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This is PRECURSOR XII and is published in June 1986. The editorial offices are at 2215 Myrtle Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16502. PRECURSOR will be published at l e a s t three times a year, and i t w i l l be sold for $5.00 (U.S.) per issue, or three issues for $13.00 (U.S.). Outside the United States and Canada, i t will be sent Airmail for $6.00 (U.S.) per issue, or three issues for $16.00 (U.S.). Mel Stover's "A Good Four King Trick" is a very fine r o u t i n e . The basic p r i n c i p l e takes me back a few years to the l a t e S i x t i e s when I used to make weekly Friday night v i s i t s to the Forks Hotel . . . one hundred miles each way. At that time, Bob King, B i l l Okal, and Karl Norman were a l l working out rout i n e s based on t h i s p r i n c i p l e . This routine, with the added climax, is a really fine routine. At the 1985 Ibidem Potpourri, Reg Holden told me that one of the Canadian magicians who subscribes to PRECURSOR told him about Tom Craven's "Bicycle Aces". Reg was just told about the mark on the back of the Ace of Spades ,but not how it was used in a trick. He developed "Drug Store Deck" on his own, and he showed it to me. I was extremely impressed with the idea of starting with a borrowed deck with one mark and then more or less proving that the entire deck is marked ... and a l l impromptu. In PRECURSOR IX, I mentioned a premise of a trick that used a Playtime Bicycle Deck, a Poker Bicycle Deck, and a Jumbo Bicycle Deck. The original ideas that I had on this premise were not exactly what I wanted, so I did not write them down, and now I can't remember them. All that I remember was that the effect revolved around a force, and that was what I was trying to avoid. I have now worked out "Triple Size-Up" in which the selected card is very freely chosen. I t does use two gimmicked decks, but since three different sized Bicycle Decks are used, they must be your own cards so gimmicking them should not be seen as a d e t e r r e n t , although I would like a b e t t e r handling of the Jumbo Deck if one can be found. Lou Gallo offers us his "Missing Lady" which is a very easy routine that follows the premise of Alex Elmsley's classic, "Between the Palms". This is an excellent variation that does not require any duplicates. Michael DeMarco gives us another version of the "Collectors" in his "K. M. Collectors". This method revolves around some very stringent conditions and solves the problems very well.

Al Thatcher is loaded with good mathematical card effects that are not only real puzzlers but also entertaining. "Sham Mnemosyne" simplifies Harry Lorayne's "Pseudo Memory" to the nth degree, but i t retains a l l of the deception and entertainment value. "Kicked With A Royal Flush" is an addition to "MINT Black JACK JULIP" from FERRIS WHEELS AND DEALS. I find this t r i c k is very interesting when Ron Ferris' "extreme remarks" are sort of looked over, but the trick is not really powerful enough to stand on its own as a Quickie. I have added a further phase to the t r i c k , and it now makes an interesting and colorful lead-in to any gambling demonstration that you intend to perform. William P. Miesel



i t ' s " M i e s e l Season"!

i s s u e of M-D-M;




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W i l l i a m P. M i e s e l

MOE AHD HIS MIRACLES WITH CARDS, by W i l l i a m P. M i e s e l ;

July: PRECURSOR XII! (Yes, I know William dated this PRECURSOR in June, but I got a b i t behind ... again!) If you're not a member of the Society of American Magicians, then you may not know that the May issue of i t s official publication featured William and six original tricks and routines. And William was on the cover, too. You owe it to yourself to get hold of t h i s issue of M-U-M. We also hope that William's magic has gained more than a few converts in the S.A.M. June brought the announcement of William's latest book, MOE AND HIS MIRACLES WITH CARDS, with additional material by Jeff Busby and Howard Lyons. Moe had dazzled the magic scene of the Thirties with his sensational and controversial work with cards. Although some of his p r i n c i p l e s and methods were released back then, they are v i r t u a l l y unobtainable today. Well, that i s , u n t i l now. In addition to the most comprehensive compilation of Moe's material ever, this book contains even more goodies to whet your appetite. William offers his own handlings of many of Moe's e f f e c t s , and he also gives several new methods of gaining control of a card through "estimation", the "secret" of many of Moe's m i r a c l e s . Jeff Busby's extensive a r t i c l e includes a previously unpublished manuscript on Moe's Locations as well as in-depth commentary on the man and his work. Howard Lyons's contribution includes an extensive series of references which traces Moe's activities in magic throughout his career. You can order MOE AHD HIS MIRACLES WITH CARDS by William P. Miesel from: Jeff Busby; 10329 MacArthur Blvd., Suites 5 & 6; Oakland, CA 94605. The cost is $15.00, with Book Rate postage of 2.50 U.S. and 4.00 Foreign. Ed Eckl

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