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You said not long ago that you didn’t want to be “part of a dead band.” However you look at it, it’s been a long time since you started. Are the goals still the same? Sergio Dias: It’s very simple: I never look back. I look forward, and that’s the most important thing in life. If I were to be playing “Satisfaction” until the rest of my days, you know, that would be a pain in the neck. That wouldn’t make any sense for me. I remember that we were playing here in Vegas at the Hard Rock Café, and the same night was the Rolling Stones, playing somewhere else. We had a new record out. I’m 62, OK, Jagger is older than me, but why the hell don’t they make new material? I wish they did, because I’m a fan. The guys are living, they’re musicians and composers … this is a living thing, you know, it’s a living entity. That’s why we keep on doing Os Mutantes. I can’t understand a band that exists and don’t produce. Don’t care any more.

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At 16 in São Paulo, with all that was happening, weren’t the reasons for making music different?

The original (1968) Os Mutantes, clockwise from top: Sergio Dias Baptista, Arnaldo Baptista and Rita Lee.

Honest truth, though, isn’t that what people want from them now? Sergio Dias: I don’t think so. McCartney, at least, he’s putting out a few things. We might like it, we might not like it, but that’s how it is to be an artist. You have to put your face to be slapped or not. Because otherwise, why are you doing that? They don’t need to do that for the money, so why? I don’t understand, honestly. There was a Rolling Stones concert televised in Brazil, and I remember seeing Ron Wood, he had a solo. It was a typical, silly, silly blues thing or whatever. And I saw that he wasn’t there, man. I felt so embarrassed. I turned it off immediately. Because for me, as a guitar player, there’s always something new to do, you know? I don’t want to criticize them in any aspect, definitely. Maybe he had a bad day that day. It was a very hard thing to feel, as a co-musician. Because we understand this — we know what it is to be stale. This is awful. It’s just the worst thing that can happen to a musician or artist.

Sergio Dias: No, I don’t think so. I think I probably am an anarchist in my own soul, you know? Never let your inner children die. If you do that, man, you get old. I think I’m younger for longer. I always love to see what’s gonna happen. It’s like taking a drive — “What’s gonna be after the next mountain?” Always, there’s something new. Sometimes it’s boring; sometimes it’s 800 miles, nothing happens, but then suddenly you find such a great valley. You have to be patient, you have to believe and you have to trust that you’re going to somewhere special. Always.

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Sergio Dias: Yeah! If I wasn’t having fun, you wouldn’t be talking to me now. I would be retired, doing something else, honestly because there’s no way that I would be doing this. I leave tomorrow on this new tour. It’s hard, man — I have a slipped vertebrae, I hurt my back, and I have to go for hours and hours sitting in this bloody van and all this stuff. But we have so much fun in the band! You have no idea how much fun we have on the tour. CS Os Mutantes/Capsula Where: Dollhouse Productions, 980 Industry Drive When: At 9 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 20 (doors open at 8) Tickets: $18 advance at, $20 at the door


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Mead, which blows your head off. You get a little boat and you go out there; there’s nothing better to feel than this. Then you go another 30 miles and you’re in a ski resort with, like, snow! It is an amazing place. And strategically, it’s so close to everything. You guys have the best roads, and the best cars. Enjoy the ride, and in three hours you’re in L.A. or whatever. Living here is so good compared to São Paulo. São Paulo became like a monster of what it was. I think it has like 14 million inhabitants now. Traffic is unbearable. The cars are all grey, black and white. There’s no colors. It’s all so dirty. And here, it’s so good.


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