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whose sound advice and helpful encouragement during my formative years was not inconsiderable.



by John Mulholland

It is a pleasure to introduce Ade Duval's book for the magic he describes has reached full maturity. Each feat is basically clever, and has been refined, improved, and often redesigned to have greater ease of performance and to have more audience appeal. Every item in these pages has been tested and proven its worth before audiences who paid admission. Good magic is started on a foundation of a novel idea, built with countless details of operation and equipment, finished by public tests, and decorated by practiced performance. Ade Duval has supplied everything needed for superb magic except the actual making of the equipment and the practice. What makes this book particularly valuable is that each detail noted has, by experience, been found necessary and thru the same experience, the author has simplified each feat by eliminating all unnecessary moves and equipment. Because of his beautiful silk act, " A Rhapsody in Silk", Ade Duval often is thought of as a silk specialist. Actually, during his career, he has performed magic of most varied types. If he be a specialist, it is in offering magic which delights the public. Of course it cannot be overlooked that he is a superb performer but he always has made certain that his magic was superb,too. While he has not devised all his magic, there never has been a feat in his shows which he did not refine, improve, and usually simplify in moves and mechanics. Audiences have always given the seal of approval to the Ade Duval magic. Their enthusiasm has been equally as great at New York's Radio City Music Hall as at London's Palladium. Whether he has done his magic in vaudeville or swank night club, whether he performed in Stockholm, Sweden, or Sydney, Australia, he and his magic invariably have been successful. I feel grateful to my good friend, Ade, for sharing his magic with the rest of us. Now his cherished secrets are in print and all we have to do is to read the following pages very carefully, and get to work!

John Mulholland


ADE AMREIN, WHO WAS TO BECOME ADE DUVAL Our cover photograph shows a suave, knowledgeable performer whom the world knows as " Ade Duval." For our frontispiece, we have chosen a very early photograph of the youth, Ade Amrein, slightly unsure of himself, but with the dream already beginning to take form in his mind.

p 1 p I p p Cover photograph from The Sphinx Magazine ; used with their permisson.





Preface To write a book on the subject of magic without making use of some of the time-honored and well worn cliches of the trade would be almost impossible. However, I will try to pick my cliches with care, and stick with the idea throughout this effort. My choice is the one that goes: "I could write a book! " "I could write a book" about the fellow who tells us how to be a success in magic, without himself having exactly set the magic world on fire. " I could write a book" about the fellow who tells us how to develop a certain desirable quality in magic, tho he himself is utterly devoid of this certain desirable (tho elusive) quality. Then there's the one who tells us how to make moneylots of money - out of magic. Unfortunately, history does not r e cord his having become a second Andrew Carnegie. I could write a book about magic on television. About the former president of a magic society who, while on camera, showed the wrong end of the "Ghost Tube". About the "Big Shot" who was engaged to do one trick - mind you, one trick - on television and beautifully bungled it. And about the lad who, on a national television hook-up, performed a trick creditably. Then, thinking he was off camera, he exposed the trick to the millions of viewers by turning his big derriere to his audience. Oh, yes, I could write a book. But I think it would make you happier if I wrote my book on a subject with which I am very familiar - silks. Big silks, little silks, colored silks, white silks, in other w o r d s . . . silks ! I could write a book about my career as a professional magician, one that began in the year 1922 and ended with my enforced retirement in 1955. Thirty three years a professional magician, and never learned to do an injog or a double lift! There's enough material for my book right there ! Magic took us almost around the world. We performed in every state in the union, every Canadian province, England, the Irish Free State, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, even Alaska, Greenland, and other r e mote places. I have had wonderful help from other magicians in developing my all silk act, which I hereby gratefully acknowledge with thanks. Now. . .to a Rhapsody in Silk.

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