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QUALITY MAGIC 3901 Woodland Ave.

Kansas Citv. Mo.

Catalog No. 14

Card Magic

Copyright 1928

DONALD No. 509



By all odds the outstanding novelty of the*, season. Just the thing for pocket, par-1 lor or platform. A deck of cards, punctured with two holes completely through it, is offered for shuffling, after which the entertainer squares up the cards and threads two pieces of cord, one through each hole in the deck. Inviting a spectator to assist, he is requested to choose one of the cords, the deck; being separated and this cord severed with a pair of shears by the spectator himself. Notwithstanding this, the conjurer immediately squares the deck and requests spectator to pull the cut cord away, when the cord comes free completely restored as in the beginning! The deck and cords are immediately offered for examination. A truly magical conception, supplied complete with cards, etc. Price. ....$1.00

No. 229 THE CARD LOCATOR By the aid of this clever little device the performer, can instantly name the correct position of any card in the pack. For instance, an ordinary deck of cards is shuffled, cut as many times as desired and| then left in full view of the audience; The performer steps off the stage, or into another room, and instantly and correctly names the exact location of as many cards as the audience calls for. Fine when worked with a second person as the "medium". Highly recommended. Price 50c


No. 15

• The performer exhibits a fan of three cards, say the Six of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds, and King of Spades. A gentleman selects one of these three cards, and is instructed to place it into his tnouser's pocket, with the injunction that the card be well inscribed on his memory. The performer now takes a card, haphazard from the pack, and in like manner, places it in his own trouser's pocket. The problem is to* cause the two cards to change places,, without the performer having any contact with his volunteer assistant. Impossible as it may seem, the trick is easily performed by anyone. One: of the best impromptu tricks ever put on the market. Price m Steamboat cards 25c

KANSAS No. 586




A novel Rising Card effect, with my own improvements, which can be worked close up. Several spectators select a card each, with cards in their own hands (no forcing), and replace same in the deck, which is then inserted in its original case and freely shown. The chosen cards then rise one at a time from the center of the deck. Finely made with dies, easy to perform, and a good trick for pocket or parlor. Made in Steamboat cards only.. Price complete $1.00

No. 587




i f i

A deck of cards is shown back and front, then divided into halves, one of which is given to a spectator and the other kept by the performer. Several cards are selected from spectator's half, and these cards are pushed into any part of the packetheld by the conjurer, who then holds the cards behind his back. Notwithstanding this, he instantly names the chosen cards one after the other. Goiod in connection with so-called "mind reading" feats. Price, Steamboat cards ^....750 Price, Bicycle cards $1.00




By all odds the most popular, as well as the most practical, trick deck in existence. No skill .required, and the performer always knows beforehand the card that will be selected. The conjurer first shows the cards to be all different and thoroughly mixed, after which a spectator is requested to draw a card by inserting his finger, or the blade of a knife, into the pack at any p lace he may elect. Notwithstanding this, the card selected is always forced, the operation being entirely automatic and not one of skill. In addition to the forcing feature, many wonderful tricks are possible with thip pack. A selected card is returned to the deck, after which the performer slowly removes the cards, one at a time, from the top of the pack, continuing to do. so until commanded to stop by the audience. The card at which he stops always proves to be the selected card. Superior make, with very explicit directions. Price 75c

No. 16


This ingeniously prepared pack differs from the above Self-Forcing Pack in that the conjurer is enabled to secretly bring a selected card to the top of the deck without sleight-of-hand, the operation being entirely automatic and not one of skill. It is not a forcing pack. Many amateurs are unable- to perform; a number of clever card experiments, owing to their inability to master the "pass" or "shift", and this wonderful deck meets that requirement. The cards may at any time be freely shown without fear of detection, and many incomprehensible feats of expert card manipulators and mind readers are easily duplicated. My very explicit directions explain a number of clever card tricks performed by the aid of this deck. Not a marked pack. Price 75c




A Forcing Pack than can be given a bona fide shuffle! This is by far the master forcing pack of the modern magician—a forcing pack that can be given a bona fide shuffle. The effects obtained by its use are beyond the divination of any human mind. The performer shows the cards positively all different by running over the pack face up. The backs are likewise freely shown. He then thoroughly mixes the cards by executing the ordinary over-hand shuffle faces of cards toward spectators. These preliminaries over with, the conjurer squares up the pack, and, advancing to a spectator, requests free selection of aiy card. No matter which card the innocent spectator selects, it is always the card essential to the performer's trick; at the same time no skill or sleight of hand whatever is resorted to; the pack being practically s#If -working. Many magicians claim that they never make use of a forcing pack, but this class have never seen the "Ever-Ready" Forcing Pack thoroughly demonstrated. We could recite dozens of- tricks whose effectiveness can be increased a hundredfold by the aid of this ingeniously constructed pack. Supplied in No. 999 red and black plaid Steamboat cards. Price, finely made $1.00

No. 59



The conjurer removes three cards from the deck, and holds them in a. fan in his hand. The middle card is the Queen of Spades, and the othes are the Five and Six of Hearts. After showing each card separately, back and front to disprove the theory of prepared cards, he places them, face down, on the table, or upon an easel. The audience is asked to follow the Queen closely and report its, position. As this card is obviously the middle card, the spectators think it an easy matter to follow it when the entertainer now moves the cards about but when the supposed Queen is picked out, it is, always one of the spot cards. May be repeated as often as desired, completely fooling the wise ones. An entirely new principle defying detection, yet simple to perform. Put up with novel directions, showing each move with actual cards. Price, red and black plaid Steamboat cards ....50c Price, red League back Bicycle cards 50c Price, Bicycle Jumbo size cards, a fine set suitable for platform $1.00

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