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Mykey Your digital key

Thoughtful access Usability Mykey is a sensitive unit which instantly reads cards and tags – every time. Each key responds to a light touch using the same technology as a smart phone.

Sustainability Mykey is a

small unit with a limited material use. The unit is light, ensuring minimal environmental strain when shipped.

Accessibility Mykey is able to read certain signals across large distances. This provides easy access to people with motion disabilities.

Durability Mykey is 100% waHygeine Mykey has a smooth

surface that is easily cleaned. There are no gaps around the keys, and the surface endures all detergents and alcohols.

ter proof and resistant to temperature fluctuations. The keys will never wear out or change appearance due to use.

Flexibility Mykey comes with

a range of technologies. The unit reads PIN codes, cards, tags, Bluetooth and fingerprint.

Interaction Mykey commu-

nicates with a large number of security controllers. Therefore it makes no difference who is your current security supplier.

Security Mykey consists of

the same materials and is produced using the same principles and methods as its predecessor CT2000 which is certified by VdS.

Design Mykey has a clean

Scandinavian design that suits most building styles. The unit is designed in black or white.

About the producer Conlan has delivered access control to the European security industry since 1991. All development and production still takes place in Denmark.

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Mykey - Your digital key  

Mykey - Your digital key  

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