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Become the Best You a leadership lecture featuring


Dawn Baker

wTOC anchor & author November 19, 2013 6:30 p.m. armstrong Center auditorium Admission is free.

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The Bazaar community helps artists find a like-minded professional network.

“Sometimes I sell to other jewelers, who will take a tooth and wrap it in metal to make a piece and sell it later,” he relates. “We’ve also done some very cool trades, which helps everyone.” This spirit of reciprocity is appreciated especially by Cuttita, who came to mellow Savannah from the high-stakes creative climate of Brooklyn. “In New York, people don’t work together, it’s all competition,” observes Cuttita. “Here it’s much

more supportive.” His co-conspirators agree. “I like the term ‘symbiotic relationships’,” muses Haggerty. “We’re all figuring out what our strengths are and finding a way not to compete, but collaborate.” cs Savannah Bazaar When: Sat., Nov. 16, 1-6 p.m. Where: Southern Pine Co., 616 E. 35th St. Cost: Free admission/$20 vendors Info:

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Connect Savannah Nov 13, 2013  
Connect Savannah Nov 13, 2013