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Congregation Har Shalom is an inclusive, multi-generational Conservative synagogue community. We inspire the lifelong Jewish journeys of individuals and families by promoting active participation in Jewish life and learning, spirited prayer, community service, and support for the State of Israel and the Jewish people everywhere.

December Kislev/Tevet 2016 5777 • 301-299-7087

From the Rabbi Rabbi Adam J. Raskin • 301-299-7087, ext. 1 |

We studied a brief sacred text, sang more, and uttered prayers of renewal, courage, and hope… as well as the Memorial Prayer. Many tears were shed, arms were extended to comfort others, community was created around loss and healing.

Rabbi Adam J. Raskin

Dearest Friends, he east side of the Paul Family Social Hall (the smaller of the two sides) was empty except for a circle of about 25 chairs. In the middle, stood a small table with a yarzheit candle, and tea lights scattered all around it. The beautiful crystal chandelier was dimmed, as were the perimeter lights. This was about to be one of the most remarkable, spiritually moving experiences I have ever participated in. In collaboration with area mental health professionals and three other local rabbis (2 Orthodox and 1 Reform), we hosted a service of remembrance for people who experienced pregnancy loss. The service began with a niggun, a wordless melody that we sang as people came to their seats. This was followed by participants coming forward to light candles in memory of the losses they had experienced… Most of them were young couples, but there were others who had children in their teenage years and were still grieving a miscarriage or lost pregnancy from years before. Randomly the people who came searching for healing and support began to share their stories with each other. They spoke of hopes lost, frustrations and challenges with getting pregnant again, and the recurrence of lost pregnancies. They wondered aloud how they would get through the pain, how they could be happy for others who were having children, how they could be supportive of their spouses, how it hurt to have to share devastating news with family and friends.


The Jewish community celebrates childbirth, family, lifecycle milestones… and all the while there are certain people — our friends and our relatives — who suffer in silence because they were unable to conceive, or because they lost a pregnancy. I reminded the group that our tradition is rife with examples of families who struggled with conception… including our matriarchs and patriarchs. Yet people still ask invasive questions, joke and prod about when someone will get pregnant, or why it’s taking so long. These questions can cut like a knife. We should always remember just how delicate and fragile pregnancy truly is, and that many, many people experience complications and have to make difficult decisions about fetal and maternal health. The high cost of fertility treatments was also brought up, and there is an organization in our community called the The Red Stone that provides micro-grants to help defray these costs, as well as other support services ( The Adas Israel Community Mikveh also provided numerous resources for how to use the mikveh as a ritual to mark loss, and experience renewal. The next event in our collaboration will be on March 29th at Beth Sholom Congregation in Potomac. It will be an educational program featuring physicians (including Har Shalom’s own Dr. Robert Stillman), mental health experts, religious leaders, and others who will discuss issues surrounding infertility. If you or someone you know is struggling with these issues, I hope you’ll encourage them to attend (look for more details in the coming months). Most of all, I want our community to know that those Continued on Page 10


The Tablet

Emergency Contact Information In case of illness, death, or any other family emergency, please contact Rabbi Raskin at 240-687-7218. Rabbi Adam J. Raskin Hazzan Henrique Ozur Bass Executive Director Shelley Engel, FSA Assistant Executive Director, Membership Engagement Carly Litwok Director of Early Childhood Education Beth Hoch Director of Education Jennifer Newfeld Director of Youth Engagement David Helfand Shaliach Hezi Shmueli Rabbi Emeritus Leonard S. Cahan Cantor Emeritus Calvin K. Chizever Founding Rabbi Morris Gordon, z”l President Sorell Schwartz President-Elect Jeff Rubin Vice Presidents Michael Baron Craig Ginsburg Mark Newburger Beth Ann Spector Secretary Wes Kaplow Financial Secretary Leonard Tow Treasurer Barton Groh Immediate Past President Cindy Fishman Ombudsman Ken Paretzky

Notes From The Hazzan Hazzan Henrique Ozur Bass • 301-299-7087, ext. 1 |

“If on the hill you carved a stone to erect a new house, you did not carve in vain; from that stone you will be building the Temple; If on the hill you planted a cedar in place of thorns, you did not plant in vain; from that cedar you will be building the Temple” (Naomi Shemer, “Shiro Shel Aba”). he genius of Israel’s timeless National Hazzan composer of Henrique Ozur Bass blessed memory, Naomi Shemer, is brilliantly displayed in this nostalgic, yet pertinent song. This song, “Shiro Shel Aba” (Father’s song), which was written as a homage to Shemer’s father, the Almighty, and the ancient Temple - and in commemoration of the reunification of Jerusalem - might as well have been composed for Har Shalom.

the Temple. This symbol of our connection to God and the land, in ancient times, is also a symbol of our struggle for the land in modern times. And this song evokes the biblical verses that describe the construction of a magnificent sanctuary the likes of which the world had never - and never since has – seen, while applauding the contemporary conquest of that “hill”.


For us, in Potomac, this song has even more symbolism: “the hill” of the song is our own Har, our “Mountain of Peace.” And the “temple” of the song is our own synagogue building; our “mikdash”, our holy place. A holy place which took years to build, many hours devoted by dedicated volunteers to reach its completion; a holy place that took vision and leadership to be finalized; a holy place that we built as a community; and a holy place which will hold our community together.

Naomi Shemer wrote this song in the late 60s, after the reunification of Jerusalem. The point of this song was to laud the focal point of Jerusalem: Temple Mount. At that time, the retaining wall of the Temple Mount in no way resembled the plaza at the Kotel: it was a sliver of a wall, around which people crowded to pray and be close to the place where once we made offerings to The Holy One. At that time, “the hill” of the song was just beginning to be available to us.

Naomi Shemer’s song ends talking about a sweet song, the song her father (Aba) used to sing to her at bedtime. This holy place which we dedicate on Saturday, December 10 will hold more than just our community: it will also hold our songs and our dreams.

Nowadays, the Kotel plaza is big and spacious, with room for a men’s and women’s area. One can clearly see “the hill” behind it, where the Al Aksa mosque stands, and once stood

Hazzan Ozur Bass

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Congregation Har Shalom


From the President Sorell Schwartz, President • 301-299-7087, ext. 236 |

n 1976, what was then B’nai B’rith Women (BBW) carried out an oral history project in connection with our country’s Bicentennial celebration. Members of the organization, with tape recorders in hand, interviewed senior women, mostly residents at the President Hebrew Home, about their Sorell Schwartz lives. I was one of those editing the tapes, which were then to be made available for listening at the B’nai B’rith headquarters in downtown D.C. It was pure fascination… and entertainment. It was not uncommon for Marsha to ask me while I was sitting in my home office wearing headphones – “What are you laughing about?” Some of what I was laughing about would not pass muster for quotation in a synagogue newsletter. But most interesting was listening to someone eighty plus years in age describe stories that their own grandparents passed on to them.


Did you know? I am connected by three degrees of separation to Anne Frank!!

About fifty years ago, Yale psychology professor, Stanley Milgram, carried out his “small world experiment” that provided support for the “six degrees of separation” theory. If A is acquainted with B they are connected by one degree of separation. If A is acquainted with B who is acquainted with C, then A and C are connected by two degrees of separation… and so on. Milgram proffered that any two living beings on earth – Craig in Nebraska and Ahmad in Sierra Leone, for example -- are connected by an average of no more than six degrees of separation. The BBW oral history project and the memories of its senior participants, suggest another articulation of measuring connections, i.e. the degrees of separation between a living person and a deceased historical figure. Let’s say that to have connection by one degree of separation two individuals should have met and spoken for ten or more minutes. So, if you 4

The Tablet

spoke for ten or more minutes with someone who had a similar connection to Winston Churchill, you would be connected to the wartime British Prime Minister by two degrees of separation. Look among our Congregation. Would you be surprised to know that a fellow congregant was connected to Churchill by two degrees of separation? After all, that would mean you were connected to Churchill by three degrees of separation. Well, you are. In fact, among those deceased figures having a connection at Har Shalom by two degrees of separation are Albert Einstein, FDR … and Adolf Hitler. (I am connected by three degrees of separation to Anne Frank!!) Anyone in the congregation connected by just two or three degrees of separation to deceased historical figures of the first half of the twentieth century will most likely be a senior, of the 65 and over age group. We too often refer to that group in an almost regretful tone rather than as a rich source of historical perspective. We’ve all heard and probably echoed the refrain: “The average age in our Congregation is foreboding. We’ve got to do something to recruit young families.” There is no question as to the critical need to do just that. Yet, from my perspective, I am perplexed by the exclusivity that goal appears to demand. Last May, I attended a three-day United Synagogue “Sulam Leadership for Presidents” retreat. A few weeks ago, Har Shalom hosted a regional workshop for synagogue leaders. I cannot overstate the value of these programs in building synagogue strength. Nor my bewilderment that they pay absolutly no attention – spend not one minute or printed word – on enriching synagogue life for the 65 and over congregants, or taking advantage of their collective experiences. We have, in the past, had senior-sponsored programs. Har Shalom is well known for its Daytimers lecture series, which is currently in need of some restorative assistance. However, what I have attempted to illustrate here is not just the need for a seniors-only programming but for measures that will facilitate complementary activities and learning across the membership, and that our teen-age and senior members be connected by no more than one degree of separation. Next month, I will continue on this topic. L’shalom Sorell Schwartz

From The Executive Director

Membership Desk

Shelley Engel, FSA, Executive Director • 301-299-7087, ext. 222

tze·da·kah tsi•dôke•, tsedä’kä/n

• charitable giving, typically seen as a moral obligation. he year has flown by so fast. I know the cynics out there are saying, it is the same 365 days that Executive Director it always is! In the department Shelley Engel, FSA stores, the Christmas decorations are up before we even have Halloween. Why is everyone in such a hurry for the time to pass? I say slow down, enjoy the precious moments that come our way, celebrate them.


By the time you get this newsletter, you will have already celebrated Thanksgiving, a festival when we give thanks for all the blessings received during the past year. The daylight hours between Thanksgiving and Hanukkah get shorter; we tend to spend more time in the dark. Some of us leave in the morning and return home at the end of the day in darkness. What do you do in the car during your long commute? I personally spend time listening to a new podcast, and I find my mind drifting and thinking about what is going on in my life, what I have to do when I get home, or simply who I haven’t spoken to in a while. My mind just goes on a tangent. Those of us who commute know exactly what I am talking about! So now I want to help give you something to think about - this is a time to evaluate and recognize the role that Har Shalom plays in your family’s life, acknowledge Har Shalom’s importance in your spiritual growth and the role of the congregation as a whole in your personal community. In addition, Har Shalom’s beautiful Burke Sanctuary provides a lovely and sacred setting for weddings, funerals, and B’nai Mitzvah; and the newly renovated Paul Family Social Hall is a setting for all of your important celebrations. Our large and lovely building and grounds require our commitment to providing the maintenance needed to keep our facilities in tip-top shape. Har Shalom is committed not only to nurturing the life of our congregation and the community at large, but also of providing a place where each individual congregant can find a spiritual home. In my home growing up, on the fifth night of Hanukkah we always gave tzedekah. When you are giving your year-end donations, please show your appreciation for the role Har Shalom plays in your and your family’s lives by making a gift that will make far-reaching and valuable contributions to Har Shalom’s mission of nurturing our Judaic growth.

Carly Litwok, Assistant Executive Director 301-299-7087, ext. 250 |

ecember is by far my favorite month of the year - for purely selfish reasons. My birthday, which should be a national holiday, is Thursday, December 1. What a way to kick off the month! Once Thanksgiving is over I know Assistant Executive that my birthday is around the Director corner, with Hanukkah and Carly Litwok Winter Break close behind. As many of you know, family is the most important thing to me, and these celebrations allow me to spend a lot of time together with family!


Over the past year, Har Shalom has become my second family. I spent the majority of the month of October at the synagogue with all the Hagim -- my husband would argue that I spend more hours here than at my house! But seriously, spending the Hagim at Har Shalom was a wonderful opportunity for Danny and me to get to know many of you on a more personal level and experience the warmth and kindness of the Har Shalom community. This December will be an exciting one for me – my first birthday married, my first Hanukkah married, and my first December as a homeowner! I am looking forward to celebrating all of these wonderful simhas with both my biological and Har Shalom family. L’shalom Carly Litwok Shelley Engel | Continued from Previous Column As Hanukkah swiftly approaches, we start thinking about all the gifts we need to give. This is a time to not only think about giving clothes and toys to our children, but giving to their future in our congregation. At Har Shalom, we are always trying to create new programs and enrich our congregational life. This is accomplished through the various contributions from our Har Shalom family. Please show your appreciations of theses programs by donating to one of our many funds or becoming a member of our Sharing Your Blessings community. Enjoy the holiday season -- Happy Hanukkah and a Happy secular New Year to all! B’yididut (In Friendship) Shelley Engel Congregation Har Shalom


Sherman Early Childhood Center Beth Hoch • 301-299-7087, ext. 235 |

Saturday, December 24th is the first night of Hanukkah this year. What are your plans? This year I challenge you to plan 8 fabulous nights of fun for the family! Spending time together in meaningful ways creates powerful memories that children will not forget.

Director of Early Childhood Education Beth Hoch

Here are some ideas: Art Night: Have a theme and use new and exciting art materials. Everyone, including adults, gets to be an artist. You can even buy frames for the masterpieces! It is the most priceless art you can have in your home! Chef’s Night in the Kitchen: Choose a Hanukkah theme or something completely different for dinner. Plan a menu and spend time in the kitchen cooking together. Story Night: Purchase a new book or pull out some of your children’s favorites and gather around the living room or the fireplace for family story time. Make a special treat for a snack! Game Night: Lets the kids choose which games to play or even purchase a new one for the family. Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Memory, it doesn’t matter, choose anything have fun! Movie & Pajama Night: Pajamas - new or old, put them on, make breakfast for dinner and enjoy an evening snuggling together!

What Happened

Dolphinim Creation Mural

We went to the Planetarium


Congregation Har Shalom

Noah Playing Wind Chimes in Music Class

Rabbi Raskin and Mazel Visit to Tell a Story

Tikkun Olam Night: Make something for those in need! Cook a meal to give to a family who could benefit from it. Go grocery shopping together for the food bank and then deliver it. Make cards for people that are sick in the hospital and deliver them to the synagogue. Party Night: Invite over family and/or friends and have a Hanukkah party! Bring out the dreidels, gelt and latkes. Enjoy lighting the menorah together and watching the candles flicker as you celebrate. Surprise Night: The adults surprise the kids or the kids surprise the adults! I would love to hear about your creativity this Hanukkah and how it enhanced your family celebration.

Beth Hoch

What’s Happening PJ Dinner and Havdalah Saturday, December 3rd at 5:00 PM

Gan Shabbat Saturday, December 17th at 10:45 AM

PJLL Professional Development Day Thursday, December 8th ECC Closed

Hanukkah Sing-a-Long and Celebration Friday, December 23rd at 9:45 AM

ECC Parent’s Game Night Thursday, December 15th at 7:30 PM

ECC Closed for Winter Break December 26th - January 2nd

Youth Department David Helfand, Director of Youth Engagement • 301-299-7087, ext. 236

love the winter time. I love wearing sweaters and dressing for winter. I love using my Crockpot during winter Shabbatot. I love that it gets dark early and that the streets are lit up with lights from not only the winter festival of Christmas, but with the powerful lights of Hanukkah. For me the winter is a time of brightness, a time of illumination.

Har Shalom Players Stew Remer and Ken Lechter, Co-Chairs • 301-299-7087

I Director of Youth Engagement David B. Helfand

During the winter season, I feel a sense of peace. I am at ease with the end of the year. I am excited for what comes next. I am illuminated through the lights of the Hanukkah candles and comforted with being with friends and family. The winter time brings me closer to my community. In honor of the upcoming festival of lights, Hanukkah, I want to bring a personal kavanah, intention for the holiday. Light helps you see, but first makes you look. On Hanukkah, we light candles to remind us to bring out more spirituality and brightness in the world. Looking deeply at the world — not just seeing what is there superficially — brings out not only the world’s inner beauty, but more importantly, our inner beauty. When one walks into a dark room it is hard to find what it is you are looking for. As you turn on the lights you can suddenly see everything around you. However, if you would walk into that same space with a simple candle, you would only be given the opportunity to look and not find. Everything in the world has two parts - the outside and the inside. When you look at something, your eyes tell you what’s on the outside. Most people, myself included, often stop there. But if you look at something deeply, in order to understand what’s “inside” of it, you can find the true beauty in what you are looking at. During Hanukkah, the darkest time of the year, the things we can see easily when it’s light outside aren’t necessarily as real as what we can see when we look inside. As we celebrate Hanukkah together and the end of this calendar year, search for that deeper beauty. Shine light on your lives and those you share it with. May the light shine on our path and remind each of us that no matter what anyone thinks, there is plenty of beauty waiting for us.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat on Stage at Har Shalom January 28, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. and January 29, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. Auditions have been held, and casting is underway for The Har Shalom Players’ 2017 production, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat. The show will be staged in the Burke Sanctuary, with performances scheduled for January 28 at 8:00 p.m. and January 29 at 4:30 p.m. The show — which was the HS Players’ initial production back in 2004 — reveals the story of Joseph, his eleven brothers, and the coat of many colors. Joseph, with lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, features unforgettable songs, such as Go Go Go Joseph, Any Dream Will Do, and Close Every Door. General Admission tickets are $22 for adults and $16 for children (12 and under). Chai Patron tickets, which include guaranteed front row seating, a voucher for intermission refreshments, reserved parking, and special recognition in the playbill, are $180 each. Patron tickets, which include reserved/ preferential seating, reserved parking, and special recognition in the playbill, are $100 for adults and $36 for children (12 and under). You can purchase tickets online at hsjosephtix. For information on group sales, email play@ or call 301-299-7087.

Past Performances

Chag Urim Sameach, David B. Helfand Congregation Har Shalom


Religious School Jennifer Newfeld, Director of Education • 301-299-7087, ext. 229 |

“Jewish Education is the tool for making ascribed identity into chosen identity.” Michael Meyer, Visions of Jewish Education

ur children are born Jewish. They are handed an ascribed Director of Education identity, however, Jennifer Newfeld as they grow, as they learn and explore the world around them, and as they acquire increasing amounts of personal autonomy, at some point they must also choose their own religious identity. In today’s society, each person must chose to make their ascribed identity, the identity handed to them by their parents, into their chosen identity, their personal identity.


We live in a society with infinite possibilities and unimaginable access to knowledge. We teach our children to question everything. We teach them to research and explore all possible opportunities afforded to them. We teach them that these possibilities are virtually limitless. We teach them to be adventurous. We can not assume, after teaching them these important skills, that just because we told them that they are Jewish, they will always choose to be Jewish – their choices abound, even when it comes to religion. It is our role as parents and educators, families and community to make Judaism personally meaningful, relevant and fulfilling to ourselves and our children so that when they grow up they choose their Jewish identity. We need to tell, teach and show our children that yes, the possibilities are limitless, even when it comes to religious identity, and yes, they should question, examine and research, but that ultimately Judaism, in its many shades, forms and varieties, can provide what they are searching for to make their lives more meaningful, more complete. The largest growing religious group in the United States is the Nones – those who choose no religious identity. I am proud of our families for living lives filled with Judaism and Jewish education which will help elevate their children’s ascribed identity into their chosen identity. When we are working on curriculum or program development at Har Shalom, we are thinking of how we can help make Judaism relevant and meaningful to our students and their families, how we can make Judaism speak to their lives, and how we can model our own personal Jewish identities with the ultimate goal of having our students choose their Jewish Congregation Har Shalom

identity. Our Judaism is handed to us, ascribed at birth, but Judaism can only come alive when we share our hearts, our souls and find personal meaning in our religious practices and a place in our community. When we do this, we elevate our Judaism to the level of choseness. L’Shalom, Jennifer

December Religious School Calendar Dec. 4th

Kesher & Rak Ehad

Dec. 11th

6th & 7th Grade Family Program (day school students too!)

Dec. 17th

Havdalah Lights

Dec. 18th

Religious School Chanukah Celebration Kesher

Dec. 25th & 27th

No Religious School, Winter Break Havdalah Lights Family Program

Sat. Dec. 17th

A Family Program for K-7th grade families

5:30-6:30 pm

Havdalah and activities Planning an event?

Are you planning an event or meeting at Har Shalom or off-site? No matter how large or small the event, please be sure to contact Carly Litwok, Assistant Executive Director; Membership Engagement, at 301-299-7087 ext. 250 or e-mail to check the synagogue calendar for conflicts. We love having lots of events and want to make sure everyone will be able to attend, and that we have proper space for you. Call 301.299.7087 ext. 250 8

Religious School | Continued

Yom Chug - what a fun morning!

The students really enjoyed our first Yom Chug. The first sessions included... Israeli Cooking Students made homemade hummus and Israeli salad. They cooked together, enjoyed their food with some pita and walked away with the recipes to make at home. Thanks to Bonnie Handel for coming in and cooking with us.

Hiki and Ziki, Rockin’ Israel Style! Unfortunately “Hiki”, Hazzan Ozur Bass, was pulled away for a funeral but students had a fun filled hour of singing, translating, watching videos and learning about modern Israeli music with Ziki (Hezi).

Arguing with the Rabbis Students explored, argued and discussed the ideas of our ancient texts with David Helfand. They asked, “What were the rabbis really thinking?” and “Does this still apply today?”

The second hour brought a whole new set of learning, including a second Israeli cooking class and...

Krav Maga Students had an introduction to Krav Maga, a self-defense system developed for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from aikido, judo, boxing and wrestling, led by our own Krav Maga instructor, Hezi.

A Peaceful transfer of power: From the Bible to the American Presidency Rabbi Janet Ozur Bass made a guest appearance and taught students about similarities and differences with the American Presidential inaugurations and Biblical inauguration.

It was a wonderful morning of getting students doing mixedgrade, out-of-the-classroom learning. We can’t wait for the next Yom Chug!!! Did You Know

Jewish Heroes Students discussed, Who are our heroes today? Are they famous athletes or movie stars? What makes a hero? David led the students in learning about the heroes that impact our lives.

You can stay up-to-date on all events and activities, find out about changes and cancellations, and see what’s new by visiting the Religious School site? • 301-299-7087

Adult Education • 301-299-7087, ext 223 |

Breishit I: From Adam to Abraham, at Beth Ami with Rabbis Raskin, Safra, Pokras, and Weiss Thursdays, Now - Jan. 19, from 9:30 am - 11:00 am (No class on Dec 29) Register Online: This course takes us from the creation of the world, to the flood, the Tower of Babel, Abraham and Sarah, and the beginnings of the Jewish people.

Text in the City with Rabbi Raskin Wednesday, Dec. 7, at 12 pm 555 13th Street NW (above Metro Center). Enter the lobby from F Street (between 12th and 13th), across the street from Oceanaire, or from 13th Street, between E and F, right next door to the Warner Theater. Bring your own lunches. Beverages & dessert will be provided. Register with Leslie in the Clergy Office, 301-299-7087 ext. 223 or

Minha, Torah Study, Ma’ariv Study Group Every Shabbat, 15 minutes before candle-lighting time for the previous day Since 1990, Har Shalom congregants have celebrated the end of Shabbat with a lay-led Minha-Torah Study, Ma’ariv, Havdalah Study Group. This 90-minute service includes 30 to 40 minutes of learning on the weekly Torah portion or the prayers and their meanings. Dr. Stan Siegel and other congregants and clergy members have led the teaching and discussion. Come discover this gem of learning at Har Shalom - twenty-six years in the making.

Shabbat Torah Study Every Shabbat, 15 minutes before candle-lighting time for the previous day Join lay-leaders for this popular, long-standing Torah discussion group. No Hebrew knowledge or previous Torah study is necessary; just an interest in looking at Torah text and discussing it with other members of the Har Shalom community.

From the Rabbi | Continued from Page 2 Adult Intermediate Hebrew, with Naomi Beroukhim Wednesdays, at 7 pm | Fee $150 If you know some conversational Hebrew, this class is for you! Build a larger vocabulary, gain more conversational Hebrew experience and put your Hebrew knowledge to good use. Required knowledge: Ability to read Hebrew characters and some conversational skills. Register with Leslie in the Clergy Office at

who have mourned the loss of a pregnancy or who are struggling to conceive are beloved members of our community and we are eager to help and provide support in any way possible. Undoubtedly the spectacular, newly renovated Paul Family Social Hall will host many different special events over the next several years. I am absolutely sure that one of the holiest and most powerful of those events has already taken place, on the night of November 1, 2016. This is but one of the many sacred gatherings that happen at Har Shalom on a regular basis. Thank God for that! L’shalom, Rabbi Raskin

10 The Tablet

Meet Hezi Hezi Shmueli • 301-299-7087, ext. 230 |

t has been 21 years since Yitzhak Rabin was killed. The man who fought in wars and returned alive, was killed when he tried to achieve peace in Israel.

I Shaliach Hezi Shmueli

Rabin was an Israeli politician, statesman and general. He was the fifth Prime Minister of Israel, serving two terms in office, from 1974–77 and again in 1992 until his 1995 assassination.

It is very important to understand the mood of the public’s before Rabin’s murder: The period after the signing of the Oslo Accords was a turbulent time in Israel. The Massacre at Cave of the Patriarchs and a wave of suicide bombings in Israel in 1994 and 1995, which killed dozens of people, caused a serious rift between those to the left and those to the right. There had been numerous demonstrations and protests all over the country. These activities had been organized mainly by the movement of “Zu Artze, led by Moshe Feiglin, who tried to lead a non-violent civil disobedience campaign against the Israeli government. To counteract the right-wing demonstrations, the left-wing organized a large demonstration for the leftist movement in support of the coalition government and Rabin, under the title - “Yes to Peace, No to Violence”. Soon after this, Rabin was assassinated.Every year in Israel on the anniversary of Yitzhak’s death, educational institutions host commemorations in his honor. According to Knesset law, the Hebrew date of the assassination, the 12th of Heshvan 5756, serves as Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Day, the national day of remembrance and mourning marked by all state institutions, army bases and schools. Ceremonies and educational programs are devoted to commemorating the life and legacy of Yitzhak Rabin, promoting and protecting democratic values, and examining the danger that violence poses to society and state. My personal opinion: This year will be the first time the central ceremony at Kikar Rabin will not occur. The decision was financial. But what does this say about the Israeli society today? Many people believe

this ceremony has become a rally of support for the left wing, and less about the real goal which is Democracy and peace. But does it really matter why? Didn’t we just fast a month ago on the fast of Gedaliah, which was the first Jewish political murder in history? How can we as a Jewish society forget the assassination of one of the most powerful and influential leaders (put aside his beliefs and his political interests) of our time? Unfortunately, I feel that the peace process has never been more distant from us than it is now. There are many reasons why - the Israeli government, the changes that are happening on the Palestinian side with Mahmud Abbas (the president of the Palestinian government) and who his successor will be, and the never ending terror attacks. The main reason is people. Israelis have become less involved, they care less, they forget to raise their own children under the principals of peace and free love instead of hatred. Palestinians, our “Partners for Peace” leave the job of raising their next generation to the hands of terror organizations, which instead of teaching children how to live with someone who is different from you, they intolerance to differences and disrespect to anyone who has an opposing opinion. I believe that peace has to come first between the people and then the governments could intervene. The main work is on us - the regular civilians - we can and should make the difference! As a matter of fact, that is why I decided that I want to be involved, because I do care. This is why I decided to work as a shaliach at Har Shalom, which is another step in my journey of learning and acting. I invite you all to take a few minutes to think about how you can be more involved in something that you care about. It can be the environment, you could donate to a cause you believe in, or it could be another way you stand up and support something you deeply care about. We might think we can’t change anything because we are a small drop in the ocean, but that’s not how it works. We are the one drop that affects the other drops. That creates the ocean, it all depends on us. I hope you enjoy this documentary on the life & death of Yitzhak Rabin: s://www.yout y tuubbee.. Thank TTh haannk you yyoou for foor reading, read Hezi Shmueli, He H ezi zi Shmueli Shaliach

Congregation Har Shalom


DECEMBER 2016 – KISLEV/TEVET 5777 Sunday


4 9:00 am 3:00 pm

5:30 pm 7:00 pm 7:45 pm

Shaharit Dellhiem Concert: Walk Humbly with Your God: Jewish Wisdom in Song Kesher & Rak Ehad Men’s Club: Whiskey Tasting Ma’ariv

5 6:45 am 7:45 pm 8:00 pm

Shaharit Ma’ariv Sisterhood Board Meeting

11 9:00 am 9:00 am 12:15 pm 7:45 pm

Shaharit 6:45 am 6th/7th Grade Family 7:45 pm Education: Sanctuary 101 Bonim Program Ma’ariv

9:00 am 5:00 pm 5:30 pm 7:45 pm

Shaharit Religious School Hanukkah Party Sisterhood: Used Books, Toys & Clothing Sale Sisterhood: Lord & Taylor Fundraiser JCRC/Federation: BDS Night Ma’ariv

Shaharit Ma’ariv

12 The Tablet


6:45 am 7:45 pm 8:00 pm

Shaharit Ma’ariv Congregation Board Meeting

6:45 am 7:45 pm

Shaharit Ma’ariv

7 10:30 am Adult Ed: Mishna Class 12:00 pm Adult Ed: Text in the City 1:00 pm Sisterhood Daytime Book club: Don’t Let My Baby Do Rodeo 7:45 pm Ma’ariv

13 7:45 pm



Hanukkah, 2 Candles 25 Hanukkah, 3 Candles Building Closed except for Minyan Sherman ECC Closed No Religious School 9:00 am 7:45 pm

7:45 pm

Shaharit Ma’ariv




18 9:00 am 9:00 am


14 10:30 am Adult Ed: Mishna Class 7:45 pm Ma’ariv 8:00 pm Men’s Club Board Meeting

20 7:45 pm


21 Sherman ECC Toddler & Me Play-group 10:15 am Sisterhood Bowling 10:30 am Adult Ed: Mishna Class 12:00 pm Daytimers Film Festival: Little White Lie 7:45 pm Ma’ariv 9:30 am

26 Hanukkah, 4 Candles

27 Hanukkah, 5 Candles

Sherman ECC Closed No Religious School

Sherman ECC Closed

7:45 pm


10:15 am Sisterhood Bowling 10:30 am Adult Ed: Mishna Class 7:45 pm Ma’ariv





Rosh Hodesh Kislev 6:45 am 9:30 am 9:30 am 7:00 pm 7:45 pm


Shaharit Adult Ed: Breishit I - From Adam to Abraham Sisterhood Mah Jongg Israel Movie Night Ma’ariv

2 9:30 am 4:28 pm 6:30 pm 7:15 pm

Shaharit Parasha: Toldot Bow Tie Shabbat Israel Shabbat Bar Mitzvah: Landen Orbach 12:40 pm Shabbat Torah Study 4:15 pm Minha/Torah Study/Ma’ariv 7:30 pm Sherman ECC PJ Havdalah 9:30 am

Sherman ECC Shabbat Sing Candle Lighting Kabbalat Shabbat Seminary Shabbat Dinner

8 6:45 am 9:30 am 9:30 am 7:45 pm

Shaharit Adult Ed: Breishit I - From Adam to Abraham Sisterhood Mah Jongg Ma’ariv

9 9:30 am 4:28 pm 6:30 pm

9:30 am 7:00 pm 7:45 pm

Shaharit Adult Ed: Breishit I - From Adam to Abraham Sisterhood Mah Jongg Sherman ECC Parent Game Night Ma’ariv

9:30 am 7:45 pm

Shaharit Adult Ed: Breishit I - From Adam to Abraham Sisterhood Mah Jongg Ma’ariv

Hanukkah, 6 Candles Sherman ECC Closed 6:45 am 9:30 am 7:45 pm

Shaharit Sisterhood Mah Jongg Ma’ariv

9:30 am

16 9:30 am 4:30 pm 6:30 pm

Sherman ECC Shabbat Sing Candle Lighting Kabbalat Shabbat

22 6:45 am 9:30 am

10 Shaharit Parasha: Va-yetzei 10:45 am STAR Shabbat 12:30 pm Tabletop Games Kiddush 12:40 pm Shabbat Torah Study 4:15 pm Minha/Torah Study/Ma’ariv Bat Mitzvah: Rebekah Baiden 6:00 pm Gala: Rededicating Our Home

Sherman ECC Shabbat Sing Candle Lighting Kabbalat Shabbat

15 6:45 am 9:30 am


17 Shaharit Parasha: Va-yera Bar Mitzvah: Jason Schutz 10:45 am Gan Shabbat 12:00 pm Z’mirot Shabbat 12:40 pm Shabbat Torah Study 4:00 pm Family Havdalah Program 4:15 pm Minha/Torah Study/Ma’ariv 9:30 am

23 Erev Hanukkah, 1 Candle 9:30 am 4:33 pm 6:30 pm

Sherman ECC Shabbat Sing and Hanukkah Sing-a-Long Candle Lighting Kabbalat Shabbat

29 Hanukkah, 7 Candles Rosh Hodesh Tevet Sherman ECC Closed 4:38 pm 6:30 pm

Candle Lighting Kabbalat Shabbat


Shaharit Parasha: Va-yeishev Auf Ruf: Justin Boiling 12:40 pm Shabbat Torah Study 4:20 pm Minha/Torah Study/Ma’ariv 6:00 pm Chinese Food and a Movie 9:30 am

30 Hanukkah, 8 Candles


New Year’s Eve Sherman ECC Closed Shaharit Parasha: Mi-ketz 12:40 pm Shabbat Torah Study 4:25 pm Minha/Torah Study/Ma’ariv 9:30 am

Congregation Har Shalom


Social Action/Tikkun Olam (SATO)

Sharing Your Blessings

Marjorie Klein, Chair • 301-299-7087, ext. 250 |

Jack Markowitz, Chair • 301-299-7087 ext. 325 |

DECEMBER COLLECTION Used Towels / Unopened Pet Food & Toys (no glass please!) for The Montgomery County Animal Shelter and Holiday Gift Cards for food, pharmacy, clothing.

LET’S BUILD A GARDEN! Do you have a green thumb? Har Shalom needs your help building a garden behind the shul. We’ll start small and hope to harvest vegetables to donate to Manna Food Center. Connect with nature and each other in this unique way of sharing our blessings. Whether you are a gardening maven or novice, we welcome you to the gardening team. Contact Marjorie Klein at to get involved.

GIFT WRAPING AT BARNES AND NOBLES Each year Har Shalom members volunteer at Barnes & Noble, Rockville, wrapping customer gifts and raising money for Stepping Stones Shelter. In 2015 we raised over $4,000! You must pre-register. Gift wrap dates begin Black Friday morning and continue into December; if interested, send an email to If you can’t volunteer, please visit B&N on the Pike where we will gladly wrap any Hanukkah gifts purchased at Barnes & Noble. Gift Wraping Dates: Dec 1,5 Dec 6 Dec 7-8 Dec 9 14 The Tablet

noon-8 pm noon-4 pm noon-8 pm 10 am-3pm

Dec 12 9 am-3 pm Dec 13,14,15 noon-4 pm Dec 19 9 am-3 pm

Sharing Your Blessings Campaign Kick Off The Sharing Your Blessings Annual Campaign starts now and runs through Hanukkah, a season of giving and generosity. Our goal is to help those in financial need to affordably join or remain as members of Congregation Har Shalom. The funds raised by our campaign will enable families to participate fully as members of Congregation Har Shalom, including ensuring their children are able to attend religious school, and that they have access to the services provided by our clergy as they face difficult life cycle events. This year the Campaign will continue the strategy adopted last year to fulfill this mitzvah. First, we commit to donors that the full amount of their donations will be used to defray the membership and educational costs of members in need. Second, as a thank you to donors, Har Shalom will also offer benefits as described on a Sharing Your Blessings Commitment Form found on the next page. We hope Har Shalom members will continue their traditional generousity to this Campaign. We will gratefully accept any gift.

Sharing Your Blessings | Continued

The Torah teaches that we are all responsible for one another and commands us to support one another according to our means. Sharing Your Blessings is a campaign that allows congregants to fulfill this mitzvah and ensure that no congregant is turned away from membership or having their child participate in a Jewish education because of financial need. Please consider participating at the level that is most appropriate for you in 2016-2017 (5777). Specific Benefits as Listed. All contributions are welcome no matter the size. CHUPPAH (CANOPY) A contribution of $5,400 or more

ANAF (BRANCH) A contribution of $1,800



Acknowledgment on Har Shalom Wall Plaque (Hallway between Burke and Social Hall)

• •

Acknowledgment on Har Shalom Wall Plaque

Invitation for Two Persons to a Special Rabbi’s Reception,

A Reserved Parking Space for the High Holy Days

Two Reserved Seats for the High Holy Days (5778) in your choice of the Burke Sanctuary or Social Hall,

• •

A Reserved Parking Space for the High Holy Days AND Either One Additional Reserved Parking Space OR Two Additional Reserved Seats for the High Holy Days in 5778.

ALEH (LEAF) A contribution of $3,600

GEZA (TRUNK) A contribution of $1,000 Benefits:

• •

Acknowledgment on Har Shalom Wall Plaque Invitation for Two Persons to a Special Rabbi’s Reception

SHORESH (ROOT) A contribution of $360


• •

Invitation for Two Persons to a Special Rabbi’s Reception

Acknowledgment on Har Shalom Wall Plaque Invitation for Two Persons to a Special Rabbi’s Reception

Two Reserved Seats for the High Holy Days (5778) in your choice of the Burke Sanctuary or Social Hall

A Reserved Parking Space for the High Holy Days (5778)

Benefit: Acknowledgment on Har Shalom Wall Plaque All levels indicate an additional annual contribution added to your basic dues obligations. Payment by December 30, 2016 is encouraged.

Sharing Your Blessings Form Please complete and send back or drop off at Congregation Har Shalom, 11510 Falls Rd, Potomac, MD 20854

Yes, I would like to participate at the following level in FY2016-17 (check the appropriate box): Chuppah: $5,400 or more

Aleh: $3,600

Anaf: $1,800

Geza: $1,000

Shoresh: $360

Name: Address: Email: Please complete one of the following:

Enclosed is my Sharing Your Blessings contribution of


Please bill me for my Sharing Your Blessings contribution of


You may wish to consult your CPA or tax advisor to determine the extent to which the above contribution is tax deductible.

Congregation Har Shalom


Family News & B’nai Mitzvah Leslie Albershardt, Assistant to the Clergy • 301-299-7087, ext 223 |

Mazal Tov: Mickey Burstein on the 54th anniversary of his Bar Mitzvah. Rabbi Captain Irving Elson on his retirement from the United States Navy, as Deputy Chaplain of the Marine Corps. Rabbi Raskin and Hazzan Ozur Bass were in attendance at the Naval Academy ceremony. Alan & Hannah Fisher on the bris of their grandson, Lucas Alexander (Eliyahu Alexander) Fisher, son of David & Katrina Fisher, and younger brother of Sammy.


Landen Orbach Son of Yaron & Erica Orbach

Rebecca & Kerynn Holtzman, in celebration of their children, Charley Mae and Oliver Ethan, grandchildren of Toby & Matthew Holtzman. Charlie & Dawn Meyers on their 35th anniversary. Susie Edelson on her birthday. Phyllis & David Coburn on the engagement of their son Brian to Yael Isaac, daughter of Sherry Rosen and Ephraim Isaac. Beverly Kragen on the marriage of her daughter, Robin Kragen, to Gabe Sussman on September 25th. Barry & Rita Wertlieb and Ronald & Donna Oser on the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Zoe Wertlieb, daughter of Scott & Marcie Wertlieb.

12/10/2016 - minha

Rebekah Baiden Daughter of Daniel & Sarah Baiden

August Spector on the 60th anniversary of his Bar Mitzvah. Phil Priesman on his birthday. The Hon. Irma Raker on receiving the Simon E. Sobeloff Law Society Award. Rabbi Raskin attended and offered a benediction at the event. 12/17/2016


Jason Schutz Son of Brian Schutz & Lori Shapiro-Schutz

Joanna Rubin on the passing of her grandmother, Janet Torchinsky. Jeffrey Rosenbloom on the passing of his mother, Esther Rosenbloom-Berle. Nancy Oestreicher on the passing of her mother, Rose Kahane.

Family Announcements Let us know about the changes in your life so we can share in the moments that matter to you, simhas and life-cycle events alike. Call Leslie in the Clergy Office at 301.299.7087 ext. 223

16 The Tablet

Upcoming Dinners

Daytimers 301-299-7087, ext. 275 |

Friday, Dec. 2nd

JTS Seminary Dinner

Saturday, Dec. 24th

Hanukkah Chinese Food Dinner and a Movie

Friday, Jan 6th

Kaskeset-A-Cappella & Dinner

Friday, Jan 20th

Scholar-in-Residence Dinner

Register for one or more dinners online at under the "Events & Programs" menu tab.

Daytimers Film Festival: Little White Lie Wednesday, December 21, at 12:00 pm

Prep for Holiday ay Shopping. Sh Shopping. Har Make H ar Shalom Sha Shallom your First Stop! p

The third film in the Daytimers Jewish Film Festival, Little White Lie, will be shown on Wednesday, December 21. Little White Lie is a film about family secrets, denial, and the power of telling the truth. Filmmaker Lacey Schwartz tells her own story of trying to reconcile her newfound African American heritage with her Jewish upbringing. Her documentary raises the question of what defines our identity – our family of origin or the family that raises us? The film starts at 12:30pm, but bring a dairy or pareve lunch and join us at Noon. As always, dessert and beverages will be on us.

GIFT CARDS Daytimers Event Coordinators


From forums to intergeneration programs, Daytimers programing is an integral part of our synagogue family. We are looking for people interested in planning Daytimers event in the synagogue. You can plan an ongoing series of events or arrange a single activity.

Order Online: Questions? Call today 301.299.7087

Contact the office at

SHOP AMAZON. SUPPORT HAR SHALOM Giving to Har Shalom has never been easier. Now you can support the synagogue effortlessly. Simply click the Amazon icon at the bottom of the website to get started. As you complete your regular online shopping on, a portion of your purchase goes towards Congregation Har Shalom. There is no additional cost to you. The contributions are made by Amazon! Congregation Har Shalom


Sisterhood Susan Rabkin, President • 301-299-7087 |

2017 Mah Jongg Cards Available for Order through Har Shalom Sisterhood!

Second Annual Lord & Taylor Shopping Day Fundraiser Wednesday, December 14 Sisterhood is holding its second annual Lord & Taylor Shopping Day Fundraiser on Wednesday, December 14. Sisterhood will earn a percent of all sales that day made by Har Shalom shoppers at the White Flint branch of Lord & Taylor. This is a great opportunity to pick up some Chanukah gifts! Your card will be mailed directly to you at the end of March from the National Mah Jongg League

Individuals or groups are welcome to submit orders!

Free snacks will be available at the store for our customers from 5-9 pm. If you buy anything that day, your name will be entered into a drawing for some great door prizes, which will take place at 9 pm. Winners need not be present to win. More information to come!

—‡•–‹‘•ǫ ‘–ƒ…– Š›ŽŽ‹•‘„—” †’…‘„—”ͷ̻‰ƒ‹ŽǤ…‘ 2017 Mah Jongg Card Order Form Please send completed form with check (payable to Sisterhood of Congregation Har Shalom) Address: Sisterhood of Congregation Har Shalom 11510 Falls Road, Potomac, MD 20854 Name

Sunday, December 18, from 9 am – 2 pm

Email Address Address

Small Card ($8)

Large Card ($9)

All orders (including payment) must be received by Wedneday, January 25, 2017

18 The Tablet

Used Childen’s Book, Clothing, and Toy Sale Sisterhood and the Religious School are holding a Used Book, Clothing, and Toy Sale on Sunday, December 18 from 9 am – 2 pm! All profits from this fundraiser will be donated to the Har Shalom Religious School. This is a great opportunity to clean out your closets. Please start collecting any new or gently used toys, children’s clothing, and children’s or young adult books to donate to our sale. Collection boxes will be available at Har Shalom. Do plan on coming to the sale for some real bargains! Anyone who would like to help with this event, please contact Eileen Sherr at

Sisterhood | Continued

Sisterhood Daytime Book Club

Sisterhood Mah Jongg

Wednesday, December 7, at 1 pm

Every Thursday at 9:30 am

On Wednesday, December 7, the Sisterhood Daytime Book Club will discuss the book Don’t Let My Baby Do Rodeo by Boris Fishman. Ellen Cades will facilitate our discussion.

Mah Jongg is back. We meet every Thursday morning at Har Shalom. Please drop in. Call Marjorie Klein at 301-365-3877 for information.

Boris Fishman smartly observes that the assimilation novel and road-trip novel make good partners. Both, after all, are about finding freedom. In this comic novel about parenting infused with emotional intelligence, the Russian immigrant parents of an eccentric adopted child head west to explore his roots and learn a few things about their own. We will be reading My Name is Lucy Barton written by Elisabeth Strout to be discussed on Wednesday, January 4, 2017. The discussion will start at 1:00pm, but join us for conversation at 12:30. Check for location as you enter the building.

Support Our Congregants! It’s A Mitzvah! You Can Help! Did you know that Sisterhood has a Bikkur Holim Committee which provides kosher meals to ease the burden on Har Shalom families who are dealing with the illness of a family member? This committee is headed by Ruth Levin. If you know of a family who could benefit from this service, please let Ruth know by phone at 301-251-9373 or You can also contact the Rabbi’s secretary, Leslie, at 301-299-7087 ext. 223. Please consider making a donation to Sisterhood to support this Mitzvah. This is a wonderful way to help members of our own Har Shalom community.

Sisterhood Bowling Wednesdays at 10:15 am For those who like to bowl, please keep in mind that Har Shalom ladies meet on Wednesdays at Bowl America on Clopper Road in Gaithersburg. For further information, please contact Bena Siegel by phone at 301-642-8171.

Kitchen Help/Kiddush Club Do you like to cook? Har Shalom is looking for adult volunteers to help in the kitchen on Friday mornings and early afternoons to prepare for kiddushes. Cooking experience helpful, but not required. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Congregation Har Shalom


Men’s Club Keith Hartman, President • 301-299-7087, ext. 411 |

Join Us For Tastings Provided by Montgomery County’s 1st Distillery

Men’s Club Speaker Series and Brunch: Martin Sieff

Sunday, December 4, 2016, 6:30 pm

Sunday, December 18, 2016, at 9:15 am

The “good old days” are back in Rockville! In Spring 2014, Twin Valley Distillers, the first distillery to operate in Montgomery County since the end of Prohibition, opened its doors at 711 East Gude Drive. The local distillery is the pride of its owner and founder, Edgardo Zuniga. Twin Valley Distillers locally distills premium spirits including whiskey, vodka, rum, bourbon and gin.

The Men’s Club Brunch on Sunday, December 18 will feature Martin Sieff, Online Columnist for the Baltimore Post Examiner and author of the Politically Incorrect Guide to the Middle East. He has reported from the Middle East for thirty years. In addition, he was State Department bureau chief for the Washington Times and has reported for the National Review, Jerusalem Post and the American Conservative. He has received three nominations for the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting.

Edgar will describe the distilling process, answer questions and provide tastings of the various spirits. Following the tasting period, there will be light fare, schmoozing and drinks to purchase. This event is limited to adults (21 and over) from Har Shalom, other synagogues and the local community. Registration is available through the Har Shalom website, at Admission to the tasting is $18 in advance or $20 at the door.

His presentation will focus on the challenges facing the incoming President, a particularly timely topic after the election on November 8. The Brunch will begin at 9:15 am, and Mr. Sieff’s presentation will begin at approximately 10:15 am.

Questions? Email

Got an idea? We love hearing from our Har Shalom community. Your thoughts and contributions make Congregation Har Shalom a wonderful place to be Jewish! You can help by planning Events and Programs to enhance the principles of Jewish living within the Congregation Har Shalom community. Visit

Men’s Club Shabbat Service S at Bright View Assisted Living December 24 On one Saturday morning each month the Men’s Club leads an abbreviated Shabbat service for the residents of Bright View Assisted Living on Darnestown Road. We do the main prayers of the Friday night and Saturday morning services, discuss the Torah portion for the week, and end with a Kiddush of challah, cookies, and grape juice or wine. We also deliver meals to shut-ins through JSSA’s Meals-onWheels program. This is an ideal activity for retirees who are looking for an additional way to help the community. If you are interested in helping with any of these worthwhile activities, contact Mark Berlin at

20 The Tablet


We Gratefully Acknowledge the Following Contributions . . . Bernie Witt Fund Mrs. Carol Witt

In Memory of

Building Improvement Fund

Benjamin Jaffa, father of Joe Joe & Zeevia Jaffa Nathan Baum Martin Baum

In Honor of Carole Marcus Robert & Harriet Shub

Cantor Cal Chizever ECEC Scholarship Fund In Honor of The Sherman ECC Daniel & Carly Litwok Cantor Cal Chizever Richard & Karen Rothman

Capital Camp. 50thAnniv. Donation Fund Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rothman In Honor of Kallat B’eishit of Susan Grant Ellan, Ed, and Jonathan Abramowitz

Debbie Karch Children’s Library Fund Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Remer In Memory of Gerald Davidson, my father Lois Engel Sara Stein, mother of Ruth William & Ruth Oshinsky

General Operating Fund Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Woronow Dr. Joel & Mrs. Leslie Susskind Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Miller Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Adler Mr. & Mrs. John Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Neal Brown Mr. B Van Adelsberg Mr. Michael Haselkorn Mrs. Carol Witt Mrs. Marilyn Friesman

In Memory of Kate & Adolph Rosenfeld Alan Esenstad & Tracy Threefoot Pearl Gottesman, mother of Larry Gottesman James & Lynn Mintzer

Community of Caring Fund

Joseph Oestreicher Kenneth & Nancy Oestreicher Philip Levin, brother of Barbara Laurence & Barbara Levitan Jeanette Wineburgh, sister of Melvin Melvin & Linda Slan Irving Seidman, father of Bobbi Richard & Bobbi Goldwater Abraham Lustgarten, father of Stephen Lillian Hochbarg, mother of Barbara Samuel Ross, father of Barbara Stephen & Barbara Lustgarten Charles Oshinsky, father of Billy William & Ruth Oshinsky

Hazzan’s Discretionary Fund Mr. & Mrs. Alan Fisher In Honor of Hazzan Ozur Bass Steve & Wendy Susswein

Morris & Lillian Cahan Adult Education Fund Dr. & Mrs. August Spector In Honor of Rabbi Josh Cahan Richard & Karen Rothman

Speedy Recovery to Rabbi Leonard Cahan Richard & Karen Rothman

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund Mr. & Mrs. Alan Fisher Mr. & Mrs. David Barash In Honor of Birth of Dylan Case Reiter, my grandson Gerald Rabinovitz Rabbi Adam Raskin Hanna Lee Pomerantz Steve & Wendy Susswein

In Memory of Hevra Kadisha Fund Mr. & Mrs. David Abrams Ilene Abrams Gemilut Hasadim Fund

Dr. Ronald M. Pomerantz, husband of Hanna Lee Maximo & Daisy Singer

Speedy Recovery to

In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. David Abrams Jesse Freed Miriam Freed Helen Pomerantz Hanna Lee Pomerantz Sylvia Goldscheider, my mother Judy Abrams

In Honor of Bat Mitzvah of Zoe, granddaughter of Rita & Barry Wertlieb Hanna Lee Pomerantz

Rabbi Leonard Cahan Maximo & Daisy Singer Roberta Lasken Richard & Karen Rothman

Youth Activities Fund Mr. & Mrs. Alan Fisher

In Honor of 60th Anniversary of Norman & Marilyn Cohen Helene Feldman

Plant A Tree in Israel Online Giving Did you know you can give online? It’s quick and convenient. Visit

Honor a friend or loved one with a tree in their name. JNF will donate 20% back to Har Shalom and 5% to United Synagogue to support congregational Israel programs. Call 1-800-542-TREE and mention United Synagogue and Har Shalom.

Congregation Har Shalom




Complete Personalized Property Care In Your Community Since 1978. Property Maintenance Turf, Tree & Shrub Care Irrigation & Outdoor Lighting Landscape Design & Installation 703-641-4790 8620 Park Street ¡ Vienna, VA 22180



LICENSED • BONDED • INSURED License # 130455 Specializing in Roofing, Siding, Gutters and Painting

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From your choice of sparkling new event spaces, to oversized rooms overlooking the bright city lights, one of life’s biggest milestones is even bigger at Cambria. • Oversized rooms ideal for large families • Catering & planning services                !  ! " #$

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Heavy-Ups • Circuit Breakers Electrical Repairs • Home Generators Exterior/Interior Lighting • Ceiling/Attic Fans Service & Installation

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Since 1927



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(301) 320-6151

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Quality Assisted Living at an Affordable Price

99932 (N) • Congregation Har Shalom • Potomac, MD

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Full Service Plumbing & Heating 4916 Cordell Avenue

301-652-0478 301-656-2831 Let Us Make Your Table Shine Polishing, silver plating, and repair of your finest flatware, hollowware, candelabras, trays, and Judaica items.




4110 HOWARD AVENUE ¡ KENSINGTON, MD 20895 FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION CALL: (800) 364-0684 • 34 Ironia Road • Flanders, NJ 07836 inside left

Eden Kosher Homes is a charming and elegant private assisted living home, located in a residential neighborhood in Potomac, MD. As the only Jewish-owned and operated assisted-living home in Montgomery County, MD, Eden Kosher Homes offers a comfortable lifestyle in a Jewish environment with kosher meals prepared by an on-staff chef. Shabbat and all Jewish holidays are observed in the traditional manner. Eden Kosher Homes ... a kosher assisted living facility where Eden Kosher Homes is the only Jewish seniors remain active in a neighborhood environment. Jewish-owned kosher assisted-living

Eden Kosher Homes • 301-299-0090 11500 Gainsborough Road · Potomac, MD 20854

Installation · Repairs · Maintenance

WWW.MIDLANDGARAGEDOORS.NET · (240) 629-8095 A Beautiful Tradition Serving the Community with a Beautiful, Meaningful Memorial Park, and Chapel, Caring, Professional Staff, and Convenient, Mid-County Location:

facility in Montgomery County, MD


Har Shalom At Judean Memorial Gardens

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Traditional Jewish Burial Service ~ Since 1976 Har Shalom Congregation owns a selection of sites at Judean and congregants who purchase their sites from the synagogue are entitled to receive discounts on their “completion items,” including Liners, Installations, and Memorial Markers. Pre-Need purchasing can ease some of the stressful decision making loved ones will face in a future, difficult time - while locking in today’s lower prices. To reserve your sites, please call Executive Director, Shelley Engel at the synagogue: 301-299-7087. For questions about your Memorial Estate, call 301-384-1000. Our supportive, state-licensed Memorial Counselors will help you make the right choices.

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Services We Provide · Companionship · Transport To Doctors Office and Other Appointments · Respite Care · Daily Reports Of Activities and Events · Medication Reminders


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The Tablet - December 2016  
The Tablet - December 2016