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Today is January 8th, 2013. It is the time of the year when people all around the world are racking their brains for the goals that they want to pursue and deciding who it is they want to be this coming year as oppsed to who they have been in the past year and all preceding ones. All of us are straining ourselves to become as perfect as we can, always reaching for something a little bit better, believeing that what we have and what we are is not good enough and that we can do and possess something better. We are reliving this process as it has been instilled from the time that we started to understand words and construct them into personal statements, we go through this process once again as our brain cells like turkey buzzards float around in our brains trying to reconstruct the mangled and shattered ideas into something to feed whats next in the progression of our well being and progress and success, turning old torn and frayed microscopic pieces into compost to nourish and foster the birth of new thoughts and new versions of ourselves through the regeneration of cells and the process of thinking. What is this phenomenon of our partnership with the arrival of a new year that probes us into striving for perfection and betterment of ourselves in conjunction with the already persistent guilt complexes that invade our minds and swallow our pride and confidence? Why do humans in overdeveloped places often feel like we are not good enough, not worthy to the world, like we could be doing better? Why are we obsessed with this certain kind of progress that is fed by obsession to obtain perfection and superiority? We are ridiculously insecure in believeing that we are always missing out on something, always believing that we might miss out on something if we dont abandon our human imperfections and flaws. Why do we always want something better? Why dont we work on nurturing what we already own instead of abandoning the valuable things we posses out of sheer laziness and fearfullness to give them the effort they deserve? Why do we make new years resolutions, and why do we so highly value clean slates and decide to abandon our raw, imperfectly perfect totally flawed gleaming original selves that we never would have questioned when we were sandbox age? Why do we fear imperfection and flaws so fervently?

Insecurity Served on a Platter for the New Year  

The fad of New Year's resolutions

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