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Foreword by Howard P. Albright




A. H. "Jake" Stafford "Dedicated to Magicians who are bridge lovers, and to Bridge—players who enjoy magic." Contents Psychic Bid ............. Vulnerable Grand Slam The Trick is Played Suit and Score The Hold-Out Culbertson vs. Lenz

Published By U N I Q U E 33 P u l l e r t o n

M A G I C S T U D I O Street — A l b a n y , N. Y.

Copyrighted 1934 by A. H. Stafford All Rights Reserved

INTRODUCTION "Why on earth didn't someone think of that before?" That is what I said, when I first saw. "Jake" Stafford perform this novel routine. And you will think the same when you try it. Could anyone hope for a more propitious time to exhibit skill with the pasteboards, than after—bridge? With an audience already card-minded, and in a receptive mood, the battle is half w o n — and every effect herein is cleverly linked to some aspect of the game, psychological or otherwise. I was particularly impressed with the variety and natural continuity of Stafford's routine. Avoiding, so nicely, the deadly monotony of the usual "take-a-card-and-find-it" offerings; he strikes out boldly into hitherto untrodden pathways of mystery. Stafford "breaks the ice" with the quiet mysticism of pseudo—science, as exhibited in Psychic Bid and Vulnerable; but soon captures attention and inveigles interest by the glistening brilliance of such effects as Grand Slam. The audience is rapidly carried, in awe—stricken crescendos, thru the startling surprises of the Holdout and others to the grand climax— Culbertson vs. Lenz. Prom the audience view—point, an entertaining series of skillful demonstrations; but, from the magician's angle, an ingenious application of simplicity and subtlety. Not a difficult sleight in the entire routine, but just notice how the performer "works ahead" of his audience all the time I Effective? Well, I could think of a lot to say, but I would rather have YOU tell me. It has been, a delight to review, edit, and finally bring to you — T H E MAGICIAN AT THE BRIDGE TABLE... Sincerely, Howard P. Albright

"THE MAGICIAN AT THE BRIDGE TABLE" The bridge game is over... chairs are pushed back for a period of relaxation. .. conversation is lagging. "Do a trick for us" is the familiar request. What to do? Why not demonstrate the scientific application of the "Laws of Chance"? An exhibition of bridge as the magician would play it, with proper co-operation. How simple it would be to win, if the players would only concentrate. So saying, you proceed with a striking example " PSYCHIC BID " EFFECT: Spectator shuffles the deck, which has been in use all evening, and four bridge hands are dealt out in the usual manner. While performer is out of the room, one hand is chosen and the logical opening—bid decided upon. Performer is recalled and, upon his return, correctly divines the secret bid, by psychic power (?). PRESENTATION «• PATTER: "I will show you some of the strange powers the magician might employ if, while playing bridge, the players would deeply concentrate. Please take the deck and shuffle it; have it cut, and deal out four hands as usual. I will leave the room, far enough away so as not to hear your decision; and, in my absence, select one of the hands. Don't change your mind after looking at the cards, but arrange them as you normally would, for bidding. Using any one of the accepted systems, decide upon the correct first—hand bid, to your mutual satisfaction; then, call me back"


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