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B’nai Israel

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Robert A. Silvers Senior Rabbi

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Allison B. Cohen Assistant Rabbi

Stephanie Shore Cantor

Sarah Freudenberger Cantorial Associate

Steve Allen

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Director of Lifelong Learning Director of Early Childhood Education

Kim Beame Director of Religious Education

Richard D. Agler, DD Rabbi Emeritus

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Susan Mayer

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Robin Siegal

David Hollander

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Dara Siegel

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Vicky Weiner

VP Strategic & Long Range Planning






Board of Trustees

Andrea Cannon Peter Davidson Ira Ginsberg Susi Glatt Eric Handis Joshua Krut Sharon Landau Rachel Fallet-Lax Susan Mayer

David Ogman Adam Shapiro Bonnie Shimel Dara Siegel Jason Solodkin Jeff Young Ronna Young Jeff Zadoff


Past Presidents Robin Siegal Gary Weiner Phil Nadel Sue Goldman Leslie Kantor Renée Nadel Peter Weintraub Melvin Kalfus z"l David Kantor Joseph Wasch Joel S. Nadel z"l



Honorary Members James Cohen Larry Feldman Douglas Feurring

Stuart Graff Alma Kalfus

Harold Schwalb z"l

Monte Friedkin



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By the time you read this, I will have already landed in Israel with the CBI Confirmation Class of 5778! By the time you read this, we will have already stepped foot into the Holy City that is Jerusalem. By the time you read this, a relationship with the land of Israel will have already begun for these young adults, and there is no turning back!

My first journey to Israel was on NFTY’s EIE High School program where I lived on Kibbutz Tzuba for a semester of my sophomore year. There, my Jewish History class and Hebrew courses shed new light on the importance of the land of Israel. Visiting each site, while learning its history, brought the Torah to life, and I started to find the connections between the physical land and our sacred texts right before my eyes. It was not until I began to explore Israel – the history, the land and the language – that I began to cultivate my Jewish identity, intellectually, religiously and spiritually. Later, after being accepted into Rabbinical School, I had the opportunity to spend my first year of study in Israel. Having already established my love for the land, I was able to examine it with a new lens, a more critical lens. It was then I realized there was one very important part of Israel I had failed to encounter during my semester in high school: the people. Little did I know that while in America, Reform Judaism is the largest Jewish denomination, in Israel, it is the (Haredi) Ultra-Orthodox. I soon came to learn that Israel unequally allocates power to one stream of Judaism - the Ultra-Orthodox - and full of emotion, I became an intern for Women of the Wall, striving for religious pluralism. Now, I have the privilege of sharing Israel with others, in the hope that this journey will strengthen the Jewish identity of these young adults. What will I teach them? What will I say when they ask the same questions I did: How do you love an Israel that does not fully accept the type of Jew you are: a Reform Jew? How do you love an Israel that does not treat all of its people with equality? How do you love an Israel that many times puts exclusivity above coexistence?

Like any relationship, one must take the flaws with all that is beloved. The same is true with our Jewish homeland, Israel, and this is a more difficult concept to teach. I will show these young adults what it feels like on Shabbat, when the cars clear the streets of Jerusalem and it seems as if the whole world pauses with you to rest and live on Jewish time. I will speak, sing and pray with them in Hebrew, just so they can know the world and hidden meanings the language brings with it. And yet, as much disappointment it causes me to feel, I will bring them to the complex Western Wall. There, I will remind them of all the generations that stood there before them, all who they stand with in spirit, and all who will make the pilgrimage after them. Israel is our homeland. It represents sacrifice and strength. It represents holiness and spirituality. It is for the religious and the secular, the wanderer and the impatient. It holds the history of our past within its cobblestones, and we—the present—represent its ‘hope’ for a brighter future—hatikvah. By the time you read this, I will be teaching that it is our voice and our support that can help make a difference. I will be teaching that it is not possible for Israel to be one’s homeland until he or she has wrestled with the land and learned to embrace it: its strengths and its flaws. After all, Israel is our homeland; there’s just more work to be done. Please join us on Friday, July 6th at 6:00 pm in the Hollander Family Chapel to hear the reflections from our Israel Trip confirmands, and please consider donating to the CBI Pollock Youth Scholarship Fund which helps send our teens to Israel each summer.

Rabbi Cohen




“CBI MAKES LIFE’S JEWISH JOURNEY MORE MEANINGFUL TOGETHER THROUGH APPROACHABLE RELEVANT JUDAISM IN AN INVITING, SUPPORTING AND INSPIRATIONAL HOME” Over the past 6 months, your leadership, staff, and clergy have been working hard to answer four critical questions about Congregation B’nai Israel: Who does our synagogue serve, Why does our synagogue exist, What does our synagogue promise to our members, and How should our synagogue be experienced. These four questions together make up our DNA – the unique identifier that connects all of us to CBI. We are here to meet the Jewish needs of the Greater Boca Raton area by offering a religious experience, which allows our members to keep up, and be part of their modern, up-to-date life-style. We know our members live very busy, highly structured lives. They are highly accomplished and do what is expected of them, including attending High Holiday services and life cycle events. We are determined to change the paradigm that our members complain that they “rarely enjoy my time at synagogue because it is not relevant to my busy life, yet I go because it is my obligation”. This is whom we serve. We exist to offer our members a connected community that will allow each and every member to make life’s Jewish Journey more meaningful together. We



will accomplish this because we hold the beliefs that our congregation should be a connected family that Judaism is always relevant and we should be here for you at every stage of life. This is why we are here. We offer approachable, relatable Judaism by promising our members to be welcoming from the first Shalom, providing the best education for life, offering the safest place to be you with surprisingly engaging services and nourishing your soul through continually helping others. This is what we stand for. We will do this by continuing to be inviting, inspirational, and supportive to each and every member. As DNA in biology contains the instructions needed for organisms to develop, survive and thrive, the CBI DNA contains the instruction needed for our congregation to develop, survive and thrive. We will accomplish this as each and every one of us connects, in whatever way we feel is meaningful, through involvement in Congregation B’nai Israel – Connecting By Involvement. “Do as much as you can and then just a little more".


It has been a very busy season both professionally and personally this spring. I am so blessed to have my children be a part of Congregation B’nai Israel’s amazing schools. My entire family participates in every aspect of the synagogue. You see, for me this is not just a job. CBI is our life. I’ll be honest, though, because I work most Friday nights, some of our Shabbat dinners consist of frozen dinosaur chicken nuggets and squeezy fruit pouches eaten in our administrative office copy room! One Jewish value that my older daughter Aria has gotten serious about this year has been tzedakah. While I was growing up, I attended Sunday religious school with my younger brothers. Every Sunday we each were given a dollar bill in the car on the way to the temple to turn in for our class tzedakah envelope. It was a tradition. So, when Aria began Sunday school in kindergarten, I started doing the same. We also experiment with bringing in a dollar from her piggy bank that she earns for helping around the house so that she gives her “own” money. In the beginning of this year she brought home a tzedakah box from Jewish National Fund and told me that she wants to fill it up. I said, sure. The kids have also both made tzedakah boxes as art projects, we have received PJ Library tzedakah boxes in the mail, Magen David Adom boxes from my grandma, and more. We have a lovely collection of boxes and piggy banks all over our house each with a little change, so I thought this new addition would just be one more to add to our collection. However, recently, Aria proclaimed, “Our box is full! I am bringing it to Sunday School to give to tzedakah!” She has been collecting the change all year and pooling it into this box so that she could maximize her giving. She was so proud to walk in with her full tzedakah box to turn it in. This was just one example of

how our School for Living Judaism really instills Jewish values into our children. This was a powerful moment for me as a parent because in this world of paying for everything online, our charitable giving has been online or over the phone, and because of that unseen by our kids. It made me realize how important the ritual of putting change in a tzedakah box is, traditionally done before Friday night Shabbat dinner. My family’s ritual of bring tzedakah to Sunday school has been carried on with my children, but I want to make it a point to give more, and give more as a family. Maybe before we come to synagogue for Friday night services we can all empty our wallets into Aria’s special tzedakah box. I hope that you too can make a vow to give more this coming year, and share the experience of giving with your whole family. We have a variety of funds supporting all of our different programs and services here at Congregation B’nai Israel, like the Pollock Youth Scholarship Fund, Rabbis’ and Cantors’ discretionary funds, Kantor Family Center for Justice Fund, and many more. We also have a gorgeous tzedakah box right outside our sanctuary that rotates a different fund each month, where you can bring your children before Friday night services to start a new tradition of giving.





Once again, with the summer months approaching, the thoughts are that we can slow down our pace and take a well-deserved vacation. Well here at CBI there is never any down time for my hard-working staff, so even though we all will take some time away from our desks, the majority of time will be spent, (and has started already) planning for the upcoming EARLY High Holy Days which begin with Selichot on September 1st! I am not sure if anyone is aware of the massive, collective process that goes into the planning by our Clergy, High Holy Day committee, and Administrative staff to make your experience in our Sanctuary during the High Holy Days a smooth and inspirational experience. At the same time, there is planning by both of our terrific schools for the next school year which begins before you can even imagine. Being a New Yorker we always felt we had until after Labor Day to get out of the summer mode and transition back, but not here in South Florida! Linda Harris and our unrivaled preschool, and Kim Beame and our highly accredited Religious School are planning schedules, curriculum, staffing, programs and events well in advance of the opening of their respective schools with their outstanding staff members to ensure a smooth and welcoming opening of their school year.

Then comes fall, and we are planning a welcome back event for our Congregation on August 19th which will be fun for the entire family and all staff will be present to start off the new year. Save the date for "A Taste of CBI". This will be followed by Social Action programs, Brotherhood & Sisterhood programming, and of course our year-long CBI Inspires Series involving top Inspirational speakers, a high level Jewish musical performer and capped by our major fundraiser (surprise, surprise!) on Saturday night, April 6, 2019. Save the date now and yes, there will be babysitting! As I approach my 20th year as an Executive Director in the non-profit world, and complete my third year as your Executive Director, I can honestly say that every aspect of CBI is cutting-edge from technology, personnel, services, programming and the everpresent feeling of building a warm and welcoming community. So, enjoy your summer, your family and any trips away you may take but remember your CBI family is always here for you. I look forward to individual meetings with many of you so please just call and come in and let’s chat about anything. It remains a privilege and an honor to be your CEO!

Spend the High Holy Days with our CBI Family.


Planning is underway!

While you’re reading this, you should have also received your 5779 High Holy Day Packet. Please note, the deadline is July 16, 2018 to submit all forms. We look forward to you joining us again this year! 6


L’ ‘ Shanah Tovah!


Time for Memorial

Shabbat Shuvah

Erev Rosh Hashanah

Erev Yom Kippur/Kol Nidrei

Sunday, September 9, 7:30 pm

Tuesday, September 18, 7:30 pm

Rosh Hashanah Day I

Yom Kippur

Thursday, September 6 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Friday, September 14, 7:30 pm Saturday, September 15, 9:00 M

Monday, September 10 Morning Service - Your choice Early - 8:30 am

Wednesday, September 19 Morning Service - Your choice Early - 8:30 am

Late - 12:00 pm Children’s Service, 3:15 pm

Late - 12:00 pm Fast Talk, 2:45 pm Children’s Service, 3:15 pm Afternoon Service, 4:30 pm Concluding Services: Minchah, Yizkor & Neilah, 5:30 pm Sound Shofar, 7:00 pm

(Junior Congregation)

(Junior Congregation grades K-5)

Rosh Hashanah Day II

Tuesday, September 11, 10:00 am

It’s that time of year! High Holy Days are approaching... We are pleased to offer this opportunity for you to wish your CBI Friends and Family a Sweet, Healthy & Happy New Year! Whether it’s on behalf of your family or your business, take out a High Holy Day Greeting in Shelanu and send New Year wishes while supporting CBI! We have pre-designed beautiful ad options for you to choose from. All you need to do is choose the size and we will do the rest! Quarter Page - $18.00

text here

Half Page - $36.00

L’ Shanah Tovah

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L’ Shanah Tovah

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L’ Shanah Tovah

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Contact Erin Rosado at 561.241.8118 x130 or

text here

L’ Shanah Tovah

L’ Shanah Tovah

Limited s

Deadline: July 27, 2018


pace ava i




Enjoy Shabbat

this this Summer with CBI! B'nai on the Bimah Shabbat Services featuring YOU! June 8 - August 11 Summer Shabbat Schedule Fr iday Night Ser vices

5:30 pm - Delicious Pre-nosh 6:00 pm - Service followed by Oneg

Saturday Morning Ser vices

9:00 am - Service followed by Kiddush Brunch For the past 6 years, Congregation B’nai Israel has offered our members an opportunity to assist our Clergy in leading Friday Night and Shabbat morning services through our program, “B’nai on the Bimah”. It has been very rewarding and inspiring for those who have participated in the past to have read, chanted, sung, presented a D'var Torah, recited Torah blessings, lit candles, recited Kiddush or opened the Ark. The Ritual Committee continues to offer these as part of our continued efforts to get members familiar and comfortable on the Bimah at any level of experience or background. There are no regulations about who is able to participate or what you choose to do. In the past, individuals, families, friends, Chavurot, Sisterhood members, Choir members and musical groups have joined together to lead part or all the service. Your comfort level is the only thing that is important and that you enjoy your experience The Shabbat morning service is casual and relaxed and offers a learning experience about the weekly parashat, with inclusive discussions. Absolutely no previous knowledge is required to participate in the discussion. It is an opportunity to reflect on how our ancient Torah teachings



are relevant to our lives as Reform Jews in the 21st century. There are many honors and opportunities on Shabbat morning in which to participate such as carrying a Torah, opening the Ark, lifting or dressing the Torah, or chanting Torah blessings. You might even consider presenting a D’var Torah! One does not have to be a Talmudic scholar to deliver a D’var Torah. This is a great opportunity for you to study with one of our Rabbis and share your insights. One of our Rabbis will be happy to assist you in preparation for the D’var Torah. Talk to your Chavurah friends, family members, children, any group or any individual and decide what you would like to do, and how you would like to participate and the dates of your participation. We look forward to sharing this fun, exciting and inspiring experience and to open new doors for you this summer. Please contact me at for more information.

Susi Glatt




FREE DEMO CLASS THURSDAY, JUNE 28 7:00 pm • Zimmerman Family North Social Hall & s y a d s Tu e

s y a d s Th u r

July 10 - August 16

7:00 pm-8:15 pm

Zimmerman Family North Social Hall

Students 13 and up

CBI Members - $136 Community Guests - $176 50% discount for Students, Military & First Responders with valid ID

Space is Limi ted!

Register at CBIBOCA.ORG/KRAVMAGA CONGREGATION B'NAI ISRAEL or • 561.241.8118 WWW.CBIBOCA.ORG or contact Minda Shaiman at



As we approach those hot summer days, I think back on all the “cool” events that Sisterhood has sponsored this season including our Women of Valor Luncheon and Fashion Show, Chanukah Party and Toy Collection Drive, Zumba with Rabbi Cohen, Chocolate Seder, Back-to-School Backpack and School Supplies Collection, class with a personal trainer and nutrition consultant, Mitzvah Day project, Sisterhood Friday night Shabbat service, our team for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and the end-of-the-year Luncheon at Mizner Country Club. Thank you to our Social Advocacy Chairs, Annette Baine and Renee Markus, and to our speakers, Elaine Abrams and Barbara Silman, for an interesting and informative program in May on Human Trafficking. We look forward to bringing you more educational programs like this one. In May, we also participated in our annual Mother’s Day Flower Project where we assembled approximately 400 flower bouquets and delivered them to nursing



homes, shelters, and other facilities. These bouquets brought smiles to so many. Thank you to the following people who helped with our Mother’s Day Flower Project: Susan Stein-Chiesa, Sue Levine, Rosanna Howe, Judy Garber, Sharon Wishna, Amy Seidman, Sara Schenkman, Lidia Nahoum, Lynn Augenblick, Jay Riegelhaupt, Deena Lurie, Susan Goldman, Marcy Bratman, and Ali Rancman. Thank you to our Judaica Shop Manager, Sue Levine, for a very successful season. Stop by the store in the fall and see the beautiful Judaica and gifts! Our hard-working and dedicated Sisterhood Board members will be working over the summer to plan our upcoming season. In the fall, we are planning a special dessert event, which will be free to Sisterhood members, who have paid dues for the 2018-2019 season. I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!



It is amazing how fast this last year has flown by... Where has the time gone? It seems to go faster and faster every year, and suddenly, the summer is here. However, one thing I know is that we had a very busy and successful year with our Brotherhood. Plus, we had a lot of fun along the way. As Brotherhood President, I couldn’t be prouder! Watching and going to sporting events together, building a Sukkah, having our first annual Bourbon and Bros event, donating toys to make Chanukah special for some amazing kids, having a Brotherhood Shabbat service, and of course establishing Bagels & Bros are some of the programming highlights we had this past year. We also had many new faces join us this year. NCECE Dads, SLJ Dads, empty nesters and everyone in between. Little by little we got more new faces to come to our events and a lot of friendships were made along the way. The buzz got out by email, phone calls, and word of mouth. Our core of regulars grew this year, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon! Have you seen the official Brotherhood shirt yet? It’s a beauty that was sponsored by our Vice President and my partner in crime, Howie ”The Mold Inspector” Newmark. All you need to do to get one, is attend one of our events. If you have been to one of our events, thank you. If you

have not had the opportunity, you are missing out on one of CBI’s greatest groups. Some of our members are brand new to CBI, some have been involved with Brotherhood for years, and others have been members of CBI for a while but are new to Brotherhood. It’s never too soon or too late to get involved. As Howie, I mean Mikey said a long time ago, “try it you will like it”. If there is a new event that you would like to see, let’s talk about it and find a way to make it happen. If you want to see more of something, let’s talk about that, too. We are always open to new ideas-more members and programming are the keys to our long-term success. We are here to have fun, learn, give and build friendships. In closing, I am your Brotherhood President, and I want to hear from you. Please reach out to me anytime. I am always available. My number is 561-221-4263 and my personal email address is Drop me a line, send me an email, shoot me a text. I really enjoy getting to know people, and love making new friends. Have a safe and an enjoyable summer, and I look forward to seeing you really soon.





to our

New Members Allyson Adkins Merissa & Royee Alcalay Jessica & Mitchell Altro Erika Andersen Lisa Austein Martha & Graeme Bagg Mara & Jonathan Barack Karen & Norman Blomberg Gabriella & Kevin Borwick Sheila Butler Cory Butler Amanda & Joshua Calisti Elaine Challis Francesca & Matthew Cloud Laura & Bradly Cohen Maxine & Arnold Cohen Tara & Allan Cohen Callie & Frank Davies Roberta Palestine & Randall Elliot Jessica Fenster Anita Fitzpatrick Marti & George Freund Jen & Benjamin Friedman Alexis & Andrew Frisch Gabriela & Daniel Ganc

Barbara Bencomo & Harvey Garber Judith Garber Marla & Stephen Garchik Stacey & James Ginsburg Jake Goldberg Sarah Goldberg Alyssa & David Goldfarb Leona & Martin Gordon Irene Gottlieb Carolina Feijo & Nathan Greenberg Marilyn Greenberg Elisa & Brent Grossman Elizabeth & Jordan Hammer Jessica & Adam Handwerker Jessicia & Matthew Harris Ilene & Steven Hersh Sarah Holzer Arava Mohar & Erez Hon Barbara & Leslie Kalmus Joy & Gil Kaminer Madelyn Kane Genny & Andrew Kaufman Tobias & Rochelle Kaye Keri & Adam Kemper Shari & Kevin Kessler

There was a buzz of excitement in the air as members both new and old gathered for Cocktails & Conversation. The food was delicious, the drinks were flowing, the conversation was engaging and everyone had a great time. When it came time for the program, a ‘Kahoot’, let by Rabbi Keller, everyone whipped out their phones. The fierce as people raced to answer trivia 12 competition COME BE was INSPIRED

Sydney & Zachary Kirstein Elsa & Scott Kohl Beth & Ari Kornhaber Melissa & Michael Krantzow Taryn & Andrew Krasner Tobi & Sean Lebowitz Natalie & Sean Leder Gail Levey Beth & Perry Levine Jessica & Ryan Levy Gail & Harvey Lieberman Caryn & Josh Liszt Susan & Barry Lyman Rochelle Nappi Phyllis Nash Melvin Parker Miriam & Robert Parker Eva & Alan Pastor Erica & David Peterman Laurel Rom Hylene Rudinsky Arielle Cole & Howard Rudnick Susan & Jeffrey Rudnick Marisa & Randy Sachs Lisa & Alex Sandel

Shunit Sarid Aliza Sarid Farrah & Leigh Schachter Barbara Schenck Marcia Schiller-Silverstein Scott Silvers Jade & Adam Sklaver Marsha & Stuart Small Sheila Solow & Edwin Schwartz Scott Stein Rachel & Sean Tibor Erica & Jordan Tomalty Felicia & Samuel Toth Roberta Unger Trisha Wargin & Rodger Reiter Rachel & Daniel Wasserstein Sue & Sue Weber Rachel & Ian Weiner Brian Weprin

questions about CBI before the time ran out! We made new friends, signed up to join Chavurah groups and left with smiles on our faces. If you missed this event, keep an eye out for the next membership event and be part of the team that welcomes our new members. We promise all an enjoyable and entertaining night!

introducing.. Marcy Bratman Community Engagement Coordinator

Marcy Bratman grew up in Forest Hills, New York and now resides in Boca Raton. Marcy brings over 25 years of experience serving the Jewish community in Westport, Connecticut as a Synagogue Administrator at The Conservative Synagogue. She is truly missed by her colleagues, staff and the broader Westport community (but we are so happy she’s here!). At CBI, the passion in Marcy’s role as our Community Engagement Coordinator is evident, as she meets with perspective new members, assists with events, manages membership applications and renewals. Marcy also assists in maintaining the membership database.

Why Congregation B'nai Israel?

At CBI, we are taking a Jewish Journey together, attending classes, educating our children, worshiping and sharing our lifecycle events. Our style of Judaism is approachable – all are welcome here. We make Judaism relevant to our busy lives today as they exist. Our campus is warm and inviting. We are here to both support you and inspire you. If you know someone who may be interested in joining CBI, please have them contact us!

Steve Allen Marcy Bratman Susan Mayer Executive Director Community Engagement Coordinator VP of Membership 561.241.8118 561.241.8118 973.219.5774

What is a Chavurah ? A chavurah is a group of people with similar interests who gather together to learn, socialize, celebrate or comfort each other. Joining a chavurah is a great way to develop friendships. Think of it as a way to create a small community within a larger one. We have many existing chavurot at CBI and are creating new ones. You can join the Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Mommy Minyan, Connecting CBI, Blanket Buddies, Sandwich Brigade or Daddy and Me. You can volunteer at the synagogue or with the Kantor Family Center for Justice. Or you can help form our new chavurot: Fun & Games (mah jongg, canasta), Empty Nesters, SoFla Culture (music, movies & more), Reservations Please (dining out), Shabbat Together (potluck dinners in your home), Singles Connect, Nature Lovers and more! Contact Marcy Bratman or Susan Mayer for more information!





10 Gde Confirmation Class of 2018/5778

Front Row (L to R): Rabbi Cohen, Susan Linder, Zoe Goldberg, Sophie Borowski, Olivia Haut, Tara Hecht, Jenny Hanapole, Nicole Ruben, Cheryl Epstein, Cantorial Associate Sarah Freudenberger Back Row (L to R): Rabbi Silvers, Noah Seligson, Alec Schwartz, Nathan Lax, Skyler Hyman, Burke Bloom, Bradley Shimel, Alec Landau, Jared Ginter, Alan Katz, Alex Feldman, Rabbi Keller, Kim Beame

12 Gde Pt Confirmation Gduation Class of 2018/5778

Row(L to R): Rabbi Cohen, Lena Finkelstein, Sarah Alexander, Molly Schiller, Emily Posner, Emily Cohen, Sydney Lubetkin, 14 Front COME BE INSPIRED Cantorial Associate Sarah Freudenberger, Zoe Goldberg

Back Row (L to R): Rabbi Keller, Kyle Ginter, Alec Kain, Matthew Feder, Daniel Zelmanovich, Jake Flaks, Kim Beame, Rabbi Silvers


CLUB 345 • TAG • BISY BISY ran a successful bake sale to fundraise for Camp Jenny! Delicious treats were sold benefiting the camp. NFTY's Southern Area and Southern Tropical Regions' year-round mitzvah corps project, giving children from an economically disadvantaged Atlanta-area school the opportunity to receive tutoring and support throughout the year. Their experience culminates in a 4-day long camp at URJ’s Camp Coleman over Memorial Day Weekend. The students receive the love of big "brothers and sisters," three nutritious meals a day, and encouragement for the future. They also enjoy activities such as hiking in the mountains, water play, ziplining, arts and crafts, and a variety of sports and team building activities. It takes $500 just for one camper to attend the weekend. BISY raised over $1100 and was able to proudly send two campers this year! We are also excited to announce we have 6 BISY teens volunteering their time as camp counselors this year. We know that they will have an amazing time and can’t wait to hear all about it.

BISY/CBI was proud to sponsor the Together We Remember Interfaith Vigil. This organization combines technology, art, and activism to transform remembrance of past atrocities into a powerful tool for building peace in the present. The BISY teens participated in name reading, interfaith prayer and community celebration with interactive exhibits. Congressman Ted Deutch moved us with his words and we all walked away from the event inspired.

Club 345 Hoffman’s Chocolate Factory!




n o i t a u d a r Pre-K G

p U g n Movi 16



SPOTLIGHT Sue Levine Volunteer of the year

Sue Levine is no stranger to Congregation B’nai Israel. Her and her husband, Richard (Dick), have been members of CBI since 1996! The Levine’s became snowbirds in the 1990s before they decided sunny South Florida would be their permanent home. Sue’s not only active on the WRJ Sisterhood Board, she can be seen running the very successful Judaica shop. 3-4 times a week, she’s at the shop where she orders the fabulous products, pays the bills, sells to our members and completes all of the accounting! She’s still got some of the insurance sales talent in her from back in the day as you often can’t leave the shop without purchasing a beautiful product that Sue has personally sourced.

also they can often be found around town at dinner, shows and movies. Sue Levine is a wonderful fixture at CBI and can always be counted on to help with a smile. We are honored to have presented her with the Volunteer of the Year Award on Friday, May, 25th.

Dick and Sue always find time to keep up with their 5 children and 13 grandchildren who live all over the United States. When she’s not at CBI or with the grandkids, Sue’s in the kitchen cooking traditional Jewish foods but also then working out to keep herself in tip top shape. Most people can’t figure out where she gets so much energy. During the summer, Sue and her CBI “Gal Pals” attend Shabbat Services (one of her favorite things CBI has to offer),




Seen Life Is Good When You're Singin' With Susan! Hundreds of fans of our very own Miss Susan gathered both young and young-at-heart to celebrate her Chai anniversary. 18 years of bringing music and smiles to CBI. We sang, we danced, we celebrated and we ate a ton of ice cream! Mazel Tov, Miss Susan!

Sisterhood Shabbat The WRJ CBI Sisterhood is a group of strong, passionate women who do so much for our synagogue. At their Shabbat service they showed their love of prayer as they both led and participated in services. 18


Around CBI Mommy Minyan Rabbi Cohen and the ladies of Mommy Minyan came together for a special havdalah service in Delray Beach. They bonded over delicious appetizers and drinks at Batch Gastropub and then showed off their bowling skills at Frank Cinebowl. There may or may not have been some gutter balls, but that did not stop everyone from having an amazing evening!

Israel Fest Blue and white was all you saw as thousands of people celebrated Israel"s 70th Birthday, it's Independence with a concert by "The Shuk" and more!





Mazel Tov to our member Rita DiGiantomasso on the birth of her g re a t - g ra n d c h i l d re n , Phoenix and Pierce Spark, born to her grandson Anthony and Callan DiGiantomasso-Spark.

Mazel Tov to our members Leslie and David Kantor on the engagement of their daughter, Gavriele (Gavi) Kantor to Zachary Green.

Mazel Tov to our member Susan Klein on her daughter Judge Rebecca Dallet, elected as a Justice to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. She will be invested on August 6th at the state capital in Madison, WI.

Mazel Tov to Alexandra Katz on her upcoming Bat Mitzvah on 8.11.2018. Alexandra is the daughter of Denise & Aviv Katz and the grandchild of Eva & Pedro* Schmeichler and Hanna & Haim Katz. Alexandra attends Omni Middle School and enjoys soccer, swimming, and

Mazel Tov to our members, Natasha and Brian Weprin, on the birth of their son, Myles Spencer Weprin.


We Mourn the Loss of‌ Marcia Gray

Mother of David (Tara) Gray, grandmother of Alexandra and Taylor Gray

Rudolf (Rudi) Kirschner

Father of David (Julie) Kirschner, grandfather of Sara, William and Thomas Kirschner

Marilyn Levy

Grandmother of Sabrina (Peter) Schwartz, great-grandmother of Hannah and Brandon Schwartz

Jerry Newmark

Brother of David (Sandra) Newmark

Emilia Karram

Mother of Alexandra (Doug) Feurring

David Schimmel

Husband of Barbara Schimmel

Gayle Marcus

Stepmother of Jill Forst

Elaine Shane

Mother of Susan (Michael) Linder, grandmother of David Linder 20


THANK YOU TO OUR GENEROUS SUPPORTERS Shomrim/Guardian Society ♦ Ner Tamid Circle Jordan Zimmerman and Family Rabbi's Circle Lawrence and Diane Feldman Jeff and Shauna Hollander Lester and Lynn Garson David and Leslie Kantor Tzedakah/Justice Circle Alexander Gellman Joseph and Judith Gross Kenneth and Paulette Howard Philip and Blair Nadel Laurence and Paula Runsdorf Arthur Schechner and Cynthia Hollander Schechner Chai/Life Circle Howard and Deborah Belford Ronald and Sharon Landau Renée Nadel and Harry Dubow Harry and Amy Seidman Barton and Shirley Weisman Richard and Lois Werner Bonim/Builders Circle Jerry and Fran Butwin Douglas Feurring and Alexandra Karram Leonard and Phyllis Greenberg Lewis and Lori Gold David and Robyn Rubinoff Stuart and Jill Siegel

The Heritage Society Jonathan and Nel Bloom Larry and Diane Feldman Reneé Herskowitz The Nagle Family Gail Sack Max and Judith Stern

Mitzvah Circle Edmund and Sam Bogen Jeffrey and Andrea Cannon David and Lainie Cohen David Coppa and Devon McManama Bruce and Marcia Davis David and Robin Ellman Ira and Robynn Ginsberg Barry and Debby Glick Howard and Sue Goldman David and Rachel Greenberg Robert and Auta Hendler Craig and Penny Laufer Kermit and Arlene Meade Neil and Constance Meisel Barbara Orville Roy and Helene Schwedelson Adam and Alissa Shapiro Gary* and Corey Shapiro Thomas and Myra Shaughnessy Jeffrey and Robin Siegal Spencer and Dara Siegel Stanley and Susan Silber Richard and Sharon Stein Gary and Vicky Weiner Victor and Vicki Weinstein William and Barbara Weprin Scott and Lori Weprin Todd and Elizabeth Weprin Philip and Sharon Wishna Honorary Shomrim Laurence and Robin Nagle David and Amy Ross Harvey and Phyllis Sandler Larry and Andrea Schnurmacher L. Tadd and Sandra Schwab

CBI Planned Giving & Endowments Anonymous  Anonymous  Bruce and Marcy Barrick  Alan and Karen Bauman  Howard and Deborah Belford  Jonathan and Nel Bloom  Dean and Lisa Borg  David and Lainie Cohen  The Estate of Francine Cole  Ervin and Katherine Fleishman  David and Carol Gart  Robert and Leslie Ginberg  Barry and Debby Glick  Howard and Sue Goldman  Richard and Candy Hachenburg  Jeff and Shauna Hollander  Marissa Hollander  Kenneth and Paulette Howard  Greg and Cindy Jacob  David and Leslie Kantor  Howard Kaye  Paulette Kenney  David and Julie Kirschner  Tevie and Iris Kozak  Laurence and Phyllis Malmuth  Michael and Gail Meddoff  Renée Nadel and Harry Dubow  Philip and Blair Nadel  Laurence and Robin Nagle  Pamela Reuter  Gail Sack  Robert and Miriam Shumaker  Jeffrey and Robin Siegal  Susan Sklar  Jason and Lori Solodkin  Max and Judith Stern  Gary and Vicky Weiner  Peter and Toni Weintraub  Philip and Sharon Wishna  Jeffrey and Ronna Young 

“The Heritage Society” is a level of recognition given to CBI members who have provided a deferred gift such as a charitable trust, life insurance policy, will, IRA, or pension of $100,000 or more to the Synagogue.

* z”l

 2008-2009 Endowment Campaign  Create a Jewish Legacy Campaign

for more information regarding giving opportunities, please contact Steve Allen at 561.241.8118 or




We Give Thanks

The following contributions were received by the synagogue office from March 6 - April 1.

Adult Library Fund Annie Lampert & Jen Chung in Memory of Franki Cohen's grandmother

Tracey Schwam Posess in Memory of Bernard Schwam Wayne & Ellen Zuskin in Memory of Joyce Zuskin The Bigayer Family in Memory of Jaret Jacobson

Cantor Shore’s Discretionary Fund Eileen Danton in Memory of Pauline Smith Ronald Bloom

Pollock Youth Scholarship Fund Fran & Jerry Butwin in Memory of Cole Schuster Sue & Howard Goldman in Memory of Rudi Kirschner

General Fund Dianne Schmidt in Honor of Miss Susan Harvey & Paulette Sonnenstein in Honor of Miss Susan Lois & Richard Werner in Honor of Mort Fogel's Recovery from Illness

Rabbi Cohen’s Discretionary Fund Renee Schwartz in Appreciation of Rabbi Cohen, Thank you, Thank you

Memorial Fund Miriam Klein in Memory of Albert White Carol & Rob Trow in Loving Memory of Brenda Smira Annette Sauve in Memory of Murry Kopita Arlene & Steven Diamond in Memory of Samuel Sinai Klein Arlene Fruman in Memory of David Segal Barbara & Bob Reiter in Memory of Sol Reiter Barbara Kaluzna in Memory of Harvey Kaluzna Dana & Eric Lieberman in Memory of Harry Lieberman Dana & Eric Lieberman in Memory of Irving Breakstone, MD Eileen Neuwirth in Memory of Richard Neuwirth Frieda Mosberg in Memory of Lenord Poritz Harriet Magalnick in Memory of Nancy Furman Harvey Sonnenstein in Memory of Mildred Sonnenstein Harvey Sonnenstein in Memory of Gertrude Sonnenstein Harvey Sonnenstein in Memory of Rubin Sonnenstein Joel & Roselyn Blau in Memory of Ronda Allison Blau Leah Goldstein in Memory of Jerry Newmark Linda Harris & Family in Memory of Therese Harris Marcia Davis in Memory of Max Davis Marjorie Frankel in Memory of Ronald Alan Frankel Mark Silverman in Memory of Fannie Silverman Mel Young in Memory of Joseph Young Pamela Kanterman in Memory of Lawrence Kanterman Paulette Sonnenstein in Memory of Gertrude Lukomnik Phil & Blair Nadel in Memory of Emilia Karram Renee & Glenn Schiller in Memory of Julius Schiller Renee Nadel in Memory of Anna Gershen Rosalind Juster in Memory of Esther Berman Ruth & Al Jacobson in Memory of Minnie Kaplan Tadd Schwab in Memory of Leonard Schwab The Bigayer Family in Memory of Michael Bigayer The Bigayer Family in Memory of Helen Skillman

Rabbi Keller’s Discretionary Fund Renee Schwartz in Appreciation of Rabbi Keller, for visiting David Rabbi Silvers’ Discretionary Fund Arlene & Steven Diamond in Honor of Cadence Hope Barkan Deborah & Howard Belford in Honor of the Babynaming of Ella & Leila Gerald Wiseman in Honor of Lani Mendelson Alvin Bard in Memory of Allan Posner Barbara Kaluzna in Memory of Husband & Father Catherine Ulasewicz in Memory of Allan Posner Edgar F Speiden Jr. in Memory of Allan Posner Linda Posner in Memory of Allan Posner Linda Spitzer in Memory of Allan Posner Melvin Finkelstein in Memory of Florence Tchor Miller Sari Neimark Scholarship Fund Jason & Nicole Neimark SLJ Scholarship Fund Susi Glatt in Honor of Rita DiGiantomasso Speaker Series Fund Mr & Mrs Richard Werner in Honor of Marcia Levaur's recovery from Surgery Tzedakah Fund Judith Imperiale in Memory of Selma Raines Sy Rand in Memory of Janice Hirsch Youth Group Fund Lynn & Michael Huberman in Honor of Gilda & Fred Stelzer's Granddaughter, Sage



June-August Fund of the Month

Your contribution helps make a dif ference.


Offsets the cost of purchasing books, computer lab equipment, and other materials needed for our beloved children’s library, which is enjoyed by both our preschool and religious school students. 22


Cemetery Arrangements for CBI Members • Congregation B’nai Israel has a dedicated section at Star of David in North Lauderdale. • Star of David is a modern, clean facility that has easily accessible plots, peaceful water and paved walkways. It also allows upright headstones (while others only allow markers). The North Lauderdale location provides a convenient location for those who may be traveling in from local airports. • Because we have purchased these plots as a group, we are able to offer our members and their families a discounted rate. For more information contact Marty Mayer

• Services may be held at CBI or at the Star of David Funeral Chapel.

Coordinator, Cemetery Commitee CBI Member

*As of the date of printing, CBI has a small number of unsold plots.





for more information, contact Erin Rosado at 561.241.8118 or





Invest in Your Traditions INVEST IN ISRAEL BONDS


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Invest in Israel Bonds This is not an offering, which can be made only by prospectus. Read the prospectus carefully before investing to fully evaluate the risks associated with investing in Israel bonds. Member FINRA

Matthew H. Maschler Real Estate Broker

Proud Member of CBI since 2005

Matthew H. Maschler represents a select clientele of Buyers and Sellers of real estate in Boca Raton and throughout South Florida.

Private Mausolems Available for Family Estates

(561) 208-3334


Licensed & Insured, FL LIC#MRSA3 BBB A+ Accredited Business


Mold testing & Assessments

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The Newmark Family would love for you to join us for our beautiful musical Shabbats












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Issue 9  

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