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Based on our highly successful, stylish and reliable QUAD-PIR detector; the RF-PIR is fully wireless. Many hours of development has produced a detector with exceptional RF range allowing it to be positioned in the trickiest of locations. HKC’s philosophy is to take every design decision and weigh it carefully; the fruits of this are self evident in our RF-PIR. Two-way wireless communication Contains battery 15m detection Close-in detection Adjustable sensitivity Noise immunity Temperature compensation Resin protected electronics

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RF-Contact/Sensor Numerous years of experience with Inertia Sensors have been combined with our advanced wireless platform to create an outstanding RF-Sensor/ Contact detector. It comes with magnetic contacts as standard - a non-sensor head option is also available. It has superb RF range in a compact housing. Two-way wireless communication Contains battery Magnetic contact Additional alarm & tamper terminals Inertia Sensor option available Available in white & brown Resin protected electronics

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RF-CSW (Contact Sensor - White) RF-CW (Contact - White)

RF-CSB (Contact Sensor - Brown) RF-CB (Contact - Brown)

Thank you for considering HKC products for your security system.

For further information in relation to any of our products, please contact us at: HKC Ltd. Parkway Business Centre, Ballymount, Dublin 24, Ireland. T: 353 1 456 8353 F: 353 1 456 8332 E: or visit us at

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