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Issue 26 / Year 2018 EDITORS: Anna Dunaway, e: aflamm@ncsu.edu L'erin Jensen, e: ljensen2@ncsu.edu Wei Yan, e: ywei9@ncsu.edu Lucy Yin, e: xyin2@ncsu.edu

DESIGNER: L'erin Jensen, e: ljensen2@ncsu.edu

WRITERS: Anna Dunaway e: aflamm@ncsu.edu Hu Cui, e: chu9@ncsu.edu L'erin Jensen, e: ljensen2@ncsu.edu Li Peng, e: pli22@ncsu.edu Ma Yan, e: yma19@ncsu.edu Qian Huizhen, e: hqian7@ncsu.edu Qiao Yan, e: yqiao5@ncsu.edu Wang Lili, e: lwang52@ncsu.edu Wei Yan, e: ywei9@ncsu.edu Yang Qiuping, e: qyang24@ncsu.edu Lucy Yin, e: xyin2@ncsu.edu

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CI NEWS 2018


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CI NEWS 2018


Directors’ Notes CI Impact Timeline CI Staff


In the Classroom SKEMA North Carolina Chinese Language Contest


Chinese New Year Greater Triangle Dragon Boat Festival Cultural Arts Performances “Ni Hao” Wolfpack Chinese Culture Summer Camp


Study Abroad at Nanjing Normal University Partnerships OIED Diversity Grants Packapalooza


North Carolina Summit on U.S./China Education Southeast Chinese Language Association (SECLA) China and the World: Diversity of Civilization and Cross-cultural Communication


CLTA - Chinese Language Teacher’s Association


CI U.S. Center Award Star Employee Award


Central Carolina Community College Saint Augustine’s University Enloe High School Concord High School


Director’s Notes I have had the honor to serve as the Director of the Confucius Institute since 2009. Since that time, I have seen our team grow from 3 to 12 people, we have increased our collaborative space through a partnership with the McKimmon Center for the Cultural Resource Room, our services are highly requested in the community and we have aligned our strategic goals to that of NC State and the Office of Global Engagement. To create a strong team environment, we have developed program manuals for training staff, team development activities, and a CI Star Employee Award to highlight accomplishments. We have contributed to the NC educational system as Chinese language instruction in public K-12 schools is the fastest growing language, currently there are over 15,000 students studying Chinese. This was one of the main reasons we created the Chinese Language Contests and the Chinese Language Teacher Association of NC. I am proud of our team’s many accomplishments but mostly I am proud of our collaborative efforts, on and off campus, that contribute to a more global North Carolina. 2009年我开始荣任孔子学院院长一职,我们孔院团队 从当年的3人发展到如今的12人。我们与麦金蒙中心合 作,扩大孔院办公场所,开设中国文化体验中心。当地 社区对我们提供的服务有大量需求,我们与北卡州大及 全球沟通办公室的战略目标保持一致。为创建强大的团 队,我们不断更新项目手册,做好教师培训,开展团建 活动,遴选孔院明星员工以表彰业绩。我们对北卡州教 育系统做出了贡献,北卡中小学的汉语学习人数增长最 快,目前有1,5000多名学生学习汉语,我们因此开办了 中文大赛,组建了北卡中文教师学会。我为孔院团队取 得的成绩感到骄傲,更为我们在校内外建立的合作而骄 傲,这些合作进一步推动了北卡州的全球化。

Anna Dunaway, Director, 2009 - Present

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


The Confucius Institute at NC State was co-founded with Nanjing Normal University in 2007. Since that time, our CI has welcomed twenty-four visiting scholars from China. Our CI team has contributed to the support of Chinese language instruction at NC State and in North Carolina K-16 schools, offering enriching cultural opportunities for the community and helping organizations and businesses improve their international knowledge. We fulfill these goals by providing students, faculty, staff and the communities we serve with access to Chinese language learning, information about modern China, and a better understanding of China’s development in the context of a global economy. The four Chinese directors and eleven professors from Nanjing Normal University have devoted themselves to creating collaborations between the two universities. Since 2008, 137 students from NC State have studied abroad at Nanjing Normal University. Delegations from both universities have visited each other and signed various MOUs and agreements for student exchange and academic cooperation programs. 2007年,北卡罗来纳州立大学和南京师范大学共同创建 孔子学院。12年来,共有24位来自中国的访问学者在北 卡州大孔子学院工作。经孔院团队共同努力,做出了如 下贡献:推动北卡州大的汉语教学、提升全北卡州的中 小学和大学汉语教育、丰富社区文化活动、增进当地社 团和企业的国际化。孔子学院完成了自己的目标,为学 生、教职工和社区服务,提供汉语课程、介绍当代中 国、帮助他们在全球经济的背景下理解中国的发展。来 自南京师范大学的4位中方院长和11位汉语教师积极推动 两校合作。自2008年以来,共有137名北卡州大的学生赴 南京师范大学海外学习,两校代表团多次互访并签订多 项学生交流和学术合作的协议。

Wei Yan, Chinese Director, 2015 - Present

Impact The Confucius Institute’s (CI) mission is to enhance intercultural understanding in the U.S. by supporting and organizing Chinese language and culture programs. NC State’s CI accomplishes this mission through a range of educational and outreach activities for students, teachers, businesses and community members. The NC State CI helps to contribute to the support of Chinese language instruction and helps organizations and businesses improve their international knowledge. NC State’s CI opened in 2007 and partners with Nanjing Normal University. The graphics below show our contribution to NC State students, faculty, staff and the community.

920,376 Chinese cultural events participation 孔子学院文化活动参与人数 NC State Participation: 北卡州立大学参与人数



Chinese Language Contest participants 中文大赛参赛人数

CI NEWS 2018


35,563 Chinese language students 汉语学生人数 NC State Participation: 北卡州立大学参与人数



CI NEWS 2018

孔子学院的宗旨是支持和组织各类中国语言和文化项目,增强美国不同文化的之间交流和 理解。北卡州大孔子学院达到了这一目标,为学生、教师、商务人士及社区民众提供了一 系列教育及文化交流活动。北卡州大孔院为当地汉语教学做出贡献,帮助当地社团和商业 团体提升跨文化知识。北卡州大孔院成立于2007年,合作院校是南京师范大学。以下数据 说明了我们对州大学生、教职员工和社区民众的贡献。


Study Abroad college students 海外学习人数 NC State Participation: 北卡州立大学参与人数:



Chinese proficiency tests 汉语水平测试 NC State Participation: 北卡州立大学参与人数:


Chinese teacher training 中文教师培训



CI scholarships 孔子学院奖学金 NC State Participation: 北卡州立大学参与人数:


4. Confucius Classroom Opening at Central Carolina Community College 2009

1. Signing of NC State Confucius Institute 2006

7. Confucius Classroom at Saint Ausgustine’s University Opens 2011

5. Nanjing Normal University Music Delegation 2010

2007 2006

2009 2008

2011 2010

2012 9. Summit on U.S. China Education 2011

3. Chinese Painting Exhibition 2008

2. CI officially opens at NC State 2007

CI NEWS 2018


6. Enloe High School Confucius Classroom Opens 2011 8. Chinese Licensure Program Opened 2011

CI NEWS 2018

12. Confucius Institute National Award 2014

10. National Humanities Conference 2013



15. Confucius Classroom at Concord High School Opens 2015


17. Ni-Hao Wolfpack Summer Camp 2017

18. Cultural Resource Room Opens 2018



2018 2017 16. Special Olympics 2016

13. Triangle Business Journal Diversity Award 2014

11. Partnership with SKEMA created 2013

14. Foreign Language Association of NC Award to CI 2014

Confucius Ins DIRECTORS

Anna Dunaway 林安娜 2009-Present

Sarah Cao 2007-2009


Wei Yan 魏燕 2016-Present

Ding Jianning丁建宁 2011-2016

Wang Xiaoying 王晓英 2009-2011

Xu Keqian 徐克谦 2007-2009

CI NEWS 2018



CI NEWS 2018




Hu Cui 胡翠 2017-Present

Qian Huizhen 钱慧真 2018-Present

Li Peng 李芃 2017-Present

Qiao Yan 乔燕 2018-Present

Ma Yan 马妍 2017-Present

Yang Qiuping 杨秋萍 2018-Present


L’erin Jensen Communications Coordinator 2018-Present

Wang Lili 王莉莉 Graduate Assistant 2017-Present

Lucy Yin Operations Manager 2011-Present

Dai Guanglin 戴光琳 CI Programs Coordinator 2008 - 2011


Li Xuhua 刘绪华 2010 - 2012

Wu Yan 武艳 2018

Mo Li 莫莉 2013-2016

Yang Xiaowen 杨晓雯 2012-2015

Ye Danmin 叶丹敏 2015-2016

CI NEWS 2018


Tang Xiaozhong 唐晓忠 2012-2015

Wang Lijuan 王丽娟 2008-2010

Yang Mei 杨梅 2016-2017

Yang Yang 杨阳 2012-2015

Yu Yanling 于艳玲 2016-2018

Zhou Wenhua 周文华 2015-2018

CI NEWS 2018



Chen Qiang (John) 陈强 Enloe High School

Lena Wang-Anthony 王琳娜 Saint Augustine’s University

Ma Yuehan 马越晗 Central Carolina Community College

Yu Yang 于洋 Concord High School


Che Shuya 车舒雅 Central Carolina Community College, 2008-2010

Chen Cheng 陈骋 Saint Augstine’s University & Wake Technical Community College, 2011-2016

Yang Junjing 杨军静 Concord High School, 2015-2016

Huang Ling 黄凌 Central Carolina Community College, 2010-2013

Wang Guan 王冠 Central Carolina Community College, 2013-2016

Zhang Jingjing 张晶晶 Saint Augustine’s University, 2015-2016

Chinese CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018

Language Learning


Chinese Language Classes Our evening, NC State, SKEMA, Confucius Classrooms, Chinese Language Contest and customized Chinese Business classes have provided Chinese language instruction to more than 35,000 students since 2007, with NC State students accounting for 12,074 of those Chinese learners. In 2018, CI taught 5,345 students through our Chinese language classes. For K-12 programs, we offered Chinese learning opportunities to 4,500 students (64 schools participated in our Chinese language contest). Since partnering with SKEMA, our CI has taught over 900 SKEMA students. This year our CI instructors taught Mandarin to 340 SKEMA students. Our four Confucius Classrooms offered for-credit classes to nearly 400 high-school and college students.

自2007年以来,孔院面向当地民众提供了各种层次 的汉语语言教学,包括孔院晚班汉语课、州大学分 课、SKEMA法国商学院汉语语言课程、孔子课堂 汉语教学、商务汉语课程以及中文大赛,总计超过 35000人次,其中州大学生人数为12074。2018年全年 共计5345人次参加了孔子学院开设的各类汉语课程。 同时,我们为北卡州中小学学生提供中文学习体验, 共计4500名学生获益,64所当地中小学参加了孔院 举办的中文大赛。自2013年与SKEMA商学院合作以 来,超过900人次的SKEMA的学生参与了汉语学分课 程课程的学习。今年有340名SKEMA商学院的学生注 册孔院开设的汉语课程。此外,隶属我们孔院的四所 孔子课堂还为近400名当地高中和社区大学学生开设 了不同级别的学分汉语课。

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


North Carolina Chinese Language Contests 北卡罗来纳州中文大赛 For almost a decade, the Confucius Institute has sponsored and hosted the North Carolina Chinese Language Contests, made up of a Speech and Writing contest. More than 3,200 North Carolina first graders through high school seniors have participated in the annual contest, with participation increasing each year. The 2018 contest was held at Hunt Library and included 732 students from across the state. Speech, the larger of the two contests, saw 441 students from 34 schools/organizations and 11 cities and counties competing, while the writing contest had 282 contestants from 30 schools/organizations, 12 cities and 11 counties. This year’s prizes went to 27 finalists who were graded by a panel of 5 judges on a memorized speech, impromptu speech and an optional talent showcase, including Chinese calligraphy, musical performances, Diabolo, cross talk and Chinese songs. The contest has helped to increase awareness of Chinese language programs, and has become a measure of excellence for Chinese learners and instructors.

近十年来,孔子学院赞助并举办了北卡罗莱纳州中文演讲和写作比赛。累计超过 3200名北卡罗来纳州的中小学生参加了该比赛,每年参赛人数都不断增加。2018年 的比赛在北卡州立大学的Hunt图书馆举行,共计732名学生参加了此次比赛。演讲 比赛吸引了全北卡11个郡11个城市34所学校共计441名选手参加,写作比赛吸引了 全北卡11个郡12个城市30所学校共计282名选手参加。演讲决赛分为三个环节:命 题演讲、即兴演讲及才艺表演。选手们展示了书法、音乐表演、空竹、相声以及中 国歌曲等才艺。最终,由5位评委组成的评委会共选出27位选手获得了本次演讲比 赛的各项大奖。中文大赛增进了当地人对汉语语言学习项目的了解,并为学生和教 师提供了汉语学习的权威衡量标准。

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


Chinese New Year 中国新年 Pg. 24

Cultural Programs

Dragon Boat Festival 北卡三角区龙舟节 Pg. 28

Cultural Arts Performances 文化艺术表演 Pg. 30

Ni-Hao Summer Camp 你好! “狼群”夏令营 Pg. 32

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018

Chinese New Year 中国新年

Each year our CI hosts and attends several Chinese New Year events, including but not limited to celebrations with NC State athletic teams, community events at Wake Forest University and the Chapel Hill Light Up celebration, as well as our own New Year reception. Throughout CI’s history, these New Year celebrations have reached hundreds of thousands of people at NC State and in the community. This year our CI hosted 10 celebratory events, including NC State Men’s Baseball and Women’s Basketball, the CI Chinese New Year Reception and the Chapel Hill Light Up event. More than 25,000 people were impacted by CI Chinese New Year events in 2018.

每年孔子学院都举办或参与各种中国新年庆祝活动, 例如,协同北卡州大体育队在中国新年举办专场比 赛,在维克森林大学面向社区组织庆祝活动,教堂山 点灯节以及孔院新年招待会。自从孔院建立以来,我 们举办和参与的各种新年庆典活动吸引了数以万计的 北卡州大及当地社区民众。2018年我们孔院举办了十 次庆祝活动,包括州立大学男子棒球赛、州立大学女 子篮球赛、孔院新年招待会和教堂山点灯节等活动, 成功地吸引了超过两万五千人次参与。


CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


Greater Triangle Area Dragon Boat Festival 北卡中美峰会 For 6 years, in partnership with Asian Focus NC, The Greater Triangle Area Dragon Boat Festival has provided visitors with nearly 100 exhibits and activities such as cultural displays, games, stage performances and the annual dragon boat race. CI has participated in every Dragon Boat Festival since the inaugural festival. Each year, the CI booth is a popular attraction, drawing large crowds. In 2018, the CI booth offered paper lanterns with Chinese calligraphy, traditional Chinese knotting and paper-cutting, as well as traditional costume try-ons.

CI NEWS 2018


六年来,我们与“北卡聚焦亚洲”协会合作,举办大 三角区龙舟节,为北卡当地民众提供了近100场展览 和各种文化活动,例如文化艺术品展览、游戏活动、 舞台表演和一年一度的赛龙舟。自首届龙舟节开幕以 来,孔院团队每年都积极参与,精心布置的展台吸引 了众多的参与者,举办的写书法和其他手工活动年年 都获得好评。孔院在2018年龙舟节上为当地民众在纸 灯笼上用毛笔题字,手编中国结、做中国剪纸以及试 穿中华传统服饰等丰富多彩的活动。

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


Cultural Arts Performances 文化艺术表演

Since 2008, CI has hosted or sponsored cultural arts performances and galas with an estimated audience of over 121,000 people. The performances feature dance, musical, martial arts from, both, China and local schools and universities, and from our partner institution, Nanjing Normal University. In 2018, CI hosted the Cultural Arts & Performance Troupe from South-Central University of Nationalities in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. This year’s Fall performance attracted a crowd of nearly 700 from NC State and the community. 自2008年以来,孔院举办并资助了若干文化艺术表演 盛会, 吸引了12,1000多名观众。这些表演以舞蹈、 音乐、武术为主,表演者有的来自中国,有的来自 当地学校,也有的来自孔院中方合作大学:南京师 范大学。2018年10月,孔院举办了由湖北武汉中南民 族大学师生表演的艺术盛会,吸引了北卡州大和当 地700多名观众。

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


“Ni-Hao” Wolfpack Chinese Culture Summer Camp 你好! “狼群”夏令营

In 2017, CI began offering summer day camps to rising 6th -12th grade students. Over the course of a week campers are introduced to the Chinese language and other aspects of Chinese culture. This year’s camps were held the week of June 18th and June 25th, and attracted roughly 20 students. CI professors taught students introductory Mandarin, Tai Chi, and Chinese calligraphy, among other things. Campers also went on a trip to the Grand Asia Market, getting a first-hand experience of Chinese culture in America. 2017年,孔院开始为6年级到12年级的学生提供夏令营项目。夏令营为期一周,包含汉语和中 华文化两方面内容。今年的夏令营共有20名学生参加,时间是6月18日到6月25日。孔院老师负 责教汉语、太极、还有中国书法等内容。参加的学生还参观了大亚超市有亲身体验了中国文 化。

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


NC State


Study Abroad at Nanjing Normal University 海外学习@南京师范大学 CI has sponsored a Summer study abroad program for college students since 2008, sending 137 students to Nanjing Normal University in Nanjing, China for 5 weeks of Chinese language and cultural immersion. In addition to learning Chinese in a native environment, students earn six-credit courses from the program. This year, eight students from NC State and Saint Augustine’s University were a part of the program, enrolling in “Intensive Chinese Language” and “Modern Chinese Popular Culture” at NNU. Students also had the chance to visit five other Chinese cities, exploring Chinese culture through direct communication with the local people. 从2008年开始,北卡州大孔院与南京师范大学合作,开展大学生暑期交 流项目,至今已有137名美国学生赴中国海外学习。美国学生在南京师 范大学有五周沉浸式的汉语和文化课程。除了在中国全中文环境的学 习体验,美国学生还可以通过该项目,获得在美国大学专业学习的6个 课程学分。2018年有8名北卡州大和圣奥古斯丁大学的学生参加了该项 目。他们在南京师范大学修了两门课程,“高级汉语”和“当代中国流 行文化”。除此之外,还去了五个不同的城市进行文化考察,这让美 国学生有更多机会直接接触到中国人,并深入地了解了中国的语言和文 化。

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


Partnerships ĺ?ˆä˝œ

Dance Class @ Exploris 2016

Taichi 2017

In the 12 years CI has been a part of NC State, our CI has formed valuable partnerships with other NC State departments and organizations. We have partnered with Goodnight Scholars, OIED, Poole College of Management, Athletics, Craft Center and many academic units. We have offered Taichi lessons, brush painting classes, and Chinese dance programs to NC State students. In 2017, in partnership with Diversity Education Week, CI held the 1st Table Tennis Team Tournament at Carmichael Gym, with over 20 international students participating in the competition. Additionally, we were awarded an OIED Diversity Grant to run programs with faculty, staff and students. Since our opening, over 35,000 NC State faculty, staff and students have joined our cultural events.

NCSU Dance Company 2017

CI NEWS 2018


Goodnight Scholars 2015

Goodnight Scholars 2016

CI NEWS 2018


成立十二年以来,孔院已经成为北 卡州大的一份子,与学校的其他各 部门单位形成了良好的合作关系。 我们与古德奈特奖学金、平等与多 元文化办公室、普尔管理学院、体 育系、艺术中心以及其他许多学术 单位一起举办了很多活动,同时面 向北卡州大的学生开设了太极课、 书法课及中国舞蹈课。2017年,孔 院于“多元文化周”期间在卡麦克 健身中心举办了第一届乒乓球巡回 赛,20多名国际学生参加了比赛, 我们也获得了“多元化奖金”用以 进一步开展活动。成立以来,三万 五千多北卡州大的师生员工参加了 我们的各种文化活动。

Diversity Dance 2016

Taichi 2018

Goodnight Scholars 2016

Diversity Education Week 2017

Chinese Folk Dance Master Class 2017

OIED Diversity Grant OIED多元文化小额基金 Beginning in 2017, CI and the Office of International Services (OIS) were awarded an Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED) Diversity Mini Grant. NC State is home to the largest international student population in North Carolina. During the Spring 2016 semester, 3,347 internationals studied at NC State. Of that, 1,074 were from China - making Chinese students the second largest international population at the university. In the past, CI has used the grant to collaborate with the Exploratory Studies program and offer workshops on modern China to 30 undergraduate students. Faculty and staff workshops have also been offered. 2017年,孔院和国际服务办公室荣获平等与多元化办公室颁发的小额 基金资助。北卡州立大学是北卡州有国际生的人数最多的学校。北卡 州大拥有北卡州最多的留学生,2016年春学期,共有3347名留学生来 北卡州大攻读学位,其中有1074名中国留学生。中国留学生上升为北 卡州大第二大留学生生源。我们与开发学习部合作,给北卡州大本科 生提供关于现代中国的培训,除此之外,也为教职工提供讲座。

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


Packapalooza 北卡州大开学狂欢节

NC State’s largest event, Packapalooza attracts nearly 80,000 students, alumni, faculty, staff and community members each year. The annual back-to-school kick off provides an opportunity to share CI’s programs with a large audience. CI’s booth offers Chinese calligraphy written on colorful paper lanterns, as well as tracing. Each year the booth draws a large crowd. This year the booth could not keep up with the high demand and ran out of paper lanterns.

开学狂欢节是每年开学初举行,是北卡州大一年一度最大 型的活动,给孔院提供了让更多的人了解中国文化项目的 平台。每年,参加狂欢节的学生、校友、教职工以及社区 居民多达8000人。孔院的中国文化展台为参与者提供了中国 书法临摹体验和中国传统灯笼的题字活动,这些独特而有 趣的文化活动吸引了大量的外国学生和家长。

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018



North Carolina Summit on U.S./China Education 北卡中美峰会 The North Carolina Summit on U.S./China K-12 education is a bi-annual conference meant to increase awareness and understanding among educators, policymakers and business leaders of the importance of creating a globally-educated citizenry. The Summit is hosted by the Confucius Institute at North Carolina State University, Friday Institute at North Carolina State University, Go Global NC, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the North Carolina State Board of Education. CI has been an integral part of the conference since inception, sponsoring, organizing and participating in the event. This year’s theme “Community Focused Partnerships: Harnessing Intercultural Competence” featured speeches by North Carolina Secretary of State, Honorable Elaine F. Marshall, as well as CI director, Anna Dunaway. Panel topics included “Preparing Students for a Global Workforce Tomorrow” and “Statewide Efforts for Global Opportunities.” 中美北卡K12教育峰会每两年举办一次,旨在提升教育者、政策制定者和商业领导人对全球化人才培养 重要性的认识和理解。本峰会由北卡罗来纳州立大学孔子学院、北卡州大星期五学校、北卡州公共教 学部、北卡州教育委员会以及北卡走向全球联合主办。自举办以来,孔院一直是大会的赞助方、组织 者和参与者。本年峰会以“聚焦社区的伙伴关系:掌握跨文化交际能力”为主题,由北卡州务卿伊莱 恩·F·马歇尔女士和孔院外方院长安娜分别进行专题发言。小组发言的主题包括“全球化人才培养” 和“探索北卡州的全球资源”。

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


Southeast Chinese Language Association (SECLA) 美国东南部中国语言协会

Our CI was one of the founding members of the Southeast Chinese Language Association, a groups of CIs in North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and Alabama. The SECLA Annual conference provides an opportunity for Chinese language teachers to share teaching experiences and learn about the newest trends in Chinese language teaching. In 2013, our CI was the host of the second annual conference. 北卡州大孔子学院是美国东南部中国语言协会的创始成 员之一,该协会包括了北卡罗来纳州,田纳西州,南卡 罗来纳州,佐治亚州,佛罗里达州,路易斯安那州和阿 拉巴马州的孔院。 美国东南部中国语言协会年会为中文 教师提供了分享教学经验以及了解汉语教学最新趋势的 平台。 我们孔院于2013年主办了该协会第二届年会。

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


China and the World: Diversity of Civilization and Cross-cultural Communication 中国和世界: 多元化文明和跨文化交流

In 2013 our CI hosted the 6th World Civilization Conference “China and the World: Diversity of Civilization and Cross-Cultural Communication.” Attendees included the Director of the U.S. National Humanities Center, Vice President of the University of North Carolina, ex-Deputy Director of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and members of the Department of State Council. The conference was instrumental in helping to shed light on the importance of intercultural understandings and diversity. Over 150 scholars attended this event from around the United State and China.

2013年,孔院主办了第六届世界文明大会,主题是 “中 国和世界:多元化文明和跨文化交流”,与会人员包括 美国国家人文中心院长、北卡大学副校长、中国社科院 前副院长及北卡州议会成员。据统计,共有150多位中美 学者参加了本次盛会。会议对跨文化理解和多元性起到 了积极的作用。

Teacher Training Programs

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018

Chinese Language Teacher’s Association 北卡中文教师学会 CLTA-NC provides professional development and serves as a resource for Chinese language teachers at all levels in North Carolina. Nearly 1,300 educators have participated in Chinese teacher training through our programs. The 2nd CLTA-NC Annual Conference was held on August 26, 2018, at NC State University. Topics included discussions on how to become a licensed Chinese teacher, as well as reports on the latest studies on Chinese language instruction and teaching methods. This year CI expanded the conference, adding Charlotte to the list and extending the reach and influence of not only CLTA, but CI as well.


北卡中文教师学会为当地幼儿园、中小学及大学中文 教师提供专业的职业培训,并提供与汉语相关的教 学、文化等各种资源。至今为止,约有1300多名当地 中文教师参加了北卡孔院组织的各种中文教师培训项 目。2018年8月26日在北卡州立大学召开了第二届北卡 中文教师学会年会,会议主要包括两个部分:第一, 成为一名注册汉语老师的步骤、程序、条件;第二, 中文教学内容的设定、最新教学方法和理念的分享、 班级管理及教学中问题的讨论等等。今年的年会,除 了罗利地区,还在夏洛特孔子学院设立了分会场,这 样不仅扩大了北卡中文教师学会的影响,更突显了北 卡州大孔院与本州其他孔院的团结合作,共同发展的 协作精神。


CI NEWS 2018


National Honors Gala at Confucius Institute U.S. Center 孔子学院美国中心颁奖典礼

CI NEWS 2018


For three years in a row, students from our CI have won the prestigious People-to-People Award at the CI National Honors Gala in Washington, D.C. The award, which is given every year, is granted to the ten students across the American CI network who best exemplify an inspiring engagement with Chinese language and culture. This year’s recipient, Sadie Allen of the Confucius Classroom with Go Global NC at Polk County High School, was selected from the most competitive pool in contest history. More than 220 people, including artists, media representatives, business leaders, educators, and policymakers attended the annual Gala, helping to increase awareness of CI’s and the services we provide. 来自我们孔院的学生在华盛顿特区举办的孔子学院美国中心年度优秀学员颁奖典礼中连续三年荣获人文 交流奖。此奖旨在表彰十名全美优秀汉语学习者作为汉语语言和文化学习的楷模。今年的获奖者,来自 波克郡高中孔子课堂的Sadie Allen,从众多选手中脱颖而出。艺术家,媒体代表,商业领导人,教育工 作者和政策制定者等220多人出席了年度颁奖典礼,旨在加强人们对孔子学院和孔院工作的了解。

Star Employee Award Spring 2018: Ma Yan Professor Ma Yan has been at our CI since August 2016 and won the 2017 Fall Star Employee award for the growth of our Chinese proficiency tests and great communication. While considering this semester’s award winners, Ma Yan came to mind for her creativity in creating Chinese cultural arts classes, and always going above and beyond what is required. She developed a new painting class with Imurj, a collaborative arts and music space in downtown Raleigh. Our first partnership with the organization, we had 27 students, the largest number for any of their classes. She also opened a new Chinese painting class for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, OLLI, with 6 participants. These new partnerships highlight her creative side and commitment to provide unique opportunity for students to engage with new aspects of Chinese culture. If you ask Ma Yan to do something, expect to be blown away by her performance as she will surprise you, and the students, and provide an amazing class, syllabus or beautiful art piece.

CI NEWS 2018


马妍老师2016年8月开始在北卡州大孔院工 作,她大力发展汉语水平考试项目,展现了 很好的沟通交流技巧,她是2017年的孔院明 星员工。考虑今年的明星员工候选人时,马 妍老师再次进入我们的视野,因为她富有创 意地开设中国文化艺术课程,总是以高标准 严要求完成工作任务。她与罗利市中心的艺 术和音乐中心Imurj合作,开发了新的国画 课。这是我们第一次与Imurj合作,学生人数 就达到突破性的27人,是Imurj所有课程中人 数最多的一次。马妍老师还为老年大学开设 了中国绘画课,招收了6名学员。这些新增项 目显示了马妍老师的创新能力,她为学生提 供了新的学习中国文化的机会。只要请马妍 老师做事,必定是出乎意料的完美结果,因 为她总是拿出精彩程、完整的教学大纲或精 美的艺术作品。

CI NEWS 2018

明星员工 Fall 2018: Li Peng Professor Li Peng, a visiting scholar from Xi’an Technological University, has been working at our CI since August 2017. During her time at NC State, she has gone above and beyond her responsibilities. She has taught Chinese language classes at SKEMA Business School and received high evaluations from her students. She successfully organized the 2nd Annual Conference of Chinese Language Teachers Association at North Carolina by reaching out actively to the local Chinese teachers all over the state of North Carolina. She increased the HSK tests by helping SKEMA and local k-12 students with customized tests. Professor Li is dedicated to the work at CI and has been an invaluable contribution to our Chinese language and culture programs. 李芃老师2017年8月开始在北卡州大孔子学院工 作,她是来自西安工业大学的访问学者。在北 卡州大孔院工作期间,她超额完成自己的本职 工作。她给法国商学院的学生教授汉语课,得 到学生高度评价。她与北卡州的中小学汉语老 师建立广泛联系,成功组织第二届北卡中文教 师学会。她发展了孔院的汉语水平考试项目, 为法国商学院和当地中小学提供定制的HSK考 试。李芃老师工作投入,为孔院的中国语言与 文化项目作出了重要贡献。


Past Star Employees Spring 2014

Fall 2014

Spring 2015

Yang Yang

Yang Xiaowen

Tang Xiaozhong

Fall 2015

Fall 2016

Spring 2017

Mo Li

Yang Mei

Zhou Wenhua

Fall 2017

CI NEWS 2018


Ma Yan

The Confucius Institute Star Employee Award is awarded to one NC State CI employee each semester for exemplary effort and dedication to increasing Chinese language and culture programs at NC State. The award recipient is determined by CI directors and is honored at the end of the semester. The criteria for the award is, “A staff member that demonstrates exceptional leadership on projects, creates new programs and expands current programs, and goes above and beyond their required job duties.� The staff member is recognized on the CI website, newsletter and is presented with an award certificate to honor their work.

Letters of Support

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018 November 8, 2018


Anna Dunaway, U.S. Director Confucius Institute Office of International Affairs North Carolina State University Box 7401 Raleigh, NC 27695-7112 Dear Director Dunaway: August 2018 marked the ninth year of the successful partnership between the Hanban, the Confucius Institute at North Carolina State University (NCSU CI), and the Confucius Classroom at Central Carolina Community College (CCCC). Students and local residents of the service area have been substantively enriched by the educational opportunities availed to them through our collaborative efforts. Since the arrival of the first visiting professor in 2009, the CCCC Confucius Classroom and its programming have proven instrumental in making significant contributions to our students’ understanding and appreciation of Chinese language and culture. Significant accomplishments and innovations borne of the College’s collaboration with NCSU CI include the following:       

Development and delivery of university transferable Chinese language courses at the elementary and intermediate levels to nearly 400 students. Original development of Chinese language courses for online delivery. Hundreds of outreach visits to various civic organizations and secondary schools to demonstrate elements of Chinese culture. Preparation of CCCC students for the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) at levels I, II, and III and the establishment of CCCC as a proctoring site. Establishment of the Great Wall Society student organization. Exhibitions of traditional Chinese performance arts by visiting troupes that garnered robust attendance and critical acclaim from both residents and media. Specialized promotion of Chinese language and culture via social media such as the “Word of the Month” campaign.

I sincerely appreciate your support over the past nine years. In light of our joint mission to promote understanding and appreciation of Chinese language and culture, I would enthusiastically report that we have succeeded. Sincerely,

Jon A. Matthews, Ed.D. Provost, Harnett County Director, CCCC Confucius Classroom


November 2, 2018


919.856.7918 919.856.7917

To the Confucius Institute at NC State University; Our Enloe High School Confucius Classroom was established in 2011 in partnership with the Confucius Institute (CI) at North Carolina State University. During these years, the CI at NC State has diligently pursued its mission of sharing intercultural understanding and learning. The CI has been a champion of inclusivity in the truest form, and I cannot begin to express how impactful it has been in our Enloe Classroom. The resources that public school teachers receive for instructional purposes are limited, and many teachers resort to personally financing the materials for their classroom. However, the CI sought to alleviate that burden, connecting instructors to substantive opportunities for learning that they can then extend to their students. The CI has achieved remarkable work throughout North Carolina for many years, and you all should be immensely proud of the imprint that you have left on our community. It has been a pleasure seeing Chinese learners at Enloe blossom academically over the years, and this is directly related to the opportunities afforded by CI. The annual Chinese Language Contests, trips to China, and Chinese holiday celebrations are just a few examples of how you all have managed to engage Chinese learners in an intellectually enriching way. Students of all levels have performed in CIhosted language contests, ranging from those in Enloe’s beginner level class, who entered without knowing a single word of the language, to those in Advanced Placement courses, who have naturally conversed in Chinese since childhood. Despite the difference in proficiency, beginner-level and advanced students alike have reported how exciting and fulfilling these experiences, along with several others provided by the Confucius Institute, have been. With the support of the CI at NC State, Chinese learners at Enloe have achieved tremendous progress throughout the past seven years. Each year, 100% of Enloe students enrolled in AP Chinese passed the College Board’s AP Chinese examination, and 100% of IB Chinese students passed the IB exams. Most importantly, the support and activities offered by the CI motivated students to be interested in learning about Chinese language and culture, preparing them to be lifelong learners and world citizens. Each year, CI provides professional development opportunities for teachers both in the U.S. and in China. Through these professional trainings, Chinese teachers in North Carolina have learned language teaching strategies that we can apply directly in our classrooms; consequently, the teaching quality has improved, and more NC schools want to offer Chinese. Thank you to the Director, Ms. Anna Dunaway, along with the Associate Directors and teachers from China. Your hard work and support are greatly appreciated. Enloe will always remember you, CI at NC State. Sincerely, Will Chavis, Ed.D., Principal William G. Enloe Magnet High School 128 Clarendon Crescent Raleigh, NC 27610 (919) 856-7918

CI NEWS 2018


Qiang Chen Consultant & leader instructor of National Startalk Language Program National Board-Certified language specialist Chinese Instructor, Enloe High School

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


Cultural Resource Room 中国文化体验中心 Since our opening in 2007,our offices were located in Suite 100 of the McKimmon Center. This space has now been repurposed to a Cultural Resource Room. The new Cultural Resource Room is a partnership between the McKimmon Center and the CI as both offices have a commitment to continuing education and outreach and engagement. This space will display Chinese cultural resources, be a quiet place for reflection and create new opportunities for partnerships. We have utilized this room to offer Chinese painting classes, cultural programs for local schools, field trips and receptions at the McKimmon Center. Since we opened the room over 1,000 people have visited the room. 自2007年孔院成立以来,我们的办公地点就设在麦金蒙中心100 室。2017年底孔院和麦金蒙中心合作,将100室重新装修,新建了 中国文化体验中心,作为继续教育和开展社区外联活动的场所。文 化体验中心陈列中国文化展品,可以静心体验文化,面向当地社区 寻求新的合作机会。我们孔院利用文化体验中心开设了中国国画 课,为当地中小学学生举办文化活动,校外考察活动以及各种招待 会。自文化体验中心成立以来,孔院接待了超过1000人次来访。

Confucius Classrooms

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


Central Carolina Community College Year Opened: 2009

CCCC classroom has always played an active part in participating in a variety of cultural-related activities and performances, achieving a far-reaching influence among local communities. From Top to Bottom: 1) Making Chinese Knots. 2) CCCC August Word of the Month. 3) CCCC Students volunteer at Dragon Boat Festival.

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018


Saint Augustine’s University Year Opened: 2011

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: 1 )Hasana Muhammad at the International Festival of Raleigh at Convention Center on Oct 27. 2) Students at the Chinese food & Culture Festival (Taste of China) at Bicentennial Plaza on 10/6/2018. 3) Students gather for a photo after Abib Hooker (front row: second from right) shared her Study Abroad experiences on the first day class. 4) Chinese Level I (Luke Longe, Hasana Muhammad, Dionejala Muhammad, Eylora Davis-Ding, Noor Baloch, Joshua Ajayi) at Dragon Boat Festival at Koka Booth Amphitheatre in Cary, on September 22.

Enloe High School

Year Opened: 2011

Promote Chinese language learning and Experience Culture through Chinese Club Confucius Classroom at Enloe provides opportunities for students to learn Chinese language and experience Chinese culture through Chinese club, which promotes Chinese culture as a way to feel connected to China. The main goal for Chinese club is to make our community more educated and knowledgeable of international cultures and activities. Every month Chinese Club meets to learn about and participate in a different activity. We generally tailor the meetings toward Chinese holidays, for example, Chinese New Year. The previous meeting was based around the Mid-Autumn Festival, and we celebrated by making lanterns, eating mooncake, and learning how people in China celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. In months without major holidays, we usually plan for other cultural activities. This year, we have plans to make bubble tea, learn kung fu and/or tai chi, sing karaoke, and practice calligraphy styles. Many of our board members are skilled in these activities, and bringing in these talents allows for activities that provide a fun way to experience Chinese culture.

CI NEWS 2018


CI NEWS 2018

Concord High School Year Opened: 2015

Chinese class students impacted the whole school and community through various cultural activities inside and outside the classroom. Classroom facilities also got updated, which provided students a more comfortable and better learning environment. From Top to Bottom: 1) Students design posters for Mid-Autumn Festival. 2) Celebrating Chinese New Year, the most important holiday in Chinese culture. 3) Students joining the dragon boat races at the Dragon Boat Festival. 4) Presenting research on Mid-Autumn Festival.


Confucius Institute at NC State University McKimmon Center, Suite 210 1101 Gorman Street Raleigh, NC 27695-7401 p: 919.513.2924 | f: 919.513.3068 confucius.ncsu.edu

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2018 CI Newsletter  


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