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Conley ‘Chivambo’ Rose Editor


e have survived!”, is the cry of the mas designers, costume builders and masqueraders of Vincy Mas, who are proud to be celebrating 50 years of the ‘Band of the Year’ competition in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. ‘The Glory and Splendour of Vincy Mas’ is a special 50th anniversary magazine to commemorate this historical milestone through the collaborative efforts of the Carnival Bands Association (CBA) and the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) along with the mas men and women. All parties involved have made supreme sacrifices, to produce work of imaginative and exceptional quality throughout a challenging yet gratifying 50 years. This ‘Golden Jubilee’ is indeed a remarkable achievement. Carnival is the soul of the people. It is a galvanizing and electrifying force that draws people together. Vincentians regard Carnival with a passion, a sense of pride and nationalism. The festival demonstrates the resourcefulness, creativity, innovativeness, vibrancy, dynamism and versatility of the Vincentian people. The crème de la crème however, are the mas designers and builders whom amidst a variety of negative influences and fluctuating economic fortunes, struggle to keep the festival in a particular cultural direction. The pioneers and forerunners in mas would be very proud of our achievements in Vincy Carnival. They brought Vincy Mas from the simple maypole dancing, sailors, cowboys and Indian bands, the “boosie back”, weather-man and “monkey kong” of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s to the modern, artistic designs and presentations we see today. Credit and high praises must be given to individuals such as Alton ‘Septic’ Primus, Brother Blaugh, Estley Eastmond, Denise Marshall, Bobby Brisbane, Raffi Davidson, Leroy King, Stella James, Louise Millington, Paddy Corea and many others who played an important role in keeping Carnival alive in St.Vincent and the Grenadines in these very early periods. The pioneers of Vincy Mas in the 60’s and 70’s included an impressive list of mas men with the likes of Winston

‘Samo’ Samuel, Ian Reid, Jenson Jack and the Bridge Boys, Selwyn ‘Fuzzy’ Knights, Norris ‘Moby’ Dick, Raymond ‘Sevens’ Knights, Vibert DeShong, Lennox ‘Scully’ Hunte, Louis Boucher, Sonny King, Aresto Spring, Roy Ralph and the Dragons, Edison ‘Sheggy’ John and the Bad Lads and Lasses, Owen Ralph and the Professionals, Melbourne Artisans, Lennox ‘Becks’ Gonsalves, Lennox ‘Dinks’ Johnson and others too numerous to mention, have set the pace and foundation in Vincy Mas. The Glory and Splendour of Vincy Mas highlights the Journey of the ‘Band of the Year’ competition from “A Portrait of Ancient Egypt” by the Bridge Boys in 1963 to “A Glimpse of Kingstown” by Blondie Bird and Friends in 2012. This magazine provides a photographic display of the “Memories of Vincy Mas” in living colour to celebrate 50 years of mas-The Golden Jubilee and going strong. Happy 50th Anniversary to the Carnival Mas Bands of SVG!

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This ia a historical document of St.Vincent and the Grenadnes biggest Cultural Festival called Carnival,which is held annually in June/July,...