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Appearance Reality


Sulfur Studios show Semblance meditates on perception

by kayla goggin

Since the Starland district’s seminal studio collective Sulfur Studios opened its doors in November 2014, it has only shown one photography exhibition. When Emily Earl, one of the space’s founders, revealed that during a conversation last week my instinctual reaction was one of disbelief. “Well, that can’t be right,” I thought. “She must be mistaken.” But it is, and she’s not. I don’t think I was wrong to be incredulous. Incredible photo work has often graced Sulfur’s walls during juried and group shows, of which there was (perhaps) a surplus. After all, the group’s MO in 2015 was all about defining their gallery space as Starland’s most diverse. I’ll happily say that they succeeded, but would be lying if I said I wasn’t hungry for something more concentrated. Their first show of 2016, Semblance, focuses the diversity Earl and her

co-founders (AJ Perez and Jennifer Moss) have cultivated into something promisingly introspective – an exhibition of photography focused on portraiture and the everlasting tug-o-war between appearance and reality. The show, which opens on Friday, January 8 with a reception from 6 - 9pm, features work by Emily Earl, Geoff L. Johnson, Christine Hall and Cedric Smith. Johnson, who recently opened a studio inside Sulfur, was Earl’s primary collaborator in putting together the exhibition. On the pairing of the four artists Johnson said, “We all have varied experience in both the professional and art worlds. We all photograph people, but we also each have our own distinctive approaches and styles.” It’s true; Smith and Johnson’s polished aesthetic often lands them on the cover of magazines like Savannah and Liberty Life, or even within the pages of this publication. Hall, whose work has also appeared in Savannah magazine, has a dreamier quality to her photographs – in particular,

JAN 6-12, 2015



I Saw Him Standing There Emily eart

Christine Cedric smith

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Connect Savannah January 6, 2016