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PREFACE There are so many devices, so many schemes, with and without the aid of mechanical apparatus, constructed for that purpose that can be used for cheating, that to illustrate and explain them all would require a volume and possibly me a reflection on your intelligence and a test of your memory* Many kinds of games and devices are in use at all times, some place, somewhere, sometime. New ones are being constructed to take the place of old ones that have worn out, or the public is so familiar with, they are no longer profitable. Most of them are harmless to a person of ordinary intelligence and hardly worthy of any mention in a book of this kind. It is said that as long as there are men there will be gambling. Let that be as it may. Gambling in my estimation is a game, method, plan, or operation, where you have a chance to win more than you risk. The winning is the reward for taking the risk and the loss is the punishment for making a poor guess. If you gamble, or think you are gambling on a proposition, scheme, or device, where you have no chance to win, you are just a plain "SUCKER," a kind of fish found in inland streams that will take or bite on any kind of bait. "SUCCOR"—to relieve—both words and their meaning apply admirably to the pitiful, ignorant, addlepated ass, that will go against a hundred different games, schemes, devices, etc. Lose his money, self-respect, and be the target of contempt and pity of people of intelligence who will stop and think for just a moment, that all these schemes that offer a "lot for a little" are an insult to your intelligence and an invitation for you to become an object of contempt, to become a feeble-minded sucker. The lack of knowledge on any one subject is not ignorance. You may be the smartest lawyer, the most brilliant doctor, a captain of finance, an intelligent banker, an educated scholar, and a gentleman in every walk of life, and still be a sucker in a poker game on an ocean liner with three other seeming gentlemen. You would not go into a dynamite works or laboratory where they manufacture and compound dynamite, pick up a mixing bowl, grab a scoopful of this and a bucketful of that and start to mixing it together. No, those in charge, the management, would not let you. You would not walk into an electrical central station and start to throwing switches and levers. No, the management would not let you. Because you know nothing of dynamite or electricity. But you will, and do, walk into a gambling joint with all the ego, pomp, splendor and assurance of a braying jackass. You can mix all the compounds, throw all the switches and levers you want to here because THE MANAGEMENT WILL LET YOU, because you know nothing about gambling, swindling, cheating, the percentages in favor of the banker, the tricks and methods, devices, schemes and plans whereby the gambler wins and the sucker loses. The management of the dynamite works and the electrical station won't

let you come and play with their equipment. You might injure some one or their equipment. But the gambling joint is not so particular. You can come in, play with anything he has in the place. You cannot injure him or his equipment. You CAN INJURE ONLY YOURSELF. Odds, percentages, mechanical apparatuses, methods, etc., have taken care of all this. Then the question: Why will you gamble when you know only one thing about the game? When you win or lose? Not why you win or lose. There is not a man living today, not a professional gambler that can protect himself from being cheated if he gambles, unless he has made a study and investigation of the various methods used in cheating. He must know them all, not a few or one or two—but all of them. If you are afraid your house is going to burn down, you take out insurance. You insure yourself against losses of many kinds. So why not insure yourself against losses in gambling, if you must or will gamble. You have but to read the daily papers for information regarding those who have gambled. They stole to try and get even. The criminal statistics of our prisons will furnish you the data regarding the number of men in our prisons. They are crowded to the doors, Leavenworth 3000, capacity 1500; Atlanta 2000, capacity half that much. Think of these thousands of men in prisons, nearly 200,000 in all, 60 per cent of them young men. Thousands of them can blame their condition to losses gambling. What per cent of them do you suppose were cheated? If 10,000 copies of this book were sold and only one young man saved from prison, 9,999 men would have been warned and one saved from prison. Time and money well spent. It takes just as much time, concentration, money and effort to become a good cheater as it does to become a good Doctor or Mechanical Engineer. The doctors and engineers are out in the sunshine, in peace, prosperity and plenty. Most of the good cheaters are in trouble and out of money. Read this book, and if you ever discover any method, plan or device for cheating that is practical and not contained herein, I will pay you $100 for the information. All these devices are made by skilled workmen called "mechanics." They are for sale for legitimate purposes, same as a shotgun. You might buy one for shooting rabbits and use it to kill your mother-in-law. They don't arrest and execute the man that made the shotgun. The same rule applies to all these devices. They are made, yes, made fair—if a man buys one of them they are not crooked gambling devices until THEY ARE USED AS SUCH. You might bet a magician five dollars he could not pull a rabbit out of a silk hat. He does it. You buy the hat and rabbit, LEARN THE TRICK, and you have a gambling device. Magicians, Mediums, Mind Readers, Sportsmen, Gamblers, Showmen originated most of the devices, methods, etc., for amusement purposes. The cheater uses them to cheat with. STOP—THINK—How could any gambling proposition be FAIR, no advantage, no percentage, 50-50, half and half, as much for one as the other, etc.? How could any gambling game be fair, who would pay the rent, buy the equipment—tables alone cost $1,000 each—pay the high priced, skilled dealers, bankers and operators, light, equipment, license, etc? They must have the best "of it," a percentage. Out of every $1,000 bet, 2

$250 will stay in the hou*e, or the house will close. So if you are looking for fair gambling, let me know when you find it. You have got the worst of it if some one tosses a penny into the air 1,000 times and you try to call it heads or tails for $1 a toss; you will be loser. If you don't think so, I will be the banker and you can do the guessing. There are two ways to win gambling—only two ways on earth. The first one is—don't gamble, you will be winner for you can't lose. The second—make one bet, if you win quit for life. Unless you want to be a cheater, proceed and you will find 101 ways. If you get cheated and lose your money, shame on the cheater for cheating a sucker. If you get cheated the second time and lose your money, shame on you for being a sucker. If you are interested in any special device, plan or method, you are invited to, and have the privilege of writing at any time. Explanation and demonstration will be given. If you have a loss and there is any doubt in your mind as to whether you were cheated or not, you furnish the details, consult the book and you will find the answer there. Why not insure yourself against losses by being cheated? The price of this book will pay for a lifetime policy. Every boy coming into manhood should be fortified with an educational knowledge of these subjects so that he may be fore-warned or fore-armed against being cheated, swindled, and defrauded by many devices and methods. Heretofore all these methods and devices were jealously guarded and it was considered a crime "to wise up a sucker," in the language of the cheater. Every man, every boy, every young man should have this information.




The increasing popularity of Black Jack or 21 as a side game has proved the necessity of a specially designed table suitable for this game. The table illustrated above has been found to be the most practical size and shape for the successful dealing of Black Jack and it will be found a profitable addition to any modern club room. The table is strong and substantially built of hard wood, beautifully finished with hand carved legs and put together with hand screws. It is 38% inches high, 73% inches long and stands 37 inches high, this being a comfortable height for a standing play, also adapted to the use of high stools. Black Jack—A western and a southern game, a favorite at Tejuna, Mexico. Dealer sits behind table, shuffles cards, cuts, then deals one card to each player face down. Then one to himself. The object is to make 21 points, no more, or as near to that number as possible. The ace counts one or ten as you choose. Picture cards count ten, and all other cards as they are marked, 9-8-7-6, etc. Say the card you have face down is an ace and you catch a ten, that is 21. The dealer must make 21 also or pay for as much money as you put up or bet. If you should have an ace and a picture card, you have Black Jack and win then and there, no contest. If you make more than 21 you are "busted" and lose. If the dealer makes more than 21 he is "busted" and you all win. You could have a hand of 17 or 18, by way of example, "stand" on your hand, and if the dealer could not beat, or went "busted," you win.

Methods of Cheating CARD METHODS Marked Cards Readers Paper Spot Shade Strippers Daubs Dents Luminus Pricking Crimping Denting Line Work Block Out Shading Washing Palming Holdout Overdraw Discard Capping Bottom Seconds Framing Set Up Shuffle Up In Jog Out Jog False Cut Under Cut Rip Cut Stall Cut Peek Reflector Pipe Match Box Ring Button Bug Spread Twenty-six Signaling Tip Off Duke Cooler Edge Work Card Punch Window Slick Ace Goose Neck Bug Ring Suction Table Chute Arm Chair Jacobs Ladder Hand Pocket Arm Knee

DICE METHODS Magnetic Dice Electric Dice Loaded Filled Gold Lead Platinum Steel Horses Shapes Buffed Percentage Bankers Faders Passers Splitters Missouts Door Pops Miss Spota Rockera Taps Trips Pressed Moulded Tops First Flop Twenty-six Double Number California 14 Combination Old Style Adhesive Suction New Idea Opaque Bird's Eye Transparent Pocket Set Pee Wee Soft Roll Pekay Machine Invisible Tat Dice Bottoms Special Jigs Combination A-B Candy Celluloid Battery Hironemous Chinese Magic

MISCELLANEOUS Roulette Faro Craps Stud Poker Draw Poker Seven Up Whist Bridge Penochle Rummie Casino Black Jack Klondike Keno Spindles Drop Cases Red and Black Jumbo Dice Bookmaker Mediums Clair\royant Palmist Crystal Mind Reading Three-Card Monte Three Shells Spinning Coin Heads and Tails Money Machine Seances Slate Writing Faro Box Fortune Tellers Short Change Pencil Knife Match Sand Tell Magnets Batteries Talking Teakettle Floating Table Trumpets Spirit Photos Materialization Chuckaluck CARD HOLDOUT MACHINES Kepplinger Sullivan Gates Common Sense California Knee Spread Arm Machine Vest Machine Waist Machine Pants Machine


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