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by bill deyoung |

Why is Yves Mathieu always smiling? and doing all this. I’m shocked by it.” You can donate to the Yves Mathieu heart fund by going to the event Facebook page, or by visiting giveforward. com.

A half dozen hardcore bands are performing at Sweet Melissa’s on the 15th to raise funds for Yves Mathieu, a 19-year-old SCAD student, fan of the Congress Street postpunk scene, and guy with a lot of friends. An aspiring dramatic writer, Mathieu has a congenital heart condition — at 16, he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart — and like most college students, he has very little money. He suffered a heart attack during the downtown Oktoberfest last month and spent 10 days in the hospital. The bills are piling up. “As far as I know, the doctors told me, I don’t need surgery,” explains Mathieu. “It’s just moderation, and taking care of myself, and staying on top of my medication. And I have a cardiologist now. Before I didn’t because I just didn’t really care about it. But now that I know that it’s life or death, I have one. “There are certain things I can’t do. Like I can’t dance until my bedrest is over. They said that after a heart attack, it takes eight weeks for the scar in your heart to heal. It’s been a month this week, so I’ll go back to the doctor to make sure everything is going OK.” And then, he’ll be back. “I love to dance, perform, sing my heart out and do a lot of things!” The Friday event starts at 6:45 p.m. Bands include Me and the Trinity, Coastlines, Beaufort’s The Apprehended, the duo Any Otherwise, Skyburner, Nine Lives and the acoustic twosome Thanks Anyways.

Jazz vocals

One of the premiere jazz vocalists in Atlanta, Audrey Shakir, comes to Savannah Nov. 17 to sing with a hand-picked combo of local musicians from our own Coastal Jazz Association. The 5 p.m. concert, in the Westin Harbor Resort ballroom, will draw from Shakir’s vast repertoire, from a career that’s found her headlining at New York’s Village Gate and performing regularly at Town Hall, the Apollo Theatre and Tavern on the Green. It’s free for CJA members, $10 for the rest of us.

Half notes

Top: A beaming Yves Mathieu and friends. Above: Atlanta jazz singer Audrey Shakir.

“I’m overwhelmed by it, to be completely honest,” Mathieu says. “It’s really intense, because I always feel like I’m annoying because I love people so much. People are always ‘Why is this guy always smiling? What’s

wrong with him? What drugs is he taking?’ “And I’m like ‘No, I just love people, you guys.’ It’s really cool to see all these people who I thought I was bothering and annoying, loving me

• The Marshall Tucker Band, Devon Alllman’s Honeytribe and Diana Fuchs will play Dec. 7 at Screven Motor Speedway, on US 21 between Springfield and Sylvania. Advance tickets are $35 at • Yet another son of Gregg, Michael Allman, has a Nov. 23 date (with his band) at the Wormhole. The natural question, then, is this: Can Elijah Blue be far behind? • Cool stuff coming up next week includes the fab Futurebirds’ return to the Jinx (Nov. 21); the Savannah Stopover’s 2014 announcement will be made at the show. Jeremy Davis & the Fabulous Equinox Orchestra hook up with the Savannah Philharmonic Nov. 21 for Big Band Pops at the Lucas. A Nickel Bag of Funk releases Melodic Schizophrenic with a live show Nov. 23 at Dollhouse. CS

Connect Savannah Nov 13, 2013  
Connect Savannah Nov 13, 2013