eisenhower Drive. 355-7633.

Coastal Empire Polio Survivors Association

meets the fourth Saturday of the month at 10 a.m. at the Candler Heart and Lung Building, second floor, Room 2. Call 355-1221.

Compassionate Friends Support Group

offers friendship and understanding to bereaved parents. It meets the first Thursday of the month from 7-8:30 p.m. in the Candler Heart &â&#x20AC;&#x2C6;Lung Building, Conference Room 2, 5356 Reynolds St. 925-5195.

Couples Struggling with Fertility Challenges

meets every Saturday at 6:45 p.m. at Savannah Christian Church, Room 250. This is a group for couples struggling with primary or secondary infertility, whether they have been on this journey for one year or many years. Call Kelly at 596-0852 or email emptycradle_

Depressive/Manic support group

Open to persons diagnosed with depression. Meetings are held in classroom B in the Surgery Center Building of Memorial Hospital every Tuesday at 7 p.m. 920-0153 or 927-2064

Diabetes support group

meets the third Thursday at 6 p.m. at Memorial Health in Conference Room A. Call Robin at 350-3843.

Domestic violence community support group SAFE Shelter provides a domestic violence support group every Thursday from noon to 1 p.m. at the Senior Citizens Building at 325 Bull St. Call Brenda Edwards, 629-8888.

Domestic Violence Hotline

Fibromyalgia support group

meets the second Thursday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in Conference Room 2, Candler Heart and Lung Building, 5356 Reynolds St.. 8196743.

First Line

is an after-hours referral and information line to talk confidentially about birth control, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy options. A free service from Planned Parenthood, available nightly from 7 to 11 p.m. at 1-800-264-7154.

Full Circle Grief and Loss Center

a program of Hospice Savannah, offers the free counseling services for anyone dealing with loss. Call 355-2289. Grief 101 is a seven week support group for individuals who have suffered a loss by death. Pre-registration required. Tuesda­ys 6-7 p.m. Grief Support Network is an on-going peer-run support group. Tuesdays 6-7 p.m. Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Groups, call for times. Specialty Groups such as Spouse Loss Group and Loss by Suicide Group are offered when needed.

HIV/AIDS :living with HIV/AIDS? My Brothaz Home

The SAFE Shelter offers free drop-in counseling to anyone who is in an abusive relationship. Meets every Thursday from 7-8:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church Education Building at Whitaker & McDonough St. 2349999.

Lowcountry Huntingtonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Disease Group

Call 964-0455 or visit www.LowcountryHD. com. Call 964-0455.

Lung Cancer Support Group

is for families who are going through lung cancer treatment and survivors of lung cancer. It meets monthly at Summit Cancer Care. Call Patty Thornton at 350-9385.

Lupus Encouragement Group

A support group that is open to patients with lupus, their family members and friends. 4476605.

Keeping hope alive while living with cancer

meets the fourth Monday from 4:30-5:30 p.m. in the Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Services Conference Room at the Center for Advanced Medicine at Memorial Health. Call 350-7845.

Koolostomy Accessories

A 12-step group for people with eating disorders and self-harm disorders. For information, call Brandon Lee at 927-1324.

Each month, the group focuses on a specific topic related to blood-related cancers and also discusses ways to improve quality of life. Call Jennifer Currin at 350-7845.

is a support group open to anyone who has an ostomy and their loved ones. Call Jennifer Currin at 350-7845.

Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma Support Group

Memorial Health Hemophilia Support Group Memorial Health Pancreatic Cancer Support Groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

For information, call Jennifer Currin at 3503988.

Memorial Health POPPS! Group

for children with cancer and their parents and caregivers. Call Donna at 350-5616.

Memorial Health PRIDEâ&#x20AC;&#x2C6;Bleeding Disorders Support Group Call Mary Lou Cygan at 350-7285.

Memorial Health SETâ&#x20AC;&#x2C6;Focus

SETâ&#x20AC;&#x2C6;Focus is a program to encourage Sickle Cell patients ages 11 to 18 and their parents and caregivers to learn more about Sickle Cell disease. For information, call Saundra at 350-3396.

Mommy and Me: Life With Your Little One is a support group that meets the first Thursday of the month from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Candler Professional Building, Room 508A, 5354 Reynolds St. Call 819-6171 for information.

Multiple Sclerosis Support Group

will meet July 15 at noon in Conference Room 2, Candler Heart and Lung Building. Call 653-5878.

Multiple Sclerosis support group

5':; 74$#0


912-651-8989 912-651-8989 1-900-287-0000 25 min $25/call $25/call


18+. No liability. Restrictions apply.

18+. No liability. Restrictions apply.


0 mi n 1-900-226-7070 $2 5/5

Is food a problem for you?â&#x20AC;&#x2C6;Do you eat when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not hungry?â&#x20AC;&#x2C6;Do you go on eating binges for no apparent reason? Does your weight affect the way you live your life?â&#x20AC;&#x2C6;No dues, no fees, no weigh-ins. Meets Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. at 1030 Shawnee St., Unit F2. Call 728-4028.

Pancreatic Cancer Support Group Call Jennifer Currin at 350-7845.

PRIDE Support Group

for parents having problems with their teens and pre-teens. 353-7699.

for parents of children with bleeding disorders. Call Mary Lou Cygan at 350-7285.

meets the last Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the Heart and Lung Building at Candler Hospital, second floor, Room 2. Call Sandra at 9640455.

Overeaters Anonymous

Memorial Health Diabetes Support Group

Call Jennifer Currin at 350-7845.

provides housing and support services such as life skills, resources and referrals, followup care and parent-child activities funded by DHR Promoting Safe and Stable Families. Please call 236-5310 for information.

Huntington Disease Support Group

meets the fourth Thursday at the Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church at Abercorn and Gordon streets. A free story/ coloring book, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m Feeling Just Ducky!, is available for children to better explain seizure activity.. Call Pam Steadman at 233-1006.

This is a support group for parents of children with bleeding disorders. Call Mary Lou Cygan at 350-7285.

meets the third Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Error Prevention Conference Room. A variety of guests discuss ways to improve health. Call Glenda at 350-3690.

Hope House

Overcoming the Stigma of Seizure Disorders

Memorial Health Cancer Challenges Support Group

is a support group for men meets every Thursday of the month. Come on out and meet other brothaz. 231-8727.

The Georgia Human Resources Department and Georgia Coalition on Family Violence, have a new number, 24 hours a day. 1-800-33HAVEN

Eating Disorders/Self Harm Support Group

Living without Violence

discusses topics that are relevant to anyone with a debilitating disease every fourth Thursday at 3:30 p.m. at St. James Catholic Church, 8412 Whitfield Ave. at Montgomery Cross Roads. 355-1523

The Parents of Difficult Teens group Rape Crisis Center Incest Survivorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Group

As part of its ongoing work with incest survivors, the Rape Crisis Center has built a cinder-block wall where incest survivors can throw plates as an anger management technique. In order to continue, donations of china are needed. Call 233-3000 to make a donation.

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Support Group The group welcomes anyone suffering with this disorder, and family members or caregivers interested in learning more about it. For information, call Martyn Hills at 6514094.

Safe Shelter Outreach Program

Providing services for survivors of domestic violence. All services are confidential and free. 3025 Bull St. 651-0004.

St. Josephâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s/Candler Emory transplant support group

The group meets every other month, Jan. 12, March 9, May 11, July 13, Sept. 14 and Nov. 9, in Conference Room 2, Candler Heart &â&#x20AC;&#x2C6;Lung Building, 5356 Reynolds St. For information, call Terria Manning at 819-2171 or Karen Traver at 819-8350.

Sarcoidosis support group

meets quarterly, March 24, June 16, September 15 and December 15, Noon, Conference Room 2, Candler Heart & Lung Bldg. 5356 Reynolds St. 692-2032.

Savannah Chatham Truancy Intervention Project

meets the fourth Thursday of each month from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at 428 Bull St. in the United Way Building. The project can educate you regarding the new truancy law and how it impacts your child.

Muscular Dystrophy support group

The Savannah Parkinsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Support Group

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

Senior Citizenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Inc. Alzheimerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Support Group

meets Jan. 28, April 19, July 19 and Oct. 18 from noon to 1 p.m. in Conference Room 2, Candler Heart &â&#x20AC;&#x2C6;Lung Building, 5356 Reynolds St. 354-9576.

meets the first Thursday of the month from 5-6:30 p.m. in the Marsh Auditorium at Candler Hospital. Call 355-6347 or 238-4666.

meets the third Sunday from 3:30-6 p.m. at the Armstrong Atlantic State University Sports Education Building, Room 226. 3517035 or 353-7143.

This monthly support group is for families of persons suffering from Alzheimerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Disease and other forms of dementia and is held the second Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at Ruth Byck Adult Day Care facility, 64 Jasper St. Call ahead to reserve a seat. Call Stacey Floydâ&#x20AC;&#x2C6;at 236-0363.

the 411|Happenings is a fellowship of men and women whose purpose is to help those with sexual addictions. 351-7440.

S-Anon Family Group

is a fellowship for families and friends of sexaholics. For information, call 663-2565.

Smoking Cessation Support Group

is open to anyone who has stopped smoking and needs additional support or to those who are considering trying to stop smoking. Call 819-8032 or 819-3361.

Stroke Support Group

Teen Mom Support Program

Hope House of Savannah provides support for teenage mothers between the ages of 13 to 19. Childcare, snacks and transportation provided. Call 236-5310.

Transgender Support Group

My Brothaz Home, Inc. is sponsoring this support group. For information, call Lady Maverick or George at 231-8727.

United Way’s First Call for Help

Telephone information & referral service that provides expertise and relief to individuals and families in need, with a database of more than 500 agencies and organizations. 6517730.

Victim-Witness assistance program

is for families of murder victims. The meetings are at 6 p.m. in the Chatham County Courthouse on Montgomery St. third Thursday of each month. 652-7329

TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), a nonprofit weight loss group provides informative programs & info. Meets every Tuesday. from 6-6:45/6:45-7:45 at the Windsor Forest Community Center. 748-8700.

Wheeze busters

is an asthma support group for children that meets in the Rainbow Room at The Children’s Place at Candler Hospital. Call 921-3368.

Women who love too much

meets Fridays from noon to 1 p.m. Call Maureen Wozniak at 355-4987.

The Work

meets the fourth Friday at 7 p.m. at 2320 Sunset Blvd., (just off Skidaway at Carey Hilliards). The Work is for mentally healthy people who are stuck in some area of their lives. 355-4704.


American Red Cross needs volunteers The Chatham Branch of the Savannah Red Cross needs volunteers. Call Mark Stall at 651-5352 or send e-mail to

America’s Second Harvest Food Bank needs volunteers

to sort, clean, & shelve salvaged foods from reclamation centers where bent cans or crumpled boxes of nutritious food is sent. Apply as soon as possible. 236-6750 ext 109.

Become a mentor

Make a difference in a child’s life. Call Michelle Jones, 652-6710.

CASA needs volunteers

absenteeism. They also provide legal representation and other resources to children and their families to prevent school failure. TIP is recruiting professionals in the fields of education, law enforcement and social service. Become a mentor today and help make a difference in a child’s life. For information, call 201-2133.

help with everyday activities, simple chores, friendly visits, telephone calls and respite care. Call Linda Fields at 238-2960, Ext. 123.

Foster parents are needed. A volunteer coordinator is needed, as are vet techs with microchipping experience, Pet Expo volunteers, fundraiser volunteers, a PR/marketing coordinator, a trainer/behaviorist and Adoption Day volunteers. Fill out an online application at

Fort Pulaski National Monument

Coastal Pet Rescue

Community Cardiovascular Council

is looking for medical volunteers to check blood pressures for our walk-ins. Anyone interested in a few hours a week please call Sydney Oetgen at 236-7666.

Community HealthCare Center

This non-profit organization is looking for volunteer nurses, doctors, nurses practitioners and development/fundraising volunteers to work at the center, which provides free medical care for working uninsured individuals. Call Margarita Ruppe at 398-9720 or visit The center is located at 310 Eisenhower Dr., No. 5.

Crafts and Ceramics Teachers Needed The Women’s Center of Wesley Community Centers is seeking volunteers to teach crafts or ceramic classes on Mondays. Call Valeria Flowers at 447-5711.

The Dolphin Project of Georgia

to speak up for abused children in court for their best interests and to help ensure they are placed in safe and permanent homes. Call 447-8908 or send e-mail to

needs boat owners, photographers and other volunteers to help conduct scientific research on the Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin along the coast of Georgia. You must be at least 18 years old. Call 232-6572 or visit the Web site at

matches volunteer attorneys and other professionals with children who have been brought before the court for excessive school

needs volunteers. Your neighbors who are elderly or who have disabilities need your

Chatham County Truancy Intervention Project

Faith in Action Multi-cultural Program of EOA

First Steps at St. Joseph’s/Candler

Become a volunteer with First Steps and provide support, education and community resources to help parents of newborns establish healthy and positive relationships with their babies. Call 819-6910. is seeking volunteers. Greet visitors, maintain trails, catalogue historic photographs and assist in the gift shop and more. Call David Underwood at 786-5787.

Foster families and adoptive families are needed in Chatham County. Call 651-5437.

The Foster Grandparent Program needs volunteers

who are 60 or older to volunteer their time in educational facilities, day care centers and other social service agencies for 20 hours per week, working four or five days per week. FGP offers a modest stipend and assistance with transportation fee. Call Linda Fields at 234-7842 or 238-2960, Ext. 123.

Georgia Cares

is a program of the Savannah Regional Office of Georgia Legal Services that provides free, unbiased information and assistance to Medicare enrollees on health insurance coverage, benefits, consumer rights and healthcare fraud. Volunteer training is required. Call Rose Beck, 1-800-559-8387.

Hospice Savannah volunteer training

needs volunteers to play music to pateitns, visit patients in their homes or nursing homes in Chatham, Bryan, Effingham, Liberty and Long counties, assist staff and families in Hospice House in Savannah, or help out in the administrative office on Chatham Parkway. Volunteer training is offered the second Monday and Tuesday of every month. Contact Beth Logan, Volunteer Services Manager at 355-2289. w

Connect Savannah 07.12.06

Speak with someone who has survived a stroke, who will listen and understand stroke patients’ experiences. Groups meet in three locations -- every Tuesday from 12:303:30 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church, 520 Washington Ave.; every Friday from 10-11 a.m. at Savannah Speech and Hearing, 1206 E. 66th St., (call Jane Medoff at 355-4601); and every third Thursday of the month from 4-5:30 p.m. at Messiah Lutheran Church at 1 W. Ridge Rd. on Skidaway Island. Call Ann Farr at 598-1766 or Shirley Nack at 598-7047.

Weight loss support group

Crossword Answers

Sexaholics Anonymous



E xchange

Call 238-2040 For Business Rates

Place Your Classified Ad Online For FREE! Visit




Connect Savannah 07.12.06


120 For Your Information GUITAR LESSONS Private lessons for Beginners to Advanced Guitarists

Focusing on many styles: Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Classical, Punk, Reggae, Ska, Country, Folk, Bluegrass...whatever your desire. For more info call Shawn: 781-820-2998. Have a Pending Lawsuit? Need Cash? Do not settle for less, get an advance on your Personal Injury Claim Now. Not a loan, nothing to repay if you do not win. Call 877-816-CASH (2274).

200 Garage Sales

ESTATE AUCTION 5523 Habersham Street (Kensington Park) Sat. July 8th @ 10AM & Sat. July 15th @ 10AM The Executrix of the Estate of Edward Crandy has commissioned Ann Lemley, GAL2981 & Will Wade, GAL2982 of OLD SAVANNAH ESTATES, ANTIQUES & AUCTIONS to sell at AUCTION the Entire Household Contents, Truck, Packed-up Shop Contents and Personal Property of former ANTIQUES DEALER! This will be a VERY LARGE AUCTION and it will take TWO SATURDAYS to complete....This one promises to be a GREAT there.... (912)231-9466 for more information. AS IS - WHERE IS 10% BUYERS PREMIUM.



Items For Sale

355 Furniture


Complete with boxsprings and metal bedframe. Still in original factory plastic, $275. 912-3132303. PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE dining room suite: table w/extension leaf, 4 side chairs, 2 arm chairs, triple china cabinet, & buffet, $4000. Matching curio cabinet, $500. 912-897-4625

1999 TAYLOR 814ce. Near mint. $2,200. Call 912-2205309. OVERHEAD DOOR Co. 4 Panel Garage door with chain glide HP opener. 9’x7’ ThermaMATTRESS SETS 1/2 core white. $450. Call 912-663A brand name queen set *in- 6398. cludes box) never used and still ORTHOPEDIC MATTRESS in bag $140. KING size brand SET NEW, in plastic sacrifice $195. Includes boxspring and warCan deliver 912-313-2303. ranty. Still in original packaging. SOLID OAK Dining room table with 4 chairs & China cabinet in good condition. $600 OBO. Call Subu at 912-313-6000.


Must sell, $140. 912-313-2303.

Table and leaf. 7 upholstered chairs; lighted china cabinet with glass shelves. Brand new, still in original boxes, $4k value, sacrifice for $950. Can deliver 912-965-9652.

ALL WOOD CHERRY SLEIGH BED Headboard, footboard and rails. Still new and in box (mattress available). Sacrifice $275. Can deliver 912-966-9937.

FULL PLUSH MATTRESS & BOX Name brand, still sealed in plastic. Sacrifice $135. 912966-9937. ELEGANT CHERRY 4 POSTER BEDROOM SET Cherry carved four poster bed with dove tailed. Dresser, chest, nightstand and huge mirror. Rich with lots of detail. Brand NEW, still in box. Suggested list $7500, sacrifice for $2500 OBO. Can deliver 912964-1494. 4 - PIECE KIDS - Teen-bedroom-set. Twin-bed, nightstand, entertainment center, 3 drawer chest. Great condition, modern style in blue $350 (NP $1100). Call 912-756-3081.

399 Misc. Merchandise BUILDING MATERIALS liquidation sale!

Huge savings on doors, shutters, architectural columns, A/C units, new appliances, steel workshop mezzanine & more.. Call now! Phone: 912-313-6187, ask for David

Make your classified ad stand out for only $2.00 extra a week. Sell it fast with a bold headline in 5 PIECE BEDROOM Super Type! Cherry headboard, dresser, Call 238-2040.* mirror, chest and nightstand. New in boxes, $600. 912-9669937.

COMPLETE SLEIGH BEDROOM SET Headboard/Footboard/rails with matching dresser, mirror, chest and nightstand. All NEW, still in boxes. Suggested list $2k, letting go for $900. Can deliver. 912-964-1494. MAKE YOUR OWN MULCH! Chipper-Shredder, 8 hp Craftsman. 3” diameter capacity.+/- 4 years old. About 2 hrs. total use. Looks new. $350 OBO. 912-598-0018. STORE FIXTURES IN GREAT SHAPE FOR SALE! Glass showcases, lots of different styles of display & clothing racks, lots of track lighting, florescent fixtures and much, much more! 912-352-0709

QUEEN PILLOWTOP SET Brand new still in original factory plastic with boxspring and warranty. Suggest list $699, must let go for $160. 912-9659652. Delivery available.


Pets & Animals

445 Dogs For Sale AKC REGISTERED Lab pups.

All shots & ready to go! $350. 912-754-7480 or 912-667-2908 CHIHUAHUA Female pup $450. Call 912-897-3922.


Products & Services 599 Miscellaneous

630 General Help

Armstrong Atlantic State University is accepting applications The Gold Club We are Looking For: Dancers Bouncers Bartenders Cocktail Watiresses Cooks

Apply at Highway 17, Hardeeville, SC- One mile just over the bridge or call 843-784-6308 Guitar/Drum Sales

THE GRAVESTONE DOCTOR Spaceage Technology used to restore all headstones back to their original luster. 3 year sealant available.




625 Drivers Wanted CDL DRIVERS WANTED Minimum 2yrs experience (dump truck). Salary-$11/hr + Benefits. M-F (some saturdays). No drug test. Apply 4898 Old Louisville Rd, Garden City. 964-2868 by 3PM.

A career for musicians Portman’s is adding another sales person to our Savannah team. You have: knowledge of guitar and/or drum products A winning personality Demonstrated work ethic Interest in a sales career. We offer competitive wages, benefits, paid vacations and a positive working environment with room for advancement. Resumes to: Mellow Mushroom

The delivery driver will work in the Savannah, GA area. Our routes have no overnight travel involved. Applicants are required to meet the following criteria: 1. A minimum of 2+ years CDL, Class A experience, preferably in foodservice. 2. Clean MVR. 3. Strong interpersonal skills and customer service focus. 4. Must be able to lift heavy items up to 80 lbs. of product on a consistent basis. 5. Must pass a road test, pre-employment drug screen and criminal background check.

Our benefits includes Health, Dental, Retirement plan, Paid vacation, Holidays, etc. To apply: Please email your resume to or fax your resume to the attention of Steve C. at (800)-587-0093. You can call 800-342-5220 and ask for Steve C. or Angela T.

Please visit our website for more information. htm Apply in person to AASU Human Resources Dept. 9:00am-3:00pm, Mon-Fri. AA/EOE. No phone calls please.

DOWNTOWN CAFE looking for Bicycle Delivery Persons to deliver to businesses and residences. Hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm. Must be dependable, articulate, well-groomed and physically fit. Apply in person Monday-Thursday, 11-11:30am at 39 Barnard St. between Broughton and Congress. EOE

Now hiring for all positions! Please inquire within at 11 West Liberty St. Savannah Sun Coast Realty is expanding 690 and hiring real estate agents. If Business you are interested in high commissions, great working condiOpportunity tions, call for an interview. Located on the second floor of 820 Abercorn St, Savannah, LOOKING FOR friendly, near the Mansion! 912-507- outgoing women to run their own business. Full or part-time. 9800 or 912 341-8005 * Call 912-272-3592. Uncle Harry’s Gentlemen’s Club

Now Hiring Dancers/Entertainers. Tired of making $200 a week? Come make $200 a day. 233-6930. N. Lathrop Ave. Fannies on the Beach


pre-employment drug screen and background check. To inquire about this position, come by 39 Barnard St. ONLY between 11:-11:30 am. MondayFriday. EOE.

Now Hiring Servers, Cooks, Hostess, Experienced Bartender Have Fun and make great money when you work at Fannies, We're Oceanfront with lots of Tybee Island personality! Apply in person @ 1613 Strand near 17th St. Fax a resume 912-897-8081 or mail to PO BOX 39, Tybee Island GA 31328

COME JOIN THE FUN The Express Cafe, 39 Barnard St. has immediate openings for front counter servers. Applicants must have reliable transportation and be available to work Monday-Sunday hours and days off vary depending on schedule needs. Applicants need to be energetic, reliable and work well with others and enjoy having fun at work. Applicants must be able to work in a fast paced environment. Starting pay $6/hr plus tips. All applicants must be able to pass a


Real Estate

810 Wanted To Buy $ I BUY HOUSES $

We buy houses & lots/land. Don’t Stress! We buy “as is”! (No bank inspections needed) Quick, Fair Offers. Fast Closings. Avoid Foreclosure

Don’t Wait Any Longer, Call us today! 912-429-9600 (We are not Realtors)

815 Homes for Sale

siding and carpet and you will find clapboard on the exterior and heart pine floors. Don’t let this one pass you by. Just $139,000. 1014 Abercorn Street

Stunning totally remolded “ New York ” style 3bdr., 2ba. loft over two large fabulous commercial spaces. Opportunity awaits for a variety of options. Live atop your own business in the thriving Victorian District. Only 1 block from Forsyth Park .Offered at $550,000. Owner/Agent Call Don Callahan 441-4416 Mopper-Stapen Realty*

404 East 40 th Street

Arts and Crafts fixer. Over 2400 square feet of 1930’s charm! Hardwood floors, 2 FP’s, separate LR & DR, eat-in kitchen, large back yard and a wonderful generous sized porch to relax and take in the neighborhood. Just waiting for your touches and Offered at $192,000. Call Don Callahan 441-4416 Mopper-Stapen Realty*

14 Fairgreen Street

Wonderful new home for sale. This 2 story home is in a gated community with pool, fitness center, and club house. Close to the airport and stores, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. All appliances inclubed, and a 2 car garage- detaches. Call Rhondda at Sun Coast Realty 507-9800 or $187,500. 517 E. Harris Street

Beautiful 3 bedroom/2 bath brick sitting on 1.79 acres. Inground pool and georgeous yard including oversized 26 x 43 detached garage, workshop and open shed. Home has 9ft plus ceilings and a skylight, den, living room, and separate office/study. Please view our video at Call LaTrelle for your personal viewing of this lovely home @ 912-658-7777 H-4482 $279,900 ERA AdamsPevey Realty 826-2550

$515,000 3 Story free standing home in the historic district with hardboard exterior, 3 bedrooms 2 full baths, 2 half baths, 2 working fireplaces, washer/dryer, and all the appliances and furniture included in the sale.. 2 off street parking spaces, enclosed porch, brick courtyard, must see this large home of over 2300 square feet. Rhondda @ SunCoast 912 507-9800.

Staged for Country Pleasure; A welcome escape from the city bustle. Three +/- 5 acre lots available. Lot 1 has a pond. Be the first to choose the one you want. Call LaTrelle 658-7777, ERA Adams-Pevey 105 Whitaker Realty 826-2550. Prices starting as $484,000 This price includes the low as $35,000. A-4295 furniture, appliacnes, even the washer/dryer, and all the kitchen dishes and pots and pans. Finished to perfection by a designer. Brick walls,granite tops in bath and kitchen. Gorgeous! And steps to Large 3 bedroom/2 1/2 bath home broughton Street. 2 bedrooms with great room, heated sun room Rhondda Sun Coast Realty, 912 and large office/den. Master bed507-9800 room has 2 walk in closets and master bath has double sinks with 501 E Charlton Street cultured marble vanity and separate Cute one bedroom 2 story home water closet. 3 stall barn has tack, with 2 fireplaces in great condition. feed and tool rooms utilizing apGreat investmen and only $184,500 prox. 1440 sq. feet. Pasture is apRhondda @ Sun Coast Realty prox 2 1/2 fenced acres and pond is 912-507approx 1/3 acre.

Magnificent 3 story executive brick home with 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths within walking distance from the Grand Lake Lodge and Spa in Southbridge. Purchase now and customize your colors, flooring, counter tops and appliances. For your personal viewing call LaTrelle @ 658-7777. Offered at $1,100,000.00 H-4416 ERA Adams-Pevey Realty 826-2550

Beautifully appointed 3 bed/3 bath home on 5 +/- acres. Deck overlooking 1 1/2 acre stocked pond, inground pool and Koi pond with waterfall. Large greatroom, separate dining room. Jenn-Air cooktop in kitchen with large, separate eating area. Skylights with remote control blinds. Dentil molding, wood floors. 30 x 50 insulated 3 bay metal building with electricity. Many extras! $438,000 H- 4211 Call Latrelle for details @ 658-7777 ERA Adams-Pevey Realty 826-2550*

Looking for a perfect little Key West

Call LaTrelle @ 658-7777 for your per-

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Sun Coast Realty 234-0606

Bringing Sunshine To Your Real Estate Needs

Sicay Management Inc.

WILLOWTREE APARTMENTS 210 TIBET AVENUE 925-0575 2 BR, 1-1 ½ BA townhome, central heat and air, total electric, kitchen furnished with stove, refrigerator and dishwasher, washer/dryer connections, wall-to-wall carpet, laundry facilities on-site, swimming pool and reserved parking. NO PETS. Some income restrictions apply.e-mail: willowtree.apts@ or call 925-0575.$675/mo.

17 East 33rd St.

234-4406 203 WEST WALDBURG STREET #3 UPPER 3 bedroom, 1 bath apartment, convenient to Forsyth Park, living room, kitchen hardwood floors. $1,200/mo. 445 JEFFERSON STREET 2 bedrooms, 1 bath apartment. Furnished kitchen dishwasher, living room, stack washer/dryer. Courtyard. No pets. $825/mo. 23 WEST DUFFY STREET 4 bedroom, 2 bath home with 2 kitchens, 1 dishwasher, separate dining room, enclosed back porch, courtyard. $1,800/mo. 2316 BARNARD 3 bedroom, 2 bath duplex. Living room, kitchen, hardwood floors, washer/dryer, central heat and air, pets negotiable. Available Mid July $1,000/mo. 105 PORT ROYAL 3 bedroom, 2 bath home located in Island Wood subdivision. Living room, den with wood burning fireplace, eat-in kitchen, laundry room with washer/dryer connections, large fenced yard with storage shed. No Pets. $950/mo. 783 EAST PARK AVENUE 2-story home, fully furnished, 3 bedrooms with bonus room, living room, dining room, kitchen, 1-12/ baths, offstreet parking, washer/dryer. $2500/mo. 202 WEST BROUGHTON, #201 2 bedroom condo with bonus room, 112/ baths, living room, kitchen, stack washer/dryer, central heat and air. $1700/mo. 147 PENN STATION ROAD 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Combo Living room/dining room, gas fireplace, eat-in kitchen, fenced backyard, pets welcome. Available date negotiable. $1200/mo.

16 THACKERY PLACE 2 BR, 1BA apartment – Thackery Place is between Bull and Montgomery off of 61st Street. Close to Montgomery Hall and Habersham Village. Spacious apartment with a separate dining room, hardwood floors, kitchen furnished with stove & refrigerator, central H/A, total electric and off street parking. Pet-friendly. $625/mo. SKIDAWAY APARTMENT TOWNHOMES 6830 SKIDAWAY ROAD Renovated 2 BR, 1 BA townhome with laminated hardwood floors throughout the 1st floor and carpet throughout the 2nd floor. Central heat and air, total electric,kitchen furnished with stove and refrigerator. Separate utility room with washer/dryer connections. Reserved and guest parking available. NO PETS.$650/mo.


517 E. Harris Street

Rhondda Netherton 912 507-9800 341-8005

One block to Troup Sq. and Firefly Cafe. Rented month-tomonth. All furniture and utilities are included in the rent! Rents for $900 a week and $2,000 a month. 3 floors, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 half baths, enclosed porch, 2 working fireplaces, cable TV, broadband with comcast, washer/dryer, 2 parking spaces, brick courtyard, great place, and for sale for $515000. Great home or investment. Available August 1, 2006. Call Rhondda 507-9800.

105 Whitaker 105 Whitaker is on the corner of Broughton Street, and a very up scale condo with all the furniture included. Secure lobby, elevator, A pull out sofa, huge TV screen, custom kitchen cabinets and bath, granite counter tops, brick walls. Huge livingroom, 2 oversized bedrooms. Very New York! 485,000 Rhondda 507-9800

705-D WHITAKER STREET Apartment adjacent to Forsyth Park. Living room with hardwood floors, fireplace, spiral staircase leads to bedroom with full bath, laundry room with washer/dryer. $900/mo. 421 EAST CHARLTON STREET 3-story home. 4 bedroom, 2 bath, living room, kitchen. Washer/dryer connection. Courtyard. $1900/mo. 305 A WEST PARK STREET 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment, recently remodeled, living room, kitchen, central heat and air, shared washer and dryer, off-street parking. $725/mo. 1011 JEFFERSON STREET 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 off-street parking space. Living room, kitchen with dishwasher. Washer/dryer. Available mid July. $950/mo.

15 E. York St.

Connect Savannah 07.12.06

406 E. 35th Street

Such a deal – Offered in “As-Is” condition, this 3bdr. 1ba. home is your opportunity to turn it into a showplace. Look beyond the vinyl

Call Don Callahan 441-4416 Mopper-Stapen Realty*

sonal viewing of this lovely property. Offered for only $324,900 H-4292 ERA Adams-Pevey Realty 826-2550*


Wilmington Park Jewel!

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cottage? Ready for renovations and bright colors. Easy walk to the beach. Front faces natural marsh and large back entertainment deck. Outdoor shed houses the sand toys! Seller is a licensed real estate agent in the state of GeorgiaLic. # AC1127150. Call LaTrelle for your personal veiwing at 658-7777

away in exclusive Landings community, w/ .37 acres, & lovely views of Tybee and Wassau Islands. $439,000. Under Contract! Katherine W. Oxnard, Keller Williams Realty Coastal Area Partners, (912) 704-3545/3565001. , .

cated near forsyth park. Aprox. 1500 Sq.Ft, w/ lots of parking.Front and rear access, high traffic area. Contact: 912-220-1020 107 Whitaker St.

Commercial space - basement level. Brick walls and unfinished. 4764 sq.ft. in a great location corner of Whitaker and Broughton. Great investment opportunity. $595000. Call Rhondda @ Sun Coast Realty 507-9800*

. Eight is Enough

107 Carlton Road

Connect Savannah 07.12.06

Totally updated home in the beautiful Wilmington Park subdivision. Four bedrooms and three bathrooms, hardwood floors, two car garage, 2,000 square feet- A can’t miss! $279,900. Call Phyllis for showing

Almost new! 2 bedroom, 2 bath townhome with over 1200 sq. ft. Trey ceiling in bedroom. Screened porch overlooking private pond veiw. Call LaTrelle for your personal veiwing at 658-7777 H-4507 $146,900

PHYLLIS SMITH • 897-1081 24 Years Real Estate Experience in Savannah and Islands Area Specialist

Graduate Realtor Institute • Certified Residential Specialist Leadership Training Graduate• Accredited Buyers Representative Senior Real Estate Specialist • RE/MAX 100% Club SABOR – 21 Years Consecutive Million $$$ Club SABOR Director – 8 Years 1994 President • 1996 Realtor of the Year State of GA Top Producer for CENTURY 21 for 3 Years CENTURY 21 Centurion Award for 4 Years Every Home Sale Benefits the



Less than 2 years old! 3 bedroom 2 bath home with wood floors in the foyer and kitchen. Upgraded marble package with jetted tub, separate shower and double vanities. Roll out kitchen cabinets with lagoon view from patio. Call LaTrelle for your personal veiwing at 658-7777 H-4516 $158,900

At Home with Diversity

Each RE/MAX Office Is Independently Owned and Operated

More for your money! Foyer, greatroom with fireplace, super efficient kitchen, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, plus bonus, master bath, with separate shower, garden tub and double vanity. Lovely trey ceiling in master bedroom. Double garage and privacy fenced yard. Call LaTrelle for your personal veiwing at 658-7777 H-4451 $189,900 View our video at wmv 317 West Duffy Street Single Family at Condo Price!

Just Add People

Huge brick Colonial on Whitemarsh Isl. Big enough for even the largest clan, w/ 6 bedrooms + bonus, 3 full & 2 half baths, eatin kitchen, BBQ pit, 2-car garage, 2-car carport & tons of storage. Inlaw suite perfect for home office or rental. $319,000. Under Contract! Katherine W. Oxnard, Keller Williams Realty Coastal Area Partners, (912) 704-3545/3565001. , . REDUCED! Georgetown, Village Green Subdivision. 4/2 split bedroom plan, 1631sqft., ceramic tile floor. Fenced backyard. $145,000. 912-4848608.



House hasn’t sold? Need to sell? Needs TLC? Call today. Not a real estate agent.



We buy houses & lots/land. Don’t Stress! We buy “as is”! (No bank inspections needed) Quick, Fair Offers. Fast Closings. Avoid Foreclosure

Brag All You Want

'Cause you got the best deal downtown! Charming 2BR/1BA Victorian steps from Forsyth! Pine floors, 10' ceilings, tons of light, new kitchen floor/counters, tile bath, loads of closets + huge backyard w/off-street parking. Move right in! $199,000Katherine W. Oxnard, Keller Williams Realty Coastal Area Partners, (912) 704-3545/356-5001. , 201 E. Charlton St. Savannah, GA 31401 912-236-1000

FSBO IN RINCON. Beautifully renovated brick 3BR/1.5BA w/ huge shaded backyard. Lovely eat-in kitchen w/new white cabinets & pergo flooring that continues into living room. Patio doors lead out to deck. Nice paint colors & new carpet in BR’s. Also has 1-car garage. Quiet neighborhood w/great schools. $128,000. Agents protected. 912-754-4674 or 220-3073

845 Commercial Property

. Your Friends Will Be Jealous

Tybee Island

2 BD, 2BA, 1/2 block from the ocean, on 17th Place. Rents for $850 a week, plus tax and cleaning fee in season. $1350 a month off season. Call Rhondda @ 912-507-9800 21 West 34th Street

New home with a 2 car garage on 34th, off Bull Street. 3 BR, 2 BA, granite counters and custom kitchen. Everything new! $1,600 a month. Rhondda @ 912-507-9800. If interested in having your home or condo managed short term, long term, or executive furnished rentals - call us and we will be happy to find you a tenant. We have many people waiting for rentals right now!!!!

Approx. 10 acres, 3BR/2BA, Rhondda @ Sun Coast Realty built in 2002, stone fireplace in 912 507-9800* family room. 6-stall barn, 319 E Huntingdon Lane fenced pastures. Candler county. 6 miles from I-16. Call Cute 2 story townhome totally Penny @ ERA Landmark, 912- furnished and all utilities included. 2 bedrooms, 1.5 687-4663 or 912-764-6774 baths, cable tv, washer/dryer, 3/2, 2-car. Isle of Hope. Well- disposal, dishwasher, micro, maintained on quiet cul-de- sheets, towels and everything sac. Large, fenced backyard. you need is there! $1500 Appliances. $148,900. Steve month to month Rhondda or Fran 912-604-6518. 912 507-9800

Don’t Wait Any Longer, Call us today! 912-429-9600 (We are not Realtors)


855 Homes for Rent

Of the views, huge live 111 West Anderson St. oaks, and did we mention the Superb Commercial space views? Build your island get- available for Sale or Lease, Lo-

105 Whitaker

just off Broughton, and elevator building, furnished and all utilities including cable tv, month to month, very fashionable upscale condo. 2 bedrooms, custom kitchen, very NY! $1950 per month, Rhondda @ 912 507-9800 517 E Harris

one block to Troup Sq. and FireFly Cafe. Rented month to month. All furniture and utilities are included in the rent! Rents for 900 a week and $2,000 a month/ 3 floors, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 half baths, enclosed porch, 2 working fireplaces, cable Tv, broadband with comcast, washer/dryer, 2 parking spaces, brick courtyard, great place, and for sale for $515000. Great home or investment. Available August 1, 2006. Call Rhondda 912 507-9800


We buy houses & lots/land. Don’t Stress! We buy “as is”! (No bank inspections needed) Quick, Fair Offers. Fast Closings. Avoid Foreclosure

Don’t Wait Any Longer, Call us today! 912-429-9600 (We are not Realtors)



Connect Savannah 07.12.06




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Oxford Subdiv, Richmond Hill. 2100 SF, 4BR/3BA home. $1900/mo year lease. Contact Richmond Hill Land & Realty, 756-9790

Connect Savannah 07.12.06

1BR/1BA GINGERBREAD Cottage. Too cute! Completely remodeled. Hardwood/tile floors, deck, great yard, private garden! W/d included, pets considered. Near downtown/Islands, just off Bonaventure, $575/mo. (828)773-9625 CUSTOM FEATURES! 3BR/2BA spacious recently renovated home. Tile floors, granite countertops, waterfall rainshower. Many windows, huge fenced yard, patio, shed. Pets considered. Great neighborhood near downtown/ Islands. Off Bonaventure. $975/mo. (828)773-9625 EAST 52nd STREET: Attractive 3BR/1BA. Hardwood floors, separate living/dining room plus sunroom, washer/dryer hookup, carport, utility shed and fenced yard. $1000/month, $1000/security deposit. Call 706-951-1319 or 706-210-9746, 706-495-1569. BLUFFTON, SC only gated community. Beautiful 2BR, 2BA Villa, view, full size washer & dryer, new carpet and paint. Fantastic amenities - clean as a whistle, move in ready. Call 843-815-7133.

HOUSE FOR RENT, 3 Bedroom 1 1/2 Bath, Den, Furnished Kitchen, LR/DR, Fenced Backyard, Central H/A. $875 monthly/deposit $30 credit check. 912-596-4954 NEW CONDOS- 2 available! 2BR/2BA, upper level, fireplace, across from Savannah Christian Church. Available 8/1/06. $925/mo, $925/security. GA lic 177857, 177858. Daley Real Estate, 912-2355582

860 Townhomes/ CondosFor Rent TYBEE ISLAND: 2 Bedrooms/1.5 Bath Condo. Quiet, furnished, community pool. Non-smoking. $1,200/month. Deposit and references required. Call 356-0098.

865 Apartments for Rent 120 E. Jones St.

$1,350/Mo 2 Br/1ba, New Paint, Washer Dryer, Available Early June Rhondda at 912-507-9800. Call Dana Dejames At Judge Realty 912-659-1067 Or 912236-1000. 321 Abercorn St. #312

$3,000/Mo 2 Br/2ba, View Of CLEAN & AFFORDABLE hous- Lafayette Square, Washer Dryer, Granite Countertops, 16 Ft. es for rent. Call Mack, Ceilings, Hardwood Floors, Se912-247-0891. cure, Underground Parking

Space. Water Included In Rent. Call Dana Dejames At Judge Realty 912-659-1067 Or 912236-1000. 112 Arnold St.

$650/Mo 2br/1ba, Recently Remodeled, Fenced Yard, Off Street Parking, Pets Ok Call Dana Dejames At Judge Realty 912-659-1067 Or 912236-1000.

back porch, courtyard. Wireless internet, digital cable and water included for $1300/mo. Contact: 912-220-1020 or email 123/125 East 40th St.

Newly renovated duplex, 3 BR, 2 BA, living room, large kitchen, washer/dryer, H/W floors, central H/A, 2 F/P, large courtyard and deck. $1000/mo. Contact: 912-220-1020 or email fveneti1313 & 1314 Mlk Blvd. $676/Mo 2br/ 1 Ba Beautifully Renovated, One Is Handicap 2-BEDROOM 2-BATH APARTAccessible, Retirees Welcome. MENT, gated community on Section 8 Welcome. Call Dana Wilmington Island. Call 912Dejames At Judge Realty 912897-4872 659-1067 Or 912-236-1000. 705 E. Henry St.

870 $750/Mo 2br/1ba, Newly Remodeled, Hardwood Floors, Duplexes For Rent Fresh Paint, New Appliances, Off Street Parking. Call Dana Dejames At Judge 908 EAST 34th STREET, DuRealty 912-659-1067 Or 912- plex. 750 Sq. ft. 1 Bedroom/1 236-1000. Bath, central air, hardwood, tile kitchen, microwave, ice maker, 1505 Grove St. $750/Mo 3b /1ba, Renovated, washer/dryer connection, pest Hardwood Floors, Quiet Street, control $575/month, $575/deposit. No pets. 912-604-8984, New Appliances Call Dana Dejames At Judge 8am-8pm. Realty 912-659-1067 Or 912236-1000. 311 & 313 W. Henry St.

$750/Mo 2 Br/1 Ba, Off Street Parking, Washer And Dryer, Completely Remodeled. 2 Units Available Call Dana Dejames At Judge Realty 912-659-1067 Or 912236-1000.

895 Room For Rent

LARGE VICTORIAN near library. Nicely furnished, walk-in closet, large windows on 2 sides. Phone, cable, internet, w/d, w/off-street parking. 116 East Bolton St. $150/wk, $540/mo. Call 231Great location on Forsyth Park, 9464 near SCAD and Kroger. Newly renovated duplex, 2BD, 2BA, bonus room, living room, 899 kitchen, washer/dryer, H/W Roommate Wanted floors, central H/A, 2 F/P, large PROFESSIONAL MALE seeks N/S professional student to share 2BR/2BA gated lux apt. on Westside. Just minutes from Downtown & Southside. W/D, cable, no pets. $475/month includes utilities. 678-852-9969, leave message.



910 Cars

Fender Bender?


w/glass roof pane! Garage kept, mint condition, 97,633 miles. New tires and rims. Man. trans. All electric inside. Rear wheel drive. V8, 5.7 liter engine. Asking $19,000 OBO. Cell 912-655-9608 or 912728-5599.


Make your classified ad stand out for only $2.00 extra a week. Sell it fast with a bold headline in Super Type! Call 238-2040.*

Paint & Body Work Reasonably Priced Insurance Claims We buy wrecks

920 Trucks/Vans


2003 CHEVROLET MALIBU Great car, selling estate. $7500. Call 912-441-8369 2000 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT GLS Sedan, V6 with 52,000 miles. 5 speed manual, sunroof, AM/FM cassette with 6 disc CD changer. Dealer serviced. $9500 OBO. 912-897-0198 (h) or 912-965-3701 (w).


Make your classified ad stand out for only $2.00 extra a week. Sell it fast with a bold headline in Super Type! Call 238-2040.*

2001 CHEVY SILVERADO Ext. cab, white, 121K. Good shape, new tires, great truck! Asking $10,500. Call 355-6002 or 596-6002

940 Motorcycles/ATVs 2005 YZ 250, pro-circuit platinum dual pipe, shorty silencer, V-force rev alves, procircuit graphics $5000. 2005 Polaris Phoenix Quad, automatic $3000. 2005 10ft. trailer with ramp $1000. (760)948-2111.

91 2- 233- 6000 w w w. C o r a B e t t T h o m a s . c o m PAY A FAIR PRICE!


How can you be certain you're not paying too much when you buy a home? Are there any safeguards to protect buyers against overpriced homes? Buyers can best protect themselves against overpricing by comparing a number of similar homes. To do this, the agent is first given detailed information about buying objectives, i.e. the size home, location, style, number of rooms, etc. Then, buyers are shown a selection of comparable properties. Comparing homes may at first seem confusing. As more homes are added to the comparison list, however, overpriced homes begin to stand out like a sore thumb. Buyers who plan to finance their home through a mortgage lender have an added line of defense against overpricing - an appraisal. Because the lender is financing a substantial part of the purchase price, the home's value must be appraised. This is the lender's protection against overpricing, since a low appraisal would raise a red flag about the home's true value. The appraiser will identify other similar homes that have recently sold, and compare the sale prices of each. The size and condition of the homes are also compared, resulting in a final appraised value for the home being purchased. There is one other way buyers are protected from overpricing - the law of supply and demand. Sellers generally realize that buyers compare homes before making a purchase. They know their home must be priced fairly to attract buyers. The result? Most homes are marketed at a fair price.


e a t u r e d


o m e s

2 Parkersburg Court - Isle of Hope Inspected, 418 East 62 Repaired, nd Street and Ready for MoveIn! Great IsleInvestment of Hope brick home, newly Priced to sell! property with painted on corner huge lot, corner lot. Less that a two houses, detached garage, milemore. from $210,000. the Isle of and JohnHope GilesMarina. 912- 3 beds/2 baths and 2 fireplaces. Hardwoods 220-1667 / Alexander Grikitis 912-220and Mexican tile throughout. Many new 1700 updates. Priced to sell at $270,000. Linda Bray 912-507-8500.

205 East Hall Street 314 East 58th Street Circa 1880, beautiful original architectural details This Ardsley has just recently beencolrenoin-placePark suchbungalow as a mansard roof, terracotta vated umns, with new bamboofloors, and limestone floors throughout. hardwood floor-to-ceiling windows Home&has 3 bedrooms / 2 baths large parlors. The homewith sits limestone on a large shower 187 x in master, all new appliances, updated pool with 31’downtown lot, has a lush frontkitchen, garden, bricked all new pumps and and much more. and Must see to courtyard andfilters, the added security convebelieve! Priced sell below appraised value. Owner nience of to a 2-car garage. Approximately 3116 is licensed real estate agent inEllie GA. Titus $248,000 Alexander square feet. $1,050,000. 313-4955. Grikitis 912-220-1700 / John Giles 912-220-1667.

415 Price Street #C Jefferson Commons Two-story renovated Be the first to own one of these six - 2 bedtownhouse near Whitfield room, 2 bath condos in the heart of the Square. Private courtyard, Historic District. Conveniently located close to hardwood and ceramic tile SCAD. Features 4 fireplaces, spiral stair case, floors, and a great kitchgranite counter tops and stainless steel applien. Approx. 1200 square ances. Gated, off street parking. $196,000 each feet. Convenient downJohn Giles 912.220.1667 Alexander Grikitis town location. $399,000. 912.220.1700. Paula Letcher 657-2727.

509 Tattnall Street Beautiful rowhouse 317 West brick Waldburg Streetbuilt in 1920 as a blacksmith unique Gorgeous Victorian shop. home The with many beautihome has many historical ful upgrades. Just 3 original blocks from Forsyth Park fireplace and hardwood .details 1,926such sq.ft.asHome features 4 bedrooms / 2 floors.Italian Off-street only new two extebaths, marbleparking and tileand flooring, blocks from ForsythVictorian Park! Priced at rior paint, 10’ ceilings, details through$445,000 Adjacent (511 Call Tattnall out, and much more. lot $350,000 Catherine Street) isforalso available for purchase Harrison details at 912-856-5582. for $145,000. Roy Hill 912-844-4000 / John Giles 912-220-1667.

216 West Park Condos ~ Five new condos 817 Abercorn Street in a gorgeously renovated historic building on Park Avenue. Completely Fabulous Bloomquist construction feaupdated kitchens withInterior stainless fixtures, turing Christina Sharf Design. stainless appliances, Shaker-style cabinets, Magnificent features include Honduran baths withcultured marblemarble, granitelarge countertops pine, white terrace, & marble floors. Hardwood floors Have throughout. courtyard, and much, much more. to 1500 2035 square feet. Pricing starting at see to –believe! $695,000 Call for details. $300,000. Grikitis Alexander Grikitis 912-220-1700 / Alexander 912-220-1700 / John John912-220-1667. Giles 912-220-1667. Giles

30 West York415 Lane East 31st Street High Voltagerenovated Loft! Create your own near utopia Completely historic duplex the when raw space. corneryou of purchase East 31st this andfabulous Habersham Streets. Each unit has will 2include 2 off-street parkingall Each unit bedrooms / 1 bathroom, spaces and the rest of the finishes to new kitchens, 12’ ceilings, large are rearupdeck, you. Call forparking. details.Gorgeous Alexander Grikitis and off-street natural light 912-220-1700 John square Giles 912-220-1667 throughout. A / total footage of 2128. Priced at $349,000. Paula Letcher 912-6572727 / Linda Bray 912-507-8500.

216 West64Park Avenue Smith Avenue – Garden City State-of-the-art condominium community. Large brick historic ranch-style home in desirThree units with 2 and 3ofbedroom able neighborhood Gardenspacious City floor plans. Conveniently all downtown located on over 3 located acres. 4 near bedrooms/2 Savannah to Units include stainless applibaths,has spacious room, updated ancekitchen, package,fireplace, plasma T.V., countertops, brick granite patio, in-law and suite surveillance systems. Priced from $280,000 and much more. Over 2100 square $300,000. Call Alexander Grikitis at 912-220-1700 feet. Priced at $205,000. or John GilesRoy at 912-220-1667 for more details. Hill 912-844-4000/ John Giles 912-220-1667.

The Coastal Real Estate 315 E. Group, Liberty LLC Street 315 E. Liberty Savannah, GAStreet 31401 Savannah, GA 31401

Park Park Avenue ParkPlace Placeon Condos on Park Avenue Twotwo condos out ofleft! fourOne left. bedroom One Only condos / bedroom/ onelocated bath units in an one bath units in a located great historic historicclose building close to Forsyth Park building to Forsyth Park, SCAD and, SCAD and shopping. Recently in renovated shopping. Recently renovated 2005. in 2005. each. for more Seller to $174,000 pay $3000 in Call buyer’s closing details. Hill 912-844-4000 costs, 1-yr Roy home warranty, & $1000 bonus to selling agent! $174,000 each. Roy Hill / 912-844-4000.

407 East 34th Street Newly renovated home 311 Columbus Drive in an area of active restoration. the corner of 34th and CharmingNear 2 Bedroom 1 Bath Bungalow Habersham, thisOak 3 bedroom/1 bathroom in Midtown. hardwood floors, brand home over 1100 square kitchen feet, refinnew has bathroom, beechwood cabiished hardwood floors, a new HVAC, and a netry. Just one block from Habersham fenced back yard. Priced at $235,000. Shopping Village shops and Restaurants. Alexander 912-220-1700 / John 1132 sq.Grikitis feet. $220,000. Call Catherine Giles 912-220-1667. Harrison for more details. 912-856-5582.

401 N. Cromwell – Wilmington Island 3311 Bull Street Wonderful, renovated Remarkable Ardsley duplex locatedcondo on in 1678 the sq.ft. established commucorner lot. with 3 bedrooms/2 nity of include The Commons. baths. Features new HVACFirst and floor 1 bed / 1 bath condo has water heaters, hardwood floors, fenced yard, updatedlot off-streetgranite parking,countertops, and more. Includes kitchen, Seller screened porch next to property. to pay 2% ofand closnew upgrades. $108,000. ing costs.many $350,000 Alexander Grikitis Linda Bray 912-220-1700/John Giles912-507-8500/ 912-220-1667. Ray Hill 912-844-4000

Row ~ 305 East BoltonCommunity Street Bolton Bolton Row – A New Condominium A luxury condominium community! Two bedSeven fabulous new construction 1 bedroom / 1 room/one bath condos with off-street parking, bath condominiums. 827-1,045 sq.ft. Many fine pool, upscale & $3000 paid towards appointments andfinishes, amenities, including off-street buyer’sand closing costs. Located Forsyth parking community pool. close Pleasetogo by to SCAD & shopping. seePark, construction progress. $240,000-$310,000. Call for marketing Roy HillPriced 912-844-4000 / $240,000 package and details. to sell from Giles912-844-4000 912-220-1667. - $310,000. John Roy Hill / John Giles 912-220-1667

Office: Office: (912) (912) 233-5900 233-5900 Fax: Fax: (912) (912) 233-5983 233-5983

Connect Savannah 07.12.06

Cottages at Stillwell ~ Pritchardville, S.C. 2 Parkersburg – Isle of42-lot Hope cottage comNow taking Court reservations! Great brick home on hugethree corner lot.ponds Less than munity situated around fish under one mile to oak beautiful Driveinand majestic trees.Bluff Starting theMarina. low 400’s. 3 bed/2 bath with Mexican tile and hardwoods. Located in Pritchardville, S.C. just 20 minutes Handpainted kitchenSavannah. floor, brick patio manyat from downtown Call theand office updates. New updates! with $1,000 912-233-5900 or Roy$283,000 Hill at 912-844-4000. design allowance. Call Linda Bray 912.507.8500.


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Connect Savannah July 12, 2006  

Connect Savannah July 12, 2006