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Houdini Memorial On Tuesday evening, November 30, 1926, the society held a Memorial Service in honor of our late Most Illustrious President, Harry Houdini. The date had originally been fixed for the first Ladies' Night of the season, but immediately, following the death of Illustrious Houdini, a committee was appointed to prepare for a memorial service. The beautiful room at the Hotel McAlpin was filled with members and their families and friends, who with the members of the' Houdini family, met in tribute to loving memory of our great leader. 111. First Vice-President B. M. L. Ernst opened the service with the announcement of the death of our Most 111. Compeer, followed by a history of his wonderful energy and patience in surmounting obstacles, the physical and mental strength he developed to accomplish results in magic and motion pictures. Frederick Eugene Powell, Dean of American magicians, associated with Houdini for years in magic, spoke of his steady rise to the greatest in the profession, and recited at length from Tennyson's Dedication. 111. Joseph B. Rinn—a very interesting history of his long association with Houdini, in exposing mediums and fake spiritualisms.

Mr. Rimm, whose soubriquet of "The Ghost Breaker," given him by Houdini, gave an intimate ins'ght of the character of the life of his lifelong associate, who spared no effort, time, or money in an endeavor to protect innocent victims of fraudulent and vicious practitioners of clairvoyance and mediumistic powers. "Pie was my pal; I never can find another such to take his pla^e in. my heart." 111. Past President Francis J. Werner referred to Houdini's personality and mental strength. So strong that had surgery, commerce, or any calling been adopted, instead of magic, the ultimate results would have been the same. The height of honor and success. 111. Leo. Rullman took for his topic the literary side of Houdini. As a collector of magical literature he possessed what was recognized as the finest and most complete collection of books in the world on the subjects of phenomena, spiritualism, magic, psychology, and the drama. As a writer he leaves publications which will ever be standard. 111. Servais Le Roy, representing the Magician's Club, London, of which 111. Houdini was president,

spoke of his long and pleasant friendship and his successes. "God speed him on his last long journey." 111. Past President Oscar S. Teale read letters from E. F. Albee, Mr. Frank H. Vizettely, Mr. Orson D. Munn, Mr. Koenigsberg, regretting inability to take part in the service, but expressing great affection and high regards. (Extracts from these letters have been published.) 111. Teale, through a long personal contact with Houdini, was able to speak of his untiring daily work, and his beautiful devotion to Mrs. Houdini. The closing eulogy was from Mr. Harry Chesterfeld, N. V. A., a glowing tribute in most beautiful language. "And so the dark curtain thunders down on the greatest magician, and we stand stunned by our loss. Too sad to sing his praises, too much alone to do aught but sorrow." ARTHUR PRINCE,

V.-P. Magician's Club, London. The Committee in charge of the Memorial Service: 111. Mulholland, Rullman, Irving, Ducrot, Werner. V. D.



of jammcan S^agiciang

AFFILIATED ASSEMBLIES —Chartered and Franchised GOLDEN GATE ASSEMBLY No. 2, San Francisco, Cal. R. Stull, Pres., Dr. A. Published Monthly by THE SOCIETY OF AMERSchwartz, Sec'y, 1163 Flood Bldg., San FranICAN MAGICIANS for its members—to perpetucisco. ate Biography of Magicians past and present. CHICAGO ASSEMBLY No 3, Chicago, 111., W. F. Dornfeld, Pres., Arthur P. Felsman, Sec'y, 154 N. Clark St., Chicago, 111. Incorporated Organized PHILADELPHIA ASSEMBLY No. 4, PhilaApril 3, May 10, delphia, Pa., Walter B. Gibson, Pres.; James 1908 1902 C. Wobensmith, Sec'y, 402 Bulletin Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. DETROIT ASSEMBLY No. 5, Detroit, Mich. James Brewer, Pres.; James W. Speke, Sec'y, OFFICERS 1926-27 9019 Quincy Ave., Detroit, Mich. B. M. L. ERNST, President, 25 W. 43rd St. FELICIEN TREWEY ASSEMBLY No. 6, New York City. Baltimore, Md., Jos. E. Saintsbury, Pres., P. O. Box 253, R. W. Test, Sec'y, 1204 SERVAIS LEROY, First Vice-President. Munsey Bldg., Baltimore, Md. HOWARD THURSTON, Second Vice-PresiOMAHA MAGICAL SOCIETY ASSEMBLY dent. No. 7, Omaha, Neb., C. S. Bowman, Pres., A. A. Schrempp, Sec'y, 954 So. 50th St., GEORGE W. HELLER, Treasurer. Omaha, Neb. RICHARD VAN DIEN, Secretary, 230 Union ST. LOUIS ASSEMBLY, No. 8, St. Louis, Street, Jersey City, N. J. Mo., Andrew H. Buel, Pres., Ben R. Badley, Sec'y, 4319A Marcus Ave., St. Louis, Mo. COUNCIL — George W. Heller, Richard Van Dien, Francis J. Werner, Servais BOSTON ASSEMBLY No. 9, Boston, Mass., Leroy, William R. Berryman, John MulPres., J. Victor Miller; 1st Vice, Dr. L. holland, Leo Rullman, Lionel Hartley, Ardie Wyman; 2d Vice, William De Lano; Sec'y, Wickers, Jean Irving, B. M. L. Ernst, JoR. C. Cartwright; Treas., Henry C. Bordicott. seph S. Fuigle, G. G. Laurens, T. W. Har- /^CLEVELAND ASSEMBLY No. 10, Cleve-( deen, Frank Ducrot, Aden O. Smith, M.D., land, Ohio, John Hlavin, Pres.; E. N. Lord, Joseph Rinn, Wm. Meyenberg and Royal L, I/ Corr. Sec'y, 101 E. 204th St., Euclid, Ohio. Vilas. T)UEEN CITY MYSTICS, ASSEMBLY No. TRUSTEES—Francis J. Werner, Wm. R. 11, Cincinnati, Ohio. Joseph Schreck, Pres., Berryman, Leo Rullman. Clifford E, Knille, Sec'y, 1133 Coronado Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio. COMMITTEE ON ADMISSION — Irving MINNEAPOLIS ASSEMBLY No. 12, MinneWatson, Leo Rullman, Richard Van Dien. apolis, Minn., Carl Jones, Pres., L. S. SERGEANT-AT-ARMS — Edward J. Magner Posiski, Sec'y, 217 South 5th St., Minneapand Jan Hagoort. olis, Minn. LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE — B. M. L. DALLAS MAGIC CIRCLE, ASSEMBLY Ernst, of Ernst, Fox and Cane. No. 13. A. J. Langford, Pres., 5417 Swiss Ave.; Myron Everts, Vice-Pres., care A. A. Everts REPRESENTATIVES AT LARGE—Horace Co.; Lyle Douglas, Sec.-Treas., 1616 ComGoldin, Carl Rosini, Arthur D. Gans, George merce, Dallas. W. Heller. CENTRAL CITY ASSEMBLY No. 14, SyraMEETINGS — First Saturday Evening each cuse, N. Y., Donald D. Ausman, Pres.; month. H. Nye Joselyn, Sec'y, 105 Westcott St., OFFICIAL REPORTER—Richard Van Dien. Syracuse. ENTERTAINMENT — Frank Ducrot, ChairNEW HAVEN MAGICAL SOCIETY, ASman. SEMBLY No. 15, Bernard S. Budge, Sec'y, 36 Emerson St., New Haven. COMPLAINT—T. W. Hardeen, Chairman. WORCESTER ASSEMBLY No. 16, WorcesCOMMITTEE ON EXPOSURES—Charles K. ter, Mass., Willard S. Smith, Sec'y, South Hill, Jean Irving, T. W. Hardeen, W. MeyRoad, Holden, Mass. enberg, S. L. Quimby.

M. U. Mo

New Members The following propositions approved by the Committee on Admissions—passed upon by The Council and unanimously elected by The 261st Regular Meeting of ballot. No. 1366—Lee S. Snyder, CinThe Society, held Saturday evening, January 8th, 1927, at the Hotel cinnati, Cincinnati Assembly. No. 1367— Samuel A. Matthews, McAlpin, New York City. Boston, Mass, Boston Assembly. Attendance—M. 111. President No. 1368—Willard S. Smith, M. L. Ernst, 111. Past Presidents Holden, Mass., Worcester AssemWerner, Ransom, Teale, Hartley bly. and Van Dien. 111. Treasurer Heller. No. 1369—Louis Levey, Wor111. Trustees Werner, Berryman cester, Mass, Worcester Assembly. and Rullman. 111. Sergeants-atNo. 1370—John R. Masters, Arms Maguire and Hagoort. Worcester, Mass., Worcester As111. C o m p e e r s : Adler, Dr. sembly. Bridges, Al. Baker, Bowman, CarNo. 1371—Albert Cohn, Worcesbone, Ducrot, Estelle, Franzem, ter, Mass., Worcester Assembly. Forbriger, Grimes, Hill, Holley, No. 1372—Arthur Altaian, ClinIrving, Kenny, Laurens, Manual, ton, Mass., Worcester Assembly. MacKay, Mulholand, Nagle, PressNo, 1373—Anthony J. Isaac, man, Percival, Quimby, Rinn, SaWorcester, Mass., Worcester Aslinger. sembly. Meeting opened in full ceremonial No. 1374—Mark R. Oro, Milform by Most Illustrious President ford, Mass., Worcester Assembly. Ernst. No. 1375—Robert A. Porter, Minutes of Meeting December—- Worcester, Mass., Worcester Asapproved as published in M. U. M. sembly. Proposition for Membership— No. 1376—Aida Feingold, WorFrancis Wright Clinton, 290 Gar- cester, Mass., Worcester Assembly. field Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. EnNo. 1377—George A. Johnson, dorsers—E. P. Ransom, R. Van Worcester, Mass., Worcester AsDien. sembly.

The Society of

Editor DR. LIONEL HARTLEY 452 Fifth Avenue New York City

No. 1378—W. De Burch Bailey, Worcester Assembly. No. 1379—Irving J. Newman, Pittsburgh, Pa. Endorsed by Gilbert and Laurant. Numbers 1368 and 1378 inclusive being Charter Members of Worcester Assembly No. 16. The announcement of this newly formed Assembly was received with enthusiasm. Initiation 111. MacKay was obligated in short form by M. 111. Ernst. Correspondence Harry Opel calling attention to his letter in December Sphinx as not being complete, as not expressing his views concerning magical societies. A Life Member sends a check for Annual Dues as an incentive to other holders of Life Certificates to voluntarily assist in the running expenses of The Society. Many Life Members having paid very little in the early days, for their certificates. M. 111. Ernst read several communications including Dean Powell, Walter Franklin Prince, N. W. Durbin, Servais Le Roy. Sheffield Society of Magicians— Expressing their sympathy at death of Houdini. Myenberg as Representative of Cincinnati Assembly No. 11. Peterkin, who may again unite with The Society. Linaberry sending a check for re-instatement. The announcement of 111. Linaberry's return, and possible return of 111, Peterkin received with applause. Committees On exposures in magical publications : Chairman 111. Hill presented a report of findings in the Thurston book, and a copy of a letter to 111. Thurston calling attention to certain effects in use by present day magicians; with a request that they be eliminated. On advisibility of creating degrees in magic—Report accepted as read. Chairman 111. Quimby is of the opinion that the Creation of Degrees in Magic in imitation of Academic Degrees, and the conferring of such upon selected magicians, is not a well-chosen method whereby The Society of American Magicians may formally recognize merit in the profession.

The Next Regular Meeting of the Parent Assembly will be held in the East Room of the Hotel McAlpin, Broadway at 34th Street, New York City, Feb. 5, 1927. at 7:30 o'clock.


Society of American Committee d i s c h a r g e d thanks.


Engrossed Resolutions Draughts of two resolutions presented by Chairman 111. Van Dien— one for a portfolio or book form, and one for framing. The wording of the testimonial—was approved, and the Committee authorized to adopt the book form and have engrossed at an expense not to exceed One Hundred Dollars. Ladies Night, January ISth, 1927 Chairman 111. Ducrot reported— promise of an enjoyable entertainment. Property of The Society Trustees—Trustees report having succeeded in gathering the properties, assisted by 111. Teale, Mulholland and members of the Houdini Household. 111. Teale turned over several pieces of property and rendered very valuable assistance in locating other properties in the Houdini storehouse. On motion he was tendered a Vote of Thanks, which he modestly declined. A motion was carried authorizing the Trustees to procure storage facilities for all properties of The Society. Secretary and Treasurer presented monthly reports. New Business 111. Servais Le Roy unanimously elected 111. First Vice-President for the balance of the fiscal year. Honorary Degree—At the suggestion of 111. Teale, the Council was convened and on motion of 111. Rinn, Mrs. Beatrice Houdini was unanimously given Honorary Membership No. 11. 111. Mulholland reported that invitations for Ladies' Night, January 18th, would be mailed to Members on Tuesday, January 11th. Closed in Harmony at 10:20 p.m. The balance of the evening a magical entertainment in charge of 111. Maguire. RICHARD V A N D I E N ,

From St» Look Assembly WHEREAS, death has entered our ranks and removed from us our worthy President, Harry Houdini, who for many years has served us faithfully as a member of the Society of American Magicians; and WHEREAS, Mr. Houdini was ever alert to the interests of the Society and ready to lend his support and encouragement to every progressive movement; and WHEREAS, we shall miss his influence and wise council; therefore, be it RESOLVED, that we, the members of the St. Louis Society of American Magicians, in regular session assembled, November 20, 1926, officially express our great sorrow because of his passing from us; and be it further RESOLVED, that we express to his surviving family and relatives our sincere sympathy in their bereavement ; and be it further RESOLVED, that a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the permanent records of the St. Louis Society of American Magicians, that the Secretary be instructed to send a copy to his family, and that he supply a copy for publication in the M. U. M. of American Magicians. St. Louis Assembly No. 8, Society of American Magicians, ANDREW H. BUELL, Pres.

Magigraphs and Laughs January, 1927

Secretary. Magic HAPPY NOO YEAR, EVERYBODY The balance of the evening of A monthly bulletin issued by the Saturday, January 8, was magical. Under the leadership of 111. Ma- Society of American Magicians, guire, with few exceptions, it proved Assembly No. 8, St. Louis, Mo. a card night. With such masters of Meetings held at the American Hocard manipulations as Ducrot, Mautel, 7th and Market Streets, the first rice, Horowitz, Dr. Pressman, Al Baker Percival, Salinger and Drie- and third Saturdays at 8 p. m. linger, the evening was certainly enMembers of the S. A. M. joyable. visiting London Miss Bettie North, with her wonivill be taken care of by derful voice; Hill, spiritualistic WILL GOLDSTON work, and Ducrot and his sucker President The Magician's Club, London Life Member S. A. M. die box, added to the enjoyment of ALADDIN HOUSE the evening. V. D. 14 Green Street, London, W. C. 2

Meetings for January Saturday, January 8—at 8 p. m. at the American Hotel. Saturday, January 22—at 8 p. m. at the American Hotel. Rooms C. & D. Edited and written by Forrest, the Magician, assistant secretary to Ben R. Badley, Secretary. Officers elected for 1927 111. President, Andrew Buel. 111. Vice-President, Joe Peskulic. 111. Secretary, Ben R. Badley. 111. Ass't Secretary, Forrest. 111. Treasurer, Joe Peskulic. 111. Sergeant-at-arms, Forrest. C'mon, gang, let's go. Let's put St. Louis Assembly No. 8 on the map and spread it all over it, so it can't be erased. We are starting a new year and a new policy. Meetings will start promptly at eight, every meeting is going to be written up in both the Sphinx and the M. U. M. A bulletin like this is also going to be published. Now all we need is 100 per cent attendance. At least try to start the New Year off right by being present at the first meeting. Among the magic acts in town recently were: Judson Cole, the comedy magician, Walter Fehl with his black art opening for an orchestra, and a troupe of Chinese performers. Alberto is still playing around St. Louis. Just look what's in store for you within the next few weeks. Dunninger will be at the Orpheum next week, and Will L. Lindhurst, one of our own members, will be there week of the 25th. Did any of you hear the writer broadcast a trick from station K. M. O. X. New Years day? Hope some of you did. If you did, would like to hear comments at the meeting Saturday. What do you think of the idea? I may put one on every week if I can do so without exposing too much. I told everyone listening in to get a deck of cards and lay the spades out from one to ten in rotation. Then, to show them how to do it when I turned my back ( ?) I told them to move the one and two next to the ten, and then turn the cards face down. Then I told them to move any number in the same way. After allowing them time to do this, I told them all to concentrate and finally told them to turn over the card which was third from the end. The number of spots on this card corresponded with the number of cards which they moved.

"THE SPHINX" The Oldest Magical Magazine in the World Official organ of the S. A. M. Published by

A. M. WILSON, M.D. 1007 Main Street Kansas City, Mo.

U. S. A.

&otitty of SLmttitan

302 Next week I'm going to do on^j With pencil and paper and let the Vadio audience do a little figuring. If any of you have any ideas, let me know. Charley Lindhorst has finally settled his marital difficulties, and promises not to miss another meeting. What's the matter with you, Burt Keeble ? You've missed the last two or three meetings. Hope to see you at the next one. Everyone is glad to see that Roy Mayer is attending all the meetings now. Haven't seen Mr. E. B. Heller for some time. Let's make the first meeting of 1927 a real humdinger. Don't forget the date. The 8th That's this coming Saturday. You will hear some more developments of the Will Lindhorst Expose, so don't fail to be on hand and keen on hand and keep up with what's going on. Oyez, oyez, the writer here is getting good. Goes out of town to play magic dates now. Yes, played a date in East St. Louis last week. Hope everybody enjoyed a happy holiday vacation. Did you all play a lot of magic dates ? Hope nobody attempted anything on New Years Eve in a condition that I understand our friend the Professor tried to do Magic in one night. Please don't kick about not receiving 1927 cards from the Parent Assembly. Just discovered that they were never printed.

Another inducement to attend the next meeting. Another contest is going to be pulled off, and one of the presents Mr. Southwick donated will be given as a prize. I don't know if you will get over to a meeting very soon, Mr. Southwick, so will take this opportunity to thank you for your clever Christmas card. Hope you can get to our first meeting of the year. How's this for an original trick? Performer advances with deck of cards and has one selected by disinterested spectator. (Editor's note: "Wasn't a very good magician if the spectators were disinterested." Author's note: "I mean the spectator wasn't a hired assistant of the magician." Editor's note: "Oh!") Card is looked at and returned to pack. Pack is given to disinterested spectator to shuffle (meaning to mix upâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;no, not fight). While disinterested spectator is doing this, Magician turns him around and selected card is discovered sticking out disinterested spectator's neck, who walks off interested. Goodâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;eh, what? You'll admit that you've seen this effect already, but not worked so simply as this one. Secret Performer has a deck with only one kind of card in it. Approaching spectator (disinterested), he forces a card on him. While disinterested spectator is looking at card, Magician palms one off top of deck, which is of course the same as the one he has forced on disinter-

ested spectator. Handing said disinterested spectator pack and keeping a firm hold with his left hand on disinterested spectator's arm (so he can't get away with deck and examine it later, which would spoil the trick) Magician tells him to shuffle it. While this is being done (fooled you this time), performer places palmed card in disinterested spectator's collar. All that is necessary now is the grand production of it. Hints on doing this trick: Always get the card warm in your hand first, so it won't produce a reaction when it touches assistant's neck. Here is a subtle move for exchanging faked deck for real one. Have real deck on servante. Make a remark about the stage hands not putting table where you want it. Lay deck of faked cards on table and pick up table by grasping it on back and front and in this way getting hold of deck of cards on servante. While carrying table from one side of stage to other tilt it so cards on top slide into B. A. well. If you want the table back where it was in the beginning for the next trick, you can easily carry it back again. Next week big trick exposed with diagrams, 'neverything. Let's hear some of your original effects for publication in this bulletin. See you Saturday night, Yours very truly,

KINDLY TAKE We are receiving complaints that some of your members are not receiving the M* U- M, regularly. Please attend to the mailing promptly and regularly.

TO MEMBERS If you change your address and do not notify your secretary or the editor of M* LL VL or both how can you expect to receive any mail?

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