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SUMMER 2016 – SPRING 2017

Happy Bicentennial, Congress Hall!

200 things To Love About Cape Resorts concierge 2016



elcome to your vacation and to our year-long Cape Resorts Bicentennial Celebration of the founding of Congress Hall. We love to throw parties and this will be a big one — all year long. Of the many exciting happenings, a favorite of mine is the publication of the second edition of Tommy’s Folly, the book that tells the story of Congress Hall. The first edition was published in 2003, a year after we reopened the hotel. Since that time, however, we have collected hundreds of archives given to us by guests, friends and family members of former owners and managers — even total strangers. (These letters, photographs and artifacts fill an entire room now!) So with the help of vastly improved research tools on the internet and our boxes of archives, Jack Wright and I rolled up our sleeves to rework, correct and add to the book. The result? A gorgeous new coffee tablesized bicentennial edition of Tommy’s Folly. Not only is the book beautiful, but the pictures are amazing and the story is fantastic. Look for book signing parties throughout the summer and at our bicentennial special events.

Congress Hall is absolutely the oldest seaside hotel in America and quite possibly the oldest living hotel in America (if you define a hotel as larger than 25 rooms or so). It has survived hurricanes, wars, fires and financial ruin, thanks to a series of entrepreneurial visionaries who loved this place back to life time and time again. It all started with Thomas Hughes back in 1816. What did young Thomas imagine for the simple structure he erected by the beach here in Cape May? He called his new hotel The Big House. It was, after all, one of the biggest hotels in America at the time. But the locals called the building Tommy’s Folly — I can just imagine them standing there with their arms folded, shaking their heads. Seaside vacations were, after all, a new idea. But his hotel worked — and he was undaunted, saying at the time, “The day will come when you’ll have to cover every square inch here with a silver dollar to get enough land to put up a house!” He was not only right about real estate values — he went on to become a U.S. Congressman, while Congress Hall, thusly named after his ascent, went on to become one of the most talked-about hotels in the nation. Some people ask me if the hotel is haunted, and I always shake my head and smile, thinking about those owners who came before me. So yes, its spirit is filled with the legacy of

the nine different families who have been its custodians, its dozens of managers and many, many thousands of employees. But more than that, it is also spirit-filled with the memories and traditions of two hundred years of vacationers. They have made and are making stories here — a lovely haunting, a magic if you will, that creates the collective story that is Congress Hall. There is a LOT to celebrate this year at Cape Resorts. The roster of bicentennial events will run all year including a fantastic weekly birthday dinner party in Congress Hall’s Grand Ballroom. For the whole summer, we will celebrate the history of Congress Hall through food, music and fun characters — an event for the entire family. Our new bicentennial china, developed with Lenox, is befitting a summer White House and will be used at the birthday dinners — and be available in our Tommy’s Folly store. We have added more historic photos to the hallways and upper floors. And even the historic flags in the history hall put us in a celebratory mood. If you want to participate, please inquire about adding your memories or memorabilia to our Bicentennial Time Capsule, where we will be curating the American vacation of the early 21st century to be buried Labor Day weekend and opened by Congress Hall’s visitors on its 250th birthday in the summer of 2066. I bet that some of our younger guests might even be able to attend that party. Another milestone is the renovation of many of the guest rooms across our campus, including those at the Virginia, Congress Hall and the Star. Colleen Bashaw has once again done a spectacular job of designing the rooms and hallways to make them comfortable and fresh, while also keeping them authentic. Kudos to our projects team who have worked tirelessly to make these improvements. Beach Plum Farm continues to grow and now is debuting its Farm Market and Kitchen, serving breakfast and lunch — a revolving daily menu made entirely from food grown on the farm, from our meats and poultry and eggs to herbs and produce. You should take a bike ride out to see the gardens and fields, sample the food, order a picnic or even pick up a bag full of groceries before you leave for home. We work hard to be good citizens as well. Cape May is our home and we want the community to thrive. The Fund for Cape May, in partnership with the City of Cape May, will debut the renovated Rotary Park on July 1 with an enhanced

bandstand for concerts all summer. The Fund will continue to raise money for new public projects. (I hope to see you at the next Ice Ball on February 11!) But there are other ways in which we are working to ensure a prosperous future for Cape May. I’m very proud to be involved in a private investment fund with like-minded investors who are purchasing key retail properties around the island with the aim of matching them with young entrepreneurs whom we believe will add vibrancy, authenticity (and really good taste) to the Cape May shopping experience. Some of these changes will take place over the next couple years, but you’ll notice some of the results right away. The old Morrow’s Nut House on Washington Street Mall has been replaced by the Cape May Sweet House, preserving the sweet legacy of that historic candy store. We also purchased the gas station on Sunset Boulevard which had lain unused for the best part of a year. To the delight of locals and visitors, who no longer have to head for the northern tip of the island, the gas station is open again for the season. But that’s just the beginning — next spring it will be transformed into Exit Zero Filling Station, with old-fashioned service and ambience, and will house the offices, shops and restaurant of Exit Zero. The West End Garage is also part of the fund and will be expanding into the old bakery next door. That renovation will take place during this summer and will open in the fall, including a coffee shop. Now if one spouse wants to browse a little longer, the other can relax over a snack with other abandoned souls and enjoy coffee and baked goods. But let’s get back to the old building that started it all… Tommy’s Folly, the Big House… which has been serving its guests for 200 years (give or take a few years when it was closed for various reasons — dare I say it, you can get the scoop in the book). We decided that for this 10th issue of Concierge we should offer up our favorite 200 things about Cape Resorts. Some of them are obvious. Some of them you maybe didn’t previously consider. And some of them are new this year. They are not in any particular order, though we did arrange them by category. So... welcome to Cape May and Cape Resorts. We are glad to have you with us. We hope that you help us add to the 200 things we love about our hotels and, most importantly, we hope that you have a fun vacation and add your memories to the constellation of collective memories contained in these wonderful places and in this wonderful town.

Best wishes,

CURTIS BASHAW Cape Resorts Managing Partner


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200 things To Love About Cape Resorts CONTENTS Congress Hall..........................................4–19 Other Properties..................................20–31 Food and Drink......................................32–61 Beach, Pool and Spa.............................62–67 Summer Activities................................68–81 Special Occasions.................................82–97 Shopping...............................................98–107 Activities Off Campus.......................108–128

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Twenty Things To Love About Congress Hall


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#1 The Rich, Storied History Built in 1816, Congress Hall is the oldest seaside hotel in America. It was destroyed by fire twice — in 1818 and 1878 — and became one of the most famous hotels in the nation. It was visited by four US presidents, one of whom, Benjamin Harrison, made the hotel his Summer White House. This illustration dates from 1838 and shows the building erected in 1818 by Thomas Hughes, after the original 1816 structure burned down.

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The Birthday Party We’re Planning It’s not every day you get invited to a 200th birthday party. There was that big old shindig in 1976, but some of you are too young to remember that. This is a party that will last for most of the summer, kicking off over Memorial Day weekend. On Sunday, May 29, the Bay Atlantic Symphony will honor Congress Hall’s past by performing on the Great Lawn, just like famed band leader John Philip Sousa did in 1882. Among other numbers, the Bay Atlantic will perform Sousa’s “Congress Hall March.” The concert will be followed by a cake cutting and champagne toast in the Grand Ballroom. On July 4, the Congress Hall Choir will honor the hotel’s present with its own stirring performance on the Great Lawn.



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During Labor Day weekend, the hotel will honor its future by hosting a Bicentennial Music Festival with local and regional emerging bands and performers. We will also be burying a time capsule at the hotel. During our special Independence Week, celebrations will range from an ice cream social to a lobster bake and an All-American Swim (see page 77 for more information). Bicentennial Birthday Dinners will be held every Thursday beginning July 7 through Labor Day, with dinner served on beautiful commemorative plates, specially commissioned for the occasion, which are for sale in Tommy’s Folly General Store in Congress Hall. Ready to celebrate? concierge 2016


#3 The History Tour You’re likely aware that there’s a lot of history in this old place, which is why we introduced the Congress Hall History Tours. They are guided by the spirit of Annie Knight, the former matriarch of Congress Hall. Annie’s father, Edward, a Philadelphia businessman, rebuilt Congress Hall in 1879, following the Great Fire of 1878 which destroyed it, along with many other downtown hotels. Annie went on to run the hotel for three decades and was reponsible for a major renovation in 1920 that served as the inspiration for the $25 million restoration of Congress Hall in 2002. Tour times... June 3 – June 19 Friday – Sunday at 1:30pm June 21 – September 11 Tuesday – Saturday at 11:30am and 1:30pm, Sundays at 1:30pm only September 16 – 30 Friday – Sunday at 1:30pm October through May Saturday and Sunday at 1:30pm Cost is $5 per adult, $3 for children. To book your tour, call the Concierge at 609-884-6542. Tip: You might also want to go see the special Congress Hall exhibition, curated by Curtis Bashaw and Jack Wright, at the Emlen Physick Estate, 1048 Washington Street. It runs through October 10 and it’s free.


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#4 The History Book The long and storied history of Congress Hall is told in the beautifully illustrated book Tommy’s Folly, a lavish update of the 2003 first edition. A 200th Anniversary Collector’s Edition (signed by the authors, Jack Wright and Curtis Bashaw), with a gold leaf-embossed linen cover, is available from the Tommy’s Folly store for $39.50.

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#5 The Happy

Yellow Exterior Congress Hall has been painted this same color since 1881. (Originally, the hotel was sage green.) It takes more than 500 gallons to cover the building, which must be painted every seven years. Blame it on the salt air.

#6 Artifacts and Fittings It took around $25 million to breathe new life into Congress Hall (and update the infrastructure to the 21st century), but great care was taken to reuse fixtures and fittings from previous decades, particularly from the major renovation of 1920, and to reproduce period china used in the restaurants. There’s also a nod to Congress Hall’s old sister hotel, the Christian Admiral, which was demolished in 1996. The railing on the staircase leading from the Blue Pig Tavern to the basement came from the legendary Admiral.


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#7 Those Cool Room Keys The inspiration for Congress Hall’s iconic keys came from an old mailbag tag used on the Washington DC-Cape May route. Cape Resorts’ Curtis Bashaw discovered them while strolling old railway tracks on land in West Cape May that would later become Beach Plum Farm.

#8 Clambakes

on the Lawn

Is there a better place to enjoy fresh seafood than on the lawn overlooking the Atlantic? We didn’t think so, either. The clambakes are held every Tuesday, beginning at 7pm, July 12 through August 23.

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#9 Seemingly Effortless Design Guests are instantly at home when they enter a room at Congress Hall. There’s a vibe that makes them feel pampered and relaxed at the same time. “A driving force for me is the thought that generations of families call this their summer home. I want my work to be part of the reason they return,” says Cape Resorts’ interior designer Colleen Bashaw, who oversaw a spring renovation at Congress Hall. Colleen designed the chairs, dressers, side tables and beds with an “American heritage” feel, but says she “kept the cottage vibe with simple black-and-white painted furniture.” The carpet she designed is a variation of the striped rug found in the guest rooms from the 1920s. “The rooms feel soft and tranquil with overall blues and greys, and some pops of color. I wanted them to be comfortable and soothing yet slightly whimsical.” The vibe, says Colleen, is best described as “simple pleasures meets luxurious beach house.”


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#10 Lounging in the Lobby Enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail in a regal wingback chair in the Congress Hall lobby, where the ambience is light and airy in the summer and, thanks to the fireplace, super cozy during cooler evenings. It’s also a respite if you’re not quite in the mood for the buzzy vibe of The Brown Room.

#12 Going with the Flow Former Congress Hall general manager John Daily tells a funny story about the first guest who arrived at the hotel after the 2002 reopening. “He was surprised because one of the floors was sloping. I told him, ‘If you were as old as this hotel, you’d be sloping too.’ This is part of Congress Hall’s charm, and the vast majority of the guests love that quirkiness and character.”

#13 Feeling Small The grand #11 Snagging the Best Seat in the House Stare out over the Atlantic, glass of prosecco in hand, not remembering where you left your cell phone, and not caring. You can experience something special from the Adirondack chairs on Congress Hall lawn — it’s possible to enjoy a sunrise AND a sunset from the same spot. Tip: Winter sunsets in Cape May are the most spectacular, bathing the promenade in orange (though you might want something warmer than that prosecco).


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colonnade at Congress Hall is what wows most first-time visitors. “They don’t make hotels like this any more” is the usual refrain. There are 55 columns in total, and standing underneath them can make you feel tiny… in a good way.

#14 Blissful Bedding Guests rave about the mattresses and the bedding at Congress Hall. “The secret lies in placing our firm polyester pillow in back of our luxurious down pillow,” says Kimberly Tracey, manager of Tommy’s Folly, where the bedding is sold. “Your head gently sinks into the softness of the down, while being supported by the polyester.”

#15 Getting Juiced Enjoy the best possible start to the day by strolling up to the Juice Bar on Congress Hall veranda and treating yourself (and your body) to a freshly squeezed juice, most of which are made from produce straight out of our Beach Plum Farm. The Juice Bar is open daily in summer from 8am until noon. #16 Shelling Out Is there a better place to sample the bounty of the ocean than the Veranda Raw Bar at Congress Hall? With the Atlantic forming your backdrop, sample fresh seafood treats, chased down with maybe a chardonnay or riesling. It’s open daily in the summer from 4pm to 10pm, weekends in May and June.

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#17 Rocking Out Those teak rockers make it so easy to gaze off over the pool and gardens, while a gentle ocean breeze wafts by. Recommended accessories: The beach book of the moment or, even better, Tommy’s Folly (the beautifully illustrated story of Congress Hall), your favorite smartphone playlist, a well-thumbed book of sudoku puzzles, plus your beverage of choice. The Veranda Bar is just steps away...


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#18 Flower Power You may have noticed something... flowers play an integral role in the Cape Resorts esthetic, whether they’re expertly planted on the grounds of our properties or picked to adorn vases in our public spaces. The tulips at Congress Hall make a particularly spectacular impression every spring. Three thousand bulbs and six varieties are planted every November in groups of 10 or 12. The result? What pops up in April are sherbertcolored bouquets in tones of pink, orange and apricot. They bloom over a two-week period and stay that way for about a month. Another favorite: The hydrangeas. It was the flower Curtis Bashaw chose to display throughout Congress Hall during the reopening weekend in June, 2002. Shortly after that, 50 bushes were planted on the hotel grounds. Cape Resorts gardener Dave Chanudet calls them “power puffs.”

#19 Finding Special Places Congress Hall offers nooks and crannies where

you can enjoy wonderful ocean views and enjoy a morning coffee, an afternoon cocktail — or curl up with a book. And instead of using the elevator, follow in the footsteps of the Victorians by taking the stairs — the views are pretty nice there, too.

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The Winter Concert Series

Yet another reason for visiting Congress Hall year-round... the concerts organized by Cape Resorts’ activities and music director Myra Vassian. Here’s the calendar for 2017... « January 22 Old-Timey Hymn Sing & Supper « February 19 Myra & Friends’ Musical

Theater Singalong « March 26 Bastard Sons of Captain Mey « April 2 Doo Wop with Dane Anthony

& the Sons of Thunder

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Thirty-Three Things To Love About Our Other Properties


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The Beach Shack #21 It’s Playful The sign gives you a hint: The Beach Shack has a sense of humor. According to interior designer Colleen Bashaw, “When you’re here, you’re reminded of all the simple pleasures of being a child at the beach.” Case in point: The Honey Burst color on the walls. On the happy paint spectrum, it’s right up there at the top! #22 We Love Dogs! The Beach Shack is pooch friendly. To take advantage of this great offering, you must book the Paws Up package — call 877-SHACK-07. The package includes a daily $20 dining credit at Rusty Nail, Beach Shack dog leash, and the Beach Shack Dog Welcome Kit, which includes doggie treats and a frisbee (for your dog, not you). Please note: Only one dog, 50lbs or less, per room.

#23 The Beachfront Pool In case you don’t want to make the long (30-second) trek to the beach across the road, no worries. Spend a day by the Beach Shack pool then head over to the adjoining Rusty Nail where you can twiddle your toes in the sandpit while listening to live music and/or laughing with your crew as you sample casual treats and cold drinks from the menu.

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The Virginia #24 The Comeback Story Cape Resorts’ boutique hotel has a riches-to-rags-to-riches story. In the 1890s, The Virginia experienced a heyday, with regular mentions in the society section of the Philadelphia Inquirer. But as Cape May began a long decline in the early part of the 20th century so, too, did The Virginia. By the 1960s it was a dormitory for dozens of Congress Hall employees, complete with a leaky roof and a ping-pong table in the unused dining room. In 1980, it was condemned. But in 1989, it was restored by Curtis Bashaw, who would go on to spearhead the renovation of Congress Hall. Today the hotel is once again widely acclaimed — it was voted one of the Top 25 Hotels in the US by readers of Conde Nast Traveler. #25 A Perfect Spot The location is as good as it gets — Jackson Street, one of the prettiest spots on the island, is a half-block from the beach AND the Washington Street Mall.

furnishings and design touches of the 24 rooms offer a little slice of Manhattan, but with a large helping of beach chic and relaxed elegance.

#26 It’s Fun to Watch The porch is one of the prime people-watching spots around. And not just people — the horse-drawn carriages roll along Jackson many times a day.

#29 Your Designated Driver The Virginia’s golf cart can act as your designated driver. If you need to be dropped off (or picked up) at a restaurant, let the front desk know that morning and they will do their best to accommodate you.

#27 Porch Dining And on that porch you not only get to enjoy the cooling breezes wafting in from the ocean, but you can also sample food and drinks from The Ebbitt Room, the hotel’s award-winning restaurant (see page 50). #28 The Room Decor The exquisite custom


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#30 It’s Santatastic! The hotel gets into the Christmas spirit with its annual Santa Attack — when a mischievous band of 10 (count them!) Santas are attached to the building exterior.

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The Virginia Cottages

#31 Full House or... These delightful accommodations on glorious Jackson Street, the crowning glory of Cape May’s Historic District, are available for rental by the full house OR as separate apartments.

#32 Get Away with the Girls The Virginia Cottages are ideal for families or groups of friends, “girls’ getaways” and for accommodating wedding groups.

#33 A Home for the Holidays Looking for the perfect home away from home for the holidays? The whole-house rentals provide plenty of room for the extended family at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

#34 Dinner Delivered You can order festive dinners cooked by The Ebbitt Room and delivered to your door. And we also provide a decorated tree — call it a turn-key holiday celebration! #35 A Famous Family The Pink Cottage and The White Cottage are two of the famed Seven Sisters. In 1891, Edward Knight, then owner of Congress Hall, hired renowned architect Stephen Decatur Button — neighbor to Walt Whitman — to design seven identical cottages on Jackson.

#36 Close to it all All of the cottages enjoy what is likely the best location in Cape May — half a block from the beautiful beaches and half a block from the myriad shopping experiences awaiting you at the Washington Street Mall.


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Sandpiper Beach Club #37 Panoramic Views This oceanfront condominium resort has 50 one- and two-bedroom units, with full kitchens, living rooms and balconies. Most enjoy spectacular ocean views. #38 All the Amenities The Sandpiper features the amenities of a luxury hotel, including a heated pool, daily housekeeping, sauna, concierge, expansive fitness center and an inhouse arcade featuring popular and classic games. #39 At Your Service Sandpiper guests now have a dedicated server to take food orders at the pool, and we have added new Sandpiper-branded umbrellas for the beach. #40 The Privilege is Yours Sandpiper guests have signing privileges at all Cape Resorts properties. No wallet? No problem!

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The Star #41 Take Your Pick The Star, Congress Hall’s little sister, is a remarkably versatile establishment, offering motel rooms, an inn and a carriage house. #42 Romantic Retreat The beautifully furnished Star Inn offers nine en suite bedrooms — perfect for a romantic getaway.

#43 It’s Fun Indoors The motel is outfitted with 10 efficiencies, fully equipped with top-ofthe-line amenities, kitchenettes, living room and

bedroom, some with private backyards, all utilizing a fun and quirky decor — perfect for family vacations.

#44 Family Time Two beautiful carriage house suites, each with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and an oceanview balcony, offer the ideal backdrop to a group or family getaway. Consider it your home away from home.

#45 Smell the Coffee There is also a coffee shop where guests can enjoy a morning cup on the porch with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. The coffee shop serves La Colombe, plus pastries, juices and yogurts for a quick, to-go breakfast... handy since you likely want “to-go” straight to the beach.

#46 Fiery History The Star has a rising-fromthe-ashes sort of resilience, and a cool backstory. In 1878 a fire broke out in the attic of the Ocean House hotel, which occupied almost the entire ocean block of Perry Street, including the site of today’s Star. The flames were blown across the street to Congress Hall and from there the fire raged out of control, destroying 40 acres of prime real estate, including Congress Hall. When the Star was renovated by Cape Resorts in 2003, workers found a layer of scorched earth under the property.


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Baron’s Cove, Sag Harbor #47 Base Camp The exquisitely renovated 67-room Baron’s Cove in Sag Harbor, New York is the perfect base for exploring the wineries, farmers markets, antique stores, shopping and culture that Eastern Long Island has to offer. #48 Anyone for Tennis? Family-friendly amenities include a heated saltwater pool, fitness studio, tennis court and complimentary Baron’s Cove bicycles. #49 Time to Lounge The nautically inspired lounge is the perfect spot to relax with a cocktail or a glass of wine, whether it be during a breezy summer afternoon or a chilly fall evening. #50 Next Stop, Beach! A private shuttle takes you to the beach, where you are then set up with umbrellas, chairs and towels. Paradise just got a little more convenient. #51 Room with a View A breezy restaurant loft allows you to watch the sun set over Sag Harbor during dinner on the outdoor, second-floor restaurant loft, before returning to your private garden terrace. #52 Seriously Good Food Locally inspired dishes are created by Matty Boudreau, one of the Hampton’s most acclaimed chefs. #53 Choice Selections The wine list is curated by Jay McInerney, author of Bright Lights, Big City and The Good Life, wine writer for Town and Country, and author of three books about the subject of sipping. #54 Fur-Friendly Dog-friendly rooms are available. Woof!


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Ten Things To Love About Beach Plum Farm #55 On Your Bike First of all, the trip to Beach Plum Farm is one of the most delightful bike rides on the island. Start off on Beach Avenue, turn on to Sunset Boulevard then continue via the rustic back roads of West Cape May — the farm is located on Stevens Street, tucked away in a 62-acre spot amongst protected wetlands. #56 A Pioneer Beach Plum was at the forefront of the local farm-to-table movement. In 2008 it began supplying flowers, fruit, vegetables and meats to The Ebbitt Room, Blue Pig Tavern and Rusty Nail, and now has extended beyond the Cape Resorts campus, supplying Louisa’s and Exit Zero Cookhouse. #57 Take a Tour The best way to see everything Beach Plum has to offer is on one of our guided farm tours. Through


concierge 2016

June 12, tours are available on Saturdays and Sundays at 11am. From June 18 through Labor Day weekend, guided tours are available at 11am daily. Self-guided tours are available Saturdays and Sundays only, from 7:30am until the Farm Market closes. That moment of tranquility you experience as you rest, après-tour, at a picnic table is priceless. Your only worry? How will you get all of those fresh ambrosia melons to fit in your bike basket? #58 Eco Conscious The farm does not rely on synthetic pesticides or herbicides. “Same with prophylactic antibiotics, whose use is common in large-scale hog and chicken farms,” says farmer Ali Moussalli. And all of the food from the farm is traveling less than two miles, ensuring that a minimum amount of greenhouse gases are emitted.

#59 Barnstormer The Amish barn erected last year has been transformed into Beach Plum Farm Market and Kitchen. In the Market, you can browse two floors of fresh produce harvested from the farm, local artisanal products, plus cool, farm-inspired merchandise, from cookbooks to kitchen knickknacks. Meanwhile, the Farm Kitchen is serving up ridiculously good breakfast sandwiches plus irresistible lunches (see pages 38 and 39). Take a seat on the patio and enjoy your farm-fresh meal while inhaling the scents of the herbs growing around you. Bliss!


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#60 Growing Demand Raised beds erected behind the Farm Market and Kitchen are specifically allocated to supply produce to Cape Resorts’ restaurants — Blue Pig Tavern, The Ebbitt Room and Rusty Nail — as well as a growing number of offcampus eateries, including Louisa’s Café and Exit Zero Cookhouse. The farm hopes to add more local restaurants to its supply list — New Jersey is the Garden State for good reason, and Cape Resorts is proud to be enthusiastic proponents of the state’s wonderful produce.

concierge 2016


SPECIAL PACKAGE... CAPE MAY HARVEST Weekends September 9 – October 31, 2016 and April 7 – May 29, 2017 Bike to Beach Plum Farm for a picturesque picnic and explore the beauty of Cape May in the fall. On Saturdays in October, you won’t want to miss the Fall Festival. Package includes: • Overnight accommodations • Beach Plum Farm tote plus $10 Beach Plum Farm Market credit • Bicycle rental for up to four • Lunch at Beach Plum Farm Kitchen or from Tommy’s Folly


concierge 2016

#61 Goodness in a Glass Our fresh juices provide the perfect start to your day, or a vitamin-filled, delicious refresher after a tour of the farm. Choose from favorites such as Beet Juice; Carrot, Apple and Ginger Juice; and Ultimate Green Juice. They are available at Beach Plum Farm Market and Kitchen; the Blue Pig Tavern; and the Juice Bar on the Congress Hall veranda.

concierge 2016


#62 Posh Pork The farm raises Berkshire pigs, which were once the favorites of the British monarchy. Berkshires are famous for their “marbled meat,” meaning that the fat is evenly distributed throughout the body, making the meat sweet and juicy. #63 Jersey Fresh Every year, Beach Plum reaps at least 10,000 lbs of prime Jersey tomatoes, including Champion, New Girl, Green Zebra, Brandywine, Big Beef and Sun Gold. To enjoy them at their best, don’t miss The Blue Pig Tavern’s Build Your Own Tomato Sandwich menu. Add your choice of cheese, and you have a classic snack. Or go the whole hog and savor a BLT made with Big Beef tomatoes and Berkshire bacon. #64 Drink Your Herbs It’s a sweet thing to inhale the aroma of lemon verbena, mint, sage and thyme as you stroll through the farm. And even sweeter to taste the cocktails later that evening that will be infused with these very herbs. Highlights include Gin on the Beach (using farm raspberries and thyme) at The Brown Room and Blue Pig Tavern, Honey Verbena Sour at The Ebbitt Room and the Beach Plum Farm Berry Mojito at the Rusty Nail.


concierge 2016

#65 Lunch at the Farm

Here’s a suggestion for kickstarting a perfect day in Cool Cape May. Ride your bike through rural West Cape May to Beach Plum Farm, take a guided farm tour at 11am, which will work up an appetite that will be taken care of when you sit down on the patio of Beach Plum Farm Kitchen and order, say, a farm-fresh salad and one of the sandwiches available — egg salad on wholewheat with a side of pasta salad, or BBQ pulled pork (from our Berkshire pigs), with coleslaw and a side of potato salad.

#66 All the Fun of the Fall Enjoy the whiff of a fire crackling on a crisp autumn day, while sipping a local

craft beer or freshly made juice and sodas, plus treats like the farm pulled pork sandwich, at Beach Plum Farm Fall Festival, held on Saturdays, October 8, 15, 22 and 29. There are hay rides driven by the farmers, pumpkin picking and decorating, face-painting, tee-shirt dyeing and live entertainment.

concierge 2016


#67 The

Egg Sandwich, Perfected

It might just be the best egg sandwich you’ve ever tasted. What can’t be argued? You won’t find a fresher one. “We’re using ingredients made, raised and sold in Cape May. It’s real food,” says Todd Phillips, the chef at Beach Plum Farm. Here’s how it’s done (you can have it with or without meat)... Sausage Takes two days to make. Todd cooks in ginger picked from the farm. “It’s not a crazy explosion of Asian flavor, just enough to give the sandwich a little more flavor oomph,” he says. Also in there — chives, thyme, oregano, parsley and scallions, all from the farm. Bacon Takes four days to make, between the salting and marinating and smoking (with a smoker that will be housed on the farm, eventually). “It’s nitrate-free,” says Todd. “We’re not trying to cure and preserve it... just to make it fresh.” Side salad Todd changes this daily, depending on what’s coming from the farm. Bread Choice of multigrain (made by Dylan Rutherford, who also makes the Boiler Room pizza crusts) or brioche (made by Todd at the farm). “Get here early enough, and you can smell the fresh-baked bread while you eat,” says Todd. Cheese American, made inhouse. Todd takes a base cheese like Colby, melts it down, adds more milk and cream — and voila! Eggs From the free-range chickens that roam the farm.


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concierge 2016


Nine Things To Love About

#68 Myriad Breakfast Choices There’s the light-and-healthy options such as farm-fresh juices, yogurt parfait and housemade muesli. At the other end of the scale, there are belly fillers that will take you right through lunch, such as The Presidential (two eggs, bacon and sausage, pancake or waffle, home fries) and those that are somewhere in between — Eggs Blackstone, a twist on the classic benedict dish, and huevos rancheros.

#69 Build Your Own Using tomatoes harvested from Beach Plum Farm as your base, add your choice of cheese and/or our own Berkshire bacon to create your version of the classic lunch treat.


concierge 2016

#70 Big Cheese Our mac-andcheese is made with TLC and presented in cool cast-iron skillet. “We don’t bring our sauce to a roaring boil,” says Executive Chef Jeremy Einhorn. “The most important thing is to be gentle.”

#71 Blue Pig Tavern Ale Since being introduced in 2005, courtesy of the master brewers at Flying Fish, our inhouse ale has been a consistent best-seller. (It pairs perfectly with the Blue Pig Burger.)

The Blue Pig Tavern


Classic Comfort Food

The Blue Pig Tavern focuses on classic American comfort food, with a little twist or two along the way. Scottish Salmon is served atop a Beach Plum Farm turnip puree, with braised greens, tomato and eggplant tapenade. British-style Fish and Chips features fresh haddock in a crispy beer batter. The Sautéed Free Range Chicken Breast is served with bacon and cheddar grits, Beach Plum Farm succotash and haricot vert. And the day boat scallops change regularly — here they’re served with carrot purée and melted leeks.

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#73 Hearth of the Matter The wood-tile-copper fireplace evokes a classic tavern feel in the dining room, any time of year, though there’s no doubting it really comes into its own during the cooler months. Fireplaces are a central theme at Cape Resorts, which is a very good thing — a report out of University of Alabama states that watching an open fire lowers blood pressure and generally promotes relaxation. So whether you are eating by the fire at the Blue Pig, relaxing with a cocktail or a glass of wine in The Brown Room or The Virginia’s lounge, or chilling out at the Rusty Nail’s firepit... you’re doing your health a favor!

#74 Art on the Table Some restaurants offer crayons and drawing paper to keep your kids occupied during a family lunch or dinner. At The Blue Pig Tavern, we give your kids the chance to make their drawings famous! Last year’s drawing contest winner was Camille Flayhan, 11, of North Salem, New York. Camille’s work (left) has been featured on promotional postcards available at The Blue Pig Tavern. The contest continues this summer — our friendly Blue Pig Tavern servers will be handing out drawing paper and crayons, so if there’s a budding Van Gogh in the family...


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#75 The Great Outdoors Although al fresco dining has been enjoyed by the people of southern Europe for centuries, it came late to the States — the dirt and dust stirred up from unpaved roads made it an undesirable notion in 19th-century America, and the spread of air conditioning after World War Two made indoor dining even more enjoyable. But we’re happy to say it’s now an established part of our gastronomic culture. One of the best places to enjoy it in Cape May is in the garden of The Blue Pig Tavern. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in a little green oasis where the vibe is mellow, particularly when the stringed lights are glowing.

#76 Bringing the Outside in When it’s too cool to eat outside but you’re in the mood to be surrounded

by the green of the garden and the blue (or gray) of the sky, the Blue Pig’s enclosed patio is the place to be. And even in here there’s a historical story to tell — the patio was constructed using decades-old glass from Congress Hall bedroom windows which needed to be replaced.

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Seven Things To Love About The Brown Room

#77 The Original The Brown Room was the first bar opened in Cape May after Prohibition ended in 1933, so American classics are always on the roster. #78 It’s Exotic The animal-print carpet, plush brown sofas and freezedried Queen Date palm trees (they’re real!) create a cool Havana-type vibe.

#79 Top Tunes The vintage piano (no, it doesn’t work) lends a warm feel to the center of the room and also provides an ideal spot for resting a Cherry Bourbon Sour, the house cocktail that’s locally famous due to its popularity in The Brown Room. From the piano in the corner (which does work), you’ll enjoy pop/rock classics from Darin MacDonald, who has played to audiences in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Japan and the Carribean.

#80 Among Friends The U-shaped bar encourages customers to crosspollinate, which often means that strangers leave as friends. Trivia note: The bar used to be located in front of the windows that overlook the lawn, and it was decorated in far less subtle tones than the brown of today (see left).

#81 A Festive Feel During the holiday season, there WILL be spontaneous outbreaks of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas,’ due in large part to the prompting of Curtis Bashaw, Cape Resorts’ managing partner. (See also: Singalongs in The Ebbitt Room.) These are occasions that shouldn’t be missed.

#82 Belly Up to the Bar In the offseason (when it’s less busy), eat dinner at The Brown Room’s bar (or at one of the tables situated around the room.) If you’re not in the mood for a full dinner, the bar menu that’s available Sunday thru Wednesday offers imaginative small plates at terrific value.


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#83 Presidential Cocktails Inspired by the leaders who walked the hallways of the old hotel, The Brown Room offers a Presidential Cocktails menu that should tickle your fancy. Sip the concoctions favored by Franklin Pierce (pictured), James Buchanan, Ulysses Grant and Benjamin Harrison. How do we know what these presidents drank? Author Mark Will-Weber, who wrote Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Presidential Drinking, stopped by the hotel last fall and shared his research with us. As a result, we know that Pierce was partial to bourbon, Buchanan favored a Whiskey Smash in particular, while Grant and Harrison preferred rye-based concoctions.

SPECIAL PACKAGE... COCKTAILS WITH THE PRESIDENTS February 1–December 31, 2016 Four sitting presidents traveled to Congress Hall for cool ocean breezes and the relaxing atmosphere. This package recreates their experiences (with modern luxuries). Sip on cocktails that they would have enjoyed and flip through Mark Will-Weber’s intriguing book, Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt. Package includes: • Overnight accommodations • Presidential cocktails in The Brown Room for 2 • A copy of Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt • $30 daily dining credit • 1pm late checkout

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Six Things To Love About The Boiler Room #84 Brick Oven Pizza It already had a great nightlife scene (see opposite), but introducing pizza to Congress Hall’s basement nightclub last year has been a game-changer. By maintaining a brick oven at over 700 degrees and blending Neapolitan and New York styles, chef de cuisine Dylan Rutherford has created a perfectly puffed and charred crust. And by integrating homemade sauces, fresh herbs and locally raised pork from Beach Plum Farm, the menu boasts an irresistible variety of six signature pizzas. Dylan fell in love with baking bread during a school trip to the University of Pennsylvania — he stumbled across a book called My Bread, by Jim Lahey, that would change his life. “There’s just something about the way it smells, and the way that this smell fills a kitchen. It’s warm and comforting.” At 16, he quit his job bussing tables and launched a business called Little Bastard Bread Company, selling first to teachers at school and then to local businesses and farmers’ markets. Despite friendly teasing from peers, other students gave up their weekend plans to help with the operation. Dylan earned a degree from the Culinary Institute of America before taking over the

Boiler Room’s pizza menu (he now also bakes bread for Beach Plum Farm). We asked Dylan what goes into making the Boiler Room pizza dough. “It’s about a 20-hour process, and it’s the same for the bread at the farm as it is for the pizza. First, I mix the ingredients by hand. Then I let it sit for 18 hours, which allows it to double in size. After that, I break it down, chopping it into individual portions, before letting it sit under a cloth in the dark for another two hours. This is when it gets very puffy and ready for baking.” So, what’s been the reaction from customers? “Surprised. I think they’re not expecting such a farm-to-table, rustic experience. They might just be expecting another thin-crust pizzeria, but that’s not what we are. We have a limited selection — about seven or eight pies on the menu at a time — because each pizza has its own unique flair. Take our pulled pork pie… the pork comes right from our own farm, and it’s smoked at 250 degrees for 14 to 16 hours. Everything is always fresh and from scratch. Every sauce, every cheese… they’re made inhouse or shredded inhouse. For a third of the year, the tomatoes from my sauce come entirely from the farm. It’s really important to us.”

#85 Craft Drafts Wash those pizzas down with one of six draft beers, featuring our own Blue Pig Tavern Ale and choice selections from the award-winning Cape May Brewing Company.


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#86 Get Jiggy The Boiler Room has been at the epicenter of Cape Resorts nightlife since its 2002 debut, boasting a dancefloor that’s earned a rep for being the liveliest in town.

#87 Pick a Spot Prefer to avoid being the center of attention? Snag a barstool, one of the brushed metal tabletops surrounding the buzzy bar, or head for the couches that are gathered around the pizza oven. #88 Cool Decor The warm red lighting, complemented by the stone, brick and metal finishes, lends what we’ll call an industrial-but-cozy vibe you won’t find anywhere else in Cape May. It’s the perfect backdrop for the live acts who get that dancefloor going, year-round. #89 Slice of the Past Originally the boiler room, bakery and laundry of the hotel, relics of the past are still on display, including the old rubble walls, made of ballast stone, the front of the old boiler and a vintage laundry press, which was converted to a table.

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Sixteen Things To Love About The Ebbitt Room #90 It’s Earned the Acclaim The restaurant at The Virginia has been called the “town’s most beloved restaurant” by the Philadelphia Inquirer, while the New York Times raved about a “superb experience” and “creatively prepared dishes.” #91 Quality Never Compromised There’s an unrelenting commitment to quality — Beach Plum Farm Berkshire Pork Chop is a limited item and subject to availability. When it’s out, it’s out — there’s no swapping in non-farm pork. #92 Keeping it Local The farm-to-table ingredients are delivered several times a week from West Cape May’s Beach Plum Farm, less than two miles away. #93 The Ambience The dining room manages to evoke a refined air, while still feeling playful. That’s a tough trick to pull off. And the amber ambience lends a romantic, cozy feel. #94 Small Plates, Big Porch The small plates are ideal for sharing on the porch (see opposite) with friends over, say, a Beach Plum Farm Strawberry-Jalapeno Margarita.


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#95 It’s Peaceful While relaxing on that porch, you’ll likely be treated to the sound of the clip-clopping of horses moving down tree-lined Jackson Street. #96 A Perfect Perch The porch offers the best peoplewatching in Cape May. #97 It’s Romantic And as you people-watch, you might also enjoy the way the sun dapples the white wood railings, the bright red seat cushions and the flower boxes. #98 Feel the Buzz The sophisticated leather stools at the buzzy bar offer the perfect seats for sipping sophisticated drinks. #99 Breezy Bartenders Leo Moryakov and Helen Linney have built an appreciative following with their delightful personalities and winning smiles. “It’s difficult to be in such close proximity to the ocean without feeling like a free spirit,” says Leo. #100 Cocktail of the Moment The Pear Martini, made


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with housemade pear purée, is perfect for a hot summer evening after a day on the beach. #101 All in the Details Some serious love goes into preparing the food. Take the 24-hour process to make the Beach Plum Farm Rabbit Raviolo — the meat is braised, left to cool and is then folded into the pasta casings. And then there are the deviled eggs (see above), which are almost as much a work of art as they are an irresistible appetizer. The flavors change on an almost daily basis. #102 Hear the Maestro Paul Sottile (left) has played and recorded on songs and remixes for Madonna, Katy Perry, Bush and Shakira, but The Ebbitt Room’s inhouse pianist keeps it magically mellow here. #103 So Snug During cooler months, the wood-burning fireplace is the spot to snag. This is also the location of Cape May’s favorite winter book club.

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#104 Singalong Time The holiday decorations are the perfect, magical backdrop to the spontaneous-but-regular singalongs of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas,’ led by Cape Resorts’ managing partner Curtis Bashaw. A festive highlight.


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#105 A Masterful Menu Chef Matt Crist uses the best of Beach Plum Farm vegetables, herbs and meats to create dishes that are rich in quality and high in imagination. Pictured clockwise from top left: Pan Roasted Half Chicken, Black Pepper Crusted Beef Carpaccio, Fennel Dusted Flounder, Spice Rubbed Lamb Loin, Grilled Ribeye Steak and Rare Seared Yellowfin Tuna.

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Sixteen Things To Love About The Rusty Nail #106 Piece of Paradise It’s like a little slice of Southern California... for decades, this is where Cape May’s surfers and lifeguards have hung out (and still do). #107 Master Chef Jimmy Burton is a local legend — his family has been cooking in Cape May for eight decades. This is a place that inspires Chef Jimmy. “Watching the sunset and eating good food and enjoying a cold beer after coming right off the beach,” he says. “What’s better than that?” #108 Bringin’ Home the Bacon Jimmy’s Smokin’ Pig Roast is a can’t-miss event — it’s held on an outdoor grill at the Nail every Monday during summer. The aroma mixing with the breeze coming off the ocean? That’s as good as it gets. #109 Size Matters The wooden bar inside the Nail, crafted by a carpenter in Vermont, is the longest on the island. #110 The Beat Goes on The patio bar isn’t quite as long, but it’s the ideal spot from which to enjoy live classic rock. #111 Cheers to That! And no matter which bar you sit at, the beer, at 36.4 degrees, is the coldest in


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Cape May, according to tests carried out by Exit Zero magazine. #112 Top of the List Travel and Leisure magazine named the Nail one of the Top 10 Best Beach Bars in America #113 Time to Chill It’s a sweet thing knowing you don’t have to change out of your flip-flops before dinner. #114 Hang Loose What’s more fun than a “no shower happy hour?” 115 Beach Blanket Bingo Enjoy a classic surfer beach party at the Nail on June 4 between 11am and 4pm. Play bingo by the sandpit, with a chance to win fun prizes. Retro attire is not required, but encouraged. The day will be full of food and drink specials, surfer tunes and B-I-N-G-O!

#116 Food on a Frisbee The family-friendly vibe is key here — children’s meals are served on a fisbee. #117 Play Time And parents can enjoy a cold beer while the kids are engrossed in building sandcastles at your feet. That’s not something you can (legally) do on the beach. #118 Doggie Beer! And when we say family, we mean your dog, too! Bring your well-behaved pooch along for doggie treats and doggie beer. And don’t miss the annual Doggie Pageant held in August (see page 78). #119 Fire it Up Best way to end the day? The firepit is the only of its kind in south Jersey and is the ideal place to chill out under a starry sky. It’s an experience best accompanied by The Hammer: Gosling’s rum, coconut rum, passion fruit puree, fresh lemon and pineapple juice, served in a coconut.


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#121 Ultimate Fried Chicken Chef Jimmy’s grandmother, the late Helen Dickerson, created a legend when she figured how to make impossibly good Southern-fried chicken to serve to guests of The Chalfonte Hotel in Cape May. So good that it was featured on The Phil Donahue Show, the Food Network’s Tyler Ultimate and was named one of the country’s best by USA Today. Jimmy has put his own spin on the dish, which he serves with collard greens, macaroni cheese and a biscuit.

#120 Top Tacos The fish tacos, fresh from the Atlantic, are best enjoyed right beside the Atlantic. And the burgers — eight-ounce patties that are cooked over an open flame and served on airy brioche buns — are made from a 30-year recipe.

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#122 Breakfast on the Go We understand... you’re busy. Got things to do. There’s a beach lounger, or a spot by the pool, with your name on it. Or you want to begin your day with a bracing bike ride around the island. You don’t have the time to sit down to eat breakfast. In which case, we suggest a trip to Tommy’s Folly, in Congress Hall lobby. In the general store, you’ll find a great selection of grab-and-go snacks, from yogurt parfait to breakfast sandwiches and pastries, handmade by our pastry chef. Wash down with a selection from our iced teas and juices, or La Colombe coffee, a Corsica blend that will have you looking forward to waking up. From a classic cup of black coffee to a nutella latte, you can get whatever you’re craving. Alternatively, pop across Perry Street to the coffee shop at The Star.

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Seven Things To Love About The Beach And Pool #123 The Indulgence There are few things better than the refreshing taste of a fruity beverage or satisfying lunch (great salads and sandwiches to choose from) after a long swim in the ocean, delivered to you right there on the sand, courtesy of Cape Resorts’ beach service. #124 The Indulgence (Continued) You get a lounger, umbrella, towels and table, if required, delivered to your spot on the sand. All you have to do is relax. #125 Recline Mode The coral-cushioned, fully reclining teak lounge chairs at Congress Hall pool call your name beneath locally made umbrellas. It’s the perfect spot for enjoying a cocktail, or mocktail made with fromscratch lemonade. #126 Do the Congo The pool bar at Congress Hall is a prime spot for lunch in the shade. And then, as the late afternoon sun sheds that wonderful deep orange glow over Cape May’s beachfront, it’s the perfect place to kickstart your evening. Sip on a watermelon beer or a margarita as you contemplate a cool shower then slip on evening wear for a night spent enjoying the offerings of America’s Original Seaside Resort. #127 In the Dark Experience the thrill of swimming after dark during Sunday Swim after Sunset at Congress Hall, where the lineup includes s’mores roasting and glowing pool toys. #128 The Memories “I’m thinking of a picture I took of my grandson by the Congress Hall pool,” says longtime guest Chuck Girone. “He’s wearing his little sun hat, probably calling me ‘pops.’ That look on his face in that photo… it’s why we go there.”


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#129 A Private Beach Tent Lounging by the Atlantic is a relaxing and refreshing experience, no matter how you cut it. But for the ultimate beach day treat, rent one of our gorgeous, classic beach tents, which are based at three locations. The yellowand-white striped tents of Congress Hall are directly in front of our landmark hotel. The Virginia’s elegant red tents are located on the Jackson Street beach (wifi and a charging station were added this year). And the rustic, Caribbean-flavored, orange-and-aqua tents of the Beach Shack are between Grant and Patterson. Tent rentals include complimentary water and lounge chairs and are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. There are three ways to book a tent (based on availability): 1. At the time of your initial hotel reservation. 2. At the concierge desk or the front desk of any Cape Resorts property, upon check-in. 3. When you’re on the beach. Half-day rates are available on the same day only, but please note — there are no half-day rentals at the Beach Shack. If you reserve your tent with your hotel reservation, simply check in at the beach service desk and our staff will do the rest! There are a limited number of tents, so we do recommend reserving them in advance. Whatever method you use to reserve, don’t forget to bring along your best beach vibe.


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Six Things To Love About Sea Spa #130 Massage is Amazing It’s a powerful tool with the ability to decrease anxiety, enhance sleep quality, improve concentration and reduce fatigue. #131 The Colorful Vibe It’s a vacation within a vacation, a feeling underlined by the yellow-and-whitestriped walls in the massage rooms which evoke the Congress Hall beach tents. #132 Pampered on the Beach Speaking of which... if you want the real thing, you CAN enjoy a massage in the Congress Hall beach tents. Ask your beach attendants, Sea Spa attendants or concierge. #133 Or... There’s a third option. Inroom massages are available for couples. #134 Take Your Pick The Sea Spa menu includes aquatic scrubs, slimming massages and hydra moisture facials. Pick your passion while sipping a refreshing lemon water in the spa’s relaxation room. #135 For Men The Gentleman’s Shave offers the classic barbershop treatment.


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#136 Beach Boot Camp Breathe in the Atlantic while working up a serious sweat with Donna Valentine. (Related: Enjoying your cocktails guiltfree later on.) Beach Boot Camp is on Saturdays only from June 4 thru June 18. Classes Monday through Saturday run from June 18 thru September 3. Classes begin at 8:00am. Please reserve at your property’s front desk.

#137 Yoga on the Beach The only dogs allowed on the beach during the summer in Cape May? Downward dogs! Join Sharon Fruchtman and Marc Jacopec on Saturdays only from May 2 thru June 20. And then daily from June 18 thru August 31; followed by Saturdays only from September 3 thru September 24. Classes begin at 8:30am. Please reserve at your property’s front desk.

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22 Summer Activities For The Family #138 The Art of Clamshell Pitching Dig a couple of holes in the sand, then toss your quahogs inside, or at least get closer than your opponent does… clamshell pitching is as simple as that, on the surface. But the history of the game evolving (and, many believe, originating) in Cape May is more storied. At the annual Clam-A-Rama tournament, held on the beach in front of the Rusty Nail, Cape Resorts keeps the tradition alive. In 1940, the Cape May Clamshell Pitching Club was established by a group of World War II veterans in need of some relaxation. “Speedy” Bosh Prichard, a star halfback for the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1940s and early 1950s, was a member of the team. The men launched an end of season “International” tournament on the Cape, and began traveling as far as Annapolis, Maryland in order to compete. During off-season months, they missed pitching so much that they carted sand onto the roof of the Penn Sheraton Hotel in Philadelphia for a makeshift court. “It’s tough on top,” wrote Rich Reinhart, for whom the city’s ongoing junior tournament is named, in a 1971 newspaper article. “There’s always this new kid with his clamshells strapped low on his hips riding into town…” This isn’t just horseshoes reimagined. This is about trash talk and tradition, passion and camaraderie. It’s about a game so unfussy and unplugged, it feels new-fangled and enticing to the youth of today. The greatest bragging rights in Cape May don’t come from catching the largest fish or surfing the gnarliest wave, but from a seashore ritual forged over eight decades by a fanatical group of friends and neighbors, one toss at a time. In 2012, Cape Resorts picked up the clamshell pitching torch, launching its own annual contest. As Rich once said, “It matters little who wins these events. Sure the fleeting fame is great. But this sport is a celebration of summer, of good sportsmanship, and good fellowship the clamshellers have shared. So was it always, so it is now.” Clam-A-Rama is usually held on the second or third Saturday of May (tides permitting), but you can play it any time you feel the urge on the beautiful beaches of Cape May.


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#139 Meet Your Concierge You are here for one reason — to enjoy your vacation. But even a perfect getaway needs some planning. That’s where concierge Amanda Eckel comes in. Call her at 609-884-6542 or come see her at the concierge desk, in the west wing of Congress Hall, for more information and to make reservations. To help you negotiate the following pages, we have organized our favorite activities into two categories... On Campus That’s all the fun stuff that happens on Cape Resorts territory — from the lawn of Congress Hall to the sand pit at the Rusty Nail. You will find these on the following 11 pages. Off Campus We have partnered with area attractions who offer fun and quality activities that will enhance your Cape May experience. You will find these on pages 110-123. From the moment you leave your room in the morning to the moment you hit those crisp white sheets in the evenings, we are full of ideas to help you get the most out of every day. We have lined up a great range of activities on our campus, from karaoke to ceramics to soccer. We will also be delighted to book off campus activities — restaurant reservations, theater tickets (there are Broadway-quality shows in this town), wine tours, golf games, kayaking, paddle-boarding and parasailing, trips to the lighthouse, and trolley tours around the historic streets of this National Historic Landmark City. If you are bringing the kids, Blue’s Clubhouse (see page 79) is staffed with seasoned sitters and, of course, Blue, our legendary mascot. He’s a hero among our youngest guests. And remember, as a valued guest of Cape Resorts you have signing privileges across ALL of our properties and outlets. Now go enjoy your perfect Cape May day!


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#140 Biking the Cape Is there a particularly good time to ride your bike around Cape Island? Yes. Most of the year, actually. There is no better way to get around Cape May. The city is flat, very pretty and you don’t want to be stuck in summer traffic — ever notice how the bikes usually go faster than the cars on Beach Avenue? We are delighted to be running our own bike rental business again this year, in partnership with Anita and Tom Roth, whose family have been serving the beach community since 1886. A range of singles, doubles, children’s bikes and surreys (along with helmets) are available at the Congress Hall Bike Shop. Guests of Cape Resorts can pre-order rentals and have them delivered and picked up at the property where you are staying. The front desk agents at each property, as well as the Cape Resorts Concierge at Congress Hall, can assist you in setting up your rental. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of the handy little map we produced — it’s available from the front desk. In the meantime, here are two

Perry, turn left on Beach, then ride

highly recommended bike routes...

down the street until you see Cape

To the Lighthouse Go down

May Convention Hall on your right.

Perry, turn right on Beach, then right

That’s your cue to take one of the

on Broadway and left on Sunset

streets on the left — like Howard. And

Boulevard, where you will ride for

then, rather than give you specific

about 1.5 miles, flanked by phragmites,

instructions, we’re going to advise

until you see Lighthouse Avenue on

you to wend your way slowly through

the left. Turn there and follow the

the streets of Cape May’s Historic

signs for Cape May Lighthouse. Climb

District. Make sure you check out

all 199 steps, then head back — but

the charming Chalfonte Hotel, on the

this time, get hopelessly lost as you

corner of Howard and Sewell. Other

cycle through quaint Cape May Point.

streets to hit — Columbia, Hughes

You’ll find your way back — eventually.

and Franklin. Take your time. It’s a

The Historic Trail Go down

wonderful house-watching trip.

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#141 Monday Night Carnival Bring the children (or just channel your own inner kid) at the Monday night carnivals held on Congress Hall lawn. Train rides on the Congress Hall Express are all the rage. Or opt for games, face painting, balloon twisting, sand art and tasty treats. Runs from June 20 to August 29, 5:30-9pm.

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#142 Tie-Dye Tuesday Families get to make their own tie-dye shirts! June 21 to August 30 from 1-2:30pm at Congress Hall, and from 4-5:30pm at the Rusty Nail. #143 Crafty Painting Bring the kids to Congress Hall’s veranda for an afternoon of arts and crafts. Every Wednesday from June 22 to August 31, 2-3:30pm. #144 Family Karaoke It’s like American Idol for the kids! They come to the ballroom, sing, have their photo taken and get to enjoy the spotlight. Every Wednesday from June 15 to August 31, 6-8pm. #145 Family Ceramics Paint your own pottery with Miss Brenda from Island Studio in Stone Harbor. On the Congress Hall veranda every Thursday from June 16 to September 1, 3-5pm.

#146 Full Moon Drum Circle Gather on the lawn for a stellar celebration. On Wednesday, July 20 and August 17, from 8–10pm, come enjoy a summer night in Cape May along with a drum circle performance. Bring your own drum, or borrow one of ours, and we’ll help you find the beat! The Full Moon Drum Circle is complimentary. All are welcome to join in this tide-raising, summer celebrating community event.


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#147 Surprise and Delight Beach Activities Every Friday, we offer complimentary beach activities for hotel guests, including wiffle ball, water balloon tosses and other fun games. On Congress Hall beach from 11:45am12:45pm, June 17 to September 2. #148 Breakfast with Blue Meet Congress Hall’s legendary mascot, Blue, when you dine at the Blue Pig Tavern on Saturday mornings, from 10amnoon. #149 Soccer for Kids on the Lawn Congress Hall’s lawn is like having your own fabulous backyard on vacation. Let them channel their inner Ronaldo or Messi with soccer games for the kids, from 1-2pm, June 18 to September 2. #150 Sunday Swims After Sunset Cape Resorts guests can enjoy an after-dark swim at Congress Hall pool on Sundays from 8-10pm, June 19 to September 4.

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Fourth Of July #151 Fun and Games Think nostalgic activities like potato sack races and three-legged races, the simple pleasure of the hula-hoop and the yo-yo, face painting, balloon twisting and a whole lot more. The kids will absolutely love it. #152 A Patriotic Feast The All-American picnic features all of the favorites — a lobster bake, hot dogs and hamburgers, and apple pie to finish it all off. Tip: Bring your own chairs and blankets. #153 Rousing Performance Don’t miss a goosebumpinducing performance from the Congress Hall Choir, the centerpiece of the musical entertainment.

#154 Going Out With a Bang The spectacular fireworks display is one of the highlights of the year, with thousands gathering to watch on the Congress Hall, promenade and beach. And this year, to celebrate the bicentennial, it will be a supercharged display! Don’t miss it. #155 The Fun Keeps Going To celebrate Congress Hall’s bicentennial, the Fourth of July event is just one part of Independence Week. Other events include an Ice Cream Social on the veranda on July 2; All American Idol in the ballroom on July 5 and a Bicentennial Birthday Dinner on July 7.


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Congress Hall’s Independence Week « Ice Cream Social, July 2: Veranda 6–8pm « Carnival, July 3: Great Lawn 5:30–9pm « Fourth of July Celebration, July 4 « Tie Dye Tuesday, July 5: Great Lawn, 1pm–2:30pm « All American Idol, July 5: Grand Ballroom 6–8pm « Bicentennial Birthday Dinner, July 7: Grand Ballroom « Ice Cream Social, July 8: Veranda 6–8pm « All American Swim, July 9: Pool 8–10pm

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#156 The Rusty Nail Dog Pageant Forget the Westminster Kennel Club Show. When it comes to dog shows, the only game in town is the Rusty Nail Doggy Pageant. The fourth annual event will be held at the Nail on Saturday, September 10. Last year, the winner was Jackson, pictured top of the page, who officially became the 2016 Rusty Nail mascot. (Some of the doggies who didn’t demonstrate quite as much poise, grace and athleticism as Jackson did are pictured above). Jackson, from West Cape May, is a therapy dog and loves to make people happy. During his downtime he likes swimming, chewing on a good bone, having his picture taken, traveling and, of course, chilling out with music and a Bowser Beer at the Nail!


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#157 The Ultimate Mascot (and Babysitter)

It’s difficult to attend a Cape Resorts event without spotting the adorable, curly-tailed friend we call Blue. You’ll notice the perpetual smile on Blue’s face, the endless patience, no matter the demands on our super-popular company mascot. It’s that patience, and all-around happiness, that makes Blue the perfect babysitter. We appreciate that a family vacation is a beautiful thing, but we also know that sometimes you need some quality grown-up time. That’s why we offer Blue’s Clubhouse. It’s available Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 5:30pm-9pm and is designed for children aged 4-12. It’s a fun and interactive program which keeps the young ones stimulated while you enjoy dinner at The Ebbitt Room, on the garden patio of the Blue Pig Tavern or under the stars at the Rusty Nail. Blue’s Clubhouse is available from June 17 until September 3. Call the concierge hotline at 609-884-6542.

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#158 Our

Entertainment Lineup

THE RUSTY NAIL THE PATIO 4:30 – 8:30pm, Mondays through Saturdays 12:00 – 4:00pm, Sundays Doug Kelley Doug prides himself on being a parrothead so expect to hear plenty of Jimmy Buffett in addition to classic rock, country and beach music. Don’t be surprised if you hear a traditional Irish tune or even a standard from Sinatra. Always presenting just the right blend of clean acoustic guitar with outstanding vocals, Doug loves to interact with the crowd and encourages the audience to participate. He especially enjoys getting requests from his extensive song list consisting of over 800 covers. Bill Caterini As a recipient of a 2016 Global Music Award, Bill is equally at home in both national and regional performance venues. He has been a local favorite for many years and plays an extensive mix of music from the classics of the 1960s through the bestloved songs of today. Always a crowd-pleaser, Bill finds that our guests particularly enjoy his eclectic and festive selection of island/reggae music. Wesley Ochs Vocalist and guitarist Wesley Ochs plays something for every taste, including classic rock, ballads, island/reggae, oldies, country and party favorites. Using request lists and a repertoire of over 300 songs, Wesley always gets the crowd involved and singing along. The SunDogs Get ready to clap your hands and tap your feet as Cape May’s beloved SunDogs provide you with their eclectic brand of music. Fiddle player Tom Naglee Jr. and guitarist John Nesbitt know how to please a crowd with everyone’s favorite tunes sung and played in the SunDogs’ original style. And this year, the SunDogs will be inviting special guest artists to join them for their Sundays at the Nail. Bastard Sons Of Captain Mey‬ This group of homegrown musicians from Cape May has been steadily building an ever-greater fan base of those who love Roots/Americana music with shows in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Sag Harbor and beyond. Chris, Max and Dylan bring their youthful energy, gorgeous harmonies, ability to blend multiple instruments, and expansive song selection to keep you moving into the sunset hours.‬ Delany & Rutherford With Kate leading this duo, Delany & Rutherford play an eclectic mix of old and new. Guests enjoy coming straight off the beach to hear their laid back acoustic versions of anything from Beatles and Van Morrison to Jack Johnson, Colbie Callait, Coldplay and more. Kate’s vocals, coupled with her Martin guitar, along with Ric’s harmonies and seasoned talent on guitar, keys and banjo all make for a performance you won’t want to miss. Nate Cwik Nate helps create that special summer feeling that you find only at the Nail by singing songs from


concierge 2016

his favorite artists such as Tom Petty, Bob Marley, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Taylor, Bob Dylan and Jack Johnson. Dale Barth Dale performs as a solo artist, in a duo and with the very popular Who Knows band. On fiddle, guitar and harmonica his musical styles range from rock, country rock and blues. No matter what your taste in music, Dale’s energetic performance will make you smile Gregg Carpenter Gregg has been entertaining guests region-wide for more than 20 years. His skillful guitar-playing and soulful voice will have you singing along with selections from The Beatles, Paul Simon, The Stones, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison and James Taylor, just to name a few. ON STAGE BANDS/DUOS 8:30pm to 12:30am, Fridays & Saturdays The Deck Band The Deck Band brings all of the best of classic and modern rock favorites to the Rusty Nail — and you to the dance floor. Singing everything from Adele to the Beatles to U2 and ZZ Top, this South Jersey party band is known for their high energy and amazing vocals. They have made themselves a Rusty Nail favorite. Big Ric Rising Big Ric has been one of the top singers in the Philadelphia region for years. Always the consummate entertainer with unprecedented stage presence, Big Ric has been wowing audiences with his dynamic and interactive performances for over 15 years. With over 600 events under his belt, Big Ric is one of the best as a premier bandleader and singer in the Philadelphia area. Dan Barry & Friends Dan Barry’s musical influences include Van Morrison, James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, Alanis Morsette, Pink Floyd and many more. A frequent performer at intimate venues and festivals, Dan’s style melds the genres of jazz, folk, rock and reggae. The Don Shaw Duo Playing all your favorite tunes featuring pop, funk and blues hits from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and beyond, Don Shaw’s duo keeps your feet tapping. Don can play anything on the guitar after years of working as a studio musician in Nashville. His sense of humor comes through whenever he performs, but don’t be fooled — this is one serious musician’s musician. Bill Caterini & Friends As a recipient of a 2016 Global Music Award, Bill is equally at home in both national and regional performance venues. He has been a local favorite for many years and plays an extensive mix of music from the classics of the 1960s through the bestloved songs of today. Always a crowd-pleaser, Bill finds that our guests particularly enjoy his eclectic and festive selection of island/reggae music.

Big & Tall Jay Bethel of Bluebone brings an acoustic duo to the Rusty Nail this season with all of the passion for blues/rock that he’s famous for. Playing everything from BB King to ZZ Top, with some popular originals mixed in, Big & Tall are sure to please. They’re “The latest and greatest in roots music,” according to Blues Revue magazine, with “A rollicking style that guarantees a good night out!” according to At The Shore magazine. Hevee Levee Fronted by local favorite, Gordon Vincent, Hevee Levee features unique takes on classics you already know blended with originals that sound like they might be classics you somehow haven’t heard yet. From Led Zeppelin to Marvin Gaye and Jimi Hendrix to Merle Haggard, this guitar duo features tight harmonies and songs from rock, country, blues, jazz and gospel. The Don Evans Band Formerly with Eric Burdon, Billy Joel and a list of performers that reads like a who’s who of rock, Don Evans is currently playing with Dirk Hamilton, Fuzzy Paradise and many others, along with fronting his own Don Evans Band. Get ready for a journey down various musical roads complete with cool grooves, dynamics, and a heck of a lotta fun.


8:00pm-12:00am, June 17 – September 4 8:00pm-12:00am, Fridays & Saturdays year round Darin Macdonald With exceptional vocals and captivating piano skills, Darin has been entertaining piano bar audiences around the globe for over 10 years. The premier piano bar entertainer for Carnival Cruise Lines, Darin has entertained international audiences on the high seas since 2003. Darin and Saturday nights

people’s minds with their lyrical poetry,” wrote Bill Bodkin on

Carpenter and Don Evans to back her up, Fuzzy Paradise will keep you dancing all night long.

Beth Tinnon Beth’s ability to sing every style of music from jazz to country to today’s Top 40 won her the Atlantic City Weekly Readers’ Choice Nightlife Awards six years in a row for Best Lounge Act, as well as Atlantic City’s Casino Lounge Act of the Year for 2016. Come and hear this award-winning singer.

Tribe Playing all your favorite dance tunes featuring pop, funk and blues hits from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and beyond, Don Shaw’s band keeps the Boiler Room dance floor full. Don can play anything on the guitar after years of working as a studio musician in Nashville. With over 10 years of engagements at Congress Hall, Don is part of what makes Congress Hall special.

Matt Diventi No stranger to the local music scene, Matt DiVenti has been performing in the Philadelphia and South Jersey circuit for over a decade. His sets feature a mix of crowd-pleasing covers and bright original tunes full of cool and inviting vibes! Matt provides a fun, laid-back, and professional atmosphere for any event, venue, or occasion. His acoustic stylistics and familiar voice are a perfect hybrid of modern day favorites like Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars, to the classics like the Rolling Stones and Steve Miller, and all the way back to the greats like Bill Withers, Sam Cooke and Stevie Wonder

year-round in the Brown Room have become a Congress Hall mainstay. During high season, Darin also plays on Thursday nights. Folks plan their weekend around getting to hear Darin’s beautiful renditions of their favorite Billy Joel and Elton John tunes. He doesn’t mind if you sing along. Audrey Snow Young Audrey’s musical influences include Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, and Sheryl Crow. She grew up listening to a lot of oldies, classic rock, and blues. Audrey accompanies herself on guitar as she beautifully sings the popular rock classics and pop music that you expect and want to hear, while throwing in a lesser-known song — or maybe even one of her own. Erik Hetzel With a broad repertoire encompassing classic rock standards, contemporary hits, crowd sing-alongs and your favorite eclectic B-sides that you’ll hear nowhere else, Erik keeps you entertained with smokin’ keyboard skills as he sings the songs you love best. Maddie Hogan Maddie is a 24-year old singer/songwriter who likes to mash up cover songs of her favorite genres: pop, acoustic rock, classic rock, hip-hop, country, 1990s rock, and more. Maddie plays every week at different venues in and around Philadelphia, including The Legendary Dobbs, Kennett Flash, The Trocadero Theater, Picasso’s, Melodies Cafe, and Hard Rock Cafe. Cranston Dean Featuring high-energy blues/rock/funk/alt-country from Atlantic Highlands, NJ, Cranston Dean plays regularly in Asbury Park, NJ and throughout the northeast. “…Dean’s voice takes you back to a time when the singer/songwriter played the bars of Asbury during the heydays of The Circuit, and blew

C. Lynne Smith If Patsy Cline, Melissa Etheridge and Janis Joplin had a child together, C. Lynne Smith would be that child. Her dynamic, soulful vocals combined with intricate guitar picking perfectly complement her insightful lyrics. Her style ranges from traditional country with a modern feel to folk, rock, blues and beyond. From highs to lows, C. Lynne will drag you through the dirt, help you stand then show you the beauty of being alive.


5:00pm to 9:00pm, 7 days a week from July 1 through September 4 — Sundays year round 9:30pm to 1:00am, Fridays & Saturdays year round The Dane Anthony Band Hip blaring horns and rollicking rhythms with everything from blues to funk and beyond—the Dane Anthony Band keeps the dance party going all night. One of our guests’ favorites, we highly recommend that you not miss this band.

Andy Reeves Playing folk, rock, blues and pop to liven up your day, Andy Reeves is a Cape May native and multiinstrumentalist playing acoustic songs from the 1960s, 1970s and beyond. His influences include Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Harry Nilsson, Simon and Garfunkel, Tom Petty, Jim Croce, and more. C. Lynne Smith If Patsy Cline, Melissa Etheridge and Janis Joplin had a child together, C. Lynne Smith would be that child. Her dynamic, soulful vocals combined with intricate guitar picking perfectly compliment her insightful lyrics. Her style ranges from traditional country with a modern feel to folk, rock, blues and beyond. From highs to lows, C. Lynne will drag you through the dirt, help you stand then show you the beauty of being alive. Matt Diventi No stranger to the local music scene, Matt DiVenti has been performing in the Philadelphia and South Jersey circuit for over a decade. His sets feature a mix of crowd-pleasing covers and bright original tunes full of cool and inviting vibes! Matt provides a fun, laid-back, and professional atmosphere for any event, venue, or occasion. His acoustic stylistics and familiar voice are a perfect hybrid of modern day favorites like Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars, to the classics like the Rolling Stones and Steve Miller, and all the way back to the greats like Bill Withers, Sam Cooke and Stevie Wonder.

The Billy D. Light Trio They have crowds of all ages goin’ at anytime – doing the swim, twistin’, or even just downhome shaggin’. Solidly based in good old rock ’n’ roll, the Billy D. Light Trio song list covers tunes from Memphis Blues, to Mississippi song, to Rockabilly. One thing’s for sure, if Billy D. Light has any say in the matter, rock ’n’ roll is here to stay.

Maddie Hogan Maddie is a 24-year old singer/songwrite who likes to mash up cover songs of her favorite genres: pop, acoustic rock, classic rock, hip-hop, country, 1990s rock, and more. Maddie plays every week at different venues in and around Philadelphia, including The Legendary Dobbs, Kennett Flash, The Trocadero Theater, Picasso’s, Melodies Cafe, and Hard Rock Cafe.

Edgardo Cintron & Friends Featuring Geri Mingori You won’t be able to resist getting out on the dance floor when popular Latin artist Edgardo Cintron and his talented combo return this summer playing pop, R&B and Latin. You’ll move to tunes by Santana, the Miami Sound Machine, Chaka Khan and Stevie Nicks. You’ll want to dance all night as soul meets Latin in the Boiler Room.

Don Evans Formerly with Eric Burdon, Billy Joel and a list of performers that reads like a who’s who of rock, Don Evans is currently playing with Dirk Hamilton, Fuzzy Paradise and many others, along with fronting his own Don Evans Band. Get ready for a journey down various musical roads complete with cool grooves, dynamics, and a heck of a lotta fun.

Fuzzy Paradise You’ll hear the best of everything from the 1960s through today when you come out to hear Fuzzy Paradise, including your favorite 1980s tunes, some jazzy grooves and all of the hits in between. Lead singer, Lara DeCosta’s powerful but tender voice has been compared to Natalie Merchant, Adele and Martina McBride. With top-notch musicians, Gregg

John Byrne Duo John Byrne is the former Patrick’s Head front man. A Dublin native and Cape May favorite, his influences range from The Chieftains to Planxty to Bob Dylan. John’s songwriting honors and expands upon the musical and lyrical traditions of his native and adopted homes, keeping everyone tapping along to music both familiar and original.

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26 Ways To Celebrate A Special Occasion


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#159 The Phantom Ball Whether or not you believe that ghosts haunt the hallways of America’s oldest seaside hotel, there’s no getting away from the fact that every Halloween, Congress Hall is jumping with freaky-looking characters, courtesy of the annual Phantom Ball. This year’s event will be held on Friday, October 28. Be there, and be scared.

#160 Ringing in

the New Year

Congress Hall’s Grand Ballroom has hosted countless, myriad events, large and small, over the last three centuries. With such history between these old walls, what better place to ring in 2017 with the Glitter Ball. Or enjoy a sophisticated feast at The Ebbitt Room.

SPECIAL PACKAGE... GLITTER BALL GETAWAY Ring in 2017 the right way. Feast and then dance the night away at Congress Hall’s Glitter Ball, and the Boiler Room after-party (if you still have the stamina). There’s no better way to start the year off than with a celebration at Congress Hall! Package includes: • Overnight accommodations • Two tickets to Glitter Ball, Boiler Room after-party • $20 Blue Pig dining voucher, per day • 1pm late checkout For more information visit

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Welcome To Winter Wonderland

#161 The Congress Hall Choir Against the backdrop of a giant Christmas tree decorated entirely with poinsettia leaves, the choir produces a rousing and festive performance in Congress Hall ballroom that sets exactly the right tone for not only Winter Wonderland but for the beginning of your festive season.

#162 Carol Singing If you aren’t in time to snag a place in the ballroom for the Congress Hall Choir (it fills up quickly every time), then don’t miss the St. Nicholas Aurora Carolers, who perform on the hotel veranda. This Egg Harbor-based group belt out the classics. Grab a hot chocolate and let yourself melt into a warm and fuzzy, festive ball of contentment.


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#163 The Old School Carousel The twinkling lights of the vintage carousel provide another sensory highlight on the Congress Hall lawn. Yes, your kids will beg you for a ride, but, let’s be honest here... you’re probably going to want to join them. Carousel rides are available from 9am–10pm on weekends and 5-9pm Thursday and Friday.

#164 The Congress Hall Express All aboard for a charming little train ride around the Congress Hall lawn. Children will especially love the illuminated archway behind the pool cabana. Train rides are available from 9am– 10pm on weekends and 5-9pm Thursday and Friday, then daily from December 26-31.

#166 Hot Cocoa and

Food Bar

Because few things go better with Christmas than cocoa, whipped cream and chocolate flake. #165 The Expressions on Those Little Faces

Even the most Scrooge-like character couldn’t fail to be moved by the excitement of the children who gleefully and wondrously move from one treat to another at Winter Wonderland, whether it’s the illuminated reindeer, Santa’s Toyland or the real-life nutcrackers who walk the grounds bearing candy.

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#167 Winter Wonderland Tree-Lighting Ceremony

Scenes from last year’s event. The 2016 treelighting will be held on Friday, December 2.


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#168 The Shopping Village Taking its cue from New York City’s famed Union Square holiday shopping market, this delightful little outdoor emporium is the perfect place to buy your holiday gifts, featuring quality goodies from local vendors.

#169 Breakfast (and Brunch) with Santa You get to satisfy your hunger via a sumptuous breakfast or brunch buffet in Congress Hall ballroom, while your little ones get to meet the big guy and have their photographs shot. Breakfast is held on Saturdays from 9am till noon, and brunch is held Sundays from 11am till 3pm.

#170 Story Time with Mrs Claus Bring the little ones to Santa’s Workshop on Saturdays at 10:15am or 11:15am for a reading of some of our most magical Christmas stories by the woman who knows these stories best — the lady in red.

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SPECIAL PACKAGE... WALKIN’ IN A WINTER WONDERLAND Enjoy the festive magic of Congress Hall’s month-long festive spectacular, a must-see for the whole family. Package includes: • Overnight accommodations • Train ride on the Congress Hall Express for each guest • Hot cocoa for each guest • A special holiday gift • $20 breakfast voucher for The Blue Pig Tavern. Plus, kids eat free each morning! For more information visit

#171 Decorating a Gingerbread House It’s that lady again, Mrs Claus, she of many talents. Join her in Congress Hall’s Founders Hall at 2pm on Sundays in December for an expert sessions in gingerbread decorating. The Claus Company elves will be there to help. #173 Santa’s Workshop Santa’s elves work hard all year making toys in his magical workshop at the North Pole. Now they’ve set it up on Congress Hall’s lawn for kids to stop by and make special crafts before the big day. They can take a break and listen to Mrs Claus read a classic Christmas tale while they sip on cocoa from her kitchen. Come by at any time, write a letter to Santa and drop it in our mailbox that goes directly to the North Pole!

#172 It’s A Wonderful Show! Don’t miss actor Jeremy Konopka in Cape May Stage’s one-man show This Wonderful Life, based on Frank Capra’s iconic holiday movie It’s A Wonderful Life. The show will be performed in the Harrison Room from November 26 thru December 30.


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#174 Happy Hour at the Outdoor Bar Enjoy festive drinks on Thursday and Friday 5pm7pm, plus Saturday and Sunday 4pm-6pm. (Please note, there is no happy hour December 27-31.) During happy hour, there is a free children’s Christmas crafts class in Santa’s Workshop.

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#175 The Ice Ball This spectacular, glamorous event has raised nearly $400,000 since it launched last year. All proceeds go to the Fund for Cape May, a not-for-profit organization founded by Cape Resorts’ managing partner Curtis Bashaw. The fund was set up to inspire (and benefit) beautification, preservation and educational programs in the city. The first beneficiary of the fund was a rejuvenated Rotary Park, in downtown Cape May. The third annual Ice Ball will be held on Saturday, February 11 in Congress Hall’s Grand Ballroom and on the Great Lawn, with a giant tent linking the two areas. The rooms are decorated with beautiful ice sculptures, while gaily-attired staff serve themed drinks before the guests sit down for a memorable feast and a night that will be remembered for a long time. For more informaton, visit


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Easter Egg Hunts

And they’re off! With a heady mixture of determination and enthusiasm, kids hit Congress Hall lawn in the hunt for eggs. This wildly popular event, supervised as always by the Easter Bunny, happens Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 at 10:30am and noon, followed by family lawn games from 1:30pm – 2:30pm.


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SPECIAL PACKAGE... EASTER EGGSTRAVAGANZAA Available April 13-19: Get hopping to Congress Hall to enjoy a delicious brunch in the ballroom and participate in all of the fun with the Easter Bunny and his sidekick, Blue. Stay busy all weekend with festivities including Easter egg hunts, scavenger hunts, train rides and spring break events. Package includes: • Overnight accommodations • A delicious brunch for 2 on Easter Sunday • A late check-out on Easter Sunday For more information visit

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Spring Break 2017

#177 Kids Can Cook, Too Congress Hall’s executive chef Jeremy Einhorn takes children through the nuances of rolling pizza dough, creating a chimichanga, mac and cheese, and making a delicious dessert. Available April 12, 19 and 20.

#178 Pirates, Princesses & Pals Luncheon Pirates will be making a treasure chest, pirate hat and eye patch, while the princesses will decorate their own tiara and wand. Also includes a buffet lunch. Available April 13.

#179 Paint and Create Calling all the little Rembrandts, Picassos, Monets and Manets to a fun-filled afternoon of creativity. Kids ages six and up are invited for special painting classes. Available April 14 and 17.


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#180 Mad Hatters Tea Party Make it a date to join Alice and the Mad Hatter in Congress Hall’s Founders Room, where children sit at the table to enjoy tea, sandwiches, treats... and learn etiquette. Available April 18 and 20. SPECIAL PACKAGE... SPRING BREAK GETAWAY Enjoy lunch with pirates and princesses, or tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter. Enjoy our life-sized Candyland game, along with cooking and art classes and lots more. Package includes: • Overnight accommodations • A special spring break welcome basket with fun toys, treats and crafts • $20 dining credit at The Blue Pig Tavern PLUS: Kids eat free! For more information visit

#181 Scavenger Hunt & Train Rides Calling all detectives! Meet us in the lobby for a hunt around Congress Hall. Solve puzzles and follow the secret clues leading you to your special treat at the end. Available April 15.

#182 Congress Hall Candyland Join us on the search for King Kandy and navigate your way through the molasses swamp and lollipop forest. At every stop there will be special prizes and candy along the way. Available April 17-20.

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#183 Business is a Pleasure For more than 150 years, Congress Hall hosted group meetings, social gatherings and weddings. The renovated Congress Hall continues that tradition, offering some of Cape May’s finest banquet and conference facilities. When combined with the assets of our sister properties, it offers more than 200 rooms with multiple meeting facilities, restaurants, spa and nightlife. Congress Hall’s character combines the grandeur and elegance of one of Cape May’s most revered landmark hotel buildings with the style and convenience of a modern hotel. The Virginia’s Richmond Room is perfect for smaller meetings. Whether your plans are for an executive retreat, corporate meeting or recognition dinner, our amenities and conference services are specially tailored to meet your needs. Cape Resorts also offer teambuilding programs, which range from fun group retreats to intensive team interventions — and everything in between. Our leadership development programs target basic supervisory skills as well as higher level competence needed by senior executives. By integrating training sessions with one-on-one coaching, individuals achieve maximum results. Our programs are engaging, memorable and create lasting results. Our team-building program helps individuals, teams and organizations gain a clear perspective of their strengths and challenges. We can help your group transition from a set of skilled individuals to people who cooperate and work as part of a team! Our event and conference planners are available to ensure your function runs without a hitch. For more information call our meetings specialist on 609-884-6594.


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#184 Your Wedding Destination Cape May is one of the top three wedding destinations in the country and Congress Hall is its shining jewel. As the flagship of Cape Resorts, Congress Hall is the most exclusive wedding location in New Jersey and offers the entire wedding experience, from a relaxed rehearsal dinner on the pool deck to an exquisite reception in our Grand Ballroom to a post-wedding brunch. As one couple said, “Our guests described this wedding as the BEST they have ever been to!” If you’re looking for a wedding as luxurious as those at Congress Hall, but on a smaller scale, The Virginia is the ideal combination of opulence and intimacy, perfect for weddings of up to 65 guests. Ceremonies can be held on the grand staircase or garden patio. Packages range from brunch to cocktail

receptions and feature amenities such as an event coordinator, ZAGAT-rated menus and private tastings, valet parking for guests, vendor recommendations and a staff and service of superior quality. For a beach-casual wedding experience, the Rusty Nail might be the venue you’re looking for. Our iconic bar and restaurant is now available for wedding receptions from May through October. Soak up the beach chic vibe and enjoy a fun menu, from passed small bites to delicious entrées inspired by executive chef Jimmy Burton’s Rusty Nail menu. Your reception will be set up inside the Nail... but if you want your guests to get some sand between their toes and mingle with our guests out on the patio, then feel free to spread your wings! For more information, contact our wedding specialist at 609-884-6553.

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16 Ways To Indulge In Retail Therapy #185 Tommy’s

Folly General Store

Maybe you didn’t pack quite as much vacay-appropriate clothing as you thought — T-shirts and baseball caps for beach days, sweatshirts for cool evenings. Or maybe you just want an excuse to splurge on some more. The General Store has you covered. Celebrate Congress Hall’s bicentennial with a range of branded hats, T-shirts and hoodies. Check out some of our cool, customized LoLo goods, including an 1816 pouch and a “Meet Me at Congress Hall” bicycle pouch. Fans of Vineyard Vines will appreciate the Congress Hall monogrammed belt, while the kids will love the Blue Pig line of merchandise — new this year are hair ties, T-shirts and custom metallic Blue Pig tattoos! For a sweet treat, dig into a special Congress Hall bicentennial commemorative box of Fralinger’s salt water taffy. Sea air and sunshine sealed in every box!


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Perfect Summer Outfits From Tommy’s Folly Boutique DAYTIME


Embroidered hem tee by Calypso St. Barths $250 White denim shorts by [Blank] NYC $68 Leather tote by En Shalla $246 Raffia fedora by Flora Bella $70 Flip-flops by Havaianas $30 Spike cuff $82, spike bracelet $78 and charm bracelet $69, all by Sashi

Dress by Love Shack Fancy $242 Sandals by Emanuela Caruso $275 Leather and wicker clutch by Serpui $259 Scale cuff by Deepa Gurnani $148 Labradorite hoop earrings by Treisi $78

concierge 2016


... And Perfect Summer Outfits For Him



Blue Pig Tavern T-shirt $29 Boardshorts by Island Company $80 Trucker hat by State Traditions $39 Flip-flops by Sanuk $38

Batik shorts by Tailor Vintage $86 Linen shirt by Hiho $105 Congress Hall monogram belt by Vineyard Vines $59 Leather flip-flops by Sanuk $56

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Perfect Girl’s Outfits From Tommy’s Folly Boutique DAYTIME


Follow us on Instagram @tommysfollyboutique. We ship all Instagram orders free of charge! Friendship Bracelet bathing suit by Sunuva $58 Frendship Bracelet rash guard by Sunuva $59 Hat by San Diego Hat Co. $24 Flip-flop by Havaianas $20


concierge 2016

Dress by Roberta Roller Rabbit $75 Small zip pouch by Quilted Koala $18 Sandals by Havaianas $26


... And Perfect Summer Outfits For Boys



Rashguard by Sunuva $59 Swim trunks by Sunuv $59 Hat by San Diego Hat Co. $32 Flip-flops by Havaianas $20

Pique polo by Johnnie-O $52 Reversible shorts by Tailor Vintage $48 Flip-flops by Havaianas $20

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#190 The Goods from Tommy’s Folly

Home Store

As part of its bicentennial celebration, Congress Hall guest rooms got some exciting updates. And now you can purchase the striped rugs and pillow cases you see in those rooms. There’s also a range of custom watercolor tea towels with scenes from around Congress Hall by artist Pamela Cassidy, along with Congress Hall monogrammed throw blankets. Congress Hall and Cape May porcelain plates and trays from Ann Marie Murray make great wedding gifts, and the store also offers beach chic hostess gifts galore, such as picture frames, candles, votives, coffee table books. And don’t miss the fun range of inflatables and beach accessories from Sunnylife.


concierge 2016

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10 Things To Love About West End Garage #191 Sensory Overload In a good way. West End Garage, or WEG as it’s called by locals, is an exciting shopping emporium where more than 60 vendors sell their wares. It’s the ideal place for treasure hunting, and a Best of the Shore shopping destination, according to Philadelphia magazine. #192 Artisanal Food Products We’re talking about locally made peanut butter and fudge, and salt from the recently launched Cape May Sea Salt Company, which harvests its product by evaporating ocean water in local greenhouses. #193 Locally Crafted Jewelry Made from seaglass or semiprecious metal, clay, freshwater pearls, even coins. The perfect accessory for when you want to stand out. #194 Upcycled Furniture Made from reclaimed wood — we’re thinking about Napa Valley wine barrels turned into home décor. #195 Antiques There’s estate jewelry, linens and dolls, typewriters and books, plus all sorts of furniture, from wooden filing cabinets to jelly cabinets. You never know what you’ll find here. #196 Artful Whimsy Including sea-inspired paintings by local star artist Mike DeMusz, vintage pottery imported from around the globe, and scratch-made bird feeders. #197 Fun Clothing For the young, and the young at heart. Everything from crazy-cute onesies to denim and cool indie brands. #198 Innovative Bath Products Including locally made soaps that repel insects or make your pup smell like lavender. #199 Holiday Shopping HQ You could likely get all of your gifts in one stop at West End Garage. It’s a wonderfully festive place to do your shopping. #200 A New Coffee Shop Work will be happening over this summer to incorporate the bakery next door into a bigger, better West End Garage! And a new coffee shop will be part of that.


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ACTIVITIES OFF CAMPUS Photograph by Charles Riter


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Aqua Trails

New, faddy workouts come and go all the time… think karaoke spin class and antigravity yoga. But stand-up paddle boarding — in which you take to the water with an oversized, stable surfboard and a long oar — has proven its staying power around the globe. Aqua Trails added the activity to its kayaking lineup and the response has been phenomenal. Maybe it’s the way stand-up paddle boarding sculpts your core and improves your balance. Maybe it’s the rare connection it allows with the natural world… or maybe it’s the combination that makes paddle boarding a new favorite Cape May pastime, enjoyed by seasoned and amateur paddlers of every age group. If paddle boarding’s not your thing, Aqua Trails’ kayak tours are beloved by locals and visitors alike. Naturalists will lead you on a tour of Cape May Harbor and the surrounding salt marsh, getting you closer to glowing jellyfish and migrating shorebirds than you ever thought possible. There’s so much beauty to experience

during your time on the water — be prepared for gorgeous sunsets ahead and gliding ospreys above. Aqua Trails’ trips can be thrilling…or relaxing, depending on what you’re looking for. Adventurers will love the Cove to Higbee’s Beach tour, romantics will rekindle the fire during the full moon expeditions,

and budding naturalists will learn about the flora and fauna of unspoiled wetlands on a tidal marsh tour. There’s even a camp available to kids between 12 and 18. Or go ahead and venture out on your own; Aqua Trails rents all of their equipment and will deliver to your hotel, inn or rental.

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884- 6542 Aqua Trails, 1600 Delaware Avenue, Cape May,


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Birding By Boat

Cape May is a world-famous location for both the birds and the birding that are found here. Thousands of people come here every year to experience the natural spectacles that take place. While you are visiting Cape May there is no better way to see the birds up close than on the Birding By Boat cruise on the Osprey. Depending on the season you may see dozens of species of birds, including bald eagles, osprey with young chicks, herons and egrets, migrating shorebirds and many more as the boat explores the coastal salt marsh of Cape May. Whether you are an expert birder or simply want to see what’s out in all of that grass you were seeing from the Parkway, this is the way to go. Birding by Boat supply high-end ZEISS optics for their passengers to use on the cruise. Make sure to bring your camera as the Osprey, a stable pontoon boat, is an excellent platform for photography. All of the cruises also include a tour of the historic Cape May Harbor, including the US Coast Guard Base. Birding By Boat cruises have been running from the Miss Chris Marina since 1995. The Miss Chris Marina is located right in the entrance to Cape May, just across the main road from the Lobster House. Captain Bob has been exploring these back bays for over 35 years and is knowl-

edgeable in the history of Cape May as well as the wildlife. Naturalist David Lord has worked on the boat for the last six years and is an Associate Naturalist with the Cape May Bird Observatory. The Osprey is a 37-foot pontoon boat that is ideal for birding. There is a front deck with a railing for close-up viewing

and the boat is fully covered. There is a restroom onboard. Snacks and beverages are available. The Osprey is also available for group charters. In the summer, cruises are at 10am and 6pm. In spring and fall, cruises are at 10am and 1:30pm. There is plenty of free parking available at Miss Chris Marina.

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884-6542 Birding by Boat, Miss Chris Marina, 1212 Wilson Drive, Cape May,

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Cape May Brewing Company

Cape May County’s first microbrewery began with only three guys and a passion for brewing. Most of their equipment was homemade and tastings were only held for a couple hours on Saturday. Much has changed since those early days. Now open daily from 12-8pm, Cape May Brewing Company has as many as 23 beers on tap at a time, a rotation of the 100+ seasonal and year-round varieties they produce. Take a tour of their two production facilities — one, a 15,000-squarefoot warehouse with a 30-barrel brewhouse; the other a designated space for experimental brewing. Then enjoy a four-sample tasting with souvenir pint glass, or try one of their all-natural, scratch-made sodas. Once you find something you love (and we guarantee you will) take it out in a 32- or 64-ounce growler, a six-pack or retail keg. Sure, CMBC has grown out of using homemade equipment, and sure, they’re now one of the 50 Best Breweries in America, according to Yahoo Travel. But there’s a lot about Cape May Brew Co. that has not changed. They have made sure to stay to their roots, and despite tremendous growth, you can expect to see any one of the owners working hard — pouring beers, giving tours, and chatting with customers all about THE BEER. Please note, they do not serve food at the brewery, but take advantage of their BYOF policy and pack a picnic lunch or grab takeout from your favorite local joint. Cape May Brewing Company also produces root beer, flavored sodas and malt vinegar. Here are some of their top brews... The Bog This cranberry wheat ale is blended with lemonade to create the perfect summer shandy. Light and refreshing. Honey Porter Not too roasty, with a subtle smokiness balanced by a faint hint of sweetness from Cape May honey. The light body and drinkability will change your opinion of dark beers. Coastal Evacuation Hurricane season hits hard, and CMBC hits back with this Double IPA. Tons of Centennial hops. Cape May IPA A gateway IPA, this beer emphasizes a ton of hop flavor and aroma, but none of the bitterness. Devil’s Reach This strong Belgian Ale is one of their most soughtafter beers. Coming in at a whopping 8.4%, it’ll creep up on you with its deceptively light body and easy drinking finish.

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884-6542 Cape May Brewing Company, 1288 Hornet Road, Cape May,


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Cape May Stage

Cape May Stage has been wowing audiences and achieving artistic excellence for more than 25 years. Committed to telling stories that are both entertaining and enlightening, captivating and thought-provoking, Cape May Stage sets the standard for high-caliber entertainment. Consistently earning accolades and distinctions from local and national press, its professional, Equity productions boast a New York standard in an intimate and scenic beach locale. MAIN STAGE SERIES May 25 – June 24 The Whipping Man by Matthew Lopez, directed by Gregg Daniel The Civil War is over and a Jewish Confederate officer comes home, severely wounded. His two former slaves care for him on the last night of Passover, but the pain of their enslavement will not be soothed by this tradition, and deeply buried secrets from the past refuse to be hidden forever as the play comes to its shocking climax. Age Guide: 16+ June 29 – July 29 Sex With Strangers by Laura Eason, directed by Roy Steinberg A twentysomething star blogger track down his idol, a gifted-but-obscure novelist, at a B&B in rural Michigan. She gives him class, he gives her sex. Written by a House of Cards screenwriter, this compelling comic drama is “a juicy, summer beach play”. Age Guide: 16+ August 3 – September 9 Barefoot in the Park by Neil Simon, directed by Chris Dolman Newlyweds Paul and Corrie learn to live together — he’s a straightlaced lawyer and she’s a free spirit looking for the latest kick. One of the longest running comedies on Broadway! Age Guide: 12+ September 14 – October 14 Disgraced by Ayad Akhtar, directed by Roy Steinberg Four friends sit down to a dinner party, but tensions rise in this bold exploration of race, culture, and what it means to be Muslim in post

9-11 America won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2013. Age Guide: 16+ October 19 – November 18 Buyer and Cellar by Jonathan Tolins, directed by Roy Steinberg A struggling LA actor takes a job working in the Malibu basement of a beloved megastar. Then one day the lady herself comes downstairs to play. An outrageous comedy about the price of fame, the cost of things and the oddest of odd jobs. Age Guide: 12+ November 25 – December 31 One Christmas Carol by Douglas H. Baker, directed by Roy Steinberg Dickens’ fable is stripped down to its bare essence with one actor portraying over 35 different characters. Age Guide: 6+ CURTIS BASHAW AND CAPE RESORTS PRESENT THE BROADWAY SERIES Marilyn Maye June 20: For 60 years, Marilyn has been thrilling audiences and critics with her performance of the The Great American Songbook. Across the country, Marilyn continues to get rave reviews and standing ovations. With 78 appearances on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, this “super singer” holds the singers record. Marilyn is the recipient of multiple awards during her career, including Nightlife and MAC Awards. Adam Pascal July 18: From his ambitious start in RENT to Aida to Cabaret, Adam is a unique rock ‘n’ roll Broadway star. His concerts feature both original material and re-imagined Broadway classics… from Sondheim’s “Maria” and “Sunday” to “Maybe This Time”. His movie roles include the film RENT, School of Rock and many others. Adam can currently be seen in the hit musical Disaster! on Broadway. Jarrod Spector August 15: Jarrod Spector is best known for his Tony Nominated performance in Beautiful: the Carol King Musical. He played Frankie Valli for a record 1500 performances in Broadway’s Jersey Boys and debuted on the Great White Way at age nine as Gavroche in Les Miserables. Join Jarrod for an evening of songs and stories.

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884-6542 Cape May Stage, 405 Lafayette Street, Cape May,

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Cape May Whale Watch And Research Center

Established in 1987, the Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center invented the concept of whale and dolphin-watching at the Jersey Shore. They offer cruises on their 100-foot vessel several times a day. And while this is an activity that should definitely be filed under “F” for fun, it’s also a great opportunity to learn about the wonderful world of sealife. There are marine biologists and marine geologists on board for every trip. Joining them are college interns enjoying hands-on

education. As can you! Check out the touch tank, marine debris station with Clean Oceans Initiative, and learn about Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center’s Cape May Atlantic Bottle Dolphin Catalogue New cruises this year include Offshore Marine Life & Pelagic Bird Trip, Cape May Teen Cruise & Groove Cruise. To keep your appetite satisfied there is complimentary continental breakfast on morning trips, or go for the ever-popular

dinner cruise, with complimentary pizza and hot dogs. So while people-watching is fun in Cape May, don’t forget that from May through November you can treat yourself and your family to an experience that’s fun AND educational. Plan now – trips often sell out in advance! And please note that the company is now based at Utsch’s Marina. There are group rates, private charters, fund-raising trips for non-profits and a discount coupon available online.

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884-6542 Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center, 1121 Route 109, Cape May,


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Cape May Winery And Vineyard

Cape May Winery opened in 1992. The Craig family, owners of the Washington Inn and Lucky Bones, bought it in 2003. Since then, this delightful site has grown into a must-visit destination, drawing oenophiles to its serene setting. Today, the winery bottles more than 93,000 bottles of wine, has more than 20 varieties, and is the fourth-largest producing winery in New Jersey. The winery houses a warm, welcoming tasting room and gift shop, a huge tank room and port cellar. Picture yourself on the second-floor deck overlooking the lush vineyard, or on the patio, surrounded by vines as you sip their selection of award-winning vintages. In the cooler months, relax by the tasting room fireplace and sip a superb port, along with a bite (or two) of chocolate. Tastings are offered every day, year-round. The wine tour, explaining the process from grape to bottle, is also offered throughout the year, and special tours can be arranged for larger groups.

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884-6542 Cape May Winery, 711 Townbank Road, North Cape May,

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Dark Star Cruises

The Cicchitti family has created seafaring adventures everyone in the family can enjoy. There are SEVEN trips daily aboard the Dark Star, a 50-foot pirate ship that’s authentically designed, but outfitted with all the 21st-century amenities you may need. There are pirate stories, face-painting, a treasure hunt, water cannon battle (yes,

please wear appropriate clothing) and more. The last cruise of the day is A Siren’s Call — there’s a missing mermaid, a heartbroken captain and a mystery that needs to be solved by sunset! New this year! A Mystical Mermaid Cruise for ladies only (21-plus). Enjoy an evening of Siren’s Spritzers, light fare and

get a makeover! PS: The Dark Star will get “marooned” at Two Mile Landing. Then there’s the After Dark Cruise (passengers 21-plus) — cruise Sunset Lake, Jarvis Sound and Cape May Harbor, enjoying music, beer and wine. There’s a stop at the Crab House at Two Mile Landing. Fun times are ahead, me hearties!

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884-6542 Dark Star Pirate Cruise, 6200 Park Boulevard, Wildwood Crest, 609-729-3275,

Starlight Fleet: Fishing, Dolphin, Whale-Watching

The Cicchitti family has 40 years experience providing top quality deep-sea fishing trips on the Starlight 101. The boat is spotlessly clean and has a large enclosed cabin with restrooms for ladies and gents. There is a galley on board, serving snacks, soda and beer. The Starlight 101 experience is perfect for either the first-time angler

(there are friendly mates to help you every step of the way) or the experienced fisherman. There are four-hour trips three times a day, at 8am, 1pm and 7pm. Another experience you cannot miss on the ocean is a dolphin and whalewatching trip aboard the Atlantic Star, a 100-foot, air-conditioned boat that has

been offering trips like this for nearly 30 years. There are two trips daily, at 10am and 1pm. And don’t miss the Sunset Buffet Cruise, rated #1 Dinner Cruise in the People’s Choice Awards. Cruises, which include dolphin-watching, start every night during the season at 6pm.

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884-6542 Starlight Fleet, 6200 Park Boulevard, Wildwood Crest,


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East Coast Parasail, Jet Ski And Jet Boat Adventures

For years, East Coast Parasail has been bringing you the high-flying thrill, panoramic views and adrenaline-filled experience of parasailing at the Jersey Shore. They’ve also been bringing you the opportunity to enjoy one of the coolest and most refreshing activities on the island: Jet skiing. And then there’s East Coast’s most recent innovation — the newest adventure activity in South Jersey and, really, North America: jet boating. It’s a 45 to 55-minute ride on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and Cape May harbor that will include enough spins and tricks and speed to get your heart pumping. Experience the historic beaches and back bays aboard Get Some, the fastest and only true New Zealand-style jet boat currently on the East Coast that can operate in open ocean. Plus, it seats 24, so it’s an experience you can share with friends. East Coast Parasail’s professional, friendly and courteous crew guarantee an unforgettable time for all. You don’t need any skills or experience... the company’s US Coast Guard-Licensed Captains and crew will take care of everything for you. Boats depart every 90 minutes and fill up fast, so book early. And no worries! East Coast was named number one by the New Jersey State Police for safety in the rental industry for all of South Jersey.

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884-6542 East Coast Parasail, Rte 109 @ Utsch’s Marina, Cape May,

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Exit Zero International Jazz Festival

In just its fifth year, the Exit Zero Jazz Festival has earned the reputation of presenting world-class jazz festivals twice a year in America’s original seaside resort. Blockbuster jazz, soul, R&B and blues icons, NEA Jazz Masters, Grammy-winning legends and crowd favorites bring the music to overflow crowds of music lovers. The 2016 fall edition features the return to Exit Zero of jazz icon Wynton Marsalis with his Quintet on Saturday, November 12 in the Paul Schmidtchen Theater. Headlining the festival along with Wynton is this year’s Grammy Award Winner in the Best Vocal Jazz Album, Cecile McLorin Salvant. In addition to the concert setting of Schmidtchen Theater, the festival features

music at Cape May Convention Hall, plus a wide range of 30-plus eclectic shows at clubs all over the city. Produced by Spy Boy Productions’ Michael Kline, a veteran in the jazz business, Kline seeks to have Exit Zero Jazz firmly established as a force on the level of iconic festivals like Monterey and Newport. “With Cape May as our setting, we already have an iconic location. It’s our goal to produce festivals twice a year that match the beauty of Cape May,” he says. With such an exclusive access to jazz celebrities under his international booking agency, Kline found a great way to hook his festival up. Past editions of Exit Zero Jazz have featured a rare duo performance from twenty-time Grammy Award Winner Pat Metheny with the legendary Ron Carter,

six-time-Grammy winner Dr John & the Nite Trippers, the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, Grammy winners Diane Reeves, Eddie Palmieri, and young stars on the music scene like Jonathan Batiste, Joey Alexander, Melissa Aldana, and Cecile McLorin Salvant. The 2016 fall dates are November 11-13. Congress Hall is the official hotel partner of Exit Zero Jazz and offers special festival hotel packages providing the best value for fest-goers. Spy Boy Productions produces the Exit Zero Jazz Festival presented by Motema Music, Exit Zero Magazine and Chris Clemans Sotheby’s International Realty. For ticket and festival information call 609-849-9202.

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884-6542 Exit Zero International Jazz Festival,


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Historic Cold Spring Village

The 1800s come to life when you visit 26 historic buildings on a 30-acre site where guides in period clothing demonstrate blacksmithing, pottery, printing, basket weaving and more! Visit an Early American schoolhouse, take part in hands-on activities and crafts,

and enjoy history games, costumes and free horse-drawn carriage rides on weekdays. The Village is also home to an organic farm complete with a horse, chicken, sheep and more. Visitors will also find a Welcome Center, Country Store, Bakery, Ice Cream Parlor and Cold Spring Grange Restau-

rant. Historic Cold Spring Village is open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-4:30pm, June 28 through September 4. Special events are held every weekend from June through mid-September. Purchase discounted tickets at the Congress Hall Concierge desk.

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884-6542 Historic Cold Spring Village, 720 Route 9, Cape May,

Mid-Atlantic Center For The Arts And Humanities

There’s more than sunshine to soak up at America’s first seaside resort. Breezy 45-minute trolley tours by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities (MAC) tell Cape May history daily on relaxing rides. Told in entertaining fashion by knowledgeable guides are stories about

ghosts, dramatic blazes, Victorian bathing costumes, strange Victorian customs and more. Discover why the town’s architecture is nationally famous. Three historic sites are also musts. The 1879 Emlen Physick Estate, an 18-room mansion, is a perfect example of Victorian Stick Style. The 1859 Cape May

Lighthouse is a working beacon you can climb for a spectacular view. The World War II Lookout Tower is a preserved landmark, part of the wartime defense of America’s shoreline. These historic sites are restored and maintained by MAC which provides tours and events year round.

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884-6542 MAC, 1048 Washington Street, Cape May,

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Morey’s Piers And Beachfront Water Parks

Follow the screams, laughs and the scent of Curley’s Fries and head towards the bright glow of the Giant Ferris Wheel just over the bridge into Wildwood. Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks was voted the Best Seaside Park in the World by Amusement Today. With three HUGE amusement piers packed with more rides than Disneyland and two of the world’s LARGEST beachfront water parks, this is not your parents’ amusement park! Morey’s Piers offers THREE piers packed with WILD rides ranging from mild to high-intensity, including six worldclass roller coasters and extreme rides as well as traditional favorites like the old-fashioned Carousel, bumper cars and the spinning Tea Cups. Surfside Pier mixes family fun with thrills in an environment fueled by neon colors, bright lights and music. Get ready for high-energy with thrilling attractions like “it”, The Great Nor’Easter coaster and AtmosFEAR. The newest attraction, KONG, returned in an epic to Surfside Pier! Over 60 feet high, the reincarnation of this classic attraction features the Eighth Wonder of the World in an “I love WW” T-shirt and shaking a tramcar as he swings from a lighthouse. Fly around in the airplanes as they circle

KONG and then take a trip through KONG & Co. under the ride for skate apparel, KONG gear, Morey’s Piers merchandise and a comfy seat to relax. Mariner’s Pier brings your childhood memories back to life with the atmosphere of a traditional seaside amusement park full of classic rides like the Tea Cups, Bumper Cars, Carousel and the Giant Wheel. Swing high in the sky on the Wave Swinger featuring 72 vignettes of art depicting Wildwood’s colorful history creating a spinning art gallery on Mariner’s Pier. Adventure Pier is the pier that ROCKS, packed with high

thrill extreme rides, our world famous wooden coaster and the 3-Point Challenge Basketball Game. Soar through the air over the beach on the SkyCoaster, feel the G force of the SkyScraper or shoot your way to the moon on the SlingShot. A stage will feature School of Rock and live entertainment all summer long. Plus 98.7 The Coast and 106.3 WJSE will liven up the pier that ROCKS at the onsite Boardwalk studio. Got game? Visit the World Cup Soccer Challenge and compete like the pros. Raging Waters Water Park pules with wet and wild adventure! The park is packed with treasures for the whole family to uncover whether it’s floating in River Adventure, plummeting over Shot Gun Falls or the water cannons at Shipwreck Shoals. Ocean Oasis Water Park & Beach Club moves to the beat of its own tropical rhythm with an atmosphere of tranquility next to the most exciting collection of waterslides like the six-lane WipeOut, where you can race your race friends to the bottom for bragging rights! Visit for insider tips, events, the Beachfront Blog and great weekday specials.

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884-6542 Morey’s Piers, Spencer, Schellenger & 25th Avenue, Wildwood,


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South Jersey Marina

South Jersey Fishing Center Deep-sea fishing on the Jersey Cape is some of the best on the East Coast and the South Jersey Fishing Center, located at South Jersey Marina, is right in the heart of it. The South Jersey Fishing Center offers you the quickest run to the productive fishing grounds of the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay. Their party boats run on a daily schedule and offer you the option of a four- or eight-hour inshore (ocean or bay) fishing trip for mackerel, bluefish, flounder, tautog, sea bass, striped bass, drum and other seasonal species. The charter boat fleet offers you a personalized private fishing adventure and gives you the option of either inshore trips or offshore trips for big game such as shark, tuna, marlin and swordfish.

If you are interested in enjoying some of the best deep sea fishing around, the South Jersey Fishing Center is the place to be. All boats have US Coast Guardlicensed captains, are competitively priced and are outfitted with the latest safety, navigation and fish-finding equipment. For further information please call the charter hotline 609-884-3800. Saltwater Cafe If you prefer to have your food served instead of catching it yourself, you can enjoy a dockside seated breakfast or lunch at South Jersey Marina’s Saltwater Cafe. This cafe has been a growing seasonal hotspot here in Cape May since its new ownership in 2013. The canopied outdoor seating is available to enjoy the views of the water as well as the inner harbor hustle and bustle. Don’t let a little weather change your decision, though. Indoor seating is available as well with a casual but elegant feel, with bright greens and blue balanced with patterns and rattan chairs. Fathoms – Coastal Clothing and Gifts After your meal, pop in next door to Fathoms, South Jersey Marina’s clothing, coastal gifts and accessories store, offering the latest casual resort wear for both men and women. Brands include Barba Gerwit and Veronica M for women to Salt Life and Guy Harvey for men.

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884-6542 South Jersey Marina, 1231 Route 109, Cape May,

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Spirit Of Cape May

The Spirit of Cape May was established in 2007 by Captain Jeff Stewart and his wife Mary, who have been owners of Cape May Whale Watcher since 1993. Captains Jeff or Jeff Jr., with combined experience spanning over 80 years, pilot the many cruises available. Spirit of Cape May offers their signature Dinner Cruise, with a full prime rib buffet featuring delicious, homemade delicacies. This excursion offers top-

quality food, along with a Sunset Dolphin Watch around the island of Cape May. Guests will enjoy a family-style meal and dolphins are guaranteed to please AND sightseeings are guaranteed by this local family business, or ride again free. Since 1994, Captain Jeff has carried 10,000 patrons on his Grand Lighthouse Tour. This adventure takes guests around Delaware Bay on a 100-mile journey to discover nine lighthouses. The excursion

includes a catered breakfast and lunch. For a special treat, try the Sunset Lighthouse Cruise, which includes three lighthouses, each with their own wine pairing. Wines will be provided by Cape May Winery and heavy hors d’oeuvres are served. The bar serves wine by the glass along with draft beer and cocktails. The boat also hosts daily whale and dolphin-watching excursions and is available for private events.

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884-6542 Spirit of Cape May, 1218 Wilson Drive, Cape May,


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Stone Harbor Golf Club

Looking to add an unforgettable day of golf to your shore vacation? You’re in luck! Since 1988, Stone Harbor Golf Club has been the East Coast’s home of world-class golf. A Desmond Muirhead signature course, Stone Harbor offers 18 uniquely designed holes set against the exhilarating beauty of 350 wooded acres and more than 40 acres of pristine lakes. Muirhead was selected to create 18 original holes at Stone Harbor, each of which is like no other in the world. He carefully considered the strategy of each hole and its rhythm and sequence for the entire course. A million cubic yards of earth were moved and an entire oak and pine forest was painstakingly preserved. Muirhead’s design provides a powerful visual experience. The 18 unforgettable, individual holes challenge the tournament-quality player as well as amateurs of all levels of ability. To complement the championship golf course, Stone Harbor features an awardwinning clubhouse and an extensive practice area for driving, chipping and putting. Lunch is served year-round, seven

days a week, in the mahogany-paneled Mixed Grille Room. Their culinary staff offers a variety of menus with a gracious style of service that is not to be missed. Championship golf, superb cuisine and personalized service have drawn families to Stone Harbor Golf Club for more than 20 years. Whether your interest is golf-related or of a social nature, the staff is poised to

offer an unparalleled experience. Because of the private nature of the club, you and your family will enjoy a refined experience in a relaxed, private atmosphere. Set in historic Cape May Court House, and minutes from the South Jersey beaches and Atlantic City, Stone Harbor Golf Club offers world-class golf and gracious hospitality.

To book, contact our Concierge on 609-884-6542 Stone Harbor Golf Club, 905 Route 9N, Cape May Court House,

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A Shopping Tour Of Cool Cape May




A purveyor of quality, out-of-the-ordinary fine food items, Cape May Gourmet is here to please your tastebuds. Whether you’re planning a dinner party at the shore, or decide on a spontaneous beach picnic, this is the place to visit! Among the highlights are fresh ravioli, longcut pastas, small-batch sauces, condiments, freshly baked breads, spices, cheeses and much more. They offer catering services, too. 315 Ocean Street, Washington Commons, Cape May 609-898-8500,

Cape May Honey Farm is a specialty honey shop, offering local raw honey from their apiary. Their store offers more than 40 honey varieties from around the world; supplements; beeswax candles; cosmetic products and more... it’s a great experience for the whole family. Their motto is: COME, TASTE AND LEARN WITH US! 135 Sunset Boulevard, West Cape May 609-425-6434,

Cape May Olive Oil Company’s tasting room offers an exciting new culinary experience to this historic city. When you visit, you can taste more than 50 different imported olive oils and balsamic vinegars, dozens of spreads and tapenades, sea salts, spice blends, mustards, sugars, jams, pasta, spiced chocolate and more. 324 Carpenter’s Lane, Cape May 609-898-4441,

Cape May

Roasted Nuts & Can dy




Cape May Peanut Butter Company is a fun place for the kid in all of us. Freshly ground nut butters, baked goods, candies, sandwiches... and even sushi made with peanut butter! And don’t forget the 50 different jams and jellies. Add in a wonderful courtyard to enjoy your sandwich or snack, and you can see why this is a must-see stop on your Cape May itinerary. 516 Carpenter’s Lane, Cape May 609-898-4444,

For over 100 years this building has held a candy shop — the last one being Morrow’s Nut House. The tradition continues with the Sweet House, offering freshly roasted nuts made inhouse, traditional candies and chocolates. The shop has been completely redesigned with a colorful, happy and whimsical design. Get ready to start making some new candy-filled memories in Cool Cape May! 321 Washington Street Mall, Cape May SweethouseCapeMay on Instagram

Welcome to an island store with urban sensibilities, situated in a weathered 130-yearold carriage house. Featuring contemporary, casual clothing and accessories, this hip boutique is the kind of store you’ll be surprised to find in Victorian Cape May. Some popular lines you’ll see here are Johnny Was, Michael Stars, Velvet and James Perse to name a few. Carpenter’s Lane b/w Jackson & Decatur, Cape May 609-884-5055


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A Shopping Tour Of Cool Cape May




See what everyone is talking about! Purveyor of all your island needs, Cotton Company’s philosophy embraces “style for all” and carries men’s and women’s clothing, activewear, outerwear, and swimwear from sizes XS to 3X. Shop designer labels and boutique brands including Tribal, Vineyard Vines and Jag. The expert stylists on staff will interpret the latest trends to fit your look and lifestyle. Check out the outdoor shop featuring Columbia and Patagonia. 517 Washington Street Mall, Cape May 609-600-2923,

Cotton Company is your go-to store for this season’s newest swimwear collections. The swim shop offers men’s and women’s suits, boardshorts and coverups from all your favorite brands. Stop in today for personalized service and all the latest vacation styles from Vineyard Vines, Tommy Bahama, Southern Tide, Patagonia and Columbia. 517 Washington Street Mall, Cape May 609-600-2923,

Cape May’s peppy periodical has a large, spacious, beautifully designed store that’s full of their famous branded merchandise (T-shirts, sweats, mugs, caps and hats, magnets and more), along with a great selection of nautically themed artwork, home accents (from pillows to mugs) plus staff artist Mike DeMusz’s gorgeous sea life wooden sculptures, forged from reclaimed pallets. And don’t miss their cool store on Beach Avenue, near the corner of Jackson. 109 Sunset Boulevard and 316 Beach, Cape May 609-770-8479,




Want to get something high quality and unique that is made locally? At the Flying Fish they design and hand-print each and every one of their cool, offbeat garments — guaranteed, you WON’T find them anywhere else! The Fish staff have created an entire line celebrating Cape May life and traditions... this along with their Beach Series is sure to provide something for everyone. There is a bit of heart and soul in everything they do, so go visit them to see what’s new! 130 Park Boulevard, West Cape May 609-602-2760,

The store’s industrial vibe, complete with concrete floors, old-school gymnasium-style lighting and walls made of reclaimed wood, is the backdrop for a product line that includes everything from men’s grooming products to classic tees and dress shirts. Expect to see some of the most compelling American brands in here, from Herschel Supply Co. to Shinola. Truly a must-shopping experience. 514 Washington Street Mall, Cape May 609-600-2608,

It’s easy to escape the outside world when you step into the great vibe of this cool, calm little store in the heart of the Cape May shopping district. Good Scents, celebrating its 30th year, is a favorite for jazz, blues and world music, handcrafted jewelry (see the Cape May Find Your Way Back line above), local art, quirky books and cards, irresistible accessories and hidden treasures from around the world. Open all year. 327 Carpenter’s Lane, Cape May 609-884-0014,

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A Shopping Tour Of Cool Cape May



Happy Baby has been selling sweet, simple style with a little edge for eight years. Stylish, earthfriendly apparel can be found in modern and bold patterns and prints, in sizes newborn to six. And there is more than clothes on offer — decorate your little one’s space with chic nursery decor. While your baby gurgles happily (and dressed oh-so-chic), you can be contented by the fact that so many of the beautiful products in this store are handmade by artisans, right here in the USA. 405 West Perry Street, Cape May 609-884-5922,

Cape May’s landmark jeweler brings decades of experience to its selections, offering designs of uncompromising quality and matchless value. That’s why Henry’s is one of America’s Top 50 Designer Retailers. Discover an array of distinctive creations you won’t find in other stores — from inexpensive, fun accessories to museum-quality colored gemstones and diamonds — in a casual, no-pressure atmosphere. Stop in and see the latest from Pandora and Alex and Ani! 407 Washington Street Mall, Cape May 609-884-0334,




The PJs and Jammies shop at Lace Silhouettes offers sleepwear for the family, including pajamas, nightshirts, gowns and robes in sizes XS to 3X. Whether you’re looking for a classic gown from Karen Neuberger or an updated pajama set from PJ Salvage, there’s something for everyone. Check out new UGG loungewear for truly stylish comfort. Lace Silhouettes also exclusively sells the Wish Wrap, a plush one-size wrap that has become a fan favorite. 429 Washington Street Mall, Cape May 609-898-7448,

An amazing product line is loaded with a variety of chocolate bars made with cocoa beans grown around the world. So whether you’re looking for a bar made from beans grown in Peru, or the Bequet caramels (considered by many as the best in the country) from Bozeman, Montana, this place is like a cathedral and a market combined. Louisa’s beats out the competition for a couple of reasons: their chocolatiers’ use of fair-trade beans, and their courteous service. 106 Jackson Street, Cape May 609-884-5519,

Makers Making offers a curated selection of finely crafts goods and inventive design in downtown Cape May. The gallery mixes talented local makers with artists and designers across the US and beyond. From distinctive jewelry to clever notecards, beautiful pottery to handmade wooden bicycles, the shop is full of unique gifts and future heirlooms! 418 Washington Street Mall, Cape May, Instagram @makersmaking


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LACE SILHOUETTES BRA BOUTIQUE BY THE SEA Welcome to the lingerie store for real women! Lace Silhouettes invites you to shop the best selection of bras and panties, including summer styles perfect for the beach! Brands include Wacoal, Natori, Cosabella, Hanky Panky and Chantelle. Book your appointment with a Bra Therapist today for personalized, knowledgeable service. See what difference a good fit can make! 429 Washington Street Mall, Cape May 609-898-7448,

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For the best in fudge, you be the judge… The Original Fudge Kitchen is the clear winner. All of their fudge is hand-whipped in small batches, using the finest natural ingredients. They offer samples of their fudge so you know you are getting the most delicious and creamiest fudge this side of heaven. 513 Washington Street Mall and 728 Beach Avenue, Cape May, 609-884-2834,

Come browse for hard-to-find antiques and priceless memories. This is Cape May’s best antique shop for experiencing vintage memories at a reasonable price. Located just a short walk from Congress Hall, this is the antique shop for a tremendous variety of hard-to-find treasures to suit every taste, interest — and budget. 394 Myrtle Avenue, Cape May 609-884-3357,

Patricia has painted just about all of Cape May’s most inspiring buildings and landscapes. Basically self-taught, she paints realistic oils and watercolors that are available as matted or framed prints, notecards, placemats, coasters, as well as an annual calendar. Her work can be seen at shows and exhibitions around town as well as finer gift shops and galleries. To view originals for sale, go online or call to visit the studio. 1325 Emerson Avenue, North Cape May 609-886-4863,




Pete Smith’s is the premier location to find the latest sandals, sunglasses, boards, and all of your beach needs! Choose from Billabong, RVCA, Reef, Johnnie-O, Southern Tide and Olukai and more. Find the entire line of Tommy Bahama for both men and women. Pete Smith’s has everything the entire family needs to leave stoked. 714 Beach Avenue, Cape May 609-884-1010,

The oldest seashore resort in America proves once again to offer the newest ideas. Red Oak Trading offers a new spin on fashion and accessories for women, proudly supporting products made in the USA as well as handmade items from all over the world. 324 Washington Street Mall, Cape May 609-827-8320 Facebook: redoakcapemay

Sea Star first opened as one of the founding shops in West End Garage in 2008. After developing a loyal following, an opportunity arose to bring the unique boutique to a quaint spot on Jackson, next door to Louisa’s Chocolate Bar. You will find clothing from Bailey 44, LA Made, Level 99 and handcrafted jewelry by Mickey Lynn. There are also belts and bags from Bed Stu and Shiraleah, and fragrances from Olivine Atelier. This is a place where woman of all ages can find something they love. 108 Jackson Street, Cape May

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A Shopping Tour Of Cool Cape May




If you like Whale’s Tale (see below), you’ll love Splash… Whale’s Tale’s upscale offshoot! Find a gallery of the finest jewelry, handcrafts, local art and unique home décor. Stop in for their local sea glass jewelry. They’re tucked just behind the Washington Mall on Carpenter’s Lane. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram. 513 Carpenter’s Lane, 609-846-7100

Sunset Beach Gifts, Golf and Grille is a onestop, family fun place! Shop for distinctive gifts in three gift shops, play 18 holes on the mini golf course, grab a bite to eat at The Grille, and scour the beach for Cape May Diamonds! Don’t miss the evening Flag Ceremony, held nightly Memorial Weekend thru September, which honors an American veteran by lowering their casket flag as the sun sets and Taps plays in the background. End of Sunset Boulevard, 800-757-6468




This jewel of a store recently underwent an exciting expansion, so now there’s an even wider variety of clothing, shoes, accessories and estate jewelry with double the inventory on two full floors. Looking for a fabulous cocktail dress, or a super chic Frye bag? They’ve got them. And don’t forget a fabulous statement necklace to top off that ensemble! Also stop by their stores in Congress Hall and Washington Commons. 33 Perry Street, Cape May 609-898-1113,

A Cape May tradition since 1974! Locally owned and operating for over 40 years, Chuck and Hilary Pritchard continue to surprise customers with their eclectic variety of creative, carefully chosen gift items, jewelry, cards and nature-themed toys and books that you won’t find anywhere else in town. Plus Whale’s Tale is open all year! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram. 312 Washington Street, Cape May 609-884-4808,

In this historic storefront, engage all your senses and transcend the clutter. White carries elegant home furnishings, unique gifts and sophisticated accessories. White’s design professionals consider the shop a blank canvas to create custom, personal environs. Antique and modern blend beautifully, and gorgeous glassware and jewelry entice the discerning shopper. There are candles, frames, mirrors, lighting, linens, garden, bath and art to tempt you. 605 Hughes Street, Cape May 609-884-506,

Signatures offers a carefully curated selection of designer and unique boutique brands, as well as casual clothing. A fabulous team of stylists assist guests in creating outfits for any occasion — whether you’re shopping for a work wardrobe, that stand-out dress for a special event, or treating yourself to a pick-me-up. 429 Washington Street Mall, Cape May, 609-884-1434,


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“Limitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth.” – heinrich zimmer

Photograph by Charles Riter


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Join in the celebrations... #congresshall200 Vintage postcard depicts Congress Hall from the 1930s

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