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WILDHORSERESORT & CASINO PENDLETON, OREGON This GONA Healing conference is designed to empower individuals to effectively engage in personal health, wellness and self-care to support healthy lifestyles among children, youth, families and community. To look inside the traumas brought on by the historical' boarding school era and its current impacts on our Tribal Community. Asking community what healing should look like, what is needed, what is our individual part. Call for Attendees: 3-Day Healing conference is FREE 5 open to all adult Nixyaawii community members, Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Indian Reservation, Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center, Cayuse Techology Wildhorse Resort &. Casino employees. We encourage participants to attend all 3 days, but it is optional. (Note: Support stag will be in attendance as we understand that subjects may sensitive to some)

Call for Elders Stories: We would like to capture stories from Elders who cannot attend the conference, which will be made into short videos. Stories about your past, family stories R. community history. If you are interested, contact Debra Shippentower. (Note: Interviews will take at least an hour and we will need photos you would like to share in the video)

Tuesday-Thursday: Open registration at 7:30am - Event start time at 8am Cayuse Room at Wildhorse Resort 5 Casino in Pendleton, OR To register early please fill out & return the form below to Debra Shippentower or Sara Haskett at Yellowhawk. Forms can be faxed, called in, emailed or delivered in person. Debra Shippentower

Sara Haskett

Sara Hasketto

Phone: (541) 215-1961 Fax: (541) 278-7571

Phone: (541) 278-7528

GONA Healing Conference



M a y 10-1 2, 2016 Wildhorse Cayuse Room


Tribal Affiliation

Phone Number (including area code)

Email/Mailing Address


Which day(s) will you be able to attend? Check boxes: Will you need transportation? (Mission Area only) If yes, list physical address/Housing area/number: Daily: Registration at 7:30am Start at 8am 10th



l authorize my image (photograph/video) and any audio message to be used for positive publicity or other educational purpose, YellowhawkTribal Health Center and CTUIR are not liable or responsible should I become injured while participating in the Healing conference May 10-12, 2016. Please contact Debra Shippentower if you have questions: Phone number (541) 215-1961 or email


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Confederated Umatilla Journal 05-05-2016  

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