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THEGREAT RADIAL R A C E : t h el e g e n d a r y T - 6 Texan andConfederate Hellcat

PHOTOSBY KARIM SHAMSI-BASHA ou can see them just about everywhere you go these days-leather-clad men and women riding the highways and back roads of this country on their flashy iron horses. Maybe they are innovative individuals-powerful CEOs, athletes, and cultural leaders; maybe they aren't. One thing's for sure-they're all looking to take a break from their norm and hoping for a little excitement on the open road during their Sunday rides or Sturgis vacations. You see them and admire their rebellious spirit. Maybe you wish you had their advenfurous nature, maybe sometimes you wish you were part of that crorvd-but then

Confederate'stwo-wheeled powerhouses embody devotion to all that is luxurious and exclusive in motorcycle form and function. While thesebikes don't offer faux-rebellion or midlife-crisis appeal,they do provide the unrivaled quality of what all American motorcycleaficionadosshouldw ant-unconventional performance. Every custom Confederatemotor built provides the smoothest fastesf and hardest ride-making the rider and the machine one with the road. Even if you're not into motorrycles or searchingfor the perfect land cruisef, if Confederate'sengines don't raiseyour aviation eyebrowsand rev up your intrigue for all that is engines, then check your pulse since the Confederates boast the aircraft engine-inspired, radial-twin engine designs normally reserved for supreme air flight power. Originally used to engagethe strongest and most powerful World War Il-era aircraft and fighter planes, such as the Focke-Wulf Fw 190,the Lavochkin La-5, and the biggest radial ever built-the WWII Pratt & Whitney Wasp Majoq,the radial proved itself to be a mighty source among the engine elite. For thoseunfamiliar with radial engines,the machines themselves are internal combustion enginesthat utilize a cylinder pattern pointing out from central crankshaft-like spokes on a wheel. The enginesmaintain consistent running through an every-other-pistonfiring stroke that provides the smoothestof rides. Other advantagesinclude the engines'lightweight features,reliability, and durability.

CONFEDERATE founderMattChambers c i z e sr r n i h o T - 6 T c v r n

SINCE FORMING CONFEDERATE MOTOR COMPANY IN 1991,MATTCHAMBERS HAS SINGTE.HANDEDLY HISOV/N, CREATED TRUE-TO-H EART"INDUSTRIAL " PHILOSOPHY. again going along with the crowd has never really ever been your thing, has it? Enter Matt Chambers, founder of Confederate Motor Company, taking American motorcycle and industrial designs back. Chambers and his crew are dedicated to leading American motor sport design and culture away from the lost road they have been traveling and getting them back on track by creating unique motorcycle machines-the culmination of Chambers's take on American design styles and the true " cav aIier" spirit of individuality. Since forming Confederate Motor Com-

f l:iiVi,'lEillli,/hi1)i/Ih.4iit:Erisr:;rl,,1tJli-iI i;l(i00

pany in 1991,Chambershas single-handedly createdhis own, true-to-heart "industrial philosophy" that combines his knowledge of motorcycle history, his beliefs about individual responsibility, his decided businessphilosophy, and his opinions on where American industrial design and style should aim in the future. Along with his small team of engineers, designers, and mechanics, Chambers is redefining American motorcycle design and culture standards through the F131Hellcat, the 891 Wraith, and a third model currently on the design table dubbed the Renovatio Proiect.

oulful Americana style of the bikes blended with old-world craftsmanship achieve the ride of European thoroughbredswhile maintaining the Y attitude of American V-Twin choppers.The bikes truly set themselvesapart from commercialized versions of poppy-motorcycles you seeon the street. . . and on television. "When most aspectsof the [motorcycle] culture are tempting you to go along with their perceptions, begging you to accept their perceivedreality, then the best you can hope for is perceptiblebeauty," emphasizes Chambers when discussing the "beauty of his bikes' designsthrough function. Following this line of thought leadsto the chanceof losing oneselfto the collectivemindset-you risk living a surreal life. The only thing that createstrue attractivenessis confidence.The true independent individual spirit of Confederate is confidence-confidence in being yourself, confidence in not being a part of the overly crowded streamof the new'rebellion' status quo, confidencein characterand

: -a Jn' lle l,leno other; -'a d i p s i t s w i n g st o a c k n o w l e , : s a w o r t h yc o m p e t i t o r .

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machines. The astounding architecture of the "F" oi Hellcats_remains simple, strong, and ngly light. with the American radial maintained as the focus of the bike,

Hellcat's form is simply the most rugpon'erful, and superbly crafted chassis ilable. Production of the Hellcat began 1995 rvith 500 of the G1 model Hellcats, the last were built in 2001 now making unavailable for firsthand purchase. 3, 150 of the G3 model Hellcats were ed. Since that time 97 have been leaving only 48 more positions

Confederate vision of what,s to"come. The Renovatio is minimal, gracefully brutal, and completely original. ,,it is the Confederate team,s interpretation of American indus_ trial and mechanical design rebirth,,, notes

chambers. ,,First and foreirost a supremelv confident and therefore demure machine. the Renovatio is sophisticated, eclectic. and open." The name of the prolect is no mistake-the Renovatio is the Confederate vision of where American design is heading: renovating the entire industiy as well as Chambers-,s companv

lab|e.AssoonaStheseareaccountedt^fithmoviestars,musicians, the Hellcatchapterof ConiederateMoandeven rovalsand headsof I n f

YY';:"'ili:T::"#':::IJ"":l ;,il:;'g'fi,1i::,11".f,T,9#H !if#',il*:ff1i"':?,:tct,thardrew ion from the 1930s golden-era of withtheHellcatabouttoforeverberemoved A;t#", and within minutes you will be Over the course of four.years the

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chasing is simple and easy-you

can order

ririted nature of the chassis.The end is-the891 Wraith, the symbol of two-

a Conf-ederateby phone ;t ;; ,h" I"; ne! and the Confederateteam is more than

ed perfection. Perrecuon'

ready to accommodate ready accommodate your vour every everv need need for





touring the Confederut" tuility, talking to

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for your -t-customized bike. 'drirr-,".rnip of a Confederatemachine is an exclusiveinvitation t. b".o-;';;;;; the rpinwenrinn the reinvention

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andstyle. sowhileothers may."o"inl"rtj3l\t j moretraveled,_those ofyouwhostrir.e for i n d i v i d u a l i t y ' t h o s e o f y o u w h o w a n t t o b = ' . ' '/ il --


your own new j;i;";""i"l, -t,t", ofrebe'io; ':f";:t;:; the"rebe'ion J \

roorderaConfederatemotorcycteort rr:,..,-



ffi f s-ip c lyj j1 OFILD -f (^ ' 'Jr r !--lurrI I -t-l Jlr )'J A J' T -.F Fl t-rt l-e : j rl :1 ,\l!l r I ;fl F r! iI iil D* I f r0' J.r,r...

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