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September 2013 Elul 5773 - Tishrei 5774

L ’Shana Tova

Vol. 62, No. 11

The Board of Trustees and Clergy invite you and your family to join us for a Rosh Hashanah Reception 1 Tishrei 5774 . Thursday, September 5, 2013 Reception is in Blumauer Auditorium, immediately following the service Catering by Alfresco Catering and Sheraton Hotel With thanks to the WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood for organizing the sweets table

Finding Meaning in the Spaces Between By Cantor Ida Rae Cahana When you say “High Holidays,” you might think that simply means the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) and the Day of Repentence (Yom Kippur). And truth to tell, you would be correct. But to focus only on these two important times would not be the whole story of the path to teshuvah, to turning away from ingrained negative behavior and returning to a better self. As soon as the Yom Kippur fast is over, one is instructed to begin the construction of the sukkah, a shaky booth put up to celebrate the holiday of in-gathering called Sukkot. And following right on the heels of the festival of booths is Simchat Torah (literally “rejoicing in the Torah”), when the yearly cycle of reading from the Torah starts all over again. Sukkot and Simchat Torah encompass the fall festival holiday: an appreciation of the fragility of our existence, sitting in a gourd encrusted hut and peering up at the stars staring down through the roof of leaves, an unwinding of the great scroll of our peoples’ story, dancing and singing as we then slowly roll it back to start once more the telling of who we were and who we hope to be – at once both ancient and new.

There is hardly time to clean up the breaking of the fast, let alone erect a sukkah in between these fall holidays...but still in the pauses between is added time to reach out to each other and renew or repair relationships. There is a beautiful custom called ushpizin of inviting guests into the sukkah – people both real and imagined. Reserve a seat in the sukkah for our foremother, Sarah, most gracious hostess who welcomed the stranger and was rewarded for her kindness and hospitality. Reserve another seat for the new arrival to your neighborhood you saw at services and introduce them around. If you don’t have the tools this year to build a sukkah, invite someone to join you at the Cahana home for our annual Open Sukkah party on Sunday, September 22, or bring them to the temple’s lovely sukkah for an outdoor lunch. As the New Year 5774 begins and each of us begins the hectic rounds of school and appointments, use the rhythm of Jewish time to gather in family, friends, and friends-yet-to-be. French composer Claude Debussy said, “Music is the space between the notes.” May the music you make be in these festival holiday pauses that Judaism has gifted to us if we choose to accept them. May the guests you invite in feel their hearts lifted as you are blessed!

September 2013

5774  •  High Holy Days  •  2013 Erev Rosh Hashanah

Yom Kippur

Wednesday, September 4

Saturday, September 14

6:00 – 7:00 PM

7:30 PM

Multi-Generational Service Age appropriate for families and grandparents with children K – 4th grade and their siblings


Traditional Adult Service Also for families with children 5th grade and older


Rosh Hashanah Thursday, September 5 10:00 AM

Traditional Morning Service


11:00 AM

Family Service

Goodman Hall

12:00 PM

Families join the service in Temple for the Shofar Service


12:30 PM

Rosh Hashanah Reception

Blumauer Auditorium

2:00-3:00 PM

Tashlich in Tanner Park This is an easy, flat walk, less than one mile from CBI. No CBI transportation will be provided.

Tanner Park: NW 10th and Marshall Streets

10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Traditional Adult Service and for families with children 5th grade and older

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Family Service Goodman Multi-generational, age Hall appropriate for families and grandparents with children K – 4th grade and their siblings

12:45 PM

Study Break

Pollin Chapel

12:45 PM

Teen Experience & Tzedek Project

Miller Room

12:45 PM

JND Study Break


2:00 PM

Tot Service Special service for Tots ages 0-5

Temple Bima

3:00 PM

Afternoon/Yiskor/Neilah Service


Following services

Break the Fast, sponsored by WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood

Miller Room

Sukkot Thursday, September 19

Kever Avot V’imahot

12:00 PM

Sunday, September 8

Sunday, September 22

1:00 PM

Service of Faith 426 SW Taylors Ferry Rd

CBI Cemetery

Kol Nidre Friday, September 13 6:00 – 7:00 PM

7:30 PM


Multi-Generational Service Age appropriate for families and grandparents with children K – 4th grade and their siblings


Traditional Adult Service Also for families with children 5th grade and older


Lunch & Learn in the Sukkah

CBI lawn

Open Sukkah at Rabbi and Cantor Cahana’s home 4:00 - 7:00 PM

3139 SW Fairmount Boulevard

5:00 PM

Erev Sukkot Service

Simchat Torah Wednesday, September 25 6:00 PM

Consecration and Simchat Torah Service


Thursday, September 26 10:30 AM

Festival and Yizkor Service

Pollin Chapel

Kever Avot V’Imahot – Honoring the Patriarchs and Matriarchs One of the beautiful traditions of the High Holy Days is honoring the memories of our beloved departed ones. During the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, our congregation holds an intimate service, known as Kever Avot v’Imahot, to recall those lost to us. The service will be held on Sunday, September 8th at 1:00 p.m. in the Landau Chapel at Beth Israel Cemetery (426 SW Taylors Ferry Road). During the service, the names of those buried or interred at our historic cemetery within the past year will be read aloud, while the memories of all who forever slumber in that hallowed ground will be recalled in our hearts. Whether you are observing the first year of mourning or wish to remember a friend or relative buried at Beth Israel Cemetery, we look forward to greeting you there and sharing this moment of memory with you.


Congregation Beth Israel

Our Leadership New Beginnings By Sydney A. Baer, Executive Director With the collision, I mean confluence of Labor Day, the coming off of a most glorious summer, the start of the school year, and the Holy Days, we are given the opportunity to pause and think about new beginnings, whether a new grade in school, a new community, a new congregation, a new outlook, and/or a New Year. As I have shared before, this is when I make my New Year’s resolutions. Time seems to have sped up these past few years, so I really hope to savor more moments. And speaking of new for the New Year… Our new multi-generational Erev Rosh Hashanah and Kol Nidre services were well received last year, so with a few tweaks, we are excited about our newish formats and schedules which were showcased in our Special High Holy Days newsletter and again in this Bulletin. The Family Service on both Erev Rosh Hashanah and Kol Nidre will complement the morning family service that we have offered for many years. The 6:00 PM family service will be one hour. The more traditional service will now begin at 7:30 PM – allowing those who attended the first service to be well on their way before those attending our 7:30 service begin to arrive. So there are no early or late services – we have replaced them with a family/multigenerational service and a traditional service. Admission cards: We have sent 2 admission cards to every family – this year your children (up to age 24) do not need their own admission cards. We will only have one color of admission cards – you are welcome to attend either the new family/multi-generational service at 6:00 PM or our traditional service at 7:30 PM. Please hold onto your admission cards for all the services. We will not have separate cards for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Your guests are welcome at all services. Reciprocal Agreements with other URJ congregations: If you will be traveling during the holy days, please call Tracy in the Temple office to help with your reciprocal arrangements. If you have family or friends visiting, please have them make their own reciprocal arrangements with their home URJ congregation, so they can join us while in Portland. Tashlich: Please join us again for this lovely tradition with ancient roots. On Rosh Hashanah afternoon, following the reception, we will walk together a short distance to Tanner Creek park (NW 10th and Marshall Streets). The custom of Tashlich is a ceremony where with music, celebration and contemplation, we symbolically toss our sins into the waters. This brief and lively service is a wonderful way to conclude our Rosh Hashanah worship and begin to prepare for the awesome tasks of Yom Kippur. Many thanks to all who make our celebrations appear so seamless: This is a huge list and I’m reticent to start mentioning names, for fear I will leave someone off. Todah Rebah to all of our volunteers, staff, WRJ/BI Sisterhood and Brotherhood who make up our extraordinary team; our bakers for the Reception, our artists who arrange the flowers, our ushers for the Holy Days, our musicians, our clergy, our

administrative staff, our education staff, our facilities staff – all integral to making these holy day logistics go smoothly and the services so meaningful for all of us. Our membership is growing: Through the summer we have welcomed many new members to our sacred community. And while our history provides us with a remarkable heritage, embracing new congregants ensures that we will be here for generations to come. Please help us continue to grow by inviting your unaffiliated adult children, family, and friends to join our community. If you have invited guests to join us for our Holy Days, please help us to follow up with them with membership information. Congregation Beth Israel belongs to all of us. Creating connections at CBI during the year: Many thanks to all who have supported us with their annual giving contributions, with additional contributions for the Every Family Initiative, as well as all the ongoing contributions to our essential Tribute and Endowment Funds. Again, CBI belongs to all of us – it is incumbent upon us all to support CBI to the best of all of our abilities. We have another extraordinary year planned for our congregation and community. We have two exciting fundraisers planned: Better Than Broadway – An Intimate Evening of Entertainment Starring Cantor Ida Rae Cahana and Guests on Saturday, October 19th and our Third Annual Taste of Temple on Sunday, February 9, 2014. And our Holiday celebrations are not to be missed: Chanukah, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Program and Shabbat Service with CBI Choirs and the Northwest Community Gospel Choir, and our now legendary Purimschpiel. We also have many Adult Education, Social Action, Preschool, Religious School, WRJ/BI Sisterhood, and Brotherhood programs – enough to keep your dance card very full!

Shanah Tova u’metuka

May the New Year be a good, sweet, and meaningful one for you, your family, and friends. We hope that you will join us, find your niche, share your expertise, make new friends, learn something new, and enjoy the camaraderie within your home under our dome.

New Piano Graces our Sanctuary Michael Allen Harrison has very generously given us permission to play his gorgeous 9’ Steinway Artist Grand piano as we are storing it for him in the main sanctuary. We look forward to being enveloped in its beautiful tone for services and for concerts (hopefully one with Michael himself will be in our future!). Please make sure to thank him when you see him; you will see why when you hear this one of a kind, autographed instrument played!

September 2013


Developing CBI

Adult Education 5774 Adult Education

Leaders Lead by Jenat Levison Feldman Development Director Leaders lead – by definition, this seems obvious. Yet being willing to get involved, to stand up (or, in the case of a committee meeting, sit down) and get engaged to make a difference takes a special type of person. How often do we say, “Next year I want to give back; next year I want to do something that gets me involved; next year I promise to get more engaged”? Well, it is next year NOW – literally and figuratively on the Jewish calendar. Here at CBI we are blessed (pun intended) with a diverse and energetic variety of people who are excited to be connecting to each other and involved in a way that impacts them as well as CBI. I am motivated to do all I can to help you recognize that CBI belongs to you – this is your home, your community, and if you want to see it look and feel a certain way you should get involved so that your voice can be heard. The Garfinkle and Goldwyn families are a great example. Two years ago they were probably like many of you, thinking, “I don’t have time to do one more thing,” and yet by saying yes to launching and co-chairing the amazing Taste of Temple event for the past two years, they have enriched us and in turn have been enriched by their experiences and all the amazing connections they have made to other congregants. Ali Garfinkle now serves on the CBI Board of Trustees, while also working with Rabbi Joseph to spearhead the formation of our new young family group. David Goldwyn was quickly recruited to serve as an important member of the Development Committee, and his wife Tiffany was tapped to work with Development Chair Ted Nelson to co-chair our major CBI fundraiser Better Than Broadway! An Intimate Evening of Entertainment starring Cantor Ida Rae Cahana & Guests. Watch for details about this fabulous October 19th event. We all know the excuses – “too old” to serve on a committee; been there, done that; it’s someone else’s turn; it’s time for someone younger to take charge. Here in the Development Department, we are proud to say we are all doing it together and having a great time. When was the last time you left a meeting thinking, “That was fun,” “I love these people,” or “I met someone awesome?” Development is all about building partnerships. We are working hard to let you know your involvement is the game changer. For some, being involved means working on a committee, for others it means making a significant contribution to help ensure that the light of CBI shines brightly for today’s members and future generations to come. It can also mean saying yes when asked to be a sponsor or make a Tzedakkah Time donation or inviting your friends and acquaintances to join us and build our community together. Bottom line – it is never too late to get involved in any way that works for you! I love the beginning of the new year – it is filled with unlimited potential. Please make this the year you decide to get involved with YOUR congregation. You (and we) will be glad you did.


Where We Came From This year’s Adult Education Committee has created a year of fun and interesting programs around the theme of “Where We Came From.” We will kick off the year with Brunch and Broadway on Sunday, September 29, 2013 at 10:00 AM.

Special Showing of the PBS Great Performances – Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy is the first documentary film to explore the phenomenon that, over the fifty-year period of its development, the songs of the Broadway musical were created almost exclusively by Jewish Americans. These are the popular songs that our nation took to war, sang to its children at bedtime, and whistled while waiting for the bus – taken in total they comprise the vast majority of what is now commonly referred to as “The American Songbook.”

Deli Brunch Sunday, September 29, 10:00 AM Goodman Hall $15/person Please join us for a Deli Brunch preceding the viewing of Broadway Musicals. Your payment is your reservation. Please send a check to the CBI office or call Tracy to pay with Visa or Mastercard. 11:00 AM Pollin Chapel The special viewing of Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy will begin at 11:00 AM. Although we hope you join us for the Deli Brunch at 10:00 AM, there is no charge for attending this showing.

Shtetl Life In Europe Sunday, October 6, 10:00 AM Pollin Chapel Speaker: Professor Natan Meir, PSU Professor Meir is the Lorry I. Lokey Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies at Portland State University. His research Photo: Paulina Olsen interest is modern Jewish history, focusing on the social and cultural history of East European Jewry in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Portland Center Stage’s Fiddler on the Roof Sunday, October 13, 2:00 PM Portland Center Stage Complementing Professor Natan’s lecture and following up on this year’s Adult Education theme, CBI has reserved a block of 40 tickets to Portland Center Stage’s upcoming performance of Fiddler on the Roof. We have great seats in the center of the theater for the Sunday, October 13th 2:00 PM matinée. Please call Tracy in the CBI office to reserve your seats. Ticket cost: $36.50. Your payment is your reservation. If you already have tickets, please consider switching your tickets to join our group. This can be only be done through the box office and not the CBI office. Dreaming about visiting Israel? Is 2014 the year to make it happen? We may be planning a trip and want you to join us. If you have any interest please contact Jemi Mansfield at (503) 222-1069 or

Congregation Beth Israel


Bat Mitzvah

From Douglas Fir to Etz Chayim

Naomi Alexa Meyer

by Ben Sandler, Education Director

As the new year Advice from a Tree begins I want to share this Dear Friend, lovely poem, Stand Tall and Proud Sink your roots deeply into the Earth “Advice from A Reflect the light of a greater source Tree,” and wish Think long term everyone l’shana Go out on a limb tova, a sweet Remember your place among all living beings new year. We Embrace with joy the changing seasons are so fortunate For each yields its own abundance to live in such a The Energy and Birth of Spring beautiful, treeThe Growth the Contentment of Summer filled part of the The Wisdom to let go of leaves in the Fall The Rest and Quiet Renewal of Winter world, getting all Feel the wind and the sun this good advice And delight in their presence from our trees Look up at the moon that shines down upon you when we take And the mystery of the stars at night. the time stop and Seek nourishment from the good things in life listen. I listened Simple pleasures recently to a Earth, fresh air, light radio program Be content with your natural beauty investigating the Drink plenty of water Let your limbs sway and dance in the breezes environmental Be flexible damage caused Remember your roots by hydraulic Enjoy the view! fracturing, or “fracking”, which By Ilan Shamir is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside. As researchers investigate deeper into the ground, they are discovering that more “life on earth” dwells below the surface than up here with all of us, where for countless years we thought life did not exist. What an incredible feeling to be surrounded by so much life below us, even as we see the canopy of branches above. Our torah, our tree of life, and our ancient Jewish writings contain much wisdom on our responsibility to care for our earth. The mitzvah of preserving the earth, Bal tash’hit or “do not destroy,” in essence is a prohibition about being wasteful, a recognition that the objects we fashion and own are not so much created by our will as borrowed from nature. Over the course of this coming school year, students will continue to have opportunities to connect Jewish values to action and will be encouraged take the time to stop and learn from all the trees, from the Douglas Fir to the Etz Chayim.

Naomi Meyer will become Bat Mitzvah on September 21, 2013. She is the daughter of David Meyer and Rodica Meyer and younger sister of Eliana. CBI members Paul and Alice Meyer are Naomi’s grandparents. Naomi is an 8th grader at Beverly Cleary School in NE Portland. For her Mitzvah Project she has chosen to work with Medical Teams International, a global health organization helping people affected by natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis. Founded in 1979 by Ron Post, an Oregon businessman, MTI works with people around the world, including children in orphanages and the homeless. Inspired by their work, Naomi has been collecting personal care products since March 2013 and assembling Hope Kits to be distributed to children worldwide. To learn more about Medical Teams International please visit their website: aspx. In addition to her work for MTI, Naomi has been helping serve at the All Saints Church Soup Kitchen in Woodstock for the past three years, volunteering her time on Saturdays to feed homeless adults in the community. Naomi loves both projects and enjoys fulfilling the mitzvah of tikkun olam in many ways. 18 blessings: a jewish collection My Torah portion is Ki Tavo. Most of Ki Tavo consists of blessings and curses. There is only about a paragraph of blessings, yet three and a half pages of curses. I feel that we need more blessings because they keep us together as a community. For my Bat Mitzvah project I have created a book of blessings with poetry and art including contributions from my friends in the Jewish community (mostly kids from CBI). This book includes many blessings that range from blessings for Hanukah to blessings for books. You can use this book to read for inspiration, to read selected blessings at events with family and friends and you can use the blank pages in the back to write your own blessings for any occasion. I am selling the book not only to bring blessings to people’s houses but also to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Association. I hope people will use this book to bring blessings to everybody in your community. You can purchase blessings books in the lobby/hall of the Sherman Education Center from 9:30-11:00 AM on Sundays September 29th and October 6th or call the office for an order form. - sophie friedenwald-fishman

L’shalom, Ben

Mark your Calendars!

“Sophie’s book is a blessing to all! In Jewish tradition, you are supposed to say 100 blessings each day. Sophie reminds us that these blessings can be found everywhere: in community, in music, and even in Portlandia. What a fitting tribute to her grandfather, of blessed memory, who found blessings in the mundane. I, too, hope this book brings blessings to our congregation, community, and world.”

Sunday Religious School classes begin September 22, 2013 followed by a back-to-school Picnic at 12:00 Noon! Wednesday evening Midrasha classes for our Middle and High school students begin October 2, 2013. Thursday evening classes for the Integrated Hebrew Program begin Thursday, October 3, 2013. We look forward to welcoming back all of our Religious School families and teachers. Shana Tova – a sweet new year to all!

- Rabbi Rachel Joseph Sophie became Bat Mitzvah on August 24, 2013.

September 2013


Sisterhood WRJ/BIS Progressive Dinner

Bakers Needed for Rosh Hashanah Sweets Table Wednesday, September 4, 11:00 am Blumauer Auditorium Kitchen Sisterhood traditionally supplies the wonderful homemade baked goods for the sweets table at the reception following Rosh Hashanah morning services. Can you help by making goodies for the table? We will be preparing the trays on Wednesday, September 4th at 11:00 am in the Blumauer Auditorium kitchen. Please contact Leslie Geller at if you will be able to help with the sweets table (baked goods and/or tray preparation) or have any questions. If you are unable to bake, please consider a contribution to Sisterhood. Send your check to the CBI office, payable to Beth Israel Sisterhood, marked “Sisterhood Sweets.” All contributions are very much appreciated.

Break the Fast 5774 Saturday, September 14 Beth Israel Sisterhood invites you to join us for Break the Fast in the Miller Room for a nosh following the conclusion of Yom Kippur services, Saturday, September 14. Our way of saying stay, eat, celebrate! Are you interested in volunteering to prepare this year’s Break the Fast? Please contact Rachel Halupowski, Sisterhood Religious Programming, for more details at

Chanukah Fair! Sunday, November 3 Mark your calendars for Sunday, November 3rd to attend the 1st WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood Chanukah Fair! Mingle with over 50 vendors, featuring both Judaic and secular items. One stop shopping - purchase gifts for all occasions for everyone on your gift list! Bring your family, friends, and neighbors. Sisterhood would like to give first opportunity of purchasing a vendor table to our congregation. Tables will be sold for $50.00 each and 10% of your gross profits will be donated back to Sisterhood to help support the religious school programs. All items sold must be new. Reserve your vendor table now. Contact Daureen Morris at for your vendor application.


Saturday, September 28, 5:30 pm The table is set and a seat is waiting for you! The evening will begin in the Lipman Foyer at CBI with appetizers and Havdalah led by Cantor Emerita Judy Schiff. From there we will go to host homes for a sumptuous dinner. We will then all meet again to end the night at the Oregon Jewish Museum for music, desserts, and the exhibit “Settling In: Immigration to Oregon.” Levels of giving for this event are: Basic $36; Chai (supporter) $54; and Miriam (donor) $72. All donors and supporters will be thanked in the Nus from the ‘Hood. All the proceeds will go to the Sisterhood Programming, Leadership, and Enrichment Fund. Your check is your reservation. Please mail your check, payable to Beth Israel Sisterhood, along with your email address and phone number, to: Connie Cambreleng 3370 SW Mercer Terrace Beaverton, OR 97005 Please RSVP by September 20th. Your entire donation is tax deductible. Please be sure to let us know if you are vegetarian. To everyone at CBI, come and enjoy this special event. Guests are always welcome. Meet new friends and enjoy an evening out! If you haven’t yet received your invitation, watch for it in the mail soon. If you would like to be a host for dinner, please contact Linda Harrison-Fintzy at We look forward to seeing you there. L’Chaim!

BIS Honored with Gold Or Ami Award Child Trafficking Program Recognized WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood has been honored with the distinguished Gold WRJ Or Ami “Light of My People” Award for social justice programmatic achievement during 2011-13 for their program on child trafficking in the Portland area. US Representative Suzanne Bonamici and Deputy Keith Bickford of OATH (Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans) were featured speakers at the March 2, 2013 program, which also included a moving performance by the Agnieszka Laska Dancers. The awardees will be recognized during WRJ’s 49th Assembly & Centennial Celebration, Dec. 11-15, 2013 in San Diego, CA. The winners also will be featured on WRJ’s website and in other WRJ resources. This is the third Or Ami Award our sisterhood has won over the past three assemblies.

Established in 1973, the WRJ Or Ami “Light of My People” Award recognizes social justice, community service, and educational programming that is exemplary and serves as a model for other WRJ Districts and women’s groups.

Congregation Beth Israel


L’Dor V’Dor From Generation to Generation

What’s new with the Brotherhood, you ask? To the right you see our outgoing President Scott Schaffer leading the team on the Brotherhood Whitewater Rafting trip. Fifteen Brotherhood members and their guests braved class 3 and 4 rapids on a trip down the Deschutes river on July 21st. A good time was had by all, so much so that this will join the pool tourney and bowling outing, and become an annual event for us.

Mazel Tov to Ned Duhnkrack on an excellent finish in the San Francisco Marathon, qualifying her to run in the 2014 Boston Marathon. Ned has run the Boston Marathon before and qualified in 2011 but didn’t run. Michael Goldman and Jane Vereschagin on the birth of their first grandchild, Mila Claire Fedorchenko, who was born on May 31 in New York. Proud parents are Melissa and Basil Fedorchenko. Kris Kobin on his first place finish, 3.0 doubles, at the USTA French Open Grand Slam Tournament at the Vancouver Tennis Center in Vancouver, WA on June 2. Christine and Joel Rubenstein, who welcomed three grandsons this spring: Angus, born to Genevieve and Ian Sutherland on March 28; Ian, born to Amanda and Christopher Clarke on April 30; and Jackson, born to Lainie and Matt Burak on June 6. Ray and Dorothy Packouz on the birth of their thirteenth greatgrandchild, Claire Bertapelle, on July 1. Proud parents are Adam and Jenni Bertapelle and grandparents are Dr. Jeff and Nancy Sharff. Richard Dobrow on the naming of his granddaughter, Fiona Brynn Stone, who was born on July 11, 2012 and named on June 9, 2013. Proud parents are Rachel Dobrow Stone and Scott Stone. Danny and Jesse Soltesz on the birth of their daughter, Stella Morgen, on July 17. Stella joins big sister Maya (3). Proud grandparents are Martha and Les Soltesz. Rayna Dushman and Eli Green on their August 4 marriage, officiated by Rabbi Alan Berg with special participation by Rabbi Cahana, Cantor Cahana, Cantor Schiff, Rabbi Rick Block and others. The wedding was held at the home of family friends Phyllis and Ed Thiemann in Corbett, OR. Rayna, Beth Israel’s beloved former songleader and youth advisor, is a 4th year Cantorial student at HUC-School of Sacred Music in New York. She is the daughter of Jill Stanley and the late Barry Dushman (z”l). Eli is the son of Karla Green and Eric Green and the stepson of Richard Garfinkle. Leslie and Robert Peltz on the birth of their granddaughter, Chaya Rose Peltz, on August 7, to Asher Peltz and Mirka Feinstein. Chaya joins big sister Sadie (2). Jen and Howard Feldman on the marriage of their son, Leigh Feldman, to Sara Moskovitz on August 18 in Portland, officiated by Rabbi Rachel Joseph. Sara is the daughter of Gloria Halper and Jay Moskovitz.

On August 23rd the Brotherhood joined with the Sisterhood to staff and sponsor the barbeque following the last Shabbat on the Plaza. At the Brotherhood’s last annual meeting and board meeting we elected our new Board and slate of officers: James Anchell; Mel Birge, Vice President; Joey Fishman; David Goldwyn; Morrie Jackson, Treasurer; Darren Mitchell; Harvey Newman; Scott Schaffer, Immediate Past President; Bob Winthrop, President. If you want to get more involved, please let one of us know. Holy buckets are the holidays early! Our next event is the Sukkah raising on September 10th from 5:30 to 8:00pm. Bring your strong back, power tools (Jews with power tools, now that’s a recipe for something), and some of us will hang out and some of us will build the structure. The Brotherhood will provide pizza. I should note that because the holidays are so early this year, we’re building the Sukkah on a Tuesday rather than the normal Sunday morning. We can also look forward to Ask the Rabbis – note we now have two – on October 27th. Jeff and Lynn Wolfstone on the marriage of their son, Mark, to Anna Linder, celebrated on August 31, 2013 in Thousand Oaks, CA and officiated by Cantor Judith Schiff. Anna is the granddaughter of Milton and Geraldine Linder of Malibu, CA. Mark’s grandparents are CBI Past President David J. Lipman and the late Beverly Lipman (z”l). Courtney Slavin and Adam Furman on their September 1st marriage, celebrated in Camas, Washington and officiated by Rabbi Rachel Joseph. Courtney is the daughter of Neil and Ann Slavin of McMinnville, Oregon. Adam’s parents are Robin and Abraham Furman of Tualatin, Oregon. Alan and Eve Rosenfeld, who were honored at Lift Urban Portland’s annual Summer Garden Party fundraiser on Tuesday, August 27. Eve is one of the founders of Lift Urban Portland (formerly NW Portland Ministries), and she and Alan have been involved for over 30 years. Daphna Stadig and members of the WRJ/BIS Critical Issues Committee on being selected by the Or Ami committee as a Gold Or Ami “Light of My People” Award Winner for the “Child Trafficking in Portland” program. The program was presented in Pollin Chapel on March 3, 2013 and featured Oregon Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, among other prominent speakers and experts on the subject matter. Daphna worked tirelessly to create and promote the program with the assistance of many WRJ/BIS members, including President Linda Fintzy and Kate Royston. WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood and the “Child Trafficking in Portland” program will be honored at the WRJ 49th Assembly, December 11-15, 2013 in San Diego, CA.

Condolences to Gabriel Sugarman and family on the death of his wife, Kathleen, on April 22. Howard and Lois Tobin and family on the death of his father, Abraham Tobin, on June 14. Pamela Feidelson and Lee Feidelson and families on the death of their mother, Linda Feidelson, on June 26. Rose Rustin on the death of her sister, Laura Bolliger, on July 1. Eve Rosenfeld on the death of her nephew, Sally Rosenfeld on the death of her cousin, and Kris Kobin on the death of his uncle, Darrell Overbeck, on July 20. Eric and Rebecca Friedenwald-Fishman and family and Elizabeth Friedenwald on the death of their father, Robert Friedenwald, on July 31.

September 2013


Very Thoughtful People Adult Education Fund

In Memory of Jack Ruby Pearl and Alan Shapiro Bessie Loeb Bondy Joyce and Stan Loeb In Honor of Rachel June Graber (Graduation) Sydney Baer

Altar Flowers and Oneg Shabbat

In Memory of Libby Leshgold Lena Swerdlik Evelyn and Jerry Leshgold Susan Gail Rose Goldsmith Beatrice Rose Sharlene Bender Barbara and Howard M. Cohn In Honor of Eloise Spiegel (Birthday) Milton and Lynn Marks

Cemetery Beautification In Memory of Daniel Jeremy Berkson Julie Berkson Morris Bloomenthol Esther Bloomenthol Floyd Black Ethel Tonkin Ron and Marcy Tonkin Rena and Cheryl Tonkin & David and Daniel Lerner Ralph Feibelman Fred Joseph Gertrude Joseph Suzanne Miller Rena and Cheryl Tonkin & David and Daniel Lerner

Rabbi Cahana Discretionary In Memory of Gerald Poplack Susan Poplack Leavitt Jan and Mike Sigell Lois Poplack Karen McAllister Robert McAllister Chella Kryszek Jen and Howard Feldman In Honor of Craig Hartzman and Jim John (Marriage) Shirley Friedman & Family Bob and Lore Labby (65th Anniversary) The Labby Family In Appreciation Adrienne Souther Geffen and Stanley Geffen Brad Berman Jim John, Craig Hartzman, Emmarose Hartzman John, and Ethan Hartzman John Ted and Connie Gilbert

Cantor Cahana Discretionary In Memory of Joseph Mendelsohn Sylvia Nessan


General Contribution Given By Adrienne Souther Geffen and Stanley Geffen

Rabbi Joseph Discretionary In Appreciation Sydney Baer Alissa and Brian Popowitz General Contribution Given By Judith B. Joseph

Cantor Schiff Discretionary In Memory of William and May Sakai Loree, Ken, David, Andrew, and Ali Sakai In Honor of Rayna Dushman and Eli Green (Marriage) Sandee and Amory Blank General Contribution Given By Adrienne Souther Geffen and Stanley Geffen

Rabbi Rose Discretionary

In Memory of Colin Stoloff David, Samantha, Ben, and Jack Bricker Martha Lewin Ilse Orthmeyer Susan Gail Rose Goldsmith Beatrice Rose General Contribution Given By Adrienne Souther Geffen and Stanley Geffen

Every Family Initiative

In Honor of Linda and Marc Feidelson Lee, Robin, Arthur, and Nelson Feidelson

General Administrative

In Memory of Stanley H. Wald Anita K. Wald Marjorie Frank Irwin Frank Sally Rosenfeld and Andy Frank Igal Koshevoy Bunny and Jerry Sadis Felice L. Driesen Jacob Driesen David A. Cohen Barbara Bloom Jeanne Moment Roger Moment Max J. Waller Larry Waller Louis Lubliner Rita S. Lubliner Helen Stamm Phillip Margolin Roscoe C. Nelson, Jr. Madeline Nelson

In Honor of Bob and Lore Labby (65th Anniversary) Daniel and Margaret Labby Richard and Louise Carroll General Contribution Given By Mary Ann Frieder

Hal Ruthizer Cultural Arts In Memory of Ida Rosalie Sherman Pearl and Alan Shapiro Louis Gelwasser Sylvia and Arthur Kaplan

Oseran Family Lecture In Memory of Lillian F. Zell Alan and Janet Zell


In Memory of Sarah Leah Horenstein Marcus and Babette Horenstein

Ruth Semler Youth Activities In Memory of Ben F. Goldman Sybil Solomon Molly Boyarsky Rich and Sue Garber & Family Claire Gross David Gross Adrienne and Stanley Geffen Jack Pollin Harold Pollin

Sally Vidgoff Camp Kalsman Scholarship

In Memory of Henry S. Blauer Karen Blauer Mrs. Sally Vidgoff Paul Schmidt David R. Trachtenberg John L. and Barbara J. Trachtenberg Sam Lennis Leonard and Fay Oppenheimer

Sanny Snell Preschool Scholarship

In Honor of Birth of Laurel and Jerry Oziel’s granddaughter Bunny and Jerry Sadis

Social Action (General) In Memory of Frances B. Creamer Neale and Marian Creamer Karen McAllister Janice and Ben Isenberg Gordon Bazelon Miriam Richman Gene Miller Morrie and Gerry Jackson Robert Autrey Joella Werlin Judith I. Schneider Daphna Stadig

Congregation Beth Israel

Leo Baruh Gail Marracci In Honor of Callie Souther and Matt Schulman (Marriage) Bruce Blank Chloe Rose Lewis (Bat Mitzvah) Ronald and Tamara Kizziar Philip and Dorothy Reiter Thelma Schnitzer Ralph and Elba Shaw Matthew McTigue and Laura Haney Dr. Ed Neuwelt (For being such a mensch) Eve Stern General Contribution Given By Bianca and Tony Urdes


In Memory of Hy and Bernice Canter Gerald Edelman The Edelman Family Sylvan Durkheimer Stuart Durkheimer Barbara Durkheimer Bernard La Rossa Janet E. La Rossa Laura Bolliger Eve and Alan Rosenfeld Lloyd B. Rosenfeld Clara S. Frey Rosemarie F. Rosenfeld Anne Peltz Robert and Leslie Peltz Daisy Georges Fred Bonyhadi Ernest Bonyhadi and Shirley Gittelsohn Gert Neuberger Patricia Neuberger Edith Gerson Hannah Gerson Sam Gerson Ted Gerson Susan Gerson Sheldon Balick Jerry Katzky Wilma-Jane Balick & Sandra Kailes Biller and family Sarah Reiter Dorthea Roth Philip and Dorothy Reiter Darrell Overbeck Rose Rustin In Honor of Mark New Beverly and Marty Zell Bunny Edelson Stan and Joyce Loeb Marc Cohen Jeremy Cohen Kevin Cohen Barbara Durkheimer The Friedenwald-Fishman Family Lynn Bonner Alan Rosenfeld (90th Birthday) Janet Friedman Rena and Cheryl Tonkin Rosemarie Rosenfeld Eloise Spiegel (Birthday) Mark Dohrmann and Julie Durkheimer Eve and Alan Rosenfeld

Very Thoughtful People Kabbalat Shabbat CD Weaving Songs of Praise to Bring in the Sabbath Our congregation is fortunate to have people among us who really pay attention and listen. Thanks to one such thoughtful member of our temple family, we are excited to announce that in late October, a new recording will be released to our CBI community as a gift. This recording is made possible through the vision and generosity of the Nettie Director Library Book Endowment Fund and will feature some of the music we love to listen to and sing along with on Friday nights. The CD will feature Cantor Ida Rae Cahana, accompanied by pianist Michael Barnes, bassist Ben Sandler, percussionist Arthur Steinhorn, guitar/vocalists Beth Hamon and Kim Palumbis, cellist Irving Levin, saxophonist Stacy Friedman, accordionist Fred Cirillo, and very special guest pianist Michael Allen Harrison, who has also been our amazing recording engineer and supervisor. With much gratitude to the Director family, the Nettie Director Library Book Endowment Fund, and all the wonderful musicians and office staff who have helped make this dream a reality.

Gary Larsen Gerald and Evelyn Leshgold General Contribution Given By Harriet Schatz Marcia Colton

I Have A Dream

In Memory of Paul Rubinstein Eleanore Rubinstein Gordon Bazelon Jim and Michael Richman Alyne Schlesinger Owen and Lynn Blank Robert Friedenwald Rosanne Keynan & Family Darrell Overbeck Stan and Joyce Loeb

May Georges Study in Israel Scholarship

Shelly Weisberg Terry Weisberg

In Memory of Helen Georges Daisy Georges Linda and Tom Georges

Temple Restoration In Memory of Marvin L. Byer Howard K. Byer General Contribution Given By Jeremy Henson

Nettie Director Library Book Endowment In Memory of Rose Berliner Maxine McComas Florence Berenson Shirley Mark Mary Ann Johnson Delores and Ken Kimmel

Urman Family College Communication In Memory of Sydney Schubach Arline Hasman Francis Peters Kathleen and Lou Doctor

Stained Glass Windows Project

Heims Family Youth Activities Endowment

Temple Improvement

Lloyd B. Rosenfeld Youth Leadership Fund

In Honor of Jerry and Bunny Sadis (Special Birthdays) Alan and Lana Miller

In Memory of Leland H. Lowenson Lee B. Lowenson

CBI Team

Senior Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana Senior Cantor Ida Rae Cahana Assistant Rabbi Rachel L. Joseph Rabbi Emeritus Emanuel Rose, D.H.L., D.D. Cantor Emerita Judith Blanc Schiff

In Memory of Isaac Davis I. Kenneth Davis

In Honor of Lore and Robert Labby (65th Anniversary) Rosemarie Rosenfeld

Education Department Education Director Ben Sandler, M. Ed. Early Childhood Education Director Deborah Kaplan Education Administrator Mor Kenane Member Services Executive Director Sydney A. Baer

Simon & Helen Director Endowment

In Memory of Leonard Schnitzer Ruth Heldfond Simon Director The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation

Temple Endowment

WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood Funds

Bikkur Holim - Hope in Life In Memory of Sylvia Canton Edelman Susan Golden

Prayer Book

In Memory of Rabbi Isidore Kahan Naomi Strauss

Service to the Blind

In Memory of Edward Mayer Morgenstern Martha and Les Soltesz

Sisterhood Programming, Leadership & Enrichment In Memory of Felice Lauterstein Driesen Harry Driesen Lance and Deb Caldwell Sue Halupowski Bunny and Jerry Sadis

In Memory of Lianne Marks Klein John Dotson

Development Director Jen Feldman

Office Administrator Tracy Alifanz

Art of Catering 503-231-8185 Larry Grimes

Congregational Affairs Director Jemi Kostiner Mansfield

Facilities Manager Craig Paton

Food in Bloom 503-223-6819 Catherine Hernandez

Finance Director Jim Baldwin, CPA

Facilities Staff Andy Coles Drew Christensen

Century Catering 503-849-2605 Allen Levin

Accounting Assistant Vicki Greif

Catering Panel

Devil’s Food Catering 503-233-9288 Charles Stilwell

Project Coordinator Dara Docherty

September 2013

Alfresco Catering by Sheraton 503-335-2858 Shellie Postlewait

Culinary Artistry 503-232-4675 Jenn Louis


In Remembrance September 6 & 7 Robert Autrey Gordon Bazelon Charles F. Berg Nathan Bick Ruth Binder Arnold Cohen Estelle Director Melvin Mel Dunn Richard C. East King Feldman Don Felts Anne Gilbert Seymour Haber Gerald Hammel Sam Hammel Phillip Iliffe Hardy Sigmund A. Heilner Evelyn M. Jacobs Belle Kahn Sam Lennis Bessie Leveton Mathilde Lewinsohn June Lichty Larry Lieberman Louis Lubliner Harry Marcus Daniel Meekcoms Faye Menashe Sonija Milshtein Anna Muscovitz Mary Baker Nelson Gert Neuberger Jack Pollin Edward Press Sarah Reiter Samuel J. Robinson Dorthea Roth Paul Rubinstein Ida Schaffer Judith I. Schneider Sidney S. Schubach Jane Daum Schwartz Rosa Shainwald Joan Shipley Mitchell Erwin Shore Bernice Shulevitz Helen Silen Meyer Steinweis

Ethel Tonkin David R. Trachtenberg Irve Tunick Sheldon Weisberg Jennie Davis Wexler Emily Wilson Abram (Al) Yugler Audrey Rosalyn Yugler September 13 & 14 Ethel Barr Sharlene Bender Ahldor Kermit Berg Michael L. Bergman Juliette Bernays Harry Binder Harold J. Blank Esther Bloomenthol Morris Bloomenthol Bessie Loeb Bondy Joseph Byer Robert M. Coffey Herman Diamond Rita Durkheimer Philip Eder John Einstein William Israel Feinstein Harry Fink Louis Gelwasser Helen Georges Melvin Gerard Freida Glaser Susan Gail Rose Goldsmith Leon Hirsch Ida D. Holtzman Fred Joseph Esther Mazer Kranz Eugene Hirsch Krantz Sonya S. Loebner Cecelia London Susan Morise Morton Marvin Morris Oziel Anne Peltz Ruthella Popick Edythe Raffel Kurt Schlesinger Daniel L. Shafton Marcus Shemanski Adolph Slotowsky

Katie Steinweis Morris Taylor Reuben W. Weil Arthur G. Weisfield September 20 & 21 Sheldon Balick Frances Basinski Florence Berenson Daisy Biskind Max Bloom Edgar Blumenthal Sybil Bonime Mary Canton Adolph Canton Gloria B. Coodley C. Girard Davidson Max Fischback Adelyne Raban Freiberg Edith Gerson Hannah Gerson Samuel Gerson Raquel Goldfarb Mary Goldman Alan R. Hoeflich Elaine Sweet Horwitch Charles Josephson Bertha Kohn Aaron Lertzman Belle Lewis Allan Edward Lichtgarn Etta Maizels Milton Markewitz Karen McAllister Joseph Mendelsohn Edward Mayor Morgenstern Roscoe C. Nelson, Jr. Esther Overback Samuel Palmer Louis Press Seymour Press Jack Reed David Rosen Davida Rosenbaum Edward Rosenberg Jacob W. Savinar James G. Senders Walter P. Sherlin Albert I. Simon

Remembering Your Loved Ones on the CBI Memorial Wall A Yahrzeit Plaque is a lasting tribute that ensures the memory of a loved one will be honored for all time. The purchase of a Yahrzeit Plaque guarantees a permanent fixture in the Sanctuary plus a duplicate plaque for Pollin Chapel. The cost for a single name is $1800; two names may be inscribed for $2500. Please contact Jemi Mansfield at (503) 222-1069 if you would like more information about this tradition.


Congregation Beth Israel

Daniel Slovic Helen Stamm Albert Stenger Leonard Subotnick Luther Toothman Everett Wyner September 27 & 28 Leo Baruh Theodore S. Bloom Fred Bonyhadi Jared Michael Branfman Ian Brown Clara R. Davis Isaac Davis Louis Farkas Morris Feller Daisy Georges Theodore S. Gerson Pearl Gevurtz Miriam Goldberg Elizabeth Hirsch Charles Jacobs Rabbi Isidore Kahan Leopold Kaufman Norman B. Kobin Lewis Joseph Krakauer Danny Leb Martha Lewin Marcy Macoubray Gene Miller Jeanne Moment Norman B. Nemer M. Don Nudelman Rose Nudelman Louis Rubenstein May “Mazie� Sakai William Y. Sakai Bessie R. Schatz Alyne Schlesinger Edward Shainwald Bess Sommerfield Louis Tanne Hershal Tanzer Jeannette Turteltaub Irving J. Wurtzel Lillian F. Zell Harry Zugman Edith Zusman

September 2013 SUNDAY 1  Elul 26

Elul 5773 - Tishrei 5774







2  Elul 27

3  Elul 28

4  Elul 29

5   Tishrei 1 5774

6   Tishrei 2

7   Tishrei 3

Labor Day Temple Offices Closed

Preschool Back to School Picnic 12:00 PM Temple Lawn

Erev Rosh Hashanah 5774

Rosh Hashanah 5774

Multi-Generational Service 6:00 PM Temple

Morning Service 10:00 AM Temple

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Traditional Adult Service 7:30 PM Temple

Family Service 11:00 AM GH

Shabbat Service 6:00 PM PC

Tot Shabbat Service 9:30 AM PC Shabbat Service 10:30 AM PC

Rosh Hashanah Reception 12:30 PM BA

View our online calendar at

Tashlich 2:00 PM Tanner Park JND Tashlich Happy Hour 5:30 PM

8   Tishrei 4

9   Tishrei 5

Wimpel Program for 1st Grade Families Only 10:00 AM GH

10   Tishrei 6

11   Tishrei 7

12   Tishrei 8

Sukkah Raising 5:30 PM Temple Lawn

Education and Youth Committee 11:45 AM SBR

Preschool Opening Day (2s, 4s & Pre-K) 9:00 AM

Kever Avot V’Imahot Service 1:00 PM CBI Cemetary

Executive Committee 12:00 PM SBR HH choir & Kol Echad Rehearsal 6:00 PM Temple

Administration Offices & Clergy Education Department & Preschool Fax Machine WRJ/BI Sisterhood Judaica Gift Shop Beth Israel Cemetery 426 SW Taylors Ferry Road

WRJ/BIS Board Meeting 6:30 PM SBR

13   Tishrei 9

14   Tishrei 10

Kol Nidre 5774

Yom Kippur 5774

Preschool Opening Day 3s & 1st Shabbat 9:00 AM

Morning Service 10:00 AM Temple

Multi-Generational Service 6:00 PM Temple Traditional Adult Service 7:30 PM Temple No Mah Jongg

503-222-1069 503-222-2037 503-274-1400 503-222-1069 503-222-1069

Family Service 10:00 AM GH Teen Service 12:45 PM MR Study Break 12:45 PM PC JND Study Break 1:00 PM Library Tot Service 2:00 PM Temple Afternoon/Yizkor/Neilah Service 3:00 PM Temple Break the Fast 6:00 PM MR

15   Tishrei 11

22   Tishrei 18

16   Tishrei 12

23   Tishrei 19

Religious School/ B’nei Mitzvah 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM

17  Tishrei 13

18  Tishrei 14

19  Tishrei 15

20   Tishrei 16

21  Tishrei 17

Preschool Back to School Night 6:30 PM MR

Erev Sukkot

Sukkot Temple Offices Closed

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 AM SBR

Sukkot Lunch and Learn 12:00 PM Sukkah

Shir Shabbat Service and Potluck Dinner 6:00 PM Temple

Shabbat Service: Bat Mitzvah of Naomi Meyer 10:30 AM Temple

Knit-a-Mitzvah 10:00 AM SBR

24   Tishrei 20

25   Tishrei 21

26   Tishrei 22

27   Tishrei 23

28   Tishrei 24

JND Sukkah Party 6:00 PM Sukkah

Consecration and Simchat Torah Service 6:00 PM Temple

Simchat Torah Temple Offices Closed

Mah Jongg 10:00 AM SBR

Torah Study 9:00 am SBR

Yizkor Service 10:30 AM PC

Shabbat Service 6:00 PM PC Guest Speaker: Mark Pelavin

Shabbat Service 10:30 AM PC

ECE Sukkot/Simchat Torah Celebration 10:30 AM Room 3 Welcome Back BBQ 12:00 PM Sukkot Open House 4:00 PM Cahana Residence

29   Tishrei 25 Religious School/ B’nei Mitzvah 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM

30   Tishrei 26

Sisterhood Havdalah & Cocktail Hour 5:30 PM GH

Please join us for a Sukkot Open House at the home of Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana and Cantor Ida Rae Cahana Sunday, September 22 • 18 Tishrei 4:00 - 7:00 PM 5:00 pm Erev Sukkot Service

Adult Ed kickoff: Brunch and 10:00 AM GH

3139 SW Fairmount Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97239

Broadway Musicals Screening 11:00 AM PC

Please RSVP to Tracy in the Temple Office, 503-222-1069 by Wednesday, September 19.

Location Key HH = Harris Hall  BA = Blumauer Auditorium GH = Goodman Hall LB = Library LF = Lipman Foyer MR = Miller Room PC = Pollin Chapel SBR = Shirley & Herbert Semler Board Room SC = Shemanski Chapel SEC = Sherman Education Center SFC = Schnitzer Family Center

Congregation Beth Israel


Congregation Beth Israel

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1972 NW Flanders Street Portland, OR 97209-2097

Board of Trustees 2013/2014




Stuart Chestler President

Jonathan Barg Deborah Caldwell Eric Friedenwald-Fishman Ali Garfinkle Linda Georges Sharon Meieran Joanne Van Ness Menashe Mark Peterman Marney Pike Ron Silver Arthur Steinhorn Jane Vereschagin

Ned Duhnkrack VP/President Elect Ilene Davidson Vice President Elizabeth Domagalski Vice President Brad Tonkin Vice President Ted Nelson Secretary John Epstein Treasurer

Auxiliaries Linda Harrison-Fintzy - WRJ/BI Sisterhood President Bob Winthrop - Brotherhood President Administration Offices & Clergy Education Department & Preschool Fax Machine WRJ/BI Sisterhood Judaica Gift Shop Beth Israel Cemetery

503-222-1069 503-222-2037 503-274-1400 503-222-1069 503-222-1069

Affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism since 1879


Congregation Beth Israel

September 2013 Bulletin - Congregation Beth Israel, Portland Oregon  

Read the September 2013 issue of Congregation Beth Israel's monthly Bulletin. Congregation Beth Israel is the original and largest Reform sy...

September 2013 Bulletin - Congregation Beth Israel, Portland Oregon  

Read the September 2013 issue of Congregation Beth Israel's monthly Bulletin. Congregation Beth Israel is the original and largest Reform sy...