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New Procedures for Residence Permits The IND has opened nine regional offices in the autumn of 2007 to assume the immigration tasks that were formerly processed by the local municipalities (gemeenten). The IND-loket that services the Northern Netherlands was opened on 24 September 2007 and is located at Zuiderzeelaan 43-51 in Zwolle. If foreigners from non-EU countries who come to the Netherlands for work purposes (labor migrants, arbeidsmigranten) would like to request a residence permit, they can no longer go to the local gemeente to submit the application, nor receive the residence sticker or pick up the residence permit card there. They must call the national IND telephone number (0900 1234561, € 0,10 per minute) to make an appointment, and go to the regional IND office to submit their application and receive the residence sticker. To collect the residence permit card, an appointment is not necessary, but it must be collected at the regional

office as well. Highly-skilled migrants (kennismigranten) who apply in person for a residence permit must go to the IND office at Sir Winston Churchilllaan 293 in Rijswijk. The telephone number to make an appointment is (070) 779 5825 (€ 0,10 per minute). If the application is submitted by mail, the highly-skilled migrant can make an appointment to collect the residence sticker from the regional IND office after the application has been received. The residence card can also be collected at the regional office, but no appointment is necessary. In contrast to the previous situation, foreigners will now be required to register with the local gemeente before applying for a residence permit. They should receive a form from the gemeente called 'Proof of Preliminary Registration' (Bewijs van Bekendmaking bij de GBA) which should be submitted along with the residence permit application to the IND.

The regional offices are located at the following addresses: 1. Zwolle - Zuiderzeelaan 43-51, 8017 JV Zwolle 2. Utrecht - Gebouw Dienst Burgerzaken en Gemeente belastingen, Arthur van Schendelstraat 500, 3511 MH Utrecht 3. Rijswijk Sir Winston Churchilllaan 293, 2288 DC Rijswijk 4. Den Haag - Immigratiekantoor Stadhoudersplantsoen 24, 2517 JL Den Haag 5. Rotterdam Stadswinkel Centrum Coolsingel 40 (ingang Doelwater), 3011 AD Rotterdam 6.Eindhoven Rijksverzamelgebouw "Hooghuis" Keizersgracht 5, 5611 GB Eindhoven 7. Den Bosch Magistratenlaan 222, 5223 MA 's-Hertogenbosch 8. Amsterdam Orlyplein 143 - 157, 1043 DV Amsterdam 9. Hoofddorp Mercuriusplein 1, 2132 HA Hoofddorp

We are pleased to announce that Mr Max van den Berg, Queen's Commissioner of Groningen, has joined the Connect Honorary Board. He has taken over the position of Hans Alders. He joins Mr E Nijpels, Queen's Commissioner Fryslân, Mr A L ter Beek, Queen's Commissioner Drenthe, and Mr Siem Jansen, Director, N.V. NOM.

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