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A group estimated at about 50 players gathers before the game to get instructions about the "Creator's Game" from Robby Bill and Lindsey Watchman, two of the coaches for the Xa'lish lacrosse team. The throng splitinto team and played for about an hour.

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people, ranging from kindergarteners to older adults, took the field to play the "Creator's Game" at the Whitman College sports complex on April 23. T he game was a n a t u ral extension of a g a m e

played at the July grounds last summer. A group Marie/ Hoisington hurls the lacrosse ball across the field for one of the two huge teams. There were red and grayjerseys, and other colors as well but that didn't seem to bother the players.

of Whitman students were doing service work and one day came out to play lacrosse with the team of youngsters on the Umatilla Indian Reservation. "We wanted to connect with the women's team

and we talked about keeping the momentum going,"

'There are great teachable moments, even

for us adults.'

said Robbie Bill, Community Health Representative Outreach Coordinator at Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center, and one of the team coaches. It was a different style for those besides the 10 youngsters from the CTUIR that participated. Others included w omen from b oth the Wh i t man and

Linfield College team that played prior to the Creator's Game. (Whitman put a bigtime smack-down on Linfield.) Also taking the field were Whitman baseball players, likely boyfriends of the women's team, Bill said. One fellow played barefoot.

Additionally, Noel Leavitt was tracking the la-

crosse ball up and down the field. He is Whitman's Associate Dean of Students, Pre-law advisor and a

research associate in the sociology department. (One of the other adults wore cowboy boots.) So many people on the field at one time was a little confusing, especially since they were wearing jerseys of different colors. "I think it was the best part of the game," Bill said. Even though there was a bit of serious lacrosse

being played, there was lots of laughter as well. "I saw one lady fall to her knees she was laughing so hard," Bill said. Bill said he's never surprised by th e Creator's Game and its participants.

"We always have great weather and great kids who show up," he said. "There are great teachable moments, even for us adults. I'm learning not to be

so uptight and think I know everything. I'm learning from the kids as much as I am teaching them."

Along with Bill, coaches Lindsey Watchman and Andrew Pickens attended the contest. Watchman

played but Pickens was satisfied watching from the sidelines.



Cashis Alvarez-Bevis sprints away from Lindsey Littlesky during a game at Whitman College in Wal/a Wal/a Apnl 23. Ten players from the Umatilla Indian Reservation joined women from the Whitman and Linfield College teams, and many others who picked up sticks for the fun competition.

M ason Looney makes a move on a couple ofW hitman students,perhaps members ofthe college baseball team, under sunny skies in Walla Walla April 23. The game was part of a lacrosse relationship growing between Whitman College and the CTUIR lacrosse team.


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