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Graduation Dates Nixyaawii Community School May 27 at 6p.m. at Wildhorse Resort Rivers Event Center

Pendleton High School June 4 at 10 a.m. at Round-Up Grounds

term, meet 3rd Tuesday at 9:00am at NGC. 1 Umatilla Cultural Coalition (No Stipends)This notification formally announces that appli- Meet As Needed cations are now being taken from tribal members All applications will be due on Monday, May who wish to serve on the Commissions/Commit- 23, 2016 by 4 p.m. and BOT will make appointtees listed below. Appointed members will receive ments on Monday, June 6, 2016. a $100.00 stipend per meeting effective January Applications available at the Nixyaawii Gov1, 2016 once the minutes have been approved ernance Center or online at www.ctuirorglgovon CTUIR pay days. ernmentlcommittees-commissions Completed 1 position for A & D Oversight Committee — 2 applications should be submitted to the Nixyaawii year term, meet 4th Wednesday at 1 — 2:30pm. Governance Center lobby. For moreinformation, 1 position for Election Commission — Stag- call 541-276-3165. Completed applications are gered Terms, meet as needed. Position 6, BOT to be returned to the Nixyaawii Governance Appointed Center switchboard desk. If you have any ques1 position Farm Committee — 3 year term, tions, please contact David Close, BOT Secretary meet 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 1:00pm 541-429-7374 or Doris Scott, Secretary II at 1 position for Housing Commission — 4 year 541-429-7377. TRIBAL MEMBERS:

Weston-McEwen High School

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May 28 at 7 p m. at high school gym

Echo High School


Yellawhawk Off

June 3 at 6 p.m. at Echo gymnasium

After Hours Medical Advice Services

Pilot Rock High School June 11 at 11 a.m. at high school gym

Stanfield Secondary School

June 5 at 2 p.m. at school gym •



Wildhorse Resort Bc Casino presents the

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4th 2Lnnual Mammoth Cup Golf Tournament


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Sunday, May 15 Wildhorse Resort Golf Course




Open Mon-Sat I Oam-5pm

54 I .429.7700 4B

Confederated Umatilla Journal

Thank you Dear Nixyaawii Community School and School Board, It's no secret I was totally opposed to Alyssa attending Nixyaawii Community School. Prior to her freshman year, Alyssa had to arrange a meeting with me and the principal to negotiate her potential enrollment. She made her case, it was a good case. Alyssa wanted to remain close to her traditional life while achieving academically. She also knew her father would be excited for her to play basketball (and other athletics) for the Golden Eagles, that too was a big motivator for her and I appreciated her consideration of both her parents'wishes. Because of her ability to make a sound argument for what was important to her, I enrolled her at Nixyaawii. At that time I thought that she would not be challenged by the curriculum at NCS and I would have to transfer her to Pendleton at some point before graduation. I then set the bar high, expecting her to demonstrate to me that she was challenging herself and her teachers if needed. Each year at NCS she surpassed my expectations. During Parent/Teacher meetings I asked her teachers to set the bar higher for her, I think a few of the teachers still here today have met with me and I was clear about what I expected - we all had a job to do; I as her parent would provide a home environment that is conducive to her learning, the teachers must provide an education that will prepare her to be accepted and to be successful in college, and she has to do all the work at an above average level. A few years later, here we are... Alyssa did as I instructed, she achieved a 4.0 throughout her high school career, and she became a leader within her peer group and like most studious students, she was called names, like, "nerd" and "four-eyes." And being the youngest in her class she was teased about her age. Somewhere inside herself she decided to shake off the "noise" and keep forging ahead. I believe she gained her strength and commitment to achieve her goals because her "teachers" taught her to be confident. Confidence is not necessarily a part of her GPA, it is not graded on her report card, but confidence is the foundation piece that enables us and her to keep challenging ourselves, to take the risk of being wrong, or not being chosen, to apply herself, to apply for that opportunity not knowing if she' ll be accepted or rejected. Who knows what Alyssa Farrow's future will be after graduation this May, I certainly don' t. But I do know she will live her life by her own design, and that is remarkable for a young Indian woman who was raised her entire life on a small, economically challenged, Indian Reservation in the middle of rural Eastern Oregon. Each NCS Board Member, faculty member, administrator, counselor and volunteers, can never be thanked enough for all of your hard work and dedication. You' ve played a critical role in my daughter's life and I thank you for supporting her, for helping her find the confidence and pride in herself that is mission critical to being successful in all aspects of Alyssa's life. You are changing lives for the better! AThank you is Not Enough —but it is sincere and you are appreciated. Alanna Nanegos Thank you to all the drummers and dancers that showed up to attend and support the Blue Mountain Community College Dinner and Powwow on April 20. Special thanks to Fred Hill, Tessie Williams, Kim Minthorn, Lisa Minthorn, and the Native American high school students who volunteered during the powwow. We would also like to express our thanks to the BMCC Associated Student Government, ambassadors,and Phi Theta Kappa students who volunteered their time to serve food during the salmon dinner. Thanks to those who brought side dishes, desserts, and bread. Sincerely, Annie Smith, Native American Liaison and Higher Education Coach

May 2016

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Confederated Umatilla Journal 05-05-2016  

The Confederated Umatilla Journal Monthly Print Edition For May 2016

Confederated Umatilla Journal 05-05-2016  

The Confederated Umatilla Journal Monthly Print Edition For May 2016