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Jackson Zane Friedman Jackson Zane Friedman will become a Bar Mitzvah Saturday, March 2, 2019. Jackson is the son of Steve and Heather Friedman and has a younger sister, Tahlia. Jackson’s grandmothers are Sue Friedman and Carolyn Gorin. Jackson attends Rachel Carson Middle School, which has an emphasis in environmental studies and is very concerned about the future of our planet. He loves sports, and has played basketball since the age of five. A fan of professional baseball, basketball, and hockey, Jackson has been fortunate enough to go to baseball games in Baltimore, Texas, St. Louis and Seattle. Tradition runs deep for Jackson. He’s a fourth generation member of Congregation Beth Israel and will be on the same bimah as his father was when he became a Bar Mitzvah in 1975. With great pride, Jackson will be using his father’s Kiddush cup that was given to him forty-four years ago at the Friday night service. At Saturday’s service, Jackson will wear his great grandfather Milton Margulis’s yarmulke and his grandfather Larry Gorin’s tallit. For his Mitzvah Project, Jackson has been collecting food for the Oregon Food Bank. He volunteers by helping to pack and prepare food, which gets donated to several local food pantries. Jackson is asking anyone who attends his Bar Mitzvah to please bring a few nonperishable items that will be collected upon coming into the sanctuary.

Benjamin William Schulhof Benjamin William Schulhof will become a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, March 2, 2019. Ben is the son of Susanne Aronowitz and Robert Schulhof, and the younger brother of Leo Schulhof.

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A seventh grader at Jackson Middle School, Ben enjoys playing basketball and video games and is interested in computers and politics. For his Mitzvah Project, Ben will be volunteering with the Oregon Food Bank to help reduce food insecurity in our own community.

Price Alexander Schaffer Price Alexander Schaffer will become a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, March 30. He is a seventh grader at West Sylvan Middle School and a lifelong member of Congregation Beth Israel. He is the son of Scott Schaffer and Tracy Prince and grandson of Arnold and Susan Schaffer and Shirley Prince. His sister, Zadie Schaffer, is in tenth grade, and his cat is Shasta. He plays the saxophone and piano, is active in robotics, choir, and school musicals, and has recorded his original piano compositions with Marmoset Studios. For his Mitzvah Project, he created Walk of Ages (, a program encouraging kids to volunteer to walk dogs for or with elders. He started this program after befriending an elderly neighbor who appreciated the friendship and his spending time with her pets. Price hopes to create more intergenerational friendships through this program. If you are interested in volunteering or are an elder who would like to participate, please email

Peri Jessica Rosenfield Peri Jessica Rosenfield will become a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday, April 6, 2019. Peri is the daughter of Lynne Hana and Rick Rosenfield. She has an older brother, Gabe. Peri’s Grandparents are Richard Rotberg of Skokie, Illinois and Dianne and David Rosenfield of South Palm Beach, Florida.


Peri is a seventh grader at West Sylvan Middle School. Peri is a passionate soccer player and plays for the FC Club of Portland. She also enjoys playing basketball, writing, and spending a lot of time with her friends. For her Mitzvah Project, Peri will be supporting Stone Soup. Stone Soup PDX is a nonprofit food service training enterprise helping those at risk of homelessness prepare for a career in the hospitality industry. This happens through a sixteen week training program, where paid participants work at a casual dining lunch counter during the day and a fine-dining catering hall at night. The end result is that graduates can walk into any food service business and be qualified for any openings they may have. Peri will be hosting a bake sale with some very delicious goodies during and after Religious School on Sunday, March 3. If you would like to support this effort by contributing a baked good of your choice, please contact Lynne directly (text messages welcome) at 503-708-1362.

Eli O’Rourke Ostrov Eli O’Rourke Ostrov, son of Daniel Ostrov and Rachel O’Rourke, brother of math whiz sister Twyla Belle O’Rourke Ostrov, grandson of Marjorie and Charles Ostrov and Marilyn Citron O’Rourke, will become a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, April 12, 2019. Eli is an amazing young artist, story teller, antique collector, baker and one of the kindest human beings on this earth. His smile, laugh and hugs make the world a better place everyday. Eli is always up for an adventure whether it is visiting a fancy tea house, wandering around a flea market in Florida or California, combing beaches for treasures or sleeping under the stars in a forest clearing. As a young social activist, Eli speaks up for the rights of LGBTQ+ youth, refugee and immigrants and families experiencing chronic poverty. He routinely volunteers at Reynolds Middle school in the food pantry working to make sure families have access to healthy food.

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