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QUALITY MAGIC 3901 Woodland Ave.

Kansas City. Mo.

Catalogue No. 13

No. 351


A new method by Donald Holmes. A marvel of simplicity, thoroughly' practical, and easy to perform. The magician comes forward with a fine Fishing Rod, properly equipped with line and hook. Stating his intention of doing a little aerial fishing, he proceeds' to bait his hook in the usual manner, then casting his line on the stage or into the auditorium of the theater, when suddenly a wriggling goldfish is visibly caught on the hook. This fish is visibly removed and dropped into a glass, globe filled with water. Again the magician baits his hook, and casts into the air, and again a goldfish is visibly hooked in the same mysterious manner; and this process is repeated until three or four live fish have been successively caught in the air and dropped into the globe of water, the latter then being carried into the audience for inspection, to demonstrate that the fish are real and very much alive Price, complete, including jointed rod, etc , $5.00 No. 351-A. DO. Standard typa with improved mechanical rod, etc $8.00 Copyright 1927

DONALD No. 290



The latest type bowl, no chemicals being employed. In this wonderful trick, which is generally introduced as an opening effect the performer produces from a large handkerchief a handsome nickel plated bowl, flaming with fire. Easily performed anywhere without danger. Automatic. Price $5.00

No. 352


This charming transformation trick is suitable for introduction in almost any part of a magical act. A lighted candle is seen in a handsome nickeled candle-stick upon the table. Throwing a handkerchief ove<r the candle, the conjurer instantly removes it, when the candle is found transformed into a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Please note that in response to the demand, we now supply this popular trick in the highest grade only, using the finest feather flowers, six large blossoms, to the bouquet, with large candle, now so much in vogue, and a handsomely designed nickeled candlestick. Nothing" finer made. Price $8.00

KANSAS No. 580




This justly popular trick is receiving much attention from magicians just now for obtaining an element of comedy in connection with other effects. A spectator is gotten up to fire a pistol at some object, with the result that, instead of hitting the mark, as requested, he only succeeds in extinguishing a candle which was burning in a candle-stick on the table. The conjurer, then takes the pistol from the spectator, and fires, first causing the candle to re-light, and a second shot causes the desired effect in the trick being presented. Includes mechanical candle;%and, nickeled candlestick. Price l.$3.50 Postpaid $3.85

No. 192


Many laughable tricks may be performed with this funnel, a favorite one being the following: The performer having invited a boy upon the stage to assist for the time being, offers him a glass of water, which the boy drinks. Changing his mind, or under some pretext, the conjurer introduces a large funnel of ordinary appearance, which after having shown it empty, he then applies to the boys elbow, moving the young man's arm up and down like a pump handle, when the water begins to flow, pouring through the funnel into a glass held underneath. The effect always produces roars of laughter. We make a specialty of fine trick funnels. Stage size, not a small funnel called stage size. Finely made. Tin. Price....$2.00 Price, postpaid $2.15 No. 193. DO. Brass, finely nickeled. The handsomest Trick Funnel ever produced. Full tumbler capacity. Stage size. Price $3.00 Price, postpaid â&#x20AC;&#x17E; I $3.15

DONALD No. 337




The performer introduces a large bottle of wine, a glass and two cylindrical covers, which are empty and may be inspected. The glass is placed on the table and filled with wine from the bottle,, after which it is covered with one of the covers. The bottle is placed on a second table, and the other cover slipped over it. Upon lift> ing the first cover, a change is found to have taken place, the bottle appearing there in place of the glass of wine; while the latter is discovered under the second cover, in place of the bottle. Thus the glass and the bottle of wine change places as often as desired. At the close of the trick, the bottle, glass, and covers are again freely shown. An excellent standard trick for parlor or stage. In this superior outfit we supply, the bottles are finely made, and the cylindrical metal covers are handsomely finished. Full professional size. Nothing finer made. Price $8.00 No. 338 DO. Small size, the bottles being seven inches high, same superior make and finish as the stage size listed above. The covers are attractively finished. This classy little outfit has proven immensely popular with Lyceum and other platform entertainers, as it packs small. Price, complete $5.00

No. 535 THE COMEDY BOTTLE AND GLASS TRICK Similiar to the Travelling Bottle and Glass effect, withv an added comedy feature. The conjurer shows a large bottle, a glass and two cylindrical covers. The usual transposition of the bottle and glass takes place under the covers, when the assistant, apparently without the performer's knowledge, steals the bottle out of one of the covers, affording considerable amusement to the audience when the performer attempts to repeat the trick. To everyone's surprise however the performer finishes the trick as usual again causing the transposition of the bottle and glass while the assistant's bottle completely disappears. Stage size only, superior make. Price, by express. $11.00

No. 182

THE PHANTOM EGGS (Molini) This truly magical idea is based upon an exceptionally clever principle applied to eggs. Borrowing a hat, the conjurer produces therefrom a number of eggs, which he then causes to disappear one by one by simply picking them up and squeezing them in his hand. They come out of an empty hat and disappear into thin air. Not difficult to perform, and of use in any trick where one or more eggs are to be vanished. Price, each 50c Per six * $2.50

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