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Parents taking their kids to catch this at a matinee showing should reasonably be expecting a dog day afternoon; instead, those perky creatures known as actors keep getting in the way of total enjoyment. Based on a Japanese film that was itself inspired by a true story, Eight Below relates the tale of a scientific expedition in Antarctica and what happens when punishing weather forces its members to leave their eight sled dogs behind. As the animals spend months coping with exhaustion, starvation and a particularly nasty leopard seal, expedition guide Jerry Shephard (Paul Walker) desperately tries to find a way to rescue them. The dogs are gorgeous and wonderfully expressive (no creepy Snow Dogs-style anthropomorphizing here, thank God), and as long as director Frank Marshall and debuting scripter Dave DiGilio focus on their part of the story, the movie succeeds in the grand tradition of past Disney live-action adventures. But the picture runs an unpardonable two hours (can little kids’ bladders hold out that long?), and its length is felt in the countless scenes centering on Jerry: his romance with a pilot (Moon Bloodgood), his bantering with a co-worker (Jason Biggs, heavy on the shtick) and his pity parties as he agonizes over the potential loss of his dogs (watching Walker try to convey brooding introspection and angst is never a pretty sight). At 95 minutes, this would have been a winner; maybe the DVD will include a function that will allow viewers to edit out the humans and leave only the remarkable canines.

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901 Maupas

Beautiful brick house on corner lot in Baldwin Park .3 Bedrooms and 1.5 Bathrooms. Enclosed patio and off street parking. Needs a little bit of updating. Asking price $207,000.

712 Seiler

2 Bedroom 1 BA. Move-in ready. Craftsman Bungalow, all new wiring, plumbing,and electric. Asking price $145,000.

403 East Duffy St.

1207 Price Street

Duplex with nice architectural details. Close to SCAD, perfect for investor. 6 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms- Total 3,400 SF. Asking price $275,000.

Beautiful Duplex with exposed brick fireplaces, pocket doors. Perfect location for Scad rental. Large Back yard. 4Bdrm and 2.5 Ba total. Price reduced $279K.

Contact: Beth Vantosh (912) 663-3392

Tom Huffstetler (912) 695-8110

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Connect Savannah February 22, 2006  

Connect Savannah February 22, 2006