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Harry Lorayne—author, entertainer, memory expert, magician. It would be difficult to decide which adjective takes precedence. The Harry Lorayne known to the general public is as author-memory expert. He has been featured on every major television show here and abroad. Articles by and about him have appeared in every newspaper and magazine from Fortune to Reader's Digest He is the author of The Memory Book, which was on top of the New York Times' bestseller list for over forty weeks. Harry Lorayne—magician, author, has written fourteen books on close-up magic, all of them best sellers. His reputation as a performer, teacher, author, is international and his books have been printed in all the major languages. "Perhaps the best teacher in the history of magic . . . As readers of his magic books know, he is a consummate teacher. He does it with a precision of language, and by an unbounded enthusiasm for what he is teaching. Whether it's the newest fourace trick or a method for remembering your social security number, he gets you excited about wanting to do it. That's a very special kind of magic." Dennis Marks TV Producer-writer; magician

Quantum *Leaps c

Hany 째Lorayne

Books by Harry Lorayne: Close-Up Card Magic Personal Secrets My Favorite Card Tricks Deck-Sterity Dingle's Deceptions Reputation-Makers The Great Divide Tarbell #7 Rim Shots Afterthoughts The Epitome Location The Magic Book The Card Classics Of Ken Krenzel Quantum Leaps How To Develop A Super-Power Memory Secrets Of Mind Power Instant Mind Power Miracle Math Memory Isometrics Course Mental Magnetism Course Good Memory—Good Student! Good Memory—Successful Student! The Memory Book Remembering People Monthly publication: Apocalypse



QUANTUM LEAPS Written, edited, etc. by


Illustrated by ill Steinacker

published by <HARRY LORAYNE, INC. 62 Jane Street New York, N.Y. 10014

Copyright Š1979 by Harry Lorayne, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher.

for Rene*e and Robert who would love me even if I couldn't do a perfect faro shuffle!

Contents Foreword


SECTION ONE An Overhand Shuffle Stack Follow The Leader Reversal Buckle Down The Lorayne Bluff Count The Illogical Double Lift Color-Changing Aces Instant Sandwich Follow The Leaders Ace-Istants The Changeling

13 17 23 27 30 33 34 36 38 41

SECTION TWO Manipulative Aces A Prediction "Pathway" HaLo Cut Ace Revelation Lorayces Three's Company The Super Peek Super Peek Plus Two "Super" Ace Control The Non-Faro Faro Flip On Rye Snap Out! Snap Out! # 2

47 53 59 62 65 69 72 77 79 83 87 90

SECTION THREE An Amazing Revelation-Display The Relativity Color Change The (N)Eye(N) Popper Lorayne's Invisible Pass Routine The Subtle Jog The Flip Over

95 104 108 116 123 127


Rip Away Cardcase Spin-Out Cut-A-Way Triumph Impromptu Psychic Poker Rug Beater


129 132 135 140 144

SECTION FOUR The Best Gosh Darn Impromptu Linking Card Effect You'll Ever See! Linking Card Addenda Straight On One Good Turn An Extraordinary Prediction Center Double PG Location Face To Face Double Olah Reverse Krazy Kut A Force, Of Course Prelude To Heart Run HaLo Cut Cop Simplified HaLo Cut Heart Run

149 158 162 164 168 174 179 182 183 185 187 187 188 190

SECTION FIVE Four-Card Catch "Counters" Would You Believe In Mindreading? Carnal Knowledge Double Take One-Hand Second-Deal Speller The Mate Trap HaLo Royal And Evolution HaLo Cut Force Double HaLo HaLo Up HaLo Royal Royal Crossing Overhand-Run Finesse HaLo Cut Double Revelation HaLo Double Trouble Triple Header

197 202 205 211 214 218 222 228 228 228 229 230 233 238 240 243 246

Last Word


'Foreword I've been talked into it! Talked into putting some of the pet things I've been holding back all these years into this book. Just about every effect or routine contained herein is a "money trick." At least, they've always been so for me. The "money tricks" are the ones that elicit gasps from audiences. The ones that make laymen think that you're the best darn card handler in the world. The remaining few effects are what I consider "pathways." They may start you along different areas of thinking. There are also a few fairly new things in the book. One of them is the linking half card routine which, so far as I'm concerned, is worth the price of the book—no matter how much you had to pay for it. I personally feel that almost all the individual routines fall into that "worth the price of the book" category. It is hoped, of course, that you'll feel the same. Oh, and as usual, don't overlook the Afterthoughts of each item—I do, also as usual, keep some good points for those. There are, perhaps, eight or nine "just moves" included in this book. I don't ordinarily like "sleights for sleights' sake," but I feel that the few I've included are utility items, and can be used in many effects and routines you already know—or will know in the future. I've been more involved in, and with, magic than usual for the last couple of years. That's because of Apocalypse. Putting out a 12-page magic magazine every month is truly a labor of love. I never realized how much work and time it involves. The response it has received, and is receiving, is however, quite gratifying. Quite frankly, it's that response, from my—what shall I call them?—fans, and readers that has been, and is, my catalyst— my reason for writing more magic books when I'd decided years ago not to write any more.



Here we go again but—this may very well be the last magic book I'll write. At least, the last book I'll write containing mostly my own material. I may do more based on other people's material—like the last one I did, The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel. Since people tend to remember the last product someone creates, I've put some of my very best effects and routines in this book—in my opinion, of course. It would be nice to know if you agree. Harry Lorayne


Overhand Shuffle Stack There must be similar methods in print. It's from something I read or saw years ago that I devised this extremely fast method of stacking three or four cards with an overhand shuffle. There are a few ways to handle it. Ill explain the basic idea then I'll rattle on a bit. giving you some further thoughts. In my research. I haven't found a method that sets the cards as quickly as this. Assume you want to demonstrate how you can stack three aces. As you run through the deck to find the aces, corner crimp the fifth card from the face of the deck. (See Fig. 1.) You can. of course, use any kind of crimp.

Show the three aces, then place them on top of the deck. Double cut the top ace to the bottom. Now, overhand shuffle; run six cards singly and throw the deck onto them. Now run four, but do a "milk" shuffle on the count of one. That is. take the top and bottom cards. (See Fig. 2.) Run the next three normally. Throw the deck on top of these. That's it! If you cut your crimped card to the bottom, you're set for a fivehanded poker deal; the first three cards you get will be the aces. If you like, you can deal yourself the fourth ace as a "kicker." When you originally look for the aces, leave the fourth ace thirteenth from 13

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Harry Lorayne—author, entertainer, memory expert, magician.

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