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Giving it the old college try

by Jim Morekis |


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We do hope you enjoy this year’s edition of our annual College Student Guide. It’s our way of welcoming new students to town as well as helping not-so-new students to get back into the groove of a typically busy Savannah fall season. For those of you unfamiliar with our publication, Connect Savannah is what’s known in the media biz as an “alternative newsweekly,” or more typically, “alt-weekly.” All this means — with an echo to the alternative press of the ‘60s and ‘70s — is that one of our core missions is to serve as an alternative to the local mainstream media, mostly the local daily paper, the Savannah Morning News, which we aren’t affiliated with. The role of the alt-weekly has changed over the years, and arts, entertainment and culture have taken on greater importance. In addition to our college-themed stuff this issue, you’ll find our usual assortment of local arts and events coverage, including some great bands in local clubs and the opening of Angels in America by The Collective Face.

So who are our typical readers? Well... that’s where you come in, dear college students. People will try to tell you that our typical reader votes a certain way or is a certain age. Actually, time and time again we’ve discovered — as have most other alt-weeklies around the country —that by far the main common denominator of our readership is a college education. People with a college education have three key traits which tend to separate them from other people: They’re more curious about the world around them, they’re more apt to take action to change the world around them, and they’re more likely to be avid readers in general. Regardless of how you fit into that formula, we hope you’ll continue to pick up the print edition of Connect Savannah each

week and also visit You’ll discover that we take great pains to provide reporting and commentary which don’t necessarily fit into easy-to-label modes — because our readers also resist easy categorization. In other news this week, I want to extend a warm and hearty welcome to our newest staff member, incoming Community Editor Jessica Leigh Lebos. Jessica is a well-respected local writer and journalist whose work is already wellknown to many of you. Her blog “Yo Yenta!” is a repeat winner of our Connect Savannah Best of Savannah Readers Poll for Best Blog. She begins her tenure here by contributing several pieces for the College Student Guide portion of the paper. We expect you will see Jessica delving into all sorts of local civics, political, and qualityof-life issues in future issues, all written in her own distinctive and often quite humorous voice. You can get in touch with Jessica at cs

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Thanks for 9/11 column

Editor, Bravo to you for your amazingly accurate, brilliantly insightful, courageous editorial of September 7, entitled “Fighting the Next War.” I could barely contain my dual emotions of profound sadness and righteous anger as I read his column that perfectly reflects my own observations and sentiments about the deplorable condition of our nation today. With each passing day, these vile, omnipotent, corporate

plutocrats who totally control our crumbling nation wreak further death, damage and devastation. I proudly display a sign on my front porch and on the back of my truck that says “STOP BITCHING, START A REVOLUTION!” It is indeed way past time for another good old fashioned, authentic revolution – this time to save the very soul of America. Kevin Clark

Labor Day really was about Labor

Editor, Did you enjoy your Labor Day holiday? The reason we celebrate Labor Day is largely because of the contributions made by unions to the betterment of America’s workers. The numerous beneficial influences of organized labor cannot be ignored.   Most of the benefits workers now enjoy are directly attributable to unions. To cite but a few: the 40–hr. work week; paid holidays and vacations; sick leave;

grievance procedures, collective bargaining and generally superior wages. Unfortunately, succeeding generations have come to take those benefits for granted. Those benefits came about because of unions and soon became the norm for union workers and many non–union workers as well. All American workers owe a debt of gratitude to Organized Labor for its achievements.    Paul G. Jaehnert

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Sep. 14, 2011 Connect Savannah Issue  

Featuring the Connect Savannah 2011 College Student Guide (general info, live music, under-21's venues, majors offered at local schools, col...

Sep. 14, 2011 Connect Savannah Issue  

Featuring the Connect Savannah 2011 College Student Guide (general info, live music, under-21's venues, majors offered at local schools, col...