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SAVE THE DATE JANUARY 29 Clergy and Staff Interim Rabbi: Rabbi Pamela Frydman Rabbi Emerita: Rabbi Yocheved Mintz Cantor: Cantor Marla Goldberg Educators: Rabbi Yocheved Mintz and Cantor Marla Goldberg Teacher’s Aide: Austin Royer Bookkeeper: Lynn Pisetzner


Congregation P’nai Tikvah will worship on Shabbat, November 4th and 18th at 2685 South Rainbow Street, STE 108. Tot Shabbat-Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv services will begin at 6:30 PM on November 4th and Shabbat-Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv services will begin at 7:30 PM on November 18th. Torah Study will take place at 9:30 AM on November 5th and 19th. Congregation P’nai Tikvah meets at 2685 South Rainbow Street, STE 108, Las Vegas, NV 89146 $ :

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Rabbi Pam


Message from the Rabbi Emerita Dear Chevreh: We are approaching what is undoubtedly the most important election of our lives. We live in troubling times and, as difficult as it is, we need to make some hard choices. I’d like to share with you some of what I gleaned from an address by Bret Stephens, the foreign-affairs columnist for the Wall Street Journal, when he spoke to the 1200+ individuals who attended the Jewish National Fund conference in New York in Mid-September. His message was directed to whoever becomes the next President of the United States, and it was preceded by the following concept: “Mindsets can vanish in the presence of actual thought.” Some actual mindsets for them to ponder: “Terror is an existential threat.” The next President should think this through, for is it terror that is the threat or the fear that paralyzes us? What about will and capability? Do we not have both the will and the capability to counter the fear-mongers among us? “Terrorism has nothing to do with religion.” The next President will give serious thought to identifying the affiliations of those who are perpetrating terror, and muscle up the intellectual courage to differentiate and go after those who would do us harm, without demonizing those who simply want to live in peace. “Terrorism is the result of poverty.” Giving it thought, the next President will realize that some of the most heinous crimes of terrorism were perpetrated or planned by wealthy, educated individuals. Radicalized individuals come from many demographics. It is simplistic to think that there is only one root cause to terrorism. “We don’t need a Middle East policy.” The next President will need to grapple with this issue, think long and hard, and be open-minded to possibilities. It is foolish to go into this most serious leadership role, proclaiming with certainty what we will do. No one can say for certain that we will never take action again on foreign soil; just as it is naïve to boast that one knows more that the generals. Given actual thought to the challenges in the Middle East requires cooperation, education, and vision. “Israel is a made-up state and a liability to the United States.” The next President needs to know that Israel is our only ally that actually defends itself and also teaches us how to defend ourselves. The technology that comes from Israel has benefited the American society in numerous ways (including Waze, by the way). In the presence of actual thought, the next President will understand that Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians is less a territorial problem, and much more an ideological problem. And, upon actual thought, the next President will understand that Israel is a country whose roots run deep and can be identified archeologically, as well as historically. continued on page 6


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“Mindsets can vanish in the presence of actual thought.” Simplistic? Perhaps, but true. May we all put deep, sincere thought into our voting decisions; and may those whom we elect be blessed with health, and the ability to analyze, think, and act wisely. Ken y’hi ratzon.

Rabbi Yocheved Mintz Rabbi Emerita/Senior Educator

‫סוכה הרב מינץ‬

Sukkah of Rabbi Yocheved Mintz

Faith Silverman waves the lulav & etrog.

Shayna Davis waves the lulav& etrog.

CPT at the Open Sukkah

Jackie Ackerman waves the lulav & etrog.

Palmie Turrentine and the Clarks at the Open Sukkah


Cantor’s Notes

A Note From the Cantor So, what does one write when coming upon a month with no Jewish holidays? This year the Hebrew month of Cheshvan coincides with the secular month of November. Of course, as Americans we celebrate Thanksgiving in November, but there are no holidays in Cheshvan. Some Jews call it a sad month, nothing to celebrate. For some cantors (and maybe rabbis, too) it is sometimes thought of as not so sad, but a time to relax a little with nothing but Shabbat to prepare for, especially after a month packed with holidays and observances. I don’t know why it is, because it’s the same every year, but I always seem to be surprised by Sukkot and Simchat Torah coming right after the High Holy Days. I have since discovered that I’m not the only cantor who reacts this way. I think it might be because we spend so much time and effort into getting ready for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur that we are not thinking as far ahead sometimes. Intellectually I know that Sukkot is right after Yom Kippur, but inside I am still in HHD mode. I have to get the Holy Day melodies out of my head immediately and try to transition to melodies of the Shalosh Regalim, the Festivals, sometimes my emotions and mind are not always able to transition easily. In the end I do get through all our holidays in the month of Tishrei, which makes me glad to have a little rest in the month of Cheshvan. Then I can redirect my thoughts and emotions to the next holiday coming up. Synagogue music is such a wonderful thing. One of my teachers, Cantor Elianhu Schleifer once said that if you walk into a synagogue (after being asleep for a long time) and don’t know what time of year it is, or if it is morning or evening you can tell what time and season it is just by hearing the melodies the cantor is singing. Traditionally every service and every holiday has its own melodies. This gives us a very rich tradition in music. This tradition is one of the things that lead me to the cantorate in the first place. There is so much music to be sung, so much that can enrich our prayers, and it can be enhancing to explore the different melodies that are old, and new. So, if you hear a melody that is different from the one you are most familiar with, keep an open mind, give it a chance, it might grow on you. Every song we sing started off as new at one time, melodies sung for generations have become part of us, but new songs can have that feel too as we begin to learn them. From the beginning we have worshiped with music, not just spoken word. I think this is because songs come from an emotional point within our souls. It makes every time we pray a special day, a holiday. So, what does one write when coming upon a month with no Jewish Holidays? How music touches the soul, and how each month can be special, holiday or not. L’Shalom, Cantor Marla Goldberg







"Michtavim MeiAretz/Letters from Israel" by Jane Kusel

From: Jane Kusel Sent: 9/29/2016 12:35:16 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time Subj: the other home! Returned home to Tel Aviv early this afternoon in time for a manicure appointment followed by some serious food shopping for the holidays. This week on base was exhausting but truly exhilarating as I was privileged to pack medical backpacks for the IDF. With 15 pockets of varied sizes and a myriad of medical devices and equipment the thought and planning that has gone into this equipment is staggering. Furthermore, I was able to start with totally empty backpacks and with very specific instruction and explicit attention to detail completely pack these critical items. In addition, I was able to unpack partially used and nearly expired packs and begin the process anew... No one takes care of their own the way our homeland does! Leaving today was bitter sweet. We were treated to a brief visit to the Jabotinksky Museumin Tel Aviv, A superb tribute to an incredible man which I never tire of visiting. By the way a number of us woke at 4 AM so we could watch the debate on CNN live. No comment. The washer and dryer is being put to good use this evening and our plans for the next few weeks are plentiful. Tomorrow we hope to go to Neve Tzedek the oldest community in Tel Aviv and follow that with a stop at the Tacana, the retrofitted train station. With an evening concert at the Nahmal starting at 10 PM and running until 1 AM we plan on a leisurely Shabbat morning followed by preparation for our Erev Rosh Hashanah dinner with friends, here on Sunday late afternoon... Did I mention that I am now a member of my third synagogue this one modern Orthodox on Frishman Street in Tel Aviv... A vibrant, egalitarian, innovative Shul. Following a full day of services on Monday we will go to Tashlich at the Mediterranean and then to dinner at a friends house. The holiday is observed for two days in Israel so naturally we will follow suit. Early next Wednesday morning we hope to board the train for Haifa spend the evening on the upper most level and make our way to Zicharon Ya'acov the following morning before boarding continued on page 14


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our train back to Tel Aviv. Friday we hope to visit Saronna and the Palmach Museum prior to attending services at the Masorti Shul on Bograshov. I hope to be able to get Myra to the Ayalon Kibbutz as well as Ben Gurion House, a mere block from the flat...and shopping on Ben Yehuda, Allenby and Sheinken! And yet another concert at the Nahmal featuring the Orchestra of Ashdod in celebration of Slichot. Next we move into Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur... A hard time for me... The day prior we will head to Jerusalem, the old city and the Israel Museum and break the Fast with friends. The following day will go to Yad Vashem and Mt. Herzl, and pay our respects to Shimon Peres. As always I send all my love and heartfelt wishes for a happy healthy peaceful new year. From: Jane Kusel Sent: 10/7/2016 11:26:45 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time Subj: Hag Sameach! Rosh Hashannah Services at the International Tel Aviv Shul on Frishman was beyond anything I could imagine. We have 2 Chazan, each with a slightly different style but both with voices that rival Bocelli. This in pairing with a choir beyond comprehension, a Rabbi infused with spiritual energy and an ability to sound the shofar like none heard in my lifetime, and a personal comfort level nearing my US home, I await Yom Kippur with baited breath! And from the picture painted by friends here, the experience will be breath-taking...both in the Synagogue and outside...EVERYTHING stops from Kol Nidre through the Closing service, from sundown to sundown with tickets imposing hefty fines to any sacrilege. Break the Fast will be at a friend's home. Heartfelt apologies to my dear friends who have in years of yore shared Kol Nidre repast at my Vegas abode...should you appear on my Tel Aviv doorstep, I promise fulfillment, both nutritionally and spiritually! Ah, but I digress...the A.M. after the New Year escorted Myra and me to the bus, to the train, and to Haifa. To my delight the Museum of Clandestine Immigration on the city's port level which I had visited several years ago has since combined with its Naval Museum in a large, beautifully powerful space and transports its visitors through a multi-media experience challenging all the senses as they drown in tears of our history. Drained we replenished ourselves as we lunched in the German Colony before locating the bus to reach our hotel in Haifa Center on the uppermost level. Once checked in, as we walked the hilly cobblestoned paths and although repetitive for me made our way the exquisite kimonos on display at the Museum of Japanese Art. On our last legs we dined and slept! After an extravagant Israeli breakfast the next morning, the Carmelit, the only subway/funicular in Israel beckoned us and we rode to the final stop near the train station back on the lowest strata. Disem continued on page 15


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barking in Binyamina we took the bus to Zicharon Ya'acov...and pounded the pavement for hours exploring every gallery and quaint shop in every alley before meeting Myra's extended family through marriage for lunch. Following a delightful meal we stopped by the Tishbi winery before boarding the train back to Tel Aviv...and alas, bus #10 to home. Yesterday morning was consumed with errands but by noontime we wended our way to Sarona which bore no scars from its brutal attack of months ago...and invited through both N'fesh b' N'fesh and the Masorti Movement here, we strolled to Bograshav for Shabbat Services at the Intimate Conservative Shul. Congregants were warm and welcoming, but I sorely missed Erev Shabbat on Frishman. And so I'll conclude as we ready for brunch at Zoho and a day at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, surprisingly opened on the Sabbath. I wrap this tome in my hugs and kisses as we ready for our holiest of days and bittersweet memories...and to my Amy and Dan tearful embraces of heartfelt memories of Dad and family gone by...I love you From: Jane Kusel Date: October 19, 2016 at 12:02:31 PM PDT Subject: Hag Sameach...still! Yes... not just have succahs taken over shuls, homes, street corners, street beginnings and street ends, nearly all restaurants have both traditional and added succah seating for patrons! Tonight a group of us met at the Synagogue Succah with food and wine to share...and this afternoon several of us went to Uzi-Eli, the Esrog Man, for etrog juice tasting with a myriad of varieties made with added ginger, dates, figs, almonds, pomegranate, berries...only in Israel! Tomorrow AM 6 of us will travel to Abu Ghosh for its annual festival of choirs which will also feature works by Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky, Ethnic music, and jazz. Hopefully we'll be home by 9PM for the Rock Concert at our Modern Orthodox Shul! Did I mention yesterday and today I went to Pilates and Yoga classes at the Nahmal's giant succah? Friday Shabbat will take me back to the Nahmal for Dining and Erev Services in the succah...seaside with Shabbas on the beach. Sunday PM and Monday AM we usher in Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah...the holidays are combined here...guess with schools, government agencies, banks, and many retailers closed for a full week, time is of continued on page 16


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the essence; truth be told, With lulavs and etrogs visible everywhere for purchase (etrogs unblemished, bavakasha!), for display, for shaking, and for carrying, with dancing in the streets, in front of the shuls, and around the succah themselves, this holiday season is nearly incomprehensible...did I mention the classes and concerts are all free? Hours for sleep, however, are at a premium so I wish you all Layla tov with love and hope the Debate doesn't evoke nightmares! PS...also in true Israeli fashion, the external renovation on my apartment building is underway...noise not a problem since I'm rarely here...but the second bedroom is now sporting a hole in the wall...but not to worry, it has been stuffed with dirty plastic bags by the construction crew! In truth, a most minor trade-off for the sheer joy of life in our Homeland. PPS...Had my first experience with the health system...not too long a wait for my free flu and pneumonia shots...for weight, height, temperature, I simply stepped on what looked like a modern scale and within moments, without anything touching me, all info was read! From: Jane Kusel Sent: 10/30/2016 9:53:29 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time Subj: Better late than never... ...I have been delinquent in writing and have no excuse except only 24 hours in the day...even in the land of milk and honey! Succot ran into Shemini which ran into Simchat Torah...basically the entire month of October was a non-stop synagogue, singing, dancing, pausing for reflection, celebrating, eating frenzy! Did I mention the local, black hat Chabadnik who usually roller blades on Ben Yehuda...for Succot he was replete with a traveling succah on the rear of his bike...and his young children inside! But he was often in good company with singing in the streets and dancing with Torahs both inside and outside of the Shuls...and both inside and outside of the succahs which were absolutely everywhere. Concerts, musical revues, and special programs are everyday, every minute wonderful. Speaking of concerts, several eves ago I attended a spectacular orchestral happening with two thirds of the musicians playing accordions and only a third wind and percussion. And true to our habits, intermission offered coffee and cake so we shouldn't be hungry! Music is an important and integral part of the Israeli soul...I am adjusting to 2am mornings! 76 days and not much as a sniffle...and yesterday, the eve Ann M arrived, I was down with a I am 90% on the mend and sent Ann on her way to Disengoff and from there wended her way to Sarona. Tomorrow we'll set off together to any number of the other sites here...Ben Gurion House will be stop #1...the beach...and only eleven days and my initial aliyah is closing...but this trip I go through Israeli Citizen passport control! I am excited to set foot back on US soil, to see all my beloved family and friends continued on page 17


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whom I have missed so very much, to be pampered by the luxuries we know...and sad that on Fridays not everyone will wish me a Good Shabbas, that Ari in the ice coffee kiosk won't have my treat waiting for me as I approach, that I will be caged in a car rather than walking everywhere...if nothing else I have learned that "above all else, to thine own self be true" is not merely a quip...and that having the strength to follow one's dream is in large part possible because of the strength afforded through your love and support. L'itraot...soon and with love

Simchat Torah Dancin’ with the Torah! CPT celebrates Simchat Torah at Indigo


KIDZ KORNER for November


Jewlicious Learning & Yad Squad SIGN UP TODAY FOR OUR 2016-2017 SESSION Jewlicious Learning Hands on, experiential learning makes Jewish education fun and meaningful for our youngsters from Kindergarten through B’nai Mitzvah. Working with Rabbi Mintz, Cantor Goldberg, and our caring and engaging teaching staff makes a loving, caring, and motivating environment for our youngsters. Yad Squad (formerly “Teen Torah Tribe”) Post B'nai Mitzvah teens will be meeting from 10:00 to 11:30 on Sunday mornings once monthly this year for continuing education and leadership training. In addition to increasing their skill in "doing Jewish," they will experience: Social Action Opportunities Building self-esteem Building Jewish identity Building Jewish literacy Connecting with other Jewish teens and with the community and being provided with opportunities for positive personal expression.

Meyer DeLee waves the Lulav and Etrog. Can I get a Shehecheyanu ?

Sydney Knepper builds her first sukkah!

Jewlicious Learner’s dwell in the sukkah and eat some pizza!


CPT’s Jewlicious Learner-Pomegranates and Door hangers


November Birthdays

Dale Gardner


Stephanie Paykel


Ellen Royer


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Ann Brandt


Patsy Kart


Barbara Holland


Stephanie & Gary Paykel


For $40.00 a prayer book can either be purchased for personal use or be dedicated to the congregation “In Memory” or “In Honor of” and a card from CPT will be sent to the family. The prayer book plate will be placed on the inside cover of our Kol HaNeshamah siddur. VOLUNTEERISM ABOUNDS AT CPT Homes are always needed for the various activities and meetings of our congregation. Offer a Personal prayer – If you’d like to write your own, please do so. If you would like to see it published in the newsletter.


For the Month of November Arthur Ackerman -Remembered by Jackie Ackerman and Family Kate Bender -Remembered by Elliot Bender Joseph DeLee -Remembered by Michael DeLee Nathan Etkind -Remembered by Ann Brandt Bessie Freedman and Esther Weiman -Remembered by Barbara Holland Bernice Ruby Rosin Mintz -Remembered by Maxine Blechman James Nussbaum -Remembered by Michael Nussbaum Betty Paykel -Remembered by Gary Paykel

Memorial plaques are available; to honor the departed, to inspire the living. to be remembered in the hearts of those we leave behind is, in a sense, to live forever. For further information, call the Synagogue office at 702-436-4900

David Rauch -Remembered by Gloria Granat Harry Rose -Remembered by Stanley Rose Bernice Roshkind -Remembered by Jane Kusel Harry and Sarah Sheinberg Porath Stromberg -Remembered by Rabbi Yocheved Mintz Jean Tzorfas -Remembered by Evelyn & Ken Clark Maurice Wagmeister -Remembered by Sam Wagmeister


Nid’vei Lev- Donations from the Heart Cindy & Marc Fox Nid'vei Lev Walter Carnwright II Nid'vei Lev Nancey Eason In honor of lighting candles at Shabbat services Roz Tessler Tzedakah Sam Lieberman Nid'vei Lev Helen Memar In honor of Anita Lewy's birthday Anita Lewy Nid'vei Lev


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CALENDAR AT A GLANCE: 7:00 PM Jewish, Alive and American 3:30 PM Biblical Hebrew V 7:00 PM Ivdu et Hashem B’Simcha-Jewish Liturgy as a Spiritual System 6:30 PM Tot Shabbat, Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv Service 9:30 AM Torah Study 4:00 PM A New Moon for All at Spring Mountain Ranch 4:15 PM Jewlicious Learning 7:00 PM Biblical Hebrew III 6:00 PM FIDF Gala honoring Rabbi Yocheved Mintz 4:00 PM Shabbos Project Challah Bake at Adelson Educational Campus 5:30 PM Shabbos Project Havdallah and Concert at Congregation Ner Tamid 4:15 PM Jewlicious Learning 11:30 AM Brunch with Brilliants featuring Rabbi Pam Frydman 6:30 PM Tot Shabbat, Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv Service 9:30 AM Torah Study 7:30 PM Lach’kor-Explore Series: Strange Rituals we take for granted 2:00 PM Chanukah Bowl-A-Thon with Indigo at Red Rock Lanes 7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv Service 9:30 AM Torah Study at Indigo Valley 7:30 PM Lach’kor-Explore Series: The Real Reason We Celebrate for 8 days and other facts your mama never told you (Hint: “you are doing it wrong!”) 6:30 PM Tot Shabbat, Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv Service 9:30 AM Torah Study 7:30 PM Lach’kor-Explore Series: X-Rated Jewish Sexual Practices and Pleasures 7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv Service 9:30 AM Torah Study 7:30 PM Lach’kor-Explore Series: Prostitution in the Ranks Congregation P’nai Tikvah ROAST of SHELLEY BERKLEY

Blessing for the Month of Cheshvan: May we light a candle in our dark spaces to bring illumination forward to those in our lives. May the rain from above fall gently on the garden of our souls. May we be able to take this energy and apply it to the day to day world. Amein 25

Congregation P'nai Tikvah's Kol Kiruv - November 2016 – Cheshvan 5777  

About Congregation P'nai Tikvah - Rekindling the Jewish Spirit. Congregation P'nai Tikvah is a joyful warm, welcoming spiritual home for a...

Congregation P'nai Tikvah's Kol Kiruv - November 2016 – Cheshvan 5777  

About Congregation P'nai Tikvah - Rekindling the Jewish Spirit. Congregation P'nai Tikvah is a joyful warm, welcoming spiritual home for a...