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Our mission is to provide the Central Texas Community with a publication that focuses on Hispanic Lifestyle, Culture & Heritage; while connecting Local Businesses, Resources, Events & Attractions to Hispanic Households thru a Magazine that is made

For Hispanics, About Hispanics & By Hispanics.

Keeping the Hispanic Culture ALIVE

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nuestra misión es dar a la comunidad de Central Texas, una publicación que se centra en el estilo, la cultura y patrimonio hispana, mientras que conectamos a los negocios locales, recursos, eventos y atracciones a los hogares hispanos a través de una publicación que se hace

Para hispanos, sobre hispanos y por hispanos.

Manteniendo la Cultura Hispana VIVO

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Contributors: Our Contributors come from various sources & each of them are greatly appreciated. Nuestros colaboradores provienen de varias fuentes Y cada una de ellas son muy apreciadas.

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Fact of the Month MONTEREY JACK CHEESE Who originated the cheese now called Monterey Jack? Juana Cota de Boronda.

Why is it called Monterey Jack?

Because David Jack mass produced the cheese and gave it his name. That delicious white cheese, Monterey Jack, popular in Mexican food would probably have been called Cota Cheese if not for the unprincipled business dealings of a certain David Jack living in Monterey, California. After Señora Juana Cota de Boronda's husband was crippled, she needed to find a way to support her 15 children. Señora Cota was well know for her cooking skills, and especially for her famous cheese attributed in part to the fields in which her animal grazed. In the 1880s she was producing a high moisture cheese known as "queso de Pais." She was making small quantities of the cheese for local markets on her Rancho de Los Laureles in Carmel Valley. In the 1890s David Jack, a wealthy community leader observed the success of the white cheese and also Señora Cota's methods for producing the delicious cheese. He saw an opportunity. In spite of the Cota's family situation, David Jack leased neighboring land and contracted with farmers to produce the cheese on a large scale for distribution statewide. He called the cheese Jack's Monterey cheese, which eventually evolved into Monterey Jack Cheese. Source: California Historian, Dec 1992; Copied from Somos Primos – Celebrating Heritage


Offering the best of Cali & Texas all in one place, La Rude's offers a unique shop that will make you feel right at home. With 30 years experience La Rude's has an eye for detail & offers custom made tattoos & beautiful piercings. We are all about family & building relationships with everyone that comes through the door.

Come by & Meet the Team: Artist/Owner – Rudie Nurse/Owner – Lajuan Artist's – Germ, Rich & Jason Piercer - Eva Referral discounts are available. Mention this ad & get 10% off any tattoo or piercing.

“Teen Latino” Motivating & Inspiring Latino Teens by letting them express themselves through Art, Graffiti Designs, Their Cars, Music, Dedications, Poetry & Photography

Latino Teens of Central Texas Contact Conexiones Latino so that we can showcase your talent. Let us know what you would like to see in this section. Remember you are our FUTURE Be Proud of who you are.

YOU ARE LATINO!!! More to come SOON!!!! Keep a look out on our website, facebook & twitter. 10

La Página - Niños Latino

A:10 Bats



Conexiones Latino is always researching interesting information for our readers & upon surfing the web I came across this wonderful article about this Great Hispanic Artist, George Perez. Personally I had no idea that he was the artist of some of my favorite Comic Books when I was a child. Below you will see the article I found. Thanks to for allowing us to add it to our publication.



George Pérez, Famous Comic Book Artist By Efrain Nieves & Victoria Cepeda of News Taco

Illustrator/Penciller George Pérez is one of those individuals whose name mayor may not sound familiar at first but whose work has left an impregnable footprint in most of our minds. His contribution to comics and art illustration is nothing short of remarkable for a kid born in the Bronx back in 1954 to Puerto Rican parents. For those of us that have ever picked up a comic book back in the 70s, 80s and 90s have most likely come across Pérez’s work. From DC to Marvel comics, he has drawn and illustrated hundreds of issues. Let us name a few: Justice League of America, (1980-82, 2006) Avengers – his first prominent assignment ( 1975-80, 1998-200) Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985-86) New Teen Titans (1980-85) Wonder Woman (1987-88, 2010) Superman ( 1980-83) Batman (1986) Flash (1980-81) Incredible Hulk (1992,1995) White Tiger – comic’s first Puerto Rican superhero and Marvel’s first superhero of Latino descent. Thanks to one of our favorite authors, James Hannon, Hannon, for letting us know about this very talented Bronx native. We are proud of Pérez’s accomplishments and contributions to the world of comics. Certainly his work has inspired many to follow in his footsteps. Pa’lante!

● References: ··DC Relaunch: George Pérez To Write And Draw Superman ·· Source: NewsTaco


Spanish as a Foreign Language by Juan Jose Pena – submitted to Somos Primos Estimados Colegas: There is no reason why Spanish should be called a foreign language within the United States. We must consider that the Spaniards established colonies in all of the southern part of what is now the United States all the way from Florida to California. There were land grants established in what is now the southeastern part of the United States as well as in the area of which is now the southwestern United States. We have been speaking Spanish in what is now the United States ever since the yearly 1500s with the first Spanish exp orations and colonizations. There were communities established in Florida in the 1500s and the first Spanish communities were established in New Mexico around 1598. We have been speaking Spanish continuously and all of these regions ever since that period of time. There are many persons in Louisiana who are descendents of the Spanish colonists of what it is now Louisiana but which was then part of the large territory claimed by Spain all the way from Florida to California and which was lost to France during the war between Spain and France in which France sold the territory claimed by Spain to the United States. In the Americas we constitute over 500 million Spanish speakers which means that we are the largest language group all in the hemisphere, therefore Spanish is as much an integral language of the Americas as it is of the United States. My own Spanish ancestor in the Americas was Aparicio de la Peña who came from Cuenca Spain to Cuba and then took part in the conquest of Mexico with and Hernán Cortes. His son Juan de la Peña came to what is now the southwestern United States with the expedition of Francisco Vásquez de Coronado in 1539 and took part in the exploration of this area for several years as a cavalryman with the expedition who provided his own equipment and expenses. My ancestor Baltazar Francisco de la Peña came to New Mexico with the second troop of Spanish soldiers from from the Presidio of Zacatecas in the reconquest of New Mexico in 1693 after the Pueblo revolt of 1680. He was a soldier in the Presidio of Santa Fé for many years and he and his children and descendents became permanent residents of New Mexico to the present day. One of my ancestors, Juan de Dios de la Peña was the last commander of the Spanish garrison of New Mexico before Mexican independence. In effect, we did not cross the border to join the United States, the border crossed us, so Spanish is not a second language for us, it was and is our first language and has been so since before there was even a United States. Even though I was born in the United States, Spanish was my first language and English was my second language. Atentamente, Juan José Peña *References:Somos Primos OCTOBER 2011 143rd Online Issue Editor: Mimi Lozano©2000-2011 - HISPANIC LEADERSHIP



Ingredient (English) 1 cup water 1 cup flour ½ cup (1 stick) butter ½ cup granulated sugar for sprinkling 3 eggs ½ teaspoon salt pinch of vanilla extract & vegetable oil for frying

Directions 1. Heat the water and butter until boiling in a saucepan. 2. Remove from heat and stir in the flour until you have a thick paste. Beat the eggs in a separate bowl and add with salt and vanilla to the flour mixture. Stir well until the dough forms a ball. 3. Squeeze churros into the oil through a piping tube with a star tip (each churro should be about three or four inches long). If you don't have a tube, don't worry, you can simply use a bag with a half-inch hole at the end to squeeze out churros. 4. Fry until golden brown, then remove and roll in sugar. Serve warm with hot chocolate or coffee. ENJOY!!!!


Ingredientes (Español)

1 taza de agua 1 taza de harina ½ taza (1 barra) de mantequilla ½ taza de azúcar granulada para espolvorear 3 huevos ½ cucharadita de sal una pizca de extracto de vainilla y de aceite vegetal para freír

Instrucciones 1. Caliente el agua y la mantequilla hasta que hierva en una olla. 2. Retire del fuego y agregar la harina hasta obtener una pasta espesa. Bata los huevos en un tazón aparte y añade la sal y la vainilla a la mezcla de harina. Revuelva bien hasta que la masa forme una bola. 3. Apriete churros en el aceite a través de un tubo con una punta de estrella (cada churro debe ser de tres o cuatro pulgadas de largo). Si usted no tiene un tubo, no se preocupe, puede simplemente usar una bolsa con un agujero de media pulgada en la punta para exprimirchurros. 4. Fríe hasta que estén doradas, retire y rodar en el azúcar. Sirva caliente con chocolate caliente o café.DISFRUTA!!!

Recipe courtesy of Hispanic Kitchen - member Sarah Menkedick


A wonderful place to adopt a pet from. They also need foster homes for these pets. If you are interested in fostering a pet please call them or contact us at Conexiones Latino & we will find out more information for you. Remember, when you adopt you aren't just saving a pet from a life of loneliness you're also getting a best friend forever.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Un lugar maravilloso para adoptar una mascota.

También necesitan hogares adoptivos para estos mascotas. Si usted está interesado en el fomento de una mascota por favor llame al 254-526-6200 o contáctenos a Conexiones Latino y encontraremos más información para usted. Recuerde, cuando usted adopte un animal doméstico de Cen-Tex Humane Society no sólo estas salvándolo de una vida de tristeza, también estás consiguiendo un mejor amigo para siempre.



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