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and Gordon ‘Tarya’ Boucher. DeShong’s victories were in 1981 and 1982 with Associates and 1987 and 1989 with Mirage Productions. He then bowed out leaving son Trevor “Third World” DeShong with a hard act to follow. Roy Ralph (Dragons) and Tarya Boucher (Nelson Block) shared the honours of most victories with Vibert DeShong over the 1977-2001 period. Ken Browne (Dragons) and Garth Niles (Blondi Bird and Friends) have both wore the Kings Crown on two occasions. Oxley ‘Giddy’ Lockhart (Dragons) Elford Charles (Wizards) Basil Charles (Wizards) Trevor Browne (Dragons) Trevor DeShong (Mirage Productions) Bhisma Browne (Blondi Bird and Friends) Garfield Mayers (Wizards) and Michael Ollivierre (Mirage Productions) all reigned as King for one year. Incidentally, it is worth mentioning that Trevor ‘Third World’ De Shong whose portrayal of Tinamou - The Serpent Slayer from Mirage Productions Ebony and Ivory brought him his lone title in 1994 placed runner-up (third) in the Carnival King of the World Competition in Trinidad and Tobago later that year. This of course underlined St. Vincent and the Grenadines prominence along with that of Trinidad and Tobago in the Mas’ business. Trinidad and Tobago won that competition when it’s two entrants tied for first place. This country owes a debt of gratitude to Lennox ‘Becks Gonsalves, bandleader of Mirage Productions, for spearheading SVGS’ participation in the Carnival King of the World Show in 1994. JUNIOR CARNIVAL In the first years of Vincy Mas’ the Junior Carnival continued to be known as Kiddies Carnival. But, with its growth, development and massive popularity, this competition for children aged 1-15 was transformed into the Junior Carnival. It is Junior Carnival, which, more than any other competitive Masquerade Show that has registered the greatest success this last Twenty-Five years. The number of children playing mas has shown tremendous increase with the passage of time and perhaps in another decade or so Junior Masqueraders may well outnumber their senior counterparts. Junior Carnival is guaranteed to fill Carnival City at Victoria Park with patrons thus ensuring financial success for the organizers. The competition has its Age group individuals 1-5, 6-9 and 10-15, which in recent years had to be limited to only two entrants per band in each category, The Junior King and Queen of Carnival arouses keen interest in the outcome. A best junior section is declared followed by the announcement of Junior Band of the year. Again, no one band has been able to completely dominate Junior Carnival and it has been a case of fluctuating fortunes. Over the years, Dragons, Bad Lads and Lasses, Nelson Block, Wizards and Mirage Productions have been victorious in seizing Junior Band of the Year honours. Certainly, Junior Carnival has been the nursery, which has facilitated a tremendous

increase in the size of Senior Bands over the last five years. Junior Carnival is fast outgrowing the time frame allotted for parade and competition which since 1992 has taken place on the first Saturday of our twelve day Vincy Mas’. With the growing number of Junior Masqueraders the time will surely come when more than five hours inclusive of parade, will have to be allocated to Vincy Mas’ prestigious Junior Carnival. It has to be mentioned herein that Bottlers (Saint Vincent) limited Bottlers of Ju-c and Pepsi has been sponsors of Junior Carnival during the 1977-2001 period. This support has also encouraged the success that has been Junior Carnival and no praise is too high for Bottlers in this regard. In recent times, Sunshine Snacks whose Agents are Bryden & Sprott’s has joined Bottlers in lending support to Junior Mas’. They too deserve commendation for their vision. VINCY DIASPORA Vincentians overseas have not been left out of the Mas’. Over the years, we have had presentations out of New York, beginning with Winston ‘Samo’ Samuel’s “The Festival and I” in 1978. Samo, a famed bandleader of the early 1960’s, was responsible for producing great historical presentations and for several years was involved in a healthy rivalry with the Bridge Boys for Band of the Year supremacy. Veteran Man-woman Sylvia DaSilva also organized and led a few presentations, the most notable being Festival Siam in 1992. Our Caribbean Cousins notably from Trinidad and Tobago and St.Lucia have participated in Mardi Gras over the years. This year expects to see and witness the parade of a Masquerade band from Guadeloupe. THEY RULED CARNIVAL After all is said and done, the proverbial “Lion’s Share” has been divided up among six bands of producers only with each of them taking a portion more or less. In the final analysis Bad Lads and Lasses and Nelson Block ruled Carnival on six occasions. Bad Lads and Lasses scored a beaver trick (1978-1982) and were again in winners row during 1987 and 1988. Nelson Block in turn became the third band (after Dragons and Bad Lads and Lasses) to score a hat trick doing so in 1991-1993. Their other victorious outings were,

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This ia a historical document of St.Vincent and the Grenadnes biggest Cultural Festival called Carnival,which is held annually in June/July,...